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Apocalypse How / Class X-5

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"All of existence, go away!"

Multiversal-scale Physical Annihilation. If there are alternate dimensions or different realities or whatever in this fiction, then many of those go away.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Bokurano: If you lose the game, your universe goes bye-bye. If you win, someone else's goes bye-bye. Provided the tournament has a standard ladder form, 2^15 - 1 universes — 32,767 whole universes, lifeforms included — are destroyed during the anime's tenure. But hey, it may all be for a good reason... Or not.
  • The standard effects of a Lost Logia reaching full power and going out of control in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha are multi-dimensional catastrophes that destroy many worlds in the process.
  • In Noein, the goal of the title Big Bad is to destroy all possible parallel universes so that only Shangri'La remains.
  • Attempted by Apocalymon in Digimon Adventure.
  • This is the goal of the Shadow Dragons in Dragon Ball GT.
  • Dragon Ball Super
    • An all-out battle between Gods of Destruction Beerus and Champa is enough to destroy both of their universes!
    • The true goal of Zamasu and Black Goku is to eliminate all mortals from the multiverse. He succeeds in doing that in Future Trunks' timeline by becoming an omnipresent Eldritch Abomination infecting that timeline's multiverse by merging his own being with it after losing his physical body (although not before both Zamasus fusing and Fused Zamasu's intense fight against the heroes), forcing Goku to summon Zeno, who destroyed the entire multiverse in that timeline to get rid of Zamasu completely, and seeing as Zamasu slowly started to spread to other timelines, also averted a potential Class Z Omniversal FUBAR event.
    • And once again, this time deliberately by Zeno. Whichever universe is defeated in the multiversal Tournament of Power, gets obliterated as punishment for failure. Universe 9 suffers this fate first, and Universe 10, 2, 6, 4, 3, and 11 after that leaving only five universes remaining by the end of Super. However, the Tournament of Power was just a Secret Test of Character. Zeno figured there would be a mortal who would be virtuous enough to wish back all of the universes erased in the Tournament of Power, which turned out to be what Android 17 wished for. If the mortal wished for a selfish wish, which was very close to happening, Zeno would have erased not only Universe 7, but the universes that were supposedly spared in the Tournament of Power as well!
  • This is the main threat in The Noozles, a preschool-friendly show in which partway through you find out that human activity has damaged the bond between our universe and a universe of cute koala Nazis; this has resulted in the two universes separating off-balance and quickly, and unless something is done the two universes will rip each other apart.

    Comic Books 
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths destroyed almost the entire multiverse and squished the surviving few universes into a messy amalgam universe. Prior to this, the Anti-Monitor destroyed, ultimately, infinity minus five universes.
  • In JLA/Avengers there was Krona, a being that attempted the destruction of the core universes of both DC and Marvel, in order to remake the new universe that would emerge in his own image.
  • In the Marvel Comics, Unicron from Transformers has this as part of his background. He ate most of the previous universe and went to sleep, only to have the scraps he left behind form a new universe while he slept. Now he wants to make sure it doesn't happen again.
  • The plot of Jonathan Hickman's Avengers is the discovery of a chain-reaction of colliding universes, each one causing the multiverse to contract just a bit more until "everything dies." There are ways to slow the process down, but they are... costly. This ultimately leads in Secret Wars (2015) with all universes destroyed, only bits of them surviving to become Battleworld.
  • In The Sandman: Overture, Glory of the First Circle explains to Morpheus that a star has gone mad and become a cancer in the universe. "From across the vastness of the cosmos, impelled by whatever senses drive them, singular creatures are gathering to feast on the coming massacre and the madness. And the madness will spread. The galaxies themselves will shake and vanish. The other realms in their turn with fade and be destroyed. Soon enough, the mind that is the universe will cease to think, and all things will cease to be."
  • In Uncanny X-Men #108, the Uncanny X-Men are recruited by forces from the Shi'ar Star Empire to heal the M'Kraan Crystal before all of reality fractures and collapses. It is eventually restored by Jean Grey, who becomes the awesome and terrible Phoenix in the process, and the universes are saved. But in "Gambit and the X-Ternals", part of the Alternate Universe "Age of Apocalypse", Gambit is told that, since Jean Grey never healed the crystal in the new timeline, all of reality is about to unravel at the seams unless the original timeline is restored.
  • Black Science: Grant unlocks pillar technology to travel to unlimited parallel worlds. Doing so leaves a trail of cracked reality back to his origin dimension. He discovers bizarre voids in the multiverse and theorizes that they are the result of traveling to an antimatter parallel universe that allowed antimatter to slide back through the cracks all the way to each pillar inventor's origin, wiping out every dimension along the way. Any dimensionaut that travels long enough will stumble into an antimatter universe and kill off everything they passed through.
  • In Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Shattered Grid, this ends up being Lord Drakkon's endgame: by capturing the powers of the various teams, he seeks to be strong enough to enter the Morphin' Grid and steal the Heart of a Master, destroying the Ranger multiverse and creating a universe where he's beloved by all. Thankfully, the Mighty Morphin' team, Jen and Lauren are able to fix this. Mostly.
  • In the Wonder Woman Vol 1 storyline Judgment In Infinity, should the heroes fail the Adjudicator's trials, he will make Earth-One fade into oblivion, triggering a chain reaction which will disintegrate all Earths in the Multiverse.

