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Half-Human Hybrid

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Now that's just being too literal!

"— ef Lavinny's boy looked like his pa, he wouldn't look like nothin' ye expeck."
Wizard Whateley, The Dunwich Horror.

The results of an Interspecies Romance and/or Genetic Engineering.

This is present in most unrealistic fictional genres, including Science Fiction (or, rather Space Opera), fantasy, horror, etc. In reality, many closely related Earth species share over 99% of their DNA, but cannot produce viable offspring. This makes it extremely unlikely that creatures of different planets would be able to interbreed, but then again, Mars does need women.

In fictionland, human beings can conceive children with any intelligent species in existence. Demons, elves, aliens, vampires, you name it — not only will a human sleep with it, they'll engender children. The mother is in a majority of cases the human with the non-human father providing the powers. If they are not physically viable, rest assured there are scientists somewhere who will fiddle with DNA until a hybrid is created. They'll do it even if there's no reason to think the creature should have DNA in the first place. That's Earth's solution for storing your genome. It requires a lot of supporting stuff in the cells, and not even everything on Earth uses it. Thankfully, the Rule of Cool and Rule of Sexy let us mix it up with whatever the Green-Skinned Space Babe's ancestors evolved to store their genomes in. Good thing there are No Biochemical Barriers! And if you can't find a scientist to do it for you, you're in luck. A Wizard Did It is just as handy a Hand Wave.


Rarely does either species accept the mixed marriage, much less said hybrid, though. After all, What Measure Is a Non-Human? — and the hybrid's very existence is proof of a lack of Species Loyalty.

Sometimes a particular type of hybrid becomes common enough that they can stop relying on their parent races to make new members and just mate with each other to sustain their own race.

If the hybrid is a positive character, it connects the audience with them, giving them familiar characteristics and a closer point-of-view into the otherwise alien culture, or else, an "outsider" character for protagonists to befriend... or at the very least, they'll have the power to fight one-half of their heritage, almost certainly if that one-half is vampire.

Positive characters also tend to pick up all the advantages and powers of their component races with no disadvantages or weaknesses. A half-vampire might pick up Super Strength and Voluntary Shapeshifting without having a weakness to sunlight or a thirst for blood, for example, or a half-elf gets magic and an extended lifespan (funny, that). Being a Half-Human Hybrid is almost always a plus for protagonists, although the characters usually don't think so. Frequently it's because of self image issues, possibly due to people getting freaked out at them having horns and hooves or the like. Females tend to be luckier in this regard than males, due to being seen as an exotic beauty.


If the hybrid is a negative character, this will make their inhumanity more personal. They might have suffered Half-Breed Discrimination, representing what prejudice on both species's part can produce. For extra angst, the character's conception might have been less-than-consensual.

The concept as a whole, thanks to A Wizard Did It, tends to fly better in supernatural settings — when it comes to, say, demons, who can say it wouldn't work that way? It's not like we can do a DNA test on the Prince of Darkness. Yet. For those people who turn into hybrids, see Animorphism and Mix-and-Match Critter. If the character was already a different non-human species, or gets hybridized a second time, they become a Hybrid Monster.

See Dhampyr for half vampire/half human hybrids. Also see Catgirl and Unusual Ears for examples of Little Bit Beastly, cute animal girls that are usually treated as a separate race rather than actually having an animal somewhere in their ancestry. Beast Folk are seldom so cuddly, what with the Pointy Ears, Fangs of Evil, and claws. In mythology and folklore, this is known as a "liminal being", like Merlin (who in some stories is half-demon) or centaurs. Also in mythology, for hybrids who are half human/half god, see Semi-Divine, and Nephilim, which are commonly portrayed as angel or demon/human hybrids.

See also Interspecies Romance. A common result of a Fantastic Romance. May lead to Uneven Hybrids or Heinz Hybrids, if the family tree does not end with them. An inter-species humanoid hybrid that averts the "half human" part is a Nonhuman Humanoid Hybrid. If the non-human parent is from an Always Chaotic Evil race, this trope may result from the human being Raised by Orcs.


