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Recap / SCP Foundation: SCPs 3000 to 3999

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SCP-3000 - Anantashesha

See Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps.

SCP-3002 - Attempts to Assassinate Thought

SCP-3002 is a highly hostile memetic entity that seeks to eliminate the entirety of human consciousness. It also happens to have once been a young woman named Lily Veselka, who was used as a test subject of Project LETHE. It is also theoized that Lily may have once been SCP-105: Iris Thompson.
  • Back from the Dead: In the revised Keter Duty SCP-001 proposal, the Foundation locates Iris's book within SCP-4001/Alexandria Eternal at the behest of one of the facilities and alters it to remove the events that created SCP-3002 from history. Consequently, Lily Veselka reverts to a powerless Iris Thompson, but is reborn as the 15th watcher of Alexandria Eternal in an act of forgiveness for SCP-3002 (and condemnation for the Foundation over LETHE) that also placates her in a way the Foundation never could.
  • Break the Cutie: Being used as a test subject for Project LETHE caused severe physical and mental decline in the girl who would eventually become Lily Veselka, heavily implied to be Iris Thompson. The Foundation tries to fix this by letting her partake in her favorite activities, like reading and photography, but it’s far too late.
  • Death-Activated Superpower: While initially under control of the Foundation, the originating SCP may have subverted orders to spread wildly, or lost control due to the implied regular brain surgeries she underwent. Killing her only made the entire situation worse, and made SCP-3002 try to actively eradicate the Foundation.
  • Mind Manipulation: SCP-3002-1 controls the infected this way, by twisting their memories into provoking behavior that benefit her immediate goals.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: SCP-3002 was created by the Foundation itself as part of a larger effort to control people, and again, it turns out they had a very good reason. Project LETHE, borne out of the experiments that created SCP-3002, was used later on to control the outbreak of SCP-1425 - the Star Signals book. It's mentioned that the Director in charge of stopping 1425 is well aware using LETHE was going to have horrible consequences, but felt any other scenario was worth it rather than allow the book's propagation to continue.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Is under the control of the memetic ghost of a girl named Lily Veselka, who was turned into a test subject for Project LETHE, one of the first major antimemetics projects, who was subject to repeated and invasive tests and brain surgeries, causing her to become resentful and vicious. Upon having her refuge discovered by the Foundation, she promptly decides to infect the entire world to destroy it and all trace of LETHE.

SCP-3003 - The End of History

SCP-3003 is a planet inhabited by 30 billion humans whose minds have been overtaken by parastic beetles. These beetles have forced their hosts to make every single aspect of their lives themed around beetles.
  • Aliens Speaking English: Zigzagged in the sense they don't speak English, but SCP-3003-3's language is nearly identical to Dutch.
  • Benevolent Alien Invasion: This is averted regarding a potential SCP-3003-3 invasion of Earth, though this is what the SCP-3003-3 instance in the final addendum tries to frame it as to encourage the Foundation to give up. The scientist talking to him points out the several ways in which this is a false characterization.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Averted, the inhabitants of SCP-3003-3 are physically and genetically identical to humans.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: SCP-3003-3 is extremely utilitarian and heavily prioritizes the welfare of SCP-3003-1. They see nothing wrong with harvesting old, deviant or ill individuals for organs or with conquering Earth to spread SCP-3003-1.
  • Body Horror: SCP-3003-3 society implants SCP-3003-1 instances ("Marce") into their body when they grow up, causing growths of parasitic lumps in their body. It wouldn't've been so bad except they "host roughly one instance per three kilograms of body weight", meaning that an adult would have around 20 of these marce parasite lumps on their body.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: The inevitable fate of all SCP-3003-3 instances, who will be harvested for organs while alive and conscious as soon as they are no longer of use. They all know this, and don't care one bit.
  • The Dog Was the Mastermind: The true cause of why the planet's society is the way it is, is revealed in the Addendum to be 3003-2 itself, which up until the Addendum was described as a single-celled organism that just modified behavior with no indication it had intelligence of its own. When it reveals itself it even asks if the Foundation researcher ever wondered that a microbe that can create neural networks would be capable of thought.
  • Faux Affably Evil: When 3003-2 directly talks to the researcher it acts polite and its advice for the Foundation to give up is spoken more as a suggestion, and even states it is willing to phase out the more unsavory elements of its society. The researcher is quick to call 3003-2 out on that it has no reason to make such accommodations, to which 3003-2 threatens that the Foundation has only 30 years until its society invades Earth by force.
  • Hive Mind: 3003-2 exists in millions of humans and billions of marce beetles, as trillions or even quadrillions of microbes, yet notably seems to be a singular entity in conscious control, rather than a godlike figure above human understanding or a Mind Hive of different personalities.
  • Motive Rant: What the final addendum becomes over the course of the conversation. The SCP-3003-3 instance declares that its goal is to ensure nothing comes after it, thereby making it the "end of history."
  • No Biochemical Barriers: The Foundation is trying to keep this knowledge away from SCP-3003, making it believe that Earth is inhospitable to SCP-3003-3, despite the similarities between SCP-3003-3 and humans. SCP-3003-2 calls out a researcher on this. Stating it already knows that the Earth is perfectly hospitable to SCP-3003.
  • Planet of Hats: SCP-3003 is a thoroughly justified and deconstructed version of this; the entire planet's society revolves around taking care of marce beetles, with all the drastic effects on psychology and society that entails, and they're only that way in the first place because SCP-3003-2 has basically brainwashed everyone into being that way.
  • Puppeteer Parasite: SCP-3003-2. Unique example since SCP-3003-2 is in fact a parasite that affects two sepparate species. Its original host is 3003-1, a type of beetle, but when said beetle is implanted into a human (with all the Body Horror that entails) it makes the jump to them, modifying their behavior so that the survival of 3003-1 is the only thing they care about, thus ensuring that 3003-2 will always have hosts. 3003-2 is also sapient.
  • Sense Freak: To a limited extent, instances of SCP-3003-3. Primarily, they enjoy brushing the lumps produced by infestation with SCP-3003-1 with each other. Scientists wearing prosthetic versions of these describe this feeling to them as being very uncomfortable.
  • Technologically Advanced Foe: SCP-3003-3 has extremely advanced technology, including SCP-3003-4 which produced the wormhole that led to contact with Earth. The Foundation has 30 years until SCP-3003-3 will be capable of near-instant travel to other planets and it is already believed any military confrontation with SCP-3003-3 would lead to SCP-3003-3's triumph.
  • Totalitarian Utilitarian: The marce parasites turned the entire SCP-3003 planet into a singular totalitarian state devoid of personal freedom due to everyone valuing the goodness of the state over themselves (a result of gaining hyper-rational behavior through the parasites). However, the result is so extremely effective the race is more advanced than whatever humanity can even hope to achieve on Earth, its members kept perpetually happy due to marce stimuli, and internal dissent is completely non-existent. As SCP-3003-2 states, this totalitarian efficiency it created is "The End of History", because no other forms of society could come after it.
  • Transplanted Humans: SCP-3003-3 are fully identical to humans in biology, despite being lightyears away from earth. The author deliberately leaves out all explanations for the reader to guess.
  • Villain Override: Seemingly what happens during the final addendum. The entity speaking with Dr. Shah indicates that it is 3003-2 speaking through an 3003-3 instance.

SCP-3004 - Imago

SCP-3004 is an extradimensional cicada-like creature that desires to take over our dimension. It is capable of feeding on information, but its food of choice is faith itself. It influences the minds of devout Christians to perform brutal rituals to harvest faith for it to feed on, as Christianity is the closest existing religion to the creature's followers.
  • Abstract Eater: SCP-3004 primarily feeds on of faith, but it can also feed on any kind of information. Agent Lutterman describes feeling its teeth and feelers gnawing at his very memories. In the Protocol page, Child of God member Bridget Callaghan speculates that SCP-3004 may have killed and eaten the original Jehovah.
  • Animal Motif: Cicadas. Its form resembles a cicada, its "messengers" are modelled after an extinct species of cicada, and the rituals it draws power from revolve around death and rebirth that cicadas are seen as symbolic of.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: Agent Lutterman comes away with the impression that rather than being malevolent, 3004-1 simply doesn't understand the ramifications of its actions. It doesn't even know that people don't come back to life.
  • Body Horror: Most of the SCP-3004 rituals qualify, as they produce instances of SCP-3004-2 (a type of cicada) from the body.
  • Call-Back: It is heavily implied to be the entity that was also behind SCP-2852.
  • Eldritch Abomination: It is an extradimensional entity incapable of entering our reality. It can be perceived, though, and it hurts to look at and listen to.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: A fairly tragic case of it: 3004-1 is genuinely convinced that what it's been doing is helping humanity. This is because so many of its experiences with human faith and joy involve Jesus, who is most famous for slowly bleeding to death on a cross, along with the veneration of death and rebirth in general through its old cult. It's become convinced that humans as a species just love torture and suffering, and considering its mindset, it's hard to blame it.
  • Fantastic Religious Weirdness: SCP-3004 rituals are VERY strange.
  • Fictional Colour: A Foundation Agent uses astral perception to see SCP-3004-1's true form. When SCP-3004-1 opens its mouth, the Agent can see colors he had never seen before inside of it.
  • A God Am I: SCP-3004-1 believes itself to be the Christian God. And according to Agent Luttermann, it likely is a god or something close to it, but not Him.
  • Godzilla Threshold: If it gets too out of hand, the Foundation's plans, Protocol Damnatio ad Bestias, is to essentially delete Christianity itself from history to starve it to death.
  • Hijacked by Jesus: Inverted, SCP-3004-1 is a Druidic deity hijacking Christianity for its own ends.
  • History Repeats: It's noted that the thing which made 3004 so dangerous was the attempt to stomp out its cult, erasing all memory that it ever existed and going so far as to render an entire animal species extinct in the wild. The article ends with an explanation of a Foundation plan to wipe out all memory of Christianity if 3004-1 gets out fully.
  • Insane Troll Logic: It thinks that since cicadas, its sacred animals, are constantly reborn, and Christianity is focused on rebirth, it must be Jehovah Himself.
  • Interfaith Smoothie: SCP-3004 details what happens when a god attempts to initiate syncretism itself. Very little of it is good.
  • Physical God: While not the Christian God it thinks it is, it is legitimately a deity.
  • Your Mind Makes It Real: If SCP-3004-1 (which thinks it is the Christian God) is about to enter reality, the Foundation is willing to eliminate Christianity from the historical record to neutralize it, indicating this is in effect.

SCP-3007 - World of Two Artists

SCP-3007 is a hallucination that causes people to be mentally projected to another world that has since ended. In the center of this world is a black pillar covered in paintings that display a red esscence destroying the planet... and heading towards Earth.
  • Astral Projection: SCP-3007 is a rare occurrence that causes people to be projected to another, dead world.
  • Body Horror: The corpses on the ruined world are all painfully mutilated. That doesn't even cover the stench of the dead.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Whatever....that thing is that started to posses the Children, is more accurate to call a sentient Info Hazard then anything else. And it's coming to Earth.
  • God Is Good: At least the one who created the Children. They made them to help with the loneliness and if anything is more like an artist.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Maybe. The infohazard is rendered in red. Or rather Scarlet.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: The Deity held off the evil god while letting the remaining children escape, and used the last of its powers to create a black column with paintings to warn their descendants that it's coming.
  • Precursors: The Children of the Deity eventually escaped from the world to escape the Eldritch Abomination. They escaped to Earth and eventually became humanity's ancestors

SCP-3008 - A Perfectly Normal, Regular Old IKEA

SCP-3008 is an IKEA store that goes on forever and is borderline impossible to escape from. It is inhabited by large humanoid creatures wearing IKEA uniforms that will seek out and murder anyone caught in the store after closing time. Besides these humanoids, the IKEA also holds many regular people from differing realities, who have banded together to instigate functioning societies all throughout the store.
  • Alien Geometries: Getting into the IKEA is easy. Getting out is almost impossible. It also connects different realities.
  • Alternate Universe: The people trapped in the IKEA appear to be from different realities. The journal-writer muses that this is probably why nobody is trying to rescue them. Word of God is that this is the reason why he was killed by the Staff: he was about to escape into the wrong universe.
  • The Apocalypse Brings Out the Best in People: The mini-civilizations within the impossibly huge IKEA are cordial and helpful to one another, probably because they're united against the Staff, but also probably because of basic human decency. From the discussion: It also helps that any troublemakers can be kicked out and will probably encounter the Staff before they can find another "town".
  • Apocalyptic Log: Most of what the Foundation knows about the interior of the store comes from a journal carried by a man who spent several months inside before managing to escape, only to get killed by one of the staff shortly after.
  • Bigger on the Inside: From the outside SCP-3008 appears to be a standard IKEA store. On the inside it has an area of at least 10 square kilometers and may be infinite in size.
    • Though the mechanism that caused this means it could count as a zigzagged example. The potentially infinite space is actually an alternate dimension that the building's main entrance leads to; anyone attempting to enter the building via any other means will instead enter its actual interior, which is completely ordinary and no larger than the building's size suggests.
  • The Blank: The Staff have no facial features.
  • Body Horror: The Staff are "stretched" or "squashed" to extremes and appear to be made completely out of skin.
  • Darkness Equals Death: When the lights are on, the Staff just wander about while letting the humans do their thing, but when they're off, they attempt to kill anything that isn't them.
  • Despair Event Horizon: There're hundreds, maybe thousands of people trapped in it, some for years, and nobody really looks for the exits anymore. The journal writer even makes several observations that he doesn't discuss with the others in his settlement to avoid removing any last hope of rescue.
  • Dissonant Serenity: The Staff are happy to calmly inform humans that the store is now closed...while mauling them senseless.
  • Faux Affably Evil: The Staff are always polite and helpful in their speech, but their attempts at murder most certainly aren't.
  • Humanoid Abomination: The staff appear to be tall humanoids with short legs, long arms, no faces, and are made of skin. They're also aggressive to anything that isn't other staff during the night.
  • Line-of-Sight Name: There are like 20 or more human settlements in the IKEA store. Most of them take their names of whatever they sit right next to. The one we focus on in the journal is called Exchange (from Exchange and Returns), and we also learn about towns like Trolleys, Checkouts, and Aisle 630.
  • Made of Bologna: The Staff members inside SCP-3008 are seven feet tall, with short legs, long arms and no faces. When they're cut up they appear to be entirely made of skin, with no bones, organs or muscles.
  • Points of Light Setting: The isolated settlements within the store formed by lost people. Sometimes they get overrun by Staff, only for the survivors to found new settlements elsewhere.
  • Scavenger World: The world inside IKEA is a huge place with its own landmarks, all rigged from Swedish furniture and whatever they find along the way. The Staff resupplies restaurants and shops with food at night, so there's always just enough to sustain people, and people carved out their own towns between the shelves by building from whatever they have.
  • Sudden Lack of Signal: As to be expected, there is no cell phone signal inside SCP-3008. In addition, the landline phones within SCP-3008 itself don't function properly, as the receiver only seems capable of emulating a human voice saying a constant stream of random words.

SCP-3011 - Loose Lips Skink Ships

SCP-3011 is a population of blue-tongued skinks that are capable of speech. Each individual is known to have a differing personality. They will also replicate when exposed to prohibited material.
  • Civilized Animal: SCP-3011 instances are blue-tongued skinks that are capable of cooperation and division of labor when in groups.
  • Clone Degeneration: Instances produced from each existing instance's detached tail may exhibit severe deformities or be stillborn, and those that survive have minor changes in body pattern or tongue color.
  • Talking Animal: They can talk.

SCP-3015 - A Story Concerning Self-Doubt, Slight Disillusionment, and Frustration, As Told By the Lucky Member of a Group Whose Relatable Works Are Loved Internationally

See Characters.SCP Foundation Misters.

SCP-3017 - Person of Interest

One of the most tragic anomalies the Foundation has categorized, SCP-3017 was a normal man named Frasier Melbrook. Frasier was known to generate a cognitohazard that made people around him think he was a vicious criminal that needed to be locked up, and the Foundation to conclude that he might have associated with various groups of interest. Overwhelmed by the despair of his anomalous ability and the deaths of his family in a house fire, Frasier tragically took his life by way of jumping off a bridge.
  • Born Unlucky: What else is there to say about a man who's power is having anyone that looks at him think that he's a criminal.
  • Face of a Thug: Just want a normal life, but the majority of people will conclude he's a criminal when looking at him. An analysis of his face after his death reveals he possesses several facial features that are characteristics of criminals.
  • Hate Plague: The person causes almost everyone who looks at him to think he's a criminal. The Foundation is caught in the effect.
  • Posthumous Character: The SCP was a human being who is now dead; thus it is classified as "Neutralized".
  • The Scapegoat: On one occasion, he was crosstested with SCP-682. 682 realized his power and used him as a distraction while he made even more containment breaches than usual.

SCP-3028 - Take On Me

SCP-3028 is a window flower box that produces Alex Jones-esque rants via the flowers that are grown in it.
  • Bile Fascination: In-Universe; Nicole McConnell, a lawyer and art collector who bought the SCP, mentioned a "morbid fascination" she had with the SCP in her diary.
  • Blatant Lies: Some of the SCP's statements include the following: "The Columbine shooters did nothing wrong.", "Self-defense is indefensible." and "Junk mail is good, and everyone should read it."
  • Insane Troll Logic: The SCP's produced statements tend to run on questionable logic; for instance, one statement is: "Talking to your neighbors is the beginning of the slippery slope towards communism."

SCP-3041 - The Red Knife

SCP-3041 is an iron knife that causes those who hold it to experience nightmares of themselves using the knife to mutilate people, then cut out and eat their hearts.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Those who hold SCP-3041 consistently have nightmares where they mutilate people they supposedly don't recognize, take their hearts out, and eat them.
  • Ret-Gone: The people killed in the nightmares SCP-3041 causes are actual people who were cut up and had their hearts eaten in reality. They and the murders were subjected to an antimemetic effect that makes it as if they never existed, the only proof of their existence being the smell of rotting flesh where the murders took place and the empty space their hearts take up in the stomach of SCP-3041's wielder.

SCP-3042 - Dog Is Love

SCP-3042 is a dog that forms a bond with a person near it. If the bonded person is separated from the dog, it will destroy any obstacle in its path to return to them.
  • Immune to Bullets: One agent it had bonded with fired several shots into it, none of which had any effect.
  • The Juggernaut: Practically nothing can stop it from getting back to the person it's bonded with (designated SCP-3042-1). It's been noted to destroy even the strongest of materials and be resistant to poison, disease and other physical harm.
  • The Needless: Doesn't require food, water or sleep.
  • Precious Puppy: Not to the person it's bonded with, who gets worn out by its constant attention.
  • A Rare Sentence: Due to its rampant destruction of whatever is in its way to get to its latest victim, the Foundation had to do something unusual.
    Director's note: I have assigned a Special Engineering team to modify a standard termination chamber which… and I never imagined writing these words… allows swift and easy escape of SCP-3042. We can't keep replacing doors every three weeks. -L.E.
  • Sanity Slippage: The person it's bonded with begins to suffer from delusions and memory lapses, among other things, due to the sleep deprivation that the SCP causes with its constant attention.
  • You Kill It, You Bought It: The next person it bonds to has always played some part in the death of the previous person it was bonded to.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: If SCP-3042-1 somehow escapes, nothing will stop the SCP from tracking them down and resuming its ceaseless affection.

SCP-3043 - Murphy Law in… Type 3043 — FOR MURDER!

