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Love Monster is a shōjo manga by Riko Miyagi, which was serialized in the magazine Margaret from 2002 to 2006 and collected in 12 volumes.

Hiyo Osora failed the entrance exam to the high school she chose, but somehow she receives a strange acceptance letter to SM Academy (Saint Monster Academy) — which she hadn't even applied to. Thinking that her father, an alumnus of the school, must have sent in a reference letter for her, she decides to go to the school. When she first arrives there, while being distracted by the flowers and green nature around her, two hooded people (Yuki and Jiro) snatch her and bring her to the school president, Kurou Tenma. Fortunately, all that was simply a type of hazing for all new members of the school.

She is surprised to find the school crawling with people who are actually monsters in disguise! The next big shock is being told by Kurou himself that she is his fiancée! She is so shocked she faints. She then wakes up and finds out that Kurou has gone as far as having her room connected to his. The only way she can get out is in his arms with his wings or as we discover later on, a trap door down an enormous amount of stairs (since his room is located in a tower).

Warning: The following tropes are from the anime and manga. Be VERY careful with spoiler text.

  • Childhood Marriage Promise: The reason why Kurou is so convinced of his love fore Hiyo is because she declared that she would be is bride when they were children, him saving her when she nearly falls off of a cliff causing his wings to finally surface, changing his life for the better.
  • Destroyer Deity: It is revealed that Kurou Tenma was the fated Demon King from the legend of the White Crow, destined to destroy the world out of a desire to protect Hiyako. Considering his mother was the Goddess that created it (also why she was always so aloof and uncaring towards him), it explains a lot.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Hiyoko is half-human, her parentage including the human Kyoko and the crow Shou Osora. With the implications at the end that Shou might be a god, this implies that Hiyoko is a demigod as well.
  • Make a Wish: Legends tell that the feathers of the white crow can grant one's heart's desire. When it is revealed that Hiyo is a white crow, her feathers become especially desirable.
  • The Maker: It is revealed that Miyako Tenma is not just one of the strongest deities of the East, but the creator of the world.
  • Tengu: While the monster-type of the Tenma and Osora families are referred to as "crows", they are implied to be this.