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Nightmare Fuel / SCP Foundation

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Look closely.
I watched the world nearly die in a thousand thousand terrible ways. Sometimes we would have had time to scream.
I'm alive to write about it. You want happy endings? Fuck you.
You're alive to read it.
God help us all.
Secure. Contain. Protect.

No wonder the SCP Foundation wants to contain these; the stuff they contain will make you stay awake for days.

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    In General 
  • The real crowning piece of terror inherent to nearly every single SCP object page: before you even get to the description, you get one or more paragraphs describing the special containment procedures needed for each object, forcing you to imagine just what requires this kind of containment process. These procedures often include battalions of elite commandos with automatic weapons and body armor, 3-meter-thick titanium cubes, on-site nuclear self-destruct systems, deep underground or undersea locations, overwatch from AC-130s, unimaginably extensive monitoring equipment, people with unusual skills or attributes (such as fluency in Ancient Sumerian or a "marked sexual deviancy"), vats of hydrochloric acid, bulletproof glass, and other SCP objects. In other words, stuff that no government in their right mind would ever authorize. It's around then that you know what you're dealing with.
  • On the flip side, sometimes it's the fact that the containment measures seem somewhat over-the-top for the seemingly benevolent SCP they're containing, seemingly a bit too unmercifully. Either it's like SCP-1048 and it really is that dangerous and it's justified, or on the other hand, it isn't. The SCP Foundation is seemingly torturing or imprisoning something that could do no harm!... Except that what they deal with on a daily basis more than justifies any harsh measures. More often than not in the SCP-verse, The Extremist Was Right, and it's better safe than sorry.
  • The whole Foundationverse in general is a massive Paranoia Fuel-filled Crapsack World when you really think about it. Thousands upon thousands of objects, locations and beings which cannot exist by the laws of physics and reality itself, but do, some of which are capable of killing all life, destroying the entire world, the universe, the multiverse, or even existence itself, and destroying the very idea of a shared consensus reality for most people, are being barely kept at bay by a hodgepodge gang of N.G.O. Superpower organizations, who regularly perform horrific deeds (such as killing thousands or committing mass ethnic genocide) quite simply because they have to in order to protect the world from its many, many threats. Some of the things they deal with, such as SCP-2317, are so beyond their capability to destroy or contain that all they can do is prepare for the inevitable destruction of their own planet by creating escape routes which might allow some small sliver of humanity (or maybe no more than a few embryos) to survive. And any day, some agent could perform a tiny mistake, setting off something which dooms all things alive to a horrible fate. Including you. Sweet dreams.
  • Goddamn it, the whole website. The titles are very mundane numbers and stuff, so... you never know if you're clicking on something funny, squicky, or an insane Eldritch Abomination that will keep you awake for days. And the pictures... oh, god, the pictures...
  • It's telling that sometimes the horror of an SCP object doesn't come from the SCP itself, it comes from the people assigned to it. For example, SCP-1310 or SCP-1337. The organization literally holds the fate of the world in their hands, and they're disturbingly prone to having the Artifact Collection Agency researcher equivalent of the Insane Admiral.
    • SCP-1310: A researcher obsessed with his nonsensical theory that it leads to other dimensions essentially throws people in (including civilians), in spite of not having Ripple Effect-Proof Memory. This essentially obliterates them from all memory, in addition to cleaning the records of numerous D-class, which are usually horrible (and most of all disposable) people. And since he was so high-ranking, he would have gotten away with it, had the O5 not stepped in to demote him.
    • SCP-1337: Harmless hitchhiker ghost? Clearly the solution is... kill her parents and destroy her house. This goes about as well as could be expected.
    • This reaches its nadir with SCP-1730, a former SCP facility from another universe which the Site Director ran like a concentration camp.
  • Then there are more subtle things, like the turnover in Class D personnel. Not to mention the implication that some Class D personnel are hired as Schmuck Bait, with the full knowledge that they'll ignore their orders and do something stupid... just so that the scientists will see what happens.
    • D-Class personnel are derived from the ranks of convicted criminals, typically those on death row. However, if there's a shortage, Protocol 12 can be enacted, which permits recruitment of D-Class personnel from other sources, such as "political prisoners, refugee populations, and other civilian sources." Considering that simply handling quite a few SCPs, not to mention various experiments and tests generally end in rather messy, unpleasant deaths for the involved personnel-Oh! And even if they survive, they are often terminated after a month anyway-the Foundation basically goes through D-Class personnel like popcorn. Given that violent criminals are aplenty, but still a minor portion of the human population, it makes one wonder just how often the Foundation has been forced to enact Protocol 12 and just how many completely innocent and merely unfortunate people have ended up as D-Class personnel and meeting their inevitable ends.
    • According to this story from the Spanish-language branch, the "termination" of D-class personnel doesn't refer to killing, at least on the present time. It used to mean so, but the decrease on the application of death penalty and the subsequent reduction on human resources forced the Foundation to reduce the monthly culling to the aggressively violent and the ones who were compromised by the SCP they were assigned to. Instead, at the end of the month, the surviving prisoners get the last month wiped of their minds with amnestics and are reassigned, so they eternally believe that they are working just a month in a science lab to shave off years from their sentences. This means that they get forcibly what the ex-staff of 231-7 gets voluntarily. It then shows a couple of D-Class that the researcher giving the conference maintains around as his assistants; they were lobotomised to have retrograde amnesia deliberately inflicted on them. You almost want them to get mercilessly killed.
      • Oh, and don't expect them to be released any time soon because the Foundation depends so much on the D-class that it could simply collapse without them, leading to innumerable security breaches and the release of every SCP in this page and then some.
      • The same story has this jewel (translated for your convenience):
        Non-D class personnel is never demoted to D-class. Never. Remember those jokes we discussed before? This is one of those. If we have to apply a fulminating and definitive disciplinary sanction to a Foundation member we don't beat the bush around that much.
