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Nightmare Fuel / SCP Foundation SCPs 300 to 999

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    SCPs 300 to 506 
  • SCP-302 is an insectophobe's worst nightmare. It's a sculpture of two ants carrying a leaf. When someone makes direct skin contact with it, a single ant will appear on them some place (under their clothes, from behind near objects, or worst case scenario from orifices). Then on following days — without touching the sculpture again — more ants will appear on them, increasing in number, hostility, and species strength. It gets bad enough that by the Foundation has to terminate subjects of it after eight days due to... something expunged. There's also a short test long detailing the types and average number of ants that appear on a D-Class tricked into being exposed to it without knowing about it.
  • SCP-303. It's a creepy little humanoid figure, which just hides behind doors. It doesn't attack, it doesn't try to communicate, it just stands there, never letting more than 10% of its body be seen at one time. Oh, and it apparently taps some sort of Primal Fear in people, so anyone on the other side of a door it's waiting by will feel insane terror at the idea of going through. To give an idea, one researcher died of dehydration, because he was trapped in a room with it on the other side of the only door. During experimentation, one of the D-Class personnel chose to be stabbed to death rather than go through a door it was waiting behind. And to make things even creepier, two of the D-Class personnel refused to go through the door and both cited something that they believed SCP-303 would do to them. This thing was [DATA EXPUNGED], and a researcher was visibly shaken by it. Bonus points for the first sighting of SCP-303, when it materialized outside of an agent's shower curtain while she was cleaning herself. Even if the thing didn't automatically inspire complete and utter terror, it would be plenty frightening to be vulnerable and naked and suddenly hear something wheezing loudly outside, with only a flimsy shower curtain for protection.

    It's speculated that this thing somehow was brought in with another SCP. No one has any clue which. Considering what many SCPs are capable of, that leaves a lot of chilling possibilities.

    To cap it all off, SCP-303 has taken up residence in a storage room and has been stealing a variety of items for some unknown purpose. Among them are two D-class research cadavers, surgical equipment, and various amino acids. What is it doing with that?!
  • Implications of SCP-304. It lists all world leaders and has not been wrong for once. It keeps going into the future... until it suddenly stops and starts again.
  • SCP-306 is a fungus that turns those infected, namely humans, into frogs. Now, not only can the transformation process can last for months, but subjects have expressed extreme pain throughout it. Furthermore, those who turn into frogs keep their intelligence and are entirely aware of their situation.
  • SCP-307 is an extremely fast-growing carnivorous vine, impervious to all pesticides... that was found to be prevalent throughout North America. It looks just like a regular vine. It actively attacks warm-blooded animals. Do you want to go near any vine-covered house now?
  • SCP-309 is a plush toy... and if you hug it, you suddenly turn inside out. This event is irreversable and universally said by sufferers to be the worst pain they've ever experienced, even by sufferers of cluster headaches. What happens if you just lightly brush against it is a little bit better, but still extremely unsettling; if you lightly brush against it, you'll suffer from extreme, non-localized pain and a considerable amount of nausea. The only good news here is that this will result in the feeler not wanting to go near it or touch it any further.
  • Not as horrifying or deadly as the other SCPs, but SCP-316's ability to make contaminated organisms lose all color and become black and white over the course of a few days and leaving the carriers unable to perceive or remember what colors are is still shiver-worthy. Luckily, any healed former carriers can develop immunities to the disease.
  • SCP-319, a curious device. This one needs a bit of knowledge on some of the more complex physics like false vacuums, but, to put it shortly, if you ever plan on going to another universe, make sure you're compatible with it in the first place, otherwise you might just have a hole in the starting universe that could well start assimilating it at light speed and annihilating everything and everyone, and the stones that keep it at bay let it open just another bit every time they move so much as a micron. Two tidbits of information make this item all the more terrifying. One, it is not fully contained. Tectonic movements of the Earth itself, along with contraction and expansion due to temperature changes, cause the stones to shift ever so slightly, meaning that the hole will eventually expand beyond containment and tear the universe apart at the seams. Second, this is hypothetically possible in real life, and we would have absolutely no warning.
  • SCP-342. It takes the form of a ticket to some kind of public transit, and once you get on, you can never get off. Oh, and as of the last entry, it is no longer limited to tickets for vehicles...
  • SCP-343. He's a powerful being who is (or at least claims to be) God Himself, so how can he be scary? If he really is God, that means he is (however indirectly) responsible for creating (all) the SCPs. But, he denied having anything to do with 682, and in fact cannot see it. 682 charged right through 343 without either of them noticing. Neither one can directly sense the other in any way. In fact, he was downright furious at being brought near it. If "God" didn't make 682, who did?
    • 343 is formally classified as Safe. No big problem, right? It's not like God would be harmful... except that's not what the SCP classifications mean at all. 'Safe' is more precisely defined as 'understood', because it's easy to contain and operates in a predictable manner, so following all containment protocols will result in no possibility of anything bad happening. Examples of things equivalent to Safe SCPs include, say, atomic bombs (they can destroy cities or nations, but only when precisely activated; when inactive, they pose no threat, and can be contained just by keeping people away from the controls). So by the rules of the Foundation, God should never be classified as anything less than Euclid (meaning roughly 'not understood or predictable, but non-hostile or unlikely to be capable of destroying humanity'). Meaning that whoever wrote the entry was almost certainly... influenced by 343 to make it seem less dangerous.
    • Combine that with a few interesting notes from the entry, like how the containment procedures mandate at least one person talking to 343 every day, and granting any requests made. Or how a visit with 343 has become part of daily routine for nearly all Site personnel. Or how they attempted to restrict access to people below Level 3 clearance (keeping those with actual power within the Foundation away from Him), but it failed because any guards stationed would simply quit their posts and either shrug or say something about "Him liking company" when questioned.
    • A routine check of an unnamed doctor's network drive recovered fragments of notes indicating suspicions about 343, attempts to interrogate people who'd visited Him, and culminating in attempting to confront God. Meanwhile, the doctor currently assigned to study God has requested that staff from other facilities be rotated through Site 17, and due to improved health, morale, and fatality rates on the Site the request was approved by O-5 authority.
    • To reiterate: every single person in the Foundation, to the highest levels, is encouraged to visit SCP-343 in person, despite significant evidence that He's screwing with people's minds, forcing them to violate the rules of the Foundation, and has probably wiped at least one dissenter from existence.
    • And if you still aren't scared by the Foundation being compromised on nearly every level by an uncontainable being with inscrutable motives (like, say, if you think that God would do a better job in charge than the current authorities), just remember: He couldn't touch or see 682, one of the most deadly things in containment and one of the most likely to break free. The de-facto leader of the organization responsible for protecting the world from the worst possible things doesn't even perceive at least one of them.
  • The last line in the entry of SCP-352, Baba Yaga. Quote: "While SCP-352 prefers any type of human flesh over any other type of meat, it appears to have a special propensity for children between 0 and 2 years of age. After observation of highly elevated levels of co-operation and a reduced tendency to attack staff while consuming flesh of this type, a possible alteration in the current diet is being considered." SCP-352's method of eating is horrific. It will remove and eat the limbs of a prey item to prevent it from wandering away, and can take several days to fully devour prey. On the bright side, it's been reported that humans are in a "euphoric" state and apparently don't notice the outside world, let alone the loss of their limbs.
  • SCP-354: The Blood Pond. It's a pond in the Canadian wilderness that is full of a liquid similar to blood. Highly dangerous creatures emerge from it from time to time; most of whom have nothing in common. And according to one SCP agent, it's alive. And intelligent. And angry. And growing. The fact that a seemingly normal human emerged from the pond at one point for ostensibly diplomatic reasons and was shot on sight probably didn't help on the "angry" front. An exploratory mission was sent down there. They found an alternate universe. Most of them died from something. The data was corrupted. The exploration log was found in the database. No record of the expedition, or any of the personnel involved, exists other than said log. Examples of entities that emerged from the pool include:
    • SCP-354-1. A creature resembling a giant bat. Neutralized by the Mobile Task Force.
    • SCP-354-2. A creature covered in razor-sharp spines and the size of a bear. Neutralized via napalm.
