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Arthur: Is it true that you're the son of a demon and a virgin maiden?
Merlin: Yeah, why?
Arthur: You take more after the virgin.

The offspring of demons and humans (referred to as cambions in European mythology and some other media) are quite common in fiction. They can be heroic, villainous, or whatever in between. Heroic human-demons may struggle with their demonic nature and may try to prove their goodness by fighting other demons who wish to harm humans. The demonic parent is often evil and abusive while the human parent is often the good one (though it is possible for some examples to be a Succubus in Love). Expect human-demons to face Fantastic Racism from humans, demons, or both because of their hybrid nature.

Like with many hybrids, the demonic parent is often male while the mother is human. In medieval legends, Human-Demon Hybrids were often the offspring of a human and an incubus/succubus.

A Human-Demon Hybrid is often an Antichrist, Anti Anti Christ, or Enfant Terrible.

Depending on the circumstances they may desire to lead The Legions of Hell either to cause Hell on Earth against those Puny Earthlings or might have Rage Against the Heavens leading to Hell Invades Heaven.

While such hybrids are usually born of a demon and a human, it is possible for them to become half-demon through some other means such as injecting themselves with demon blood.

Subtrope of Half-Human Hybrid. Compare Demon of Human Origin (humans who become demons) and Nephilim (angel-human hybrids or angel-demon hybrids). See also Dhampyr, Semi-Divine and Divine Parentage. See also Divine–Infernal Family.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Blue Exorcist: Rin is the offspring of a human woman and Satan; thus, his half-breed status gets brought up often in the series as he himself is unsure of his identity.
  • Chainsaw Man:
  • Chrono Crusade:
    • The manga implies that Chrono and Aion are half-demon due to their mother being the host of Pandaemonium while she was pregnant with them.
    • The manga also suggests Satella and her sister Florette are also demon-human hybrids as well.
    • Remington infused his body with demonic legion, making him 40% demon.
  • The Demon Girl Next Door: Yuko and Ryoko are the offspring of Seiko, a human, and Joshua, a demon.
  • Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai: Larhart is the offspring of a human woman and a male demon.
  • Retired Heroes: Tifa faces some ostracization due to being part demon. It isn't as bad due to her demon mother being one of the town heroes.
  • Saiyuki: Humans and demons may interbreed but the offspring themselves will be infertile.
  • Tristan from The Seven Deadly Sins is the son of the demon Meliodas and the goddess (in human form) Elisabeth. Because of this, he is half demon, one quarter human, and one quarter deity. He can use both demonic and divine powers. However, he doesn't like using his demonic powers very much because he fears going into a frenzy and then attacking innocent humans.
  • Wicked City: The human Renzaburou and the demon Makie become a Battle Couple and conceive a child. This is actually a part of a Batman Gambit by their boss Giuseppe: as the first half-human, half-demon kid, their child's existence will serve as living proof that humans and demons can live in peace.

    Comic Books 
  • Black Moon Chronicles: Wismerhill is the son of a demon (disguised as an elf) and a young woman, as part of a long-running plan to conquer the world for Lucifer. Fortunately he ends up staying on the side of good (well, good-ish. On good days.).
  • Hellboy: The titular character is the son of a human witch named Sarah Hughes and Azzael, one of the archdukes of Hell.
  • Marvel Universe:
    • Daimon and Satana Hellstrom are the offspring of a human woman named Victoria Wingate and a high-ranking demon named Marduk Kurios. Originally, their father was Satan (and Daimon went by the moniker "The Son of Satan") but this was retconned.
    • Avengers: The Initiative: Trauma is the son of the demon lord Nightmare and a mortal woman.
  • Teen Titans: Raven was born of the demon Trigon raping her human mother Arella. While Raven is generally a hero, her blood relation to Trigon makes her vulnerable to him controlling her at times.