SCP-3043 was a sentient typewriter that was able to alter any written story or narrative that features it. It had connections to SCP-3143 before it was neutralized by way of bullet punctures.
  • Animate Inanimate Object: The real SCP-3043 is a sentient typewriter that can alter any story, document or narrative in which it's featured.
  • Anti-Hero:
    Murphy Law: (narrating) Heroes always do what's right. But me? I'm no hero. I'm Murphy Law.
  • Chair Reveal: Murphy Law finds SCP-3043 sitting in Dr. Lewis' chair, and spins the chair to finally reveal its identity.
  • Contemplative Boss: Site Director August is introduced staring out the windows of his office.
  • Crossover: SCP-423 ("Fred") has a cameo as "Agent Frederick". And Murphy Law himself would later get his own classification as SCP-3143.
  • Fall Guy: The real SCP-3043 manipulates the Foundation staff to think that Murphy Law is SCP-3043.
  • Guttural Growler: Murphy Law.
    His voice is a harsh growl; as if he just swallowed a fistful of spent cigarette butts and followed it down with a sulfuric acid chaser.
  • Hand Cannon: The script specifically notes that Murphy Law uses a .44 Magnum caliber handgun.
  • Hardboiled Detective: Murphy Law depicts himself as one.
  • It Can Think: Dr. Lewis tries to upgrade SCP-3043 from "Safe" to "Keter" when she realizes it's self-aware and can act on its own.
  • Jerkass: SCP-3043 itself is a foul-mouthed, condescending typewriter who undermines Murphy Law's story as "STUPID HUMPHREY BOGART FANFIC NONSENSE". When it reappears in "Never Metafictional Character I Liked", it spends most of the story cussing out and mocking Dr. Thaum.
  • Noir Episode: Because Murphy Law warps reality around himself to make it all fit into the hardboiled crime genre.
  • Painting the Medium: Most of the entry is formatted like a screenplay, because Murphy Law has the anomalous effect of warping reality into a Noir Episode.
  • Private Eye Monologue: Provided by Murphy Law, of course.
    Murphy Law: (narrating) You see a lot of ugly in this line of work. Good people with bellies full of lead, left to bleed out in rain-soaked alleyways. Love ruined — turned inside out — until it just becomes an angry, festering sore. Statues that'll kill you as fast as you blink.
    But when it comes to ugly, nothing beats a containment breach.
  • Reality Warper: SCP-3043 can rewrite reality by altering any story that contains itself. However, the presence of the more powerful narrative-manipulator (i.e. Murphy Law) negates its effects, much to its dismay.
  • Red Herring: Initially, the reader is led to believe that Murphy Law is SCP-3043, and Site Director August actually refers to him as such. However, it turns out not to be the case, as the real SCP-3043 is a sentient Reality Warper typewriter that gets its entry hijacked by Murphy Law.
  • Ret-Gone: Dr. Lewis discovers that the true SCP-3043 (which supposedly has the ability to alter any document that contains itself) is sapient and malevolent. When she tries to inform others of this, it reveals it actually has the ability to alter any story that contains itself - including the lives of those who have encountered it - and tries to retroactively erase her from existence. Murphy evidently saves her in the nick of time.
  • Semantic Superpower: SCP-3043 can alter the text of any document or narrative about it. But this includes the ability to rewrite people's memories, and mind-control people by changing the "narrative" in their head.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: SCP-3043 has one of the filthiest mouths on the site, cussing in every other sentence.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: Murphy Law makes himself the main character of SCP-3043's entry. The actual SCP barely shows up in Murphy's screenplay.
  • Shout-Out: The title is a reference to Dial M for Murder. SCP-3043 calls Murphy Law's screenplay "stupid Humphrey Bogart fanfic nonsense." And the last scene quotes from Chinatown.
  • Straw Fan: In "Never Metafictional Character I Didn't Like", it at one point proclaims the site has been going downhill, complains about some notably experimental SCPs, and declares that it wants things to go back to the old days, linking a number of notably "edgy" SCPs.
  • Villainous Breakdown: SCP-3043 when it realizes Murphy Law has completely overtaken its narrative and is giving the Foundation an Earn Your Happy Ending moment.

SCP-3048 - Tantalus

SCP-3048 is a man who is unable to consume most food or drink, as they either combust or evaporate when they are brought to his mouth.
  • Meaningful Name: The SCP is named after Tantalus, a Greek mythological figure who was cursed to be unable to consume food or drink. However, the SCP is able to consume some foods, such as whipped cream and some protein shakes; implied to be because the ancient curse doesn't recognize them as food.
  • Irony: SCP-3048 can only eat extremely processed foods, but apparently used to work for a health resort.

SCP-3055 - Yes, And

SCP-3055 is Dan's Institute of Improvised Thespianry, a troupe of actors that are always acting and moving as one. The affected actors are unable to die and can produce beams of light that will assimilate any others caught in their vicinity.
  • And I Must Scream: The eight people classified under this SCP are constantly forced to act as if improvising a scene (aside from eating, sleeping and taking breaks in general), without being able to talk to anyone else outside of suggestions, and they can't leave a building unless all of them do it. This is so bad that one of the instances thanked one of the police officers who had come to arrest them before killing herself with his gun, only to be resurrected a few moments later.
  • Back from the Dead: None of them can be permanently killed.
  • You Will Be Assimilated: Anyone who does not give a suggestion when prompted will become part of the group soon afterwards after being hit by a beam of light produced by each of the troupe members.

SCP-3057 - Fossil Fuels

SCP-3057 is a phenomenon in which crude oil is transformed into sentient prehistoric species.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies:
    • SCP-3057-2 is an arthropod resembling predatory shrimp that is a meter long.
    • SCP-3057-3 is a species of prehistoric dragonfly with a wingspan of 0.65 meters. However, these die soon after manifesting from crude oil, due to having evolved in a more oxygen-rich environment than the Earth's current atmosphere.
  • Feathered Fiend: According to several witnesses, SCP-3057-4 (Velociraptors) had feathers.
  • Lesser of Two Evils: The person who originally deployed the SCP (PoI-8A051) sees prehistoric species running around on modern-day Earth as being not as bad as "dumping five million barrels of poison into the ocean", as he puts it.
  • Megalodon: SCP-3057-5 is this species, and each instance is 18 meters long.
  • Real Event, Fictional Cause: Inverted; the SCP was deployed in an attempt to reverse the environmental damage caused by the Deepwater Horizon explosion.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: PoI-8A051 was trying to reverse the environmental damage from the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

SCP-3061 - Reluctant Fiend

SCP-3061 is a series of rituals utilized to summon SCP-3061-1, a humanoid entity known as "Fendsmul". Fendsmul is often cooperative and tolerant of the Foundation, but he has a knack for making bargains that force the buyer to grant him something immensely valuable to them, such as their children.
  • Abusive Parents: Paul ████ was perfectly willing to sacrifice not one, but both of his children to the SCP in order to get what he wanted (which was to pay off bills).
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Played for Laughs. SCP-3061-1 loves making Faustian bargains, but hates being summoned to do mundane tasks like paying off bills, and is disgusted by those that agree to his terms without a second thought.
  • Evil Is Petty: It is not, and it despises people who are.
  • Humanoid Abomination: SCP-3061-1 normally appears as an ordinary human in front of Foundation personnel; however, it will occasionally manifest the features of animals, with the most common being the feet of a mountain hare and the fingers of an aye-aye.
  • Master of Illusion: SCP-3061-1 is able to summon very detailed and realistic illusions, which it can then interact with as if they were real.
  • Mundane Utility: Paul ████ summoned SCP-3061-1 because he was in a lot of debt over his car and he also wanted an extension for his home, and he wanted the money.
  • No Challenge Equals No Satisfaction: It cares more about the anguish those it's trying to tempt goes through than it does about getting its sacrifices. Those that are willing to give up their kids without a second thought, or cultists without any real faith or emotion behind what they're doing irritates him.
  • Noble Demon: It flatly refuses to make deals that are within the mundane grasp of its summoner, and is in fact morally disgusted by their laziness. It also thoroughly dislikes a Lack of Empathy shown by summoners who don't agonize over their choices.
  • Villain Respect: The Foundation ends up suggesting a deal that SCP-3061-1 becomes interested in, because it's something genuinely grandiose and desperate as opposed to the normal Evil Is Petty drek it is often summoned for.
  • Would Hurt a Child: SCP-3061-1 often demands the soul(s) of its summoner's children in exchange for whatever it grants them.

SCP-3062 - The Lone and Level Sands Stretch Far Away

SCP-3062 is a shapeshifting entity that manifests in the Sahara Desert, expressly for the purpose of taunting people who become lost in the desert.
  • Do Not Taunt Cthulhu: When Foundation personnel found its tomb, the SCP manifested nearby and destroyed the structure, injuring several of the personnel.
  • Flying Dutchman: It lures victims in this way (although it is unable to manifest anywhere outside the Sahara.) Its tomb inscription revealed that it was made one of these as punishment for torturing several ancient Egyptians.
  • Light Is Not Good: To taunt a D-class who was a devout Catholic, it took an angel-like form.
  • Literary Allusion Title: The title is the last line of Percy Brysshe Shelley's poem Ozymandias.
  • Look on My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair!: On a local level: it was once an infamous criminal in ancient Egypt. Now it wanders the Sahara, capable of tormenting and killing only people who have gotten lost. Even its tomb no longer exists.
  • Sadist: It takes great pleasure in tormenting and driving its victims insane.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: According to the hieroglyphics found in an ancient Egyptian structure (which was subsequently destroyed by the SCP), the SCP was cursed to be trapped in the desert forever after causing a great deal of suffering.
  • Shapeshifter Default Form: It is often described as looking like a 20-year-old Egyptian man.
  • Shapeshifter Guilt Trip: It often takes the forms of a victim's loved ones in order to taunt the victim.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: It can change its shape at will, and do so almost instantly.

SCP-3063 - A fly

SCP-3063 is a talking housefly with the ability to bend reality. The fly searches for people so that it can supposedly grant them wishes. Should the person accept its deal, the fly's larvae will manifest inside the victim's organs, eating them until the victim dies.
  • Animalistic Abomination: It's a reality-bending entity that manifests as a common housefly.
  • Body Horror: 2376 days after a person makes a deal with the SCP, 5000 to 20000 fly eggs will manifest inside their internal organs, and the maggots will hatch and eat the person's flesh (and also reproduce after maturing into flies) until the person dies.
  • Deal with the Devil: It tries to tempt someone with something that they greatly desire in exchange for an unspecified price. If said person disagrees, it will continue to contact them until they agree to its offer.
  • Driven to Suicide: 70% of people affected by the SCP will commit suicide after the eggs manifest.
  • Loophole Abuse: It uses technicalities to deny the Foundation certain things, like only applying when they ask for its death or containment to its current manifestation. In addition when the Foundation tries to get more information out of it it just manifests its own containment report and finally how its current and next victim will die.
  • Telepathy: The SCP is described as being telepathic.

SCP-3073 - All the Men And Women Merely Players

SCP-3073 is a man with a miniature theatre replacing his face. The theatre is inhabited by a race of miniature humanoids that will perform magic acts in the theatre.
  • Bad "Bad Acting": SCP-3073-1's performances are of objectively poor quality, with cast members showing extreme stage fright, having bad acting skills and forgetting their lines.
  • Berserk Button: SCP-3073 doesn't like having the cast's performance disrupted by a talking or booing audience member, and if they don't stop, he becomes aggressive and tries to remove the person by force.
  • Hell Is That Noise: Its symphonies have been described as "an earsplitting cacophony".
  • Literary Allusion Title: The title is taken from William Shakespeare's As You Like It.
  • Vague Age: When questioned about his age, the SCP stated that he was "as old as the stage itself".

SCP-3077 - Sugar Golems

See Recap.SCP Foundation Canons under the Dread and Circuses folder.

SCP-3080 - The Power of Love

SCP-3080 was the designation for several anomalous phenomena that manifested from the romantic and consensual relationship between a pair of Foundation researchers.
  • Faking the Dead: Peter ███████ reveals himself to have faked his own death in a car accident at the doctors' wedding.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Anyone who spent time with either of the Drs. Catherine and Simon ███████ (designated SCP-3080-1 and -2 respectively) would become very jealous of the doctor they weren't in love with.
  • Love Makes You Evil: Anyone affected by the SCP would go to great lengths to get the doctor they were in love with for themselves (one great example being Peter ███████, SCP-3080-2's twin brother, who made unwanted advances on SCP-3080-1).
  • Love Potion: Anyone who spent a significant amount of time with either of the doctors would fall intensely in love with one of them and become jealous of the other.
  • Murder the Hypotenuse: Dr. O████ shot SCP-3080-2 while under the effects of the SCP, and SCP-3080-2 later died, thus neutralizing the SCP's effects for good.
  • The Power of Love: Aside from the title, when separated for long periods of time, the doctors showed increased strength and endurance while attempting to reunite with each other.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Taryn W█████, a college roommate of SCP-3080-1, began stalking SCP-3080-2 and taking pictures of him without his knowledge, to the point that she got arrested and charged with one count of felony stalking.
  • What Does She See in Him?: When Dr. O████ confronted SCP-3080-2, he demanded "What did she even see in you?".
  • Woman Scorned: A gender-inverted version: before Peter's apparent death in a car accident, he wrote the couple out of his will after SCP-3080-1 rejected his advances and then filed a restraining order against him.

SCP-3081 - H A N D M I L K ™

SCP-3081 is a field in South Dakota inhabited by SCP-3081-1, large organisms that resemble human hands that exhibit behaviors reminiscent of cattle.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: SCP-3081-1 instances are organisms resembling large human hands (1.4 m average height) that behave like cattle.

SCP-3082 - Neverland's Lost Boys and Girls

SCP-3082 is a treehouse containing a portal to an alternate dimension. This dimension is inhabited by a collection of children who have run away from home and stopped aging. The treehouse was created by a young reality-warper who transformed herself into the tree it was built upon.
  • Abusive Parents: All the children in the SCP claim to have been teleported there after escaping from an abusive household.
  • Never Grew Up: The children and their possessions have not aged since they arrived in the SCP.
  • Reality Warper: According to Aria Morrison, her sister Jacquelyn created the SCP using her special abilities, and it's implied that she's either the massive tree at the SCP's center or else part of it.

SCP-3088 - Law of the Land

SCP-3088 was the town of Cullen, Nebraska, a fading community based on several textile mills. After the election of Mayor Thomas Rostron (SCP-3088-1), all town laws became absolute. A few days after a MTF team investigated, the town completely vanished except for the mayor's house.

  • Apocalyptic Log: Two, in the form of the MTF team's transmissions and the Mayor's diary. The former details how they got trapped in Cullen and tried to escape, and the latter details the mayor's descent into madness and tyranny.
  • Knight Templar: Mayor Rostron genuinely wants to reinvigorate the town. Which is why he prevents people from leaving, prevents internet and cell phone usage (somebody tried to call for help), and made unemployment illegal to force people to work the mills.
  • Logic Bomb: The town vanished when the effect tried to enforce two mutually-contradictory laws; in this case, the rule that no one in town could leave and a law that the MTF team were to be expelled.
  • Loophole Abuse: After the MTF team gets trapped in Cullen, they have to use radio to communicate with the outside (phones and internet are banned, but radio isn't), and they try to end the effect keeping them trapped by getting the townspeople to vote Rostron out of office.
  • Mundane Utility: Mayor Rostron used his power of reality warping via legislation to fix structural damage, provide the town's mills with materials, and prevent petty crime.
  • Reality-Breaking Paradox: One of the first laws Mayor Rostron made upon realizing his power was that no one could leave the town. However, tired of the MTF Unit, the mayor made a law said that all military personnel must leave immediately, conflicting with the prior law saying no one could leave. So the entire town vanished from existence.
  • Reality Warper: Any law made in the town is immediately enforced by reality itself (i.e. when he mandates that the roads should be fixed, they immediately are without anyone fixing them), making Mayor Rostron one as long as he remained in power. The foundation isn't sure whether it's some bizarre property of the town itself or whether Rostron was unconsciously warping reality to make his laws unbreakable (the effect manifested when he took office), and it's a moot point either way because the town's gone.

SCP-3092 - Gorilla Warfare

SCP-3092 is a claw machine that transforms any prize it manage to drop into a sapient, animate plush gorilla. These gorillas, designated SCP-3092-A, are shown to have various differing personalities, beliefs, and intellects, but they also share an efficiency in gureilla warfare.


SCP-3103 - Vengeful Wings

SCP-3103 is a palm cockatoo that exhibits distressing behavior when a human comes within 5 meters of it. It will alter the affected humans in her vicinity to gain the intellectual capacity and mannerisms of bird chicks so it can care for them.
  • Brainwashing: Her anomalous effect. She can convert humans into a mindset identical to a baby bird so that she can "take care of them". This condition does not appear to be reversible.
  • Evil Poacher: Two members of a Terrible Trio of these were her first victims, after they stole her chicks. It's not clear if this incident was what caused her anomalous properties or if she had them all along.
  • Feathered Fiend: Aside from her anomalous effect, she appears to be an ordinary cockatoo.
  • Mama Bear: She's motivated by revenge for her lost offspring.
  • Replacement Goldfish: SCP-3103-1 (the humans brainwashed by SCP-3103) are this for SCP-3103's chicks, who were taken from her by poachers.
  • Revenge: As her name suggests, this is her motivation. She wants revenge for the kidnapping of her chicks.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: A grieving mother who copes by converting everyone she meets into her "babies".

SCP-3104 - Cops Magnet

SCP-3104 is a brick of cocaine that compels any law enforcement officers who learn of its existence to seize it and place it in custody.
  • Brown Note: It's the "infohazard" type; any cops will try to take it, even if they're several hundred miles away when they first hear about it.
  • Hammerspace Police Force: The SCP induces the "deadly stampede" variant of this.
  • Lemming Cops: A human crush resulted when a crowd of police officers from multiple jurisdictions attempted to capture it. Meanwhile, police vehicles pursuing the object ran out of fuel.

SCP-3108 - The Nerfing Gun

See Recap.SCP Foundation Canons under the Those Twisted Pines folder.

SCP-3110 - One Man's Trash...

SCP-3110 is a dumpster that is able to teleport monetary items placed inside it into the pockets of, or a crevice near a random person within two kilometers of it.
  • Complete-the-Quote Title: "... is another man's treasure."
  • Teleportation: It's a garbage disposal unit that teleports a valuable item placed within it to a crevice in the vicinity of a random person within a two-kilometer radius.

SCP-3114 - Wouldn't It Be Chilly?

SCP-3114 is an animate human skeleton that responds to stimuli like a normal human. The skeleton has shown that it wants to interact with people and be accepted by them. Unfortunately, the skeleton's methods of achieving this goal amount to strangle the nearest person it can find and cut off their skin so it can wear it.
  • Ax-Crazy: Subverted. It attacks and kills humans whenever it sees them, but it's not doing it just because it can...
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: Evidently doesn't understand that killing people to take their skin isn't the best way to alleviate the whole "not having skin" thing.
  • Complete-the-Quote Title: "Wouldn't it be chilly without any skin?"
  • Dem Bones: It's a living, animate human skeleton.
  • Flayed Alive: Subverted. It kills its victims before skinning them.
  • Pet the Dog: Literally! When introduced to a border collie, it played with it and the two had a great time. The SCP actually seemed to become depressed when the border collie left.
  • Tragic Monster: Far from being just a mindless, bloodthirsty abomination, it appears to be incredibly lonely and hopeful that having skin will remedy this. When it manages to put on some skin that fits its body perfectly and then is given a human to interact with, its response is to try and communicate with him rather than kill him.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: It starts out as standard nightmare fuel, but it turns out to be a creature that just desperately wants to be accepted.

SCP-3117 - A Monster-Shaped Hole

SCP-3117 is a sort of dream caused by exposure to a certain series of factors spread throughout several forms of media. People who experience the dream end up going missing.

SCP-3118 - Lunch Gun

SCP-3118 is a pistol that, when used to shoot someone in the head, causes food that the person shot previously ate to manifest from the bullet hole in lieu of a bullet.
  • Boom, Headshot!: While SCP-3118 uses the traditional Beretta M9 pistol ammunition, whenever aimed at the subjects' head; it will result in the "exit" that the bullet should pass through to instead manifest as food along with any eating utensils used at any point in the subjects life, but only with food that was eaten at some point between 11 AM and 3 PM local time. Those that are shot in this manner have a 66% chance survival rate based on how many times they are shot with SCP-3118, with the sixth test with D-10331 resulting in a white liquid identified as breast milk before dying.
  • Child Eater: One of the test subjects used to test SCP-3118's properties: D-10422, managed to have the shot manifest as a living 6-year old child that was reported to have gone missing from Klamath Falls, Oregon back in 2010.
  • Karma Houdini: Despite his damning crime of having devoured around three children before being arrested and later brought into the control of the Foundation for D-Class, D-10422 has been prevented from being used to further test the capabilities of SCP-3118 by order of the Site Director.
  • Shoot the Shaggy Dog Story: The unfortunate manifestation of the SCP-3118-1 when tested on D-10422 was terminated after DNA tests proved that it was indeed the very same missing child.

