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A Keeper, with the four Starter Mon

Monster Sanctuary is a Mons Series RPG combined with a 2D Metroidvania platformer, with each tamed monster having special abilities to traverse the world. Developed by Moi Rai Games, and published by Team17 Digital Ltd., an Early Access build of the game was released through Steam on 28 Aug, 2019.

You play as the latest in your family's lineage of Monster Keepers, people with the ability to tame monsters. To hone your skill, you are sent to Monster Sanctuary, a land where Monster Keepers live in harmony with monsters they raise. But the arrival of unusually powerful monsters has broken the peace among the land. It's up to you and your peers to go on a journey to try to unravel this mystery!



  • After-Combat Recovery: All health and mana are restored after every battle.
  • Arbitrary Headcount Limit: You can swap between all the monsters you've raised to get past map obstacles, but in battle, you're limited to a party of six, with only three in battle at a time.
  • The Chosen One: By the climax, only the player is able to save Monster Sanctuary, as cultists have stolen the Spectral Familiars of everyone else.
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: Other than losing a portion of your money from fighting wild monsters, losing doesn't have much of a consequence.
  • Dumb Dodo Bird: Zig-zagged. At first, the Dodos’ naivety ended up endangering them when humans found their tropical island. However, unlike our real-world counterparts, they soon quickly learned how to fight back. Through the help of the first Keepers from the recently built Monster Sanctuary, they successfully warded off their invaders. To repay their benefactors, the Dodos became faithful mounts for the keepers ever since.
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  • Friendly Rival: There are three Keepers the player will encounter during the game, with Spectral familiars of their own: Will, Julia, and Leonard. Most of your interactions with them will be working together to find the source of the strange, powerful monsters.
  • Horse of a Different Color: Bipidal lizards, Aurumtails and giant Dodo birds are rideable monster mounts that help keepers traverse the terrain faster. Non-equine mounts are often stated to have friendly personalities in the Monster Journal.
  • Ice Magic Is Water: Ice-based attacks are categorized under the water element, and equally effective to monsters with weaknesses to water, even if they are fire-based.
  • Raised by Humans: Other than Spectral Familiars that are passed down to each generation in certain families, most of the monsters you obtain are hatched from an egg. At the beginning of the game, your Spectral Familiar teaches you the best way to have a loyal companion is to raise them.
  • Smoke Out: Smoke bombs are items used to flee from battles.
  • Starter Mon: The game lets you begin with one of four Spectral familiars, each with their own elemental affinities and field moves; Wolf (Wind/Water/Neutral) & Lion (Earth/Fire/Neutral) can cut vines with Claws, Toad (Water/Earth/Neutral) can Tackle large stones, and Eagle (Fire/Wind) can carry the player over large gaps. The player can recruit monsters with the talents of the other starters, though, so nothing will be permanently blocked from them.
  • Story Branch Favoritism: While each Friendly Rival has a default partner (Toad for Will, Eagle for Julia, Lion for Leonard), they will instead have the Wolf if the player picked theirs, subtly implying that Wolf is the preferred choice for your starter.
  • Superpowerful Genetics: The Spectral Familiars are ageless protectors of their families, passed on from one Keeper to the next. It just so happens that you and your three Friendly Rivals are the current heirs to your bloodlines.

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