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The Web animation

The Cannibal

  • The whole interaction with Fernand the Cannibal. Simply glorious to watch.
    • He's, quite frankly, sick to death of all the people coming into his bloody room to ask him bloody questions!
    • And then when he realizes that Connor re-spawns every time he dies he has a jolly old time killing the absolute shit out of the poor fellow while laughing until the scientists tranquilize him.
    • Connor's first words after the first respawn, spoken like he's saying them to someone who took his seat rather than someone who just ate his head:
    Connor: Asshole.

The Singing Forest

The Robot

  • While Connor is waiting in the Robotics Center (with a cameo by SCP-846), an announcement comes over the intercom of a man named Patterson Balmer being beaten to death with a porcelain tea-pot by a rogue SCP, in what's described as a "knick-knack Patty whack". Then the announcer realizes what he just read and goes "Oh, for God's sake..."
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  • When Pierce comes to pick up Connor, he's busy reading a magazine titled "Should You Trust This Printer?" Considering this is the SCP Foundation universe, that's an entirely valid question.
  • The members of D.I.N.G.U.S have their "dude, no way" catchphrase, but it's made funnier by the fact that they also have several punny variations of it. All spoken with the exact same inflection, too.
    Mr. Pierce: [Anderson Robotics] has support from very powerful people and laboratories all over the U.S., China, and uh, the country next to Sweden...
    DINGUS Member: Dude, Norway?
    Mr. Pierce: That's the one!

    Connor: Is "interesting" spelled with an E, or an A?
    DINGUS Member: Dude, no A.
  • Connor's smug expression when SCP-1360 favorably describes his powers and physique...and the fact that said smugness immediately fades when the robot notes Connor's lack of personal hygiene being his main flaw.

The Girl In The Iceberg

The Swordsman

  • The foundation's original plan for dealing with the Soulberg situation was a Trojan Horse with a nuke inside. They only relegate that to Plan B when it's learned that a group of their scientists were taken hostage, giving them an excuse to see what happens if Connor is killed by SCP-2200.
    • On top of that was the original plan for that getting shot to hell. The original plan was for Connor to go in, rescue the scientists and then flee Soulberg until he hit the killzone and, hopefully, respawned. He succeeded in his mission, but only because the residents of Soulberg were terrified into surrender by a rain of soulless silver Connor corpses.
  • Connor, SCP-007 and the cactus guy are first seen playing some sort of Monopoly-like RPG called "Sales and Suburbs". Hilarity ensues.
    • The guy who's stuck on the roof drops a can of drink on Connor's head by accident.
    • When asked for the time, Cactus Guy stares at a cactus and says its 3:20. Connor leaves in a hurry, and says that Ruby (the dog who's stuck in the wall) is the GM.
  • "Don't make me use my psychology powers to make you tell the truth!"
  • "There's nothing fun about toppling regimes, Connor. Not any more."
  • Dr. Hilda giving Connor some exposition before admitting that she doesn't know how Connor's soul will respawn after being cut by the sword. She proceeds to say this:
    "I'll have to read some Astral documents and find the Arcane Weapon documents and the binder of the Relic documents...God damn we love documents in here!"
  • The current SCP-2200-2 turns out to be Lou Francis Patterson, a chubby 27-year-old white guy with a ponytail and a Flash logo t-shirt.
    Connor: Okay, you're bragging about being all-knowing from inside a prison cell, you do know that?
    Patterson: While you pondered and studied a means of escape, I studied the blade!
    Conner: What? No! No, no, no! (nervously glances at a security camera) Nobody's trying to escape here!
  • SCP-2200-2 repeatedly killing Connor. Making a storm of soulless Connor shells rain down on Soulberg, forcing them to surrender.
    • Connor's reaction to the last time is so hilariously nonchalant you wouldn't expect it to be something someone about to be stabbed with a sword is about to say.
      Connor: Alright, One mo' 'gain? Bring It.
  • The site manager apparently wrote off Connor causing Patterson to explode with a massive beam of light that bored through the ceiling and SCP-2200 disappearing as a "minor workplace accident"
    • When Dr. Hilda comments how people dying on a regular basis is part of the job, and how it's a depressing thought, Connor immediately guesses that she's new at the Foundation.
  • In the newspaper at the end about a terrible accident at a factory caused by a cult, implied to have been caused by the summoning of the entity possessing Connor, there's this line:
    "Well fuck me, I guess"- Man who elected to bring his entire origami collection to work

Only Us

  • Set between episodes 2 and 3, we see Dr. Powers very subtle first attempt at asking Connor whispering in what turns out to be earshot, kicking the door open very violently, and pulling the security breach alarm when it goes naturally badly. The Foundation starts letting her smoke SCP-420-j to keep it from happening again.
  • Connor's original psychologist's return from the night terror dimension. It just has to be witnessed.

The Infinite IKEA

  • In universe as well as out of universe. When talking about his memory loss, Connor/Thorn remarks that he'll "forget about it".
  • The members of the Canopy tribe have clan names based on characteristics, where they were found, etc. Examples include Thorn (Connor, on account of the splinter stuck in his head), Elder Freestanding Bathroom Cabinet and Ottoman Davenport Alan Keyes.
  • The Pillow People. Especially their attempt to assassinate Elder Freestanding Bathroom Cabinet in order to start a pillow fight.
  • Stanley's irrational insistence that he's the hero of some grand epic tale and his equally irrational hatred for Connor due to him being a relatively competent fighter goes from creepy to hilarious due to how much Purple Prose he uses in describing everything.
  • While the Canopy tribe rants about teamwork, Connor slaughters an entire enemy tribe on his own while the rest of the tribe sit back.
  • "No, your name is Connor, and you're a glorified fucking crash test dummy!"
  • Dr. Hilda, Dr. Wilson, and Dr. Fish try to get Connor to remember who he is:
    • Dr. Hilda brings up a recent experiment done on him that was quite upsetting (and sympathises with him, expressing surprise he hadn't started repressing memories sooner).
    • Dr. Wilson tells Connor that he doesn't want him to take this the wrong way, but he needs to kill himself.
    • Dr. Fish tells Connor that he's bookmarked a number of memory-enhancing maths games on

Connor vs. SCP-682 (Indestructable Lizard)

  • Unlike the terrorfest fans have have been expecting from 682, instead we see Connor vs. a giant iguana that calmly eats him. April Fools!

Episode 8 (unnamed)


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