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Nightmare Fuel / Scorn

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This is a game based off of the paintings of HR Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński. What did you expect?


And I Must Scream doesn't even begin to describe it..
  • Right off the bat, we're introduced to the game's world with a series of long shots displaying the visceral, organ like environments, all of which are covered in a slimy layer of what appears to be mucus. We see structures made of bone, metal, flesh, slime, and what appears to be a spiderweb-like membrane that covers most of the objects. All over a series of droning noises, each just as horrific as the last.
  • Even when the droning noises stop and we're shown parts of the gameplay proper, music included, it's utterly unnerving. As the skinless... thing that plays the role of the protagonist preforms multiple tasks onscreen, and although said tasks are quite normal (Pulling levers, pushing switches, etc) the "Greenish diseased mucus-covered flesh" aesthetic just makes it unnerving.

  • The game has very apparently been reworked from the ground up. What happens is essentially the same as the pre-alpha trailer, long shots, droning noises, gameplay sneak peek. However, unlike the pre-alpha, the environments here are perfectly lit, allowing us to look at every visceral detail. The noises are more metallic and sound more like breathing. And it doesn't help that even without the noises, almost every single shot in the trailer is utterly dripping with Nightmare Fuel.
  • We're introduced to this redesigned world with a shot of a series of phallus-looking structures jutting out from the fleshy hills.
  • Next, there's a bunch of pitcher plant-like objects that seem to be constantly ejecting biomass from their maws.
  • Then we get a nice long look at what appears to be a massive heart or lungs in the center of an equally huge ribcage.
  • Following that, on our nice little tour of this world, we see some sort of inhuman entity trapped in some sort of pod filled with red fluid (And possibly still conscious)
  • If that's not enough, then the camera lingers on a Humanoid Abomination with glazed-over eyes and no mouth, stuck in a wall.
  • Lastly, we get a look at some sort of structure that looks like a woman with her legs spread.
  • And to top it all off, we get a little preview of our protagonist looking horrified at a multitude of things before attempting to apparently Mercy Kill a dying enemy. What could scare a Humanoid Abomination?

     The Game 

  • This game's soundtrack is immensely unsettling. One of the tracks sounds like a rapid heartbeat, with brief synthetic drones in between. It is just as terrifying as it sounds.


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