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Useful Notes / Scream Queens

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In the realm of horror, these ladies are a cut above.
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"Caitlin O'Heaney is an actress so known for slasher movies that I'm pretty sure her IMDb photo is getting murdered."
Brad Jones, The Cinema Snob

Scream Queens are actresses who become associated with Horror films, Thrillers, and/or Slasher Movies, either through an appearance in a notable entry in the genre as a frequent victim or through constant appearances as the female protagonist.

While the term is more specifically used to refer to the "attractive young Damsels in Distress" characters, some are more, if not, downright capable of taking care of themselves.

May be the Final Girl if their characters are lucky enough to survive. Ironically, a good portion of these actresses confess to being scared of horror films themselves (Jamie Lee Curtis — touted as the Scream Queen — is one of them).

Frequent examples: