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Nightmare Fuel / SCP Foundation SCPs 3000 to 3999

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  • SCP-3000:
    • Right away, you're faced with author dj-kaktus's Creator Thumbprint: a warning screen for a very important anomaly. But what is it? It's a moray eel, a giant one in fact, and it does nothing but sit in one spot... and eat people. When it consumes people, it produces a compound that can induce memory loss and Loss of Identity. The same symptoms are induced by viewing it. So, the Foundation devised the Atzak Protocol to exploit it, which became modern amnestics. That's not the scary part. The real horror is in a note from the Ethics Committee admitting that the Atzak Protocol is a huge mistake, that they're incessantly throwing D-Class in to have their minds sucked out so that the Foundation has their amnestics, and that they're too far dug in to stop producing the compound. This effectively turns the story into An Aesop about how what's done is done. On a more personal note, there's a log of a staff member stationed deep underwater to oversee SCP-3000. He loses his memories and identity just like the others, but it comes to a head when he breaks a picture of his family and discovers that his memories of his wife and child were actually his friend's memories. In reality, he's single and doesn't have any children. This is enough to make him overdose on the raw compound, killing himself.
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    • Another unsettling detail is that the eel is implied by many to be Anantashesha. He is the king of all Nagas, an enormous thousand-headed serpent upon which Vishnu rests, so big that it can hold entire planets. While depicted as non-malicious, he is stated to be one of the only beings that will survive the end of the universe—"Ananta" is Sanskrit for "endless", and "Shesha" means "that which remains". It's heavily implied that looking at SCP-3000 causes viewers to see how truly insignificant they are, that everyone and everything will inevitably be forgotten and return to inert pieces of the universe, while the Eel will continue to exist forever. The worst part? No one is certain if it really is a primordial deity or just another anomalous organism.
  • SCP-3001: Imagine you're testing a device that will soon revolutionize Foundation containment technology by researching ways to alter reality. Then, just as you perform another round of tests, an earthquake strikes, damaging some of the prototype devices. And soon, you're locked in an endless black void, with your only source of contact with the world one of the devices, and your only form of company is a red light on said device. That's the ultimate fate of Dr. Robert Scranton, the developer of the Lang-Scranton Stabilizer (LSS) Reality Anchors. Initially struggling to find some sort of excuse, anything to be complacent with his situation, he starts going insane, believing the LSS's red light to be sentient. And then his body begins to break down due to the void leeching away his Hume levels. Said in layman's terms, the "leeching of Hume levels" means his very existence is becoming a less and less "stable" thing, and he's slowly fading away entirely. When the LSS rematerializes years later, his wife Anna Lang is heartbroken to see nothing left but a few horribly disfigured parts of what was once Scranton, including a massive pool of blood and vomit. This was the first time that she had seen any trace of her husband in six years. The worst part is that, after all this time, they don't know if Scranton is dead. According to the article's author, not all of him made it back; part of his head and torso are still in the void. And he may or may not still be alive.
  • SCP-3002:
    • It's similar to SCP-2998 in its presentation; it starts off as something very simple, weak, and pathetic, and then as you advance in the iterations it is slowly revealed to be more and more. At first, it's just described as a shared memory experienced by 85% of the prison population in South Rock Penitentiary in Layfeyette, Indiana of the person affected getting into an argument with a friend. Next iteration, it turns out to be a Euclid-class SCP; it's contagious, and the argument was about a new child at the school, a Slovakian immigrant named Lily Veselka who is described as appearing anemic and also having pale blonde hair. We also get something about "Project Lethe". Third iteration, it's Keter, and turns out to be a highly protean Mind Virus capable of altering and manipulating almost all memories in its hosts, allowing it to exert a high degree of control over them. "Project Lethe" turns out to have been a typical inhumane Foundation experiment in which a girl, the real "Lily Veselka" was Mind Raped using highly invasive equpiment as part of a project to research better ways to manipulate memories. She was somehow turned into the aforementioned Mind Virus, a living idea, which cannot die and is almost impossible to contain or quarantine. And she is angry. By the final iteration, she has taken over 78% of all human beings alive. Even the Foundation aren't immune; the number of O5s left gradually dwindles until there are only two left, voting against each other about whether to cryptically "restart". In other words, most people alive are under control of a barely-sane little girl, and it's all the Foundation's fault! Pretty much the only saving grace is that it is classified as Keter instead of Apollyon, implying that there is at least some chance of somehow reversing it.
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    • Worse yet, there's a very good reason why the final two O5s are still debating whether to "restart": Project LETHE, the results of the mentioned experiments, has already been used... to stop the even more cataclysmic consequences of SCP-1425, the Star Signals book. The Foundation is torn between allowing the "living idea" to overrun them or unleashing countless insane Reality Warpers.