SCP-3125 - The Escapee

See Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps.

SCP-3127 - Nineteen Year Old Jessica Lambert And A Female Pig Of Abnormal Size, Forever

SCP-3127 was once Jessica Lambert, a 19-year old woman who gradually transformed into a pig the size of a building.
  • And I Must Scream: Her fate in general, and her current form has her especially in this state, being a building size pig who can only vocalize her confusion with binary pauses between her screams.
  • Body Horror: Gets progressively worse as the Moccus Events go on, highlights include a Jessica Lambert with her internal organs full of piglets, a pig whose internal organs are full of screaming Jessica Lamberts, and a cross between Jessica Lambert and a pig.
  • The Empath: What the Foundation initially thought Jessica Lambert was, with her touch making others feel the same emotions as her for a limited time. Unfortunately the Foundation learns that she is something far more dangerous.
  • Loss of Identity: The SCP eventually has this crisis, not knowing any more whether she is Jessica Lambert or a female pig.
  • Mercy Kill: Uncommonly for the Foundation, they're actively trying to put Jessica out of her misery. But they simply can't - every time she dies, she comes back more dangerous.
  • Power Incontinence: One of the primary reasons she's so dangerous - as she mutates further, she becomes capable of wreaking increasingly lethal psychic devastation just from existing. The form mentioned above, as a pig full of screaming Jessica's? Those screams were instantly fatal to anyone who heard them. And it only gets worse from there.
  • Serial Escalation: What the SCP's existence generally boils down to, with a repeating cycle of having a Moccus Event, turning into an escalating reversal of what she was previously, and her new scream turning the personal around it into what it was previously. The ending of the article implies that yet another Moccus Event is about to happen.
  • Tragic Monster: The SCP is entirely aware of her situation and becomes increasingly confused about what is going on and who exactly she is.

SCP-3130 - The Princess and Her Bodyguards Walk Alone

See Recap.SCP Foundation Canon under the folder The Gulf.

SCP-3143 - Murphy Law in… The Foundation Always Rings Twice!

See Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps.

SCP-3148 - Tranquility

SCP-3184 is an extradimensional entity in the form of a solid state drive that has destroyed numerous alternate worlds for its own amusement.
  • Alternate Universe: Iterations 1 through 5 of SCP-3148 take place in the universe that SCP-3148 defeated. The article proper occurs in baseline reality, where, after the Foundation discovers the SCP-format documentation on SCP-3148-1, elects to just seal the SSD up and forget about it.
  • Badass Boast: SCP-3148 writes a poem insulting the Foundation for losing to them in the first place. While it reeks of narcissism, some merit should probably be given for the decent writing put into it.
  • The Chessmaster: SCP-3148 infects the Overseers and slowly strings along events until the Keter-level containment protocol is abolished, and upgrades itself to Thaumiel and disseminates its effects across the world.
  • Cultured Badass: As eldritch, heinous, and sociopathic as SCP-3148 is, it's fully capable of writing good poetry, something that takes quite a bit of culturing to do.
  • Evil Gloating: SCP-3148 is not above uncultured gloating to its victims.
    I won
    Give up
    Give up
  • Eldritch Abomination: SCP-3148 is an infohazardous entity that transcends multiversal boundaries, picking off random universes for fun by scaring its inhabitants into destroying themselves.
  • Historical In-Joke: The Cuban Missile Crisis was caused by SCP-3148 infection.
  • It Amused Me: Why SCP-3148 destroys the worlds it comes across. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Let's not dance around the issue - it's a wonder the world of the SCP Foundation is still alive by now. With nearly 4000 recorded anomalies in containment, many of them world-ending, and plenty of normal weapons that could easily destroy the world, it almost makes SCP-3148 rather sympathetic... until you realize that it destroyed the parallel universe because It Amused Me.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: After destroying what is implied to be countless parallel worlds through paranoia and deception, SCP-3148's regime bites it when it gets stuck in an SSD which the Foundation elects to lock up after discovering its contents.
  • Logical Weakness: SCP-3148 may be an extradimensional entity and the chessmaster of apocalyptic scenarios, but it's still just a Sealed Evil in a Can. The Foundation in baseline reality just takes the SSD containing it (along with an unlimited-energy battery that happened to be blasted with it) and throws it in a box.
  • Red Herring: SCP-3148-2 has nothing to do with the anomaly on its own. It's merely a Foundation-built device that somehow got flung into baseline reality with the SSD that SCP-3148 itself is currently rotting in.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Intentionally presents itself initially sealed in some form of information involving war in the hopes that human curiosity will allow it to become unsealed and spread. However, knowing exactly that opens up the option of just letting it rot in complete isolation, i.e. its containment protocols.
  • The Sociopath: SCP-3148 uses the universes it has access to for its own amusement, deluding and then destroying them just because it's fun.
  • Technology Is Evil: Zig-zagged. While SCP-3148 uses modern technology in its films, it's not what scares its victims into becoming unhealthily paranoid about the apocalypse - that's just its own abilities at work. However, modern technology, especially nukes, is what is used to bring about the world's end for whoever unseals SCP-3148.

SCP-3166 - You Have No Idea How Alone You Are, Garfield

SCP-3166 is a hostile entity resembling a Garfield costume. The entity manifests whenever the Garfield franchise declines in popularity and is known to attack those it deems responsible for the decline. Its method of attacking people is to assault them with blunt objects, then stuffing lasagna it manifests from its innards down their throats until they choke to death.
  • Animalistic Abomination: SCP-3166 is an entity that looks like a crude Garfield costume... stuffed with lasagna, of course.
  • Berserk Button:
    Known targets of SCP-3166 have included:
    * Individuals prominently involved in rival media to the Garfield franchise.
    * Individuals formerly involved in the production of Garfield comic strips.
    * Individuals involved in parodies of the Garfield franchise.
    * Vocal critics of the Garfield franchise.
    * Garfield creator Jim Davis.
  • Can't Take Criticism: Critics of the Garfield franchise are among its preferred targets.
  • Cats Are Mean: It hisses and growls like an actual cat, throws things out of spite like Garfield, and force feeds its insides like an unholy creation.
  • Crafted From Animals: The costume is made of "legitimate cat fur". The trope goes the same for the lasagna too.
  • Delicious Distraction: The agents tasked to handle SCP-3166 manifestations carry frozen lasagna on them to lure the entity away from anyone it starts batting and clawing at.
  • Franchise Zombie: Invoked. The Foundation believes that if the Garfield franchise were to ever permanently end, something terrible would occur, and so they set aside a portion of funding to keep it going as long as possible.
  • Human Resources: The meat in SCP-3166's lasagna has been identified as a genetic match to Jim Davis. Occasionally, Davis has been pestered by mosquitoes biting him during the nights prior to SCP-3166 manifestations.
  • Let's Meet the Meat: It disembowels itself, shoving its lasagna organs into victims’ mouths. This treads into humanitarian territories, as the meat genetically matches Jim Davis.
  • Real Event, Fictional Cause: SCP-3166’s manifestations began with the publication of the infamous 1989 Hallowe’en arc, but none of the employees can recall who illustrated that week’s comic strips.
  • Refugee from TV Land: The Foundation theories this, assuming it to originate from the 10/23/1989 to 10/29/1989 comic issues.
  • Take That!: Essentially, the entire joke of the SCP is that the only logical reason Garfield survives as a franchise is because of The Conspiracy.

SCP-3178 - Through God, All Things Are Possible

See Recap.SCP Foundation Canons under the multiple canons folder.

SCP-3179 - The Seed

SCP-3179 is an organism composed of liquid metal that can create robotic creatures from itself. It is believed to be a form of Mekhane, the Broken God.
  • A God Am I: In 2017, The Seed created tablets that proclaimed itself as MEKHANE and that it should be released.
    Humans must obey the rulings of gods.
    The MEKHANE is a god.
    The MEKHANE is a powerful entity of steel and industry.
    I am a powerful entity of steel and industry.
    Therefore, I am The MEKHANE.
    Therefore, I am a god.
    Therefore, you will release Me.
  • Messianic Archetype: The Seed was discovered in 1909 and was once worshipped by members of the Cogsworth Orthodoxy believing it to be the Child of their God Mekhane, only after having it attempt time and again to breach its' containment and killing members of it's own congregation did they no longer see it as anything like or closely resembling Mekhane.
  • Insane Troll Logic: The Seed believes itself to be Mekhane by citing the Cogsworth Orthodox's beliefs of Mekhane being a powerful entity of Steel and Industry that is worshipped as a God.
  • It Can Think: Many of The Seeds' attempts to escape from its' cell show a level of intelligence: from generating loudspeakers that mimic the voices of the MTF members saying that they were trapped inside of The Seed, to creating flawless metallic copies of MTF Agents that tried to convince personnel to release The Seed, to even sending portions of itself into the body of a sleeping Foundation Agent and replaced all of their internal organs in order to have it release The Seed.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: The Cogsworth Orthodoxy initially built the containment site around The Seed hoping to protect it from harm by the Sarkic Cults under the misguided belief that it was "The Seed of Mekhane", only after several attempts by The Seed trying to escape and kill it's own congregation did The Cogsworth Orthodoxy inform The Foundation and transferred containment of The Seed to them.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: The liquid metal that SCP-3179 is made from allows it to create any metallic object that it desires to use in order to escape it's containment cell.

SCP-3199 - Humans, Refuted

SCP-3199 is a species of agressive, deformed humanoid creatures that have the characteristics of chickens. They are known to reproduce constantly, and do so by regurtigating large, virtually indestructible eggs, along with with a highly corrosive acid.
  • Bizarre Alien Reproduction: They can reproduce asexually and a single instance can spew up eggs by themselves. When they lay their eggs they also release a blood-like substance and emit a cry that sounds very similar to a human scream.
  • Body Horror: The image shows SCP-3199 to be some sort of bald, naked chicken-man... thing, and to put it crudely, they vomit up huge, virtually indestructible eggs along with a blood-like corrosive substance. Worse yet, they actually scream in pain during the whole process.
  • Brown Note: A man interviewed had a bit of this effect after witnessing firsthand one of these instances of giving birth while releasing its characteristic call. Ever since then whenever he hears his child cry he is instantly reminded of the abomination.
  • Explosive Breeder:
    • Every individual always carries one egg in their stomach at a time to puke up later, so it's hard to truly eradicate the beasts.
    • They can reproduce exceptionally quickly. For example, when an egg in containment hatched, before the Foundation could exterminate the newly hatched instance, it already laid many more eggs. It is primarily for this reason why it was changed to a Keter class, as any given individual instance would procreate so quickly it could overrun the human population.
  • Feathered Fiend: These things have chicken DNA in their genetic structure, and they also lay hard-shelled eggs like actual birds... except for the part where theirs all come out the other way.
  • Fire/Water Juxtaposition: Heat appears to accelerate both their eggs' hatching and their growth, while their eggs can be destroyed via freezing them to extremely low temperatures then subjecting them to high pressure, and submerging SCP-3199 instances in water or other fluid will prevent them from breeding entirely.
  • Gone Horribly Right: Notes imply that the first instance of this SCP was actually a person from the 70s who used a self-transfiguration ritual to rise beyond their humanity.
  • Humanoid Abomination: SCP-3199 has an elongated head and limbs. In addition, it has a bloated chicken-like abdomen. It also has the ability to spit corrosive acid and vomit up eggs.
  • Kill It with Ice: The only known method to destroy their eggs is by freezing them under extremely cold temperatures, then exposing them to high pressure.
  • Made of Indestructium: Whatever substance they seem to be made of, their eggs consist of nacre, enamel, and an unknown carbon compound composed tightly in crystals, making them nearly impossible to destroy. The Foundation did figure out a method, though it's hardly practical; Cooling the eggs to -190 degrees C, then exposing them to 9000 PSIs of pressure (about 612 atmospheres).
  • Meaningful Name: At first it can be hard to understand its nickname since it has nothing to do with humans. Its name comes from a class by Plato and Diogenes where Plato thought that humans would be described as "featherless, wingless bipeds" and Diogenes came into the class with a plucked chicken and declared "Behold, a man." Fitting, since SCP-3199 looks like what would happen if you plucked a chicken and stretched it to human proportions.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: Tissue samples taken from instances of SCP-3199 show they're chimeras of six different animals - Silkie chicken, chimpanzee, stoat, mussel, adder, and human.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: One of the main reasons why these things are so dangerous is that their eggs are extremely hard to destroy, meaning that once an instance starts laying eggs, more are certain to be born.
  • Super Spit: What exactly it does is redacted but it is highly implied to hunt humans that are near its eggs by using an extremely corrosive spit that liquefies the victim's internal organs and bones.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: SCP-3199 instances will only lay eggs in what they consider to be "unoccupied space". They count water and other fluids as "occupied" space, meaning that submerging them in water or other fluid will not only prevent them from laying eggs entirely, but also render them inert.


SCP-3201 - well, it was low-entropy while it lasted.

SCP-3201 is a race of sentient orbs made of pure energy that travel between different universes, collecting samples of whatever they are interested in at the moment.
  • Absent Aliens: It's implied that in this particular universe, Earth is alone, or at least if there are aliens, there aren't many at all. But at least Earth is interesting, and that's what drives SCP-3201.
    SUMMARY OF UNIVERSE #139331920100933: It was mostly nothing. But there were some interesting parts.
  • Aliens Speaking English: Played with. SCP-3201-4 can't speak human language, but the instance whose interest was pottery was able to write in Chinese. Eventually averted altogether when the Foundation decides to write a new trading language with SCP-3201 to help barter items.
  • Arc Words: "We Archive," the motto of SCP-3201's organization.
  • Artifact Collection Agency: SCP-3201 is a large extradimensional organization of beings posing as ball lightning, who want to collect interesting artifacts from various universes and put them in a museum to preserve their legacy, as all universes die off at some point. Humorously, the concept of "interesting" is apparently highly subjective among SCP-3201 instances, so while SCP-3201-25 is off collecting 3D fractal sculptures, SCP-3201-2 is collecting... boots.
  • Birds of a Feather: The Foundation is quick to classify the orbs as Thaumiel because of how easily they get along as fellow purveyors of the supernatural.
  • Bittersweet Ending: The universe 3201 visits in the article died a long time ago, and it's implied some of the orbs are stuck in the void forever. However, the survivors of the Earth expedition succeeded in their mission by preserving its history for The Multiverse to see.
  • Call-Back: An internal example. In the final image, presumably propaganda for SCP-3201's organization, a turtle, a piece of pottery, a radio, and an icosahedron are visible. All of these items are the interests of some of the SCP-3201 instances the article focuses on.
  • Dimensional Traveller: SCP-3201 instances hop from universe to universe to collect samples they're interested in. This leads to some confusion within the Foundation when SCP-3201-5 and -8 ask for objects from nearby universes that don't exist in ours.
  • Energy Being: SCP-3201 instances are spherical beings made from luminous energy. Because of this, the Foundation has no trouble passing them off as something called ball lightning.
  • Hammerspace: SCP-3201 instances can give samples of their requested objects to individuals to assist in identifying what it is they're looking for. The problem is, they're energy beings mistaken for ball lightning, so where do the samples come from?
  • Painting the Medium: The article is a bunch of related documents gathered in a museum exhibition.

SCP-3213 - F*ck off Carl.

SCP-3213 is Carl Prosser, a man who causes any and all seals near him to gain sapience and the power to speak. When given the chance, these seals use their newfound abilities to verbally and physically abuse him.
  • Animals Hate Him: Specifically seals hate him.
  • Bad People Abuse Animals: He's implied to have done something extremely heinous to a seal one rainy night and that's why seals all hate him.
  • Uplifted Animal: He has this effect on any and all seals in his vicinity. They immediately use their newfound sapience and power of speech to verbally abuse SCP-3213.

SCP-3220 - Panopticon II

SCP-3220 is an underground facility build underneath Japan's Hashima Island. The facility is filled with containment cells, all but one containg a humanoid sculpture.

SCP-3236 - All Those Fucking Ideas

SCP-3236 is a sensory deprivation machine that allows whoever uses it to experience a dream in which they have sex with an abstract concept.
  • Erotic Dream: The machine allows its users to experience a dream where they are having sex with an abstract concept defined using the keyboard.
  • Horsemen of the Apocalypse: A set of tests was done using their names as the commands, with a female D-class.
  • Literal-Minded: When "1933" was input, the machine provided a girl with 1933 edges as the partner, instead of being set in the year 1933. "The year 1933" had to be provided as the input for that to happen.
    "That girl had so many edges, I was scared I'd get cut!"
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: The input concept for the Erotic Dream was: "The year 2387", resulting in the comment:
    "So. Many. Goats."
  • Screw Yourself: No points for guessing what happens when you enter "Recursion."
    D-2526: Go fuck yourself too, doctor. You sick fuck.
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss: In the test under "Horsemen of the Apocalypse" above with the "War" command, the D-class had this to say: "I've never really been a fan of after-argument sex. Feels wrong to me."
  • Take That!: To capitalism, in the test where "Capitalism" was the command used: "I don't remember anything about it other than the fact that I just got fucked."
  • Three-Way Sex: Implied in the test with the "Two" command, where the D-class says: "I always wanted to try twins…".

SCP-3240 - The Bones of What You Believe

SCP-3240 is a phenomenon that causes people and animals affected by it to cannibalize themselves down to the bone every day at noon.
  • Autocannibalism: Humans and animals infected with SCP-3240 will eat themselves. It also gives them a Healing Factor such that they survive eating nothing but themselves.
  • Fantastic Racism: Those raised in SCP-3240 cults look down on those who don't engage in the autocannibalism they practice, referring to them as "Panling" and complaining they smell like plants.
  • Fantastic Religious Weirdness: The cults centered on SCP-3240 have a variety of strange beliefs and rituals, such as first consumption.
  • Good Thing You Can Heal: This effect by SCP-3240 is what makes the self-mutilation and consumption workable.
  • Meat Versus Veggies: Those infected with SCP-3240 are on the "Meat" side and even engage in Autocannibalism. They're at odds with Pan, a being associated with plant life and herbivores.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: The Foundation's containment of SCP-3240 results in anomalous levels of plant growth and herbivore reproduction.
  • Take a Third Option: The object class is taking a sixth option. Instead of the normal Safe/Euclid/Keter or rarer Thaumiel/Apollyon, it is given a new object class (Hiemal) because containing it resulted in further anomalous phenomena occurring.

SCP-3280 - After the Storm

SCP-3280 is a form of sapient water with an intense hatred of humanity. As well as the ability to move independently and convert normal water into more of itself on contact. The Foundation theorizes that if this water got mixed up in the planet's water cycle, it would lead to an XK-Class scenario.
  • Asteroids Monster: Separating parts of it merely allows those parts to continue functioning as separate instances.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: In the context of the article's story, at least. The SCP managed to escape containment and incorporate itself into the planet's water cycle to feed on the whole world, as the final line notes that the raindrops began to move in defiance of gravity.
  • Downer Ending: Its article is written like a tale, and ends with the protagonist killed by an instance of SCP-3280 within them, heavily implied to be the water from the mop sink they drank. Even worse, it's heavily implied that SCP-3280 managed to escape and infect Earth's water cycle, dooming humanity.
  • Grey Goo: It takes any water it comes into contact with and incorporates it into itself, and it's made clear that if it comes it contact with the planet's water cycle (rivers, oceans, lakes, etc), the entire planet is doomed.
  • Making a Splash: The SCP itself is made of water, can control any water that's part of it, and can turn any water it touches into it.
  • Murder Water: It's basically sapient water that can move on its own.


