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An index of fictional works featuring monsters, whether as the antagonists or protagonists of the story.

This particular index covers miscellaneous or multiple types of monsters which don't easily fit into other media indexes (see the Categories folder below). Any series which frequently use Monster of the Week plots also count here, if a wide variety of different monsters appear. Series about collecting and/or raising monsters fall under Mons Series.


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    Multimedia Franchises 


    Anime & Manga 


    Card Games 

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animated 

    Films — Live-Action 


    Live-Action TV 


  • Cocomelon
    • Monster Monster Go Away
    • The Monsters In The House
  • China Anne McClain
    • Calling All the Monsters
  • Machigerita
    • Halloween Monster Party
    • Dream Meltic Halloween
    • Pumpkin Head Spooky Dance
    • Halloween Patisserie Tricka Torka
    • Darker Halloween Yum Yummy Gillia
    • Hocus Pocus Cooking
    • Misch Masch Pumpkin Night
    • Greedy Halloween Candy Nights
  • Michael Jackson
    • Thriller
  • Of Monsters and Men
    • Lakehouse
    • Little Talks
    • Numb Bears
    • Six Weeks
    • Yellow Light
    • From Finner



    Theme Parks 

    Tabletop Games 


    Video Games 

    Web Animation 


    Web Original 

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation