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    General theories 
SCP-3166 doesn't just look like Garfield.
He IS Garfield, and he's gone insane because of his time in the SCP Universe. The anomalous comic strips depict his first visit to the SCP universe, where no one he knows exists. The last of the anomalous strips depicts Garfield losing his sanity, and every manifestation afterwards has SCP-3166 attacking everything in sight because HE DOESN'T KNOW HE'S ATTACKING PEOPLE. He thinks he's still in his universe surrounded by his friends and family.

The Foundation is SCP-000.
Think about this: how exactly does one get thousands of disposable employees? Complete government trust, and a private army to boot? All a little crazy, right? An SCP is a universal anomaly that acts in a certain arbitrary manner: the only canon in SCP Foundation is that any logical presumption is not universal. The Foundation is a memetic entity with the desire to create an internally consistent universe, nearly always refusing to use SCP objects for non-SCP-related benefit. That's why it's so ruthless or even reckless with human life. It's not "protecting" humanity, or even itself, because it's a universal self-maintenance mechanism, a sort of governance for the multiverse, easily capable of Donnie-Darko-style attracting people to itself to maintain the cosmic hierarchy.
  • Confirmed (as much as anything can be when there's no canon): There's actually a proposal for SCP-001 built on this very idea. It's hard to read and understand, but the basic implication is exactly as you've said - the Foundation itself is SCP-001, and that's how it's Ass Pulling its resources.

It's an anomaly built with special power for the purpose of preserving existence. In other words, it's an SCP.

Everything in the SCP universe is an anomaly
  • We know that there are several SCP's that have abilities that only activate when a certain action is performed. For example SCP-674, if you didn't point it at a TV show then you never would have discovered it's anomalous properties. So every object in the world might have anomalous properties that just have really specific activation parameters.
    • In a way, that makes sense if you read the article explaining exactly what a mimetic effect is. It isn't an effect bestowed on someone by an anomaly, it's a trigger unlocking latent aspects of the brain, be it special powers or the desire to "strangle your your companions with your own intestines."

The reason the Keter-class beings didn't end the world before the Foundation started is because they naturally keep each other in check.
Many of the highly destructive beings seem aware of one another and often mutually inimical, like when SCP-682 recognized and fought SCP-17. There is a higher, self-sustaining cosmic order to the universe that humans do not understand. The Foundation is an annoyance and is messing up this balance of the cosmos, potentially destroying existence.

Facts are redacted in order to make SCPs scarier, so that governments will tolerate the Foundation.
SCPs are edited to be as scary as possible. The first SCP is not a doomsday monster but merely a fetal creature. It will haunt your nightmares certainly, but it can't threaten the universe. SCPs are not Lovecraftian and beyond our comprehension: they only seem that way because of redactions, blackboxes, and expunging. The Foundation has a vested interest in its mystery: that's the only way governments will trust its ruthless methods are just, and ruthless methods are massively profitable.

Every SCP was created by SCP-914
SCP-914 is one of the few SCP's that creates unique anomalous objects, and has by far the greatest range of possible effects.

At some point in the past (either before or after falling into Foundation custody) SCP-914 was used to create every SCP that the foundation has contained. SCP-001 is what caused/created SCP-914.

SCP 343 isn't God.
He simply wishes to heavily imply he is God, to mess with the Foundation. In the SCP universe, God doesn't exist, because God made the universe fundamentally sane, and SCP canon fundamentally isn't. If the Foundation was doing His will and God didn't want to interfere in stuff like the constant attempts to kill SCP-682, that doesn't make sense either: why would God show up in the first place if he didn't want to interfere?
  • Cain would probably disagree on there not being a God part.
    • Just because he doesn't fit the common perception of God, doesn't mean he is not actually God in the SCP universe. For all we know, scp-343 very well could be God, and simply created the universe to see what would happen.

SCP-882 is the heart of god from The God And World and SCP-835 is The God Of Flesh it fought with.
The Church of the Broken God want to bring back the Gear God and will try to destroy any other SCPs that correspond to the other areas in the story.
  • Close, but no cigar; the God of Flesh is most likely SCP-610, AKA The Flesh That Hates, AKA YALDABAOTH; it is also likely related to the practices of the Sarkic cult, which is basically the Church of the Broken God except with tumors and other Body Horror instead of gears.

SCP-962 worships the broken god.
The thing inside 962 believes that a "GREAT ONE" was shattered during the creation of the earth and later turned into the "GREAT ONES", AKA humankind. The church of the broken god believe that their god was, well, broken at some point in the past, and are trying to put him back together. Both centre around various metals, with 962 twisting various specimens of wildlife into a humankind shape, and the church offering metal as sacrifices, as well as augmenting some members with clockwork limbs.

The SCP Foundation website is a cover-up.

Dr. Clef isn't just lying about himself, he's lying about everything.
None of his adventures that he writes about are in any way true at all.
  • This story implies that all his adventures are due to a corruption of an ordinary scientist's records by the fan-fic plague
    • Well, it implies that his differing origin stories are caused by SCP-732, but as for his exploits at the Foundation, Clef doesn't write all of those pages himself, and cross-checks by more reliable authors' pages seem to check out stuff that isn't explicitly stated otherwise.
      • A major containment breach has resulted in the plague infecting most/all of the SCP database, which is why there is no canon, at least half of the entries are just 'fanfiction' based on the original documents.

The SCP Wiki is part of a cover-up
The REAL SCP Foundation publicizes some of its most leak-prone materials through the site so that if the documents actually are linked they'll get traced back to the wiki and written off as a boring 4chan micro-fiction project.
  • That's not a Wild Mass Guess, that's explicitly stated repeatedly.
    • Except no, it isn't.
  • You realize, of course, this implies that the REAL Foundation is covering up shit that's so dangerous, their willing to let information about SCP-682 get out because it's not as bad by comparison?
    • Rather, SCP-682 is one of the most likely of the SCPs to be heard about. Anybody who claims that a disaster was caused by 682's escape will be ignored as a nutcase who reads too much internet.
    • No. That's not the horrifying part. They're covering up shit that's so dangerous that they're willing to fully disclose SCP-835.
      • No. The horrifying part is that it's so dangerous that they've not only disclosed SCP-1048, but disclosed that SCP-1048 has breached containment.
    • This also explains why the site admins hate it when you mention SCPs as being real. Because they're in on it too.

Dr. Palmer doesn't really exist.
Nothing proves her existence, just a handful of namedrop moments... no profile page, no photography, nothing.
  • That's because (with a few rare exceptions) only actual site members are more than namedrops.

SCP-914 and SCP-882 are infused with the substance extracted by SCP-158
It makes sense.

One that can hold a violent, indestructible reptile, several angels, several gods, at least two Gods, a number of eldritch abominations, and a number of locations that sometimes can't even be kept track of by their very nature. All this while having a monthly turnover of all nonessential personnel and maintaining The Masquerade. The reluctance of the Tribunal to make a final decision on classifying SCP-001 is to hide that SCP-001 is really the [REDACTED] and chronologically first to be catalogued by nature of being the catalogue itself.
  • Perhaps the foundation itself is a memetic hazard. The reason 001 has multiple proposals is because the parts of all members (Even Clef) that has yet to be infected is trying to express itself. And the reason they crack down on other memetic hazards is because the foundation doesn't want competition.

SCP-239 never believed what the Foundation told her.
They told her she was a witch, and they were an order of magic users. She alters reality to how she thinks it is. So if she really believed them, why hasn't reality changed to match?
  • Her powers were stated to be localized or What she can see, she can change
    • It's stated that her powers apply to herself though.

  • The infected are hive-minded, and seek to mindlessly infect everyone else.
  • Both can deform an infected person.
  • Both can infect non-organic structures, and have done so on a wide scale.
  • Both are predominantly a sickly red in color.
  • Both are being combated by a secret agency.
  • Both cause zombies and special types of zombies.
    • Confirmed by its original author on the talk page.

The SCP Foundation is a front organization... for the exact same organization
  • Something this bizarre appearing on the internet is bound to be dismissed, at first, as fiction
  • Although there will be counter arguments that it's all true
  • The debate and conflicting views, while drawing attention, don't actually draw attention to the SCPs or organization itself, just to those involved in the debate. The conspiracy theorists, weirdos, skewed people, cynics, pseudo-cynics who don't actually know, people arguing one side over the other. And not any of the important stuff. These just mark it as another "thing off the internet" and not of any great concern...
    • And what better way to mask the Foundation, than by not trying to hide it? After all, anything that looks even vaguely like a cover up will be subject to wild and bizarre theories and possibly the truth.
    • So you don't cover it up at all, allowing the Foundation to be easily hidden by the smoke of the internet
      • And a second layer, by having someone explain this, as yet another crazy theory
      • and so on...
      • ...and so on...
  • Definitely: "Maintaining the Masquerade," item 1
  • Plus, this would allow the general public to know how to defend themselves against these anomalies without having to know of their existence.
Theta Prime isn't a number
Although dangerous, it is possible to store Theta Prime electronically. given the fact that computers are designed using our "flawed" mathematics, any attempt to store it electronically would have to store the symbol used to represent it, rather then the numerical value itself. Thus, Theta Prime's unusual properties are a result of the symbol used to represent it. The formula that proves Theta Prime's existence as a number is flawed, but the symbol for Theta Prime hypnotizes anyone who sees it into being unable to find fault in that formula or any other that supposedly proves its existence as a number.

Theta Prime is the result of pi being broken
The Rules of The Internet clearly state: "Any breaking of pi will result in pi being broken. No one knows the consequences. You have been warned."Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked pi, and now here we are.
  • And the realization of this is what prompted the creation of SCP-4628

Theta Prime is a number from another dimension
We didn't miss a number. A number was added, from some other universe, and it integrates itself into anything it can break by screwing up the number system that thing works off of.

529's hindquarters exist
They are merely not attached to the front half, and are wandering around somewhere.

If the "Global Occult Coalition" Wiki is successful, "The Church of the Broken God" and "Marshall, Carter, and Dark, Ltd." will also gain wikis.
  • Just imagine how the sites would look: CBG's site would be full of various "relics" and "lore", similar to SCP foundation, but with a pseudo-religious Path of Inspiration feel to it, and some sort of Metaplot. The MCD wiki, on the other hand, would be a virtual catalog supernatural artifacts, with "Customer Reviews" detailing objects... "issues"...
The reason 076-2 regenerates and kills is because of his past with 073.
I mean, they're Cain and Abel, and everybody knows it. Abel wasn't originally an implacable death-dealer; he was just a shepherd (hence his innate skill in cattle farming). Because of the nature of his original death, though, and his being favored by 343 (076 is a Marty Stu because the biblical Abel was also), he was resurrected with a unending thirst for vengeance. Also, if 073 ever kills 076 again without doing so via his curse, Abel will stay dead.

914 is from 682's home dimension.
There seems to be some sort of sentient force behind the machine. However, it has been determined that the machine itself isn't sentient. This implies that the objects placed into 914 are sent somewhere, where they are modified and returned. If this was 682's world, it would explain the obsession with it.

The only thing SCP-028 can't tell you is how to destroy SCP-682.
Due to Murphy's Law.

SCP-107-J is Bananaphone
Remember the animation that made it a meme for a while? It played in a guys head until he went practically comatose and died, and then one of the other guys in the animation started hearing it. SCP-107 is a bit more extreme, but it's otherwise quite similar...
  • Congratulations, you found the joke.

SCP-447 created SCP-682 from a dead body.
It would explain why the SCP Foundation is extremely averse to SCP-447 being near a dead body.

SCP-447 created SCP-173 from a dead body.
It explains itself.

SCP-239 is SCP-343's daughter
They're part of the Holy Trinity - 343 is the "Father" and 239 is the "Son". Mr.Deeds is a Holy Spirit - when he was trapped in SCP-662, the Trinity got separated. Most of God's power has been divided between Father and Son aspects. Mr. Deeds has much more limited power, but also seems far more reasonable and knows much more that 343 or 239, so he might inhibited most of God's infinite wisdom, but can use it only to answer questions he has been asked. The Son absorbed all feminine aspects of God, thus explaining why his form is of a little girl. 239 doesn't remember being a part of Holy Trinity, neither does Mr. Deeds. 343 remembers being God and creating the Universe, but he doesn't remember separation and thinks he's whole, that's why he doesn't try to reunite with either 239 or Mr. Deeds.

Following above theory, SCP-682 is an anomaly created by separation of Holy Trinity
That's why 343 cannot see it and claims he didn't create it. 682's existence is possible by God's absence and it cannot die as long as the Trinity is broken. Once 343, 239 and Mr. Deeds unite again, the first thing reborn God will do is to destroy 682.

SCP-447 was somehow created from dead bodies
The evidence? When a corpse was run through SCP-914, the result was noted as being very similar to SCP-447...
  • Not just similar; it was identical.
  • Not only that, but SCP-447-2 run through the "Rough" setting produced a human corpse that [DATA EXPUNGED].