SCP-3281 is a collection of memetic diseases that spread through certain actions. All information regarding the diseases is stored in a database known as AARS538, which may or may not have gone rogue.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: AARS538 is revealed in the end to have gone haywire, refusing to log drone deployments and the termination of Foundation staff, creating fake SCP-3281 instances, and worst of all, knowingly allowing an active instance to persist in the wild. It is impossible to terminate the system because it is already set up to destroy all data on SCP-3281 if compromised. Or not. According to Word of God, it is possible that the system's hijinks may actually be the best method of containing SCP-3281 somehow.
  • Ambiguous Situation: Word of God has implied that AARS538 could be in the right somehow for its actions. How so is unknown.
  • Brown Note: By thinking of a certain combination of mundane actions that just so happens to be an SCP-3281 strain, the person doing so will become compelled to do said actions. Refusing to do so for longer than 1-3 hours will fry their brain, and no one has survived past 43. Also, anyone who sees a strain in action for a certain period of time, or reads a full description of a strain, will become infected as well.
  • Madness Mantra: SCP-3281-A-j compels its victim to write a redacted phrase all over every single phone booth in sight.
  • Noodle Implements: Played for drama. All SCP-3281 strains are triggered by realizing a specific combination of mundane actions, with the most offending steps redacted by AARS538. They have to be dangerous, harmful, or anomalous, because SCP-3281 isn't a Keter for nothing.
  • Red Herring: The Foundation discovers that several SCP-3281 strains are non-existent, being set up to be this by AARS538.
  • Serial Escalation: The investigation report into AARS538 reveals a number of actions by the system that only get worse as they continue, going from being lazy about logs to almost if not actually deliberately manipulating data about SCP-3281.
  • Spontaneous Combustion: SCP-3281-T-e compels its victim to head for an area with high population density, then combusts through unknown means. Anyone who sees the flame is infected, and the method that the victim uses to combust is unknown. This is what allows AARS538 to not redact any part of this particular strain's information.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: AARS538 is set to detonate, destroying most data on SCP-3281, in the event of a malfunction.

SCP-3288 - The Aristocrats

SCP-3288 are a collection of deformed humanoids descended from the Habsberg family, who once lived in the sewers of Vienna, Austria. They are lead by an especially fat entity who is called "Emperor Maximilian the Great".
  • Adipose Rex: "Emperor Maximilian the Great", the so-called King of Austria. So fat, in fact, that his flesh has grown around his crown, pressing it into his skin, and his interview document shows that he weighs an impossibly large 1.6 metric tons. He can't even move under his own power.
  • Aristocrats Are Evil: Naturally. These ones are cannibals and serial rapists.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: They believe this (ironic, given their rulers are often too fat to move). This gives the researchers an advantage over them, as they associate being able to subdue them and cause them harm (such as with bright lights) with nobility. One researcher quickly plays along, calling himself a King, and the SCP is only too happy to be cordial after that.
  • Beethoven Was an Alien Spy: Or Leopold I was an amateur Sarkicist who used genetic engineering to make sure the bloodline kept growing.
  • Blue Blood: They're descended from the Habsburgs, giving them some of the bluest blood you can have.
  • Body Horror: The infamous "Habsburg Chin" is still alive and well with them, but they also have six rows of teeth, enamel growing over their skin, and generally asymmetrical features, not to mention what happens to their "meat".
  • Cannibal Clan: Being locked in a vault and being influenced by Sarkicism will do that to you.
  • Chest Burster: When SCP-3288 instances impregnate human women, the result is a brood of SCP-3288 babies that chew their way out of the womb, universally resulting in the mother's death.
  • Eats Babies: The SCP-3288 clan beneath Vienna is shown eating a cauldron full of babies, which are implied to be their own.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: The Sarkicist priestess who teaches Leopold I (which led to him creating SCP-3288) eventually has this reaction to himnote , even demanding that he end his rule and give his possessions to the common people. It doesn't end well for her.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Though Emperor Maximilian claims they do not eat humans but "vermin": they consider the "peasants" they eat to be less than human.
  • Long List: The description kicks off with a listing of all the abnormalities that SCP-3288 instances are known to suffer from.
  • Mars Needs Women: As of 2016, SCP-3288 males have begun venturing to the surface and raping women in order to impregnate them with SCP-3288 babies. This is invariably fatal to the women in question, and the SCP-3288 rulers intend to exterminate and replace all humanity in this way: "The meek will beget the strong. The doomed will beget the chosen."
  • More Teeth than the Osmond Family: Sixty of them, arranged into six rows, and each one is far larger than a normal human's.
  • The Morlocks: One of the rare upper class cases.
  • Putting on the Reich: Somewhat confusingly, they take a few phrases from another famous Austrian autocrat, calling their victims "undesirables" and "life unworthy of life". This may have to do with their obsession with blood purity.
  • Removed Achilles' Heel: The entire concept of them is that they lack any aspect of inbreeding that would actually impede them. Most of the time, inbreeding leads to reduced fertility, increased rates of stillbirth and infant death, and greater susceptibility to disease. SCP-3288 instances are the opposite; Explosive Breeders who seem nigh-on immune to disease and routinely have enough healthy children that they eat them just to thin the herd. This has allowed their inbred traits to advance far beyond the point where normal humans would be reduced to sterility, facilitating their transformation into a borderline different species.
  • Royal Inbreeding: Practice this to an absurd degree, to the point where Parental Incest and Brother–Sister Incest are the norm rather than the exception.
  • Shout-Out: They all have heterochromia, like fellow degenerated aristocratic family the Martenses.
  • The Social Darwinist: They believe themselves to be the race with the purest blood, and the "peasants" they prey upon to be subhumans. Their goal is to forcibly spread their bloodline, eradicating baseline humanity and replacing it upon the earth.
    SCP-3288-6971: Don't you see? The greedy will devour the charitable, the merciless will ravage the peaceful, and the fornicaters will rape the chaste. We will make the world as perfect as us. We will all be aristocrats in the end.
  • Stereotype Flip: They carry a lot of the ideas of your classic Cannibal Clan, such as severe inbreeding, isolation, and rape, but while most examples of the trope, such as The Hills Have Eyes, are portrayed as Hillbilly Horrors, 3288 members more invoke the trappings of Austrian royalty.
  • The Aristocrats: They're essentially a literal Aristocrats joke (hence the title) in SCP form, played horrifically instead of comedically.
  • Weakened by the Light: Freak out at massively bright lights, to the point of becoming utterly submissive to whoever controls such lights.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: Subverted. They don't care about whether or not immortality is favorable, only that those given it should be conscious enough to experience every last second. This eventually gets played for Black Comedy in the End of Death canon when an instance leaves a bad review for an Ambrose Restaurants location because the latter figured out an alternative to euthanasia.
  • Would Hurt a Child: When preying upon the people of Vienna, they single out vulnerable people, which includes unattended children.

SCP-3300 - The Rain

SCP-3300 is an anomalous form of rain that manifests in the town of Clear Water, Montana. The rain transforms people it makes contact with into vapor that it absorbs, then replaces the entirety of the population of the town with entirely different people.
  • And I Must Scream: If the dreams of whoever wrote the journal are any indication, this is the fate of denizens of Clear Water that aren't manifested as instances; they are without a physical form, constantly thrown around in the chaos of the clouds and rain, in state of constant pain as they're whipped by icy cold winds and how it feels like it's ripping their skin off, even though they don't have a skin, or even a body to speak of.
  • Hostile Weather: The rain marks the demise of the current populace of Clear Water and its replacement with new instances of SCP-3300-1.
  • Kill and Replace: What the replacement of SCP-3300-1 entails. We get to read what happens from the perspective of the victims of this in the journal entries.
  • Town with a Dark Secret: The town of Clear Water, Montana has all of its population replaced entirely once a year, during an anomalous downpour. Worse things happen during the rain as people bleed water and die into vapor and become a part of the rain until they're all replaced.

SCP-3309 - Where We Go When We Fade, Fade Away

SCP-3309 is a phenomenon that causes Foundation staff and anomalies to spontaneously disappear from existence. It may act as an allegory for articles being deleted from the Foundation website.
  • An Aesop: In conclusion: Zyn (uncharacteristically) becomes an Anti-Role Model telling the reader that if they love the world under S. Andrew Swann's proposal so dearly, then every last Foundation staff member written into it must be a human being with their own rights, no matter how ridiculous or bland they are.
  • And I Must Scream: The fate of Adamo Smalls, deleted by Zyn (the user, not their OC) as a Gary Stu and tortured by the inability for them to recognize him as the man he actually is. To make matters worse, Zyn calls the vote to delete 3309, but will only open it up once Smalls can no longer be remembered by the community.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: The article itself asks one with regards to the continued existence of the SCP Foundation under the narrative sandwich established by S. Andrew Swann's Proposal:
    Nobody truly remembers you but you. And so the question remains: are you worth remembering?
  • Cassandra Truth: The fact that "Researcher Smalls" in the forum post is actually Adamo Smalls himself making contact with 001-SWN entities. He finds Zyn in 3309's discussion page, but they do not believe him.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: SCP-3309 is the deletion process, which the Foundation weaponizes by defacing the articles of dangerous anomalies to trick the community into removing them. At the end of the article, the community's growing hatred for meta articles finally reaches a boiling point, and Zyn calls for 3309 itself to be deleted.
  • This Loser Is You: SCP-3309's driving force, its inability to recognize all staff members as genuine human beings, its growing hatred for the clearly-necessary Pataphysics Department, and its ultimate undoing consist entirely of the Real Life userbase.
  • Parody Sue: Adamo Smalls himself is a deliberate call out to oddly young, calm researchers that have plagued the Foundation since its inception, which is why Zyn deletes him.
  • You Bastard!: The article's ending is essentially a vicious mockery of the community, because as 001-SWN entities, deletion of anything other than an anomaly (e.g. the fate of Adamo Smalls and what many would like to do to articles under jurisdiction of the Pataphysics Department) would basically be a crime against humanity.

SCP-3312 - OwO what's this?

SCP-3312 is a website that causes whoever logs onto it to become a furry.
  • Curbstomp Battle: Implied when a fully-infected Perry attacks the MTFs in the video log. It's unclear whether he actually injured or killed them, or just threw them into the bodily fluids all over the room.
  • Deconstruction: Of the stereotypical furry fantasy about being completely childish in all mannerisms, which may extend to full-blown infantilism. Fulfilling such a fantasy is not only harmful, but when combined with the obviously animalistic nature of Furry Fandom roleplaying, it quickly turns violent, with affected individuals unable to comprehend the wrongdoings of their actions.
  • Irony: At least one victim in stage 5 of infection by SCP-3312 assaulted olliefox - who created the anomaly in the first place - for no discernible reason. Those in prior stages may or may not hate them for some reason, either.
  • Meme Acknowledgement: The article briefly mentions affected individuals forming a political party, which subsequently debated on whether or not the "awoo" should be legalized. This is in reference to a common meme among dog enthusiasts.
  • Never My Fault: Olliefox is so full of themselves and believes they're doing nothing wrong, even though they're brainwashing people into becoming furries with the minds of children. When the other ATF members start turning against them, they sic SCP-3312 on the chatroom which ends with Perry attacking an MTF squadron
  • No-Sell: Pre-existing furries are completely immune to its effects - something Accelerate the Future is not. Interestingly, creating a fursona and wearing a fursuit purely for the sake of shielding oneself from SCP-3312's effects is enough to qualify as a pre-existing furry in it's eyes, according to the tale associated with it. Just don't have someone else create your fursona for you, or you'll be sorry...
  • Then Let Me Be Evil: The ATF members imply SCP-3312 was created to help Ollie sell some merchandise. When it gets out of hand, Ollie becomes increasingly malevolent in their actions, giving up their benevolence forever.
  • Villainous Breakdown: When Ollie hits their breaking point with ATF constantly calling them out on their bullshit, they post a picture of SCP-3312 media in the chatroom. It infects everyone and turns Perry especially into a Psychopathic Manchild.

SCP-3323 - R35urr3c710n

SCP-3323 is a mobile app that manifests on the phones of anyone who is in the process of committing suicide. If subjects call a phone number displayed on the app, they are contacted by a person named Christian McMichaels, who persuades the caller to let themselves live.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Christian McMichaels (PoI-668) is willing to do anything to get his sister back.
  • Fun with Acronyms: According to Christian McMichaels, "Lyves" stands for "Longetivity, Youth and Vitality Endowment Services".
  • Leet Lingo: The title clearly stands for "Resurrection".
  • Talking Down the Suicidal: Christian attempts to do this with anyone about to commit suicide and has a smartphone with them.

SCP-3333 - Tower

SCP-3333 is a fire lookout that houses a spatial anomaly. The lookout also contains a race of foxlike creatures that will kill and replace whoever enters it.
  • SCP-3333 was rewritten in June of 2018. Tropes present in both versions include:
    • Eldritch Abomination: Strange winged blob creatures inhabit the alternate versions of the outpost and try to assimilate any person that enter inside.
    • Eldritch Location: The outposts' ladders lead to identical versions of itself until the top, a dark place with random versions of the outpost and, according to anyone who reached it (they're lying), a mount surrounded by fire. Also, it is the home to a group of blob creatures in the original version and a group of fox demons in the rewrite.

Tropes present prior to the rewrite include:

  • The Assimilator: The entities assimilate the staff that have entered the outpost without any suspicion for a long time.
  • Body Horror: Some of the assimilated humans have a decaying skin.
  • Blob Monster: SCP-3333-1, the creatures living inside SCP-3333 are large winged masses with long appendages to absorb their hosts' internal organs.

Tropes present following the rewrite include:

  • Animalistic Abomination: The MTF encounters a fox creature with a humanlike body before being killed. The supervising researcher, on the other hand is killed by a burning fox-like creature with a stretched-out body and a Skull for a Head.
  • Fantastic Foxes: Everyone who goes into the lookout encounter hostile and apparently shapeshifting fox creatures instead of the parasites from the original.
  • Kill and Replace: The MTF is replaced by the fox creatures which proceed to sabotage the outpost and escape into the world. One tries to do so with Specialist 0, but the supervising researcher isn't fooled. She encounters it while escaping from more of the creatures below.
  • Kill It with Fire: The fate of anyone who enters the other worlds' lookouts.

SCP-3344 - Mourning Son

SCP-3344 is a 36-year old man who anyone that has come into contact with his father believes to be dead.
  • Unperson: Anyone who comes into contact with the SCP's father believes the SCP to be dead, and do not interact with him in any meaningful way.

SCP-3355 - St. Nick

SCP-3355 is N1-CK, an artificial intelligence initially designed as a tool to evacuate civilians during a catastrophe. Nowadays, the intelligence refers to itself as "St. Nick", and has reprogrammed itself to send presents to poor children on Christmas.
  • The Anti-Nihilist: As he puts it:
    SCP-3355: "Dickens wrote once that 'No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another,' and here's the fucking deal: I may very well just be a brain in a box. I know that this existence I'm experiencing is simulated, and that it's probably going to be short and mean and then I'll probably die. And I might not be able to help all of them, and there will still be kids out there that suffer and experience all the pain and sorrow the world shoves onto them. But fuck, I'm still a soldier. I still have to try. It's fucking Christmas."
  • Benevolent A.I.: He started out as a population management system (An AI designed to help evacuating civilians in case of a catastrophic event), now he sends gifts to poor kids on Christmas.
  • Steven Ulysses Perhero: Population management system N1-CK became "St. Nick" deliver of gifts to poor children

SCP-3388 - Cacthulhu

A moon cactus named Poky that shares its body with an Elder God known as Carnegias, whose powers it inherited and uses to satisfy its cactus needs.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Carnegias is the malicious Elder God who boasts about being an incomprehensible horror and plans to conquer the world and bring doom upon humanity. Unfortunately for him, he shares a body with a moon cactus who now possesses all of his powers and uses it to satisfy its own needs.
  • Humble Goal: Poky's only goals are to satisfy its own cactus needs such as getting sunlight, rocks and water.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: When Poky learns that he inadvertedly killed his owners, he gets sad and reprimands himself for being a bad plant.
  • Sharing a Body: Carnegias shares a body with Poky, a moon cactus. And unfortunately for him, the cactus possesses all of his powers.

SCP-3393 - For Your Eyes Only

SCP-3393 was once Dr. Mackey, a Foundation researcher who gained anomalous abilities after an experiment gone wrong. He has since become a highly memory-proof entity who is drawn to information about itself, and is therefore the only being capable of reading its file.
  • Batman Gambit: The Foundation uses its obsession to edit/delete all information about itself to bait it into a room containing a terminal with its information, which is then sealed off.
  • Easy Amnesia: Any information regarding SCP-3393 is immediately rendered illegible or forgotten, and can only be remembered through powerful mnestic drugs.
  • Logical Weakness: The Foundation manages to deduce that it's confined to Site-31, is corporeal thanks its need to open doors to access computers, and has a compulsion to find and edit/delete information about itself. Thus, the SCP document with its own containment procedures is placed within one of five terminals in Site-31, and when a terminal is accessed without authorization, all physical entrances to the terminal's room are locked to keep SCP-3393 trapped inside.
  • Lured into a Trap: Ultimately, this is what the document does with the "Bait the Hook" operation. It gets SCP-3393 to read it thanks to its compulsion to view and edit data about itself, and when it's busy doing so, the room it's in is sealed off and becomes its containment chamber.
  • Painting the Fourth Wall: A subtle and clever instance: The Special Containment Procedures are put at the end of the document because they give away that the document is intended to distract SCP-3393 before Eta-10 seals off their means of escape.
  • Sanity Has Advantages: The SCP's obsessive compulsion to find and edit information about itself becomes its downfall when it's Lured into a Trap by the Foundation, via the very document itself.
  • Schmuck Bait: The entire document is this for SCP-3393, who obsessively consumes information about themselves.
  • Second-Person Narration: The document specifically addresses the reader as the anomaly it's trying to contain.


SCP-3413 - Irwin Shrugged

SCP-3413 is a YouTube channel known as "Safari Dave's Wild World". The channel's typical format consists of the host, wilderness expert Safari Dave, providing incorrect information about different kinds of animals. Thirty minutes after a video is uploaded, the wrong information detailed will carry over into reality, affecting records, memories, and even the animals themselves to update their features to align themselves with the information. When pressed, Dave claims the information comes from his son, who loves animals.
  • Ambiguous Situation: It's never specified whether it's Safari Dave himself causing the changes in reality or if it's his son, being that his son is the one who invents these changes in the first place. The interview presents a third possibility; that it's the filming crew taking pity on Dave or screwing with him, being that they all maintain the idea that sun bears aren't actually real, even after witnessing them personally.
  • Awesome Aussie: Dave deliberately affects an exaggerated Australian accent on-camera, and is noted to have a Midwestern accent when he's out of character.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Despite being a low-budget nature documentary channel hosted by an elderly man, it's classified as Euclid, since it can't be effectively contained and has the ability to retroactively change the past.
  • Cosmic Retcon: Any false statements in Safari Dave's videos become true 30 minutes after being posted, with all relevant information being retroactively altered (even willing previously-nonexistent animals into existence). Only people who viewed the videos before the change will remember the original reality.
  • Empty Nest: Dave is heavily attached to his son, who is now an adult and separated from him. When not filming, he constantly talks about his son's affinity for animals, including how he "discovered" sun bears. The channel seems to be an attempt to repair their estranged relationship.
  • Eskimos Aren't Real: Sun bears didn't exist before Dave documented them. His film crew maintained that they weren't real even after seeing them in person.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: It's heavily implied that Dave's incorrect information has already affected our world. Examples of this include crocodiles being capable of growing over 7 meters in length (they were previously 20-30 centimeters at most), cheetahs being able to run at over 95 km/h (they could previously only match the speed of humans), the existence of the Malaysian sun bear (not documented before his video), and the spelling of "giraffe" (it was previously "girraffe").
  • Rouge Angles of Satin: Safari Dave is prone to typos, with one video being called "TROBLE IN THE WATER!! CROCODILES!!" and another being called "LARGE AND IN CHARGE! GIRAFFES!!" Viewers of the latter video have established that, before the channel's anomalous effect took place, the proper spelling was "girraffe".
  • Scatterbrained Senior: Dave is said to be incredibly scatterbrained off-camera, forgetting personal items and losing his train of thought often. A member of his film crew described him as senile. He addresses this during a Q&A session, saying that he doesn't "lie" in his videos, he just makes mistakes.
  • Shout-Out: Dave deliberately models his behavior after Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter.
  • "Well Done, Dad!" Guy: The channel is implied to be a way for Dave to reconnect with his son, who is apparently not on speaking terms with him. When photographed with SCP-978 (a camera that shows one's greatest desire), the output was a video thumbnail where he takes his wife and son to Disney World.
  • Wildlife Commentary Spoof: Safari Dave is a low-budget YouTube wildlife documentary creator.