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    Comic Books 
  • Avengers: The Initiative has Trauma, the son of the demon lord Nightmare and a human woman.
  • Dynamo5: Spencer's mom wasn't from around here. He only looks human thanks to the shapeshifting, which he already has thanks to government experiments that included exposing him to the radiation that gave Cap his powers.
  • Gold Digger:
    • One of the three Diggers sisters, Brianna Diggers, is a half-werecheetah half-human. Any questions on how that could happen genetically are neatly bypassed by her being the combination of her two other sisters via a combination of a magic curse and mad science (the werecheetah and human siblings being sisters in the first place by the simpler mechanism of adoption).
    • Also the aforementioned Werecheetah sister marrying a feline humanoid alien and having a child. How did that work out?
    • It was revealed that the Diggers sisters' father is also a hybrid — his father was human, but his mother was a living alien (albeit of Terran origin) supercomputer with a humanoid body. Ah, love... Anyway, while the Diggers sisters' mother is unquestionably human, she is from another planet and her parents are also from two completely different cultures. One might theorize a strong genetic resistance against inbreeding...
    • In addition said feline humanoid (Kryn) is actually another type of humanoid entirely (Gaoblin) that ages ago killed off and replaced four separate races (Kryn, Elves, Trolls and Atlanteans) as a way of hiding from the universe who wanted them dead for their service to the Dynasty. AND he's been bonded with several highly powerful artifacts. So he's an alien with an outer shell of DNA from another race and who knows what else affecting his gene pool. The world's resident genetic expert says that the husband's DNA is probably the most complex he's ever seen.
  • Hellboy is half-human, the result of a union between the witch Sarah Hughes and a demon prince.
  • Jack of Hearts, a Marvel Comics superhero, was half-human, half-Contraxian (his powers had little or nothing to do with that, it was a Freak Lab Accident).
  • Raven of the Teen Titans is half-demon in both the comics and the cartoon. Many other Titans are half-human/half-non-human as well.
  • In the Kingdom Come universe, Nightstar is the daughter of Dick Grayson and Comicbook/Starfire, a Tamaranean.
  • After Captain Mar-Vell's death, Phyla and Genis were created by combining his DNA with that of an Eternal mother, who technically qualifies as a Human Subspecies.
  • In The DCU Northwind, a member of Infinity, Inc., was half-human, half-Feitheran (the Feitherans being a hidden race of bird people).
  • The Wild CA Ts are mainly half-Kherubim, an immortal super-powered alien race. It's not until many years after they were created that this was justified by having Earth be a planet terraformed by the Kherubim billions of years ago for their own needs, basing our DNA on theirs.
  • Superman:
    • Many Superman stories show a future child with Lois Lane, up to and including a human/Kryptonian Superman Dynasty lasting thousand years. However, many post-Crisis stories portrayed a human/kryptonian hybrid as impossible.
    • The existence of Superboy proves that at least artificially created hybrids are definitely possible, although the various health problems he's had over the years show that hybrids aren't the most stable.
    • As of Convergence, they now have a son, Jon, who went with them back into the main universe. He was conceived when Clark was temporarily Brought Down to Normal, which apparently makes this possible. Naturally, he eventually gets powers himself and is now Superboy.
    • In Many Happy Returns, Ariella Kent is the offspring of a Silver Age Superman and a human Supergirl.
  • ElfQuest:
    • Rosie from ElfQuest: The Rebels is an artificially-generated blend of human and preserver.
    • The official ElfQuest AU story 'King's Cross' has a human/elf hybrid, and HUGE helpings of magic are involved. Normally, a human/elf hybrid in the ElfQuest verse is impossible. (Wolves have four more pairs of chromosomes then humans. Pure-blooded elves can intermarry with the wolf-blooded Wolfriders. Ergo, no human interbreeding.) The hybrid in question does wind up being a little more elf then human, though.
  • Tigra of The Avengers is a human woman turned half-tiger thanks to magic. And then she... went and got knocked up by a Skrull pretending to be Henry Pym. Which would make her child half-Skrull, one-quarter human and one-quarter magic tiger. The disguise was so good that the Skrull imposter only gave Hank Pym's DNA, so the child is three-quarters human, one-quarter magic tiger.
  • The hero and his half-brother in Invincible are both Viltrumite hybrids. Mark is human on his mother's side while Oliver is part sapient alien insect on his mother's side. Since Viltrumite reproductive DNA is just as aggressive and ruthless as the race, a Viltrumite hybrid usually turns out to be all but identical to a full blooded one. Mark is indistinguishable from other Viltrumites, and Oliver, despite being part sapient alien insect, only has purple skin and very fast physical maturation to distinguish him.
  • Parodied in Scott Pilgrim, where Roxanne is described as being "half-ninja."
  • Wonder Girl: Prior to the DC reboot, Cassie Sandsmark was the half-human half-Olympian daughter of Zeus.
  • In ClanDestine, the Destines are the children of the genie Elalyth and Adam of Destine, a human who was granted immortality and invulnerability by said genie after he rescued her and they fell in love. The kids are all incredibly long-lived, but not immortal, and have superpowers of varying degrees of usefulness.
  • ROM: Space Knight: Jimmy Marks a.k.a. Hybrid, the son of a human woman and a Dire Wraith. He appeared in Avengers Academy. Don't worry, he's not as bad as a typical member of his father's race. He's worse.
  • Yet another Marvel example is Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, a human/Atlantean hybrid with a touch of mutant thrown in for good measure.
  • Fables: Bigby thinks of himself as a wolf, but he actually had a wolf for a mother and the North Wind for the father. Meanwhile, Snow White is a human-style Fable who has six (seven, really) kids with Bigby.
  • It is revealed in X-Factor that, as has been widely-speculated for years, Shatterstar really is the biological son of Dazzler and Longshot. However, in a twisted Stable Time Loop scenario, Longshot in turn was created using genes taken from Shatterstar when he got blasted into the past, thus in a sense making him his own father's "father".
  • From The Sandman:
    • Desire is revealed to be the grandfather of recurring character Rose Walker, having fathered her mother while her grandmother was in a coma. So more of a case of 3/4 human hybrid. Rose, her mother and younger brother don't seem to have any explicit powers from their supernatural heritage other than looking young for their ages and being considered a bit more attractive than the average person. Interestingly, the titular character isn't shown to have any half-human offspring, but given Desire's penchant for making him fall in love it wouldn't be surprising.
    • He has a son, Orpheus, but he is not half-human, since his mother was the Muse Calliope. Though curiously he still was a mortal until his tragic fate led to an unfortunate outcome.
  • Peter Quill/Star-Lord of the Guardians of the Galaxy is half-human (mother) and half-Spartoi (father). He is physically indistinguishable from regular humans; his only powers come from cybernetic enhancements.
  • Captain Britain and Psylocke's father is Otherworlder and their mother is normal human.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Sabrina has a human mother and warlock father. Originally she was an Artificial} witch but later she was retconned into a more traditional human/witch hybrid.
  • In Astro City, Starfighter and his Jaranathan wife have two children.
  • Sweet Tooth has children with half-animal features following the decimation of the human population. Gus, the main character, has deer-like features.
  • Serafettin the Bad Cat was conceived when his mother (a cat) accidentally sat on some human semen. Apart from having eyebrows he just looks like a cat, though.
  • A Spider-Man story from J.M.S.'s run claims that Loki actually has quite a few half-mortal children running around the world, most of whom have no idea he is their father. Unsurprisingly, he is a deadbeat dad, but somewhat uncharacteristically, he does care about their welfare. When a supernatural entity targets one of his daughters, he enlists Spider-Man's aid in rescuing her. Spidey goes along with it because, after all, he would have tried to help this innocent young woman being attacked by a monster anyway.
  • If Hero's mother's story in The One Hundred Nights Of Hero is true (she admittedly isn't certain), Hero's mother is half human and half Weird Moon.
  • Duncan, the main character of Firebreather, is half human and half Kaiju-sized dragon.
  • Alan Moore’s Providence puts an especially terrifying twist on this trope and it’s usage in the Cthulhu Mythos: Cthuhlu himself is half-human, the child of a deep one and a human woman. What this says about humanity is up for debate. Even creepier, it’s noted that this actually has precedent in Lovecraft’s stories; of all the fictional gods in the mythos, Cthulhu was the only one who was always described or depicted as humanoid.
  • In The Life of Captain Marvel, it's revealed that Carol herself is one; her mother was a Kree warrior who fell in love with a human man.

    Comic Strips 
  • The new Moon Maid from Dick Tracy. She was originally Glenna Ermine, the daughter of villain Poise Ermine. She won second place in a look-alike contest for the original, long deceased Moon Maid, and subsequently was kidnapped, had the original Moon Maid's DNA superimposed over her own, had facial surgery, and was given the original Moon Maid's memories. The scientists involved were using her as part of a plot to steal Diet Smith's Space Coupe.
    • A more traditional example is Moon Maid and Junior Tracy's daughter Honeymoon Tracy, who looked perfectly human to start with (to the point that when the Moon People started being downplayed, there was no reason for a new reader to suspect she wasn't). Shortly after the new Moon Maid was introduced, reminding the readers of Honeymoon's origins, her antennae grew in.

