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Nightmare Fuel / SCP Containment Breach

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You look afraid. Don't be afraid. This is a dream; the last dream you may ever have, for nightmares are coming.

SCP: Containment Breach is considered to be one of the scariest games on the Internet. So this game is obviously full of Nightmare Fuel.

NOTE: Examples for the SCP Foundation as a whole go here.

  • The very concept. You're trapped in a facility used to contain strange artifacts and monsters which at best defy logic and reason and at worst are outright Eldritch Abominations. All hell's broken loose and the artifacts and monsters are running around unrestricted. Most of them want you dead, and those are the merciful ones. You're unarmed and have no means of protecting yourself, with no option other than to run away...and even that won't always work. There's barely any lighting, no way of knowing what's past the next door, and unless you happen to be a fan of the SCP Wiki, are familliar with the different SCP's that appear, and/or know the Foundation's terminology in order to read the chamber warnings, you'll have absolutely no clue what to expect.
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  • The intro sequence. You are escorted to SCP-173's cell and everything's fine at first, until the doors start malfunctioning and the lights flicker. 173 then kills two D-Classes and a guard while the lights flicker and when the lights finally die completely, it's gone with you as the only survivor. If you examine the scene closely, you'll see a broken air-duct where 173 escaped meaning that it could be anywhere in the building.
  • SCP-173 (pictured). You're just walking down the dark hall with the creepy ambiance playing when you turn a corner and find SCP-173 right in front of you, very close to killing you... complete with a Scare Chord.
    • Or when you blink and he suddenly appears in the room with you.
    • When you hear scraping noises signaling that 173's nearby. Paranoia Fuel at its finest.
    • It kind of doesn't help that its face, head and body in general kind of resembles a grinning baby reaching out for something...
  • SCP-096. A tall, lanky-looking monster. It's harmless...unless you look at its face. First, it stands up and goes crazy, flailing wildly in place and making distorted crying noises for several seconds, then it starts chasing you with no way to stop it or outrun it. It's not known what exactly it does when it catches you, as nothing is ever found of the victims but a puddle of blood, but judging by the meaty tearing sounds, it isn't pretty.
    • When you first encounter it, we see a guard accidentally viewing its face and firing wildly at it before it kills him offscreen. As stated above, there's nothing left but a pool of blood when you reach that spot.
    • What's worse? You HAVE to go into that room in order to progress with the game, and 096 will still be patrolling. Occasionally he may be found roaming other hallways in the Heavy Containment Zone as well, sobbing all the while. Don't worry though, he's harmless even if you bump into him, unless you look at his face.
    • When they say, "you cannot escape", they MEAN it. Once you've seen its face, unless you're an absolute god at the game or EXTREMELY lucky, you're dead. The best you can hope for is to get pulled into 106's pocket dimension, the one place he can't reach you...and then he may just be waiting for you when you get back. The wiki states that someone tried to hide from it by sitting in a diving bell at the bottom of the ocean. It didn't work.
    • Another possible encounter in the Entrance Zone is arguably even worse: it's just 096 sitting alone in a containment chamber with the doors broken down, and the floors, walls, and ceilings CAKED with blood. Far more blood than a single human could produce. What the hell happened in that room?!
  • SCP-106, the "Old Man". Looking like the rotting corpse of an elderly man, he can appear at random emerging from a puddle of black slime, and then he'll chase you. And chase you. He doesn't give up easily. He can walk through walls. His walking pace is just slightly slower than your running pace. Oh, don't worry though, if he catches you, he won't kill you... unless you're already where he lives, or have managed to escape...
    • The Pocket Dimension. Just... the pocket dimension. It's a green, confusing, endless, scary labyrinth where SCP-106 takes his victims to before killing them. If you let SCP-106 touch you, you are teleported here where you wander aimlessly in a maze where 106 can torture you. You can be randomly teleported to rooms including a room that looks like the hallway in the foundation to trick the player that they are free but it's actually a fake to taunt you. If you blink, you might catch a glimpse of SCP-106's face for a split second and if you stay in the pocket dimention for too long, you will start to bleed to death. And the worst part is that you need to come here to get the code to Dr. Maynard's office.
      • If you're lucky, you might wind up in SCP-106's "throne room" where you start to bleed faster and you get to see SCP-106 himself as he tells you in a deep voice to kneel. Should you comply, you'll be transported to a floating platform with floating coffins spewing gas. If you stare at the gas, you'll see a pair of glowing eyes and hear 106 breathing. If you blink here, you will hear a screeching sound and when you open your eyes, you will see a white puff of smoke. Touching it will transport you back to the first intersection.