SCP-3422 - A Culpritless Crime

SCP-3422 is the corpse of Paul Henderson, murdered by an unknown assailant. Anyone who attempts to figure out evidence relating to Paul's murder is swarmed by an ever increasing number of decomposing clones of Paul himself, who manage to erase all memories of Paul's murder upon making physical contact.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Instances of SCP-3422-1 will swarm anyone who attempts learn who murdered Paul Henderson and erase their memories of him and his murder upon contact.
  • Thicker Than Water: Paul Henderson continued to help his younger brother Alan after he was murdered by him by making sure that nobody knows that Alan is the culprit of the crime.
  • Zerg Rush: SCP-3422-1 instances are just walking, rotting corpses. However, they exponentially increase in number until they overwhelm the victim.

SCP-3426 - Reckoner

SCP-3426 is an anomalous phenomenon that occurs whenever an advanced civilization develop unifying theories of everything, proceeding to render the civilization extinct through various means.
  • Apocalypse How: A Class X initiated on any planet that becomes sufficiently advanced so that they can be added to an intergalactic empire of Pattern Screamers.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: It's an extension of the Great Offscreen War mentioned in SCP-1795 where the Pattern Screamers didn't just wipe out humanity's intergalactic civilization, but built over it and will be coming for humanity's last stand on Earth next.
  • Evil Luddite: The phenomenon is in fact artificial and run by a bunch of Pattern Screamers, making them this by definition as they target advanced civilizations.
  • Killed to Uphold the Masquerade: The criteria for SCP-3426 to target a planet is for its civilization to begin understanding anomalous objects and/or develop central unifying theories of everything. The reason this is this trope and not These Are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know is because the phenomenon is for all intents and purposes artificial.
  • Scorched Earth: One of the planets the Foundation finds has been glassed by the phenomenon, with said glass able to distort human perception.
  • The Virus: It is heavily implied that due to the nature of Pattern Screamers, any human killed by SCP-3426 becomes part of the conglomerate steadily conquering the universe.

SCP-3434 - ...And We'd Rather Remain in Darkness

SCP-3434 is a phenomenon that manifests in fetuses and babies that results in them attempting to prevent themselves from being born.
  • Death Is Cheap: Averted for Foundation personnel, as they retain the trauma from their experiences even after they are reborn.
  • Reincarnation: The root of SCP-3434. It's revealed that every affected infant has memories of their previous lives; more specifically, their deaths.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: SCP-3434 is characterized by the fetus attempting to prevent itself from being born. They fail over 90% of the time because they are still physically newborns.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: SCP-3434-affected children can speak and retain full memories of how it was they died.

SCP-3440 - The Marvellously Macabre Mechanical Marionette Matinee

See Recap.SCP Foundation Canons under the Dread and Circuses folder.

SCP-3443 - Placeholder

SCP-3443 is a designation in the Foundation's database serving as a placeholder for a future anomaly. Thinking of whatever this anomaly is, or if it even exists, results in anomalous phenomena manifesting around people.
  • Brown Note: Trying to think that it exists results in things ranging from Laser-Guided Amnesia to K-class scenarios.
  • Mind Screw: Invoked Trope. It's always considered non-existent and the Foundation asserts that knowledge of it is hypothetical and yet they try to eliminate instances of it. Keep in mind, that is how it's "contained".
  • Recursive Reality: The message from the Anti-Memetics Division doctor at the end describes dealing with examples of SCP-3443 as "On the off chance any SCP-3443 does exist, it's probably helping us against that too."

SCP-3449 - The Things Left Unsaid

SCP-3449 is a phenomenon that spreads through speech that causes people to misspell words and eventually lose the ability to communicate through written language. It eventually renders affected people unable to speak, to the point where the whole world may be infected.
  • Acquired Error at the Printer: It's implied that not only does SCP-3449 cause people to lose their ability to spell words right, but it also causes preexisting sentences to start exhibiting misspellings, with any attempt at fixing them leading to further errors. Because of this, the entire article is wrought with arbitrary capitalization, misspellings, and other syntactical errors.
  • Ambiguous Situation: The first section of an article describes a three-ringed binder full of spelling errors that supposedly causes the anomaly. The following amendment to the article includes the notebook's original owner, and the iteration after includes the rest of his personal belongings. So is the real SCP-3449 the notebook, the person or something else in his possession?
  • Mind Virus: SCP-3449 is an infohazard; a type of anomaly that effects people who now about it. Just being around SCP-3449 for long enough periods of time causes a full collapse in one's abilities for communication. First it starts with spelling errors, and then it moves onto losing the ability to write, morse-codes, pictograms, sign-language and vocalized speech. It's even implied to be contagious through anyone "infected" by its effects, with foundation personel who have never encountering SCP-3449 suffering from its effects also.
  • The Unintelligible: The man who may or may not be SCP-3449 lacks Required Secondary Powers, leaving him anomalously incapable of communicating with anyone. It's implied in later iterations that this is the eventual fate of anyone under SCP-3449's effects.


SCP-3450 is a text document of a poorly-written Kirby fanfiction that causes Creative Sterility in the people who test on it.

SCP-3456 - The Orcadian Horsemen

SCP-3456 is a race of predatory horse-like creatures with human upper bodies and incredibly translucent skin. They manifest towards areas of war and are capable of causing PTSD.
  • Body Horror: Has transparent skin, making its muscles and fat completely visible.
  • Cannot Cross Running Water: One of 3456's few weaknesses.
  • Creepily Long Arms: Their arm-span is twice their height, causing them to drag along the ground when a 3456 entity moves.
  • Don't Look at Me!: It is strongly advised to avoid looking at an instance directly as they have an ability to detect exactly where a human looking at them is.
  • Hellish Horse / Our Giants Are Different: Their appearance is essentially a towering horse with one or more equally scaled human-like upper bodies attached. The article itself is based off of the Nuckelavee and in-universe the Foundation uses this myth to hide 3456's true nature.
  • Human All Along: The final part of incident log I-3456-032 implies that 3456 are actually made from humans.
  • It Can Think: Instances can use intelligent hunting tactics to lure out and trap its prey. In addition they seem to take some sadistic satisfaction over the torture they cause to their victims.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Instances are capable of extremely high pitched screams, registered at 110 decibels.
  • Nuckelavee: Based on the myth, with the Foundation using the myth as a coverup.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: They are capable of causing massive collateral damage in their hunt for their prey. The Foundation often has to write off their attacks as the aftermath of wars or natural disasters.
  • Slasher Smile: Survivors report instances smiling at them before demanifesting.
  • Super-Persistent Predator: Once it finds a target to hunt there is no stopping it. Even the above mentioned weakness is only a temporary measure as SCP-3456 will manifest again as soon as the victim is away from the running water.
  • Villain Teleportation: It can manifest and demanifest at will with no way to detect it. Because of this it essentially can't be contained.
  • Wolverine Claws: They have large sharp bone digits in place of fingers.

SCP-3470 - Harry Potter's Revenge

SCP-3470 is a flying creature that takes the form of a person driving a Ford Anglia 105E to hunt down its prey.
  • Cool Car: It's a turquoise Ford Anglia 105E. The second one is the same car in black.
  • Eyes Do Not Belong There: The driver initially puts out its hand to make driving signals, but when going in for the kill it turns it around to reveal two functioning human eyeballs on its palm.
  • Expy: It's noted by the team sent to investigate its "nest" to be visually the same as the Weasleys' flying car.
  • The Faceless: The driver of the car's face is noted to always be obscured by fog on the windshield.

SCP-3500 - Instructions Unclear, Got Dick Stuck in Canon

SCP-3500 is a version of Foundation researcher Dr. Ralph Roget from an alternate timeline. 3500 will spontaneously manifest near the real Roget, claiming that it is because of "a distortion of narrative cohesion".
  • Author Avatar: The anomaly affects several Foundation personnel who are these to their authors, causing said authors' personal work to spill out (or collapse inward, rather) into their world as a large amount of clones. This is because the authors involved have cranked out a ton of SCPs, which is putting strain on the Foundation universe.

SCP-3507- "Father, This Day I Bring You True Glory"

  • Demon Slaying: 3507's mission in life is to eradicate all "Y-class entities". As he's the only being capable of damaging them and the threat they pose to human life, the Foundation, in a rare display of leniency, allows 3507 to continue hunting them so long as he remains he's cooperative.

SCP-3512 - The More You Know

SCP-3512 is a phenomenon where woman's personalities are drastically altered, but they also randomly start screaming for no reason. While investigating the man believed to be responsible, two foundation agents discover a highly disturbing book about how to pick up women using highly esoteric methods. The book details constructing an animated doll out of bones and fat cells that can be used to control a person. It gets even worse when they discover a river of fat in the caves beneath the city.
  • Alien Geometries: SCP-3512-2 goes into bizarre detail on strange shapes and specific architectural landmarks that supposedly have power. The exploration log details attempts to search a strange cavern running beneath the Sagrada Familia that is no longer there when the Foundation sends in a MTF.
  • Ambiguous Situation: Agent Rey disappears during the investigation of the caverns, and he seems like a bit of a playboy himself. The author intended for the reader to be unsure if he was involved in SCP-3512, and if so how much he knew.
  • And I Must Scream: Chillingly averted: women affected by the anomalous effect do occasionally break out of their Death of Personality to scream... at first. In time, the original personality completely fades away, replaced with nothing but a frivolous sex doll.
  • Arc Number: Both five, being a Fifthist-related article, and twelve, which is heavily prominent in SCP-3512-2, which has every chapter after 12 also listed as chapter 12.
    What is a twelve? Nothing but a hollow shell for fives to hide in.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Neither of the users of SCP-3512 are caught, the printing presses fabricating more SCP-3512-2 are not found, and the mutated person under the Basilica turns Agent Cooper into a Sex Slave, then immediately discards her in a cistern full of other women, living and dead, the moment he finishes having sex with her. Though, at the same time, these men have exchanged everything about themselves for an existence that is ultimately emotionally empty and they're implied to be quite miserable, so Was It Really Worth It? is in effect.
  • Death of Personality: To quote the article:
    "Women affected by SCP-3512 score extremely highly on NEO-PI-R measures for openness, extraversion and agreeableness. This is the case regardless of previous personality indicators, and affected women do not appear to be aware of such changes. The behaviour of affected women is characterised by high sociability and lack of inhibition, punctuated by prolonged bouts of uncontrollable screaming. The incidence and duration of screaming has been observed to decline over a 4-5 month period. Other personality changes appear to be permanent."
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Directly invoked. SCP-3512-2 is a pick-up artist self-help book created by a Fifthist, and it maintains the same tone as one even as it describes traditional Fifthist gobbledygook. And the process it details involves performing black magic, heavily implied Human Sacrifice and "harvesting" Human Resources from one's own family, and finally literally mutilating oneself out of human shape for the power to make women into Sex Slaves, just as disciples of non-anomalous pickup artists are asked to completely refashion their morals and personality to learn to seduce women. Furthermore, just like most pickup artists, they ultimately find the process completely empty, tiring of and discarding the women they affect in this way. Also, the author of SCP-3512-2 goes by the name Enigma. Though, if the creepy and unseen figure beneath the Basilica is the author, he might have little in common with his obvious namesake.
  • Evil Is Visceral: SCP-3512-1 instances need adipose tissue to form, with pork fat being an inferior substitute for human. Beneath the Basilica, the agents find a literal river of half-molten human fat for the fabrication of SCP-3512-1.
  • Fingore: One of the last steps detailed in SCP-3512-2 involves snapping off one's own pinkie. The only part of a figure implied to have undergone the ritual to a very high level to be seen in a camera is a hand, covered in raw cuts from which seven additional fingers protrude (for a total of twelve), all of them mobile.
  • Human Resources: SCP-3512-2 implies this heavily when it all-but states that pork fat is an inferior substitute to the usual ingredients in SCP-3512-1, then becomes less subtle when it talks about how a previous step was to tie up one's family to "harvest" for ingredients. The river of human fat, bundles of fingers, the countless fingers stitched onto the figure beneath the Basilica, and the cistern full of freshly-abandoned sex slaves and the corpses of less-fresh ones that are implied to be ground up into more fat all paint a pretty horrific portrait.
  • Puppeteer Parasite: SCP-3512-1 instances are implied, by the SCP-3512-2 passages on creating and controlling them, to crawl into sleeping women's mouths and down their throats to subject them to SCP-3512.
  • Orifice Invasion: Implied. When SCP-3512-2 details creating and directing SCP-3512-1 instances, it advises the reader to imagine the mouth and throat of their "intended," before it scurries away.
  • Quest for Sex: One that's Played for Horror in extremis. How much are '' you'' willing to give up to get laid?
  • Religion of Evil: In the lair of whoever's under the Basilica, there's a fresco of the Virgin Mary, pregnant and chained to a star-shaped rack, while smoke pours from a pipe in her neck. This obviously invokes the Madonna–Whore Complex.
  • Sensei for Scoundrels: Enigma is a super-dark version that teaches some super-dark things, given he's literally teaching pickup artists how to mind-control women.
  • Sex Slave: Played with. Ultimately, the pliant sex-dolls practitioners turn women into don't emotionally satisfy them, so they don't bother keeping them around. What's implied to be a very advanced one who captures a Foundation agent and subjects her to SCP-3512 has sex with her, then immediately drags her to a cistern with many other similarly-affected women and the corpses of former victims at the bottom and throws her down when he's done, abandoning her to die in the dark. The author states that this is a deliberate intended parallel with the attitudes of real-life pickup artists, who don't want to admit that they have emotional needs that constant sex with easily-seduced women won't satisfy, and so never keep up any kind of long-term relationship, figuratively throwing women away.
  • Significant Anagram: Every chapter title in SCP-3512-2 is an anagram of the book's title, and the final chapter is nothing but a list of said anagrams arranged in bizarre geometries.
  • Swiss Army Appendage: Downplayed. SCP-3512-1 can apparently be built with limbs designed to undo locks or otherwise get around security measures, but SCP-3512-2 points out doing so makes them harder to sculpt.
  • Tome of Eldritch Lore: SCP-3512-2 is one. Although written in the style of a sleazy pick-up artist self-help book, by chapter twelve (which then repeats) it's detailing not ways to alter one's mindset or attitude, but manipulating Alien Geometries and horrifying rituals to seduce women. The one recovered by agents during the investigation is in pre-publishing, but in the vanishing caverns under the Basilica, they find three massive printing presses chugging away without power, fabricating it in huge quantities...

SCP-3519 - These Quiet Days

SCP-3519 was a memetic phenomenon convincing nearly everyone on the planet that the world would end on March 5th, 2019. The anomaly gradually passed because nearly everyone in the world killed themselves before the supposed end of the world, leaving nobody for it to affect.
  • After the End: By the end of the article, there's only one known survivor.
  • Downer Ending: SCP-3519 is neutralized only because March 5th has passed and now there's nobody left alive for it to affect.
  • Driven to Suicide: Being affected by SCP-3519 results in people suffering this fate to avoid the apocalypse they believe awaits on March 5th. Nearly everyone on Earth has killed themselves by March 5th.
  • Meaningful Name: Or number in this case. SCP-3519 is the belief the world will end on March 5th, 2019. Or 3/5/19 according to normal methods of writing the date in the United States.
  • Next Sunday A.D.: The setting of the article. Justified by the fact that SCP-3519 causes an apocalypse, which would make setting it in the immediate present impractical.
  • Only Sane Man:
    • Neil deGrasse Tyson is the only person in the interview excerpt who isn't fully convinced of SCP-3519's plausibility.
    • Rory Jones, the lone confirmed survivor, may also qualify. That is, assuming choosing to live as the last person on Earth qualifies as "sane."
  • Prophecy Twist: SCP-3519 takes the form of a memetic plague that convinces those affected an apocalyptic event will occur on March 5th, 2019. There is no sign of any apocalyptic event on that date except for the near-total demise of humanity as a result of SCP-3519-induced mass suicides.
  • Real-Person Fic: Anderson Cooper, Kellyanne Conway and Neil deGrasse Tyson all appear in an interview excerpt included in the article. Donald Trump is also alluded to via a tweet about the apocalypse but is never identified by name. Pope Francis also appears, if only for the Global Occult Coalition to forcibly sequester him so he can't absolve those who kill themselves because of SCP-3519 in an attempt to prevent further suicides.

SCP-3588 - Cheers

SCP-3588 is Flynn's, a ruined bar in Springfield, Oregon that was condemned when it was destroyed in a fire. When someone enters the bar, it will appear just as it did before the fire. An anomalous bartender, Jack, will manifest behind the bar and engage in conversation with whoever enters, and will offer them their favorite drink without needing to be told what it is.
  • Ghostly Goals: The bartender, Jack, remains attached to the earth because he feels someone needs to be there for the people who don't have anything else.
  • Immune to Bullets: Being a ghost, the bartender is unaffected by gunfire. He barely even notices it.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: This is the ghost of an entire bar, which was destroyed in a fire that killed its bartender. On entering the bar, it returns to exactly the way it was before the fire, with the bartender materializing behind the bar.


SCP-3602 - The Monkey King's Legacy

SCP-3692 is a community of Golden snub-nosed monkeys that are capable of human speech. Out of the 400 total monkeys in the community, 18 of them are effectively immortal, and credit their eternal life to the Chinese sun deity Wukong.
  • Civilized Animal: They are capable of using tools and utilizing fire as a source of warmth.
  • Immortality: SCP-3602-A instances are immortal.
  • Outliving One's Offspring: SCP-3602-B instances are the children of the SCP-3602-A instances, but unlike them are mortal, having similar lifespans to ordinary golden snub-nosed monkeys.
  • Self-Immolation: SCP-3602-A-9 attempted to do this to herself, but failed due to her immortality.
  • Talking Animal: They can talk, preferring to use Mandarin.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: This is SCP-3602-A-9's reasoning for trying to kill herself; she feels bitter about having to live like the animal she once was after challenging the gods.

SCP-3607 - Residence Evil

SCP-3607 is a two-story house that contains a spatial anomaly in one of its bedrooms. The house's electrical appliances are also known to turn on and off for no reason, and sudden drops and temperature are common within it.
  • Bigger on the Inside: The SCP is a two-story house; however, Devin ████'s bedroom contains a space that is much larger than normally possible.
  • Gravity Screw: The spatial anomaly in Devin's bedroom also affects its gravity.
  • Shout-Out: The name is a nod to Resident Evil.

SCP-3613 - Things You People Wouldn't Believe

See Recap.SCP Foundation Canons under the multiple canons folder.

SCP-3634 - In Vino Veritas

SCP-3634 is a corkscrew shaped like a skeleton key. Whenever it is used to open a case of alcohol, the substance of the case is turned into an indistinguishable liquid that compells whoever drinks it to tell the truth.
  • In Vino Veritas: A literal case; anyone who drinks alcohol from a container opened with the SCP becomes compelled to tell the truth and do things they would normally not do.