    Fan Works 
  • Earth-27: As an Alternate Universe Fic about DC superheroes with a ton of Crossover Cosmology, the fic features a few cambions. Apart from Raven and Hellboy (not technically a DC character, but excused due to the Fic qualifying as a Massive Multiplayer Crossover), Raven also has a cambion half-sibling in the form of her enemy Jinx, via their joint father, Trigon.
  • The April Fools update of Mid-Fight Masses, a Friday Night Funkin' Game Mod, features the ill-mannered Selever, the son of Sarvente (a demon disguised as a nun) and Ruvyzat (a human hitman) from an Alternate Universe. Also present is Selever's younger sister, Rasazy, who wishes to reunite with her parents.
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami: Demons can have hybrid children with humans, as Ami once got mistakenly detected as part-demon part-human:
    To my magic, she registers as having demonic heritage. Faint, fourth or fifth generation perhaps, but it is there.

    Films — Animation 

  • Fighting Fantasy:
    • The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: The titular villain Olodoran Zagor is stated to be born from the union of a human and a demon, his father being Gerlekus Zagor, a Necromancer and practitioner of dark arts, and his mother being a female Hell Demon summoned by Gerlekus.
    • Creature of Havoc: The leading theory on the paternity of Zharradan Marr, sole son of the Witches of Dree, is that one of the Witches got pregnant from a Hell Demon that they summoned during a black mass. (The other theory is that they created him with magic.)

