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  • Neon Genesis Evangelion has Ayanami Rei, who is part human and part Angel.
  • Ryuko Matoi in Kill la Kill is revealed as having been half-fused with Life Fibers since infancy, which explains why she can hear Senketsu speak and why injuries she sustains rarely last for more than a few minutes.
  • Silver Diamond has Chigusa: half-man, half-plant. Which apparently makes you damn near immortal. Apparently, it's a family trait of the Senroh clan, earning them the title of Immortal Monsters.
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  • Seriously handled in Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature: Bagi is a human/cougar hybrid created in a lab (although she has pink fur). She's somewhat rare in being pretty much human behaviorally as well. She also has psychic powers of hypnosis. Then without any explanation, at the end of the plot, she inexplicably loses her intelligence and ability to speak and even stops being bipedal.
  • The Arume in Blue Drop regularly have offspring with earth women — which takes some help from technology, since they are all female themselves.
  • Otome Youkai Zakuro is set during the Westernization of an alternate Japan, where humans and spirits (youkai) coexist. To solve the problems that arise between the two, human lieutenants are partnered with half-spirit girls to form the Ministry of Spirit Affairs.
  • The manga version of Chrono Crusade:
    • It's implied that Chrono and Aion, as well as possibly the other sinners are like this, since their mother was a human woman turned into a demon when she was still pregnant with the twin boys. On top of that, there's a cryptic scene that implies that Satella and her sister Florette are hybrids as well. Aion claims that he's a "distant relative" of their parents. This could just be speaking about his human heritage, but he also says later that Satella's father was "our senior" and had defected "like us"... implying he was a demon, as well.
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    • There's Remington, who infused his body with demonic legion, making him about 40% demon.
  • In Tekkaman Blade, the Tekkaman are basically half-Human, half-Tekkaman. They are not half-Radam because Radam are actually a brainwashing parasite.
  • In the manga/anime Claymore, the heroes are a sect of all female half-human, half-youma who hunt full youma, although the main heroine Clare is actually only a quarter youma. A fallen Claymore warrior is called an "Awakened One" and is far more powerful than a pure-blooded youma.

    A Claymore warrior is somewhat different from other hybrids in that they are born human and become half-youma by having youma flesh implanted into their body. Claire is a quarter youma because she requested to have a certain Claymore's flesh used instead. This turns out to be a critical plot point because quarter-youma are physically weaker but have a far greater degree of control over their abilities and are more likely to survive Power Incontinence.
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  • The Crow special agents in D.Gray-Man are half-human and half-akuma - they're akuma enough to set off Allen's eye, but human enough to not actually be seen with it. Exactly how they got that way has yet to be revealed, but Black Religious Order experimentation by their Chief is a big part of it.
  • Zero Two from DARLING in the FRANXX is part-Klaxosaur, part-human, hence why she has horns and fangs. Her original form is seen in Episode 13, as she had red skin, more prominent horns, claws, and serrated teeth as a child. In the finale, Hiro also becomes this.
    • it wouldn't be an Evangelion ripoff without an Ayanami Rei expy.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • In the original Dragon Ball, it's implied many people on Earth are part monster, animal, and the like. Earth being a World of Weirdness at that point.
    • It's clear that Saiyans and humans can reproduce with great success. Gohan, Trunks, Goten and Bulla were half-Saiyans, Gohan has a quarter-Saiyan daughter named Pan, and in the Distant Finale of GT Pan has at least one child and one grandson. Furthermore, while humans are much weaker than Saiyans, taking much longer to train up to the same power levels and have a lower strength cap, Saiyan/Human hybrids are exceptionally strong for some reason. All of the male hybrid characters gained power extremely rapidly and attained the Super Saiyan forms as children (with the Super Saiyan being unseen for so long by regular Saiyans, that it was considered near-mythical). Female hybrid characters were very strong compared to humans, but generally didn't quite match up to their male kin, though it was confirmed that they had the potential to turn Super Saiyan and might even turn into a form that hadn't been seen before. Gohan was the first character ever to reach the level of Super Saiyan 2, and at a few points became the most powerful (unfused) being in the known universe by a long shot.