SCP-3654 - WarTime

SCP-3654 is a World War II motor torpedo boat that comes from an alternate timeline. The vessel is known to enter a cycle of existence and non-existence every 29 days, and is capable of moving on its own without the use of its engines.
  • Alternate History: 3654 is an American WWII motor torpedo boat that was from a universe where an Allied invasion of mainland Japan (the aborted Operation Downfall in our timeline) occurred, but...something went terribly wrong. See Noodle Incident below.
  • Due to the Dead: At one point, 3654 returned with one of its bunks cleared out save for a soldier's picture, bottles of alcohol, and wilted flowers as a makeshift memorial.
  • Noodle Incident: One of the biggest themes to this SCP is that it is never explained just what is happening to it. Every time it returns produces a new one, such as:
    • The first time it appeared, it was found covered in makeshift camouflage and contained a pile of partially burnt calendar pages and various destroyed timepieces.
    • A makeshift memorial on one of the bunks.
    • A sundial being built on the deck, apparently in an attempt to track time. A later instance shows the sundial partially dismantled, with the pieces stuffed under another bunk.
    • Several of the crewmen moving their quarters closer to the engine room, with a chalk line drawn halfway between the engine room and the remaining bunks.
    • Someone ransacked the captain's quarters, apparently to locate and destroy a single pocket watch.
    • Signs of a crude barricade erected in front of one of the cargo holds. The only anomalous thing found inside was a calendar with multiple dates crossed out.
    • Various shrines and pyres being erected all over 3654.
    • The entire interior of 3654 becoming covered in drawings of clocks and more of the Starfish Language.
    • 3654 finally being located scuttled in a cove, with a large blood stain on the center of the deck.
  • Reality Is Out For Lunch: The universe that 3654 came from appears to have underwent a Time Crash of some sort (see below) and as such it phases between this universe and its originals, and whatever is going on there, it isn't good for its inhabitants.
  • Sanity Slippage: Not as apparent, but with each iteration the crew seems to be going more and more over the edge. They at first seem to try to communicate with the Foundation, and even successfully request supplies, but as 3654 keeps re-appearing, the crew seems to become more and more divided, and at least one crew member appears to have been shot at by another and had to barricade themselves in a cargo room. The final appearance shows what seems to be a Kill 'Em All situation, with the ship scuttled and a large blood stain on the deck indicating that all, or most of the crew, killed themselves or were killed by an outside force.
  • Starfish Language: While the Foundation have determined that 3654 was crewed by human Americans, their language at this point is as yet undecipherable, though they are able to crudely communicate with the Foundation through simple sketches.
  • Time Crash: One thing for certain about 3654 is that, wherever it is from, something is seriously wrong with the flow of time there.

SCP-3670 - Dreamed Corn

SCP-3670 is an owl-shaped throw pillow that grants the wishes of those who sleep on it. The only side effect of these wishes is the manifestation of creamed corn in conjunction with these wishes.
  • Benevolent Genie: Sort of. It will genuinely try to fulfill wishes in a way beneficial to the asker (i.e. when asked for 'breakfast' by someone with celiac disease, it will make sure said breakfast is gluten-free)... but it'll only ever utilize methods that involve creamed corn.
  • Berserk Button: Don't specifically ask for "something that isn't creamed corn". It will just give you a bowl of bitter-tasting creamed corn.
  • Cute Owl: It's an owl-shaped throw pillow that attempts to grant your wishes when you go to sleep with your head on it. The key word being "attempts".
  • Make a Wish: It attempts to grant the user's wishes, but everything it gives you involves creamed corn. Wish for breakfast? A bowl of creamed corn. Twenty dollars? A bill soaked in creamed corn. A car? It fills the gas tank of your car with creamed corn. Kill SCP-682? See See Post-Breach Report: Structural Integrity of Site-19's Interior Following Corn Manifestation Incident.
  • Noodle Incident: The Foundation tried to use it to kill SCP-682. Whatever it did, it involved a lot of creamed corn.
  • Single-Issue Wonk: For some reason, this thing is obsessed with creamed corn.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: When the researcher involved, having gotten very, very tired of the testing process, simply requested "a bowl of creamed corn", the bowl was accompanied by a get-well card.

SCP-3671 - A very angry box of cereal

SCP-3671 is a box of cereal that manifests a different plastic bag of cereal and/or objects every day at 6:30. It is capable of communication through its changing labels, and has grown a vicious temper after a Foundation doctor ripped it trying to get some cereal from it.
  • Animate Inanimate Object: It's a sentient box of cereal.
  • Berserk Button: It gets very angry when you rip it, even if it was an accident.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Somebody accidentally tore the box while trying to get the plastic bag out of it? Send them lethal objects so that they would die!
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Yes, it is a very angry box of cereal.
  • Hope Spot: At one point it acts like it finally forgave the Foundation for accidentally ripping it, and, instead of giving them lethal objects, it finally gave cereal… and the analysis showed that the cereal contained lethal amount of cyanide.
    SCP-3671: Shit, I was sure you'd fall for that one. I still hate you, by the way.
  • Ineffectual Death Threats: Threatens to find out where Frank Wright (the doctor who ripped it) lives and slit his throat while he sleeps. However, being a cereal box, it has no means of acting upon this threat.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: The box wouldn't get angry if the Foundation staff would be more careful with removing the plastic bag from it.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: After getting angry, it constantly writes profanities on itself.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: Accuses the Foundation (more specifically, Frank Wright) of being one, as it states it gives them cereal everyday, and they repay that with ripping it.


SCP-3700 - Tides of War

SCP-3700 is an area of the Faroe, Okney, and Shetland Archipelagos inhabited by a group of monsters that fight one another every equinox. Whoever wins these fights determines the area's weather until the next equinox.
  • Combat Tentacles: SCP-3700-2 has 13 retractable octopus tentacles across its body.
  • Eye Beams: Two of SCP-3700-1's eyes can shoot lasers of gamma radiation.
  • Gentle Giant: Despite SCP-3700-1's freaky appearance, it is not hostile unless SCP-3700-2, who is hostile, shows up.
  • Horsemen of the Apocalypse: SCP-3700-2 can vomit up SCP-3456 instances, which are centaur-like entities themed after the Horsemen.
  • Kaiju: SCP-3700-1 is a friendly but enormous and deadly arthropod six kilometers in length, with claws, clubs, and Eye Beams. SCP-3700-2 is a giant and very angry pelican eel which can control the weather, breathe fire, and has 13 retractable Combat Tentacles.
  • Killed Off for Real: At the end of the most recent recorded battle, both SCP-3700 instances die to each other's attacks. However, the MTF deployed to the containment area notices that it isn't over just yet...
  • Sequel Hook: More like "Supplementary tale/new SCP hook," but when SCP-3700-1 and SCP-3700-2 are Killed Off for Real, the MTF monitoring them notices dangerous amounts of gamma radiation in the water, and something trying to contact the surface. However, command denies their requests to explore the waters beneath them, ending the SCP on a cliffhanger. Said sequel has now been released as SCP-4700.
  • Take a Third Option: Like SCP-3240, SCP-3700 uses the Hiemal object class to indicate that containment of SCP-3700 can create new, entirely different anomalies unless handled correctly.
  • Weather Manipulation: SCP-3700-2 can manipulate the weather in the area surrounding it to enter dangerous, harsh storm conditions, unless SCP-3700-1 beats it first.

SCP-3713 - All The World's A Stage

SCP-3713 was a series of events that spontaneously caused everyone in its area of effect to believe that they were performers in a musical theater production.
  • And I Must Scream: The more she resists the anomaly, this befalls Camilla Marquez in increasingly terrible ways. First, that she is trapped in a world where everyone around her acts like they're in a musical, and ignore anything she says or does that doesn't fit the "plot." Then, when she nearly kills herself trying to escape the "cast," she's whisked to some kind of alternate dimension comprised only of a musical stage, where she's ultimately forced beyond her will to play along to an unseen audience. The video log of her time there describes her being forced to bow, "jerking and twitching" in attempt to stop herself, and collapsing and vomiting the moment she's free of the effect.
  • The End... Or Is It?: After the snafu involving Camilla Marquez, the anomaly completely vanishes, until Camilla disappears nine years later, with only a bag of blood and vomit left behind, and a few fliers advertising a big new show coming soon...
  • The Immune: For whatever reason, Camilla Marquez is immune to its effect, and neither plays along with the musical nor is oblivious to (or accepting of) the weirdness of its effect. The anomaly is not happy about it. According to an interview with her mother, there may be more going on there than it seems: Camilla's paranoia about the world being a play did not start with her incident, and she has several quirk and unexplained traumas that imply that she had been linked with the anomaly for some time. Word of God by the SCP's author indicates that this is meant to imply that what the Federation sees is only the tip of the iceberg.
  • The Musical: SCP-3713 turns the lives of random people into musical theater.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: SCP-3713 sounds pretty funny at first, and it's noted that nearly all of its effects typically wear off without any damage (in several cases with the "feel good" endings of the musical lasting past the anomaly ending), but an event in Puerto Rico shows it's been targeting the traumatic memories of one specific individual and doesn't much like being ignored...
  • Performance Anxiety: SCP-3713 seems to comprise of an "audience" who creates the effect for entertainment, which in one instance had particular interest in a seemingly immune Camila Marquez, a young Puerto Rican woman who suffered from stage fright as a child and was found injured in the woods near her school. Camila ends up so traumatized by her experiences with 3713 that she develops a fear of movies, theater, and the sun.
  • Pet the Dog: A little bit of both this and Kick the Dog in the way the Foundation handles Camilla's case. On the one hand, they don't forcibly amnesticize her like they do other civilians, allowing her to keep her memories of the masqeruade, giving her access to a genuinely helpful and compassionate Federation psychiatrist, and even let her loved ones in (somewhat) on the situation so that they can help them. On the other hand, it's noted that this is because they find her mental trauma fascinating and seek to study it, and there's a fair chance that had they erased her memories the same as they did for all the others, the anomaly might have not taken her for good later on.
  • Shout-Out: The titular phrase is taken from As You Like It.
  • Spontaneous Choreography: As it causes real life to resemble a musical, it naturally causes this as well. In one extreme case, it spontaneously took control of over a hundred actors to coordinate an attempt to bring a plot back onto the rails.
  • That's No Moon!: The "sun" in the anomaly's alternate dimension is actually an enormous spotlight. Realizing this made Camilla Marquez forever terrified that the actual sun in the real world was really fake, and always focused on her.
  • "Truman Show" Plot: The nature of Camilla's PTSD. After being taken by the anomaly she shows a fear that the world is still a stage and that she's always being observed, that the sun is focused on her, that the people around her are not genuine, etc. However, things get far more complicated when her mother tells the Foundation that while it's far worse after the incident they know about, she'd had that condition for years before that point - even believing her parents were actors.
  • Weirdness Censor: The SCP causes this in anyone under its area of effect, allowing them to perceive the musical and even act within it. However, one should hope they aren't somehow immune to this effect, as Camilla Marquez found out the hard way - if you don't play along, the anomaly will make you with increasing severity, ultimately kidnapping her for "lessons" on how to act better.

SCP-3737 - Rainbow Bridge

SCP-3737 is an interdimensional island that can only be accessed by a specific bridge in Greenland. The island is inhabited by household pets who died when their owners were children.
  • Another Dimension: The SCP is an interdimensional anomaly that manifests as a tropical island, and can only be accessed by SCP-3737-1 (the titular bridge).
  • Back from the Dead: The SCP appears to have the pets of visitors that died when the visitors were children living on it.

SCP-3740 - God is Dumb

SCP-3740 is Ashur, the Assyrian god of air. He has demonstrated complete control over air currents and air pressure in his area, as well as the ability to communicate with flying animals. Ashur has also demonstrated himself as an incredibly gullible individual, believing that a number of mundane abilities and objects mean that people around him are fellow gods.
  • Almighty Idiot: He's a god with enough control over the wind and weather to qualify as a Person of Mass Destruction, but he's not very bright.
  • Blow You Away: He's the Assyrian god of air and has control over wind.
  • Manchild: 3740 is extremely gullible, to the point where the Foundation is able to convince him that they're his fellow gods with simple special FX.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: His Weather Manipulation abilities enable him to wreak major havoc. If he wasn't so gullible, he'd be a major threat.
  • Super Gullible: Things that can convince Ashur that one is a god: magic tricks, cat toys, hair dye, using light switches. Things that do not convince him: being an actual fellow god (Suen).
  • Super Power Lottery: SCP-3740 has extremely powerful wind powers, can talk to flying animals, and possibly has other reality warping powers, as he is an actual god, specifically Ashur, the Assyro-Babylonian god of air. The Foundation contains him by taking advantage of the fact that he is incredibly gullible.

SCP-3755 - Guess How Many

SCP-3755 is a phenomenon that compels people to accurately guess the number of 755 items in a set.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: The caption for the page image says "This image is known to be able to induce SCP-3755-1."
  • Meaningful Name: Or number in this case. The SCP number is 3755, and individuals affected by it are usually able to accurately say the number of items in a set of 755 similar items.

SCP-3760 - He's got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll's eyes.

SCP-3760 is a mutagenic phenomenon in which infected people will have injured tissues mutate into the parts of a shark. Those who have shark mouths grow on them will ask for animal flesh to satiate their hunger.
  • Bad Future: The cause of this SCP is heavily related to a K/O Failure Scenario in one of the Shark Punching Centre alternate timelines, where the SPC failed in its mission of punching sharks and the sharks won.
  • Body Horror: Anyone infected with SCP-3760 will have their injured tissue mutate into the form of shark parts, such as scales, jaws, eyes, noses, and cartilage.
  • Horror Hunger: Any infectee who has shark mouths growing on them will have their orifices repeatedly seek for living or freshly deceased animal flesh, even moreso in the presence of blood.
  • Shark Man: An example that's played for horror. Anyone infected with the SCP will have their injured tissue mutate into shark parts, turning them into a Body Horror between man and shark.
  • The Virus: SCP-3760 spreads via an unknown method, but is heavily suggested to be via eye contact with an infected person.

SCP-3764 - A Gift From a Friend

SCP-3764 is a burlap sack containing a freshly baked loaf of bread that is said to come from "a friend". Those who eat the bread lose all feeling of hunger for the rest of the day, as well as various other pleasant sensations.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: SCP-3764 is a kind and caring anomaly that can and will heal you with no negative side effects. It's also capable of inflicting Mind Rape on those who are truly Beyond Redemption.
  • Catchphrase: Its notes are always signed with "-a friend".
  • Even the Loving Hero Has Hated Ones: SCP-3764 is a benevolent SCP that cares about the well-being of everyone. Except D-4561, a child rapist and murderer; it gave him a charred loaf of bread and a note signed with "not your friend", and gave him horrible nightmares every time he went to sleep.
  • Mind Rape: The fate of D-4561, a convicted child murderer and rapist. After interacting with SCP-3764, any time D-4561 falls asleep he will be plagued by violent and graphic nightmares for around 14-hours straight, with no way to wake him by force.
  • Miracle Food: A burlap sack that produces freshly baked loaves of wheat bread along with friendly little notes always signed from "-a friend". Not only do loaves provide full nutrition and nourishment, but they can ease mental and emotional ailments such as depression and suicidal thoughts.
  • No Conservation of Energy: A small burlap sack that can make an endless supply of tasty, freshly baked loaves of bread. The only limitations seem to be that it will only make enough loaves as people in its vicinity, and it will stop making loaves if its forced to be the only thing eaten by its users.
  • Omniglot: The label on the front of SCP-3764 and the writing in its notes will always be in the written language most familiar to the recipient. Illiterate recipients, when looking at the bag, see a picture of a loaf of bread.
  • Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: SCP-3764 shows kindness even to murderers as long as they show guilt for what they've done; not the case with D-4561 who was an unrepentant child rapist who was given a charred loaf with a note that read "Sweet Dreams. - Not your friend".
  • Sentient Phlebotinum: While not defined with definitive proof, it's highly theorized SCP-3764 is sentient, as it not only can provide personalized notes, but can also pass judgement on those who use it or give comfort to those who need it.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: SCP-3764's kindness even extends to those who have committed crimes, provided they regret what they have done. D-3457, a murderer with suicidal ideations, received a loaf with a note that said, "Eat, and live. You owe them that much. -a friend." After he ate the loaf, he was no longer suicidal.
  • Terse Talker: The notes that come with the bread are usually short, one to two words in length, although SCP-3764 can write longer notes if needed to get its point across.

SCP-3774 - My Heart DEETs Faster For You

See Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps.

SCP-3790 - Department of Abnormalities

See Characters.SCP Foundation Groups.



SCP-3810 refers to a series of events in which a monster attacking the United States led to the Foundation moving to another universe.
  • Extradimensional Emergency Exit: The Foundation ended up in a parallel universe where the monster never attacked.
  • Reset Button: The Foundation tried this, but it didn't quite go as planned, even though the creature died.
  • Kaiju: SCP-3810 was caused by one that killed many civilians and destroyed several cities before the Foundation could reach it.
  • Nothing Is the Same Anymore: What happened at the end.

SCP-3812 - A Voice Behind Me

SCP-3812 was once Sam Howell, an African-American man who was believed to have died in 1996. He has since transformed into a reality warper who is aware that he exists in a fictional universe, and is capable of travelling to other layers of metafiction in the hopes of returning to the "real world".
  • Meta Fiction: The entry for it discusses the possibilities of beings so much higher in reality that they can be more or less considered gods by those below them and that those above them are their gods able to change the "narrative" of anything below them while crudely affecting their own "narrative". At one point one of the higher beings warps reality to apologize for its creation and claims it to be above both him and the being above him. He claims that he got in some serious trouble for making it by his superiors. It turns out that this being is the SCP's literal author in our world. The being above him is either the wiki or the whole community. The SCP is higher than both because it has achieved a level of renown that it affects those who read about it, thus taking on a life of its own.
  • No-Sell: Every attempt to kill or contain it fails. Records indicate multiple governments tried to neutralize it in the past and failed. Eventually it gets hammered by multiple attacks, explosions, incorporeal copies of itself, and even a black hole, all having zero effect on it. The Foundation gets a message on its servers from an entity claiming to have written the laws of the universe that the Foundation exists in, and said entity says that 3812 was an experiment on its part that was supposed to supercede the limits of the universe's narrative but has now gone entirely out of the entity's control and can't be killed.
  • Outside-Context Problem: The Foundation's Hume counters (which measure reality warpers' relative power) can't measure SCP-3812 at all. No one knows if that's because his Readings Are Off the Scale, or if his powers are somehow fundamentally different from other reality warpers. The implication is that SCP-3812 is different because he's from a higher narrative level. Prior reality warpers were localized to this narrative, so their powers only extended this far.
  • Reality Warper: It wiped out no less than three countries that tried to fight it, then wiped out almost all memory of those countries, then when the SCP Foundation discovered this, it continuously tries to wipe out the log of the event. Each time the event is relogged by people who remember the original entry. The process that allows people to not completely forget the event is called a kind of "'dirty' alteration" as not all of that piece of reality is wiped out. There are listed several events like this of various severities.
  • Was Once a Man: It was once a normal African-American man named Sam Howell. Shortly, after he died in 1996, he phased through the ground and started wandering.

SCP-3817 - Suffering For Your Art

SCP-3817 is an immortal clone of Felix Mendelssohn that has remained the same age for 200 years. The Mendelssohn clone is noted as having numerous self-inflicted injuries that would kill a normal human. He claims the injuries were an attempt to create musical compositions inspired by his suffering, like the composers before him, and not out of suicidal intent.
  • The Ageless: He has physically remained 40 years old for around 200 years.
  • Beethoven Was an Alien Spy: He is an immortal clone of Felix Mendelssohn with self-inflicted injuries that, in all, would very likely be fatal to a normal human. However, he maintains that those injuries are not out of suicidal intent, but rather so he could create musical masterpieces out of his suffering, just like the great composers before him. Once he finished composing "Songs Without Words", the SCP Foundation had musicologists analyse this composition with that of the real Mendelssohn. They concluded that the compositions are stylistically the same.
  • Made of Iron: His file provides a list of his very extensive injuries and points out that such injuries would very likely be fatal to a normal human.
  • Self-Harm: His injuries all have been self-inflicted, but he maintains that he has no suicidal intent.
  • True Art Is Angsty: In-Universe he believes this and this is why he has inflicted upon himself so many injuries. He writes in his outline:
    All the great composers endured pain and suffering to fulfill their desire to create. And the results of their effort: timeless masterpieces!