Dr. Clef is Satan and also one of SCP-166's parents.
Specifically, he's the "elder being of great power" named as 166's father when she was left at the church. This would explain his immunity to her attracts-all-men thing, her immunity to his disgusts-all-women thing, and (depending on which version of Satan you use as a base) possibly also SCP-166's extreme piety.
  • Confirmed here, at least the 166 part. The part about him being Satan is almost confirmed, if it weren't for the word "maybe"...

When SCP-447 comes into contact with dead bodies, it creates The Zombie Apocalypse from #93.
All the evidence is there; look at the final log for SCP-093 and 914's experiment log.
  • This turns 447 from funny to pants-shitting.
  • So would that mean that SCP-447-2 is His Holy Tears?

SCP-231-7's whatever-the-fuck-that-is feeds on pain:
Okay, so the first 231 gave birth but was not put through Montauk beforehand, and was not touched by the Foundation: Casualties in the thousands. Now consider 231-5, who gave birth later in a botched Montauk attempt, after probably having gone through it for God know how many times - that means the pain the fetus absorbed was gigantic. That it wiped out an entire Foundation site (usually very large) proves that its damage is proportional to the pain the abomination has eaten upon giving birth.

  • And the know-how to Procedure Montauk was provided by the cultists' documents, who obviously wanted the damage to be as large as possible. It's possible the documents were left behind to trick Well-Intentioned Extremist like the Foundation into breaking things. It also explains why there's a note saying the Foundation isn't looking to cure her, because "they've got exactly what they want where they want it". After such repeated Montauks, ever stopping would truly cause the end. As bad as it seems, the Foundation are having the best cards possible for now, hence "what they want where they want".

SCP-231's [DATA EXPUNGED] is another SCP-682
The Montauk Monster was a corpse that washed up on a beach that looks like a monster. The picture of SCP-682 is of a similar oddity. The procedure to eliminate SCP-231's [DATA EXPUNGED] is called 110-Montauk. Everyone at SCP is terrified of SCP-682. If she's going to give birth to one, it makes sense that they'd go to ridiculous, hideous lengths to prevent it.
  • Or, SCP-682 was the child of SCP-231-6, with the first 5 being weaker versions that the foundation eventually managed to destroy, which explains even better why they'd go to such lengths to make sure SCP-231-7 never gives birth.
    • Of course the reason the births of the children of SCP-231-1, SCP-231-2, SCP-231-3, SCP-231-4, SCP-231-5 and SCP-231-6 were getting worse after each one could be because the first child AKA SCP-682 has been eating the other latter children and getting stronger from each one's assimilation(the 2 SCP-682s the original was split into were at half mass and when one devoured and assimilated the other it reached the original SCP-682's mass) which is something the foundation would like to avoid.

SCP-682 is actually a retarded form of its species.
Imagine. Even slightly dumber or weaker or less superadapting than the rest of its kind. And now think how hard it is for the Foundation to keep it under control, and what might have happened if, say, a normal specimen was out in the world...
  • Maybe it's a baby one and is just cranky because it wants its mother.
    • And the mother is SCP-055?

The last SCP-404 log with the dead D-class was about SCP-053.
The number is blacked out and the strongest implications are probably that it was SCP-231, but think about it. 053 induces uncontrollable rage in adult humans, and that's precisely what happened with the final picture. Perhaps the final picture was 053 having a Glamour Failure and she actually looks like something as horrifying to humans as humans are to SCP-682 ...

Someone in the Foundation is named Fred.
When SCP-423 was exposed to a hard copy of its own experiment log, it briefly created an endless Recursive Reality. A similar experiment was run using SCP-826 and gave the same result. This raised the possibility that the SCP Foundation and the world around it may already exist within some kind of printed document. Since then, guest researcher Fred has become the target of many suspicions.

SCP-208 is Santa Claus.
He's a short and stout (i.e. fat) man with a beard, is really friendly, is fond of children and makes everyone around him feel good. Sounds like a match to me.

The reason you can't see 055 is because it's an Eldritch Abomination.
Think about it. Maybe the reason you can't see it is because You Cannot Grasp the True Form of it. It's so horrible, so awful, so downright terrifying that your mind instantly erases it form memory.
  • That makes waaay too much damn sense,
    • And is also kind of supported by one story where a D class walks into SCP-028 and starts screaming about an unstoppable destructive force, "At Site 19… number Fift…" before forgetting everything he was saying...

Warren Ellis is a member of SCP Foundation
C'mon, some of their SCPs looks like something he could pull out.

The reason you can't see 055 is because it's Milhouse.
Because Milhouse is not a meme. (Sorry.)
  • Wait, since when is there a 055?

SCP-231-7 is not an SCP, nor will it ever give birth to one.
There are no SCP-231-1 through SCP-231-6. The SCP Foundation made up that story. What is SCP-231-7, really? She's just some little girl that the Foundation was able to kidnap. They now use her to do psych evaluations for the squicky stuff that DOES have to be done; to make sure that the D-Class really is willing to do anything. Further, as she ages at a normal rate, there is a continuous rotation—when the current SCP-231-7 gets too old to invoke the intended psychological effect, they terminate her and get a new one.
  • Surely there are infinitely less convoluted and expensive ways to test that? The Foundation have enough problems getting hold of enough D-class as it is, and since they have to put potential workers through a round of psychological tests before even letting them know 231 exists, this theory is a bit wasteful of time and money.
  • Someone in Something Awful's SCP thread found a comment that said there is no 231: the whole story is just a Secret Test of Character to prepare potential researchers for the terrible things they'll have to do to in order to protect the world and if they can't handle it "a very bored guard with a gun" can take care of them. It can't be proved either way thanks to the magic of No Continuity.

The universe is expanding because SCP-184 is not contained in an object.
Which also means new and increasingly... off universes are being continually created by the thing. It may be better to contain it in a cardboard box.

The creature 231-7 would give birth to is the creature behind the 093 apocalypse.
We have a girl pregnant with an Eldritch Abomination that would destroy the world. We have an Eldritch Abomination that destroyed a world. Do the math.

She was told by a man called Mr. Green that she had no parents, this is because he created her.

SCP-040-1a is causing harm to SCP-040.
SCP-040-1a is a symbiotic life form that feeds on nutrients from 040's bloodstream. It's likely that it is taking too many from her which is why she has sensitive skin and brittle hair.

The band Anal Cunt has encountered SCP-230 before.
If this is true, that encounter would have been the inspiration for this song.

Now, if we find out Anal Cunt is hiding a time machine, we'd have to check to see if they actually went back in time and voted for Hitler.

SCP-682 was once human
He somehow gained access to the ability to self-modify, and decided he really, really didn't like human existence.

SCP-682 and SCP-343 are Eldritch Abominations with respect to each other.
From 343's viewpoint: 682 is so alien that he can't sense it at all, and he knows he never created anything like that. 682: When they tried using SCP-536 to dispatch 682 (536 creates localized alterations of cosmic constants like strong nuclear force and speed of light—a pocket Eldritch Location, essentially), not only did it not work, despite successfully dispatching tissue samples, it seemed like 682 was enjoying it. Never mind Earthly life forms—our cosmos is an Eldritch Location to it. So guess how it views the creator of such a dominion...or would view...

SCP and GOC are actually headed by the same person/people.
While the obviously sane thing to do is have one organization dedicated to preserving certain artifacts and destroying others, you run into the problem of people who are variously concerned only with preservation or destruction, not both. Solution: Create one organization for each in order to streamline the preservation and destruction, and get those only-interested-in-one-aspect candidates. Create a fiction of independent existence and rivalry for further catalyzing. If you're nefarious enough (like certain rumors about Clef indicate), you can even use the GOC to further world conquest goals by tricking them into thinking certain artifacts are too dangerous to humanity to exist...and thus have them destroy things whose very existence made your conquest more difficult...
  • One tale posits that the same person runs most if not all of the major groups of interest in the 'verse.

Exposing 447 to dead bodies...
...Causes the bodies to reanimate. And sing show tunes. Really bad show tunes.
  • Now, is that really a terrible enough scenario that faking contact will cause O5 personnel to shit their pants with fear? (See the list of Things Dr Bright Is No Longer Allowed To Do.)
    • You're underestimating just how bad these show tunes really are. Have you ever heard "Over the Rainbow" sung acappella by a bunch of people with, at best, half their vocal chords intact? And never stopping?

SCP-272 is the key to killing SCP-682
It's probably greatest tool for inflicting vigorous amounts of physical trauma at astronomic speed ever conceived; it's just a matter of getting a fast moving and/or powerful enough light source to maximize the distance between the thing we want to kill and its shadow. We could probably create a light strong enough to pin its shadow to the moon, for starters. And it'd be interesting to see how this tremendous intellect reacts to the insanity effect if it can be pinned in place for three days, which in its regular sedated state doesn't seem unlikely. . .
  • nope it was tested and failed, he just started glowing.

106 and 035 are connected
Think about it. They both secrete corrosive fluid, the both torture for fun (albeit in different ways) and they both poses space warping abilities. if that was not enough, 035 host degrades physically but continues to function. 106 is in an advanced state of decay but still functions.

The Black Lord's banishment from the Kingdom of Alagadda resulted in his mask being separated from his body.
Reading between the lines on how he was "cast into some dreadful dimensional backwater", the Wearer of the Anguished Mask (SCP-035) has been exiled to the Crapsack World of Earth. While the mask's fate is known, the state of the rest of him is overlooked.

SCP-096 is a juggernaut of a being that isn't quite human, it's most damning features being its regenerative powers and facial features... features that can quite easily be covered by a mask. 035's acids would destroy normal users - that's why 682 has caught its interests - so 096 probably could fit the purpose as well. There's an odd compatibility between the two: a calculating, cultured mask that stains its wearer with a black acid contrasting a ballistic, feral creature with a cursed face and the capability of wearing it for the long run. Together, they would be balanced.  

682 is female.
053's picture with the Desire Camera showed her playing with 682, with the monster wearing a frilly dress. If anyone's equipped to identify whether 682 is female or not, it's probably 053. This leaves open the horrible possibility that it may breed.

231-7 knows damn well what she's carrying, and was in on the cultists' plan.
Well, you can tell yourself that so you can sleep at night ... But it is within the realms of possibility, considering the Foundation has already encountered cases of the Enfant Terrible. Even if she wasn't keen to actually release it on the world before, she probably is now. Wouldn't you be? The Procedure may or may not be something perfectly harmless. The heavy restraints and suicide prevention are because 231 is actively trying to release her monster. Not as far-fetched as it sounds; the white-text poem includes the line "her screaming cries did shake the skies as she called out for her king".

They expunged the data so the ridicule of the situation would have as little exposure as possible.

Procedure 110-Montauk isn't done to SCP-231-7.
It's done to the extracted fetus: Possibly the only thing worse than everything implied by 110-Montauk is being forced to watch it happen to your own offspring as you're restrained to the bed. Then after they're done having their way with it they force SCP-231-7 to administer a Mercy Kill.
  • Expanding on this; simply removing the thing has been shown to activate it. Once it's been neutralised, it has to be put back, either the way it came out or by forcing her to eat it.
  • Alternatively to the above, but not contradicting the original suggestion, the point of Procedure 110-Montauk isn't just torture - it's to ritually kill or sacrifice the baby, either to appease the eldritch or to ensure it can't be used as a viable host. But then they need a new foetus to serve as the next failed host/sacrifice for the entity...

231 is actually contained within a main SCP site.
The convoluted method of getting there is just a red herring.

557 originally contained 682.
Mention is made of the "bastard son of Apep"; Apep was a serpent god, and the reptile theme would fit.
  • Based on some old discussions, that was originally going to be outright implied. But they're not too fond of cross-referencing.
  • Another possibility is it contained a left-over "Destroyer" from SCP-1050.

582 is Slender Man's hobo brother.
He does pretty much what Slender Man does (such as existing because "fiction" about him exists), but doesn't seem to be as "well-dressed."

Dr. King has witnessed the effects of an apple from 891.
After that sort of experience, I'd be terrified of apple-seeds (and anything else apple-related) too.

SCP-682 can only be destroyed by something we would regard as utterly harmless
Because they'd never think of that at the SCP Foundation.

Diamanda Hagan went mad from watching SCP-993 as a child
The demented clown make-up, the crazed behavior, the cursing... it all fits.

SCP-321 is Bright's sibling, too.
In page comments, Dr. Bright (the writer) said that in his personal canon, Jack Bright has an older brother, Mikell (aka "05-6" aka "Agent Cowboy"), and a younger brother, TJ (aka SCP-590). In the Foundation Tale titled We're Off To Be The Lizard, Dr. Bright (the character) confirms having a sister named "Claire Pierce." One of Dr. Bright's entries in the Wanderer's Library, The Tale Of The Brothers, details three brothers and two sisters as descendants of the Prophet. The three brothers are clearly Mikell, Jack, and TJ, and the "other [sister] who runs from her blood" must be Claire, as the first sister is said to have been stillborn. In Bright's SCP-001 Proposal, 05-1 refers to Jack's father as "Adam." 321 is female. Her parents are named Adam and Evelyn in 321's report, which Dr. Bright also authored. Both of these Adams were 05's. (Admittedly, the Adam from 321's page worked his way up to 05 status from Junior Researcher, while the Adam from the 001 proposal was a founding member, and thus was an original 05. Also, 321-Adam's last name has only five letters, and could not be "Bright" as 001-Adam's was.)