  • Cassandra Palmer: Mage John Pritkin is Myrddin aka Merlin. His mother was sorceress Morgan Le Fey who was human with some fey heritage, while his father was an incubus demon.
  • Demonica: The protagonists of each book are brothers from the same incubus father. Incubi who reproduce with humans produce cambions, which are sterile and cannot carry on the line, for which they are reviled. When the brothers discover they have a cambion half-brother as well, they are further disgusted by their father's behavior.
  • High School D×D:
    • Thanks to the three-way war between the Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels, both races had their numbers drastically reduced. To increase their population, the devil's side created Devil Pieces that can give people the power of devils regardless of their race. Some of the humans who became part devil include Asia, Kiba, Xenovia, and Issei.
    • Vali Lucifer is a natural half devil with a human mother and whose great grandfather was the original Lucifer.
  • Kyo Kara Maoh!: The story is about a half-demon, half-human hybrid who becomes the demon king. Naturally, his older brother is also demon-human hybrid and becomes the demon king of Earth. Many other demon-human hybrids are features in the series and they seem to have unnaturally strong magic because of their heritage.
  • Malleus Maleficarum: According to the book, incubi and succubi are incapable of reproduction, at least the normal way humans do it. According to the book, a succubus will have sexual relations with a human male in order to acquire a sperm sample. She will then pass this to an incubus, who will corrupt and strengthen the seed. The incubus will, in his turn, transfer this sperm to a human female and thus impregnate her. However, the book never uses the term cambion, instead referring to the children of incubi as campsores or wechselkinder (the German term for changelings).
  • The Malloreon: There is a cult which breeds demons with human women in hopes of creating a demon-human hybrid that can't be banished to Hell. Seeing this as an apocalyptic threat, the heroes massacre the cult in an unusually grim scene to ensure such a child is never born.
  • The Otherworld: Half-Demons are hybrids born from a demon and a human. They are able to use the abilities of their demonic parents when they come of age with each separate demon parent giving a different ability to their child, which can include fire creation, Telekinesis, etc.
  • The Scarlet Citadel: Tsotha-Lanti is rumored to be born from a girl who fell asleep too close to some ruins and woke up in a demon's embrace.
  • The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System: Ren Zha Fanpai Zijiu Xitong: Main character (and protagonist of Show Within a Show Proud Immortal Demon Way) Luo Binghe is half-human from his mother's side and half-demon from his father's side. He's ostracised by other disciples thanks to his half-demon heritage. In the original Proud Immortal Demon Way canon, his demon side was awakened after being thrown into the Endless Abyss.
  • The Shadowhunter Chronicles: Warlocks are the progeny of couplings between humans and demons. Vampires and werewolves are humans affected by demonic mutations.
  • Sunshine: It's relatively common to have a demon in the family tree; some people never find out, or only learn when something happens like manifesting Wrong Context Magic or sprouting tusks in high school. Demons are only otherworldly, not evil, but partbloods often face prejudice if word gets out.
  • The Testament of Sister New Devil:
    • Mio Naruse is the daughter of Demon Lord Wilbert and a human woman. While she grew up in a human family, she's still the rightful heir to the throne of the Demon realm and inherited her father's magical power when he died before the start of the series.
    • Later on in the series, it's revealed that Basara Tojo is one as well, but with three different heritages.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Akumaizer 3: Xavitan was the son of a human mother and demon father, something that leads to him rebelling against his demon clan when they start a war with humanity.
  • Buffyverse:
    • Angel:
      • Doyle, one of the original Angel Investigations trio, was part human and part Brachen demon.
      • Billy Blim, the titular villain of "Billy" has a human father and demon mother. According to Tim Minear and Jeffrey Bell, Billy was born when his father raped his mother.
      • Cordelia is transformed into a half-demon during the third season. This is necessary because the visions she had cause significant damage to her human body and are also very painful. After the transformation, she endures the versions significantly better, and she also gains some demonic powers, like levitation. It later turns out that her transformation into a half-demon was part of the plan of the fourth season's Big Bad. Surprisingly for a half-demon, she didn't has superhuman strength after the transformation.
      • The Groosalugg was a demonic warrior from Pylea. Because he had a human ancestor, his human DNA has jumped to the front due to some sort of atavism, making him look almost human. His society saw this as a great shame and sent him on missions where he was supposed to be killed. But he has survived every challenge and has been considered an invincible warrior ever since.
      • The comics feature a crime boss named Mal Fraser who is involved in many illegal businesses. It later turns out that he is a half-demon.
      • The two half-demons Nash and Pearl were conceived by their mother with a demon, because she pursued the plan to create a superior species from humans and demons. In fact, the two of them are just murderous psychopaths who kill people for the sheer joy of it.
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: According to Anya, most of the demons that walk the earth have some degree of human blood in them, which accounts for their humanoid form. "True", pure-blood demons such as the one the Mayor turned into are monstrous, primal creatures with more in common with Lovecraft's gods than humanity.
      • A vision shows Xander an alternate reality in which he is married to Anya. He has a son with her, however Anya's daughter Sara was born after she had an affair with a demon. Unfortunately, Sara has non-human ears that clearly show her demonic origins, which is why she is bullied by her older half-brother.
      • Slayer Athena Nina Jamison-Smythe encounters a half-demon named Doug on one of her first assignments. This tells her that there are also good demons that don't harm anyone. She later learns that the boy she fell in love with, Leo Silvera, is also a half-demon. She is shocked at first, but quickly accepts it.
  • Being Human: A demon breeding with a human results in a succubus or incubus - a being who appears almost indistinguishable from a regular human but inspires intense attraction in any member of the opposite gender that they touch and inflicts death on any human they have intercourse with.
  • Charmed (1998): Cole Turner/Belthazor is the son of a demon woman named Elizabeth and a human father named Benjamin Turner.
  • Charmed (2018):
    • Macy is an unusual example. She is part demon but both her parents are human; she was stillborn as a child but revived by demon blood.
    • Parker Caine and his half-sister Abigail Jameson-Caine are more traditional examples of cambions, having human mothers and a demonic father.
  • Kaamelott: Merlin has a demon father and a human virgin mother. Unfortunately, as Arthur notes, he clearly takes after his mother in terms of magical ability and courage.
  • Kamen Rider Revice: It's revealed in #25 that minus Yukimi, everyone in the Igarashi family is this due to Genta's heart being constructed from Giff's cells, and him passing on Giff's genes to his three children. It's what allows them to safely transform into Kamen Riders and have inner demons that can think and speak, as opposed to the mindless Giff Juniors and Deadmen.