    Fan Works 
  • Child of the Storm has the example of Harry Potter, who's half Asgardian. Specifically, James Potter was Thor, on a first run at the humility thing. It worked very well until, suddenly, it didn't. Unusually, though, Harry shows little sign of inheriting his father's powers; a temporary Plot-Relevant Age-Up shows that he will eventually inherit the Super Strength and Flight (though he leans more towards Playing with Fire than Shock and Awe), but by the sequel, his paternal inheritance is mostly limited to a bit more raw magical power and a physique roughly on par with the likes of Captain America. It's suggested that he's a relatively slow developer in this regard because his father was human when Harry was conceived. However, since his mother's side has power to spare, what with Lily being Jean Grey's first cousin once removed, and properly kicks in around chapter 50, he doesn't miss out on much.
    • And then there's Diana, who's technically a demigoddess, being the daughter of Hercules and Hippolyta.
  • Last Child of Krypton: Aside from the canon examples of Rei and Kaworu, there is also Shinji. In this story, Lara died long before the rocket was launched. Instead of putting a baby in the rocket, Jor-El opts to store a powerful supercomputer and Kryptonian DNA in it. When the rocket is discovered later by Yui, she inseminates herself with the DNA, giving birth to Shinji as the result.
  • Marque and Reprisal: Gabe and Laureline are half-Zentraedi.
  • Superman story Superman of 2499: The Great Confrontation stars the descendants of Superman and the offspring of Supergirl. The main characters Alan and Katherine and their family are part human, part Kryptonian, with some Amazon DNA throw into the mix.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: In this story Asuka is half-human half-kryptonian. A minor miscalculation on Jor-El's part results in Kal-El's ship crash-landing in Germany, killing him, and STAR Labs taking it for analysis. Later Kyoko Zeppelin Sohryu wants to have a baby and goes to STAR Labs to get an in vitro fertilization. Her friend Emil Hamilton does the procedure... and as the former head of the Kryptonian retrieval project and knowing how powerful Kal-El would have become (and seeing how screwed up the world is becoming), he fertilized the ovule that will be Asuka with Kryptonian DNA.
  • In the Taleof Solaron the rogue Blake is revealed to be the offspring of a human and a halfling, though he only looks like a short human.
  • In the second Interlude of Uplifted: Intervention, which is part of the Uplifted series, Tali's mother casually mentions that the company Daedalus Industries has successfully hybridized Human/Quarian DNA using Asari genetics as a baseline. Of course she mentions it while a young Shepard and Tali are sitting at the table together... Justified in universe by the fact that Humans and Quarians have been part of the same government since 1943 in the Uplifted verse.
  • All Yuki/Kyon fanfics in the Haruhi Suzumiya fandom inevitably, in their far and unwritten future, lead to this. There are also the Kyon/Ryoko ones (although since they're cloned meat puppets created by the IDE to interact with humanity, they may or may not have human DNA).
  • The Mega Crossover Halloween World and various side stories thereof are awash with Half-Human Hybrids of one sort or another, some of them distinctly unlikely, plus numerous half-anything-but-human hybrids and outright Heinz Hybrids. Justified in that magic in this verse has a tendency to get out of hand and a few people rather foolishly cast love/lust/fertilty spells that got really out of control.
  • A common trait of Mary Sues. Amusingly, they can be "half" more than two species. For example, they will be "half" human, "half" X, and "half" Y all at once. The best example my be the Mary Sue from A Trekkie's Tale.
  • Even though it's been established that Irken are born from test tubes and have no concept of human affection, this trope is agonizingly common in Invader Zim fanfiction. Brain Bleach, please.
  • In Divine Blood the Demons and Gods actively modified their DNA so as to be more human and allow them to infiltrate and manipulate humanity against each other. This led to them not only being genetically compatible with humans, but also with each other.
  • Averted in Chocobo Nights: the baby Tifa gives bears is apparently a purebred chocobo. Its only mammal characteristic is that it attempts to suckle. Yeah, it's that kind of fic.
  • Deconstructed in Morphic, a Pokémon fanfic about this sort of thing.
  • In The Tainted Grimoire, there is the Feol Viera who are half-Hume and half-Viera. Kanin is one of them.
  • PurpleGreen Clouds has David Karofsky from Glee as a half-human, half-alien of the Grey variety.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fics have a surprising number of hybrids, although most would be half-pony hybrids.
    • Several varieties crop up in The Great Slave King, including half-diamond dogs, half-griffons, half-phoenixes, and half-dragons.
    • The Pony POV Series has Fluttercruel, Discord's Child By Mind Rape with Fluttershy. Fluttercruel is Sharing a Body with Fluttershy, so their body is pure pony, but some of Fluttercruel's traits imply that at least spiritually, she's half draconequus. Dark World further implies this by showing she has the potential to inherit Discord's ability to Body Surf if killed by a non-Draconequus and ultimately becomes a Draconequus. General-Admiral Makarov, the Big Bad of the Shining Armor Arc, is a Deer/Unicorn hybrid. Justified by the fact he was created by a Super Soldier project explicitly intended to make this. It's also partly because he's a Parody Sue. Subverted in that he's actually an Equineoid Abomination called the Shadow of Chernobull who merely took that form to grant the Hooviets desires for the project to succeed. They also meet Kweupe, a Virgasus (a pegasus/zebra hybrid) as a guide in a Zebrafrican nation. Tempest Shadow's Origins chapter reveals the existence of the Sparkle Ponies, hybrids of Equestrian ponies and a race of aliens called the Celestial Ponies, normally from them crash landing on Equus. Notably, the improbability of an alien species being capable of interbreeding with the natives is lampshaded by Wind Whistler, but may be because ponies and Celestials have the same creator deity.
    • In Fluttershy Is Free, Fluttershy turns out to have been sired by a Changeling. Her external anatomy is Pegasus, but some of her neural wiring is Changeling: she is The Empath and an Emotion Eater, but cannot shapeshift. It is also implied that some of her Shrinking Violet tendencies come from the natural Changeling preference to hide from rather than confront danger.
    • On an... odder note, "Satyrs" have become somewhat popular on 4Chan's /mlp/ board and sites like Derpibooru. Essentially they are the theoretical offspring of Anonymous and one of the ponies, with the entire Mane 6 having Fanon satyr children all with generally agreed-upon appearances and personalities. Even a number of minor characters like Gilda and Chrysalis have been done as well, and even one of the Diamond Dogsnote .
    • Perhaps the most common hybrids in the fandom would be half-dragons or "draconies" (also called kirin, although those may be treated as a naturally-occurring race). They are usually the result of a Spike pairing in romantic or next-gen fics.
    • For a truly odd one that has taken root as of late is the "Tatzlpony", a hybrid of a pony and the massive worm from Three's A Crowd, which has a pony's body but the eye markings and long prehensile tongues and tail of the worm. It was started by this image on Derpibooru by a user who (in his own words) gets drunk and edits screencaptures of the show in his spare time, and was picked up by a number of artists who either think it's Creepy Cute, like the fetish fuel, or both.
    • The sequels to Bride of Discord have ''three, including Discord and Fluttershy's daughter Screwball, her younger brother Zany, and Applespike.
    • In Equestria: Across the Multiverse, Brightglow and her sisters are the hybrid daughters of the Pegasi Queen Star Catcher and the extraterrestrial Celestial Pony Star Skipper. The strangeness of two species that evolved on separate planets being able to crossbreed is lampshaded, and becomes a cause for close study.
    • Kilala 97's next generation continuity counts a number of half-pony hybrids:
      • Crystal Clarity and Turquoise Blits, Spike and Rairty's son and daughter, are half unicorn and half dragon.
      • Illusion, Discord and Celestia's son, is half alicorn and half draconequus — which, due to draconequi being Mix and Match Critters to begin with, largely makes him look like a more "ordered" draconequus.
      • In the alternate next gen setting, there are Morning Star (another Discord and Celestia child, and thus again half alicorn and half draconequus), Cicada Song (half alicorn and half royal changeling) and Hunter (half pegasus and half griffon).
  • Spin-offs of the rather infamous Dawn of War fanfic Love Can Bloom has Lofn note , the daughter of Vindicare Assassin LIIVI and Eldar Farseer Taldeer. The lil' cutie is presumed to be still wandering the galaxy, looking for her daddy, with a tame Tyranid Ripper as a companion.
  • The Megamind story Knocked Up has Megamind and Roxanne's daughter, Emma. Since her father's genes are stronger, she looks more alien than human.
  • In the Star Wars fic The Lost Child Ahsoka and Lux end up having twins, both of whom are half-Human, half-Togruta.
  • Soul Eater fanfic uses this trope to explain how Death the Kid appears human while his father does not, and gives him a human mother. The anime never fully explained what the shinigami were, whereas the manga jossed the 'half-human' theory by revealing Kid is a Humanoid Abomination with a Truly Single Parent.
  • The Headhunt has a minor character named Columba Ungaretti, a half-Italian, half-Orion capo for The Mafia.
  • Crucible (Mass Effect) has the turian-human hybrids thanks to the effect of the Crucible at the end of the Reaper War. They are mainly turian-like in appearance but with human 5-fingered hands and ape-like feet. They also have both turian strength and human flexibility and all are born biotics. In short, they have all the best traits of their parents' species that have made them the top dogs on their respective homeworlds and thus are viewed as perfect war machines that most people want to capture and enslave.
  • The Bridge (and its spin-off The Bridge: Humanity's Stand):
    • Due to a lot of Canon Welding, both the Mutant Soldiers from Godzilla: Final Wars and Psychics from the Heisei era are retconned into hybrids of humans and Mysterian aliens from the Showa era. Notably, it's implied this is mainly possible due to Mysterian biotech, and how much the hybrids resemble their alien parents varies, though all have black veins that appear under certain circumstances.
    • Additionally, Monster X is revealed to have been created by an Xilian soldier splicing King Ghidorah's genes into himself, effectively making him an Xilian/Ghidorah hybrid.
  • An interesting case in a few Homestuck fanfics, where hybrids rarely come from actual breeding. Usually it's the result of the main characters entering another universe, and in the process, their two species getting mixed into a singular one. This does make sense, considering the Trolls' Bizarre Alien Biology.
  • Children of an Elder God: In chapter 21, Ritsuko reveals that her mother was half-human, half-Deep One.
  • There are several Fanfictions of Elfen Lied in which Lucy and Kouta have children. These are then half a human, and the other half a Diclonius.
  • When the main characters of the Contractually Obligated Chaos series are expecting a child, no one quite knows how to describe the baby, who is the offspring of a mostly living mother and a mostly dead father. (It makes sense in context.)
  • In the Super Mario Bros. fanfic My Pain, My Thrill, Bowser Jr is the secret love-child of Bowser and Peach. He takes after Bowser in most regards but has a twisted pinky like Peach. Due to biological differences, Peach nearly died during childbirth giving birth to Jr. Jr nearly died as well, being half-human meant that he was a live birth instead of a hatchling and that he was smaller than a full koopa. As a result of the difficult birth, Bowser kept Bowser Jr's heritage secret from even his mother.
  • Jalal Stormbringer from the Shadowchasers Series series is the son of a gold dragon and a human woman. While he has no biological children, his ward Judy is also half-dragon. (The narrative claims this is a more common practice among dragons than mating with another dragon. They tend to be incredibly rare on Earth, and see other members of their species as rivals, so much so that two of them within a hundred miles of each other is a war waiting to happen.)
  • One fan-artist depicts Amy from Sonic the Hedgehog as half-hedgehog/half-lion in order to explain Amy's strength and temper.
  • Link and Mipha's triplets in Offspring look completely Zora but are half-Hylian through Link.
  • Arthur Goes Fourth: Beatrice "Beat" Simon has a rabbit's ears and an aardvark's nose due to her mixed heritage.
  • In crossover story The Institute Saga, Doctor Doom's two clone-children are human/Kryptonian hybrids.
  • In Danny Phantom fanfic ResurrectedMemories: Danny, Vlad, Dani and most recently Ember Mclain are all half human/ghost hybrids.
  • In A Few Needed Adjustments, Natsume finds out she's a hybrid after she wakes up one morning transformed into a werewolf-like state. It turns out her mother cheated on her dad with Kyubi. Half-yokai children are extremely rare. They either show their hybrid nature at birth or upon hitting puberty (like Natsume did).
  • In Growing Daylight, there are implications that Jim and Claire's unborn children are this, Claire possessing a craving for their silverware during her pregnancy.