      • When you crouch in front of the throne, you will be transported into a new room. It resembles a World War I trench, and is possible to escape through it. Easy, right? That is, until a large bird-like plane with an eye focused on you flies overhead repeatably, causing you to slowly bleed to death unless you block its view off of you.
      • You might also find yourself inside a room full of coffins where faint coughing, wheezing, and whispering can be heard but no one's in sight. It could be where SCP-106's victims are kept and the barely alive victims are inside the coffins begging D-9341 to help them.
      • If you pay attention to the floor, you can see delightful messages to you from 106 himself; telling you your hair smells nice in one, while in another telling you how he's going to chew on your ankle when you stop paying attention. Sounds silly, then you remember who you're dealing with, and the fact that you're trapped in his playground...
    • To contain 106, you must break a D-Class's femur. His screams of agony are broadcasted over the intercom in order to lure 106 into his cell. Then he appears right in front of the poor, disabled D-Class and starts torturing him while you seal him inside. You just doomed a man (admittedly a convicted criminal, but still) to horrible suffering followed by a gruesome death, all so you can escape.
    • While roaming the facility, a dead, corroded scientist (assumed to be Dr. Maynard) might fall from the ceiling, having clearly fallen victim to SCP-106. His face looks like it's been ripped open and forced into a horrific smile.
    • Oh, and as for the Unity version? He is now even faster and can throw dark goo towards you in order to slow you down while also teleporting through walls and floors much quicker than before! The only benefit is that the Pocket Dimension isn't currently implemented, and he can no longer instantly kill you, instead lowering the player's health before bringing them down.
  • When you read SCP-012 without wearing SCP-714, the heavy hazmat suit, or the heavy gas mask, D-9341 feels compelled to finish the composition written on the SCP by ripping open his own wrist and using his own blood to write the composition. And you must enter its containment chamber if you want to collect the severed hand used to open DNA scanners.
  • If you are exposed to SCP-008 without a hazard suit, you will slowly turn into a zombie and when the transformation is complete, we are treated to a lovely scene where the now zombified D-9341 eats a scientist off-screen while he begs for mercy.
    • Worse is that SCP-173 is in the control room right next to the containment chamber. If you blink in this room, it'll break the glass wall separating the rooms (cutting you with a glass shard all the while) and appear right in front of you. This is where you get infected due to your cut.
  • SCP-895 affects nearby electronic devices and can flash horrific imagery on security monitors and can kill you if you stare at them for too long. This includes looking at the coffin while wearing night vision goggles. The horrific imagery includes Pig Destroyer album cover art, a bloody hand reaching out of plastic sheeting, SCP-513-1 and even the face of a skinned dog. Witnessing these images will drive D-9341 insane. Maybe even you as well.
  • SCP-372 will mess with your vision and you'll see something strange in the corner of the screen. It can also appear momentarily when you blink.
  • SCP-966 is also in the game, and can only be seen with night vision goggles on. Outside of that, however, you'd only know they're there if your screen blurs and you get a message about the feeling of something breathing right next to you. Putting on the goggles will reveal them, but perhaps the most upsetting part is that they won't attack you right away. All four instances in the game just watch you, waiting for their REM sleep-inhibiting ability to wear you down as you wander through the facility. There's also the fact that their ability causes your stamina and blink meters to decrease faster than usual, meaning that escaping from other SCPs will get tougher unless you have the upgraded gas mask equipped, which boosts stamina regeneration. And they can actually open doors too. The only saving grace is that they can't operate doors with keycards or passcodes, but the game may place them past those locks, like those of the checkpoints, enabling them to appear anywhere in the facility the moment they are first spawned.
  • SCP-049 is a creepy Plague Doctor obsessed with curing an unspecified disease, and by "curing", we mean he'll relentlessly pursue you through the entire facility until he manages to touch you, which kills you and turns you into a zombie (known as SCP-049-2). If you've protected yourself by wearing a hazmat suit or SCP-714, he'll forcibly try to take it off, buying you mere seconds to get away. He can also open doors, even ones that normally require keycards!
    • His containment chamber, located in a Creepy Basement only accessible by an elevator that breaks down as soon as you get down there. Inside, you see a bunch of dead, zombified-looking bodies on the floor, and as you try to activate the emergency generator, the zombies spring to life, trying to kill you. If you survive long enough to get the generator working, SCP-049 himself will arrive and chase you through the dark, narrow halls to keep you from escaping. To top it all off, it's also possible for SCPs-173 and 106 to spawn in that area as well.
