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Peter Rogers (20 February 1914 – 14 April 2009) and Gerald Thomas (10 December 1920 – 9 November 1993) are a British producer and director/editor respectively, that made several film collaborations, most notably being the two men behind the popular Carry On series, along with screenwriter Talbot Rothwell.

Contrary to their fame, one of their first collaborations was a 1957 thriller Rogers co-wrote with Arthur Hailey called Time Lock which starred Robert Beatty and Lee Patterson, with an early Retroactive Recognition appearance from a young Sean Connery. Rogers and Thomas mostly produced and directed comedies alongside the Carry On movies, and often did through a Production Posse, using many actors from said Carry On films.

Outside of their collaborations, they did a lot of individual works too: before becoming a director, Thomas worked as a film editor; his most notable editing job was of Laurence Olivier's Hamlet 1948 adaptation; one of the last films he directed was a post-World War Two drama The Second Victory in 1986. Rogers, meanwhile, produced a variety of film and television work, such as the film Appointment with Venus that starred David Niven, and the TV series Ivanhoe that starred Roger Moore, and his long-term wife Betty produced the Doctor... Series.

Selected work:


Gerald Thomas

  • The Second Victory (1986)
  • A Day to Remember (1953)
  • The Sword and the Rose (1953)
  • Hamlet (1948)
  • Venetian Bird (1952)
  • I'm a Stranger (1952)
  • Appointment with Venus (1951)

Peter Rogers

  • Man-Eater
  • The Flying Scot
  • Cat Girl
  • The Tommy Steele Story
  • Ivanhoe

Alternative Title(s): Peter Rogers, Gerald Thomas