    Films — Animated 
  • The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea: Ariel's daughter Melody is half-human, half mermaid, and wants to live in the sea, which is the exact opposite of what her mother wanted in the first film. In the end, she is given the choice to become a full mermaid, gain a tail, and live in the sea, but she declines.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Alice in Seventh Son is the daughter of a human father and a witch mother (in the film, witches are implied to be a separate species). It turns out the hero, Tom, is one as well.
  • Barf the Mawg from Spaceballs, played by John Candy. "I'm a Mawg. Half man, half dog. I'm my own best friend!" Even worse, the gangster Pizza the Hutt is described as half-man, half pizza. So that's how those Pizza Boy Special Delivery scenes really end...
  • Partially justified in Species. While alien/human hybrids are created through Hand-Waving, the three-quarters human children of The Virus infected astronaut in Species II who are sickly and (apparently) sterile.
  • In Roger Avary's film adaptation of Beowulf, Grendel is a Half-Human Hybrid. He may be sterile (given his apparent lack of reproductive organs), and though it may just be because he's a monster he gives a good impression of being sickly. He's hideously deformed, has what appears to be a nasty skin condition, and is sometimes heard whimpering as if in pain (though that's probably just because loud noises irritate his super-sensitive ear). The dragon at the end of the film is also a Half-Human Hybrid, born of a mating between Beowulf and Grendel's mother. This is also very much unlike the original poem, where no human ancestry was suggested for Grendel except that he was a distant descendant of Cain.
  • In Sturla Gunnarsson's Beowulf & Grendel (2005), Grendel is referred to as a troll but his mother is some sort of sea creature. His son with Selma is this trope played straight.
  • B-movie Arachnid has a gigantic alien spider giving birth to all kinds of other huge bugs. Sometimes it is required to lay the eggs inside a human. We never get any clue exactly what, if anything, it was mating with.
  • Alien: Resurrection has a half-human, half-Alien squickfest born from a Xenomorph Queen with a human reproductive system. Who was laying eggs for the first two thirds of the movie.
  • In Splice, two married scientists pioneer a new technology to 'plug and play' any number of different animal's DNA together to produce new unique organisms. They decide to take the next step and insert human DNA into the mix. That worked out about as well as you would expect.
  • In Captain Berlin Doctor Sinds mutant is controlled with a mechanical device to an unknown degree
  • In Dreamscape, Alex is trying to help a young boy whose nightmares take the shape of a half-man/half-snake creature. One of the villains also later assumes this form while in the dream world.
  • District 9: After he is brought in to MNU, a scientist states that Wikus's DNA is in perfect balance between human and alien. It's only for a very short amount of time though, because the alien DNA is quickly taking over the human.
  • Jupiter Ascending:
    • Caine, both genetically manufactured and half wolf. Stinger and Famulus also count, being half bee and half deer respectively.
    • Technically, all of Earth is this way, Earth-humans having been spliced with native species during the seeding.
  • In Blood – The Last Vampire Hunter is the dhampir Saya. She is over 400 years old, and has hunted many vampires in this period. And she is the daughter of a human and the vampire queen.
  • The Golden Child has Kala, a half-dragon, half-human woman (it is stated that her mother was raped by a dragon) who spends most of her screentime hidden behind a screen and having her silhouette admired by Chandler. Unobscured, she has a serpentine lower half and a snakelike tongue.
  • Peter Quill is revealed during Guardians of the Galaxy to be human on one side and something else on the other. His father, Ego, plays a significant role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He's the Big Bad.
  • Mythica: Dagen is a half-elf, son of an elven mother and an unknown human father.