    • In Dragon Ball Super, it's clear that these characters are considered to be Saiyan by beings not native to Earth, even though they do have human blood. The "unofficial" sequel series Dragon Ball GT had a Distant Finale in which the Saiyan characters' distant descendants turn Super Saiyan and face off against one another despite having relatively little Saiyan blood, so it's possible that their Saiyan DNA remains dominant through the generations.
  • There's a strange version in Elfen Lied. All Diclonii, drones included, can infect humans with a virus that causes all future offspring to be Diclonii drones, incapable of reproducing sexually. These drones are also always female. However, there is one Diclonius, the queen, who can reproduce sexually, and if her mate were human, her offspring would probably be some kind of Half-Human Hybrid. There are a bunch of powerless male half-human Diclonii wandering around, probably a result of something of that nature happening up in the family tree.

    In the manga version, the male Diclonii are revealed to be descended from a family of humans who merely have a weird skull defect.
  • In the anime Gall Force, the Hybrid between the all-female Solonoids and the monstrous Paranoids turned out to be a human male. The first one, at that.
  • In a cyberpunk, non-DNA variant, the original Ghost in the Shell movie ended with Kusanagi merging with the Puppet Master's formless entity to become something else entirely.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, one minor villain, Tucker, creates a "chimera" - that is, a creature that is a fusion of two creatures of different species - by using alchemy to fuse his five-year-old daughter, Nina, with her dog, Alexander. The result is pathetic creature that lives in constant pain and can barely talk, though still loves its "father". Eventually, Scar comes across Tucker and the chimera and kills them both.
    • It's heavily implied that Tucker had previously used his wife as half of another chimera, resulting in creature that said "I want to die" before dying shortly afterwards.
  • Inuyasha:
    • Inuyasha is half-dog-youkai and has a mixture of dog and human traits. He's mostly human in appearance (aside from his gray hair and dog ears), but has supernatural powers, dog fangs, Supernatural Gold Eyes, claws, and a hyperacute sense of hearing and smell. His abilities are inferior to his full-blooded daiyoukai brother's, but having a daiyoukai father means he's much stronger than powerful, but ordinary, youkai. One night a month he's forced to transform into a human, and if his life is in grave danger a Super-Powered Evil Side takes over where his youkai blood takes control of his mind and body.
    • Jinenji is also half-youkai, half-human; the species of his youkai parent is apparently some kind of horse demon. Unlike Inuyasha, his appearance is much uglier and more beastial. However, he's inherited healing powers from his youkai side and is incredibly gentle, contrasting the prettier, aggressive, violent Inuyasha. Jinenji has also inherited phenomenal physical strength, but he almost never uses it due to being a pacifist.
    • Shiori is the daughter of a human woman and a bat-youkai. Aside from her white hair, violet eyes and very dark skin, Shiori looks almost human. She has inherited her father's barrier-generating abilities, however, a power she freely gives up to Inuyasha's sword after he saves her life from her own (youkai) grandfather.
    • In anime later the half-youkai Izumo/Gyu-oh appears. His father was a temple monk, and his mother was a bull-youkai. During the day he looks like a human being, however, at night like a yokai.
    • The film InuYasha the Movie: Fire on the Mystic Island is an island off the coast of Japan, in which once lived together peacefully many youkais and humans, and also had many half-youkais as children. In the film the last six surviving half-youkais be saved from four very strong and very vicious youkais. These hanyous look almost like humans, but with animal or demonic body features.
    • Some half-youkais are not born as such, but were originally humans who are voluntarily merged with "lesser youkais". The Big Bad Naraku has arisen in this way, and in the anime, we see that even with the dark priestess Tsubaki and the princess Sara Asano.