  • SCP-3005 is much like SCP-579, in that so much of the scare factor lies in being told so little about it. However, where SCP-3005 goes beyond this is the fact that the information wasn't expunged, it was lost. We don't even know its object class. About all we have to go by is a test log whose entries become progressively screwed up, hinting at all manner of madness and things getting worse, from staff member's identities being displaced to things apparently happening before they start. It's clear that whatever this thing is, it's horribly breaking not only people's sanity (and sometimes bodies), but the fabric of reality. It's implied that this is the work of the Fifth Church, and the object is some sort of conduit for the "Fifth World"—and that the pink light exposes whatever it touches to this dimension. The result distorted reality to the point that even the Scranton Reality Anchors glitched out, culminating in a catastrophic containment breach, in which not only the object itself but the data around it went missing.
  • SCP-3006:
    • At first, you think "Well, this is a surprise. An SCP based off of a widely known and dearly beloved meme? Shouldn't this be a joke SCP?" Then you start reading it and see the effects. At this point you're probably thinking "Hm, this is weird, but not really scary." Then you get to the section that documents the effects it has on videos by the Game Grumps, and then everything hits you. And then there's the interview with JonTron. Turns out that Foundation video footage is being affected.
      • To further elaborate, this SCP is a We Are Number One video that, upon playback, doubles the amount of people in the video, regardless of whether or not the people in question actually onscreen (hence it extends to camera crews as well). The video is capable of spreading this effect to other videos simply by being linked in the same thread as them, and if it infects one part of a series, the effect will carry over to the next video in that series. All these videos are typically ones that take place in enclosed spaces and for some reason said spaces are always inescapable, with the occupants desperately trying to escape once they realize what's happening. If repeated enough times, well...let's just say the video reminds you of what happens when several hundred thousand people are crammed into a tiny room that can't contain all of them. The desperation of the situation also makes the duplicates start to get violent and tense, and often some instances start killing each other even before the inevitable crushing. Fortunately, the effect does not appear to have any influence on reality.
    • The Game Grumps example mentioned above almost reads like an Apocalyptic Log as the Grumps and their duplicates try to deal with their situation and think of ways to escape...every attempt fails. At a certain point, their video ends up consisting of nothing but screaming and by the end, they're dead.
    • Even without factoring the horrifying twist at the end, JonTron's entire demeanor during the interview is pretty unsettling, as he's clearly on edge and nervous about the whole thing. It's somehow even more disturbing when you factor in the fact that, as opposed to a fictional character made for the page, this is a popular, well-liked internet celebrity being interrogated by the Foundation before possibly being torn apart by clones of himself.
  • SCP-3007: It's an occurrence that causes Astral Projection to people into another world. A horrible dead world. Most of them lose their minds due to the horrible stench of the place on top of the horrific mutated corpses if they don't just die due to accidentally falling off one of the bridges. When the Foundation finally finds an artist to volunteer an expedition, he finds six winged vessels with their pilots cleaved in half and a black pillar with thousands of corpses gathered around it. As he climbs the pillar he sees paintings of the orgins of the world created by a lonely but kind deity who created their Children. It prospered for thousands of years until an infohazard Eldritch Abomination invaded and started to take control of many of the people. Unable to hold it and the mutated Children off, the Deity gathered the remaining Children and gave them gifts to send off to another world while it holds off the horror. The last painting horrifies the explorer: It's a painting of Earth. The last thing the Deity did was to make the black pillar to warn us that it has found us and the Astral Projections are its attempts to find us. Something that has killed a God is coming for us and the Foundation is scared shitless. The abomination is red in all of the paintings depicting it. Who else in the Foundation-verse has killed deities and is associated with the colour red (or rather, scarlet)?
  • SCP-3008: Imagine your bad luck; You wandered into a local IKEA to buy some flat-pack furniture, and now you're lost and confused in a Pocket Dimension that seems to stretch on forever. At first, it seems like a paradise - well, as close to paradise as an IKEA can get. The cafes are always stocked with food, and there's plenty of assembled furniture or boxes to rest on. If you're lucky, you might find 'tribes' of other people who ended up inside 3008, having banded together to form rudimentary civilisations. Everything changes when the lights go out. The previously docile race of SCP-3008-2, humanoids dressed in IKEA uniform, become vicious shambling horrors that seek to attack any other life-forms within 3008, all while uttering phrases such as "The store is now closed, please exit the building" over and over again. You'd better hope you, and any friends you might have made during the 'day', can survive each horrifying night...
  • SCP-3033: Getting kidnapped and becoming one of the Chaos Insurgency's Hollywood Cyborg People Puppets (or a puppeteer if you're lucky) is bad enough and then you learn the person who did this to you is a VIP prisoner and gets to live in a comfy cottage. You're able to escape only to find out she put so many fail-safes in her design that every time you try to attack you're frozen in place. And then she gets out the surgical tools. And after she kills you she gets a new cottage to boot! What makes it worse is that this sort of thingnote  actually happened in real life.