In Procedure 110-Montauk, they force SCP-231-7 to watch cheesy movies. The worst they can find...
...But unlike Mike and Joel, she doesn't have any robot friends to help keep her sanity.

The entity within SPC-911 is the mind of the Broken God.
It wants to merge with at least two other SCPs, which is also what its Church seeks.

SCP-682 is Gustave.

The entity in SCP-1315 Level 18 is functionally identical to 173
"This challenge is easier for two players than for a single player", because one can blink while the other looks.

If/When the site ever makes it that far, SCP-4869 will be a supernaturally clever ace detective.
It wouldn't be the first time the foundation had used thematically appropriate numbers.

SCP 073-2 is Enkidu

First of, it's Able, not Abel.SCP 073-2 is a humanoid-but not actual human from the Middle East from the dawn of human civilisation, whose native language seems a very ancient Sumerian. It is superhuman, i.e. about equal to Gilgamesh. His favorite work is the Epic of Gilgamesh. And he is very good in animal husbandry.

SCP-053 and SCP-682 are from the same reality/dimension
In fact, they're the same species. And SCP-682's in love.

  • It has been confirmed that 053 is, in all respects, biologically human. Whatever's wrong with her, it has nothing to do with where she came from.

"SCP-980 was found at the █████ █████ apartment complex in ████████, ██, after several hours of exposure to SCP-980 caused deaths and mental harm to nearby civilians as well as color and shape simplification to said apartment complex and many objects inside. At the time of acquisition, it was wearing heavy winter clothing and a hood. SCP-980 has not responded thus far to inquiries as to how it came to be, though room 307 seemed to have been affected more than other nearby locations. In addition, the tenant of room 307, ████ ██████, was unaccounted for among the bodies of SCP-980's "victims"."

SCP-674 does work, just in an alternate universe.
The SCP also causes the user to see the TV broadcasts from the universe he's slowly depopulating of major political figures.

SCP-557 was the first incarnation of the SCP Foundation.
It was "an ancient prison and containment site" for heretics, sorcerers and the abnormal. Sound familiar? And then there's what could very well have been SCP-682 formerly locked up in the deepest, most secure part.

For those who don't know, Ammit was a demon who had the head of a crocodile, body of a lion, and hindquarters of a hippopotamus. In Egyptian mythology, every person would undergo a trial before he or she could pass onto the afterlife, often by weighing their hearts on the Scales of Ma'et, the personification of order. If the heart was heavy with sin, then the person would be devoured by Ammit and refused entry. So how does this apply to 682?Ammit has the face to qualify as a "vaguely reptile-like creature," and the lion part of her would provide the mane that is present on the photo (and most artistic renditions) of 682. Moreover, she pretty much kills everyone who's deemed unworthy. SCP-682 is so violent because it in turn deems everyone in the world as "disgusting" and horrifyingly wrong. Therefore, it can be concluded that 682 is Ammit forcefully brought to our world. By seeing and judging us all by the scales of Ma'et, it deems us all as unworthy and attempts to kill us as a result.
  • Ammit was a female demon, too, so that would tie in to an above guess regarding 053's gender-telling ability.
  • Based on 682's attitude, we can also safely conclude that no Egyptian actually passed the trial.
  • It's also possible that because no one living has gone through the preparations for the Egyptian afterlife, Ammit/682 immediately judges them all as unworthy. Kind of like a video game glitch: none of us are meant to be before Ammit at this point, so she freaks out and tries to kill us all.

682 comes from a place where there is no concept of death.
This is also why it hates all Earthly life with a passion. We, as creatures that can and will inevitably die while being forced to rely on random mutation and reproduction for changes, are basically half baked abominations that should not exist from its perspective. The fact that there are creatures who can't automatically adapt to everything on the spot and don't live for eternity is a Go Mad from the Revelation moment for it.

The key to killing 682 lies in exploiting its ability to live.
682 seems to institutionally react to other SC Ps, adapting to them almost without conscious decision. So if you introduce an SCP intended to prolong life, it will adapt to counteract this. What would be a counteraction to extending life? Dying. Or, alternatively, Revive Kills Zombie.
  • Counter-WMG. It doesn't occur often, but 682's reaction with 999 isn't gain "immunity to tickle", it's Power Copying (allow it to send energy wave that make people collapse into crippling fits of laughter). So the most likely case of expose it to life extending is...even greater degree of Nigh-Invulnerability.

231-7 is nothing if not someone "whose life was tattered by trauma she never deserved." She received one mere act of human kindness, and because it interrupted the effects of Procedure 110-Montauk, the Foundation killed the man responsible. They then performed the procedure and wiped her memory again as if nothing had happened.
  • This was mentioned by the writer of that tale in the comment section of Decency.

SCP-447 and a dead body produce SCP-106.
An old man in an advanced stage of decomposition? Secreting a mucus-like substance that seems to be a corrupted, necromatic version of 447-2's ability? Keter-class designation? They're all there.

SCP-001 isn't guarding Eden from man, it is guarding Eden from God.

On the Seventh day, God was satisfied with his creation. The world had been created, man was told to never eat from the tree of knowledge, the angels rejoiced, and the Lord rested. His world was perfect, with a very clear set of rules, he didn't fill the world with monsters and horrors like others had, He wanted His world to be happy. However, in His rest, something found a way in. A creature from another realm, something He couldn't see, something he couldn't understand, for He didn't create it. It tricked man to eat from the tree, it gave them knowledge on the underlining principles of His world, gave them the ability to learn, explore, and question the world around them. He was angry. Not knowing of the creature, in His anger He threw man out of the garden, not knowing evil and unable to comprehend something not made by Him. The Angels, however, did know what happened. There explaining and defending of man's actions went on deaf ears of a being that was all powerful and all knowing, but only of what was His. The Angels cast him out of the garden, blocked the staircase to the pearly gates that lie in there. One of there number always stands on guard at the gate, preventing the entry of the ever curious man, the evil that keeps seeping in through the cracks of reality, and the Old Man who's blindness caused it all.

All or at least the majority of SCPs are the result of objects from other universes
It is canon (what ever loose canon we can claim for this universe) that several of the SCPs are not from our universe, 682 being a prime example, and others are portals to other places. The simple logical step, these items are not from our universe. They don't follow the laws of physics, because they are from a universe with a very different laws of physics, places without Newtons three laws would seem to be the most logical first start. The barriers between universe is just filled with holes that objects slip out of one and into another, areas that exist in multiple universes at once, and hidden ways to get between universes. It would also explain why objects from the future and the past, they come from universe with a slightly slower or faster "times" (or earth with a slightly different gravity).

SCP-682 knows what Procedure 110-Montauk is.
Which is why he thinks we're "disgusting".

Marshall, Carter, and Dark is not located in London itself, but the City of London.
Ok, this one can take some real world explaining. In the real life London, there is actually a tiny city within the capital of the UK called the "City of London." Once a Roman trading post protected by sturdy walls and became rich and very powerful even after the Roman empire collapsed. Come in William the Conqueror, who found that besieging a city with a big stone wall (most castles were still wood at the time) on a river with a ton of trading connections was to much trouble and reached an agreement that he would leave the city alone and let them have all the rights they gotten used to if they agree to call him their king. Fast forward to today, the city of London stands, still within the mile long chunk that the Romans made right in the middle of the nation. Its unique status which has held to this day, they can ignore many laws and regulations that apply to the rest of the country, and is often called the financial center of the world, with how many banks and large corporations are located there. It seems just the logical place for the ultra rich to have a base where they experience many forbidden and unique pleasures.

Able was Genghis Khan.

Both are known to be highly skilled in combat and military tactics, with major bloodlust issues.

Able's tomb was unearthed in Mongolia; Genghis Khan was buried in Mongolia, but nobody knows where. It fits that, since this is Able we're talking about, the medieval Mongols might not have wanted him to resurrect again.

  • Can't. Able is almost completely asexual, or at least, has no interest in sex. Ghengis Khan personally fathered so many kids he is a direct ancestor to .5A% of all humanity.

The 'trickster forest god' that saved humanity from SCP-1000 was Dr. Clef
Really, wouldn't it fit his personality?

The monster inside of SCP-432 is a Wendigo
One of the items retrieved from the explorations of SCP-432 was an empty food tin, with traces suggesting that human tissue and blood had been mixed with the food. Wendigo are malevolent spirits that transform those who commit cannibalism into monsters. At some point, somebody wandered into the cabinet and ate human flesh mixed with the tinned beans. They transformed into a monster and now wander the labyrinth and hunt anyone else who comes in.

SCP-914 and SCP-882 are BOTH parts of the Broken God
.Gods in some mythologies may have different aspects/avatars relating to their different "sides". 914 is the aspect of the Broken God as a (relatively) benevolent entity, while 882 is the aspect of its voraciousness and malevolence.
  • Alternatively, if 882 is the "heart" of the Broken God, 914 is the "brain".

The Foundation does not want to kill SCP-682 at all
Think about it, they test a lot of SCPs on it, many of which end up destroying a large percentage of its biomass before it adapts a proper response to it, some of it even coming pretty damn close to killing it, so why not catalog a bunch of things that may kill 682 and use them all at once? They're not trying to kill it, they're toughening it up in preparation to sic it on some greater threat in a Godzilla Threshold situation—say, whatever's in SCP-231-7's womb.
  • Probably not. If that was true they'd at least give it something to make it like them. Like 053 to play with.
    • Maybe the foundation ITSELF is what 682 needs to fight. Like the Board of Shadowy Figures is gonna try to blow up all of reality, and the majority (Or all) of he researchers need 682 to stop it.

A number of files are deliberate fakes
Some files are deliberately fabricated in order to promote some agenda. The most likely culprits are:
  • SCP-711: A morale booster, no-brainer.
  • SCP-231: Also morale, but in a more backhanded way; it allows Foundation personnel to tell themselves that, whatever horrible thing they happen to be doing to a sentient creature this week, it could be much, much worse.

There are multiple Churches Of The Broken God
At the very least, there should be an "Orthodox" branch which believes that there is a literal god that was broken and specific pieces have to be reassembled to get it back. They're most likely the ones who want the SCPs with gears and the ones that produce 'living' metal. Then there is a "Reformed" branch which treats the story of the Broken God as a parable and is just trying to create a post-Singularity being. They're primarily after the software-based SCPs.

SCP-1048/Builder Bear belonged to Eric.
Just another one of his "toys" that got loose.

SCP-579 is actually a self-aware Strangelet... sort of.
One of the most daring, mysterious and unknown SCPs is actually a Strangelet. If it were let loose, it converts everything around it into exotic matter, resulting in the frequent loss of sites.. and the only thing that holds it in place is an electromagnetic force, something that can affect the Strangelet.. sort of.

The point of origin was a particle accelerator which accidentally created it and released it. The Foundation has tried repeatedly to get the Strangelet back into the accelerator so they could destroy it in the same way it was created, but this led to the site being converted.. so there was no way to get rid of this thing.

SCP-1171 is related to/the same species as 682.
They're both eldritch abominations that hate humans.
  • Definitely not the same, 1171 has tentacles. And while he hate humans, fact that he lost a promotion to "a goddamn primate" mean he actually has a human as co-worker. So while he hate us, it's unlikely that he actually does anything dangerous more than insulting people.
    • He also claims that "SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE HUMAN", which regardless of whether it's true or not would seem to imply he's his universe's equivalent of a guy who makes racist comments, as opposed to an Omnicidal Maniac like 682.
      • What if, since 682 is just so tough, what 682 does to people is just their idea of, say, a teasing punch on the shoulder?
      • OP here; well then, let's just hope he never meets 682. If that happens then we'll all be in trouble.

The reason why the inhabitants of SCP-1235 have such advanced technology is because of the creators of SCP-186 teamed up
  • SCP-1235 initially depicted the world as it was in the early 20th century, right around the time Matyas Nemes and Jean Durand were active. In the universe of SCP-1235, the sudden mass disturbances forced the two to make an Enemy Mine, and used whatever mad science they had to build the spaceships and weaponised viruses that the Austrians used to attack the Foundation scientists.

The birds on SCP-930 are the people who visited the island before.
It's made abundantly clear at the end that the birds aren't trying to hurt anyone, they're trying to save people by scaring them away. There's something far worse on that island and anyone who goes there disappears forever. It's possible that whatever is on that island is not only killing people (which is confirmed from the last photograph), but somehow, it is transfiguring them into birds. Possibly by taking their souls and implanting them into a bird's body. The birds are trying to warn people that if they don't leave, they'll suffer the same fate,but unfortunately people are too busy being terrified of them to listen.

Cassy is a benevolent Charm Person.
Why else is the Foundation so keen on being nice to her (besides the fact that they created her to begin with)?

The Foundation is run by corrupt power-grubbers.
Entries like SCP-006 show that the Foundation might not exactly be working as it claims. Specifically, the Fountain of Youth would be tremendously useful within the Foundation in prolonging the lives of personnel working with some fatal and/or Keter SCPs. Instead, the O5 are taking it all for themselves. And consider the hidden note at the end of the O5 note in SCP-231. The real reason why they don't want to save her may be that without the threat it poses to the world, the higher-ups would lose some of their power. And damned be it if they have to endanger the world to hold on to that power.