  • In the manga of Mahou Sensei Negima! it is revealed that Setsuna is half-tengu. This is hinted at in the last episode of the anime, but never said outright.
    • The manga also features Kotaro Inugami, a boy who is half-Dog Demon/Youkai.
    • Mana is later revealed to be half-demon.
  • In Kishin Houkou Demonbane the Big Bad is revealed to be the offspring of Nero and Yog-Sothoth. It's never explained how this happened, which, for the sake of our sanity, is probably for the better... and he burst out of Nero's body, fully grown. And that his birth happened several episodes after he was killed.
  • In Please Teacher!, the female protagonist, along with her sister, are half-alien, half-human.
  • Both Averted & Justified in Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix series, where there is only one species capable of breeding with others, the Moopies, who are able to do this due to Voluntary Shapeshifting (which is a completely different scientific impossibility, but what the hey).
  • Rue from Princess Tutu has been raised on the Raven's blood, and it's implied that it's made her a sort of hybrid.
  • An arc exclusive to the Ranma ½ manga the Musk Dynasty, men who are half various animals. This was only possible because their ancestors used the cursed springs to turn animals into women, but they somehow inherited incredibly useful traits of their mothers' true forms (such as an acute sense of smell, superhuman strength, and, in the half-dragon's case, flight.)
  • In the manga/anime Saiyuki, humans and demons may interbreed, but the offspring, known as "children of taboo", are discovered to be infertile.
    • Homura from the Gensoumaden anime is a human/deity hybrid. Like with the human/demon pairings, such relationships are forbidden, so children of that kind are considered "unclean beings" by Heaven and end up in the role of tykebombs.
  • Macross is certainly full of these, usually Zentraedi/Human hybrids. Justified in that a major part of the franchise's premise is Zentraedi and humans being two offshoots of the same species that were genetically modified by the Protoculture.
    • The original Zentraedi/Human hybrid from Super Dimension Fortress Macross was baby Komillia ("little Millia", after one of her mother's various romanized name spellings).
    • In Macross 7, we meet Mylene, the series's Genki Girl, who is naturally also a hybrid (Komillia's little sister, at that). In fact, when the heroes discover an ancient (yet remarkably still functional) ruin, it's Mylene's hybrid nature that unlocks the final chamber, allowing the ruin's computer to see that the different races had stopped fighting and had children together.
      • In The Galaxy's Calling Me!, we meet Mylene's other older sister Emillia, though their relation is only confirmed by a few seconds of dialogue.
      • Official material has confirmed that Mylene actually has four MORE sisters never seen in the series. Max and Millia apparently REALLY hit it off.
      • Originally averted by the Zolans. Despite the Protoculture also messing with their evolution in the distant past and making them look very much like humans as a result, the Zolan are evolved from marsupials, with it being stated that their reproductive system is incompatible with humans and Zentraedi (which is the subject of some tension in an Interspecies Romance radio drama in-universe); whether they are still marsupials is rather unclear, as the only unclothed female we see does not have an obvious pouch, and had not entered puberty yet anyway. However, as noted in the Frontier section, later sources seem to have retconned the Zolans into being reproductively compatible with humans and other Protoculture-influenced species.
    • In Macross Plus, Guld is half-Zentraedi, with his anger issues believed in-story to have been inherited from his Zentran parent.
    • By Macross Frontier, we have at least one character, Ranka Lee, who is quarter-Zentran, as enough time has passed for grandchildren of the original Zentraedi defectors to begin to reach maturity, and there are mixed-heritage folks running around all over the place.
      • In fact, Ranka Lee is also revealed to have psychic Vajra bacteria in her digestive tract. This is what allows her to communicate with the Vajra, and causes them to see her as one of their own. Notably, while other humans/Zentraedi have been infected with this bacteria, Ranka is the only person to have ever achieved symbiosis with it, apparently due to contracting it in utero; all other infectees were killed.
      • Additionally, some of the background material state that Mikhail is part-Zentraedi and/or Zolan (as mentioned in the 7 section, the franchise seems to have retconned away the original reproductive incompatibility between Zolans and humans).