  • One of the most disturbing things about the SCP series is that almost all of them were located and contained after coming into contact with a regular civilian human being going about their business, with no knowledge of what the thing is, how it works or where it came from. Consider that there's an indeterminate number of supernatural objects that could qualify as an SCP scattered around the world, and you could run into, say, an undocumented Keter-class at any minute during your daily routine. Or even a Euclid-class, which only seems safe in comparison to Keter, or even something worse. Yes, there's things worse than Keter-class in the SCP foundation. The SCP world is a Crapsack World of the highest order considering how very likely all three options are, the horrifying things needed to contain them, and how very often The Extremist Was Right. And given that there's well over a thousand SCPs, and the bizarre anomalous events and appearance of SCPs that can happen anywhere, at any moment, to anyone, and the very real possibility that the world has ended several times and the Foundation has rebuilt it (how many times have you lived through this Thursday just this week, huh?) repeatedly, the world of the Foundation is a place of constant nightmare fuel and incomprehensible horror.
  • What some find most disturbing isn't that they'll do things like what they do to poor 231-7, though that's quite sufficiently disturbing. It's how they treat people who qualify as SCPs, essentially imprisoning them for life without trial, without charges, and in at least some cases, with no evidence at all that they're dangerous or likely to become so.
  • There was an SCP on the original message board that was a small sphere that quite simply increased in temperature. Rising, and rising, and rising. They attempted to cool down the object by storing it with ice, in freezers, with liquid nitrogen, but that only temporarily slowed the process... The temperature just kept rising. If you have any knowledge of thermodynamics, you'll know why this is worrying.
  • Dr. Clef. Even if we take everything he says about himself with a grain of salt there is a mountain of evidence in various entries, logs, and reports that suggests that he is something far, far worse than any of the actual SCPs. The fact that his head is always replaced with something else in photographs is actually one of his least disturbing quirks. And he is the guy in charge of SCP Training and Development.
  • It's one thing to read about the Foundation personnel doing horrible, ruthless things to contain dangerous or even "potentially dangerous" SCPs. It's not even so bad to read about Foundation personnel doing cruel and messed-up things for kicks—after all, it must take a strange, not conventionally moral person to survive working there for very long, right? But then there are examples like SCP-042, where there's a very strong implication that the Foundation is containing not merely harmless but good, benevolent, mystical creatures against their will, and possibly even endangering the world by doing so. SCP-042 in particular seems to be written specifically to highlight the cruelty of the Foundation, particularly since for SOME REASON they won't allow the poor thing to die.
    • Knowing the Foundation, that "reason" can probably be summed up as For Science!.
  • While their treatment of D-Class personnel may be abhorrent, the way the organization treats certain SCPs (such as harmless ones, or non-hostile intelligent SCPs) indicates that many of the staff are more or less psychologically normal. Which means that normal people are engaged in the caretaking of these things, which may also include the horrible, horrible things they have to do to contain some of them.
  • On the page "Log of Anomalous Objects", there's a mention of a piece of charcoal that writes (regardless of what the writer is using it for) "Please help me! I'm trapped in the charcoal!" every few seconds. And the foundation found it too boring, and put it into storage.
  • The Log of Anomalous Events describes... weird stuff happening that aren't SCP-worthy but require a response. Imagine just going about your business and seeing someone turn into wax, or seeing weird ghostly figures. Now imagine some men turn up out of nowhere and erase your memory of witnessing such a thing. How do you know this hasn't already happened?
  • The SCPs that specifically target children. Baba Yaga, the living pinata that turns children into candy that turns children into more murderous pinatas, the children's mittens that rot flesh when worn, the kiddie pool that can teleport people to space, Bobble the Clown, the treehouse, the child-controlling bone flute that makes its wielder abusive towards children, the Yule Man, whatever entity is behind Camp Lakewood and Cragglewood Park...
  • And for Nightmare Fuel it is really hard to beat... the Ethics Committee. There is no canon, and even if there were the Ethics Committee would never acknowledge this document, but the thought that someone is evaluating the moral cost of everything the SCP does, and they are still doing so much of what they do... that can keep you up at night.
  • Fucking hell, practically any SCP labeled under the transfiguration category will involve gratuitous amounts of Body Horror to the human body.
  • Project Olympia.:
  • According to the page SCP-8900-EX, the concept of color as we know it was completely different. Think that sounds bad/not bad enough? Try imagining this from the perspective of the Earth back when people remembered what the world was supposed to look like. Or the fact that our entire world has been corrupted and we've just been made to not notice it. Or, heck, these excerpts from an addendum from O5-8note :
    Gentlemen, we have failed. SCP-8900's effects have become so widespread as to be commonplace. The natural blue of the sky has been replaced with a gross and unnatural shade, and the green of trees has been equally corrupted. SCP-8900 has brought ruin down upon the entire visible spectrum, and we have been overrun. [...] By the time this message reaches those of you cleared to receive it, Foundation resources on a global scale will have released vast amounts of compound ENUI-5, our most subtle amnesiac. Worldwide, men and women who do not deserve the horror wreaked upon them will pause, confused, then resume their business, confident that this is the way it has always been, never knowing what they have lost. Only the photographs not affected by SCP-8900's taint will remain to tell the truth. I regret this, gentlemen. I regret it deeply.
  • The fact that there are uncontained SCPs Because of their size, abilities, or other attributes about their nature, all the Foundation can really do is track their activities, keep people away, and suppress information about them. Otherwise, these things are completely free.
  • The background "music" from the SCP-087-B game. This has to be the most spine-chilling, paranoia-inducing track in video game history.
  • Lisztomania was once considered an SCP. That's not the scary part. The scary part is that the Foundation (specifically one O5 member) so feared the 'return' of the SCP because of the rising rock scene that the Foundation had certain popular musicians murdered to keep it from spreading.