    Fan Works 
  • In the Magical Girl Crisis Crossover Shattered Skies: The Morning Lights, Joker unleashes "the entity", a colossal space-time eating Eldritch Abomination, upon the Precure multiverse. It causes countless Class X-5s, consuming every possible future of the first ten Precure series/continuities, RetGone-ing all the ones beyond thatnote , and causing what's left to collapse together into a catastrophic Time Crash.
  • In DC/Marvel crossover Tales of the Otherverse, a piece of the destroyed Green Lantern Central Power Battery weakened the walls separating the Otherverse form other realities. Suddenly, super-villains, dinosaurs, monsters and the like were invading the Otherverse Earth and slaughtering its denizens. To make matters worse, the dimensional walls keep weakening, and their collapse might lead to the collision and destruction of multiple realities.
    Access: "And that is where the current problem lies. The Nexus is being destroyed from within. Its walls are buckling, allowing more and more seepage."
    Rogue: "Seepage?"
    Mon-El: "With the walls weakened, it means that it is easier for entities from other universes to cross over into the Nexus. Seepage."
    Access: "Exactly. And it is a portion of the Great Battery that is causing the walls of reality to weaken. Somewhere, in that new universe, on the planet Earth, a malfunctioning fragment of the Battery is acting like a cancer. It's slowly eating away at the Nexus. And if it weakens much more, those walls are going to break."
    Invisible Woman: "Not another Amalgam?"
    Mr. Fantastic: "Oh no. We wouldn't be so lucky. "Amalgam was the merger of two realities into one. This will be worse. This will be the sudden collision of a multitude of realities striving to occupy the same space and time."
    Dr. Strange: "Total, complete destruction."

  • The Dark Tower: This is what happens if the Tower falls: The utter reversion of every single universe, dimension, plane, time, space, etc. to the chaos from whence they came. The Big Bad wants this because he claims he will be able to rule that chaos forever afterwards. The worrying part is that this is starting to happen already at the beginning of the series. Even more scary is that the protagonist has to succeed every single time. The antagonist just has to win once. However it seems that each time it resets, the Gunslinger gets something that might make this cycle the last one where he has to win.
  • In Larry Correia's The Grimnoir Chronicles, the Power is being pursued by the Enemy that destroys the universes it attached itself to. Summoners summon the remnants of the survivors of the previous worlds.
  • The arrival of the Elder Gods in New York in Joe Golem and the Drowning City would annihilate not only our entire universe, but according to Simon Church, probably many others, including Heaven, Hell and other afterlives.
  • In L. Jagi Lamplighter's Rachel Griffin series, universes are being destroyed. The main characters work out that some characters are in fact refugees from them, magically fit into the universe. Though Rachel is warned that very few people can be rescued when a universe is destroyed.
  • Magic By The Numbers: Riddle Of The Seven Realms an ancient demon plots to destroy all known worlds by lighting a fire in his home dimension, which will punch a hole into the void and suck in not only the demon realm, but also all other worlds that connect to it via flames. (Presumably, any undiscovered universes that lack the "flame permeates all" rule of wizardry would escape this fate, making it this level and not Class Z.)

    Live-Action TV 
  • Doctor Who:
    • "Journey's End": The Daleks threaten to cause this using their Reality Bomb. The device essentially dismantles the electrical field holding atoms together, and if it's sucessfully fired at full power in the Medusa Cascade then it will leak through the Cascade's rift into every single Parallel Universe and Alternate Dimension, so the sheltered Dalek fleet will be the only things left in all of reality. It's revealed that the Reality Bomb's existence has already been causing a Timey-Wimey Ball sort of World-Wrecking Wave to negatively affect multiple universes and has even wiped out the Daleks and Cybermen inside the Void, although said wave's effects are stopped at the end.
    • In "The Pandorica Opens"/"The Big Bang", after the Silence detonate the TARDIS, all that remains of every reality is that of Earth in this universe, just a stone's throw from Class Z. Stars are myths (and our sun is actually the TARDIS burning), all that's left of non-Earth life are shadows petrified in time, and as the characters edge closer to the date of the TARDIS' explosion, people start vanishing from reality. This is reset by the Doctor creating a second Big Bang with the Pandorica. We have a word of a Cyberman that every universe is affected. "All universes will be deleted."
  • In Dark (2017), this is the fate of both Adam and Eve's universes after the Stable Time Loop is broken.
  • Supernatural: In the final season, Chuck succeeds in destroying all of The Multiverse until only the main universe is left, then threatens to delete that too.