    • Macross Delta gives us another 2nd generation part-Zentran character in Mirage Fallyna Jenius, the granddaughter of Max and Millia (and Mylene's niece), as well as part-Zolan Reina Prowler. Again, as with Ranka this goes to show how relatively normal human-alien hybrids have become at this point in the timeline.
  • SHUFFLE! involves two extra humanoid races, the Gods and Demons... and hybrids will happen.
    • Asa Shigure looks fully human and lets everyone think so, but we eventually find out she's half Demon. Her mother was the first test subject of Project Yggdrasil.
    • Mayumi is also a half-Demon. She doesn't hide her parentage, but could if she wanted to.
    • And then there's Sia... kind of. Her father is a God and her mother a Demon, but apparently race works like gender in the divine realms — the child turns out either one or the other, not a mix of the two. Thus, while she is a hybrid, Sia is still all God biologically.
  • Everyone except the hero in Utawarerumono has a varying combination of wings, long furry ears, and tails. It is revealed in the end that they're all descendants of genetically engineered research experiments who escaped shortly before the end of mankind. Despite having only minimal animal features, they were on the level of lab rats and dissected for research.
  • In Voltes V, the Go/Armstrong brothers are revealed to be half-Boazanian. This is because their Disappeared Dad, Professor Kentarou Go, is actually a fallen prince of the Boazanian Empire, a victim of his people's Fantastic Caste System. For added tragedy, his other son is none other than Prince Heinel, aka The Dragon under the orders of Lagour/Kentarou's evil younger brother Emperor Zambajil.
  • Slayers has Zelgadis, an artificial example of this trope. He was born pure human, but was merged with a Blow Demon (a kind of Astral Goblin) and a stone Golem through the magic of Rezo, the Red Priest. This gives him pointed ears, blue skin, purple/lavender hair, patches of pebble-like "growths" all over his body, and either skin or flesh of solid rock.
  • Dragon Half has the heroine Mink, whose mother was a dragon and whose father was a (human) dragon hunter. And Princess Vina, whose father was a king, and whose mother was a slime (similar to those in Dragon Quest).
  • Being a Dungeons & Dragons expy, Record of Lodoss War has a few of these, the most traditional of these being Leaf, the Shaman from the Chronicles of the Heroic Knight TV series. Being Half Human and Half Elven, she is correctly referred to as a Half-Elf.
  • The heroine Chisaya from Onikirisama No Hakoirimusume is half-human and half-yokai, with a giant Kitsune as a mother.
  • This seems to happen a lot in One Piece. There are several variations between common species, including but not limited to; Humans, Mermen, Fishmen, and Giants. And since One Piece usually adheres to the Rule of Cool most hybrids get strengths of both parents' species with few, if any, of the relative weaknesses.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has the Beastmen, a race of Hybrids that serve as the antagonists for the 1st Season.
  • In Nagasarete Airantou, we have Michiru. Her father is human while her mother is a Yuki-onna.
  • Rin from Blue Exorcist is half-demon, specifically the resident Anti Anti Christ and The Hero. It is a little played with though: although Rin gets the usual treatment hybrids get in fiction, it is later revealed that it isn't exactly because he is a half-blood — apparently, a lot of exorcists have mixed heritage — but because he is a son of Satan himself. For example, Izumo is descended from a Byakko, though at this point it's such a distant relationship it doesn't truly count except for some special leanings in the family line, including apparently some very Strong Family Resemblance.
  • Nao from Bloody Cross is half human, half angel.
  • According to Pokémon Adventures, Mewtwo was partially augmented with human DNA.
  • In Saint Beast, brothers Kira and Maya are half-angel (their father) and half-human (their mother) and suffer Fantastic Racism as a result.
  • This is briefly discussed in Eureka Seven with regards to the biological compatibility of Renton (human) and Eureka (Coralian). After a few medical tests, there was said to be no problem.