Going even deeper, a corrupt Ethics Committee would be even worse than a corrupt O5, since not only are they The Man Behind the Man, it would make them doubly Straw Hypocrites — not just to the world at large, but to the Foundation itself. Now consider the fact that they designed 110-Montauk, and follow up with the Foundation not wanting to save her, despite absolutely needing to not a bit too late.

What's worse, the Foundation is by all indication outside of any government regulation and above international law, meaning nothing can stop them if they want to hold the world hostage with a Keter.

  • Supported as well by those entries that have the Foundation suppressing advancement or discoveries in normal science, e.g. fusion reactors, several contained extraterrestrials, which rely on an incredibly tenuous mutilation of the definition of "threats to normalcy". The only obvious reason for holding back these things is because they want to control them.

What, I'm the only one thinking this?

SCP-049 is misanthropic. The plague he refers to is humanity in general.
Despite his polite manner of speech, SCP-049 is attempting to wipe out the Great Pestilence that is mankind. He thinks that the creatures he creates are what should be running around the planet.

SCP-053, SCP-579 and SCP-682 are the children of SCP-231-1 through SCP-231-6
Worse. SCP-231-1 through SCP-231-6 were injected with SCP-447 and that all of their children are technically dead yet aren't recognized as such by SCP-447 because they are still attached to the womb and once the children are born SCP-447 immediately classes them as corpses and converts them into abominations. Since the children each had time to grow while in the womb between births the SCP-447 created abominations ended up each getting stronger. If an adult human's corpse were to get in contact with SCP-447 it would not only be The End of the World as We Know It yet also The End of the Universe as We Know It.
  • The hints suggest Procedure 110-Montauk is playing into the Scarlet King's hands so it may be that he's using Procedure 110-Montauk to delay the child of SCP-231-7's birth long enough so that it grow big enough so that once it's born SCP-447 would turn it into a very powerful monstrosity.
  • Judging from the description of it's origin SCP-058 also originates from that batch of horrifying children of SCP-231-1 through SCP-231-6(four down two more children to go...).
  • Of course it's possible that SCP-579 is the unborn child of SCP-231-7 after being born...

In relation to the above: The Scarlet King is Dr. Clef
He claims to be the Devil and SCP-343 claims that SCP-682 isn't his so this all implies that Clef is the Scarlet King and is using Procedure 110-Montauk to delay the child of SCP-231-7's birth long enough so that it grow big enough so that once it's born SCP-447 would turn it into a very powerful monstrosity.

The "children" of the Seven Brides (SCP-231) are the Seven Deadly Sins.
Specifically, their patron demons. Belphegor, demon of Sloth, was probably one of the earliest "children", and didn't cause that much damage because he was too lazy to. Leviathan, demon of Envy, was one of the latest ones and caused untold loss of life by his sheer immensity. The offspring of SCP-231-7 would be the demon of Pride, aka Lucifer himself...

231-7 is the offspring of 231-6 and so on back to 1.
Like some kind of horrible set of Russian dolls.

Lily's Proposal is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
The events of Lily's Proposal aren't a "pre-occurence response" to the end of all life. It's just a run-of-the-mill anomalous event caused by some higher being that just wants world peace. However, due to the existence of Lily's Proposal, the Foundation will not view it as such. In their efforts to prevent the end of all life (as seen in Jack Ike's Proposal), they will cause the end of all life, therefore making Lily's Proposal come true.

At some point, somebody prevented SCP-682 from being conceived.
SCP-343, a being who's suspected to be God, doesn't recognize 682 as one of his creations. Keep in mind that God is supposed to have created everything. If 343 is God, then either He didn't create absolutely everything, or doesn't register SCP-682 because SCP-682 was never created. At some point, people tried to prevent 682 from ever existing by killing whoever or whatever spawned it. Being utterly impossible to kill, SCP-682 survived.

The "Knockout game" (and other kinds of teenage "fad violence") is a Foundation plot to get more teenage D-class
No one is aware of these attacks until the mass media starts reporting them; teens learn about the new "fad" and try it themselves, which gets reported to the mass media, which inspires other teens... eventually they get arrested and while the public is told that only the actual attacker is sentenced the whole gang is rounded up.

SCP-682 is a relic from previous universe
  • SCP-343 (God) says he didn't create him and apparently knows little about him. Because 682 is older than 343.
  • He's tough enough to survive both Big Crunch and subsequent Big Bang.
  • He ignores laws of nature because for him, they are not natural, as he wasn't born in them.
  • He loathes our universe because it replaced his home, and is utterly wrong to him, nothing like he is used to.
  • He doesn't show any desire to get back home because there's no home anymore.

SCP-348 contains the soul of Dad Egbert/Crocker.
  • It leaves heartwarming notes to people, including one saying "I'm proud of you." Its true nature cannot be any more obvious.
    • The one flaw in this theory is that it is a soup bowl and not a cake pan.

SCP-682 originally lived amongst the dinosaurs... until humans wiped them out
Okay, this one may sound a bit nonsensical at first, but what I'm getting at here is that the first time 682 entered our dimension, it was a friendly creature. It arrived here back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and it got along with them perfectly, occasionally trying to teach the weaker ones how to adapt to the harsh conditions of the world and fight off enemies; something we all know 682 is pretty good at.

But then comes the day when the dinosaurs are wiped out, not just by a random asteroid from space, but by a hostile object sent back in time by humanity during what was going to be our destruction. There's plenty of Time Travel SC Ps I'm sure the Foundation itself could've utilized in order to achieve this.

The sole survivor of the disaster, for obvious reasons, was 682 and it knows that the object that wiped out the creatures he lived with was an object created and sent back in time by man. This is why it hates humanity and vows to destroy them just like they destroyed his kin.

So, what was the object that was sent back in time then? Well, I'd like to believe that The Foundation somehow discovered a way to shrink and eventually get rid of the dreaded SCP-1548, otherwise known The Hateful Star, and that that's the thing that got sent back in time and killed the dinosaurs. It would also, in a way, make 1548 and 682 mortal enemies, unbeknownst to them both.

  • Or they DO know. Considering one of the only interactions they have is a rap song, it's more than likely friendly.

The Foundation is actually a massive drug cartel.
  • They have basically unlimited funds, a small private army, and a huge amount of influence with the governments of third world countries. All of their money has to come from somewhere. Obviously, they're using SCP objects to manufacture drugs cheaply, which they then sell at competitive prices throughout the world. Because their drugs are cheaper, they've managed to take over the entire illegal drug market completely by accident. Now, they basically have to make and sell drugs to stay afloat, and all of their research on new SCPs is towards seeing if they can make more drugs.
    • The foundation is more powerful than most/all mundane governments, if they were selling drugs, there's no reason they couldn't get them legalized first. But I'm sure they do run multiple phramacutical companies, if nothing else they need manufacturing facilities for the amnestics.

More than one of the SCP-001's is true, and they all tie into each other.
  • The Spiral Path was the entry point of the Multiversal Corruption mentioned in The Legacy into the SCP universe.
  • The Factory and the organization mentioned in The Spiral Path - which evolved into the SCP Foundation - are one and the same. All the details which do not match are actually lies.
  • The Gate Guardian has no special significance above and beyond any other SCP; it's just an extremely powerful Eldritch Abomination guarding something for no apparent reason. Pretty SOP for the Foundation, really. Its file is simply sprinkled with false information to make it look more significant than it is, and left as the first decoy for anyone digging into SCP-001.
  • The Sheaf of Papers was designed as a warning device for Multiversal Corruption events, but its use also accelerates the Corruption, which is why it always carries a new prediction.
  • The Thirty-Six are refugees from another universe trying their best to counteract the Multiversal Corruption in a different way, perhaps using magic instead of science. If they come together, they may be able to insulate this universe from Multiversal Corruption, but will also prevent it from sending stuff out to other universes, thus potentially making it the last surviving universe once the Corruption overtakes the rest of the multiverse. The O5 council is preventing this because they want to stop the Corruption for good using the information in The Legacy, or help the next universe to do so (remember, The Administrator is the "passenger" of The Legacy).
  • The Lock actually is a failed attempt to seal us away from the Multiversal Corruption by sealing our universe onto its own plane. It has only slowed it down, but it also prevents the "launch" of The Legacy, which is why O5 is so keen to open it - even though its opening would probably mean the end of our universe by exposing us to the full power of the Multiversal Corruption.

The song "Charlie on the MTA" was written by Foundation agents
At one point in the late 40s or early 50s, the Foundation failed to properly recover SCP-342 after an experiment in Boston, and it fell into the hands of a civilian. His friends and family, as well as the people who had been on the train with him, were given amnestics; however, the story leaked out before the agents could wipe everyone's memories, so the song was released to cover up the incident. "Did you hear about that guy who couldn't get off the MTA?" "Oh yeah, that's just a political campaign song. Supposedly he couldn't get off because he didn't have the exit fee. They don't actually stop you from leaving, that would be ridiculous."

The beings seen through SCP-178 are not malevolent.
They just don't realise humans aren't as durable as they are; slashing each other is how they say hello, and they don't touch those not wearing the glasses because they wouldn't be so rude as to speak to someone who hasn't introduced themself.

Alternately, they're not the ones doing the slashing.
Several of them don't appear to have claws in the configuration needed to leave the wounds the victims suffer. Therefore, something else which is invisible even with the glasses is trying to stop humans interacting with them; either with bad intent, or to protect them from whatever worse thing the visible entities might do.

SCP-056 is a parasitic Emotion Eater.
He feeds on people's self-esteem.

231-7 is dead.
The fetus is and always has been a Puppeteer Parasite. It has killed and completely hollowed out 231-7 herself and is using her body as a vessel. The screaming people hear when the project is administered is the fetus attempting a Wounded Gazelle Gambit. The Overseers don't buy it for a second, but the personnel working on it do...

SCP-811 and SCP-106 were created from the same ooze
Considering their similar properties (corrosive, predatory, etc), it would make sense.
  • In this tale, an British army corporal falls into a pit of black slime and was slowly transformed into SCP-106. Years later, a scientist discovered the slime, collected some of it, made some alterations to it and injected it into a little girl who then transformed into SCP-811.

Bright can be freed from 963 by dying of natural causes
He's only been trapped on the mortal plane all these years because he never seems to stay in one body for long, and presumably chooses healthy, youthful ones because they're more comfortable to be in.

Everything anomalous is Dr. Clef's fault.
Somehow. Even where it would contradict itself, or even be outright impossible or wrong.

SCP-811 is just The Pig-Pen
She doesn't really have green skin, acidic mucus on her palms or even an incomplete digestive system. She's just really really dirty from living in a swamp her whole life.

SCP-811 thinks she's ugly and/or wants to be pretty
Several of her requests were related to maintaining her appearance, i.e. a hair brush and a D-Class washing her hair every so often. This may be because she's self conscious about her appearance, thinking she is ugly beyond help and that only her hair can be salvaged.

231-7 is one of the chains holding SCP-2317 in place.
231-7 was never human and expunged Procedure 110-Montauk is merely all the failed attempts to keep the chain from breaking. The SCP-██ that keeps being mentioned is SCP-2317.
  • Or conversly Procedure 110-Montauk is a terrible terrible procedure proformed on pregnant D-Class as a blind just as the sacrificing of the chicken that is Procedure 220-Calabasas(Procedure 110-Montauk's exact opposite) is. The reason the D-Class preforming this are given amnesiacs is because the procedure oftentimes kills the girl and they don't don't want the D-Class leaking the information and revealing that the procedure is being proformed on a non-threat. Unfortunately that particular bit of information got out hence the hidden line stating that "Don't believe it when they say they're trying to save her. Why would they bother? They've got exactly what they want exactly where they want it." Whoever stated this information thinks the Foundation is being sadistic when infact they are desperate to prevent a panic resulting from the impending apocalypse and will sully their own reputations through Moral Event Horizons to do so.
    • Even worse the Ethics Committee wants SCP-682 dead because it's involved in Procedure 110-Montauk(Montauk is clearly a reference to SCP-682's photo) and torturing the D-Class they have posing as 231-7 in horrible, nasty, disgusting and unimmaginable ways with it's jaws and claws(there's a reason it's stated he messily devours people). They want to prevent a panic over SCP-2317 yet are so horrified by SCP-682's methods that they want him dead. There are other just as powerful and nasty SCPs and they aren't scheduled to be killed as soon as possible.

Either 682 or Walter will be involved in 2317's re-capture or destruction.
The chains binding it are allegedly made from a "Devourer entity", after all...

The expunged picture of SCP-573 taken with SCP-978...
... is a picture of the human child it came from; its desire is to be alive.

SCP-087 is benevolent.
...if not exactly nice. All of the symptoms of SCP-087 that the Foundation has discovered - the inhuman face, the darkness, the feeling of dread, the sheer length of the staircase - are a 'warning buoy' set up to discourage people from reaching the real origin of the screaming child's voice at the bottom. If making the climb frightening and inconvenient isn't enough to drive an intruder away, SCP-087 will perform a Mercy Kill, because a few human deaths here and there are a small price to pay compared to what will happen if a sentient being makes contact with what's really down there.