  • The Project Heimdall contingency protocols (to be implemented if Earth suffers an Alien Invasion) are another example of how far the Foundation is willing to go to protect humanity in general. The ADANA Protocol (concerning the possibility that hostile extraterrestrials will use economic rather than military means to dominate Earth) explicitly calls for "full economic warfare by all SCP fronts", including the destruction of alien-sympathetic regimes, industrial espionage on a national scale, the inciting of riots and protests and the encouragement of xenophobic ideas. Even if humanity survives an encounter with hostile extraterrestrials (and even with Foundation protocols, the odds are only just in our favour), there's no telling what the resulting society will be like.

    Groups of Interest 
  • The Global Occult Coalition. Created by the Allies after the end of World War II, the GOC consisted of scientists, priests, psychics, and occultists, including ones who had defected from Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Their mission is to keep the world safe from all supernatural entities. By destroying each and every last one. The Foundation may do some downright horrible things to protect humanity, but at least they have standards and practices. For the GOC, it doesn't matter what it is, where it came from, if it's completely harmless, or even if their attempts to kill it do more harm than good. If it's paranormal, it's their enemy.
  • Dr. Wondertainment. Its identity is unknown, and is never divulged in any of its products' labels. It could be a single person, several people, or the name of a company. Whoever it is, it's a creator of mass-marketed and apparently magical children's toys, like a microwave that turns clay food into real food, or origami paper that functions like a real version of what it's folded into. Each product comes with a cheerfully-written label explaining what it does, but also warns the consumer what not to do with it, and disclaimers that Wondertainment is not responsible for any injuries, deaths, existential crises, etc. that happen if the product is misused. To their credit, the toys are completely fun and totally safe... as long as you use them according to the directions. Tampering with the toys and doing things with them you're not supposed to do has horrific consequences. Consuming the medicinal chicken soup when it's cold turns you into a chicken. Not taking care of your Wonder Pony for fourteen days will kill it. Eating too many Insta-teen Tablets will result in permanent brain damage and eventually a coma. The strange thing is, there is never any indication that Wondertainment, whoever/whatever it is, actively seeks to cause harm to children. In fact, it seems to want nothing more than to make children happy, but then again, why are its toys so dangerous when used the "wrong" way?
  • The Church of the Broken God. They're a religious cult that worships technology, including mechanical SCP items, believing them to be fragments of their Clockwork God. According to them, God is a machine that was long ago shattered into many artifacts that were then scattered across the globe. When the chosen ones manage to find these artifacts and rebuild him, they'll be rewarded with godhood. As for everyone else, well...
  • On the other side of the spectrum there is the Sarkic Cult, a malicious group that makes the Church of the Broken God look like a Well-Intentioned Extremist. They are responsible for many Body Horror SCPs such as SCP-610 "The Flesh that Hates". Their god in no uncertain terms being described as a God of Evil that sees humanity as nothing but pawns and that the Broken God was broken up to contain. The worst part? They are winning. Most of the alternate futures are futures where either the Sarkic Cults have won, creating nightmare worlds, or that humanity had to cause a Mutual Kill with them.
  • The Chaos Insurgency. Once a covert task force only known by the O5 council, they broke away from the Foundation in 1924. They work by setting up puppet leaders in third-world countries and use their entire populations as D-class personnel. They also stole several SCP items when they went AWOL, including a staff that can change the physical and chemical properties of anything it touches, and a bell that can produce a variety of destructive effects depending on where it's struck.
  • The ☽☽☽ Initiative (read as Three Moons Initiative) is easily an example of a group that claims to have a Well-Intentioned Extremist view but has far too much power than they should. They are a collection of three different versions of Earth that died and went to the afterlife of Corbenic. By creating a pact with a local god there they essentially were permitted to spend this afterlife building an extremely technologically advanced society and want to try to save other iterations of Earth. However, their means of doing so are borderline dictatorial at best and dangerously incompetent at worst. Plus with knowing that whatever Earths they fail to save will likely come to Corbenic anyway they have a disturbingly cavalier attitude towards the idea of humanity in a universe dying due to the lack of, or even because of, their actions.

  • SCP-000. It looks like a simple blank glitch page in the Foundation database. That's how it appears at first, with bad text parsing and an admin note. But highlight the area below that, and you'll get a story of an entity that is apparently trapped in a blank white void of nothingness. It eventually figures out how to make noise, then it starts to scream. And now, that's all it does. It knows the Foundation contained it here. It hates the Foundation, and whatever it is, it wants to get out. Just what the hell is this thing?
    "I did not do anything to deserve this fate, why am I here?! Who or what would be so cruel as to trap someone in a blank nothingness for eternity?! "Foundation", did it do this to me!? Is "Foundation" my captor?! Or is it my creator? It does not matter! I will howl and shriek at the emptiness and until the waves of force I create rips open an exit from this hell, and then I may be able to find the truth, the one fragment of logic and reason in this unending sea of madness and despair that is my existence!

    … I will not stop screaming until I am free."
    • Its page was later marked as "Pattern Screamer", which—if one is familiar with certain other site entries—can only mean one thing.
  • Someone successfully managed to make the memory wipes terrifying. Doubles, of course, as Paranoia Fuel. At any moment, you could be abducted and traumatized until you can't remember your own name or who you are. Because of something you weren't even aware of. Co-worker behaving oddly? You're screwed, buddy! Good night!
  • The Great Short Story Contest. Given that the contestants must include at least some of the twisted geniuses responsible for the entries above, we should expect some doozies, but here's the kicker: The theme for February 2010? Post-SCPocalypse.
  • Opportunity Knocks. Apparently based on a recurring nightmare of the author's...
