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Ferdinand the Cannibal: I say! You're not an average chap like the rest of them, are you?
Connor: Not... technically, no...
Ferdinand: You're an abnormality. An SCP, like us! You belong here, with us!
Connor: No, no no no! I do not belong here with you! I am not a human atom bomb, I'm not a rapidly evolving virus, and I'm not a Shakespearean cannibal!

Confinement is a Science Fantasy Horror Comedy animated series that is (loosely) based on the universe of the SCP Foundation. It is created and animated by Lord Bung, who also stars as the main voice actor.

The series focuses on one of those delightfully expendable folks known as D-class personnel, this one being a young man named Connor. But there's one twist: Connor can't die. This is because Connor technically isn't a D-class, but is actually an SCP whose anomalous ability allows him to always come Back from the Dead. Naturally, the Foundation loves using him for all kinds of extremely dangerous experiments and missions, and the series focuses on the wacky, painful, and bloody misadventures he has to deal with as a result of this. Needless to say, extremely dark Hilarity Ensues!

On May 21, 2023, Bung has announced that they stopped working on the series and would move on to new projects.note 

On June 8, 2023, Bung deleted the channel, one day after announcing they would. Unofficial archives have been created to preserve the series. However, on October 19, 2023, news of a return of the series under new management were made, with a Kickstarter having been launched and meeting its goals. However, it is important to note that this continuation shares none of the crew of the original, rather being made up of dedicated fans; as of now, it should just be considered Fanon.

Not to be confused with the completely unrelated BlazBlue fanfic of the same name. Also see the Bung Chronicles, another cartoon series created by Lord Bung.