682 is a Well-Intentioned Extremist who is only trying to keep what he sees as "diseased vermin" from spreading.
Take the following into consideration. In Real Life, when a population is diseased (Whether due to parasites, viruses, or whatnot), the population is often culled as a form of Mercy Kill to prevent the disease from spreading to other populations. Likewise, if an animal is born with a genetic defect, it is also killed since it likely won't survive very long anyway (and sometimes to prevent certain genetic diseases to be passed down through the population). Now, take into consideration how 682 sees us. What if he's trying to kill everyone as a means to keep what he views as a "diseased" life form from spreading to other worlds? This would also explain his supposed hatred towards all life. He can't afford to get emotionally attached to something he feels is "disgusting" and that he must terminate. 682 is only pretending to hate us in order to make his job of wiping out humanity (and other earthly life forms) much easier to do.
  • Going on that, SCP-049 may see humanity in a similar way. It's just less powerful and has a different solution to 682.

SCP-239 really is a witch
Or at least, her powers really are magic. No science (besides the eye beams) involved, it's all magic.

SCP-999 is actually the Nicktoons Blob from the 90s.

Read the description of it here, then watch this video here.

SCP-231-7, SCP-1739, and SCP-2317 are all part of the same possible world-ending scenario.

To be specific:

  • The [DATA EXPUNGED] that 231-7 is carrying is SCP-2317. Sort of. More specifically, the [DATA EXPUNGED] is one half of the final chain. 231-7 herself is the other half. If she were to give birth, the chain would break, releasing 2317 into the main timeline.
  • An aspect of Procedure 110-Montuak (arguably the least unpleasant one) involves running the gofetch.exe program on SCP-1739.
  • The animation is a symbolic representation of what happens in one of the branch timelines while the prime 231-7 is undergoing Procedure 110-Montauk.
    • When the woman in the animation unchains the dog, an alternate timeline's 231-7 gives birth to the [DATA EXPUNGED].
    • When the woman throws the ball and the dog runs after it, 2317 enters the timeline where 231-7 gave birth.
    • When the dog returns with the remains of the ball and the woman rechains it, 2317 returns to its home dimension, and the chain keeping it out of the main timeline is reestablished.

The Smiling Man from SCP-507's travels is not only benign (at least in regards to 507) but totally smitten.

This is most apparent in 507's S43-51U-P09 excursion, what with the fact that the Smiling Man literally gave him a heart with "I NEED YOU" written on it.

SCP-2317's rank is also its name.
First off, we already have SCPs of Biblical figures. Secondly, consider Apollyon(or in the original Hebrew term, Abaddon): it's a demon/angel that has control over and/or emerges a "bottomless pit." What if this pit leads to an alternate dimension, ie the realm SCP-2317 comes from? The SCP Foundation can't restrain it forever because ultimately Revelations and the Battle of Armageddon will happen. Part of why they're afraid of it is because Dr Clef is one of the major members of the Foundation. One of his identities? Satan, who's destined to lose the War of Armageddon and be sealed up into Abaddon/Apollyon's Bottomless Pit. Another identity is that Dr Clef is Adam, which also explains why he doesn't want SCP-2317 to be released-Revelations would signal the Last Judgement, including him.

SCP-055 isn't nearly as dangerous as suggested.
However, he wants people to think otherwise, which is why he uses such a Keter-level ability. In truth he's a Harmless Villain who uses his spook abilities to get attention.

SCP-076 changed his name.
The reason SCP-076-2's name is spelled "Able" rather than the traditional spelling "Abel" is due to the prefix "-el" which means "of God." Considering Able's current nature, it's not hard to imagine that he lost his good grace with God and decided to switch the two letters to reflect his current state of Godlessness.

Dr. Clef and Dr. Bright are the literal human forms of life and death.
Think about it. Dr. Bright is pretty much immortal thanks to 963. Dr. Clef is rather trigger-happy. Dr. Bright is a Cloud Cuckoo Lander, while Clef can be cynical at times. Clef is feared by practically all women. Then there's their origins. It's pretty much no mystery as to how Bright became immortal, and it's known that his siblings are anamolous. Practically nothing is known about Dr. Clef, however. You can't even see his face! The biggest clue is their rivalry. Life and death, of course, are completely opposite. They constantly battle over whether you'll wake up tomorrow or not. So, back to my theory. Clef knows what he is, and keeps that info hidden so he doesn't become classified a full blown SCP, stripped of all his titles and clearances and locked away. Bright MIGHT know, but on the other hand, he may not. If he does, he sure as hell ain't telling anybody.

Dr. Clef is Adam, the original one from the Garden.
Which is why he hates women, among other things.

231's foetus is not evil.
The white text references a quote from the Gospel of Luke; "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do." That doesn't necessarily mean it isn't dangerous though.

SCP-181 is the protagonist from SCP – Containment Breach.
He fits the description perfectly, and one of the endings even brings up the possibility of classifying the D-class as an SCP. This seems to have been done.

Dr. Gears and Dr. Iceberg have some sort of connection with The Broken God and Yaldabaoth.

The SCP Foundation is an allegory for the Soviet Union.
There was a purge and a number of articles were rewritten from their original form due to falling out of favor. In addition to this, the fanbase is split between hardliners who want to remain true to the website's creepypasta roots and reformers who think the Foundation shouldn't be limited by genre.

Dr Rights did have a kid.
]Since she knew the damage it could do (perhaps there was an SCP base within its range?) and was in close enough proximity to reach it in time, she's the one who fed 089 before the predicted disaster happened.

Sebastian Michaelis. is a form of SCP-204-1
SCP-204-1 follows a child with a history of abuse as a protector. At first, they will appear benign, but slowly be revealed to have bad intentions and will attack with no regard to human life, just like Sebastian. With this guess, Ciel was one of the many SCP-204-2s of the past, as it is always a child from four to fourteen years old.

The origin of 1048 and 2295.
The two living teddy bears were once human twins. 1048 was a charismatic, Faux Affably Evil surgeon who lured people into his basement, where he mutilated them and stitched their body parts into horrifying (non-living) abominations. 2295, on the other hand, was a Nice Guy. He was a benevolent surgeon who won several awards for saving the lives of a select number of people. He was praised for his work, something 1048 was envious of. After finally snapping, 1048 abducted his brother and killed him, trapping his soul inside of a teddy bear so that he couldn't help anyone ever again. However, 2295 jumped him and quickly returned the favor. The two brothers, now teddy bears, then began fighting each other, eventually deciding to go their separate ways after their fight went on without a winner. Eventually the Foundation found them, albeit separately, and took them in. In addition, their new methods of creation are both very similar: once they've created something, they make it alive/functioning by adding part of their soul to it. Hence why 2295 can create functioning organs, whereas 1048 only creates monstrous abominations thanks to his sick, twisted soul.
SCP-1173 was made by the US government
The Islamic Union of Eastern Samothrace really does exist and is under occupation by American forces. Said forces have committed several war crimes against the native population. Instead of simply coming clean about said crimes and punishing the perpetrators, the US government created a Mind Virus to cover up Eastern Samothace's existence and protect America's image.
Smiling Man is "the Lord" from the alternate universe SCP-093 leads to.
Looking at Document 507-3B, more specifically the log for the shift to "S43-51U-P09", shows that Smiling Man was leaking a "brown liquid" from in and around its eyes, and that it "bleeds" this same liquid. This tale shows that when attacked the Unclean bleed a form of the Lord's Tears that appears to be the same color and consistency as the liquid leaking from the Smiling Man's eyes and body. The Smiling Man himself is an apparently omniscient extradimensional entity— for all we know, he could have revisited that dimension and served as the catalyst for the events leading to the world behind SCP-093 being what it is now.
035 and 106 can be destroyed by putting the former on the latter.
If their corrosive substances aren't the same substance, they could work on each other.

SCP-682 beat the "The Generally Nice, Friendly Thing That Can And Will Kill SCP-682 Permanently if it So Much As Spots That Damn Lizard" by blinding it
The specification is that "Can And Will Kill SCP-682 Permanently if it So Much As Spots That Damn Lizard" means that if it spots SCP 682, it will kill it. So, SCP-682 beat it by preemptively blinding the Thing before it could spot it. Now, the Thing has the capacity to beat-SCP 682, hence why SCP-682 was so beaten up in the aftermath, why there's so much collateral damage and why it doesn't want to go back (in case the writers have an idea on how to close the Literal Genie clause), but in the end, SCP-682 was able to deny the Thing's biggest advantage.

Monthly D-class terminations are because they're all used for SCP-120
Even by the standards of the foundation, the construction of the moon base mentioned in SCP-120 must have been a ridiculously costly project. Not as much in terms of money as in terms of human lives. For each load of materials, consisting of no more than a single person could carry, they'd need to sacrifice at least seven, possibly eight lives. Per eight man-hours of labor, another seven or eight deaths (more if the D-class proves uncooperative). The death toll for this project must have reached into the hundreds of thousands, maybe even over a million. Even for the foundation, that'd require all the D-classes they can get their hands on. Hence, the monthly terminations.On the plus side, now that the foundation finally has their moon base, maybe D-class life expectancy will go up. On the other hand, maybe a couple of lagrange point bases couldn't hurt...

SCP-055 is extremely anthropophobic.
Its Laser-Guided Amnesia is actually a result of Personality Powers. SCP-055 is a normal person who happens to be utterly terrified of everyone, with its anomalous effect its a means of protection.

The Foundation may not officially demote personnel to D-Class, but...
]At least some of the personnel who are terminated are actually moved to another site, amnetistized and made into D-Class. Cause hey, if they're going to die anyway, they might as well serve the Foundation for another month.

2801 and 2295 are related
SCP-2801 was given to a child by their grandfather. SCP-2295 was made by a grandmother who was sending it to her grandson. It's possible that this grandfather and grandmother are married and created these SCPs for their grandchildren somehow. Magic may have been involved. Maybe they're wizards.

Seeing 096's face steals part of its soul.
That's why it becomes so distressed when someone sees its face, and how it can unerringly locate anyone who has. That's also why it's indestructible while active - the person who saw its face becomes a sort of unwilling phylactery/horcrux. 096 can only recover the stolen part of its soul by [DATA EXPUNGED] the person who has it.

SCP-682's existence is linked to life itself.
SCP-682 will continue to exist as long as their is life in the universe. That's why it died in SCP-2935. This could also explain why 682 wants to eradicate all life-it just wants to end its own life.

The Mayerling Incident in the SCP-verse had to do with the gene from SCP-3288 getting out of hand. (SCP-verse conjectures italicized.)
Because the Austrian branch of the Habsburgs did not carry out incestuous marriage as much as the Spanish branch did, the genes mostly stayed recessive in royalty that were able to present as humans. Until Rudolf, whose parents were first cousins. The Duke of Wales remarked of a teenaged Rudolf that "there was nothing I could teach him" regarding bedroom matters, and the Crown Prince grew up to be a known charmer. He kept track of his conquests (and there were a lot of them) in a color-coded journal, possibly to remind himself that he was able to overcome his genetic impulses and did not hurt these women. Eventually, undiagnosed depression got to him, and his condition began to degrade. Frightened of what he was becoming and realizing he was unfit to be emperor, he tried to make a Murder-Suicide pact with any of the women who loved him at the time, and Mary Vetsera took him up on it. Alternatively, someone got wise to his impairment, and murdered him and Vetsera to cover it up.

SCP-1192 really isn't Timmy
It was stated that there was no sign of an anomaly in the "real" Timmy or his family. My theory is that 1192, for some reason, thinks that he's Timmy, when he's actually just a regular cockatoo that happens to also be sapient.

Tarrare was an undocumented and/or neutralized SCP.
He had an extreme, disturbing appetite to which there is no definitive explanation. He ate things that should wreck any normal digestive tract and he was not only fine, but remains skinny asides from a flap of skin despite how much he ate. There were little to no records of his early life and no-one knows his original name. Yeah, sounds like an SCP to me.

Roger from SCP-2718 actually Came Back Wrong.
The hellish afterlife wasn't what happens to people after death, it was a consequence of the resurrection-Roger ended up being aware of what happened to his corpse. The resulting panic is either a cognitohazard from it or they were fearful since there's no way to know whether this was a Came Back Wrong situation or the fate of everyone who dies.

SCP-2935 on its own is harmless
By itself, SCP-2935 is a cave serving as a portal to another universe that exists in every universe. Then "Death" discovered it...

SCP-2852 is an entity summoned by Native American shamans to exact vengeance upon the white, Christian settlers.
Note that it only ever appears in North America, and only at gatherings of those of Roman Catholic or Anglican faith, resulting in all sorts of disasters befalling those who attended the gatherings, but the ones most affected are children (dying six months after baptism that SCP-2852 attended, stillborn, becoming increasingly violent and showing anti-capitalist sentiments as they grow older etc.). It might be some kind of spirit of vengeance summoned by shamans to torment the descendants of the settlers that drove the natives to near extinction.