    Myths & Religion 
  • In fact, this is Older Than Dirt. Half-human children of the gods go back almost 4500 years with the Sumerian (Mesopotamian) myth of Gilgamesh, who was supposedly one third man and two thirds god — a heritage which would require an infinite number of ancestors, according to modern biology. Truth is, the Mesopotamians simply didn't understand how genetics worked.
  • Other mythologies such as Greek are filled with the half-human children of gods and monsters (described below). Even Judeo-Christian legend has Lilith's demonic children and the nephilim, the result of "unauthorized" human/angel relations.
    • Presumably, if you were a god, you could use some miracle to make it work out between yourself and a mortal, meaning that as silly as it sounds, this might actually be justified.
    • Both Loki and Thor from Old Norse religion are half-Aesir half-Jotun hybrids—Loki on his father's side, Thor on his mother's.
      • Loki is full Jotun. His parents are the Jotuns Laufey and Farbauti. Odin himself is half-Jotun and half-Aesir...his father Bor was Aesir but his mother Bestla was a frost giant. Thus making Thor three quarters Jotun and one-quarter Aesir. Loki's children Narvi and Vali born of the Goddess Sigyn would qualify as half-Jotun and half-Aesir. Magni, Thor's son with the giantess Jarnsaxa would be seven eighths Jotun and one eighth Aesir.
    • Loki was willing to have sex with anything and he did. In various stories he both fathered and mothered a great number of children, several of which were extremely important in the cosmology. (For instance: Hel, Fenrir and Jormugand—children of Loki and his Jotun/Giant wife despite the latter two appearing like animal-monsters—and Odin's horse Sleipnir.) Since Loki is not human and is also a shapeshifter most of these technically don't count as half human hybrids, but they are hybrids of a sort.
  • Merlin is traditionally depicted as the son of a woman (sometimes a witch, occasionally a nun) and an incubus. Or, sometimes, a man and a succubus. This is often given as an explanation for his magical and prophetic abilities. Modern interpretations of the legends vary significantly on Merlin's parentage.
    • This was the result of the Christianization of the legend, to explain how Merlin could wield magic powers (which are always Satanic), but still be a good guy. The woman incidentally is nearly always a raped nun who dunks her newborn into holy water to wash evil away from him as soon as he is born, but he still grows up a horny bastard with a taste for young virgins—the modern tellings tend to forget that aspect of his character.
    • Pretty sure in both the Christian and non-Christianized versions of the Arthurian Tradition Merlin was depicted as something of a fey spirit. So, half fairy was more like it. See works like the Elfin Knight, which predates most of the Malory as we know today. In the History of the Kings of Britain Merlin was depicted as born from a rather consensual experience. Try not to think about that too much.
    • ... And if you want to go back to the source material with the myth of Myrddin and his sister, it's implied that they both have "magical" heritage. However, the emphasis is more on Myrddin's far-reaching Sight than anything else.
  • Greek Mythology is freaking full of them, so many, you'd need a separate page to list them. Most of the Greek heroes (and even some gods) are half-human children of gods and monsters. Zeus being particularly infamous, with upwards of 30 noted hybrids by mortal women, several of his hybrids ascending to the pantheon, such as Heracles and Dionysus.
    • The centaurs are supposedly the children of a guy named Centaurus, a deformed human who had sex with mares. He himself was the son of a human and a cloud-nymph clone of Hera.
  • From Eastern Europe (especially, but not limited to, Romania) there is the dhampir or dhampire, child of a vampire and a human. Dhampir are meant to be excellent vampire hunters, but have a nasty habit of becoming vampires themselves when they die in many of the stories. Most half-human half-vampire characters in fiction draw on the dhampir mythology to some degree.
  • Then we can go to Japan. Japanese folktales are rife with henge, usually Kitsune, taking the form of human women, marrying humans, and having children. Abe no Seimei, a surprisingly close parallel to Merlin, was reputed to be half Kitsune.
  • A minor figure in the mythology of The Church of the Sub-Genius is Saint Oliver the Humanzee, who even has his own feast day. There really was a chimp named Oliver who was suspected of being a Humanzee, but DNA tests eventually revealed he was just a funny looking chimp.
  • In some cultures in South America, there are tales of half-dolphin half-humans (the river dolphins, botos, can turn into people who almost always wear white hats).
  • The Bible is very hush-hush on what the Nephilim were, but the most common theory is human-angel hybrids.
    "And the sons of God looked upon the daughters of men and saw that they were fair, and took wives of all that they chose—and there were giants ["nephilim" in Hebrew] in the land in those days."
  • Celtic hero Cu Chulainn was the son of a mortal woman and Lugh the Long Handed of the Tuatha Dé Danann, who passed down most of his Ace-like qualities to the child in question. Since Lugh himself was also half Fomorian (a race of primordial monsters that preceded the Tuatha Dé Danann), Cu Chulainn also inherited something from them as well—namely, the tendency to transform into a hideous, bloodthirsty abomination unable to distinguish friend from foe.
  • Epona, a Celtic goddess associated with horses, is sometimes depicted as half-horse. One backstory is that her father hated women and thus had kids with a horse instead.