  • In Eureka Seven AO, the protagonist Ao is a half human and half Coralian hybrid. Later on it's revealed he may not be the only one... though the truth is still pretty ambiguous.
    • He is the only one. Midway through the series, Ao and the audience found out that his parents, Eureka and Renton (come on, it was obvious) had a girl before they had him. Sadly, the final episode reveals that she died at birth due to high trapar exposure in the original timeline (well the timeline of the movie) reacting badly with hybrids. Ao only survived because he was born on a different Earth which was simply 20 Minutes into the Future.
  • In Wicked City, the human Renzaburou and the demon Makie not only become a Battle Couple, but conceive a child. This is actually a part of a Batman Gambit by their boss Giuseppe: theirs is the first half-human, half-demon kid, and his/her existence will be the living proof that humans and demons can live in peace.
  • In Devil May Cry: The Animated Series, this is blatantly stated by Bradley to Dante. This is highly uncommon because demons tend to enjoy tormenting and killing humans. However, Dante's father was a demon who rebelled against the demon emperor and sided with humans. Afterwards, he ruled the human world and had two twin sons, Dante and Vergil, before disappearing.
  • In Sekirei, it is revealed that Minato and the other Ashikabi are essentially this because their ancestors were Sekirei that mated with humans in ancient times. Their alien heritage is expressed to a degree that they've been described as something other than human, but lack a Sekirei's core or powers.
  • The Light Novel Vamp! features a half-vampire, Watt, who is impervious to sunlight but is said to never be able to reach the same level of power as regular vampires.
  • In Blue Comet SPT Layzner, Eiji and Julia are the children of a Japanese astronaut and a Gradosian woman.
  • In The Familiar of Zero, Tiffania had a human father and an elf mother. Other than inheriting the Power of the Void and Gag Boobs from her father's bloodline (both of these traits are unusual in an elf), she looks just like any other elf.
  • Ai, the protagonist of Sunday Without God, is half-human, half-gravekeeper (humanoid beings who can grant true death to people). Unlike other gravekeepers, she has emotions and can't sense the presence of the deceased, but she can still bury them just as well.
  • Yuu Mishouzaki's Zelda manga was created back when we knew very little about Hyrule or Zelda lore. As such the concept of Hyrulians wasn't really a thing so the manga had them as "elves". The elves are discriminated against but the Queen had a romance with an elf. Link is the child born from said romance.
  • Imagine Ordinary High-School Student Aoi Mitsukuni's surprise when he learns he's not only a half-human hybrid, his mother is none other than the infamous Space Pirate Mito! Which would be a problem just because of her species' really odd form of puberty even if it weren't for the whole Hidden Backup Prince of the entire Galaxy thing.
  • Kagerou Project: Shion Kozakura, daughter of Azami (Medusa) and Tsukihiko (human soldier) and by extension, her daughter Marry (whose father is human, but not shown). This actually comes into play in the story when Shion is forced to use her power to defend Marry; the strain of using her powers despite being half-human kills her.
  • In Tokyo Ghoul, One-Eyed Ghouls are said to be half-human and half-Ghoul. Protagonist Kaneki Ken becomes one after an organ transplant, and learns that others may exist as well. The legendary One-Eyed Owl is rumored to be a naturally-occurring hybrid, though this is the stuff of urban legend in the Ghoul community. However, these hybrids are noted to be more powerful than ordinary Ghouls and are invisible to the RC scanners the CCG uses to detect Ghouls. Their name comes from the fact their Game Face only has one Kakugan, as opposed to both eyes changing. The sequel reveals more about these legendary hybrids: In reality, the vast majority of hybrids are virtually identical to their human parent and lack most of their ghoul parent's abilities. Their enhanced physical abilities and significantly shortened lifespan make them ideal as disposable Tyke Bombs for the CCG. Arima, the oldest of the hybrids, reveals that he is dying from old the age of 32.