  • Supernatural: Jesse Turner is half-demon, conceived when a virginal human woman named Julia Wright was possessed by a demon. Cambions are considered kill-on-sight dangerous by angels because they have incredible reality warping powers, demonstrated by Jesse accidentally making Lies to Children he was told come true. According to Castiel, with a word he could wipe out the Host of Heaven. He was conceived through unknown means by a demon possessing his mother to serve Lucifer's plans for the Apocalypse.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Arthurian Legend: Merlin is often stated to be the offspring of a demon and a human woman, although this doesn't stop him from being a good guy.
  • Robert the Devil is a Medieval legend about a Norman knight who was born of a union between a human duchess and Satan. While Robert struggles with evil instincts, he ultimately overcomes them to achieve repentance.
  • Sensu stricto this isn't actually possible in Christian theology, since demons are sterile and thus use human semen which they obtain as succubi and deposit as inccubi. However the children, known as cambions, still have magical powers for some reason.
  • Tupi-Guarani Mythology has several malevolent entities to whom unwanted pregnancies are blamed to: the Kurupi, the Luison, Boto dolphins and the Pombero. Allegedly all of these rape women and the ensuing children are ugly, temperamental and sometimes magical.
  • According to the Gothic History by Jordanes, the first Huns were children of exiled Gothic witches who cohabited with "unclean spirits" in the wilderness. The same passage characterizes the Huns as a "a stunted, foul and puny tribe, scarcely human" and "fiercer than ferocity itself".
  • The Plantagenet dynasty was occasionally rumored to be descended from a man and a mermaid/water nymph/melusine. Some actually encouraged this idea.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Ars Magica: Demons can interbreed with humans if they deliberately choose to procreate, a rare choice they only make to advance an infernal plot. The child has innate demonic magic, doesn't need nourishment, and can learn even more powers, but has a human soul and free will, so can pull a Faustian Rebellion. They're inevitably sterile, so Uneven Hybrids are impossible.
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • Cambions are monsters in the 1st and 2nd edition, described as the progeny of a male demon and a female human (who always died in childbirth). The 3rd edition replaced them with the "Half-Fiend" template which could be applied to non-humanoid beings like dragons, giants, and magical beasts but stated that cambion is a term that was often used for Half-Fiendish humanoids.
    • Tieflings are more distant descendants of mortals and fiends, the exact details varying by edition but they usually qualify as a separate race.
      • Tieflings were first introduced in the Planescape setting in second edition as a player character race and became a playable monster race in third (which had them in the default Monster Manual with a level adjustment because of their damage resistances and innate spellcasting ability). At this point, they were effectively humans with a few random (literally; with tables to roll on) demonic traits to indicate their heritage. They also have an aura of evil about them, leading them to be subjected to Fantastic Racism (with villainous or antiheroic tieflings often portrayed as a case of Then Let Me Be Evil).
      • 4th edition D&D revamped tieflings quite a bit; they were made one of the core player races (getting their own player's handbook). Because of that edition's emphasis on miniatures, their canon appearance became more consistent; they always have horns, glowing eyes, sharp teeth, a long tail, dark or purple hair, and skin that's either red or in the normal human ranges (although that last limitation is often ignored in favour of any colour the player wants).
      • 5th edition introduced different tiefling bloodlines, representing the different devils they could be descended from. 5e also downplayed the trope, by noting that tiefling bloodlines can also come about from deals made with demons, or simply from living in a demonically tainted area (or simply born to two tiefling parents).
      • The OneDND/5.5e playtest sees Tieflings with three sub-species, each for a different alignment of fiendish heritage: Infernal have Lawful Evil ancestry or influence, Cthonic have Neutral Evil ancestry or influence, and Abyssal have Chaotic Evil ancestry or influence.
    • The demilich Acererak was a Child by Rape born of a human mother and demon father. He had a happy childhood with his mother until age 10 when his appearance drew a mob that killed her and left him despising all life. A millennium of infamy as an arch-necromancer has obscured the story of his birth, but he still took the time to enslave his demon father to avenge his mother.
    • The Gates of Hell fan supplement, in addition to the canon examples, features Lixer, the son of Asmodeus from a mortal queen, a necromancer who was purged of his mortal part by his father (not that it stops Fantastic Racism from "real" devils). There are also templates for half-mortal children born to fiend and Fallen Angel nobility.
  • Exalted: Demon-Blooded are the result of humans and demons sleeping together, with the results depending on who the demon parent was, but all of them are able to use Essence and a lot of them have mutations that reveal their true nature. They are often held in high roles in Yozi cults, especially cults of powerful demons, while most other people tend to dislike them. They have the option to go full Demon of Human Origin with help from some actual demonsnote  which results in the Demon-Blooded become the same race as their demon parent if their demon parent was a First Circle Demon (which can cause in subversions in One-Gender Race demons), while Demon-Blooded born from more powerful demons become unique First Circle demons, and could create a new race of demons.
  • Hunter: The Vigil: The Lucifuge are a Creature-Hunter Organization of humans with demonic ancestry that grants them supernatural powers, which they use against creatures of darkness. However, demon blood doesn't reliably manifest - one family is ordinary except for one child every seventh generation.
    Somewhere back in your family tree, somebody ate the apple. Somebody fucked the beast. Somebody followed a stranger with smoldering eyes out behind the barn. There's a little devil in you, one the science won't ever find, and that's where Castigation comes from.
  • Pathfinder:
    • Cambions are the product of unions between mortal women and fiends, but only occur if the mother spends the entire pregnancy in the Abyss — spending this time elsewhere will result in the woman giving birth to a half-fiend instead. Unlike half-fiends, which are classified as native outsiders and thus in many ways closer to mortals than to their demonic parents, cambions are true demons due to their constant exposure to the Abyss' extraplanar energies during their development. They are also all male.
    • Tieflings are a player race. They can be born to any family that has demonic ancestry, or from being conceived on Unholy Ground. Each variety of fiend has an associated tiefling bloodline, with their own unique physical distinctions: Demons and devils produce the most conventional tieflings, rakshasas produce Little Bit Beastly tieflings, Qlippoth produce Humanoid Abomination tieflings, etc.
      • Tieflings return in Pathfinder Second Edition, this time as a Versatile Heritage that can be applied on top of any ancestry. They also have Lineage feats to represent which tiefling bloodline they’re part of. Their ancestry feats in general let them play with this trope in various ways—such as gaining magic related to their fiendish forebears, charming people, hiding their fiendish nature, gaining wings (that they can eventually make permanent), conquering their nature and gaining a bonus against divine effects, or gaining a temporary fiendish Final Form.
    • Mongrels are an unusual example, as while they aren't conceived by demons, they are a result of demonic energies. The Abyssal energies of the Worldwound caused many of the children of the Crusaders who fought in the region to be born looking like animalistic abominations. Many people consider them demons as a result, even though they are mortal and simply the result of mutations caused by exposure to the Abyss.