  • SCP-3045 is an anomalous program that "simplifies" text and video media files. Said files get shorter and shorter while the content becomes more simplistic with each use. Text files are eventually reduced to one word: "bzzz". Video content has characters and events progressively edited out with the story changing to match before being reduced to a black screen with a slight buzzing noise. Harmless, right? This leads to some amount of silliness along the way, with the Hamlet example in particular having some rather funny changes. Unless the media directly references bees, that is. Apiphobes will want to avoid the fourth testing log. The fourth test was performed with Bee Movie, with the first use of the program causing no change. The second and third uses instead creating longer videos that have the character Ken getting stung to death in increasingly violent ways with some other oddities such as the bees respawning or being human-sized. The fourth, though... dear god. It's live-action, with Ken being portrayed by his voice actor, Patrick Warburton. "Ken" is floating in an endless sea of bees, slowly being stung to death, with the document summarizing the whole thing. Final length? Over four and a half hours. Then the poor researcher who watched all of this activates the program again and his computer fills with actual bees. On top of that, the word "bees" in the note links to the tale "Bees." You know, the one with the journal that turns everything into bees. This suggests that the company who created SCP-3045, HiveFind, and the journal from the tale have something in common.
  • SCP-3060:
    • It's a CPAP machine that if worn by a sleeping human causes a mysterious entity (dubbed SCP-3060-A) to appear during REM sleep and stand by them for the duration of their slumber. After the first exposure, the human will become "infected" and continue receiving visits from an instance of SCP-3060-A, regardless if the device is worn or not. This results in long-term negative effects such as fatigue, memory problems, mood changes and constant nightmares after the first three days. In a month's time, infected people start to experience hallucinations and the belief that their mind has been "stolen", subsequently leading into psychosis when they fail to distinguish dreams from reality. The worst cases can include hair loss, blindness, cataplexy and even alien limb syndrome after two months of infection. Even worse, any other humans that enter within 50 meters of an infected subject will become catatonic, creating another instance SCP-3060-A that will make them fall asleep and become infected too. If that wasn't bad enough, if nobody enters an infected person's proximity during REM sleep within a week or the infected person expires during that time, another instance of SCP-3060-A will appear and search for the nearest sleeping human to infect.
    • In an addendum, a pharmaceutical company advertised SCP-3060 to numerous publications across North America and Europe and 3000 instances were shipped from a single warehouse. While the foundation managed to stop the majority of shipments from reaching their destinations, 30 instances of SCP-3060 still got out. This resulted in a number of outbreaks in major cities from an unknown number of uncontained infected humans and SCP-3060's object class being upgraded to Keter class as it may potentially bring about an AK-class End of World Scenario.
  • SCP-3069 "To Force the hand of God" is an article set in the 2020s that describes an utterly massive construct situated 6000 kilometers along the North Atlantic Ocean. The special containment procedures detailing a massive three stage plan that the Foundation plans to enact over a period of years to decades. This plan includes such things as teaming up with the GOC and the UN to migrate the populace away from coastal cities, mass education programs teaching citizens about diseases, and the activation of SCP-2000 after the death of 60% of the population of the United States, the activation of which will last from 250-500 years. All of this is to be done after SCP-3069 undergoes an "Innova-Exonera" event, which includes the release of foreign organisms and chemicals. The article then goes into an expedition into the structure where the team finds oddities such as a baby whale being blended into a fan, which is then followed by one of the agents getting trapped and lost in a current inside the structure, which then is followed by the last two members getting cornered by an almost invisible entity before it does something to one of them which causes that team member to die shortly after the expedition. Then four days later a hull breach occurred where the response team leader who investigated described that right before they left he could see for a split second the preserved corpse of the lost team member and what looked like strings of light going through her like stitching. Then we get a warning that says only O5 members and Site Directors handling SCP-3069 can look at. And this reveals what the skip really does. The organisms it deploys are heavily mutated versions of organisms native to Earth that are extremely toxic to all native life on Earth. This seems to imply that the structure traps sea life that flow towards it, process them, and then make the toxic clones. And worse yet, the Foundation have started to see copies of missing humans. This leads to a couple of horrifying realizations. One, that whatever SCP-3069 exactly is doing it is going to result in a complete ecological collapse. And two, whatever is behind SCP-3069 deliberately wants this result.
  • SCP-3100:
    • It's a South African cave system that has approx. 5km of natural tunnels, and is filled with niches used to inter bodies. Bodies that are less than 20 hours old, when placed in one of these niches, immediately stop decomposing. In addition, the memories of the deceased can be accessed by anyone who enters SCP-3100; the Foundation immediately takes advantage of this to preserve useful and/or important information, with Task Force 707 formed to do so. Naturally, there are complications.