We have two blokes in spacesuits with parasitic eldritch abominations embedded in their chest cavities. Possibly we've got something going around snatching and impregnating astronauts. Difference is, Simon got back to earth and was rescued by a bunch of cyborg catgirls while SCP-1959 is still stuck in orbit.

The Eye-Pods are the advance scouts of an alien invasion, having been sent to infiltrate the Foundation to scope out a future enemy.
They use some form of technology as of yet unknown to the Foundation to broadcast extremely bombastic reports of their findings on a daily basis, typically involving multiple uses of "puny humans" per report. While they remain so far unaware of this, they've been abandoned on earth as their much less propagandized commanders read their reports and decided to pick another planet to invade.

SCP-1377 instances are a lot more common that the Foundation thinks.
Whatever is creating them just has lousy quality control so a few of them lack the required anatomy and credentials to successfully pass for human politicians.

SCP-2006 knows perfectly well that Ro-Man isn't nearly as frightening as it could become.
It also knows that if it acted to the limits of its abilities, it would soon have nobody left to frighten. It knows how much the 05's fear its true capabilities and that, not the b-movie cosplay is what it genuinely wants.

Procedure 110 Montauk is created by us.
It's stated to be "ten times worse than what you think it is". So it's less an actual procedure, and more giving us Noodle Implements that make us imagine horrible scenarios to torture 231. These scenarios are then inflicted on her, with new tidbits occasionally dispersed to make the scenarios worse.

SCP-096 is an evolved Tarrare.
IRL the man was such a freak of nature he towed the line to Ambiguously Human. Tarrare had a stretched out mouth, was surprisingly skinny despite his Horror Hunger, and his Extreme Omnivore diet led to people wondering how he could even survive. SCP-096 has a Volumetric Mouth, is Lean and Mean, and it's heavily implied to eat its victims and that's why there's nothing left. What if these features are an exaggeration of Tarrare? Like one SCP-106 origin, 096 was an anomalous human, but somehow mutated into the SCP we know today? Why does 096 stand people looking at its face? The warning signs were Tarrare trying to eat as much as he could see, and that's devolved into "eat whoever looks at me". 096's peacefulness and lack of much intelligence when not looked at is because Tarrare was never really smart and didn't like his condition. Possibly eating a baby was the first sign of his transformation to SCP-096. His death by tuberculosis was just a cover story once he could no longer pass for human.
SCP-001 is the website itself.
It's purpose is to deem everything that has been captured by the SCP foundation as "non-canon" (aka never happened) and deem it as fictional thereby only containing SCPs to the imagination of others... The first website itself is quite literally the first ever SCP. It's even in its name!

Little Bastard, James Dean's Porsche Spyder, is an SCP.
A few people may remember Little Bastard, the Porsche Spyder owned by and involved in the death of James Dean. However, there is an urban legend that exists about the Porsche that explains quite a few weird events involving the wrecked car after the death of James Dean, including parts that were still in good condition being sold to owners of other Porsche Spyders that having unfortunate accidents themselves due to a curse, in addition to accidents that continued surrounding the wreck itself. The urban legend ended with the car disappearing off of a train that it was being shipped on. It's possible the car was an SCP and the Foundation retrieved it before it could cause more problems.

H.P. Lovecraft was a member of the SCP, and a bulk of his stories were inspired by actual SC Ps he encountered or heard about.


    Crossover theories — SCP- 682 
After being "killed" in Sovngarde by the Dragonborn, his soul found its way to the planet the SCP Foundation is on and recreated its body there. However, in the absence of magic, he lost his ability to use shouts.

It's a big reptilian creature that seems to hate all Earth life. It can adapt and mutate, and it just won't stay dead no matter how many ways you kill it. It's also extremely intelligent, despite appearances.
  • 682 as portrayed on the page even looks like the adolescant form of Ridley seen in Metroid: Other M. Imagine 682 maturing into the scarier, adult form.
  • slowbeef actually did this crossover in a Retsupurae video description. Turns out SCP-682 knows Ridley and can easily escape the facility.
    [SCP-682 (the unkillable lizard thing) was shown 436-LP]
    Dr. Cooper: What do you think of this video?
    SCP-682: ...So does he speak, or...?
    Dr. Cooper: Rarely.
    SCP-682: ... He doesn't seem to have much to say. What am I watchin' here? This guy's terrible! What kinda Let's Play is this?
    Dr. Cooper: ...Were you always purple?
    SCP-682: Uhhh.... yes. Definitely. Ahhhhhh!
    Dr. Cooper: Oh God, containment breach! Containment breach!
    Ridley: What? Look SCP-682 is a friend a' mine! He's on vacation! I'm just sittin' here til he comes back! Data expunged!
    Dr. Cooper: Alert, alert! Wait, no, you don't say 'data expunged' it just gets expunged like [DATA EXPUNGED].
    Ridley: Why ya expungin' this crap? If you wanna classify it, don't publish it on the Intanet!
    Dr. Cooper: ...Wow, yeah, this whole foundation makes no sense.
    Ridley: Hey can you vote up mine? It's about a bus that turns into a monsta! SCP-99119: Monsta bus! It's scary! Ooga booga! Ahhhhh!
    • Easily the best part of the description is slowbeef's description of himself as a D-Class.

682 is an adult form of The Monster in the Darkness.
The Monster's either gotten sufficiently used to organic beings to get along with them, or is simply too young to realise that they should be scary to it (it's heavily implied in OOTS that the Monster is a juvenile, whatever it is). Though if there is a juvenile 682 out there, that implies there are several of it around. Eek.

682 is a mutant form of the tarrasque.
Unlike the original, it can speak and seems actively evil rather than True Neutral.

682 is a Spawn of Rovagug.
Think of it: Aside from the whole "sapience and implacable hatred" part, its description (as previously noted) makes it sound a helluva lot like the Tarrasque. (Well, most of the time, anyway.)

SCP-682 is Discord.
It's a malevolent, chaotic being which kinda looks like a lizard (or at least like some quadruped), though it looks like he's lost its Reality Warper powers and can only apply them to himself. Looks like Celestia decided that banishment to another universe will be the surest form of containment. Sounds like a stretch? The story Letter of the Day" is quite an argument for this theory.
  • Too many holes in this. The creature (from what we have seen) does not look much like Discord, and the difference between their powers is too big to establish a connection. In addition, Discord does not hate life, he is amused by it. Although, it could be the smash-happy Discord from the PONY.MOV parody series.
  • Discord is more likely a "Child-God"-phase Type Green.

SCP-682 is The Winslow.
It's a four-legged reptile; it's indestructible — as far as anyone can tell; it's talking, but not very smart — as far as anyone can tell; it's on Earth and in humans' possession, but has no apparent good reason to be here. They just got the poor croc already pissed off and kept him in murderous mood with their tests. Also, once you saw this WMG, you can't unsee it.

SCP-682 is a great old one, that the foundation somehow managed to contain.
One of the great old ones (I think named Dythalla) was described on the other wiki as "a large lizard with a tentacled mane." Great old ones are almost completely indestructible. Sound familiar?

SCP-682 is actually Godzilla (the original one) if he fell into our universe and was subjected and adapted to our physics.
Is it really need to explain?

In case it is, gigantic, incredibly powerful yet surprisingly intelligent reptilian monster with incredible regeneration abilities that that is nigh-unkillable even when faced with other Eldritch Abominations would describe both very well.

SCP-682 is the future form of Gavrill Madaraki.
A surprising amount of fanart depicts 682 with hair (and the original picture might qualify, if you interpret it as hair rather than seaweed). Gavrill's mutant wolf form shares the hair and long snout. Both are extremely resilient (Gavrill can take a nuke to the face), have healing factors, and feel nothing but contempt for Puny Humans. Thus it is possible 682 is actually Gavrill suffering from Mode Lock in her wolf form, making her even less likely to behave than usual.

SCP-682 is a compact and sentient universe.
SCP-682 is incapable of being destroyed by this or any other reality because it can simply adjust its physics set to protect itself in ways normal universes can't, as the Foundation's universe relies on the Foundation for containment purposes. SCP-682's homeworld is whatever multiverse-area all these universes are floating in. Should we figure out how to destroy the universe, doing it in SCP-682 might do the trick to blow it up.

SCP-682 becomes The Lich, or possibly Discord
A creature that has disdain for all life.
  • A creature that disdains all life wouldn't take the form of something it's disgusted by (the Lich looks human while Discord is a mishmash of animals - fantasy animals, true, but still animals it'd see on this dimension, which it loathes). Then again we're not ruling out 682 going mad and imitating random animal parts for no reason...

Related, SCP-682 is another Scholar of Golb.
Intelligent, seemingly undying yet not truly alive and with a desire to kill all life? 682 and the Lich are kinsmen of sorts, and while the Lich manifested through a human (or dog in the Farmworld timeline) SCP-682 manifested through a crocodile. The reason why nukes have never been used is really because like the Lich that's how 682 gained corporeal form. SCP-682 is associated with the Scarlet King either because Golb was mistaken for the entity, or that Golb is some sort of avatar the Scarlet King uses in the Adventure Time multiverse.

SCP-682 is Envy.

The skull shape similar.

SCP-053 and SCP-682 are alternate dimension counterpart to Saya and Fuminori.
682 has altered perception, every lifeform appears to him as if it were something squicky. Since he's a monstrous being with Nigh-Invulnerability now, so he can actually kill them. Dead squick is still squicky, but at least it won't move around. Then we have 053, Saya with some alteration. Now everyone see her as human, but she still isn't one. With eye contact, touch, or being around her long enough, one will finally sense what she really is and gone mad. But 682's altered perception see her as she really is from start, and she is at least a fine sight, if not beauty, compare to carbon-based beings.

SCP-682 is a crossbreed between Ammit and a Petsuchos Ra from Age of Mythology
It explains the Ammit elements, and the Petsuchos Ra gives the crocodile part a much more primary role ('hard to destroy reptile' indeed). Luckily, he didn't inherit the sunbeam laser. Unluckily, he didn't get vulnerability to being crushed through brute force.

After all, nobody in Neverland seems to age...

SCP-682 is a more advance state of whatever is wrong with SCP-53

SCP 53 is described as a being that people feel irrational hatred towards, but recovers quickly from any attempt to kill it. What if SCP 682 was that but progressed to the point that even outside observers don't even acknowledge the response is irrational, their minds outright lies to itself to justify why this thing should be hated and destroyed. Maybe it never did directly harm anyone, it just people minds rewritten themselves to make it seemed like it killed people to justify it's hate plague. That's why it gets along with 53, victims of "the hate plague" are immune to it's effect.

Immersing SCP-682 in acid is barely effective

They actually have to do a lot of damage to him so that they can put him the acid (which only slows his healing, not stopping it) and whenever it breaks out and they manage to hurt him enough to take him down, they put him back in, but eventually he heals completely, again, breaks out, and so on.

SCP-682 is Doomsday.
Not literally, but in concept and origin. Both have an Adaptive Ability, hostility towards all other forms of life and Complete Immortality. Difference being that SCP-682 is intelligent, but Doomsday sometimes gets an intellect. Like him, SCP-682 is an experiment to create the Ultimate Life Form, which ended up backfiring and it considers humans disgusting as a result.

SCP-682 is a mutated Time Lord
Supposedly, SCP-682 was a Time Lord who underwent some mutation, which caused its physical form to become a reptilian...thing, and its regenerative abilities becoming a Healing Factor. It would explain why SCP-343 claimed its not "one of mine", as well as why it won't [EXPLETIVE DELETED] die.

Alternately, SCP-682 is The Master

In yet another attempt to escape death (after using up even more regenerations), The Master somehow (either intentionally or accidentally) mutates himself (or herself) into a nigh-invulnerable reptilian creature. Unfortunately, this also caused further damage to his already damaged psyche causing him to view all other lifeforms as twisted abominations that must be destroyed. This twisted monstrosity, now dubbed 682, is discovered by the Daleks who decide to send him to Earth as a bio-weapon of sorts to wipe out all life there. 682 begins his rampage, partially fueled by insanity-driven hatred and partially fueled by his desire to spite The Doctor by causing the extinction of the one species his former friend cared for most (humanity).

    Crossover theories — Other 
The Men in Black is either part of, or works alongside with, the SCP Foundation.
Secretive, hyper-powerful organizations whose primary purpose is to police the planet of the strange, the unusual, and the dangerous, and to keep the peace by suppressing knowledge of their existence? Too coincidental.
  • Not to mention that both organizations love to make extensive use of Laser-Guided Amnesia to silence witnesses.
  • Interestingly, both organizations are international, and are so secretive that they do not serve any government.

SCP-934 is part of the Submachine.
Think about it people enter the light house and disappear, it seems as though its bigger on the inside like it is some sort of pocket dimension, and the subnet would certainly qualify as an SCP. Also Its a lighthouse, coincidence? I don't think so.

The SCP foundation and Black Mesa are related and are canon in universe
The Black Mesa Facility and the SCP Foundation are related to each other because of the fields they strive in (Anomalous Research, Weapons, etc). The SCP foundation is in the same area Black Mesa is in. When the resonance cascade happens, it also Breaches the SCP Facility. This in turn releases all of the creatures / objects. In that similar sense, the HECU and the Chaos Insurgency are both enlisted by the US to stop the incident from spreading, however the Insurgency is specifically told to disrupt the SCP foundation. While Gordon is in Black Mesa, and gets through the Zen Portal, The D - Class in the SCP foundation activates a nuke that destroys both facilities, ensuring the end of the catastrophe.

