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The Adventures of Mini-Goddess•  is a Gag Series based on the Ah! My Goddess manga series – specifically the random 4-panel comics that appeared between early chapters of the series. Features the exploits of Fun Size copies of the goddesses and a long-suffering rat named Gan. The anime by OLM Incorporated aired 48 7-minute episodes between 1998 and 1999.

The series was dubbed into English and released on DVD by Pioneer (who also handled The Movie) in 2002, but fell out of print upon the company's 2007 shutdown.



  • Amusing Injuries: Happens to Gan-chan a lot.
  • Animated Actors:
    Skuld: I thought we were off today!
  • Butt-Monkey: Gan
  • Canon Immigrant: The ninja trio.
  • Gag Series: Emphasizes humor and parody throughout all 48 episodes.
  • Negative Continuity: Especially for Gan. Lampshaded in the finale.
  • No-Dialogue Episode: The rainy day episode.
  • No Fourth Wall
  • Out-of-Genre Experience:
    • Episode 25/26 would at first glance seem to be a parody of Die Hard. Except there is no parody involved as the show suddenly decides to become a genuine action thriller complete with guns, villains and seemingly no jokes (until the end, that is) whatsoever. The standard ending theme is also replaced with a movie style text crawl featuring some appropriate epic sounding music.
    • Episode 28 is a No-Dialogue Episode following Urd walking around town on a rainy day. There is no jokes or even a story really being told. Just Urd and her emotions being viewed through a more muted than usual color palette while soulful piano and violin music plays in the background.
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  • Parody Names: "Chu Hard" (Die Hard), "Gabira" (Gojira/Godzilla)
  • Shout-Out:
  • Spin-Off Babies: Sort of. The entire series is based off one of the powers the Goddesses displayed in the manga.
  • Super-Deformed: The goddesses effectively spend most of the day in a Mouse World.
  • Talking Animal: Gan and the other rats.
  • The Voice: Keiichi. Lampshaded in one episode where a confused Gan wonders who and what the college student obliquely mentioned in the opening narration is.