    • As of the 1.3.11 update, he tends to spawn and head directly toward you when leaving a room or entering a hallway, so if the only means of leaving is provided by a staircase, it can be very difficult to escape from him unless you already have SCP-714.
    • What makes SCP-049 particularly chilling compared to the others is his Affably Evil greetings and lines about helping and curing you of the "disease" in an unnervingly stoic and calm whisper. He would make an excellent Soft-Spoken Sadist if he wasn't Obliviously Evil.
      SCP-049: Stop resisting, I am here to cure you.
  • Even the main menu is creepy. You hear a buzzing noise echoing in the background with a flickering picture of SCP-173 in the bottom right corner. To add to the creepiness, splash text will sometimes flash on screen saying things like "DON'T BLINK" or "Stone does not care".
  • SCP-990 will sometimes appear on the loading screen with the description saying things like "ThIS PLaCE WiLL BUrN" or "You can't control it" or even just plain gibberish. 990 will also speak to you.
  • SCP-035. You find it on a scientist's face as he ask you to free him. If you refuse, his voice gets increasingly demonic, and if you do free him and enter his cell, strange tentacles will rise from the ground and attempt to beat you to death. You can eventually find the dead host body in another room of the facility, 035 having abandoned it after it corroded enough to not be useful anymore, and a tentacle can emerge from the corpse.
  • If you tune the radio to channel 3, you will mostly get lighthearted and funny messages about the Foundation. However, occasionally you will instead hear a distorted message of a mysterious voice.
    Mysterious Voice: Every single thing he says is a lie. Every single one. Don't listen to him. You can trust me. I can get you out of this. I can get you away from all of this. Just listen to me.
    • If you tune to channel 5, you might hear a lone scientist pleading for help when SCP-106 captures the scientist and cuts off the feed.
  • You can order a cup of "Fourth Wall" from SCP-294 and D-9341 will realize that he's not real and beg you, the player, for help.
    D-9341: What the? Oh my god. So this is me? I don't exist. But you do. Please help me.
  • SCP-513: When you ring it, SCP-513-1 appears and stalks you. Unlike in the wiki, it can't hurt you, but it's still creepy. Fortunately, you can get rid of it by processing SCP-513 through SCP-914.
  • Ending A1, where you escape the facility though Gate A and SCP-106 comes out and distracts the guards. You slip by everyone and head into a tunnel with a light at the end, meaning that you have finally escaped the horrifying science facility. But just when you approach the end, three mysterious, shadowy figures (implied to be members of the Chaos Insurgency) appear right before your eyes and take you away, collapsing the tunnel and trapping some guards inside, leaving the game on a cliff-hanger.
    • Version 0.9.4 introduced an alternative ending for Gate A (Ending A2) where if you recontained SCP-106, the guards apprehend you instead. Cut to the "The End" screen where a researcher is recording an audio log discussing whether or not to classify D-9341 as an SCP.
  • SCP-939 (introduced in 1.0) is pretty creepy in their own right. You make your way to the storeroom, and overhear what sounds like other people calling out, a chance for allies in this whole mess. However, get too close, and you're instead greeted by three savage red beasts with the ability to parrot human voices and More Teeth than the Osmond Family, uttering human screams as they attack. Even worse is the implication that they're mimicking personnel that they killed and devoured during the breach.
  • Compared to other SCPs, 066 is fairly tame, even if it is a bit weird-looking. Aside from occasionally blaring Beethoven at a headphones-breaking volume, 066 doesn't seem like it'd do too much. However, that little thing can also screw with the lights and doors, which can end badly in a place where Darkness Equals Death and you have to constantly be on the run. However, it might be necessary to encounter it if you have been affected by SCP-966's effect, as it can cure the effect.
  • SCP-860 was finally integrated into the game, and damn if it isn't creepy. After using the key to access the door, you find yourself on a foggy forest path that eventually leads to another door. Every now and then, you'll spot a pair of yellow eyes watching you in the distance before disappearing. However, the beast lurking within the SCP-860-1 forest might just decide to kill you on the spot unless you sprint enough to escape it. It doesn't help with how feral the entity looks, although its design might remind some of the Heartless.
  • SCP-970 is one of the more mundane-appearing SCPs; an infinite looping hallway. Off-putting, but not inherently creepy by itself. But if you keep going through it, a lot of... interesting things start showing up...
  • When going into the bathroom, you might hear a crying guard followed by a gunshot. If you go into the men's bathroom, you will see said guard dead on the floor.