  • Affectionate Parody: Confinement as a whole is a spoof of the SCP Foundation, filled with tons of jokes and homages to even some of the more obscure aspects of the SCP universe.
  • Animated Shock Comedy: Downplayed. This cartoon is definitely a Black Comedy filled with lots of death and violence, and the dialogue does include a fair amount of profanity and innuendos. However, the show never really resorts to using any crude grossout humor; sexual/toilet jokes are rarely used, and have so far been only implied or mentioned instead of actually being shown visually.
  • Bittersweet Ending:
    • Episode 3 ("The Robot"): Connor makes peace with the fact that he is, essentially, a prisoner of the Foundation. Because on the upside, the company he keeps is always interesting. He also ends up befriending SCP-1360, whose consciousness has been uploaded into another computer, and is slowly regaining all his memories from his human life as Ian Steele.
    • Episode 4 ("The Girl in the Iceberg"): After Sanna (SCP-1836) is reminded that her time is running out anyway, she decides to leave for the afterlife with her ex-husband Anguta so that she can make peace with her father there, leaving Connor alone and confused in the remains of her lair. Connor is taken back home, feeling down about his short-lived friendship with Sanna.
    • Episode 7 ("The Infinite IKEA (part 2)"): Connor successfully escapes SCP-3008 with most of the Canopy Tribe (except Stanley, who was left behind for killing Connor earlier); however they all get fused together by the teleporting staple gun. Connor breaks free by getting himself killed, leaving the tribe stuck together as one big fleshy blob, whose imprisonment in the Infinite IKEA has now been traded for containment by the Foundation. On the plus side, Connor reunites with Natalie, and Ian Steele is given a new human body so that he can finally return home to his own loved ones. But Dr. Stavros finds something unusual about one of the tribe members (Stethoscope), while Natalie is still trying to find answers about Connor's secret SCP file. Meanwhile, Stanley is still tied up alone back on his tribe's former hideout in the IKEA dimension, where he's raving like a lunatic until he gets unceremoniously killed by enemy tribesmen.
  • Black Comedy: All over the place, given that this a Horror Comedy cartoon which parodies the dark, violent SCP mythos. The main source of humor comes from the show's protagonist being an immortal punching bag who suffers many painfully gory deaths, though of course many minor characters aren't spared from the carnage either.
  • Call-Back: Connor nervously repeats to himself "Walk in, ask questions, get out" during Episode 1 before he goes in to interview Ferdinand. Dr. Powers then nervously repeats to herself "Walk in, ask questions, ask him out" during the "Only Us" special (which is set between Episodes 2 & 3).
  • Crapsack World: Although it's mostly played for irreverent Black Comedy and offbeat Surreal Humor, Confinement is still set within its own version of the chaotic SCP universe. So of course, the world is infested with all kinds of deadly monsters and other supernatural horrors, many of which are potentially apocalyptic threats to human existence. The amoral and shadowy Foundation is (just barely) able to keep the world safe by trying to capture every single anomaly they can find; including more benign or innocent anomalies like Connor, who are denied all rights to live in freedom just for being weird freaks of nature, and therefore need to be hidden as part of the Foundation's masquerade of all things paranormal. And while Connor himself isn't a bad guy, he's actually not as harmless as he appears to be; due to being the unwitting host for a very powerful and sinister Eldritch Abomination, which is heavily implied to be attempting the destruction of our world if it ever gets the chance to do so.
  • Cut Short: The series ended after the much-delayed Episode 8, which gives no resolution at all to Connor's character arc, given that it's entirely composed of bizarre sex comedy verging on Black Comedy Rape. Bung threw in the towel in the aftermath, leaving the saga with no definitive ending and a lot of pissed-off fans.
  • Eldritch Abomination: As this show is based on the SCP Foundation after all, a bunch of these are bound to appear somewhere. A very powerful abomination is implied to be the source of Connor's abilities.
  • Fantastic Caste System: The more dangerous Euclid/Keter-class SCPs are restricted to staying inside special (and oftentimes very large) containment cells; while the more relatively harmless SCP prisoners are given much more cramped, shared living quarters (which look like small dorm rooms with bunk beds), although they do have relatively more freedom to walk around inside the facility (though they obviously aren't allowed to leave either). Connor himself has to share his room with at least three other SCPs (two men and one dog). Though this is less because Euclid or Keters SCPs are treated better, and more that they require more specialized facilities to contain.
  • Homage: Downplayed, but the generally goofier tone and focus on cross-testing SCPs can be seen as a homage to the "lolFoundation" period on the site.
  • Horror Comedy: Generally a lot less horror-dominant than the website it's based on, but it can still get surprisingly dark at times.
  • Institutional Apparel: Connor and most of the other humanoid SCPs are seen wearing orange prisoner uniforms with the Foundation logo. This may have been intentionally invoked in the very first episode to mislead viewers into assuming that Connor is merely another one of the D-class personnel, as they are often dressed this way in other SCP adaptations.
  • Karmic Death: Because of his abilities, the scientists and guards that exploit Connor for tests are more likely to horribly (and permanently) perish when things go pear-shaped.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Connor is an SCP who respawns after he's killed. The reason this is a "spoiler" is because at the beginning of the first episode, we're misled to assume that Connor is just a D-class test subject being forced to interview SCP-082, and thus will inevitably meet his doom when the giant cannibal eats him... until Connor suddenly flashes back to life with full health.
  • Masquerade: A given due to being an SCP story. The Foundation actively tries to hide all evidence of paranormal anomalies from the rest of the world, which includes containing Connor for his whole life since infancy; meaning that (virtually) nobody in the outside world has any awareness that he even exists. In the fourth episode "The Girl in the Iceberg", when Connor questions the necessity of being locked inside the windowless trailer of a truck while being transported to another containment site, he points out that many people already believe in "ghosts, aliens, and resurrecting Jews"; to which General Marcus admits that "We can't hide them all".