    Video Games 
  • Brütal Legend: Eddie's father is the human hero Riggnarok and his mother is the demon emperor Succoria.
  • Devil May Cry:
    • Dante and Vergil are the sons of the Ascended Demon Sparda and the human woman Eva. In a rare example of this trope, both parents were good people.
    • Devil May Cry 2: Lucia is a member of a clan of devil hunters, at least some of whom who descended from demons. Lucia herself turns out to be a subversion as she is an artificial demon created by the villain Arius.
    • Devil May Cry 4: The new protagonist Nero has Mystical White Hair and demonic powers just like Dante and Vergil, and is even able to use the latter's sword Yamato. Devil May Cry 5 confirms that Nero is Vergil's son with an unnamed human woman.
  • Diablo III: Leah occasionally has explosive outbursts of magical energy whenever she gets angry or distressed. The climax of the game's third act reveals that this is because she's actually the daughter of the demon Diablo, who sired her with the witch Adria while possessing the hero from the first game. Because of this, Adria merges her body with the Black Soulstone, which contains the souls of all the defeated Lords of Hell, allowing Diablo to fully possess her and become the Prime Evil.
    Adria: [mocking] Dear Leah. Deckard always suspected... your true father was Diablo himself! And now, my daughter, you shall serve as his vessel!
  • Disgaea: Hour of Darkness: The protagonist, Laharl, is actually a half-demon with a human mother. Outside of a single comment from Flonne, this is never directly addressed in the game. The tie-in novels, on the other hand...
  • The Elder Scrolls: Demiprinces are the direct offspring of unions between mortals and Daedric Princes or Lords. They look mostly human, but with small horns and unsual skin tones. They tend to be extremely eccentric, owing to the bizarre nature of the Daedra, and often have a skewed view of things like time and memory, as well as lacking mortal characteristics like willfulness, cruelty, or foresight. In addition to a short attention span, they have difficulty focusing on information and concepts outside their spheres of influence, but when it comes to said spheres they are undisputed masters.
  • Fate/Grand Order:
    • Merlin calls himself a Cambion, as he is the son of a human woman and an Incubus. Despite appearances, he doesn't consider himself human because he cannot feel emotions with the same intensity as the average person and therefore he's more akin to a high-functioning sociopath.
    • Tomoe Gozen is the daughter of a human and an Oni, a kind of fire demon. Most of the time she appears human and keeps her oni blood suppressed, but she becomes more oni-like (including growing horns) in her third and fourth ascensions. She's the main character of the Setsubun event, which was instigated by Shuten-douji to make Tomoe accept her oni half.
  • Heroes of Might and Magic:
    • Xeron is one of the heroes of the Kreegan Inferno faction, and is half-Kreegan, half human. Rmors claim that his father was an Erathian knight who was seduced but not slain.
    • The orcs of Ashan are a variation, being Artificial Hybrids created from experiments in which human test subjects had mutations induced by receiving blood transfusions from demons.
  • New Legends has the supporting character Boo, who's half-demon but looks more demon than human, with menacing red eyes, demonic horns, purple skin and towering over the human characters. He's a case of Dark Is Not Evil however, befriending you in the second stage and helping you reclaim the throne.
  • Ninja Gaiden:
    • The demons of the setting are called fiends. Ryu Hayabusa, the main protagonist, is descended from a clan of human-fiend hybrids who are tasked with fighting evil. This makes Ryu vulnerable to potential corruption by the Greater Fiend Doku.
    • Ryu's friend and ally Rachel is a Fiend Hunter who is part Fiend due to a blood curse. This grants her superhuman powers but she uses them to fight evil just like Ryu. Unfortunately, her sister Alma was corrupted into a Greater Fiend by the same curse.
  • Planescape: Torment: Party member Annah is a tiefling who looks more or less human aside from having a rat-like tail. Other tiefling characters also show up in the game, some of which are considerably less human looking due to having features like horns or goat-like legs. There's also Vrischika, a shopkeeper who's an alu-fiend, which is a type of cambion resulting from a human father and succubus mother.
  • Shadows of the Damned: The game's shopkeeper, Christopher, was the result of a union of a human and demon and in spite of his demonic appearance, he's a pretty Nice Guy who's more than willing to help out Garcia as long as he'd well fed.
  • Tengai Makyou II Manjimaru: Kinu was the product of a human mother (whom she inherited the physical appearance) and an oni father (where her dark powers came from).