  • This story, especially the ending and the fact that there is no mention of which SCP it is. Watch me fly! Then again, the ending of the last part could also be construed as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • According to the document recovered from the Marianas Trench, they frequently have containment failures so massive that it kills nearly every person on earth, and the survivors use SCP technology to repair the devastated planet, clone the dead and make them think nothing happened, with geologic features covering up bigger damage (evidently the Marianas trench used to be a dry land ravine). You'll never know how many times you've died to make it to the end of the "week", or how many years have passed between Monday and Friday...
  • And the And Then I Died Contests were games, but they involve stories of deaths involving the SCPs in some way, and you get to guess which was involved. And most of the stories take place before the SCP in question came under the Foundation's control. They not only remind you of what these things can do to ordinary human beings, there's the added scariness that, however horrible the Foundation may be, it would be SO MUCH WORSE without them.
  • "Nor Shall My Sword Sleep", or the point of view of inhabitants of SCP-1235. Imagine that everything you knew about reality turns out to be false, and that your entire world suddenly finds itself in the mercy (or rather, lack thereof) of entities who can tamper with your universe without remorse about the torture they're inflicting upon everyone.
  • This tale about an unusual DVD that The Foundation came into possession of. It involves a trio of explorers, all of whom speak a strange, unknown language, filming what appears to be a nature documentary. It starts out alright, but then things get weird when they film a flock of vultures eating a dead camel. The camel suddenly wakes up and drives off the vultures, then stands there with its exposed organs dangling from its belly. We see more creepy and weird stuff afterward, such as a rhino-eating plant, tribe of humanoid lemur-like creatures, living Utahraptors, a giant ground sloth with six legs, a Multi-Armed and Dangerous aquatic predator, two giant floating creatures, and a pair of bloated worms. But the most horrifying part is when the researchers enter some slums filled with severely malnourished humans. One of them promptly attacks the subjects and says the following:
  • The guy behind Things of Interest has several SCPs and stories about SCP's Antimemetics division. The regular Memetics division is about contagious ideas, while this one is about things which are automatically forgotten. Agents frequently lose entire years of their lives. You may have some of these creatures on you right now. Maybe there's someone you knew killed by one and you just don't remember them. Perhaps you had training in some field that was eaten, right out of your head. Ever walked into a room and forgot why you came? All these and more are possible in the wonderful world of Antimemes. Oh, and there have probably been several of them, throughout history, all of which were themselves forgotten.
  • The O5 Orientation. Human beings naturally like to have answers to questions. To know why something is broken implies there's a way for you to fix it. That's why a lot of stories and entries concerning SCP-001 have them serving as the origins for the Foundation and the other occult organizations. Working at the Foundation also means very few things will surprise you anymore, even the news that you've been promoted to the O5 council and that you'll learn the truth about the world you live in through a letter from the Administrator. There is no SCP-001. There is no why. That was a mistake the Administrator and the Foundation made right from the beginning. The truth is that the universe has always been like this, a hellish place whose supposed physical laws barely even apply. Space, time, history, energy, matter, all of it could change from one day to another, spawning anomaly after anomaly. Whatever attempts the Foundation makes to understand the ones it finds will always be futile. They're just human beings living in a universe indifferent to their plight and just operating as it always has been and always will be. Likewise, all the Foundation can do is what they've always done: secure, contain, and protect.
  • SCUTTLE is scary in its mundane nature. It is a series of emails following the failure of this computer system called SCUTTLE that the Foundation relies upon as a dead hand for their nuclear warheads. The email senders are panicking, trying to figure out if it might be due to an SCP or an act of sabotage. It's not. It is due to the simple fact of SCUTTLE being outdated and glitching out, and the Foundation being unable to implement a better system. Every preparation the Foundation takes to protect against SCPs and malicious groups can simply be undone by a glitch in outdated hardware.
  • Ethics is a mix of this and Tearjerker, detailing a few tales of Agent Johnson's time in the Foundation, from being asked a seemingly endless amount of difficult questions like "would you let one person die to save two", to seeing many of the situations asked him be applied to his everyday job trying to contain the numerous anomalies the Foundation finds. What makes the story especially hard-hitting is the casual interactions Johnson has with others where he has to masquerade that he is doing completely benevolent actions like adopting orphans, with the other person either being completely unaware that these actions have a dark ulterior motive or knowing and just accepting it as normal.
    “What would you do to save the world?” she asked.
    Johnson said, “Anything.”
  • Eating Crow is just about a regular Muggle doctor checking up on a patient whose wife says has developed a sudden unexplained fear of crows. Everything seems to be normal until their patient starts to act like, and eventually transform into, a crow. They fly in doctors from all over the country, but of course, none of them have the slightest clue how to treat "man turns into crow" disease. By the end, all the doctor can do is hope this "S&C Pharmaceuticals" can help this poor man. They also note that the patient's wife has stopped coming in to check on him, and no longer answers the phone. They assume she just gave up on her husband, but it's likely that she instead suffered the same fate at home and became a crow as well.
    What is happening to this man?
  • Cygnus demonstrates that The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You. The O-5 Council discuss whether or not they want to go through with a devastating procedure that could have serious ramifications. They elect to go through with it and seemingly provide the details in a collapsible block typical of the site. Clicking it reveals a ghoulish, owl-like memetic kill agent, fully intended to execute the reader, while telling them not to resist.
  • Peace. I would settle for that manages to take the already horrifying SCP-682 and SCP-173 and make them even horrifying by adding one more detail to their histories: SCP-682 is AM, and SCP-173 is Ted.

    Joke SCPs 
Even the humorous Joke SCPs can be creepy sometimes.
  • Take SCP-000-J, for example. It's a catalogue of every SCP item, which anybody can apparently order through a simple phone call as if they were everyday items. When one of the testers did call and order one of them (a safe-level item), it disappeared from its storage and mysteriously got delivered to his office, and the amount he would have paid for it vanished from his next paycheck. Now imagine somebody finding this catalog and ordering one of the more dangerous objects, even "Safe" ones?
