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Tabletop Game / Wrath of the Old Dog

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Man's best friend. Mankind's last hope.

Wrath of the Old Dog is a horror board game created by Andrew Grondin. The game features art by Pink Saphires and Boneitis. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2015 and released in fall of 2016. The game's premise follows a pack of ordinary neighborhood dogs as they battle a who's who from the Lovecraft bestiary. Two maps (one cul-de-sac, and one a dockside) represent the playing field, and each map has two Scenarios. Scenarios describe the monsters and win or loss conditions for each of the three "nights" of play. The game has a dynamic difficulty, with the Dogs getting powered up for each win, and the subsequent nights becoming harder with each loss. As getting a custom Dog in the game was one of the Kickstarter goals, there are a ton of playable characters in the game. The Scenarios are:

  • Wrath of the Old Dog - Druidic cultists worshiping Shub-Niggurath are trying to summon the Black Goat.
  • Icterus Daybreak - A fragment of the King in Yellow's soul still exists on Earth, and a group of maniacs are attempting to give it new life.
  • Homecoming - The razing of Innsmouth wasn't the end. Cthulhu is waking, and his progeny across the planet are rising with him.
  • A Flash of Light, then Darkness - A trio of people from out of town have brought something otherworldly with them.
  • Jormungand - A bonus Scenario exclusive to Kickstarter backers. Deals with the slow corruption of a human into an avatar of Yig.

The game uses six-sided die to resolve challenges, modified by Attributes associated with each Dog or Monster. Dogs use Sense, Scamper, and Scrap to represent their abilities. Monsters use Vigilance, Velocity, and Violence for the same. Similarly, both parties have special powers that affect gameplay. Monsters have powers related to their classic stories, while Dogs have Breed and Unique powers. Breed powers are based on the AKC classification of the Dog:

  • Large Dogs use Big Woof, a debuff that removes an enemy's Actions.
  • Medium Dogs use Pack Alpha, which gives their Action to an ally.
  • Small Dogs use Little Scoot, a passive that gives them the ability to move through other creatures.

Unique powers are specific to each Dog. They include passive buffs, active enemy debuffs, attack options, and defensive abilities.

Monsters are controlled by the player with the Monster Token, which rotates at the end of each turn. A ten point Doom Track monitors how close the players are to a win or loss condition.

Wrath of the Old Dog is available on The Game Crafter.

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