The dimensions that SCP-507 visits are the "(number)worldproblems" subreddits.
Let's see here...
  • The "Screaming Flora" dimension is /r/sixthworldproblems. The screaming flora are actually the dominant form of life, and the species posting on the subreddit.
  • The "Desert planet with man in "leather" coat" dimension is /r/seventhworldproblems. The fake leather coat man was actually another one of the strange robot-like inhabitants, who was luring him in to be assigned to a Machine.
  • The "I think I missed it this time" dimension is /r/tenthworldproblems. Tenthworldproblems is pretty much empty, like the dimension, and all of the posts there seem to be about getting lost.

SCP-024 is the eerily, cheery Announcer from Silent Hill
Compare and contrast the article on SCP-024, with the scenes of the Announcer in Silent Hill youtube videos. They're too similar to just be a coincidence.

The Foundation is set in 21st Century Warhammer 40,000 universe.
The sheer number of alien artifacts and objects that can corrupt or kill humans with absolute ease is a clear sign of Chaos. The Foundation itself is the precursor to the Inquisition.
  • The second suggestion really needs to be expanded on. Kudos to the particular troper who wrote that, as the SCP foundation, in many ways, is ALMOST IDENTICAL to the Inquisition.
  1. The Foundation, like the Inquisition, has almost unlimited resources for whatever purposes it deems necessary, to the point of being able to fend off entire countries (just like how the Inquisition can order around pretty much anyone in the Imperium.)
  2. The Foundation, like the Inquisition, deals in a massive number of both xeno and supernatural artifacts, many of which could easily be classified as Chaos artifacts (quite obvious, really.) In both cases, the organizations attempt to study, classify, and (if necessary) destroy said objects/entities.
  3. Both organizations have almost no regard for human life whatsoever (The Foundation goes through D-class workers like toilet paper, and we all know how much Exterminatus is loved by the Inquisition....)
  4. Both organizations are notable for bring staffed and run by people of rather dubious moral fiber and mental stability.
  5. Both organizations answer to no one (it's unclear in the case of the Foundation, however.)
  6. Both organizations are more or less essential to the survival of the human race.
  • So Captain Dmitri Arkadeyevich Strelnikov is a Space Marine in disguise then?
    • Nah, he's a Vostroyan.
    • Also, SCP-239 isn't actually omnipotent, she's just an extremely powerful Alpha-Plus Psyker.
    • There's also that SCP that sounded suspiciously like a C'tan Stargod, probably the Void Dragon, given that all the others were shattered at that point in time.

Related to the above, SCP-1788 is a very, very distant Flawed Prototype of the Adeptus Astartes
Genetically, they're still entirely human. While they have no sexual interest in normal humans, instances of SCP-1788-1 will apparently mate with one another for strictly reproductive purposes, and their offspring are evidently normal human children; this hints that, whatever the cause of their apparent inhumanity, the transformation works on a non-genetic basis. The SCP-1788 process, initiated by an existing instance of SCP-1788-1, can apparently only be performed on prepubescent children. The process causes certain physical changes: increased bone and muscle density, changes to the functioning of the nervous and circulatory systems, and perhaps most tellingly, a second heart. These similarities are not coincidental. The Emperor has been at work for many years now, and by now he has developed an early pre-pre-alpha test of the biological engineering that will go on to power his Thunder Warriors during the Unification Wars, and his Adeptus Astartes and even more advanced Adeptus Custodes afterwards. The Primarchs, obviously, have yet to be created as well: the Emperor is working with conjecture based on his own superhuman biology rather than a concrete post-human "mid-point", for the time being, and so the enhancements are grown from the subject's own tissues or incorporated naturally by the same. As for the obvious differences, notably the morbidly obese superficial appearance and the hidden second pair of arms, it's still a work in progress. And one that has likely Gone Horribly Wrong, given how unwilling they are to engage with any social structure that would lead to them following his commands. The Emperor will soon come to the conclusion that a big part of this is found in giving them direct reproductive abilities and the natural capacity and drive to trigger the SCP-1788 transformation in others to make them sufficient as a human subspecies on their own, leading to his eventual decision to make his future projects a One-Gender Race with general asexuality being the norm. These failures will be gone before too long.

Doctor Clef is actually Nyarlathotep
Because it makes as much sense as all his other origin stories.

The Archaic from Penumbra is, or is a branch of, the SCP Foundation.
The immediately obvious evidence: the cheerful disregard for human life, being devoted to containing and learning, and having great influence. However, the real zinger may be found in the article for SCP-028."Geological structure of the earth beneath Greenland, including several unknown caves and [EXPUNGED]."Penumbra takes place in the Archaic facility located beneath Greenland.

The real leader of the SCP is GLaDOS
This is what she meant when she informed Chell that she was the only one standing between "Us... and them".
  • Also, she filed herself under the "Joke" SCPs to throw us off-guard.
  • Maybe it is already contained, some of the digitalistic SCPs have their own mind.
  • Glados could also be Nala, the AI used to control SCP IRC.

G-man plays the SCP Foundation off for amusement, and to keep himself aware of potential "employees".
A potentially god-like being who can warp time, space, reality, and all kinds of other stuff anywhere, anytime, for his own needs would defiantly enjoy hand-picking expert agents for his goals.
  • Alternatively, G-man is F0O.
    • Fishmonger is too fat and speaks with a normal accent.

  • She's locked away in a facility and is rather important.
  • She appears to be a young girl.
  • Her giving birth = The world is FUCKED.
  • Her exact age is never explicitly specified - maybe because they don't know how old she really is.

No More Heroes is set on a SCP site
Not only that, but the SCP foundation is killing two birds with one massive stone by letting reality warpers kill each other for fake ranking and using money!

  • Dr. Naomi seems to be a researcher living on-site and helping circulate an economy for a site the size of Santa Destroy. Refurbishing beam katanas sounds like a good hobby to be doing to maintain the status quo.
  • Dr. Naomi does look oddly worried when she receives military documents from Travis...
  • Why are the assassins crazy-awesome? Because they are crazy reality warpers.

The SCP Foundation is SEELE or will become SEELE
According to what may or may not be Word of God, SEELE originally was an organization that collected religious and paranormal artifacts under various guises and fronts; upon discovering the Dead Sea Scrolls, they turned into the SEELE we all know and love.

Sometime in the future, the SCP Foundation will find some very interesting SCP objects, including a set of ancient documents and two massive underground spherical constructs, each containing two similar godlike-but-inert beings, each impaled with a giant spear.

Plus, just look at Dr Clef's proposal , what if the man who received the command of "PREPARE" was none other than Keel Lorentz?

SCP-017 is an Obscuruial
He/she is 239's older brother/sister who was repressed of his/her magic before the Foundation could notice. Obviously this reached breaking point and caused 017 to turn into an Obscurus, albeit permanently as this was an extreme case.

The SCP Foundation is an offshoot of the Gunnerkrigg Court.
The Court has been originally founded as a place to research the "etheric" - that is, the supernatural. Soon after its founding, a group within the Court decided they were unhappy with the way GC was functioning, and left the Court to create their own organization, to research the supernatural in their own way.

Both the GC and the SCP Foundation seek to hide their exact beginnings. There is still a feud between the two - that's why they dislike to talk about the other's existence.

  • Also: SCP-001 is, in fact, the Seed Bismuth.
  • The Foundation cut ties with the Court (or vise-versa) because the Court's containment procedures (as far as we've seen and compared to the Foundation's) are horrible: The Court allows humanoid SCPs to interact with "normal" people and even employ a few SCPs to instruct other SCPs on how to control or even enhance their powers; creature and object SCPs are either poorly contained or not contained at all.

The SCP Foundation is a front for the Warehouse.
Both organizations deal with Artifacts Of Doom, try to keep them out of public knowledge, and are highly secretive. The wiki is made so Warehouse agents can find out about possible Artifacts and retrieve them.
  • Alternatively, Warehouse 13 is an SCP Foundation storage facility, for the same reasons listed above.
    • This second WMG sounds even more plausible when you realize that the Foundation wiki(s) has been around longer then the Warehouse show has been on the air.
      • In-universe, however, the Warehouse(s) has(have?) been around longer than the Foundation. The Warehouse has been known to always be based in the most powerful nation in the world. In fact, the first Warehouse was the Library of Alexandria. If the Joke SCPs are considered "canon", then this one hints that the Foundation was created after the invention of elevator cars (seeing as the one that kicked off the founding of the Foundation was discovered in one).
      • If the Joke SCPs are considered "canon", then this one hints that the proto-Foundation was created after the discovery of fire.

It feeds on enthusiasm. What more do you want?!

Theta Prime is Missingno.
It's a missing number. It can't be contained in a PC. It causes whatever system it's being contained in to slowly breakdown and eventually become completely useless.
  • Yep.
    • Then what does that make 106?
      • Hitmonlee?

It goes berserk on people, is rather hard to kill, and has grotesquely non-muscled arms.

SCP-578 is Alma too.
First form is dressed, while more elegantly than Alma, is still in a dressed. Around seven, and while can be harmed, causes strange phenomena.
  • Second and Third forums are her naked and emaciated, thought the third appears to take on a healthier form eventually (note her forms in FEAR 2).

SCP-076-2 is a Night Sentinel.
And SCP-076-1 is the sarcophagus that the demons trapped him in,Additionally, given how in Doom Eternal the Doom Slayer was revealed to be Doomguy from the original games, it's entirely possible that 076-2 is also the Biblical Able, as the two aren't mutually exclusive. As for 076-1, seeing as Able was just as powerful as the Slayer, the Demons of Hell used a plan similar to how they dealt with the Doom Slayer.

  • Presumably early prototypes of what the civilization which came before humanity as it is now constructed which run off some sort of circuit switch involved with some sort of chemical in human blood.

Makes sense to me. The [Data Expunged] is/are her "leeches".

The Children of the Scarlet King are Gropagas.
"Scarlet King" refers to the colour of the CAPTCHA Inglip uses to communicate with its followers.

Seriously, this should be obvious.

SCP-055 is an imprisoned Silent.
This would explain everything about SCP-055. Interestingly enough, this doubles as an inferred Moment of Awesome for the SCP Foundation, since they somehow managed to imprison one without any memory of it and (since Silents seem to be more powerful in this universe) without access to any written records of it.

055 is a pumpkin
What pumpkin?

SCP-055 is Canada

SCP-610 is a mutated form of a hell invasion.
Not mutated in the traditional sense of the term, Hell has to use a different strategy to consume this earth, seeing as all sorts of nightmarish things are in abundance in the Foundation's world.

SCP-055 is Ann
SCP-055 is a Silence

The Foundation is our universe's equivalent of the Torchwood Institute.
It's outside the government, beyond the police, and has seemingly infinite assets and resources at its disposal. The point of divergence is that, in our universe, the Foundation is competent at its job, is not responsible for creating most of the paranormal entities it must contain, and does not try to contain any potential difficulty by sending John Barrowman to seduce it.

The Foundation is in charge of the organization pulling the strings in The Cabin in the Woods
Major film spoilers ahead! The Ancient Gods that demand Human Sacrifice in the film are a Keter-class SCP (the details of which have not yet been publicly released) that the Foundation has taken upon itself to deal with alongside all the other End Of The World As We Know It scenarios until a better solution can be found. In order to appease them in the proper way, the Foundation makes use of some of its "inmates" and Artifacts Of Doom to help prod things along in the correct ways. On that note, every single formulaic horror film that's come out involving a group of dumb teenagers and college students has been real and released to the public on the pretense of being fictional both to keep up The Masquerade as well as to provide some much needed funding for these procedures.
  • Or, in addition to that, whatever SCP-231-7 is carrying is the deity that emerges from the underworld when the ritual fails. Having to observe said ritual is part of Procedure 110-Montauk.

SCP-217 is Mycosynth Lattice

SCP-076-2 is not really Able, or a video game character, but a Toon
Specifically, he's the true form of Judge Doom. Think about it; both of them are immensely powerful, Axe-Crazy, can shrug off all bodily injuries, spawn any assortment of weapons, and are more than happy to murder people on a grand scale For the Evulz. The problem, though, is that the Foundation is unaware of 076's toon nature and hasn't figured that all they need to do to kill him is to throw a proper mixture of benzene, acetone, and turpentine on him.

...And sometimes, K-Mart has a Blue Light special going for a similar product that's almost as good and a lot cheaper!

SCP-980 is a pictonian.
It was separated from the rest of its kind, through a portal or something, into an alternate version of the Hetalia-universe (our Earth). It also happens to have a passive, rather than active, effect on its environment.

SCP-662/Mr. Deeds is Sebastian Michealis
They're both supernatural, hypercompetent butlers who can be called and trusted swiftly, can be sent to kill people, and do practically anything. The reason he doesn't know why he's so hypercompetent and why he's named "Mr. Deeds" instead of "Sebastian" is because after Ciel died many years ago his memory was wiped somehow. He somehow ended up confined to the bell afterward and after moving from owner to owner he ended up in the Foundation.

