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Amanda Michelle Seyfried (born December 3, 1985 in Allentown, Pennsylvania) is an American actor and former child model. Before her movie career started in earnest she was known for her roles as murder victim Lily Kane in Veronica Mars and Sarah Henrickson on the HBO drama series Big Love. Filmwise, she has starred as Sophie Sheridan in the feature film Mamma Mia!, and Karen Smith in Mean Girls.

In 2009, she appeared in the supernatural horror comedy Jennifer's Body. To give you an idea of how warped that movie was, Seyfried was the Hollywood Homely best friend of Jennifer (played by Megan Fox).

In 2010, she played the title role in Chloe, by Atom Egoyan. 2011 saw her playing the lead in Catherine Hardwicke's Red Riding Hood and starring opposite Justin Timberlake in In Time. She's recently garnered critical acclaim for her role as Cosette in the film adaptation of Les Miserables. She has collaborated with Seth MacFarlane on comedies such as Ted 2 and A Million Ways to Die in the West. She's married to fellow actor Thomas Sadoski, giving birth to their first child, a daughter named Nina, in 2017. They later had a son in September 2020.


Her films include:


Her television roles include:

Tropes associated with Seyfried's works:

  • Advertised Extra: Despite prominent billing in Pan, she only appears briefly at the beginning and the end.
  • Casting Gag:invoked Her real life best friend Ashley Lilley has a cameo in Letters to Juliet as Patricia - who Sophie thinks is a romantic rival but is actually Charlie's cousin.
  • Dawson Casting:invoked
    • Just about in Mean Girls at barely 18 (Amanda was just shy of 18 when production started; Karen is supposed to be 16).
    • 21 playing 17 in Alpha Dog.
    • 22 years old playing a high school girl in Jennifer's Body.
    • Starts out in The Dropout playing Elizabeth Holmes (barely 22 months older than Seyfried) as a college freshman. The Dawson Casting effect decreases as time passes and the character's age catches up.
  • Dumb Blonde: She played one of the most famous modern examples in Mean Girls.
  • Fake Brit:invoked Two characters who aren't technically English but she uses those accents for anyway - Mary in Pan and Cosette in Les Misérables (2012).
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance:invoked Her favorite role is Needy of Jennifer's Body.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Her roles tend to be this, highlighting her good looks with revealing clothing (and in a couple cases, nudity or sex scenes).
  • One Head Taller: While not tiny (she's 5' 3½") she is noticeably shorter than most of her onscreen love interests.
  • Playing Against Type:invoked She's normally cast as wholesome Girl Next Door types but...
    • Karen Smith actually. While definitely the least bitchy member of the Plastics, she's a huge ditz.
    • Alpha Dog has her as a Good Bad Girl.
    • Chloe as a manipulative seductress.
    • Anon as The Cracker.
    • The Dropout as real-life Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of the defunct Theranos corporation.
  • Pretty in Mink: She has worn a few furs in her roles, such as a white fox wrap in In Time, and a fur coat in Lovelace.
  • Sci-Fi Bob Haircut: She has one (that's also red) in In Time.
  • Star-Making Role:invoked Mean Girls and Mamma Mia! both put her on the map.
  • Teens Are Short: Being slightly shorter than average might be one of the reasons she is cast as younger than her real age so often. This was actually a plot point in Gone—Seyfried played a character much the same age as herself (i.e. mid-twenties) who at one point successfully blends in with a group of teenage girls while hiding from the cops.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • invoked She was up for the role of Cady in Mean Girls. Lindsay Lohan had thought about playing Regina, but chose to be Cady. Amanda was then cast as Karen.
    • She was offered the role of Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy but turned it down because she figured it would flop and didn't want the hit to her career. She admits she misjudged it.