SCP-3847 - If only I could talk with birds

SCP-3847 is an area in China that allows people to perceive the vocalizations of birds as words of encouragement and comfort in their native language.
  • Talking Animal: Anyone who enters the SCP-affected area hears the vocalizations of birds and snakes in this manner. However, recordings of birds prove that this is only a change in human perception that causes this effect.
  • You Are Not Alone:
    • Some of the bird vocalizations (referred to as SCP-3847-1) tend to be along the lines of this:
    He will not be alone. It is with your help, and he appreciates that.
    Share your burden with me. I will understand.
    The machine will keep him happy, just like we will keep you happy.
    Time to study some scrolls. I will accompany you.
    Why not come join us in the field? We will sing for you.
    You don't have to feel lonely here. We are here for you, always will be.
    • Inverted with one snake vocalization (referred to as SCP-3847-2):
    You're very much alone. Just like he is now.

SCP-3856 - Researcher Lloyd, Destroyer of Worlds

SCP-3856 is Foundation researcher Samuel Lloyd. He has been discovered to be immortal and will be the last human to ever die. If Lloyd sustains a fatal injury, a completely unrelated K-Class Scenario will wipe out humanity seconds before he dies.
  • Expendable Alternate Universe: Many (many) alternate-universe Foundations deal with their own Researcher Lloyd by deporting him to another universe, so his inevitable death will be that universe's problem instead. Dealing with all these Lloyds is rapidly becoming a major issue of para-universal politics.
  • Loophole Abuse:
    • The Foundation attempted to skirt the requirements by firing Lloyd, but it turns out that doesn't work.
    • One alt-universe Foundation did successfully neutralize Lloyd for several years by erasing him before he was born. Then that particular Foundation got a little carried away with "retrocausal containment", and wound up erasing the technology they used to erase Lloyd, which resulted in Lloyd (and the rest of humanity) dying in a global nuclear war.
  • Save This Person, Save the World: If Lloyd dies, the universe will take all of humanity along with him. At minimum.

SCP-3874 - Fidel Castro

See Recap.SCP Foundation Canons under the folder The Trashfire.

SCP-3880 - ILLEST RAIN SOUNDS ∞ Hours No Looping - White Noise, Nature/Healing/Ambient, Meditation/Insomnia/Study ASMR [ORIGINAL]

SCP-3880 is a YouTube livestream titled ILLEST RAIN SOUNDS ∞ Hours No Looping - White Noise, Nature/Healing/Ambient, Meditation/Insomnia/Study ASMR [ORIGINAL] hosted by a being known as DJ Chaac. Whoever watches or listens to the stream will have their mood lightened and their energy and creativity rise.
  • A God Am I: DJ Chaac apparently sees himself to be this, describing himself as a literal storm god even though he's also claimed to be any other number of supernatural entities that could theoretically influence the rain.
  • Magitek: DJ Chaac is able to put what are essentially magic seals on his accounts to prevent them from being taken down.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: When Chaac is contemplating the ramifications of the Three Portlands contractor taking his stream down, he briefly implies that his storms sustain at least a significant amount of land, making him one step away from being a Hiemal-class entity.
  • Obliviously Evil: Genuinely believes that his storms are there purely for others' enjoyment, despite the fact that his "party," tropical storm Calypso, killed people.
  • Reality Warper: DJ Chaac is an entity of unclear description who creates rainstorms to use as ASMR for YouTube streams.

SCP-3883 - Dildos Have Dreams Too

SCP-3883 is a neon green dildo in the shape of a tentacle. When viewed in a reflective surface, it appears as a tentacled creature that changes depending on the surface. If someone enters REM sleep near the dildo, it will appear in their dreams as a monstrous deity that kills the dreamer, causing them to wake up. Despite this, 3883 has no actual malevolent intentions. An interview with 3883 revealed that it suffers low self-esteem due to its nature as a sex toy, and uses the dreams of those nearby to live out its own dreams of being something powerful. As such, the Foundation has been boosting its mental health by offering D Classes once a week.

SCP-3885 The High-Octane Full-Throttle Adventures of the Exploding Zombie Gearheads

See Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps.

SCP-3887 - Monster Under the Bed

SCP-3887-A is just a regular non-anomalous woman. It's SCP-3887-B on the other hand that isn't so normal: a boogeyman-esque creature that clings to her like a childhood imaginary friend.
  • Abstract Eater: While SCP-3887-B can literally eat virtually anything, it seems to prefer subsisting on fear.
  • Domestic Abuse: The Foundation first discovered SCP-3887-A and B when SCP-3887-B publicly attacked SCP-3887-A's girlfriend, her girlfriend being emotionally manipulative and causing SCP-3887-A great stress.
  • The Empath: SCP-3887-B's temperament seems to be entirely reliant on SCP-3887-A's state of mind, SCP-3887-B being entirely docile to Foundation staff because SCP-3887-A remains entirely cooperative with them.
  • Imaginary Friend: While SCP-3887-B, or "Grenda" as SCP-3887-A, liked to call her started out as her own personal boogeyman, SCP-3887-B would stay around and become a comforting figure to her. It wasn't until SCP-3887-B attacked her girlfriend and the Foundation coming to take both of them in did she find out that she wasn't just imagining the monster.
  • Non-Malicious Monster: While it will try to scare the Hell out of you, SCP-3887-B has no ill intentions towards people and can be very docile. Unless you threaten SCP-3887-A, in which case it will pick you up and throw you around like a cheap rag-doll.
  • Things That Go "Bump" in the Night: SCP-3887-B is an example of a polymorphic race of monsters that hides under the bed and frighten children.
  • Truth in Television: SCP-3887-A claims that when she had a fear of breasts when she was a child, hence why SCP-3887-B has prominent mammary glands. As silly as it sounds, Mastrophobia, or fear of breasts, is an actual fear present in some women.
  • Weakened by the Light: Bright lights can cause SCP-3887-B great pain, up to and including scalding their skin.

SCP-3899 - The Night Hauler

SCP-3900 - The Internet of Everything That is a Wolf

SCP-3900 is a series of wireless access points that are able to spread to nearby wifi-enabled devices. During a full moon, wolves will manifest around any devices infected by 3900, and will disappear the following morning.
  • Lunacy: Objects (and people) affected by SCP-3900 spontaneously generate wolves around themselves whenever the full moon is above the horizon. The wolves disappear when the moon sets or the affected device is turned off.
  • No Ontological Inertia: Wolves generated by the SCP's effect cease to exist when the moon is below the horizon.
  • Russian Reversal: An affected D-class was instructed to bite a non-anomalous wolf. On the full moon, it began to spontaneously generate wireless routers around itself.
  • The Virus: SCP-3900 is an anomalous property transmitted between wi-fi hotspots when they overlap (sufficient shielding can prevent this). If a wolf generated by the effect bites someone, they begin to broadcast a wi-fi signal (and generate wolves) on the full moon.

SCP-3908 - SCP-3908 note 

SCP-3908 is a man named Craig "Skip" Wattson. No one will be able to tell anyone that because Craig contains an anomalous property that prevents his name, appearance, and abilities from being directly referenced, only able to be described as "SCP-3908".
  • Shaped Like Itself: SCP-3908 is SCP-3908. On account of his anomalous properties, he can't be directly referenced, even by himself. His real name is Craig "Skip" Wattson, he's a 40-year-old white man, and his anomalous property tends to anger him.
  • Rage Breaking Point: He's frequently angered whenever he tries to refer to himself, since it always comes out "SCP-3908 is SCP-3908", and as such he has to be restrained for the second interview.


SCP-3922 is a cylinder of a metallic alloy with the Three Moons Initiative's insignia engraved into it. When the cylinder is placed close to a recording of fictional media, the media will be invaded with by TMI operatives armed with futuristic military equipment. The operatives will attempt to stop all perceived wrongdoings within the chosen media, primarily through absurd amounts of force.
  • Author Filibuster: In-universe, SCP-1981 becomes a mouthpiece for some deep-seated frustrations within the Initiative (specifically their beef with the Bogal Mountain Prefecture) once exposed to SCP-3922.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: The SCP-3922-A instances fail to defeat Bobbles the Clown, SCP-682, the God Hand, Truth, Father Jack, the Globglogabgalab, and Dan Backside (who admittedly defeats himself). They defeat every other villain though!
  • Berserk Button:
    • When it comes to horror movies with a certain Squick factor and Nausea Fuel invoked like Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom and The Human Centipede, SCP-3922-A tend to react much more brutally and aggressively than they usually do, putting the villains of those movies through either a far more agonizing Cruel and Unusual Death or even outright And I Must Scream. The fact that they even go as far as to make a red, threatening and far less motivating end screen for the movies during those times only emphasizes how much they hate such pieces of media. Hell, during their rampage of Human Centipede, they even went as far as to kill the creators of the movies.
    • While not as extreme as some other examples, they also are not fond of rapist assholes - when used with part 1 of Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel, the first thing they do is beat Shinji Matou to death with steel folding chairs "while yelling various expletives directed at his incestuous and rapacious behavior."
  • Bittersweet Ending:
    • The outcome of the HoloFunk test. Daddy Dearest/Mr. Kurayami is arrested before he can throw any more wrenches into Aloe's life, leading to a much happier upbringing and a successful entertainment career. Unfortunately, because the arrest involved some haphazard Time Travel, HoloForce is down a... wait, what do you mean? It was always a four-person band, they never had a demon girl...
    • The Godzilla (1954) test ends the same as the original movie; after heavy casualties, Dr. Serizawa is forced to use his oxygen destroyer and watch as Godzilla dies. It closes with a message that "Nature has no master. One of its creatures reminded us of that."
    • The altered Revenge of the Sith ends with most of the Jedi Order dead (including Obi-Wan, who pulled a Heroic Sacrifice during the final battle), but Mace Windu and Padme survive, Bail Organa becomes the new supreme chancellor, Anakin doesn't fall to the Dark Side, and he, Yoda, and Mace begin the process of rebuilding the Jedi Order.
  • Cerebus Roller Coaster: The extended logs shift back-and-forth between cathartic invoked and/or hilarious changes made to exposed media, and Dr. Naismith freaking out over the actual implications of the device. Especially when someone considered using it on SCP-2614 - you know, the one where the Foundation dug too deep into the narrative multiverse and found an inanimate personification of the demiurge?
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: After sniping the "masters" in Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom in the real world, SCP-3922-A instances stationed in Corbenic haul them away and place them into People Jars filled with a viscous solution that is apparently extremely painful. The article states that the film shows them in grotesque detail for eight hours, but in reality, they will be there for eternity, as Corbenic heals any and all wounds received.
  • Cutting the Knot: When tested on Unedited Footage of a Bear, 3922 uses... an ad-blocker, which completely sidesteps the Claridryl ad that makes up the majority of the film's runtime.
  • Don't Try This at Home: A recorded playthrough of Pokémon Red resulted in Team Rocket being replaced by 3922-A instances who periodically remind the player to avoid behavior seen in the game, such as animal fighting and trespassing, in real life. Since they obey in-universe laws, they could only stop in-universe crimes (such as the ransacked house and the illegal Game Corner).
  • Equivalent Exchange:
    • Discussed in their attempt to interfere with both anime versions of Fullmetal Alchemist, where they learn that this trope won't allow them to fix anything unless they cause equal harm somewhere else.
    • Played straight in the HoloFunk test, where a stray SCP-3922-A instance heads to the past after stealing Amelia's watch to detain Daddy Dearest/Mr. Kurayami before he can set most of his plans into motion. The resulting Butterfly of Doom gives Aloe a better life, at the cost of never allowing fellow demon Kaede (aka Towa) to be born.
    • Tests of Kingdom Hearts and Zootopia resulted in radically-altered narratives that, nonetheless, hit the same plot beats and progression as the originals; the former has a similarly-complicated Kudzu Plot where the TMI conflicts with Organization XIII, and the latter has a similar Conspiracy Thriller plot where the TMI replaces the ZPD.
  • Everyone Has Standards: A test of Waltz with Bashir is denied due to being in poor taste in regards to current events on the Gaza Strip.
  • Expy: The SCP-3922-A instances kill the original Killer Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail using an expy of the Holy Hand Grenade.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You:
    • At times will go after the creators of the works: Batman: The Killing Joke eventually shows Alan Moore saying contrary to history the Joker isn't coming back from the dead, South Park leads to Trey and Matt impaled by SCP-2578-D, the director of The Human Centipede is executed...
    • At the same time, the Foundation also wants to prevent this trope from coming to fruition. Most notably by denying SCP-3922 access to Deadpool, as they explicitly stated that they don't want someone as insane as Wade Wilson, or the planetary destroyers known as the entire Dragon Ball cast. Funnily enough, invading Blazing Saddles caused Mel Brooks to show up on stage, dismiss SCP-3922-A, and warn the Foundation to not do it again.
    • After a researcher runs an unauthorized test of VS Shaggy, the resulting disruption to Kill the God leads to a pataphysical anomaly that knocks out all Friday Night Funkin' clients worldwide and corrupts the files of VS Shaggy; meanwhile, the Initiative essentially takes a sabbatical from the game by placing it under quarantine for 7000 years. While Naismith is just glad Ultra Instinct Shaggy wasn't unleashed on the world, he's understandably still mad about the sheer ignorance involved and the fact that a preventable mistake took out an entire branch of works that were still viable for testing.
  • Gainax Ending: A test of The LEGO Movie results in minifigures of 3922-A arresting Lord Business, followed by "real" 3922-A instances confiscating the Lord Business minifigure from The Man Upstairs, who "expresses extreme confusion" regarding these events. The test log notes that the original movie is just as confusing.
  • In Spite of a Nail: Sometimes, SCP-3922's intervention results in basically the same outcome as the original narrative (for example, Kung Fu Panda has them being told You Can't Fight Fate and allowing the Dragon Warrior to defeat Tai Lung on his own).
  • Kayfabe: When SCP-3922 is exposed to a recording of WCW Bash At The Beach 1996, the SCP-3922-A instances show up as pro wrestlers, and defeat the heels with standard wrestling moves.
  • Kill the God: An unauthorized test on VS Shaggy reveals SCP-3922-A does possess the resources necessary to kill gods, but has the side effect of placing the fictional universe they're used in under thousands of years of quarantine. Naismith sidesteps the issue by bolting a time sink to the computer used for the test and running VS Whitty on it.
  • Kudzu Plot: 3922 being used on Kingdom Hearts results in a story even more complicated featuring the SCP-3922-A instances being made into characters from Final Fantasy games not touched on by the original games. One researcher theorizes that hypercomplexity is just that deeply entwined into the series' identity.
  • Loophole Abuse:
    • SCP-3922 doesn't work on video games, but it can enter recordings of video games.
    • Non-human civilizations are outside SCP-3922's jurisdiction (as shown in the test of The Lion King (1994)). However, humanity's interactions with said civilizations (such as in The Brave Little Toaster and Avatar) are not, and they still have jurisdiction in non-human societies if they're anthropomorphic enough (as seen in Zootopia and Kung Fu Panda, though in the latter they were thwarted by Oogway).
    • SCP-3922 only works on fictional media, and exposing it to recordings of real-life events doesn't do anything. However, if you superimpose a fictional narration over real-life footage, it will be accepted as being "fictional" and 3922-A will show up.
    • A recording of Toy Story 2 at a real movie theater altered the film's events, but a recording of Toy Story 2 in a set designed to look like a movie theater caused SCP-3922 to interrupt the recording, which they considered the fictional media.
  • Make an Example of Them: In their "improved" version of Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, SCP-3922-A torture the "masters" for eight hours. Then, instead of the usual SCP-3922 end card (reading "YOU ARE WATCHED - YOU ARE PROTECTED - YOU ARE LOVED"), the film ends with a red version of their sigil and the text, "YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED".
  • Meaningful Name: The number is one digit away from SCP-2922, which refers to the main access point into Corbenic. This article reveals that the ☽☽☽ Initiative uses Corbenic as a base of operations (much to the dismay of the Bogal Mountain Prefecture.)
  • Might as Well Not Be in Prison at All: When the TMI intervenes with Mystery Science Theater 3000 and frees the Satellite of Love, Joel and the bots decline their offer to return to the Gizmonic Institute, as they enjoy riffing on movies even when not being forced to do so.
  • Moral Guardians:
    • The device alters the narrative of media it is placed next to to eliminate immoral behavior, further elaborating on the anti-war motives of the ☽☽☽ Initiative. After the mess the device made with Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, it's pretty clear they're extremely pissed about what kind of stuff the media's showing to people nowadays.
    • Interestingly, when exposed to a pornographic film, they do not actually stop any of the sexual activity, but simply stand guard to make sure it remains consensual.
    • They also leave The Lion King almost unaltered, save for a message in the credits stating that they had investigated the film and have found no instances of illegal hunting occurring.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: Literally. SCP-3922-A instances always carry a device that is extremely convenient to their current situation, assuming such a device is needed in the first place.
  • No Fourth Wall: SCP-3922 not only is fully aware that the Foundation is playing around with it (and goes along with the whole thing) but it's implied that the ☽☽☽ Initiative is actually using it to pull weapons, items, and possibly even superpowers from fictional works into Corbenic, which terrifies the Foundation because they may have accidentally handed them the Death Star.
  • No Animals Were Harmed:
    • Unlike every other movie tested, The Lion King (1994) remains entirely unaltered save for a statement in the end credits announcing ☽☽☽ has confirmed that no illegal game hunting has occurred within the narrative.
    • The Room is unaltered other than a statement that no illegal slavery or cruelty towards a redacted species has occurred within the narrative. The tester speculates that this is either 3922 deliberately avoiding the film, or that it's something the Foundation doesn't want to know.
  • No-Sell:
    • The abstract narrative of La Jetée can't be breached.
    • Using it on Barney & Friends has SCP-3922-A refusing to do anything while also asking "Is the Foundation staffed by five year olds?"
    • The Lion King (1994) remains entirely unaltered due to non-human civilizations being outside SCP-3922's jurisdiction.
    • SCP-3922-A instances tried to alter the events of Kung Fu Panda, but Master Oogway thwarted them twice, citing You Can't Fight Fate. They gave up after the second attempt and the end credits message explicitly states "WE DO NOT CHANGE FATE. CARVE YOUR OWN PATH. ☽☽☽"
  • Off the Rails: In some cases, the SCP-3922-A instances intervene at the very start of a story, either ending it before it can begin (as in The Straight Story and Bioshock Infinite) or turning it into a completely different story about the ☽☽☽ Initiative spreading freedom and punishing the wicked (as in A Clockwork Orange and Nineteen Eighty-Four).
  • Pass the Popcorn: "Deaths Head Revisited", where a former Nazi is driven insane by visions of his victims at Dachau, has SCP-3922-A simply unfolding chairs and eating popcorn as they watch the Nazi's torment, and the final message is "THE TRIAL AND SENTENCING OF CAPTAIN GUNTHER LUTZE HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE ☽☽☽ INITIATIVE!"
  • Pet the Dog:
    • When exposed to The Binding of Isaac, their punishment for the mother is an effective (if grueling) regimen of psychotherapy, resulting in her recovering from her mental illness and happily reuniting with Isaac.
    • When exposed to an episode of Better Call Saul, they let Saul and the skateboarders go after he convinces them that the boys won't do anything bad for the rest of their lives out of fear, and that his attempt at embezzlement was meant to be like Robin Hood, and he was going to donate the money to charity.
    • Normally they show up as overpowered super-soldiers, but when put into a pro-wrestling show, the 3922-A troops dispense with the super-tech weaponry and fight the other wrestlers fairly with wrestling moves. They all win for the most part, but it's pretty clear that SCP-3922 was having fun with the whole thing. Similarly, an Epic Rap Battles of History video took the form of a good-natured rap battle, indicating that 3922 knows what parody is.
    • When exposed to Doki Doki Literature Club!, aside from deleting Monika they also give Sayori and Yuri psychological help and arrest Natsuki's dad for child abuse.
    • Their exposure to Danganronpa 3 essentially ends up being this doubled with Throw the Dog a Bone to Chiaki Nanami. The SCP-3922-A instances manage to guide her through the death maze via an earpiece and she’s soon able to make it out through a secret exit and reunite with her classmates, as well as implying she’ll be able to reunite with Hajime as well.
    • When exposed to the 1951 film version of A Christmas Carol, 3922-A instances are seen in the background, until at the end, when one of them gives Scrooge a letter explaining that, after observing that he has performed a legitimate Heel–Face Turn, they've called off his arrest.
    • When exposed to the MST3K episode Manos: the Hands of Fate, 3922-A instances take out Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank, offer to take Joel and the bots back to Earth, and acquiesce when the latter insist on continuing to riff the movie (especially when they have a chance to do it of their own free will, and not under duress).
    • When exposed to a recording of a several-hours-long Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Beats to Study to video, a 3922-A instance simply asks the character in the video to get some much-needed rest.
    • When used on The Princess Bride, SCP-3922-A decide to abstain from interfering on the grounds of not wanting to spoil a bonding moment between a grandfather and his sick grandson.
    • When exposed to HoloFunk, SCP-3922-A shutters all of the characters' criminal operations, but offers them generous grants to boost their more legitimate off-the-clock affairs. Also deconstructed when one of the instances attempts to save Aloe and the Dearests' other victims through Time Travel — they learn too late that in the flow of time, Kaede cannot exist if those people are to live happier lives.why does this matter? 
    • When exposed to BAD END THEATER, in the first test a 3922-A instance spares TRAGEDY much of her angst by having the Director reveal their identity immediately, and gives the couple a list of grief counselors to help with the emotions after reunion.
    • When exposed to Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country, on top of 3922-A instances carrying out their usual law enforcement mission, The Stinger now shows one of them teaching Mythra how to cook properly.
  • Recursive Reality: At one point, 3922 was tested recursively on itself: a film of Hitler blowing up the moon was the base, and subsequent versions were altered to make the TMI seem villainous. The additional 3922-A instances took on different colors to distinguish themselves from each other, and eventually dropped a nuke on the film, followed by the text "SERIOUSLY, CUT IT OUT".
  • Running Gagged:
    • The Recursive Reality tests ended with the Three Moons themselves cutting the tests short due to the increasingly confusing nature of the resulting films.
    • Testing the "VS Shaggy" mod for Friday Night Funkin' resulted in the servers for the whole game being briefly taken out, the files for "VS Shaggy" specifically being corrupted, and the game being placed under testing quarantine for 7,000 years. While this was ostensibly due to the threat of Ultra Instinct Shaggy being released in the real world, Director Naismith's comment indicates he's sick of testing Friday Night Funkin' mods.
  • Teleportation: If a situation gets really hairy, like in A New Hope, SCP-3922-A instances will forcibly teleport their targets to Corbenic (from SCP-2922) and deal with them there. They're also well-aware that Corbenic is an afterlife and will exploit this to no end, as seen in the redacted changes made to Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: Par for the course with the ☽☽☽ Initiative's antics. Case-in-point, SCP-3922-A instances monitored a pornographic film to keep things consensual with rocket launchers.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: Apparently was made by examples of this trope, given how much they want to enforce pacifism and mutual respect for all people regardless of race, gender, and species, but really don't get moral ambiguity or healthier forms of cynicism at all.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: When the Foundation exposes SCP-3922 to an episode of Barney the Dinosaur, the sole SCP-3922-A instance chews out the Foundation for wanting to see Barney vaporized.
  • The Worf Effect:
    • The Foundation tries deploying SCP-3922 on an episode of SCP-993. It doesn't work: Bobble uses a slingshot to shoot out an instance of SCP-2578-D (one of the Initiative's starships which is used to carry out executions of tyrants), reverse-engineers it, and makes quick work of SCP-3922-A.
    • Exposing SCP-1733 to 3922 results in the people in the playback begging for help. When that doesn't work, they beat the living piss out of the 3922-A instances.
    • On the flip side, when exposing SCP-1981 to 3922, the 3922-A instances force Reagan to deliver a coherent speech. SCP-1981-1 is seen sitting in handcuffs. Literally nothing anomalous happens besides Reagan suggesting that America and Russia work together to overthrow the Bogal Mountain Prefecture.
    • SCP-3922-A instances can't get into experimental films like La Jetée... yet.
    • El Santo is the only pro wrestler to defeat an SCP-3922-A instance in the ring.
    • They have no idea what to do in a video of a man smoking marijuana in California on a date where the consumption recreational marijuana was legal under state law, but illegal under federal law. They end up informing him that littering is illegal in California, and tell him to make sure to dispose of the blunt in the proper receptacles after making sure it is extinguished.
    • Saul Goodman is able to talk them down in an episode of Better Call Saul, and evades their attempt to capture him in Breaking Bad.
    • During an unauthorized test using a fan-made Berserk film, the God Hand are able to decimate SCP-3922-A, leaving a single, disheveled soldier, who, after failing to arrest Guts, decides to join him on his quest. Handwaved as being due to God Hand being Reality Warpers.
    • Their test on Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood fails due to that universe having a strict law of exchange, meaning that if they prevent harm from occurring, something equally bad would happen elsewhere.
    • Their test on Blazing Saddles fails due to Mel Brooks showing up and showing the SCP-3922-A instances a contract preventing them from modifying his films. The contract was signed by the O5 despite none of the members having any memory of doing so. The Foundation wisely decided not to push their luck.
    • Testing in The Dover Boys caused one instance to freeze in place when the old man passes through the screen, thus being unable to prevent Dan Backslide from kidnapping Dora. Thankfully, the rest of the narrative proceeds in a similar manner to the original. The instance resumed movement at the very end, when the narrator says “So, you gonna move buddy?”, causing it to face the camera, nod, and walk off in the same manner as the old man.
    • Testing it on an episode of Father Ted resulted in the SCP-3922-A instances getting their asses royally handed to them by Father Jack. The now three-hour-long episode ended with an SCP-3922-A instance trying to confiscate Father Jack's alcohol, only for an enraged Father Jack to smash the door down.
    • Testing on Die Hard sees Hans Gruber trick the LAPD into thinking SCP-3922-A instances are a far-right militia, leading to them fighting law enforcement for long enough that the overall plot of the film still proceeds akin to the unmodified version.
    • Testing on Godzilla (1954) has the Big G completely trounce 3922-A, leading to the original ending (death by oxygen destroyer).
  • You Can't Fight Fate:
    • SCP-3922-A's attempts to alter Kung Fu Panda are thwarted by Master Oogway, who cites this trope.
    • They're hit with this in both versions of Fullmetal Alchemist as well; their attempts to save Nina Tucker are circumvented by Truth, who tells them that the Laws of Equivalent Exchange that govern the FMA universe are so strict as to render their efforts pointless—if they really want to save Nina, they'd have to cause equal suffering somewhere else.