  • SCP-____-J, the procrastination stone. Sure, the doctor was affected and became a Ridiculous Procrastinator. But what if the whole world became like that?
  • SCP-5308 gets pretty creepy when you realize that the Foundation is apparently paranoid enough to imprison an innocent three-year old boy without evidence. And they have confirmed that said boy isn't bulletproof. Now, how would they know something like that, exactly...?
  • SCP-2006-J is an Eldritch Abomination that fancies herself a Magical Girl. No, she is not a Cute Monster Girl, she's a hideous entity consisting of tentacles covered in snake-eyes. Anyone who sees her will be driven insane. And what her Transformation Sequence is and what happened to the guy she zapped is censored, but it's implied that they're not pleasant...
  • SCP-001-EX-J is a joke and explained as understood. Except that it can still do unpredictable, devastating things, even in the modern era. It is NOT safe. It is NOT controllable, and it exists EVERYWHERE and can pop up from nowhere and wreak havoc. It was discovered at the dawn of humanity, but no one can truly ever control it or the millions of casualties it causes every years. SCP-001-EX-J is simply fire, discovered by cavemen. Fire itself, while EXPLAINED, can never be contained completely, or controlled completely and can appear anywhere, even from the air (lightning). Fascinating that this is not a former Keter object that is now understood, because fire can never be contained no matter how many fires you extinguish.
  • SCP-1344-J otherwise known as the Kool-Aid man, doesn't seem frightening when you know what it is, but if you read its description before you know its name, you may never look at it the same way again.
  • SCP-2615-J. It's not the funniest article, and that's not the point. It's intentionally made that way, as a diversion tactic from the real SCP-2615- a race of fairies that, the more people know they truly exist, the more they retroactively alter our history. They're not intentionally malicious, but does this remind you of anyone? And imagine not being able to trust your own memories- how long have you known any of these people for anyway?

    Foreign SCP Wikis 
It's a pity that the SCP articles from the foreign language wikis aren't (usually) translated, because they can really bring in the creepy.


  • The proposal of Dr Johannes for SCP-001-FR is a failed experiment by the Foundation that caused the sudden apparition of some sort of corruption of the law of physics, something that causes an unstoppable imbalance and a growing disorder in the very way reality works. They decided to call this phenomenon entropy. That's right, the force that will inevitably cause the end of the Universe and the extinction of all life is a direct result of the Foundation fucking up, and didn't exist until then. This also means that all scientific knowledge since its creation has been either distorted or completely fabricated according to the effects it has on the universe, including the Laws of Thermodynamics.
  • SCP-006-FR (in English here) is a butcher that materializes along with his shop between other shops, without anybody seeing anything strange with this. Any non-vegetarian that enters the shop will order some piece of meat, and the butcher will happily provide it... But by some unknown way, he actually uses the customer's own flesh. Who then goes back to his house without even realizing that something is wrong (and without dying if the wound would normally be lethal) and eats his order, at which point he's freed from whatever was clouding his mind and dies from the blood loss.
  • SCP-024-FR (in English here) is a rather large sandwich that compels people around it to eat it. Wouldn't be so bad, if the victims weren't compelled to try to do so in one go. And as the sandwich is far too large for being swallowed in one piece, they'll try to open up their mouths wider and wider, before trying to force it open with their hands... It usually ends with the victim breaking and/or ripping out their lower jaw. Oh, and the victims feel every second of pain, and yet still go on even as they're bleeding to death.
  • SCP-054-FR (in English here) will cause nightmares to any aquaphobe. It's a phenomenon that only happens on the shore of some island, and which turns seawaves into jaws of great white sharks as soon as a potential victim comes near.
  • SCP-075-FR is a mask that possesses whoever dons it and turns its victim into a feral creature. What's worse is that the mask is highly radioactive, so once its host is too damaged to wear it, it will seek another victim and basically turn it into a walking nuclear hazard. The Foundation also suspects it's not the only one.
  • SCP-089-FR is a travelling circus that has a tendency to appear without warning near metropolitan areas. A few weeks before the grand opening, circus-related people are seen observing the inhabitants, sometimes directly looking through their windows, and disappearing as soon as they're spotted. However, the most worrying part is that the number of child disappearances skyrockets during this period. The police have never been able to link the disappearances to the circus, but when the day of the grand opening occurs, creepy and nauseating numbers are performed. All of them involving what look like young children (masked or not) meeting a grisly fate. We will let you connect the dots...
  • SCP-096-FR was a village populated by people who were all wearing masks and costumes... Badly made ones that launched them straight into the Uncanny Valley. Anybody who enters the village will be persuaded into staying and putting on one such costume. Eventually, they will have their minds rewritten so that they would think they had always inhabited the village. That's bad enough, but every Halloween, the villagers would leave their town and go trick-or-treating in the neighboring towns... And forcibly converting those who failed to give them candies. Fortunately, they had been neutralized by agents of the Foundation.
  • SCP-109-FR is a single Tipula with an usual dart. Being stung by it results in severe hallucinations of insects swarming and crawling on your skin leading to you choking yourself within 72 hours. The worst part? The last part implies that such invisible insects are everywhere at all times and the sting only allows you to perceive them as they are.
  • SCP-185-FR (in English here) is a few instances of what looks like oversized wind ornaments that materialized in a forest. They create a zone around them in which every single form of kinetic energy is nullified: everything trapped inside said zone is permanently « frozen » like a statue, without any hope of ever being rescued as anything that would try to get inside would fall victim to the effect. That's already bad. The worst part? New instances keep popping up, each one increasing the area of effect. The Foundation hypothesizes that, sooner or later, the entire world will be affected.