  • Tuatha from The Fallen Gods is a half-elf. Amusingly this means that the party composed of her, human Flint, and elven Solvin, is exactly half-elf and half-human.

    Print Media 

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Bio-Monster DNA, a half man half spider resulting from a sex change operation gone wrong. More readily apparent, a product of FMW's "Sports Entertainment" phase.

  • Alex Campbell from the Big Finish Doctor Who story "An Earthly Child" was the son of Susan Foreman (the Doctor's Gallifreyan granddaughter) and David Campbell (human). Unusually for this trope, he is almost entirely genetically human note  and doesn't have the Gallifreyan ability to regenerate.
  • Also from the Whoniverse; ex-companion Bernice Summerfield conceived a son with a Kiloran (humanoid with canine overtones) called Adrian Wall while she was possessed by a soul sucker called Avril Fenman. The birth didn't go so well as he was too large to be delivered normally so Benny had to undergo a C-section while in a prison cell. After being saved, he was named Peter Guy Summerfield. Being half Kiloran he looked mostly humanoid but with a few furry patches, dog-ears and a wet nose. He was also stronger than all but the most augmented humans by the time he was eight. This became important when Braxiatel manipulated/hypnotised him into killing Jason.

  • This was already being parodied by the Victorian period: in Gilbert and Sullivan's Iolanthe, Strephon is half a fairy, "The upper half, down to the waistcoat", and worriedly ponders what he'll do when his lower half grows old and dies.
  • Bat Boy: The Musical, which is based off the Weekly World News story.
  • Elphaba from Wicked. Since it's shown in the very beginning of the story that her mother (the wife of the Munchkin Governor) was having an affair with a mysterious man who gave her a "green elixir" to drink, and Elphaba was subsequently born less than a year later with green skin, the audience could surmise from early on that her "father" the Governor was not her real dad. (In fact, he likely suspected it himself, as it's implied that this is one of the main reasons he always hated Elphaba.) However, The Reveal at the end of the play proves that she's this: her mother's mysterious lover, her real father, is in fact the Wizard of Oz himself, a human who originally came to Oz from our world. Elphaba being half-Ozian, half-human, a product of two different worlds, is surmised to be the source of her abnormally strong power.
  • Amaluna: Cali, the half-man, half-lizard pet of Miranda.
  • In The Ring of the Nibelung Hagen is half-human and half-Nibelung, being the Bastard Bastard son of the Big Bad Alberich. Apparently this leads to him being older then he looks.
  • In Shrek: The Musical, Farquaad is half-dwarf.
  • In A Very Potter Sequel, it is revealed that Draco's true biological father is Dobby, the Malfoy's house elf instead of Lucius, born after Narcissa had an affair with him while married to Lucius. This makes Draco half-elf, explaining many of his quirks played for laughs in this musical and its prequel.

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • SCP Foundation:
  • New Vindicators has a lot of these running around-the primary source for superpowers comes from being a Neo-Sapien, which are all descended from Nephilim, who are half human, half fallen angel.
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, there are half-demons, half-dwarves and half-elves.
  • There are, in the Protectors of the Plot Continuum, a number of half-human Agents. These come from a great many different continua. Especially the ex-sues.
  • Shane Myers from Strange Little Band is half alien, half human but most of his colleagues don't know this. The identity of his alien father is important later in the story.
  • Several characters in the fantasy webnovel Tales of MU. Most notably Mackenzie, a half-demon.
  • Caleb "Half-Face" from Little Lenny Penguin and the Great Red Flood, tween-turned-eldritch.
  • Elcenia: Rhysel is a halfblood, which is an interesting version of this trope. Though she, specifically, is half-elf and half-human, she would have the same characteristics were she 1/256th human or elf, hence "halfblood", since "half-elf" would limit the term to genotype rather than phenotype.
  • Yet another joke on the subject of the other half being assumed human. Half-elf, yes...
  • In The Lay of Paul Twister, Sarah is half-human, apparently as the result of a magical curse. The nature of the curse is that what the other half is varies from one day to the next: she might go to sleep as a half-elf and wake up the next day as a half-ogre, for example.
  • A complicated version in the French novel "Les Animaux Denaturés", variously translated as "You Shall Know Them", "The Murder of the Missing Link", and "Borderline". A scientific expedition finds a new species of primate called tropis that can be impregnated by both humans and apes. A businessman comes forward to basically enslave them since they're as suitable for hard work as humans, but he wouldn't have to pay them. In order to push the debate further, one of the scientists (artificially) impregnates a female tropi and kills the child, standing trial on whether he killed an animal or committed murder on a human. It's determined that the tropis are human, foiling the businessman, but as their status was determined after the fact, the scientist can't be retroactively condemned.
  • In Chrono Hustle it is eventually revealed that Jack is a Demi-God. His mother was a Goddess, while his father was a Human.
  • Featured in Overlord Ascendant, with the main character being revealed to be half-dragon early on. Interestingly, all hybrids, even on two non-human races, have white hair.
  • Limyaael's Fantasy Rants: Limyaael discusses these in her hybrid heroes rant.
  • This blog post on Shakespeare Geek claims, among other things, that Shakespeare was half human, half Australian Frilled Lizard.
  • Critical Role has three in the main party, all of whom are of the half-elven variety. Vex and Vax are twins born from a union between an elven noble and a human peasant, and Keyleth belongs to a druid tribe comprised of many different races. Not surprising of course, given that this is a D&D campaign.
  • The Wandering Inn: Ceria, one of the side characters, is a half-elf, who are despised in some countries.