  • King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard concept album Murder of the Universe tells three loosely connected stories. In the last one a cyborg named Han-Tyumi concludes that the two things that define the humanity and the two things he is incapable of are death and vomiting. He then builds an artificial human whose only role is to vomit and then die. He uploads himself into his creation's brain, explodes into self-aware puke, and expands until the whole multiverse is turned into vomit and then collapses on itself.
    • The world the story takes place in seems to be in the midst of planetary-scale apocalypse, as all but one human being replaced by machines, and everything "fades to black".
    • The first story of the album also begins right after an unspecified nuclear armageddon.

Destroy the Godmodder: This happens at the end of Act 4 in Destroy the Godmodder 2, where both Earth's universe and Minecraftia are destroyed. Earth gets restored in Act 5 — but Minecraftia isn't so lucky.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons: In the sourcebook Elder Evils, this is potentially the worst case for two scenarios:
    • If Pandorym's body and mind reunite, it will continue its original goal of killing every deity in existence, and then obliterate the planes, one at a time.
    • The villain in the Worm that Walks scenario does not intend this scale of destruction, but when its underling makes the mistake of putting a Sphere of Annihilation in a special Bag of Holding, the universe stops existing if the heroes cannot stop it.

    Video Games 
  • At the end of VVVVVV, you have to destabilize the dimension to get back to your own. However, this has destabilized two dimensions so after the ending you have to find a way to fix them.
  • If your team is defeated in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, this is the fate that Galactus has in mind for the Marvel and Capcom universes.
  • Despite Umineko: When They Cry being mostly a romance-mystery novel, in the final battle between Lambdadelta and Bernkastel, both rapid-fire attacks that shatter entire fragments using the force of Big Bangs and Big Crunches. Each fragment is an entire parallel universe. On a (comparatively) lesser scale, Willard cuts an entire fragment in half with a single sword slice.
  • While we never learn the full extent of the damage past "rampaging through timelines", it's implied that Add from Elsword started causing these in his Diabolic Esper path.
  • The penultimate goal of Airy and Ouroboros in Bravely Default. After Airy uses the crystals to physically link the universes, they'll consume the multiverse as fuel for their ultimate goal: breaking into and conquering the Celestial Realm, aka the real world.
  • In Kirby: Planet Robobot, shortly after achieving sentience, Star Dream declares that organic life is a liability in its goal of infinite prosperity and must be deleted. Seeing as how it later demonstrates Reality Warper tendencies and is capable of tearing holes in the fabric of space-time, it's very likely that Star Dream wouldn't stop at just Kirby's universe.
  • In Super Paper Mario, the Void is a tear in the fabric of the multiverse that will annihilate all worlds entirely. Mario has to stop it.

  • In Homestuck, Lord English has destroyed (or at least engineered the destruction of) countless universes, including the ones the protagonists are from, and is trying to destroy them all.
    • It was revealed that when Universes A and B were destroyed by Spades Slick and Jack Noir, respectively, they actually destroyed every possible alternate version of those universes, so it was actually two entire multiverses being destroyed.
  • In Melonpool, an excess of Time Travel going horribly wrong results in this.
  • This was Seargent Smacka's plan in L's Empire. He never gets that far, but he does succeed in causing several Class X-4s which all get undone.

    Western Animation 
  • At the end of Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Spider-Carnage, an alternate universe Peter Parker who hit the Despair Event Horizon after his universe's version of The Clone Saga and was bonded with the Carnage Symbiote, attempts to destroy the multiverse, aching to a Class Z destruction (although it probably wouldn't count that far, since those sent to stop him are alternate Spider-Men, which probably means only the universes containing or related to Spider-Man would be destroyed).
  • Similarly, in Turtles Forever Utrom Shredder destroys his native dimension and begins destroying another, eventually wiping out every universe that contains the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Nearly happens twice in Danny Phantom; first when the Guys in White try to destroy the Ghost Zone, and again in the finale when Earth is threatened by the "Disasteroid". These apocalypses would have been possible because the Ghost Zone and Earth are opposite dimensions and the destruction of one will destroy the other.
  • The snake from the animated adaptation of The Little Prince has, as established in the setting, existed before the known universes. Being annoyed by the new presence his goal became to destroy all of the known universes there are, with only him still existing. Later on however he would fall in love with a rose that he would want to keep for himself. He would however still wipe out everything else.
  • Futurama: In one What If? scenario, Fry destroys almost all reality, leaving himself, Al Gore, Stephen Hawking, Nichelle Nicols, and Gary Gygax to play Dungeons & Dragons for the rest of eternity.
  • Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero: In the Season 1 finale "Save The Worlds", vortexes into nothingness appeared in 50 dimensions, which include every dimension seen in Season 1 of the show. The vortexes are slowly growing, threatening to pull all 50 of those dimensions into the nothing, followed by the rest of the multiverse. It took the co-operation of the heroes, the villains, and many familiar faces to set things right.

  • If the Eternal inflation theory is correct — and thus an infinite set of universes exists — the calculation of probabilities becomes a Mind Screw, since everything will happen an infinite number of times. A way to get rid of this problem is to assume time will end someday and with it the multiverse, even if some 'verses could be spared. Note that many other physicists do not share that idea, and even the authors of this paper have later considered these calculations to be wrong, retracting them.


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