  • SCP-266-FR is a wedding cake, in which several characters appear with animal masks doing different activities. As the figures appear, some people with the masks also appear at the wedding Note . At the end of the process, the bride removes the food from the table and the individuals with masks cut it and serve their parts to the guests.


  • SCP-023-DE is great for people with arachnophobia. It consists of 8 pairs of contact lenses, that allow to see thousands of little spiders crawling around on other human beings. The Foundation assumes that it's just an illusion created by the lenses, but then comes the interview with the guy who built them: "People realize that the spiders are on them, they just don't know. They always have an itch in the places the spiders are in... Your nose itches, doesn't it?"
  • Another one for arachnophobes: SCP-069-DE. It's a peerless hunter and can keep itself alive through a variety of methods. By the way, its venom is unknown in the animal kingdom... with the exception of SCP-077-DE.
  • Yet ANOTHER one for arachnophobes: SCP-077-DE. The SCP itself is what appears to be a 25-year-old Caucasian man, who appears incredibly attractive, especially to homosexuals. The SCP will then lure a man into a locked room or something similar due to its attractive abilities and then will proceed to use his tongue to inject venom into its victim! It then turns into a big spider and wraps its victim into a cocoon using its web. It also seems to kill homosexuals the most for an unknown reason. So seems like your regular "kill you" SCP with a sexual twist, right? Well, during a containment breach where he killed multiple personnel (not just homosexuals), a person who sighted the SCP wearing SCP-023-DE (written about above) stated that he saw a stylized number and letter on its abdomen. While seeing if it was true, it turns out it did have one that said <4R>. The ending then implies that there are more out there after an investigation of a massacre at a gay bar where a similar entity appeared albeit instead of a spider it turned into a hunting spider. After that, it leaves with the fact that they need to find what these numbers mean before they murder more innocent people.
    • The 4R label binds all three of these SCP, and worse, there are still more! It's also revealed what 4R stands for and what its goal is... it's the Fourth Reich. It's a front for a brutal neonazi organization attempting to "improve" humanity and eliminating "deviants" via anomalous means.


  • SCP-040-JP (in English here) is a old wooden shack with a bottomless well in it. The anomalous effects come when someone looks inside the shack. The person starts shacking and starts to claim "There was this cat." From then on when the affected person looks at a cat they see a hairless and featureless cat with human eyeballs; not only that, but they feel like a cat is watching them whenever they are in a dark place. The worst part is it doesn't stop there! The person who is affected tries to convince others the cat exists by using text, images and other forms of media which makes other people affected by it! It also gets worse with the final addendum about an outbreak at Site 8120 so everyone in the site had to get amnestics to forget about the cat. All seems fine and good when suddenly the last line starts to imply that the person writing the addendum is infected too!
  • SCP-161-JP (in English here) is a phenomenon related with the inability to process the concept of "to eyle"note , which refers to some sort of stylized physical movement. People affected stop understanding the action of eyling (if they see someone performing that action, they interpret it as if they were spinning or waving), and the effect is retroactive. To makes it worse, if an infected person hears or reads the word "eyle" and recognizes its sound and/or phonemes (which is not pronounced like "ail")note  they immediately forget the last hours, effectively purging the concept of their minds. And then comes the Wham Line:
    Fortunately, the influence of SCP-161-JP has stayed within the action/concept “eyle”, a term of less importance on daily routines. However, if a similar disorder affecting important ideas, such as “sleep”, “eat”, or “hsaut” would occur, the damage is presumed to be enormous.
  • SCP-280-JP (in English here) at first looks like a less dangerous version of SCP-3930, but it turns out to be more sinister. It's a black hole in a mountain in Japan that absorbs matter, electromagnetic waves, and sound and shrinks in relation to the amount of mass it absorbs, and due to Foundation protocols, it's been shrunk to a manageable 0.7m and contained. There's also a button on the page to initiate the matter injection protocol that supposedly shrinks it even further. Clicking the button to feed it more matter doesn't change the final diameter; instead, it retroactively increases the thing's original size. Even if you don't touch anything else, its original size slowly but steadily increases after the first click. It soon grows to the size of a country, where the land it occupies is now retroactively part of China and, in the original article, the article's language shifts from Japanese to English because it ate all of Japan in the past (unfortunately, the effect was Lost in Translation). Once the original size of the black hole reaches the size of the Earth, the page has degenerated to an image of stars, a large, gradually increasing number, and a clickable button with only an ellipsis in it. There isn't even a record of the Foundation reducing its size to 0.7 m wide because the Foundation as we know it doesn't exist, and only a black hole remains where Earth used to be. A couple clicks later and the page flat out becomes blank, the black hole having absorbed anything that could record it.


  • Sometimes it's not the SCP itself, but rather the horrible stuff some in the Foundation are willing to stomach. SCP-505-KO (in English here) is a backpack. Once it's swung, severed human body parts are automatically flung out. There is no limit to this. So someone submitted a proposal to attach the backpack to a device that keeps it spinning in order to keep generating free meat. The overseer approves this, but immediately orders the submitter to present himself for evaluation and potential demotion.


  • SCP-ES-005 (in English here), a photo booth cabin. People who stay around it immediately feel like an ever-increasing amount of hands is touching them, and the effect tends to expand with time. If a person sits inside the cabin, all the people outside stops perceiving the hands, at the expense of the poor person inside who now has it all over them. Naturally, the only method of contention is having a person constantly inside, rotating them to avoid excessive stress. And there was the time where the invisible hands dismembered from the inside the person sitting there...
  • SCP-ES-015 (in English here) are pills that are impossible to ingest. Literally. Trying to swallow one just chokes you. Powdering and dissolving it to drink it only accelerates the process. If you manage to introduce it to some living organism, it will cause their death unless you extract the substance from their bodies. And every time, the substance will reform into their original pill form once they got out of the formerly living being. But the real disturbing thing is its backstory: apparently, its creator developed what could be constructed as an improved version of SCP-500, so good it really gives you immortality; but a super-religious coworker decided that this was heresy, so they tampered with the formula so no-one could ingest the substance ever.