    Western Animation 
  • In Gargoyles, Dr. Savarius tried to create hybrids with the same abilities as gargoyles. To do that, he injected human test subjects with the DNA of jungle cats, bats and electric eels. Later, Thailog has him create Delilah by combining DNA from Demona and Elisa.
    • Averted, however, in a human/gargoyle relationship, which cannot normally produce children. (Note that gargoyles lay eggs.) Word of God does leave some room open for magical and/or scientific advancements in that area, though. Goliath and Elisa apparently adopt a human son at some point, however, as that kid's descendant would have been a main character in a proposed Spin-Off.
    • Fox, on the other hand, is a straight version, with a human father who unwittingly married a Child of Oberon (or ex-wife of Oberon, as the case may be). By extension this makes her son Alexander magical as well.
    • Word of God also says that Oberon himself had at least two children with human women: Merlin and the changeling boy from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Being magical shapeshifters, the Children of Oberon can mate with just about anything. The New Olympians are also descended from the Children's sports with both humans and animals.
  • Rex Stewart aka Warhawk, the son of Green Lantern John Stewart and Hawkgirl Shayera Hol.
    Static: Shayera was one cranky pregnant lady. Although to be fair, if I'd laid an egg that size...
  • Two examples in Batman: The Animated Series— Kirk Langstrom and his wife at different times both became Man-Bat, and in the episode "Tyger, Tyger", Catwoman is abducted and transformed into a big cat hybrid to become the mate of a lab-created cat man (who presumably has human DNA and may also qualify for this trope).
  • Robotech naturally picked this up from Super Dimension Fortress Macross, but had notable examples of its own.
    • Komillia Jenius from Macross became Dana Sterling, both in her initial appearances during "The Macross Saga" and in the overwritten Robotech dub of Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, renamed "The Masters Saga". The reason given for her hair changing from blue-green (in the Macross segments) to blonde was the increasing amounts of anti-Zentraedi (and Zentraedi-hybrid, naturally) prejudice in the Armies of the Southern Cross. As a result, Dana dyed her hair to avoid the hassle. As both Southern Cross and "The Masters Saga" had a rather anti-alien, xenophobic military as a major plot point, this Retcon was actually rather well done.
    • Near the end of "The Masters Saga", Dana has a protoculture-induced vision of a sister she's never known, born to her parents after they left Earth on the SDF-3. In the Robotech novel continuity, this character became Aurora Sterling. In the animated continuity, according to Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, this became hot shot fighter ace Maia Sterling.
    • In the "The Next Generation" saga that made up the last third of Robotech, we were treated to Marlene, an amnesiac young woman who was actually Ariel, the first attempt of the Invid Regis to further evolve her race into human form. Furthermore, the Invid prince Corg and Invid Princess Sera are both Invid-human hybrids, due to the Invid Regis's belief in humanity's evolutionary superiority to her own race's original form.
  • Ben 10: Alien Force has Ben training a band of kids with powers similar to his original aliens (or at least he SHOULD be training them, but the animators don't seem to want to have to draw massive amounts of cast members each episode, so the status quo of three is maintained) to fight the alien Big Bad. Interestingly, these kids are all hybrids of aliens of varying species and children of Plumbers (who have all been given badges that act as tracking devices, making them easy to find), which makes you wonder if an interest in alien reproduction is a requirement to join the Plumbers... And the fact that a human shouldn't even be able to touch an alien made of lava can be handwaved with the use of alien technology, should any fan get a case of Fridge Logic.
    • Manny is half-Tetramand (Fourarms's species), Helen is half-Kineceleran (XLR8's species), and Alan is half-Pyronite (Heatblast's species). While Alan can switch between his human and alien forms, Manny and Helen stay looking like Kineceleran and Tetramand. Omniverse retcons this. They weren't born hybrids; they were ordinary human kids who had their DNA mixed with aliens.
    • Ben and Gwen's grandmother was an Anodite, making them only three quarters human.
      • Ben, Gwen, and her brother Ken are a headache to think about. The Anodite are energy beings, and therefore don't have genetics as such. It's implied that Grandma made a human form. If she made it genetically Terran Human, that means the kids are genetically full human, but still one fourth alien. Yeeeah. However, enough Anodite nature can be handed down for that to be the reason why Gwen can perform magic.
    • Kevin. Until Omniverse retcons that; Osmosians aren't aliens, they're just humans with powers, Kevin's being absorption. Basically, he's just a mutant. ...which is what his original creator had planned before the alien retcon! Presumably this means the same project is responsible for Aggregor and his own origin is a false memory, just like Max's memories of Kevin's father. Also, his special ability allowed the conspiracy to create the others. So if a hybrid between a human and a lava alien that a human shouldn't be able to get near, let alone mate with, seems impossible, that's because it is and their original origin is a big fat lie.
  • Used disgustingly in Superjail!. During the season one finale, the Warden—who has been stuck in an extra-dimensional temporal prison—returns to the titular Superjail to find that the inmates have been forced to rebuild society in his absence. They didn't have any women, so they had to make do with the canary.
    Warden: What has gotten into these inmates?
    Alice: Whole lot of bird dick from the looks of it.
    • Earlier in the same episode, it's revealed that the scientists have been trying (with little success) to make these in an effort to create more docile inmates.
  • Transformers Animated Sari Sumdac is half human and half Transformer. She's essentially a Maximal with a human as her beast mode.
  • Roxy of Winx Club is a half fairy; Queen Morgana is her mother. Then again, there are no male fairies, so there may not be such thing as a "half fairy."
  • On an episode of The Fairly Oddparents where Timmy wishes the world were like a comic book, Francis becomes a half bull monster the Bull-E. In another episode, Vicky becomes a harpie.
  • Danny Phantom is half ghost. So are Vlad Masters and Danielle Phantom. No breeding between ghosts and humans was involved: the former two were both results of lab accidents, and the latter was cloned.
  • In Futurama, Kif has (accidental) half-(mutant) human/half-Amphibiosan children with Leela. No, Leela didn't get pregnant. Also Amy is considered their "True" mother by Kif's society as to them the origin of the DNA matters little. His people are single sexed but bi-gendered species able to reproduce via any physical contact with their skin and another source of DNA, even casual contact with location someone has touched recently (a Toilet Seat is cited, playing off the old joke). However the ablity to do so is brought on only by intese feelings of love, and the person who brought on those feelings are considered the true parent regardless of the orgin of the DNA. Leela giving Kif her DNA was accidental, she grabbed his hand during an emergency to save his life after his glove had come off.
  • In He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983) and She-Ra: Princess of Power, both title characters were half-Eternian and half-Earthling, since Queen Marlena was an astronaut from Earth.
  • One Halloween episode in The Simpsons revolved around Maggie's real father being an alien.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars:
    • An episode involves a Twi'lek woman and her two half-human, half-twi'lek children as major characters.
    • The Dathomirian species is the result of generations of crossbreeding between the human Nightsisters and the Zabrak Nightbrothers. They're also a case of Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism and Gender Equals Breed, as the Nightsisters look like extremely pale-skinned humans, while the Nightbrothers look like full-blooded Zabraks.
  • Marceline from Adventure Time was born a half-human, half-demon. She became a vampire at some point during the gap before her debut in the show.
  • In The Legend of Korra, we find out that spirits can do a version without reproduction. They possess a human, and the human takes on some of the spirit's traits, which remain once the spirit leaves. If the spirit doesn't leave, the human dies. During the Harmonic Convergence, however, a spirit can permanently fuse with a human without hurting them. This is the source of the Avatars: They are humans fused with the light spirit Raava. The (internal) mutations this causes is what allows them to bend all four elements. In the season 2 finale, not only does Unalaq become a Dark Avatar by mirroring the process with Raava's opposite Vaatu, but Raava is ripped from Korra, reduced to her bare essence (destroying the essences of the previous Avatars in the process) and imprisoned within "Unavaatu". However, Korra remains a human/light spirit hybrid, and retains her bending abilities.
  • Steven Universe stars Steven, a boy with a human father whose mother was one of the Crystal Gems. He looks entirely human, except that he has a gem in his navel which gives him magical powers. This is possible because Gems are shapeshifters, and Word of God is that Steven's mother Rose Quartz (A.K.A. Pink Diamond) grew herself the required sexual organs needed to conceive and carry a child (as Gems have No Biological Sex and do not reproduce naturally). Steven's body clearly contains flesh and blood as opposed to being purely Hard Light like the full Gems, but his Super Toughness, Super Strength, limited shapeshifting ability, and ability to fuse with both pure humans and pure Gems shows his Gem heritage is more pronounced than it appears. Also, literally 50% of him is Rose Quartz, since they can't both exist at the same time; she literally had to give up her physical construct and became half of Steven because her gem was necessary to complete his DNA.
  • In the 2012 incarnation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles April is revealed to be half-human and half-alien.
  • Irwin from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy may seem like an ordinary Black and Nerdy loser, but later episodes have revealed that his mother was a mummy and his paternal grandfather was Dracula himself. This doesn't become obvious though until the movie Underfist where he gains closer connections to his undead bloodlines.
  • The Distant Finale of Aqua Teen Hunger Force revealed that Meatwad had two half-human, half-meatball children with a human woman.
  • Played for Laughs in the South Park episode "Douche and Turd": Members of PETA are shown to have sex with animals (and, judging by dialogue, are expected to and expected to enjoy it). PETA agents will occasionally conceive a human-animal hybrid; one of them, which seems to be part-duck, begs for passers-by to kill him (which is also played for laughs).
  • Samurai Jack: The Daughters of Aku are the daughters the human High Priestess and Aku, a Made of Evil Eldritch Abomination.
  • Keith from Voltron: Legendary Defender is revealed to be one of these, with his non-human half being Galra, the alien race Voltron is at war with, though he appears fully human. Naturally, it takes some time for everyone to adjust to this revelation.
    • Lotor and his generals are also half-Galra. It's hinted that all of them, Lotor especially, face severe discrimination because of this.
  • Star Wars Rebels has Jacen Syndulla, the son of human Jedi Kanan Jarrus and Twi'lek pilot Hera Syndulla, who was born after his father's death.
  • In Disenchantment, the protagonist's half-brother Derek is half-Dankmirian, born from King Zog's second marriage to Oona. While she has some Bizarre Alien Biology and her people's typical stoicism, Derek mostly just seems like a normal kid with blue skin.