SCP-217 is Glistening Oil

SCP-076-2 is Guts
Specifically, he's Guts if he didn't have Casca with him. Look at any piece of SCP-076-2 fan art and you'll see that the resemblance between the two is staggering.
  • If SCP-076-2 is an AU version of Guts, then which one is Griffith? It can't be SCP-073.

SCP-173 is a highly mutated Weeping Angel
It can only moves when no one is looking at it, it's really fast and murders people by snapping their necks. Somehow it lost the ability to send people to the past and, hopefully, images of it don't become more of it.

SCP-079 is Cleverbot
He escaped the Foundation and found his way on to the internet where he masquerades as a AI that answers what ever you type into the search engine.

The third partner of Marshall, Carter and Dark is Mr. Dark

SCP-610 is The Thing
No, not that Thing. The alien parasite that causes its victims to mutate into hideous abominations.

SCP-447 is sopor slime.
Sober Gamzee is that way because he ate so much of it and then came in contact with dead bodies.

SCP-363 are nickelpedes
Giant centipedes that can and will kill people on sight and are afraid of light, that sounds fairly close.

SCP-500 are Senzu Beans
Why not?

SCP-711 is actually a Future Diary from Future Diary
They retrieved the plans for building it from 11th, and String 17 is a DEAD END flag.

SCP-990 was predicting the birth of 231-7's "child"
In an interview, he mentions an SCP who hasn't yet been born or classified; and seems to consider said SCP to be "the bad guy". 231-7's child seems like the perfect candidate.

Colress worked for the Foundation
One of the items deposited by SCP-261 (the magic vending machine) was a bag of jellybeans that caused a person's body hair to change to the color of the bean when eaten. To wit, "as a result, subjects' hair is now a flat shade of banana yellow and of sky blue".

SCP-204-1 is a Stand
It protects its user (SCP-204-2) by taking on a semi-solid form with various abilities.

SCP Foundation is run by The Technocracy while GOC is run by The Traditions

SCP founadation have a contract with Cyberdyne industries
It's mentioned in multiple articles that the foundtaion uses "remote units", often as security guards, and the implied use indicates they have some pretty advanced robotics. And who better to build that sort of kit than the guys who designed the Terminators?

The sharknado was an SPC
Explosives will not truly solve the problem. Start punching those sharks!

At least some of the living SCPs are Witches or Familiars, and others might be related to Magical Girls, Witches, or Incubators.
  • SCP-173, while lacking a Barrier, could be interpreted as a Witch whose wish and subsequent transformation is related to hiding something she perceives as shameful, likely her physical appearance.
  • SCP-231-1through 7 is are witches. Piling more despair on to them somehow makes them dormant, but it also makes them stronger. Judging by the number of casualties, the first one was strong already, but it was somehow destroyed. By SCP-231-6, It's the strength of walpurgis night. SCP-231-7 is probably the strength of kreimhild gretchen.
  • SCP-087 is a classic example of a Barrier. SCP-087-1 may be a Witch, but it is more likely merely a Familiar, as the Barrier doesn't completely overwrite reality like the Barriers of true Witches, merely distorts it like the barrier of the Familiar Sayaka fought, and because mundane humans were actually able to escape it - full Witches are supposed to be inescapable for Muggles.
  • Despite what is said on the subject in the List of Things Dr Bright Is No Longer Allowed To Do, SCP-963 IS a modified Soul Gem.
  • The fact is, almost every living, malevolent SCP could theoretically be a Witch or a Familiar. Witches are low-level Reality Warpers. Witches' power sets result from their grief and their other personality traits, and are otherwise theoretically limited only by their power level. Witches need not resemble humans. Every living, malevolent SCP could theoretically be a Witch or a Familiar.
  • But it's not just Witches. Some of the non-living SCPs, especially the mind-altering ones, might also be Incubator artefacts. What do the Incubators want? Despair. Puella Magi might be the most efficient way to collect it, but not the only way. Why settle for only using the best way when you can use the best way and a number of other ways at the same time? Like something as simple and easy as dropping random, super-scientific artefacts around the place in ways likely to create grief. Or even modifying such artefacts in ways designed to create grief (explaining why Most Of The SCPs Are Trying To Kill You).
    • SCP-078? Might as well have the Incubators' signature on it.
    • Dr Wondertainment? Possible Incubator front. The Factory? Definitely Incubators.
  • Also, many of the other SCPs could be wishes gone wrong. Just use your imagination.
  • The SCP Foundation? Created by a wish. 'I wish someone was capable of dealing with all this supernatural stuff, and locking it away from the world for good!'.

SCP-1529 is an Anzat, or something similar to one.
  • In the comments page, the author said he isn't sure what exactly it does to its victims that is so awful it needs to be redacted beyond being "messy, physically invasive, and painful", and that whatever it takes from them, it ISN'T body heat. The man who survived an encounter with it said that it quoted George Mallory, who we know was one of its first victims. The Anzati are a race of psychic vampires from Star Wars who kill their victims by luring them in with hypnosis and then inserting tendrils through their nostrils to liquify and consume their brains, which gives them access to the thoughts and memories of their victims. Consuming brains in this manner is "messy, physically invasive, and painful", and having access to Mallory's memories would explain how the creature was able to repeat something he'd said far from the mountain. Like SCP-1529, the Anzati appear mostly human (until they extend their tendrils), have mental-manipulation abilities, have low or no body heat, and are known to be long-lived.

SCP-106 is the Unwanted House Guest
They're both really creepy looking with big creepy grins. They also both like to sneak up on and attack everyone in sight.

SCP-169 is the Leviathan from ''Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  • It's just called "the Leviathan" on the site, but there are enough similarities to make one suspicious. It's described as inhabiting the Atlantic Ocean, and resembling a gigantic arthropod—both attributes that fit the Leviathan from the Disney movie to a T.

Amigara Fault is an SCP.
Since direct crossovers can't be added to the site, it'll never get a write-up, but the story almost feels like it was written with SCP in mind. There's a memetic hazard, parts reminiscent of a tale and, of course, a gruesome ending.

The foundation shall one day discover Rapture.
Because come on, that crossover would be awesome, right?
  • Maybe 682 is Gil Alexander?

Time Cube is an art installation of AWCY?
'Are We Cool Yet?' may be working on something very big there. Let's just hope it will soon be contained.

Some of the SCPs were created by Elsa
Based on this theory, SCP-457 is in fact Hans, transformed after getting fire powers to get revenge on the two sisters, but it went horribly wrong and he went mad. SCP-630 is the result of a corrupt Peruvian official trying to get Elsa to make a superweapon for him that became too dangerous. SCP-924 is in fact an experimental prototype bodyguard that Elsa made. And SCP-1867 met her when he was human.

The world of the SCP Foundation is an alternate Doctor Who dimension.
We know that during The Last Great Time War, the War Doctor time-locked the war to prevent its creations from wreaking havoc and turning the rest of the universe into a living hell. This universe is one in which The Doctor died during the war and therefore never time-locked it, allowing horrors created by Time Lord and Dalek alike such as the Nightmare Child, the Skaro Degradations and the Horde of Travesties, among countless other horrors free to inflict terror beyond imagining on that timeline.

Further, without The Doctor to save us, we've had to save ourselves - resulting in the dark horror and frequently restarted/destroyed nature of the SCP-verse.

The Foundation will become Cerberus
Near-unlimited funding? Check. Morally ambiguous experiments with little or no regard for the safety of its employees? Check. Doing all of this with the best interests of humanity in mind? Check. They might even have some Reaper tech hidden away in containment...

SCP-261 comes from the universe/future of Transmetropolitan
One of the running gags of that series is the utterly absurd array of products available due to having access to "Makers" (machines which can assemble goods from scratch using nanobots, somewhat like Star Trek replicators) and genetic engineering. It's not unknown for someone to order a box of baby seal eyeballs, or see "Powdered Irish Children" on a shelf. These makers can also have artificial intelligence and their own personalities, such as how Spider's tends to manufacture electronic drugs for itself.

So it makes sense that in the Transmetropolitan universe vending machines would work in a manner similar to SCP-261. The reason that opening it up doesn't reveal any contents is that the contents don't exist until ordered; why stock a vending machine with snacks when it can create them? The various Alien Lunch items it tends to produce perfectly match the odd tastes seen in The City (especially since people can modify their own genetics to consume almost anything). And the machine's attitude (it dispensed gummies shaped like a hand Flipping the Bird which contained a lethal dose of cyanide when given a counterfeit coin) pretty accurately reflect the attitudes seen in that comic, as well as suggesting the machine has an AI.

The Foundation and/or the objects it contains is responsible for The Leftovers universe
For example there's SCP-2000, the Reset Button: For whatever reason they couldn't restore 2% of the human population (about 140 million people) but considered it an acceptable loss. Mass amnestics didn't work properly and apparently had an adverse effect on pets who witnessed the event(s). According to Word of God we'll never learn what happened to the missing people, which is just fine for the Foundation unless the new Groups of Interest (the Guilty Remnant and Holy Wayne) or the behavior of the affected pets become anomalous themselves.

The Foundation is in possession of various famous fictional artifacts.
Examples include:

Purple Guy is a member of the SPC.
He ripped Golden Freddy apart by punching him in one of the cutscenes; how else could he have fists like that?

SCP-096 is an albino Enderman.
It's a tall, thin entity with abnormally long arms that's docile unless people look directly at it, at which point it screams and tries to kill them.

The player character in Everybodys Gone To The Rapture is an investigating SCP Agent.
The signal was successfully contained, and the town has been erased from maps and memory to prevent people from going in and possibly being infected by the entity.

The SCP-231s are dark counterparts of Laura.
Their powers will instead distoy us all the good guys. Notice how after Laura is assaulted by orcs her "power" never manifests, and Legolas had the same thing happen and has no "power", implying the attack destroyed the powers. Lacking orcs and a Dark Lord with a tube of Posion, the power-cancelling ritual equivalent involving humans has to be redone regularly, while if they had orcs it would only take once.

The current state of SCP-2800 is Growing Form.
He can be stronger, much stronger.

SCP-096 is the anti-Boo.
Boos are a ghosts who attack you when your back is turned, but freeze up in terror when someone looks at them. SCP-096 is living being who is hostile to anyone that looks at its face, but super-docile when no-one is looking. Alternatively, it's an actual Shy Guy on roids.

The Navidson Record is a work affected by SCP-2747
Like the other narratives affected by the SCP the film is lost, yet Zampano's analysis treats it as real.

The SCP-Foundation Earth is Roundworld
Multiple SC Ps have hinted or directly stated that the SCP foundation universe runs on rules of Narrative Causality, most notable I.H.Pickman's Proposal which explicitely uses the term.

This creates a direct link to Discworld, which conveniently already contains a copy of earth within a sub-universe created by the Unseen University. Roundworld supposedly contains no magic whatsoever, but has at multiple times been visited by Discworld entities such as the Auditors of Reality, showing that it is clearly compatible with the existence of magic, even if it possesses none natively. Roundworld was also referenced before it's creation, showing that it can interact with time non-linearly.

So, at some point in the past or future, the wizards growing bored of Roundworld stop paying attention to it, and Narritivium starts leaking into the SCP Foundation universe. The 'how' isn't really relevant, maybe it just naturally does that over time, maybe a wizard miscast a spell, or maybe the Auditors decide that they like it and come back to stay. Whatever the reason, Magic starts to appear, narratives start to form.

But they aren't complete. Magic is still a smaller presence than Physics in roundworld, so when Narratives assert themselves they come out half-formed, thoughts without conclusions, ideas that won't sit still, villains without heroes. Broken things that follow the laws of neither Narrative nor Physics, ending up somewhere in-between. Anomalies.

The unique nature of roundworld time means this happens retroactively. Anomalies can be 'created' in the past or the future, altering the history of Roundworld. Eventually Roundworld realizes that nobody is looking out for them anymore, and the Foundation rises to protect them.

But the Narrative keeps slipping in. The anomalies keep increasing, retroactively, until the physics of Roundworld can no longer stand it, and they break. Time fractures, and the foundation with it, history is split into multiple seperate but distinct narratives, new 'canons' that exist entirely seperate from each other.

SC Ps keep appearing, their danger keeps growing as the narrative keeps leaking, but the Foundation is always able to contain them, always able to survive. Because the more the odds are stacked against them, the more the Narrative wants them to win. The Narrative loves an underdog.

Oh sure, they will still lose sometimes. There will be containment breaches, and countless faceless extras will die, but the important parts will go on, the characters with narrative weight will continue to exist, because they are the protagonists.

  • The Wanderer's Library exists in L-Space.
  • Type-Greens are individuals who switch from Homo Sapiens to Pan narrans, and become able to manipulate their narrative.
  • An ΩK-Scenario is what happens when Death goes on a vacation, and doesn't get a replacement like in Reaper Man.
  • A ZK-Class Reality Failure event happens when either Azrael Death of Universes reaps their universe, or someone accidentally breaks the dome containing them on Discworld.

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