    • When SCP-3100 was discovered, there were already bodies filling the niches, with bodies found through most of the cave system. Those bodies are suggested to be an undiscovered ancestor of Homo erectus, but with small frames and unusually developed hands. As Foundation surveyors explore the caves, they come across bodies in increasingly poor condition, with many showing bent fingers, open fractures, and unspecified neck wounds. When two members of Task Force 707 go further down to figure out what put the other members of their team in comatose-like states, they find something incredibly distressing.
    707-09: Oh lord. That's your face. Marsh, It's got your face.
  • SCP-3117 "A Monster Shaped Hole" begins with quite a disturbing picture of what appears to be a decayed mutilated corpse. The worst part of that picture is that there is no context for it. It was just a picture that GOC gave the Foundation when they revealed the existence of SCP-3117. As for the object itself it is a phenomenon where some people who are exposed to certain images (which could possibly include the disturbing "no context" picture above) or videos have a dream where they become aware of SCP-3117's existence but refuse to talk about it and are later taken. The interviews later imply that the -3117 by itself has no form, it literally doesn't even exist, but by having to talk about or remember it, by filling in the "hole", they give SCP-3117 a form, which comes and takes them. When the GOC found this out they gave all the information they had on the thing when they looked into it and gave it to the Foundation. So in short it is a monster that is given form the more you look into it, which is exactly what the Foundation is currently doing.
  • SCP-3127 takes its sweet time letting the horror creep up on you. It starts out with the profile of a young woman named Jessica Lambert who has the ability to make others feel her emotions. The Foundation decides to test what happens when she's put in the presence of other anomalies, and finds nothing...until she ends up dying while giving birth to a piglet who claims to be a British aristocrat and turns anyone who touches it into a copy of itself. Pretty dark, but in a funny way. Then the piglet dies of a tumor that turns into a copy of Jessica Lambert with a bunch of pigs living inside of her, who kills anyone who touches her by turning their internal organs into pigs. Then the pigs explode out of the copy and combine into a giant pig with miniature screaming Jessica Lamberts inside of her, with anyone who hears them believing themselves to be corpses in need of a burial. The next part is where the real bad shit kicks in, with the human-pig hybrid that survived the death of its host revealing that Jessica Lambert's consciousness is still in there and understandably wants the transformations to stop. Her identity crisis has gotten so bad that she sometimes forgets that she used to be human. The Foundation tries to grant her wish, but this simply results in the entirety of Research Installation 33 turning into an absolutely massive pig that turns any living organisms that hear it into pigmen every time it screams in the voice of Jessica Lambert. It's a spellbinding blend of body horror and existential fear, and the worst part is, we don't know if Jessica has transformed for the last time.
  • SCP-3199 is... hard to describe. Besides the utterly unearthly photograph accompanying the page, they are chicken-men with traces of chimpanzee and chicken in their DNA, but the real kicker is their reproductive process. They puke up massive eggs along with a blood-like corrosive, and these are extremely durable and virtually indestructible, making them hard to exterminate. But the other kicker is the distress an individual experiences as it "lays" its eggs, with a sound "not dissimilar to a scream" ensuing! And the worst part is the very real possibility of the beasts overrunning the human population should they break out once more.. no wonder they were reclassified as Keter...
  • SCP-3200 is the Boötes Void. The Foundation isn't exactly sure what it is, but one of their theories is that it's a huge hole in space-time through which you can encounter other parts of reality. It's expanding, fast, and it threatens to consume the entire Universe eventually. So, the Foundation devises the Peregrine Expedition, which involves utilising temporal sinks to speed up the flow of time for a spaceship so it can make the bajillion light-year journey within the lifetime of its crew. The mission is successful, and the three men arrive inside the anomaly. Out there, everything outside the spacecraft is a completely empty black void. Imagine, if you will, the idea that you are in an impossibly vast void of purest nothing, with no one but the other two men accompanying you in the endless silence. Then they realise that reality is possibly in constant flux inside the anomaly, screwing with their Kant Counters so they can't find accurate Hume levels. Then, they find the boxes. Boxes that contain mission logs for the Peregrine Expedition. At first they only receive capsules full of mission logs, but then they find lookalike bodies, and scraps of destroyed spacecraft. Eventually, the lead astronaut goes outside the spacecraft and returns two days later with this message:
    Captain Kuznetsov: We were fools. The void isn't a region where spacetime is ruined; it's the source of the tear itself. Spacetime itself is rending itself apart and we're seeing echoes of every timeline in the past and future. Time is an ouroboros, devouring itself again and again, only to be reborn. I saw all of it. All of the times we tried to stop it in the past. All the times that I tried to stop it in the past. And the future. This happens again and again, until we get it right. Over and over again, we try and try to fix it. All times blend together until we reach singularity and all is lost. The tear opens more holes everywhere in reality, and the anomalies appear faster and faster, but containment is only delaying the inevitable. The inevitable cleansing of the slate. I saw all the timelines. And we haven't stopped it in any of them. Bogoroditsa. We have seen into the abyss, and by God, it hates us.