  • In the Tenchi Muyo! OVA, you pretty much need a scorecard to figure out the entire linage of the Juraian Empire as just about everyone after Azusa is part human in some way. Tenchi Universe simplifies it with Tenchi's 3/4ths human, 1/4th Juraian with his mother, Achika, 1/2 human and 1/2 Juraian.
  • Naruto introduces this concept later on in the series. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki is the predecessor of some of the ninja world's most powerful clans, with the Uzumaki, Senju, Hyuuga, and Uchiha confirmed to be among her descendants. This means that every person descended from her through her sons Hamura and Hagoromo possesses alien ancestry, including Naruto and Kushina Uzumaki, Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha, Hinata and Neji Hyuuga, and Hashirama and Tobirama Senju.
  • In Green Worldz, there are humans with different forms and abilities that are hunting humans down for reasons of their own. They are literally just refered to as "Hybrid humans". Few info is known about them except they are near impossible to kill through conventional means and avoiding them would be a priority for survival. Even badass Iwatobi who time traveled from 30 years of the future could not come up with easy tips to deal with them.
  • Eina in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is a human-elf hybrid. However, her example is far more mundane than most examples here—while other elf characters in this universe are badasses in different ways, she's an Office Lady without special powers.
    • The brave action girl Ais Wallenstein is also a hybrid. She is a half-fairy, as it later turns out in the manga.
  • Akihito in Beyond the Boundary is half-demon, half-human, which makes him have Nigh-Invulnerability as his wounds always heal despite the damage he gets.
  • Il Sole penetra le illusioni has a spoilerific example. Akari's father was possessed by a Daemonia at the time of her conception, making her half-human, half-Daemonia, and this is why she can hear Daemonia's voices. Cerebrum also intends to use her to create a new breed of Daemonia.
  • In Endride, Louise is half-Zoozian, and although she has been able to pass as fully human because of her appearance, she grew up facing the discrimination and censure that was brought upon her parents due to Fantastic Racism.
  • At the end of the manga of Spice and Wolf, the wolf goddess Horo from the human Lawrence is pregnant.
  • In Berserk there is the young girl Isma, which is the daughter of a human and a mermaid.
  • It's unknown what the exact percentage is, but Couvert from Dog Days is part human (though residents of Flonyard are called humans anyways) since she's a descendant of the hero king Adelaide. A quick shot in the second season shows that she has both squirrel and human ears.
  • According to the official website, Midori from Space Patrol Luluco is half human/half alien.
  • Shakugan no Shana has Justus. His father was a human, and his mother was a mighty demon.
  • So, I Can't Play H!: At first, Ryouske's run-in with Lisara seems like a chance encounter. But, in episode 8, his mother recounts having met Ryosuke's father under the exact same circumstances, with heavy implications that he was from Grimwald, the same as Lisara. Since his mother became pregnant with Ryosuke as a result of sleeping with his father, it'd mean he's half human and half shinigami.
  • Attack on Titan has the Ackerman family, who are a result of "titan science". All titans are technically humans originally, but the family's Super Strength is directly a result of their titan connections.
  • 04 (pronounced Reiyon in Japanese) from Tokyo Underground. Her mutation is enhanced through an unethical experiment that involves sacrificing many children, although she ends up looking like a majestic beastly angel.
  • Kaira from Yo-kai Watch: Shadowside - The Return of the Oni King is a human/yokai hybrid. He looks like a human, except for his blue hair and Technicolor Eyes, and he is treated like a yokai. Kaira believes he's hated by yokai due to Half-Breed Discrimination, but Enma believes it's because of his dark side.
  • Retired Heroes: Tifa is half demon, which occasionally gets her glares in the village. However, the fact that her demon mother is one of the town heroes (albeit a surly one) means it doesn't get too bad.
  • Grimoire of Zero has the beast souls. They look like humanoid animals. And though some of them are transformed by magic, most of them are born that way. Their parents are both humans, yet they are expressly considered a mixture of humans and animals.


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