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Kirsten Caroline Dunst (born April 30, 1982 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey) is a New Jersey-born American actor of German and Swedish descent.

She started out as a child actor, gaining tremendous recognition with the role of Claudia in Interview with the Vampire, but her career as an adult has been significantly more prolific than her career as a child. This might be helped by her acting mainly in smaller films, with the occasional blockbuster, thus not being tied to any one role.

But one thing that does stand out is her Girl Next Door looks and demeanor, being sweet and wholesome, but not too much.

In 2007 she wrote and directed a short film called Welcome, starring Winona Ryder.

She is married to Jesse Plemons, her Fargo co-star. Both were nominated for Best Supporting Oscars for their roles in The Power of the Dog. They have two sons together.

Her roles include:

Tropes associated with her include:

  • Cute Little Fangs: You'd almost think she was destined to play a vampire
  • Former Child Star: Averted. She burst onto the scene as a child star in the 90s but managed to transcend that and carve out a respectable career as an adult actress. The films she's done as an adult are usually more remembered than her child roles.
  • Girl Next Door: Common in many of her roles, she tends to play fairly down-to-earth characters that still are considered quite attractive. She's not always lovey-dovey though.
  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Her performance as Claire Colburn in Elizabethtown is what led critic Nathan Rabin to coin the trope name and define the character archetype in a piece he wrote about the film. For the record, Dunst is not a fan of the term.
  • Mouthy Kid: In her early teen movies she was quite known for this. Bring it On, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and Get Over It are her best examples.
    Felix: "Shouldn't you be at a pajama jammy jam or something?"
    Kelly: "What am I a year younger than you? Not that anyone can tell from your birthday presents. Pink roller blades."
  • Ms. Fanservice: Most notably in Spider-Man, where she famously spent a scene in a very thin shirt in the rain. She's also played a cheerleader, been in many photoshoots, appeared topless, and even appeared fully nude in Marie Antoinette and Melancholia.
  • Pretty in Mink: Wore a white rabbit dress for a magazine shoot, and wore some fur-trimmed dresses playing Marie-Antoinette.
  • Romance on the Set:
  • Star-Making Role: Interview with the Vampire established her child career. Spider-Man established her adult career.