  • SCP-3240, The Bones Of What You Believe. The author has stated that the inspiration for the work came from her recurring desire to chew off her own hands as a result of her anxiety. It goes downhill from there. SCP-3240 is a phenomenon wherein predators from sparse, less forgiving climates resort to ritualistic autocannibalism instead of hunting prey normally. The consumed flesh regenerates each day, and the resulting prey boom is doing strange things to the surrounding ecosystems. Then it turns out that the behavior can be spread to humans. The practitioners of SCP-3240 refer to themselves as the Veldt. Their reputation spreads quickly as they preach about doomsday at the hands of their rival group the Verdant and the deity Pan, and holding gruesome public displays for attention. When the Foundation manages to suppress this behavior, however, they trigger uncontrollable plant growth along the equator and the development of mutated plants and prey animals at an exponential rate. They learn too late that there had a careful balance between the two forces that had been maintained for centuries so that our current version of reality could be maintained - and the Foundation has just destroyed it.
  • SCP-3288 "The Aristocrats" is a mutated strain of the House of Hapsburg that have survived to the present day by living underground in various sects. Initially made so the bloodline would "last forever" their inbreeding has mutated them horribly, with mutations such as extra rows of teeth, ungodly muscle strength despite apparently appearing extremely emaciated and a tendency towards cannibalism. That's not the scariest part—some communities are so mutated that their "blood" is dominant over all other humans - in other words, they can breed with humans and all results will be other instances of SCP-3288. This is explored in horrifying detail at the end via one captured instance, a serial rapist whose seed essentially produces mutant cannibal babies in the wombs of his victims, which then eat their way out of their mothers. None of the women have ever survived, and the captured instance proudly claims they will rape and eat all of humanity until only instances of SCP-3288 remain. This is implied to be what got them reclassified to Keter. Worse, the Foundation only knows where about half of the sects are, meaning the others will likely only be found when they start causing enough trouble.
  • SCP-3333 is a fire lookout containing a ladder; the ladder leads to an almost identical version of the lookout, except built the appropriate amount taller and in an environment which apparently contains no life. With its descriptions of fleeting figures and its four explorations logs, it almost reads like a modern version of SCP-087, except that instead of descending downwards infinitely, the explorers ascend towards a definite destination. Specifically, the top floor of the "tower" is a vast complex of chaotically arranged rooms, inhabited by something which killed the D-class subject from the first expedition and the specialist from the third, and both killed and impersonated the MTF team from the second. But there's one notable notable exception from 087: this time, you actually get to read the fourth exploration log. The inhabitants of the tower kill and impersonate everyone at the research station, fooling the Foundation into believing that nothing has happened for over a month. At one point, Doctor Williams manages to escape into the tower and eventually arrives at the top floor, where she finds one of the entities possessing the body of Specialist 0, with whom Williams was heavily implied to be romantically involved. We're treated to a lovely sequence as the creature tears its way out of Annette's skin, drinks Williams' organs, and then uses her skin as a disguise before turning off the camera.
  • SCP-3426 is a pretty horrifying explanation of the Absent Aliens paradox. It describes a phenomenon that renders any sufficiently advanced species extinct. In short the phenomenon triggers whenever a species becomes a Class-1 species, aka being able to harness the entirety of their planet's power, create a proven theory of everything, the formation of a group that catalogs anomalies, or similar scientific advancements. The phenomenon manifests in different ways but it always manifests in a way to completely destroy the species, even going so far as to degrade the laws of physics and reality. Because of this the Foundation is purposefully holding the technological progress of humanity back until they can figure out a way to avoid this fate.
  • SCP-3456 are very large quadrupeds resembling equines with either a single or multiple human torsos with elongated arms attached to their backs. They tend to manifest in situations of mass death such as wars, man-made, or natural disasters and start capturing humans with intelligent hunting tactics. Even worse is that they are impervious to nearly all forms of damage and can always know where a human is if the human looks at them. Due to this the Foundation has no way of containing them, just try to write off their actions as man made atrocities, like the massacres during WWI or myths such as the Nuckelavee, an Orcadian demon that is listed as having no redeeming qualities. Their only weakness seems to be that they can't pass over bodies of freshwater for some reason. Despite that limitation however they will continue to hound a potential victim far beyond their initial manifestation as shown during an incident log taking place right after the 2011 Fukushima Earthquake where an instance of SCP-3456, who pursued Commander Bryans 64 hours after the other instances demanifested, despite Bryans never seeing one of them directly and was only told that they exist. Needless to say it doesn't go well for her team. And the final thing Bryans sees before she is taken implies something even more scary that humans captured by SCP-3456 are turned into more of them.
