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Wendee Lee holding a "Wanted!" Poster of Faye Valentine.

"No matter what game I play or anime I watch, Wendee Lee will always be there, taking the job away from another starving voice actor."
Lee, Still Gaming review of Soul Calibur IV

Wendee Lee, born on February 20, 1960 in Los Angeles, California, is a prolific American voice actress. While she has done voice work for many video games, as well as several episodes in the Power Rangers franchise (most notably the second voice of Alpha 6), she is particularly prolific in the dubbing of anime, where she has more credits than any other English-speaking actor, with over 300 credits, and has been an active voice actress since 1985.

Lee is also experienced in ADR directing. Earlier director credits include Outlaw Star and Love Hina. She, alongside Kirk Thornton also directed the ADR process for Bleach up until episode 168.


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