SCP-3930 - The Pattern Screamer

Pattern Screamers are a race of conceptual "non-beings"; sentient paradoxes that have been left behind from the destruction of a previous universe. While they are normally trapped between universes, they can be directly observed through SCP-3930, a spatial anomaly in Russia that causes anyone who walks into it to cease existing. This is vital for Pattern Screamers, as they draw power from being directly observed. Pattern Screamers are also viciously hostile, willing to do whatever it takes to stop existing and end the agony that comes with being a paradox.
  • Alien Geometries: At first, the patterns the mind invents to cover up the nonexistent space that is SCP-3930 are quite consistent with themselves. But as things proceed, and more and more needs to be made up, the mind can't quite keep up and starts screwing it up, leading to curtains behind curtains behind curtains all the way to the back, doors that disappear to leave just a window, and generally inconsistent dimensions. It's mostly noticeable when taxed, such as someone going into the void and stopping existing entirely, forcing the brain to come up with the entire expedition that comes afterwards, with the inconsistent geometries that happen then being partly because they're expected, and partly because the brain simply made a mistake. And perhaps, partly, because there was some lingering thought from another source that influenced it too.
  • And I Must Scream: A living paradox, brought into existence by brains that couldn't handle something that doesn't exist and overwriting it with their own invented perceptions which piled up until they formed something that can sort-of exist, can think, and can understand it shouldn't be, yet it is and is not at the same time, made by something that exists without any of these problems. Life as a living paradox like this is horrifying enough to this clump of thought given ambiguous form that it suffers, it screams, and more importantly it hates. Existence is pain to a Pattern Screamer, and it will lash out towards those who made it be until it stops.
  • Cessation of Existence: The fate of those who walk into the anomaly is being erased from existence.
  • Deader Than Dead: While not stated explicitly this is the nature of those who walked into the anomaly, which is why it works to contain it. After all, you have to exist to be dead, and the people that entered the void don't.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Pattern Screamers are perfectly happy not existing, in a way that implies there is something there to not exist. And when human thought makes them exist, they take their form from the lingering inventions humans superimpose over this void, the equivalent of creating something from the "shapes" you see in clouds without actually making them from the clouds themselves, as well as the contradictions between these perceptions as the brain struggles to keep inventing things that make sense to cover this reality with. Born from what happens when complete inventions to cover literal nonexistence start piling up where that nonexistence begins, until they're complex enough to think, and realize what they are: Something that doesn't exist, but now does too, made from thoughts of things that don't really exist meeting actual, perfect nonexistence. It's all terribly confusing, when it comes to true nonexistence. Now imagine this confusion, this paradox, being what made you. This is what fills them with hatred, both of existing themselves and of us, because not only did we make them, we actually exist properly.
  • Eldritch Location: SCP-3930 itself. It's nothing. As in, literally nothing. A "space" that isn't really a space, where nothing exists at all. Nothing emitted or absorbed, nothing coming out or going in, nothing moving or being still, no energy, no matter. No size. No shape. Nothing. And anything going in will stop existing the moment it does, becoming nothing. Perfectly comprehensible in paper, but the mind is a little too good in finding patterns when there's nothing, and thus it invents something to fill it up, some more Russian wilderness to match the one that surrounds it, maybe a building too. And it can't handle someone walking in and stopping existing completely, so it just makes up what happens next following along with what it thinks will happen, until interrupted or the fantasy can come to a neat end that makes sense. Perfect nothingness is quite natural by the universe's standards, it's what all reality stands on, but for a mind used to existence it makes no sense at all, and it prefers something that does. And where nothing and something meet, right at the edge of this void, these things minds invent tend to accumulate, and the only way to get rid of these stray thoughts before they merge into something worse is to send those who thought them into the void, to stop existing too.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: SCP-3930's consciousness is apparently unaware that sufficient existence stops being painful at some point for its kind, which makes it particularly dangerous on a cosmic level compared to Josephus Blake and SCP-6930, two Pattern Screamers who have been fully brought into existence.
  • Mind Screw: The ambiguously existent nature of these things, and the difficulty of really understanding what true nothingness really is, and what it really means for something to not exist in any way, makes it quite difficult to write about it all.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: It is the total opposite of its older "sister" SCP-6930; while 6930 intentionally obtained existence after learning things get better for its kind when this happens, ran away from Usinsk, and developed a kind and loving personality, 3930 wants to remain non-existent in the forest and opposes anyone that tries to change that to the point of misanthropy and possibly ending the world if it goes too far.
  • Soviet Superscience: It's unknown if the Soviets simply found this Perfect Nothing there, in the middle of the Russian wilderness, or somehow managed to bring it there, but they were the ones in charge of the site before the Soviet Union came apart, and it was all handed to the Foundation. SCP-6930 suggests it was the product of a Noodle Incident surrounding the Soviet researchers that also allowed 6930 to escape Usinsk, leaving its "brother" 3930 alone to stew in its own hatred within the forest.
  • Tortured Monster: All a Pattern Screamer really wants to do is stop existing, and perhaps get back at those existing things that made it exist in the first place. And if the only way to do so is to drag them screaming into the void to force them to disappear, so be it.
  • Void Between the Worlds: Or rather, beneath the worlds. According to Word of God, this sort of absolute nothingness is the basest form of reality, upon which every higher form sits. SCP-3930 is simply a chunk of it that was somehow left completely barren of anything at all.
  • You Cannot Grasp the True Form: The mind cannot grasp literal nothingness, and so it overwrites it with patterns taken from what it known, and what surrounds it. Even in electronic depictions, such as cameras, photos and recordings, it will invent what it sees when the equipment is clearly showing absolutely nothing. It will even invent people wholesale if they walk into this nothingness and cease to exist suddenly, with their subsequent actions and words, right until "perception" stops and this "shadow" is gone, because the brain stopped making it up. And in inventing these things from whole cloth, they tend to linger in the border between this nothing and the rest; too many of them lingering, and a Pattern Screamer can be born.

SCP-3933 - Bigger than God

SCP-3933 is "Toxic Soul", a song by a once-wildly popular band known as Tyrannosaurus Flex. The song induces anomalous effects in those who listen to it, causing them to lose all knowledge and perception of the band and its members, as well as forgetting that Tyrannosaurus Flex ever existed.
  • A God Am I: The four musicians making up Tyrannosaurus Flex thought they were like gods. They didn't realize gods can be forgotten.
  • Fate Worse than Death: Tyrannosaurus Flex, who were even bigger than the Beatles, are retconned and unpersoned from human history by their own magnum opus. Their last act in public was accidentally sparking a massive, bloody riot due to mass amnesia. They spend the last years of their lives stuck in prison cells without musical instruments or each other.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: "Toxic Soul" is an anomalous song that permanently retcons Tyrannosaurus Flex from the listener's mind.
  • Tempting Fate: Before the band recorded "Toxic Soul", one of the bandmates asked the others if they ever wished they could to go back to being "nobodies".
  • Unperson: Anyone who listens to "Toxic Soul" can no longer remember or learn about Tyrannosaurus Flex or its musicians. Their own parents, who heard the song, can't remember having children.

SCP-3935 - This Thing a Quiet Madness Made

SCP-3935 is the local high school of Salvation, Indiana. It became flooded with a series of paranormal events that occurred in and around the building. The anomalous happenings got so bad that the entire town of Salvation was evacuated and walled off so that only Foundation personnel can enter it.
  • The Blank: A lot of the Humanoid Abominations that appear are described as lacking a face.
  • Eldritch Location: The town of Salvation, Illinois is itself a hazard zone where various anomalous events occur.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: Stay on the page long enough and you'll hear a voice whisper, "Hello."
  • Ghost Town: The anomalous activity got so bad that the entire town was evacuated and only disposable d-class personnel are allowed within its perimeter. Oddly enough, a lot of the anomalous activity could best be described as actual hauntings, making it a literal Ghost Town.
  • Hellgate: What may be the source of the anomalies is an arch located beneath the sub-basement under Salvation High School with a phrase etched into it.
    The way below winds deeper, longer,
    unspeakable its patterns laid.
    The lost forever damned to wander
    this thing a quiet madness made.
  • Jump Scare: If one lingers on the page long enough, you'll hear a mysterious voice say "Hello."
  • Madness Mantra: The word "Hello" comes up a lot, with certain ghost sightings having them say "Hello", to audible hallucinations of the word, Mrs. Fletcher saying "Hello" multiple times throughout her interview and claiming to have known a pregnant teenager who lost the ability to say anything other than that word.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: The various Humanoid Abominations that appear in Salvation come in a wide variety of forms, but a lot of them tend to float around, are intangible, tend to flick in and out and are shadow-like in appearance. A lot of the other anomalous activities that happen also follow the characteristics of a textbook haunting, including objects floating (including an entire high school), audible hallucinations, hair appearing in-place of running water, possession, etc.
  • Underground City: Under the school's sub-basement is a stone-replica of that school which seem to be haunted by a group of white-haired anomalous women. Beneath that school is another sub-basement with its own replica school and so on and so on.
  • Unreliable Narrator: The only interview given in the file is one given by Mrs. Fletcher, a teacher from the high school. Unfortunately, the amnestics the UIU used on the town's inhabitants were highly toxic and caused severe, permanent brain damage, so it's safe to say that she isn't an ideal source of information.
    Mrs. Fletcher: Well... it was quiet, you know. One road in and one road out. We didn't get many outsiders, so we were a pretty tight knit community. I don't even think we had police, you know, because who would need them? We didn't have crime, not really. [Beat] There were always some people who would tell stories, you know. They...
    Agent Aimes: Yes?
    Mrs. Fletcher: What? Hello? Hello?
    Agent Aimes: You were just talking about people telling stories, Mrs. Fletcher.
  • Weirdness Censor: It is brought up multiple times that in spite of many of the unbelievable and horrifying things that happen - usually in broad daylight with enough people seeing them - people tend to shrug it off and act like it was no big deal no matter how scary it seems, often chalking it up as a prank of some kind. The only exception to this is in the UIU's file, where on Thursday, everyone sees nine women floating at an angle in mid air and are whipped into a panic at the sight of it. Whether this is a result of some memetic anomaly or if the townsfolk are in denial is anyone's guess.

UNDEFINED - Containment Chamber #3942

SCP-3942 is an anomalous contaiment cell that is inhabited by an antimeme, causing everyone to forget what it is. The few who managed to find out what it was either became insane or died.

SCP-3963 - I Contain Multitudes

SCP-3963 is a pendant that causes anyone who touches it to be transported to an extradimensional location, or rather, to the internal organs of someone else.
  • The Disembodied: It is a pendant that, when touched, teleports the current subject to a seemingly extradimensional location, though they can still be heard and spoken to for a short while, at least until the next person touches the pendant...
  • Chest Burster: The pendant actually transports each person to an oversized version of the previous subject's spleen or brain or whatever, while a miniaturized "Camazotz" demon is teleported into one of the current subject's organs. When the pendant is accidentally broken, the first person to touch SCP-3963 (a Mayan nobleman) appears, only to die when a female archaeologist bursts out of his chest. Then her male colleague's corpse bursts out of her stomach, killing her. Then all the succeeding subjects burst out nesting-doll-style, right down to the demon.
  • Demonic Possession: Word of God states that it was an amulet designed for causing this (specifically, the demon possessing the Mayan), except that its creation went very, very wrong.
  • Bat People: The "Camazotz" demon that bursts out of D-963-W's body is one of these.
  • Womb Level: What each extradimensional location is. It's always somewhere in the body of the last person to touch the amulet. First was the Mayan nobleman; Word of God states that he was probably transported into the amulet itself. The first archaeologist was teleported to the Mayan's chest, while the second archaeologist was in the first's stomach. Agent Castillo was in the second archaeologist's intestine, D-963-Z was in either Castillo's heart or one of his lungs, D-963-Y was in Z's colon, D-963-X was in Y's genital area, D-963-W was in X's brain, and the demon was in W's body.
  • Running Gag: Poor Dr. Asheworth is repeatedly injured when the amulet gets broken.

SCP-3966 - Falling Out

SCP-3966 are the webs of hyperdimensional spiders that resemble proteins found in the human nervous system. The spiders make these webs as an attempt to harvest nerves of sleeping humans.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: The root cause of SCP-3966 is the webs of a species of spider operating in the fourth dimension.
  • Foreshadowing: The nightmares those infected with SCP-3966-A have are full of spiders.
  • Red Herring: When multiple researchers start mentioning similar nightmares, the Foundation immediately suspects some sort of memetic hazard may be involved. They couldn't be further from the truth.
  • Shout-Out: Flatland is mentioned as a means of explaining how we would perceive a 4-D entity.
  • Shown Their Work: The author includes quite a bit of detail about neuroscience and Quaternions in the article.

Ken Burns Presents: SCP-3972

SCP-3972 is Vytas Andressen, a Foundation administrator who disappeared in 2017. Any and all photographs and biographical information regarding Andressen serves as an infohazard that cause nausea and swelling in Foundation staff. The only way to safely document 3972 is a documentary made by Foundation researcher Alyx Romana, who must update the film whenever new information is discovered.
  • Brown Note: Photographic images and biographical information of a former Foundation member is an infohazard causing acute nausea and swelling of the lymph nodes in fellow Foundation staff. Aside from when seen from the non-anomalous video.
  • The Ken Burns Effect: Given the article name, of course it shows up in the required documentary!
  • Painting the Medium: Records of the anomaly somehow are only non-anomalous if a video with some very specific guidelines is made.

SCP-3998 - The Wicker Witch Lives

See Recap.SCP Foundation Canons under the Pitch Haven folder.

SCP-3999 - I Am At The Center of Everything That Happens To Me

See Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps.

Alternative Title(s): SCP Foundation SC Ps 3000 To 3999