  • Pausing the game near enemy SCPs, mainly 173 and 106, only for the pause menu to disappear on its own — with an ominous message reading, 'Stop Hiding.' appearing on the screen. Cue the soiled underwear...
  • One of the endings results in 682 getting out. You can watch part of its rampage as helicopters try to contain it, only for it to swipe one out of the sky like a piece of lint. Then you hear for the call to arm the Alpha Warheads. After the blast, you can hear the radio chatter between the helicopters, looking for 682's remains. They're not finding any, then you hear a growl and the chatter is suddenly cut-off...
    • Fridge Horror: 682's termination log on the wiki does have someone suggest nuking it at point blank range, but this was denied by the O5s because "Yes, it's a goddamn nuke, but if 682 survives and adapts we'd be boned beyond belief". In this ending, that's exactly what happens. 682 has now adapted to withstand not just the radiation from a nuke, but also the explosive force, making it resistant to pretty much any level of physical force the Foundation can realistically throw at it. Uh oh.
    • Randomly in gameplay, you might hear 682 roar out from somewhere in the facility, followed by the sounds of guns firing on it and the entire facility shaking as a result of the chaos. The facility itself shaking may be unnerving as you are on the lookout for other SCPs. One such roar can briefly be heard early in gameplay around the time the breach starts as well.
    • Download the mp3 file of the roar itself into a program like iTunes. What does the artist's name say? "YOUR DEATH IS INEVITABLE."
  • SCP-178, from the "Box of Horrors" mod, eventually added to the main game (and later scrapped, though it is present in the Unity remake), is some 3D glasses that when worn, the player will see strange creatures that are hostile when you get too close. Pretty creepy for someone not expecting.
  • SCP-1499 is also in the game. It teleports you to another dimension full of weird-looking humanoids and, if you spend too long looking at one of them or get too close to one that isn't moving, all of them will begin to come after you until you remove the gas mask. And if you think that putting on the gas mask will displace you so that something like SCP-096 or SCP-049 won't get you, it only works as long as you have SCP-1499 on. SCP-106, on the other hand, goes away when the player wears SCP-1499 even for an instant.
    • And if you put the gas mask through SCP-914 on "Very Fine", it spawns one of those mutants in the facility.
  • The game adds SCP-1123 to the mix, which is a skull sitting on a pedestal. If you touch the skull, the screen will go white for a little bit while loud screeching is heard in the background, then when the game starts back up, the chamber will change, your controls will be similar to the controls when you are shot or are in SCP-106's pocket dimension, and the skull on the pedestal will be replaced with a table with a note on it, which has a very disturbing picture of a dead German child and German writing on it - an Allied propaganda leaflet demanding that Nazi troops surrender in order for Allied bombing raids over Germany to stop. Afterwards, you'll be treated to several hallucinations of Nazi soldiers until you are shot and everything goes back to normal.
  • The game was being planned to be remade in Unity, until the remake was cancelled, but what was able to be completed before this announcement included adding vastly improved graphics and even more SCPs that can kill and torment you in all sorts of ways. Have fun.
    • Meanwhile a fan-made spinoff, Secret Laboratory has essentially recreated a portion of the content - as a free multiplayer game. While this adds to a whole lot of hilarity thanks to human error, this also amplifies the idea that you're not dealing with A.I.s with poor pathfinding. SCP-939 can talk to human players, for example, inducing trickery and Paranoia Fuel, while escaping scientist and security players may suddenly find themselves sandwiched between SCP-106, and a whole squad of fully-armed Chaos Insurgency. This is especially amplified if you're a D-Class, and get separated from the rest; every footstep you hear could be security ready to gun you down, or an SCP able to casually kill you in a heartbeat, and you never know what's around that corner...
    • Even worse, the SCPs are all on a team with each other, meaning that they will co-operate. This is the entire point of 079, who attempts to funnel and trick the human players to their deaths, but it's perfectly possible for the others to work together without 079.
  • The 087-B mod takes the game’s horror factor and takes it Up To Eleven. SCP-173 is The Red Mist Monster, SCP-106 is The Masked Man, SCP-096 resembles The Red Mist Monster, SCP-049 is Alexander of Brennenburg, SCP-079 has the Cheshire Smile, SCP-1123 makes the player hallucinate about Jeff The Killer, the SCP-178 instances are Freddy Fazbear, SCP-966 is Le Mange Lumiere (before being changed to look like Mental), SCP-1025 summons Slenderman, SCP-860-2 is Smile Dog, SCP-205 displays shadows of Ayano Aishi, among other things.

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