    Visual Novels 
  • The Tohno clan in Tsukihime and its spinoffs are all demon hybrids, though the degree to which their demonic powers are expressed varies from one individual to the next and the demon blood is so watered-down in some families (such as the Arimas) that they're almost entirely normal humans. The main family is highly inbred in an effort to maintain their powers. This is not without disadvantages, as the risk of "inverting" to a Superpowered Evil Side is higher in those who are more demon-inclined and they have to take special steps to avoid it, such as drinking blood (among other, less savory methods).

  • Demon King: The male lead Toru Akujin is a one-quarter demon "man-devil", the son of the half-demon Minoru (himself the son of a human wizard and the demon Valhelamet) and the human Etsuko. Both father and son look like deformed humans and have greater than normal magic abilities and strength.
  • My Best Friend Marneao: Marneao, Miltch, and Medina are offspring from relationships between humans and demons.
  • Station Square: Dahlia is half-demon, born of a demon mother and a human father.
  • Yokoka's Quest: Yokoka and Mao have one demon parent and one human parent note .
  • Zelfia: Leraje Que'vann is a demon-human hybrid.

    Web Original 
  • In the Dream SMP canon, Eryn has been confirmed to be half-human, half-demon. This is later shown to be the result of an Interspecies Romance between his human father and demon mother, the latter of whom was a Cute Monster Girl.

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time: Marceline is the offspring of a demon lord and a human woman, who also got turned into a vampire.
  • Little Demon: Chrissy the daughter of a human woman and The Devil. Her mother spent all of Chrissy's life trying to hide her from her father, who after finding Chrissy, wants to awaken her powers as The Antichrist.
  • South Park: Damien is the son of Satan and an unknown human mother. Ironically, he is more evil than his father.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Tom Lucitor, prince of the Underworld, is an interesting variation. While there are no human-humans on Mewni, the people called Mewmans are the equivalent (though we later find out Mewmans are indeed descendants of human explorers who accidentally discovered the land that became Mewni). Tom's father is a Mewman man, while his mother is a gigantic red demon with horns. Comparing their heights is like comparing King Kong to that girl he carried up the Empire State Building.
  • Ugly Americans: Callie Maggotbone (Mark's girlfriend) is one, having a demon father and human mother.