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  • There is a joke SCP in the game called SCP-420-J. If you use it, D-9341 will exclaim "MAN DATS SUM GOOD ASS SHIT" while Jamaican-sounding music plays.
    • If you're wearing SCP-714, SCP-420-J will have no effect, D-9341 will instead say: "DUDE WTF THIS SHIT DOESN'T EVEN WORK".
    • An admittedly funny way to die in this game. Tossing SCP-420-J in SCP-914 and setting it to "Fine" or "Very Fine" will produce a Smelly Joint. Smoking it will result in D-9341 "taking a nap". You Died.
  • If you go into the bathroom and look at the toilets, they might say "I am the Butt Ghost. I will eat your butt!"
  • You can order a cup of Call of Duty from SCP-294. If D-9341 drinks it, he'll say "The drink tastes like dubstep and ur mom." Ordering Donte does the same thing.
    • Ordering a cup of Half Life 3 gives you an empty cup.
    • Drinking a cup of memes makes D-9341 say "Me gusta XD lel".
    • Dying to SCP-294 in general tends to be pretty amusing, especially if you order a cup of Nuclear.
    • It's 100% possible to get a cup of SCP-106. While it's horrifying that he's in your stomach now, it's hilarious the game allows you to do that.
  • Tuning into channel 3 with the radio gives you funny messages from the Foundation about pizza day and feeding the monster one of your friends in the event of a containment breach. Sometimes however, you'll get a strange creepy recording instead.
  • The appropriately named SCP: WTF Messup Breach Remastered or the original SCP: WTF Messup Breach mod turns the game into a full Nightmare Retardant filled with well known memes and other pop culture icons. D-9341 hears "Stay at the YMCA" when he wakes up, SCP-173 has an uncanny Po skin from The Teletubbies and shouts at you "English, motherfucker! Do you speak it?", SCP-106 does a jolly Santa Claus laugh plus some farting noises when he appears, SCP-096 screams like a chimpanzee, SCP-079 has a Garry's Mod G-Man face, SCP-049 wears pink, SCP-066 does a terrible reprise of Whitney Houston's "I will always love you", the facility doors sing Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" when they open, Angry German Kid can be heard on Channel 5 on the radio, the main menu has King Leonidas's face popping up and some ambient sounds are replaced by memes such as "Shut Up, Grandma, drink your prune juice" and helium voices.
    • Rivaling this is the ''SCP: MLG Edition mod, filled with more recent memes, guards and personnel whose voices are from a speech-to-text software, leaking gas replaced with leaves of marijuana and much more. Oh, and SCP-173 is PewDiePie.
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  • One of the randomly generated rooms is the safe where SCP-500 (the pill that can cure anything) is normally stored. In the safe is a note from a staff member reading "Access to SCP-500 is now restricted to anyone under Level 3 access. This is not to be used to cure a hangover. Get AIDS and then we'll talk.". This is actually from the wiki itself.
  • If you encounter 1048-A (a teddy bear made of ears that causes more ears to grow on your body), a message will pop up saying "You have excellent hearing now. Also, you are dying."
  • During the game's opening sequence, two guards can be heard having a casual conversation. There are several different conversations that can be heard, one being this 4th wall breaking meta-joke:
    "Uh, so you see any good movies lately?"
    "Uh, I don't really watch movies."
    "Oh ok. Well what about video games? You know that reminds me, someone should make a video game based on this place."
    "Why would anyone do that?"
    "I don't know, just thought it was kind of a cool idea."
    "Well, I don't play video games either."
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  • In the 2-level office (the Entrance Zone variant) you can find a post-it-note in the right section that references the fact that there's classified documents littering the facility.
    "When I find out whoever's been leaving classified documents lying around the facility I'm gonna feed them to 682"
  • An unintentional one: as of 1.3.11, there's a possibility that SCP-049 will get stuck in the floor of the grated hallway. Watching him try to move around is incredibly entertaining.
  • There exists T-shaped hallways apparently designed to slow down SCP-173's advance in the event of a containment breach. Getting killed by SCP-173 in this very hallway will present a unique death message where someone, presumably a researcher analyzing the damages after the mass-containment breach, points out a very severe design flaw, something that SCP-173 openly exploits ingame.
    If I'm not mistaken, one of the main purposes of these rooms was to stop SCP-173 from moving further in the event of a containment breach. So, whose brilliant idea was it to put A GODDAMN MAN-SIZED VENTILATION DUCT in there?!
  • Some humorous messages can appear if you spam the "call elevator" button:
    You already called the elevator.
    Pressing the button harder will not make the elevator come faster.
    If you continue pressing this button I will generate a Memory Access Violation.


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