  • Monster of the Week: Every episode thus far has focused on Connor interacting with a particular SCP anomaly on orders from the Foundation, whether for experimental research or to fulfill a mission objective.
    • Episode 1 ("The Cannibal") has Connor being forced to attempt an interview with SCP-082 (Ferdinand the Cannibal), which doesn't really go as planned.
    • Episode 2 ("The Singing Forest") involves Connor being used as a test subject for SCP-407 (the Song of Genesis). He also has a (very brief) confrontation with a hostile monster known as SCP-2427-3.
    • Episode 3 ("The Robot") revolves around Connor attending a meeting between a Foundation bureaucrat and an android known as SCP-1360 (PSHUD #31).
    • Episode 4 ("The Girl in the Iceberg") involves Connor infiltrating SCP-1836, an iceberg surrounded by Monster Whales under the command of the "Girl in the Iceberg" (Sanna).
    • Episode 5 ("The Swordsman") is about Connor attempting to infiltrate the town of Soulsberg (SCP-2200) by confronting the titular Swordsman, who wields a magic sword that transports its victims' souls to Soulsberg.
    • Episodes 6-7 ("The Infinite IKEA") revolves around Connor's adventures inside SCP-3008, a dimension which looks like an endless retail store, and his encounters with other humans trapped inside along with the faceless monsters roaming around.
    • The upcoming Episodes 8 and 9 seem to prominently feature SCP-049 and SCP-1879 respectively, though their exact roles in the plot are still not yet known for now.
    • Some of the special videos also prominently focus on specific SCPs:
      • "Only Us" features multiple quick SCP cameos, but there is one scene devoted to Connor recalling his childhood encounter with a sapient octopus (SCP-2967).
      • "Anomalies" is a short musical featuring an original song by SCP-1879 (the Salesman), though he interacts with a minor one-shot character instead of Connor.
      • "Connor's First Christmas" is about Connor's encounter with a family of living gingerbread people (who appear to be an original anomaly created for this series, instead of a preexisting SCP).
      • "Connor vs SCP-682 (INDESTRUCTIBLE LIZARD)" is pretty much Exactly What It Says on the Tin, though it's much shorter than what one may expect.
  • Mood Whiplash: Much like the website it's based off, this series jumps all over the place, often within the same scene.
  • Mythology Gag: Countless ones towards the SCP Foundation and its many canons.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: The Foundation seems to do this whenever they're trying to disguise their activities in public.
    • In "The Girl in the Iceberg", Connor is transported to a facility marked as a construction site for a "NEW LOWES", in a truck with the label "NORMAL TRUCK" hastily slapped over the Foundation logo.
    • In "Fine & Dandy", an outside view of the Foundation site reveals a large billboard on top of it, saying "NORMAL BUILDING".
  • Shout-Out:
    • The ending scene of Episode 1 ("The Cannibal") showing the many different SCPs in their containment cells, is more than a little similar to the famous sequence showing countless different prison cells for the monsters from The Cabin in the Woods.
    • While he's in the waiting room for the Robotics Center in Episode 3 ("The Robot"), Connor reads a magazine called "MCP Foundation", which has the Master Control Program visible on its cover.
    • During Episode 4 ("The Girl in the Iceberg"), Connor is inducted into the mission concerning SCP-1836 with "Your mission, if you choose to accept it, (not that you have any choice)..."
    • In Episode 5 ("The Swordsman"), Lou Francis Patterson is shown wearing a shirt with the The Flash's logo.
    • In "Only Us", Connor fondly hopes that Gilbert's getting "mad octopussy" after having escaped into the ocean. Also, there's a drawing of Gilbert's mom that resembles Gl'bgolyb.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance:
    • "Come On Get Happy" plays at the end of Episode 1 ("The Cannibal") after Connor returns to his cell... and the camera pans up to show how many levels of cells the Foundation has for various low-threat anomalous people, most of whom are completely innocent of anything beyond not being normal.
    • "Come a Little Bit Closer" by Jay and the Americans plays while Connor is getting in a fight to the (kind of) death with SCP-1360 in Episode 3 ("The Robot"). It also doubles as a bit of a Villain Song, given how it compliments SCP-1360's stated goals.
    • The trailer for Episode 5 ("The Swordsman") has the jaunty (and oddly appropriate) "Turn to Stone" by Electric Light Orchestra playing over footage of the citizens of SCP-2200-3 (Soulsberg) violently rebelling against the Foundation and putting up a barricade. In the actual episode, "Let Me Be Alive" by Ivory Rasmus instead plays during the opening scene with the Soulsberg riot.
    • "Anomalies!" is a very catchy and manically-paced Villain Song sung by SCP-1879 (the Salesman), who continues to act just as cheerful towards the end, even when his true sinister intentions towards Annie become apparent.
    • "Fine and Dandy" is an upbeat-sounding music video that's chiefly composed of footage from past episodes until the very end, which shows Connor as the Sole Survivor of a mass containment breach that's resulted in the deaths of all the other anomalies and Foundation staff in the building.
  • Surreal Humor: Occasionally happens every now and then, due to the series being a parody of the SCP mythos, which is filled with lots of Surreal Horror.
  • Wham Shot:
    • A double example in Episode 1 ("The Cannibal"): Connor, our protagonist, is killed by Ferdinand in the first few minutes of the show, although if you're familiar with the source material, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. But not a second afterward, however, he suddenly flashes back to life, showing that this isn't an ordinary D-class we're dealing with...
    • The shot in Episode 5 ("The Swordsman") of Connor's SCP file. It's completely redacted, right down to his SCP Number and Object Class. Whatever the hell is going on, the Foundation's leadership really doesn't want lower-ranked staff to actually learn what's wrong with Connor. The only clues we get are from Natalie reading another report which indirectly implies that Connor is somehow connected to a demonic entity worshiped by an evil cult, which once manifested on Earth and caused a deadly catastrophe.