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Nightmare Fuel / SCP Foundation SCPs 4000 to 4999

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  • SCP-4000, aka taboo, an SCP whose very designation can't be told due to its strict rule-set. In short the page refers to an extra-dimensional space holding a race of entities, highly implied to be the fae which were talked about in a couple different pages, which is accessed by a well and traveled through a dirt path. The problem though with the skip though is that its very nature prevents people from talking or referring about it directly and they cannot use the same description twice when describing any of the items involved with SCP-4000, lest very bad things happen. This framing paints SCP-4000 in an almost Alice in Wonderland-esque mystery and only gets more weird with the exploration logs, namely with a Dr. Japers and his interviews with a rabbit headed entity. While the interview for the most part seems cordial, a slip up by Dr. Japers in the second interview allows the rabbit creature in the third interview to effectively take his identity, stranding the former Japers in SCP-4000 while the new Dr. Japers is able to blend in seamlessly in the Foundation, despite still being a bunny headed being. Taboo also brings another perspective to Bright's SCP-001 proposal. During the "War on the Factory", many of The Fair Folk fought on the Foundation's side, and only a few turned on the early Foundation forces. The Foundation's response was to commit genocide against the entire sapient species and erase their names, driving the survivors into what is essentially a refugee camp. None of this is mentioned in the "official" Foundation account.
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  • SCP-4002 is a series of tales about Sumerian kings, culminating in Etana. When Etana reigned, the time of men came to an end, and Etana, desperate to save his people, appealed to the gods to give him "The Seed", something that would let humanity flourish. No god would give it to him, except for one called The Black Moon. The Moon told Etana that he would give him the seed, but in time, humanity would again fade, and when the black moon howled, their time would be up. The O5s are pretty horrified to discover that Humanity are the anomaly.
  • SCP-4096, a "complex topological manifold" capable of flipping two sides of an established dichotomy - such as day and night, red and blue, and big and small - in a certain radius when activated by a person. What at the start seems like a vehicle for surreal Black Comedy, including things like infrared light implicitly becoming gamma radiation and a D-class crushed by their own wristwatch during tests issued by the O5 Council, gives way to horror when the anomaly starts spontaneously activating. And every time it activates, its area of effect becomes larger. The truly frightening part is when it flips silence and speech and spends several minutes pleading to no avail, as it is unable to be heard. Combined with its other spontaneous activations, all in the course of a day, this paints a very unsettling picture: this reality warping thing is sapient, it does not like being experimented on, and it wants out. And as of the time of the document's writing? SCP-4096 represents the Foundation itself, with the O5s being trapped inside the manifold due to it reversing contained and uncontained and the rest of the Foundation resigned to just leaving them there.
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  • SCP-4264 is a rare case where the human element is scarier then the anomaly. John Peron, a school teacher, learns he has reality warping powers that make any example he writes in a lesson plan come true. He uses his ability to make his students prove the Rieman Hypothesis and win a million dollars. The Global Occult Coalition take the students hostage as they know the students are linked to an anomaly, but John saves them. In response the Global Occult Coalition drop chemical weapons on John's county killing all of the students and presumably hundreds of others as well.
  • SCP-4666 combines the fridge-creepy aspects of Santa Claus, with the full out horror of Krampus. It's a humanoid creature that haunts a family for weeks during Christmas season, culminating in it kidnapping the youngest child, and torturing the family to death. Sounds bad? It gets worse. Turns out the kids it kidnaps are forced to work to death in a sweatshop turned up to 11, making toys out of other children. The "toys" are given to the 15% of children the thing leaves alone. If they stop working, they're next in line for toymaking. And the earliest report is from the late 1400s, with implications that it may have been active for far longer. How does the Foundation know about this? Well, one "toy", a grotesque doll made from a little girl, was still alive.
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  • SCP-4831 is a simple SCP that brings up a horrifying situation. SCP-4831 is a bathroom that suddenly one day when SCP-4831-1 entered the room, locked and became indestructible to all attempt to open or destroy the room. SCP-4831-1 is a non-anomalous young man by the name of Tucker unfortunate enough to be trapped in this situation. The worst part is that the articles has transcripts of he and his parent's realization of what happened and their futile attempts to open the door and the mother and son's realization that he is going to spend the rest of his life in there.
  • While the last third of SCP-4950 takes a surprisingly well-executed turn into meme-fuelled comedy, the situation presented is still quite terrifying - a tiny cult with minimal resources intentionally summoning a potentially universe-destroying nanomachine god and nearly succeeding thanks to a loophole in how the required sacrifices work which was incredibly easy to exploit with common modern technology.
  • SCP-4975 is a naked, humanoid bird creature that has a habit of rotating it's neck to a rhythmic beat, causing a clicking sound not unlike the ticking of a clock. It stalks its prey for months on end, using its clicking to frighten them, and when the time comes to feast on them, it stops turning its neck to signify that time's up. 4975 also has a property where it can exist in two places at the same time, both within its containment cell, and while being perceived by its prey, who are helpless to stop it. Finally, the page itself has a quirk that kicks in after about 2 minutes if you happen to be wearing headphones: you'll begin to hear a clock tick.


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