  • SCP-3512 ("The More You Know") is a pickup artist's view of the world taken to a horrific extreme. It's a process that overwrites women's minds with the personality of a submissive automaton completely dedicated to pleasing the person that made them that way regardless of their former personality. The women in question are completely aware of this outside force taking them over, but can only express it in bouts of screaming that eventually fade away as it takes complete control. The process is detailed in a Star Signals-esque book written by a pickup artist, excerpts of which are in the report, and involves creating a sentient doll-like construct from human fat and bones to take control of the person one desires. The two agents sent to investigate find a series of caverns under the city Barcelona, Spain with a river of rotting fat running through it alongside several printing presses where the book is presumably printed. The agents are attacked by a giant doll-construct and one of them is brainwashed and ultimately discarded by the doll's creator. The other agent is lost in the caverns and possibly dead. The horror imagery is one thing, but the fact that it's based off a very hideous conception of women that, as several commenters point out, some people actually believe in is the true horror of this SCP.
  • SCP-3513 "The Brain That Ate Itself" is a region of space in Rocky Crest, Windhoek, Namibia that when any organism with a brain enters it starts developing a beak-like nub on their brain that starts eating the brain matter which leads to some unknown place. Investigations into where the beak leads have been weird to say the least and seems to lead to more hostile reactions from the beak. In the first the recording camera leads to the brain of another infected individual, who promptly dies from a stroke. In the second the recording device gets interrupted by the animal the brain was a part of getting processed at a meat plant. And in the final one molten metal starts erupting from the beak, the molten metal is reported to be 4000 K in heat. Oh and there is a picture of one of the subject's brain with an array of such beaks.
  • SCP-3519 is a contagious hardline belief that the world will end sometime in March 2019. Those infected firmly believe that an impending apocalypse is inbound (despite Foundation testing assuring that the possibility of such a thing happening is 0.015%), and are Driven to Suicide, believing that whatever truly is coming, it'd be better to die before that. Unfortunately, it gets worse for the Foundation and GOC. It starts spreading, and infecting large amounts of the Foundation and GoIs, all while the suicide rate climbs. The Foundation, too, gets affected, with Foundation staff dying to the point where a junior researcher is automatically promoted to O5note . In the end, the entire human population kills themselves off, with said researcher being the lone survivor.note  Even worse, it's implied that, since the article is tagged "fifthist" and the first known instance of 3519 infection was highlighted by Operation Stargazer as containing heavy SCP-1425 influence, the infection was engineered by members of the Fifth Church, and spread using the Star Signals book. Which means that the Fifth Church actually won for real with the book this time.
  • SCP-3654 is a World War II-era American torpedo boat from an apparent Alternate History where the Allies commenced an invasion of mainland Japan...and then something went horribly wrong. All that the Foundation is able to determine as it phases between this reality and its original is that time in its original reality just doesn't seem to work anymore. The effects on the crew are obvious as they destroy any time-pieces they can find, and they seem to become more and more divided each time the Foundation recovers it, finally culminating with the boat being found scuttled and a large blood stain on the deck. Nothing Is Scarier in this case, because it is never adequately explained just what is happening to the hapless crew, so the true circumstances of events going on in this alternate universe is unknown - Even to the creator themselves.
  • SCP-3520 (“Fourteen Orangutans”) A radio signal in Pennsylvania broadcasting ...something that is trying to get the Foundation to enforce a Big, Fat Future. Whatever it is, it’s broadcasts are incredibly nightmarish and it seems to have a furious vendetta against Western consumption habits, meaning that it is trying to achieve its goal out of pure spite. Worse, the broadcasts seem to be working, and it is counting down until an unknown event.