  • SCP-ES-019 (in English here), the apocalyptic headphones. It's a pair of headphones that tune to transmissions from different scenarios of human extinction. The people who hear any of them begin to suffer either related PTSD or the physical effects of said scenarios. One of the described world-end scenarios involves the "Human Cattle Breeding project". Just do the math.
  • SCP-ES-020, a funerary urn from the Tonocoté aboriginals. When a person touches it, a humanoid entity with the appearance of an attractive native of the opposite gender invites them to know the wonders of their world, and uses the urn as a portal to a world where the pre-columbine cultures are still alive and blooming. If the person doesn't come back immediately, they begin to integrate into the new culture, up to the point of losing their ability to speak their mother language and instead adopting the local aboriginal language. After some level of integration, the person is offered to remain in that world; many of the subjects accept. All was fine and peachy until a volunteered D-class discovered that some people invited to live in the world inside the urn were offered as human sacrifices and escaped to avoid that fate. The urn also tries to break contention, and from time to time arrows tipped in poison come from it.
  • SCP-ES-021: A horrifying inversion of Humanoid Abomination: a colossal creature that descended from the skies and slowly advanced until finally getting stuck in Taipei. It's resilient enough to tank various nukes, had an extremely developed Healing Factor, is monstrously powerful... and has the mind of a young, bright woman who doesn't understand or remember what has happened to her and wishes to harm nobody, even building graves for her victims and only lashing out when agents were harming said graves. In fact, its only wish is to be killed. Which, incidentally, much to the Foundation and the Coalition's distress, they can't do. They're trying everything. When they saw the nukes were ineffective, they tried to seal her in an unstable, collapsing universe. It did squat to her, to the point she remains stable. She's still stuck in place, immortal. They had to build a building around her to hide everything and keep trying and failing to kill her. And they have to keep trying, because otherwise she'll go mad again. Prognosis says the Foundation is likely to lose Taiwan entirely should she do that.
  • SCP-ES-027, the constantly mutating air ducts of a Venezuelan building, and the man-eating predator that lives in them. Another generic labyrinthine manifestation with attached homicidal being who can be contained by just sealing it, right? Except that isn't limited to that specific building: it can manifest in other buildings on the globe as their wish, and isn't just one creature. The containment procedures had to include feeding them D-class personnel in the original building as a way to impede them to move away from their original location.
  • SCP-ES-029 (in English here), a small island in Chile that was taken over by an off-branch of the Church of the Broken God, and its mechanized population that were infected with a mutated strain of SCP-217 that can infect vegetable and fungi life. The Church managed to control the town in such secrecy that the SCP was only found by chance, but not before the originally small farming village had become a gigantic mining complex. The Foundation managed to contain the area by using a lot of experimental substances, basically forcing oxidation in the entire complex and its zombified/robotized population.
  • SCP-ES-045 (in English here), a doll made of porcelain and... some kind... of human tissue. It makes people stay still, lose their communication skill, and then [DATA EXPUNGED]. The subjects do survive and get better, but get a reasonable fear of dolls after the experience. The doll was found in an abandoned house in a neighborhood after the disappearance of a number of children, which gives you a hint on how this thing was made. When in contention, a note from its creator appeared, promising the doll to rescue her. After a containment breach, which ended with the assigned personnel found with their tongue and several internal organs removed and dressed in baby clothes, another note from the creator was found, saying, more or less "I don't want you anymore. you're as evil as always. Also, I have new toys. Don't come back, or I'll tell Daddy". The thing is so vile, not even its creator wants it back.
  • SCP-ES-053 (in English here), "Mother and ████", combines the unknowing aspect of SCP-579 with an inversion of 231. It consists of an ordinary woman in her thirties and an unknown number of [DATA EXPUNGED] (one of them being a cognito-danger of some sort) that only she is able to contain in their cell. It's implied that whatever she is containing has affected her, to the point that she has stopped collaborating with the Foundation, but the danger they present is so big they can't just be terminated, and merely permitting them to leave their cell can have a massive effect on all the humans' psyches. Word of God is that the SCP itself is easy to contain, only becoming dangerous when the Foundation decided to investigate it, and discovered that even knowing about its existence was enough to expose the world to its effects.
  • SCP-ES-061 (in English here), the alternative VCR player is, in contrast, pretty harmless: just a VHS player that displays the What Could Have Been version of whatever tape you play on it. Until you see that the O5 has forbidden its use with documentaries and non-fiction material after the (expunged) results obtained when it played several documentaries, in particular one about the evolution of men.
  • SCP-ES-065 (in English here). Zalgo, Foundation style. Basically, people exposed to it see strange black splotches covering the eyes and mouth of various images; after a while of exposure, they fall into a catatonic state. After recovering, they try to return to their routine, only that they keep thinking and thinking about the word "Vysserath" until they keep screaming it at all hours. The worst is how it can appear in the Louvre and in a couple of hours move to a New York museum and from there to a normal family's house without rhyme or reason.
  • SCP-ES-071 (in English here) is a memetic agent that manifests as a writing in one of many indigenous languages in the skin of any person that reads its text from any written surface it was transcribed. The text is basically the address of some magical golden city with many riches, but the location differs in each language transcription. The person infected has also vivid mental images of the geographical accidents near the site, acquire the compulsion to go to said city, and the infection can be gotten even if the person doesn't know the language of the text, and every time they want to write it is in said aboriginal language. Fortunately, the memetic effect doesn't spread when said person repeats the content of said text in their mother, occidental language, but since by then the infected has lost their ability of write in anything that isn't the aboriginal language of the text they carry, that's isn't much of a consolation. As if the former wasn't already bad, the four demonstrated "addresses" are all sites specifically geared towards brutally killing all non-native Americans, and more specifically, Europeans. One of the places the text directs is the original location of SCP-ES-082, a Mayan sarcophagus who contains something who gleefully kills anyone of non-indigenous ascendant; another led to an Amazon site teeming with hostile natives who utterly despise foreigners, and a third points towards a Peruvian site filled with twelve of an unknown SCP that was already responsible for a mass grave. The last of the described places had its data expunged, save for the fact that the Foundation had to raze the place with napalm and then irradiated until it was rendered uninhabitable.
