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Kirk Thornton (born May 13, 1956) is an American voice actor known for playing sassy characters, among others, in dubbed anime and video games. His career includes Hotohori in Fushigi Yuugi and Jin in Samurai Champloo. He also played numerous cameos and minor characters in Rurouni Kenshin, in addition to the major character of Hajime Saito. He also does Don Patch in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo as well as Gabumon and other voices in Digimon. He is even the English voice of Jet Link in Cyborg 009, as well as Kisame Hoshigaki in Naruto and its sequel, Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles. As of 2010, he's the English voice of Shadow the Hedgehog.

Thornton is also well-known for having played many different minor voice roles throughout the Power Rangers franchise (and similar series such as VR Troopers and Masked Rider).

Thornton has also had experience with ADR direction. He also co-directed the ADR for the first 168 episodes of the popular anime series Bleach alongside Wendee Lee.

Thornton's career is difficult to track, due to the multiple names under which he has been credited.

His wife, Julie Nesbitt, and his daughter, Chloe Thornton, are also voice actors.

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Tropes applying to Kirk Thornton:

  • I Have Many Names: Has worked under 19 different stage names, in addition to his real name.