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In a World... where people live on sky islands above the clouds, strange monsters called Nemesis occasionally fall from the sky and wreak havoc in towns. The only people able to inflict damage to them are the Infected, humans who miraculously survived the normally lethal contact with a Nemesis and gained the power to manipulate Fantasia, at the price of some physical defect. While people call them for help when a Nemesis pops up, the Infected are nevertheless considered abominations and feared by the common folk.

The horned orphan Seth is one of them, and lives away from humans with his teacher/adoptive mother Alma. While he absolutely wants to fight Nemesis, his impulsiveness often stirs up more trouble than he would like, which doesn't help his or Alma's case. But soon he realises that fighting off the monsters that appear here and there is pointless if you don't go for the source: an entity called the Radiant, that no one has ever found, and may or may not actually exist. Joined by the bumbling Researching Sorcerer Doc and the severely bipolar Trapper Witch Mélie, Seth's first step in his journey will be to join a giant flying city, the Artemis Institute, home of many professional sorcerers. And to avoid getting too much on the Inquisitors' bad side, preferably.

Radiant is a French manga written and drawn by Tony Valente, probably the most popular with Dreamland, and also the first one to get a publication in Japan − said edition was promoted by no less than Valente's idol Murata Yuusuke. The series is also available in German and Spanish. There are currently 9 volumes out in France, with six months to a year between each one.

An anime adaptation by studio Lerche will air in the Fall 2018 season.

Not to be confused with a (Japanese) manga called Soul Gagdet Radiant.

Tropes found in Radiant

  • Church Militant: The Inquisitors mercilessly hunt down sorcerers at the slightest misbehaviour, and even though they're not sorcerers, their skills and strength are nothing to scoff at.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Konrad's speeches about the invading immigrants in the Rumble Town arc are scarily reminiscent of some of the views held by parties like the National Front in France or the UKIP in the UK.
  • Driving Question: What are the Nemesis and where do they come from?
  • Large and in Charge: Queen Boadicea's infection turned her into a giant woman, taking Statuesque Stunner to a whole new level. She's also every bit as powerful and charismatic as her size suggests, and messing with her kingdom − home to thousands of sorcerers − is a very bad idea.
  • Phlebotinum-Handling Equipment: Sorcerers use feather gloves to accumulate and manipulate Fantasia, as it's too dangerous to manipulate barehanded. However, this is inverted in the case of Seth, who can use Fantasia barehanded, but can't do it with feather gloves.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: People have absolutely no qualms asking the Infected to sacrifice themselves. Later on, the same question is asked about the Nemesis: are they truly evil beings?
  • World in the Sky: The islands aren't floating, they're at the top of very high and narrow rock pillars, but the effect is similar. Zeppelins and hot-air balloons are the most common transportations (as well as flying broomsticks for sorcerers).