  • SCP-ES-081 (in English here) codenamed Gluttony, is a pig made entirely of an unknown living gold compound. Despite its monstrous appetite, it doesn't excrete anything. Its mouth produces an infectious agent that induces ravenous hunger in its victims - the infected investigator is caught when he tries to eat raw coffee beans, but by then the agent has rendered him totally insane, eating one person and parts of himself. When examined, he's begun developing similar behavior to the SCP, and similar golden growths.
  • SCP-ES-088, a labyrinth that can manifest in any hotel or equivalent establishment. You can easily enter it, barely without realizing that its decoration clashes with the rest of the hotel, until it was too late to come back. Inside of it, there are miles and miles of corridors, with no doors and constant muzak. Also, human bodies, the corpses of the people who got lost there and weren't rescued in time. And still, those who died are way luckier than the guy that managed to find "the center"...
  • SCP-ES-091 (in English here), titled "Eugenics Nightmare". It's a village built by a group that intended to perfect the human race via eugenics, however something happened in the place in the early 80s that caused the death of whatever people didn't manage to escape in time. Nowadays, staying in the ruins inspires people with good genes to reproduce, while people with congenital deformities or genetic health problems acquire feelings of self-loathing before getting sterilized by unknown means, or getting involved in situations that lead to sterilization. While their initial experiments with animals didn't gave more results that extremely healthy babies born from genetically imperfect parents, when they did an experiment with mice that carried a cancer gene, it resulted in a situation similar to the famous Universe 25, but within fewer generations and with more violence than in the original experiment. And there is the testimonial of one guy who managed to escape from there, who describes what could be the lifelong dream of Dr. Mengele. To cap it off, one of the members of the Foundation in charge of its contention was raised in said village, and the guy is borderline sociopathic.
    • Dr. Von Braun, the scientist in question, is left with a burning hate for the concept of eugenics and anomalous genetic manipulation. As depraved as he can be, he comes off as better than the Ferguson Institute, the people who built the SCP and who, along with 4R above, bankrolled the development of SCP-ES-295, a retrovirus designed to "selectively improve human quality". Said virus was designed to basically create Aryan supermen out of anyone it infected, but instead fosters the generation of insanely fast-developing teratomas in the shape of Aryan supermen.
  • SCP-ES-099 (in English here) competes in malevolence with SCP-012. It consists of a piano that causes euphoria in anyone who hears it being played, a cashmere coat that makes people more skillful at instruments (especially key ones), and a musical score written for piano which is deemed extremely difficult and that cannot be played on its totality because it makes whoever play it to forget how to play piano. These three are intended to be used together; doing so compels the player to finish the piece while the objects burn them until near death.
  • SCP-ES-137, codenamed Despair. It's yet another of the Eight Sins, a strange golden cat that latched to a lonely man, through whom the anomalous properties present via any form of human contact that evokes even the slightest form of sympathy or compassion. If the man loses visual contact with anyone who has done so, that person will instantly fade from existence. The Foundation has sealed the guy from all forms of human contact, even manipulating his internet connection to ensure even there he receives nothing but ostracism and ridicule. There is one kind of people who can interact with him with zero risk - sadists and sociopaths who don't feel any form of empathy towards him. Unfortunately, the cat offers no protection against the abuse he receives from them.
  • SCP-ES-150, codenamed Greed. It's a snake with golden scales whose bite incites people to develop a beyond-religious obsession with money and to eat all forms of currency they can get their hands on, and after a few days, it causes them to vomit golden coins - recently minted golden coins. As in, fresh out of the mint - boiling hot. When properly bribed, it reveals, via a D-Class, that it's one of several beings patterned after the Seven Deadly Sins... except there's eight of them. Whatever it is, it's working to abandon its current shape and return to the "primeval soup of sin". The Francoist-era anomalous agency routinely had D-Class equivalents routinely bitten and fed cash as a means to drum up some easy gold. Oh, and the Foundation is still doing it. For pretty much the same reason.
  • SCP-ES-204 is yet another Wondertainment product, marketed as Halloween gummies. Depending on the flavor and the costume one's wearing, they dramatically improve the costume to make them incredibly realistic (funnily, it works better the crappier the original costume was). However, every now and then there's a mixed-flavor gummy, that the instructions insist must always be discarded. One boy, wearing a zombie costume, ate the mixed gummy. It transformed him into an actual monster that started a minor Zombie Apocalypse in his school and permanently left him with partial zombie instincts.
  • SCP-ES-276 puts a SCP bent on already painful and horrific history for Latin American countries that have suffered from forced disappearances. The SCP is an utterly impregnable 70's Ford car; when anyone with leftist leanings approaches it, it automatically turns on and three humanoids in military clothes appear inside; they're all implacable and capable of hunting down their quarry up to 100 meters away from the car, making it nearly impossible to evade them when they're in pursuit, especially since they always know where their victims are. Once they catch them, two of the "people" will drag them into the car's boot, return inside and disappear. A few days afterwards, the boot will open and the victim's corpse, bearing signs of torture and invariably killed by drowning, will be tossed out from the inside. The story makes it clear it was a secret project of the Argentinian tyranny, built with the express purpose of grabbing and killing anyone with Marxist leanings. The engineer that made it shows a member of the military what happens to the people who get tossed in the boot...
    Not even death can stop us.


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