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One of the best-known voice actors to come out of Texas, Monica Jean Rial (born October 5, 1975 in Houston, Texas) has been featured in many anime dubs. She is also remembered for doing the "What is anime?" ADV Films commercial. Also notable for her very distinctive voice, which is actually her real voice. Yes, it really is that high (though it wasn't always, but that's what being typecast for years will do to you).

She started off in Houston playing quiet girls for ADV Films, but over time expanded her range massively, with Yandere or all-around creepy girls becoming more common on her résumé. She'll even occasionally break out a husky, deep voice for Action Girl types (Jo from Burst Angel being the most famous example). Shortly before ADV's collapse, she relocated to Dallas and now does most of her work with Funimation, though she has been known to return to Houston to work for ADV's Spiritual Successor company Sentai Filmworks. In addition to being an actor, she is also an ADR writer and occasional voice director.

According to Anime News Network, she has the most number of English VO roles in anime, with more than 730 credits. That is over 150 credits more than the second-highest English VA on the list. She is the most prolific voice actress in the business, and the second-most prolific VA overall, after Takehito Koyasu.

She is often cast alongside Luci Christian (notably in Full Metal Panic! and Azumanga Daioh), Jamie Marchi (notably in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt), Brittney Karbowski (notably in Cat Planet Cuties and Soul Eater), and Greg Ayres (notably in Kodocha, Save Me! Lollipop, Ghost Stories and were the leads of two horror anime).

Her personal website can be found here.

Monica has a younger sister, Natalie, who made her debut as a voice actress in 2013 in the anime Girls und Panzer.

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