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Lindy Booth (born April 2, 1979 in Oakville, Ontario) is a Canadian actor best known for her roles in The Famous Jett Jackson, Relic Hunter (as Claudia) and The Librarians (as Cassandra Cillian). Was also in Cry_Wolf and the Dawn of the Dead remake.

A red-haired lady with blue eyes, she has, to quote a Reddit AMA she did "been murdered... or murdered someone... all over your screens big and small".

Lindy Booth contains examples of:

  • Evil Redhead: She has this really, really down pat - her ability to turn on a dime is well known. Especially in The Librarians, where we have seen 'Evil Cassandra' on at least two occasions.
  • Motor Mouth: She got the role as Cassandra as she was the only one who could handle the dialogue.
  • Ms. Fanservice: She wore skimpy outfits as Claudia and wears pretty short dresses as Cassandra.
  • Older Than They Look: She can still convincingly play a much younger woman despite being 43, joking on Twitter that she'd made a deal with a fairy.