  • SCP-3799. It's a 2 meter diameter impenetrable snowball floating 500 meters over Crozier Island with a deceased human inside wearing an unknown variation on the SCP uniform. But then you get to the documents recovered from the poor guy. The first file is an SCP-article describing a type of snow covering Crozier Island with cognitohazardous effects, causing people with consistent contact to develop an obsession with it. The second file is a second iteration of the same file, now upped to Keter. The snow has expanded to 6 square kilometers around the island, and the Foundation is evacuation the site. The snow has started to "grow" by consuming human corpses, at a rate of 1 kilometer per corpse, before eventually expanding without the need for corpses. And the cognitohazard has only gotten worse, now causing people to actively want to sacrifice themselves to it. It's even started to affect history and/or memory. By the third file, everyone at site 799 are affected, and the document is written by someone infected who won't shut up about how pure and free they are, in the process developing a hatred from biological elements, such as blood and flesh. In the fourth file we get to witness just how much the snow has rewritten history. The World Island has now been a place of worship by all humanity for millennia. The Foundation has been rewritten into the Snow Containment Foundation, working in a futile attempt to contain the snow. The snow expands as you read the file, and whoever's writing it is submitting to the cognitohazard. By the end, they can no longer remember writing it, and is convinced that humanity has always lived inside the Sites. The final document is written by the same guy they recovered the documents from. He managed to overcome the snow's rewriting (or put the pieces together himself), and is preparing to sacrifice himself to stop it by flying straight to the world island and bleeding himself into its heart. And what's worse, the snow is at least semi-aware. It wants to rid the world of impurity, like life, and art, and blood, and it damn near succeeded. And it was all created in an attempt to rid the world of anomalies.
  • SCP-3901 is the apparition of a woman who died in the 70's during a hiking trip. SCP-3901 will target lonely males, appear in their room while asleep and lie next to them in the bedroom like a girlfriend. The only way to deter SCP-3901 is to have a photograph of her old roomate displayed somewhere in the room. Most of the time she will leave upon viewing it, but there is a chance she will be provoked and lash out at the target and teleport them to her grave site.
  • SCP-3930:
    • It provides us with an explanation of what the Pattern Screamer truly is. The SCP itself, however, isn't one; in fact, the SCP is nothing in the Russian Wilderness. No, not a black hole or some sort of visible dark void. It is perfect, absolute nothingness. A section with no shape nor size, that emits and absorbs no heat or energy, with no matter, no movement, no anything. Anything and anyone that enters this stops existing, becoming nothing as well. But the human brain, that already finds patterns where there's none on principle, simply refuses to understand any of this. The quirks that make us see shadows at the corners of our eyes and shapes in the clouds go into complete overdrive when presented with true nothingness like this, and overwrite it all with something it believes makes sense: Some more Russian wilderness, with a building within, something perfectly normal for the area it's in. Someone goes in and stops existing in plain sight, while talking to you over a communicator? No problem, the brain will simply invent his entrance, make you see like nothing's wrong and he's going in, speaking to you like nothing was wrong despite the fact the communicator has been telling you the whole time the other side's disconnected, because it's not there; it doesn't exist anymore. Even as the self-deception falls apart, with the mind's image of this person behaving increasingly different from what they really were and finding stranger and stranger things within this nonexistent landscape, it continues until something cuts the communication off for the briefest moment, or a distraction happens, and this invented person simply stops being imagined, just like losing track of a cloud's shape because you looked away a second. And this is where the Pattern Screamer comes in: These inventions are, of course, not real, but they still tend to start piling up at the edge of this nothingness. Bits of thought from imposing something over nothing, contradictory as it may be and coming from any and all minds that are "perceiving" them. When enough minds are making these patterns up (ten being the known threshold), these inventions start merging, thoughts acquire complexity, and something that can think is born from these invented, nonexistent images. Something whose own existence is ambiguous, neither being nor not being, but with enough mental capacity to understand its own paradoxical nature. Something that utterly hates existing, knows exactly why it happened, and who made it happen, and hates them for it. And that is where the screaming starts. A Pattern Screamer is born, and crawls out of this void to make itself known to those that forced it to exist, and through unknown methods will make sure they meet the void, for that's the only way to banish the invented patterns that brought it to be.
    • While danger only starts brewing once ten people know of this void, you can somewhat notice the proto-form of a Pattern Screamer start taking over the "reflection" of the D-class that went in; one can practically pinpoint where the log's words stop coming from the doctor's invented perception of the D-class, and start coming from something else entirely.
    D-124's "invented" form: Alright, yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. This is a response. Like a reaction. Nature doesn’t abhor a vacuum, but people do. Your minds aren’t made for this, right? You stare at the stars and see things, because that’s what you do. Making sense of it. Order is a man-made concept.
    • Whatever the thing that comes crawling from the void is, the Soviet doctor refuses to describe it in any detail. In fact, he and his colleagues stayed at the site for decades without calling for help rather than endanger anyone else, and they all walked into the void after the Foundation, because the Pattern Screamer is just that terrible.