    Real Life 
  • Conspiracy Theorist David Icke claims in his book The Biggest Secret that the world is secretly ruled by reptilian aliens who can take human shape and interbreed with humans. Specifically, 12-foot tall specimens that drink human blood.note  Sounds like he read a little too much Robert E. Howard pulp novels, as King Kull has the same plot points.
  • There was a Russian scientist in the early 20th century who attempted to create a Humanzee, but apparently none of his experiments panned out and his funding was eventually cut. Interesting that in all accounts of trying to inseminate human women with ape sperm, the ape always happen to die shortly before the scheduled date. For the curious, said scientist was Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov (#5 on the list, bottom of the first page). Apparently, the story gets even stranger. Thoroughly examined here. Ivanov can be conservatively described as having been a completely insane crackpot, but stories of surviving Humanzee creations are the accounts of conspiracy theories with no evidence behind them and most of what we know of biology arguing for its near impossibility.

    In 1977, it was proven that human sperm could penetrate the outer membranes of a Gibbon egg. Gibbons, also called Hylobatidae or Lesser Apes, branch off from the Hominoidea family alongside Hominids, or Great Apes. This group includes Chimps, Gorillas, Orangutans, Bonobos, and Humans. The tests were repeated with eggs from non-Hominoidea species, like Baboons and Rhesus monkeys, which the sperm did not attempt to fertilize. While purely theoretical at this point, it suggests interbreeding between these groups could be possible.
  • Subverted with Oliver, a wild-born chimpanzee raised in a human household. Because of his bald features and preference for bipedal walking, he was long suspected to be a human/chimp hybrid, but DNA tests eventually determined that he's a chimpanzee from a wild population with slightly less fur and smaller heads than most. Walking upright is a behavior he learned by copying humans. Just to clinch the argument, he ended up with debilitating arthritis in his back and feet from walking upright, and had to spend his twilight years knuckle walking like a normal chimp. He just wasn't built for that stunt, and it wore his body down like ballet wears a ballerina down.
  • State Representative William "Tracy" Arnold R-MS attempted to introduce House Bill 819, the Protection of the Human Person Act, to prevent this trope. The response from anyone in Congress who actually knew anything about science amounted to "You're trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist." Apart from human+animal sperm+egg nonsense, it broadly outlaws genetically engineered embryos and intelligent nonhumans.
  • Most people from northern Europe can trace up to 4% of their DNA to Neanderthals, and it is believed that there was interbreeding in the past. So technically, an entire population of Half-Human Hybrid people did actually exist in the past, crossing back into the human population to dilute the genes. Not that that amounts to much. Humans are still 99.9% identical genetically when you get right down to it, and since Neanderthals were virtually identical to humans anyway, most of that DNA was identical to the DNA we already had just came from a different source. The few new genes we got from Neanderthals still fall into that one-tenth of a percent that makes us distinct. Or rather, Neanderthals were humans, just a separate subspecies from the Cro-Magnons who were the first "modern" humans. The ancestors of Neanderthals were the first humans to leave Africa, while the Cro-Magnons evolved and left Africa later. Interbreeding was apparently relatively common when they met, as all humans of non-African descent today have at least some Neanderthal DNA.

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