  • SCP-3959 starts with a OS boot up screen asking for an administrative password, followed by a dialogue between two people discussing why such a strange registry exists, with on of them posting a copy of the skip's article. SCP-3959 is a Euclid class uncontained autonomous cognitohazard that infects any form of communication media and begins to redact its information until it is completely blank. However despite it being uncontained it keeps itself around Foundation servers, and ends in a cryptic addendum of fogginess of memory of those who work with SCP-3959. This is then followed by a testing log detailing numerous experiments ending in a test with a mirror whose results are redacted. This is then followed by a dialogue by the same people saying that the skip doesn't even exist and contacting an Overseer to allow them to get pass the password. Entering the hidden password at the end of the article reveals several documents containing SCP-3959's true nature. It was an algorithm the Foundation created as it's first attempt to create a weaponized anti-meme to use against anomalies, such as SCP-3002 above. However this is then followed by its true article, as a Keter class rogue cognitohazard that has the ability to not only redact media but also objects and concepts, which then redacts the information from the entirety of human memory. This is bad enough but after one of its containment breaches the Foundation found an Anomalous Item, later referred to as SCP-3959-1, an indestructible ever growing book containing the entire history of the human race. SCP-3959 apparently came in contact with this book and was able to redact 248 pages of information. The Foundation theorizes if SCP-3959 comes in contact with this book again it would lead to a K-class scenario. In addition SCP-3959 gained the ability to directly infect human hosts and can infect several hosts at once, making it still uncontainable and containment breach imminent. It is not clear how SCP-3959 gained these new powers but a tale linked by the article implies it was due to the previously mentioned mirror test. After all what does a mirror show but a reflection of the world?
  • The implications of SCP-3985's containment procedures are rather unsettling, between the containment chamber that leaves it completely unable to move or be exposed to any stimuli, the apparent need for a continuous "null-personality state" and the explicitly very unpleasant protocol enacted without a second thought if 3985 so much as refers to itself in the first person or speaks for more than a few minutes every day.
    • The missing description might not seem scary anymore at first to a reader who's already seen it in 579, 3005 or 3942 but the expectation is turned on its head in the subsequent e-mail logs as it's made clear that the data isn't lost, subject to an antimemetic effect or expunged due to a dangerous infohazard; the 05 Council are censoring it for their own ends and refuse to let the Ethics Committee near 3985 or any information about it. The implications of a group as powerful as the Overseers deciding that they can behave like this are rather worrying regardless of how dangerous the SCP may be.
    • The list of notable static features of SCP-3985, the only part of the description not expunged, heavily imply that it is or was some sort of anomalously modified human. This simple fact becomes much more disturbing if you've read the author Pedantique's other SCPs which make it clear that that 3985 is the Administrator, who was placed in confinement after being overthrown by the 05 Council. The victim of this horrifying treatment isn't something incomprehensible or monstrous, or dangerous to humanity, it's an in all likelihood innocent person who was betrayed and is now subject to endless torment at the behest of those they once trusted to lead the Foundation.
    • But the worst part is the cyclical nature of the SCP. To begin with, the Ethics Council asked for minimal information on the thing - which the O5s refused to give. Ethics and the O5 waged war, (and by war we mean actual active warfare, with exchanged gunfire, convoy ambushes, and aircraft shootdowns) which ended with the latter's capture, while the former rose to fill their spots and added the old O5s to the SCP itself. And then, the next Ethics council asked for minimal information on the SCP... only for the new Overseer, who was the old Ethics council leader, to curtly refuse.
  • SCP-3999:
    • A mysterious, unknown entity that destroys everything related to its page in a total insanity of errors and mixups as the mental sanity of anyone writing its entry succumbs to the entropy of its immeasurable power. Its class? Apollyon. But what is it exactly? It's the story of a researcher named Talloran grappling with an immensely powerful Reality Warper who recreated the world in a containment breach, rewrote the whole universe, and constantly shifted the terms of its containment to forever torture Talloran for all of eternity, all presumably For the Evulz. After a long sequence of many, many unfinished and constantly revised iterations of the same document, Talloran reaches full control, and goes up in a Heroic Sacrifice, once again recreating the world, but killing him and 3999. All that's left is the containment chamber. No one knows what SCP-3999 even was.
    • The symbolism isn't very pleasant, either. 3999 as an entity represents the writing process, as shown through the same document revised and rewritten over and over again, but never finished. And the ending line "and that's all I wrote" along with the general instability of the document is a reference to author LordStonefish's mental health, who has explicitly stated that he was not mentally sound during the production of SCP-3999 when it was a 3000 contest entry.
    • There's also a very... odd dream scene where Researcher Talloran appears by the author's bed while he hashes out actually writing SCP-3999. Talloran leers over the author's bed, slices off his own jaw, and summons every notable SCP monster to support his gruesome disembowelment of the author. This is what inspires him to finish the article. It's disturbing, to say the least.
    • Some of the containment procedures layed out are rather... unpleasant. One delightful example is a directive that Researcher Talloran's sister be brutally raped and mutilated, along with killing his parents and his pets in a specific order. Another one, dashed out, states that Researcher Talloran have a water hose pump him full of water through his rectum until his body inflates like a balloon.

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