    • SCP-354-3. A black metallic sphere capable of levitation. It emits concentrated beams of radiation to cripple and kill its victims. It self detonated when it was struck with a sledgehammer.
    • SCP-354-4. A humanoid reptilian creature. It escaped the enclosure and Area 354 altogether. Mobile Task Force Omega-7 managed to neutralize it.
    • SCP-354-5. [DATA EXPUNGED].
    • SCP-354-6. A creature resembling an Indian human male. Before he could interact with Foundation personnel, he was shot dead immediately after emerging from the pool.
    • SCP-354-7 to SCP-354-13 all contained corrupted data.
    • SCP-354-14. A creature with five octopus tentacles. Retrieved many D-Class personnel with its tentacles. It retreated after heavy damage from gunfire.
    • SCP-354-15. A creature resembling a feline, comprised of ice. Was openly hostile to the personnel and mauled anything in sight. It was neutralized by SCP-354-16, a feline comprised of magma, and its opposite counterpart.
  • SCP-363, the centipedes that grow enormously in the dark. And not into giant centipedes, but into horrific tentacled monsters. To top it all off, they have the apparent ability to infect people and transform them into more of them. One of these infectees are a mobile task force agent, who escaped and is possibly out loose in the world. The page says F. Tell is to be stopped at all costs. It does not actually make note of him being stopped... which turns that "possibly" into a firm "definitely".
  • SCP-370 is a memetic hazard that spreads via sight, knowledge about said hazard, sight of the end result, etc. Not to mention that it's implied to be created by God. The only reason the containment procedures work is that they were invented by a Satanist. Furthermore, people infected with it rewrite the page to spread it. How do you know you haven't been infected yet?
  • SCP-395 is a fetus that becomes active when any human female is within 5 meters of it. It has telepathic powers that it uses to get human females to take it out of the jar and start breast feeding it. When it has consumed all of the female's breast milk, it will start drinking their blood.
  • SCP-400 are pillbugs that feed on human mammary secretions. Their methods of obtaining food are... rather unorthodox, to the point that the Ethics Committee put a ban on further human experimentation. Oh, and the last Addendum implies that they were deliberately engineered by a Foundation scientist. And a woman they suspect is the first person to be affected by these things has been breastfeeding them for two years.
    • How do these things reproduce, exactly? They find a sleeping baby in its crib, burrow into its flesh, kill it and take control of its body, re-animating it as a flesh puppet while emitting a cognitohazardous effect to make everyone around it, including its mother, believe that it's still alive, even though the baby's body continues to decompose over the course of SCP-400's 12-week gestation period. By the end of week 12, several instances of SCP-400 will start feeding on the mother's breast milk before causing her to give birth to 25-50 more instances of SCP-400, starting the whole horrible cycle all over again! And there's literally no way to protect a baby from these things, because when they're "swarming", they become invisible/undetectable until they're already in the crib. And anyone who approaches the baby will get sprayed by SCP-400 with a substance that instantly knocks them out.
  • SCP-401 is a tree that is all-out Squick. The tree is made of human tissue. There are jaws at the end of its roots, complete with tongue to dig and snare its food, digesting them in a stomach and throwing away the waste from a hole on the treetrunk. It's covered in bark made of human bone. The branches are human arms, some of which split into two or three forearms at the elbow, and there are eyes in the end of every single finger. However, it's worst traits arise during spring. When it blooms, it will grow female sexual organs in the palm of the hands, and after five days, menstruation will occur and it will replace them with male sexual organs. What happens next can be summed up in this quote from the page:
    During this phase, SCP-401 will attack human females for the purpose of reproduction.
  • SCP-415, The Harvested Man. Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Basically, it's a 36-year-old man who can regenerate organs after a short period of time, but sometimes he is warped away and a modification on his body is created by a mysterious third party, mainly in the form of a zipper or other adhesive over a vital organ. For those who didn't think about it, apparently this third party takes the Harvested Man away to another world where this third person TAKES THE ORGANS FROM THIS MAN AGAINST HIS WILL. And he can't control it. Talk about an And I Must Scream moment.
  • SCP-417 is an African baobab tree. It seems pretty normal... except that its fruits are actually eggs for extremely vicious bugs of 4 different varietiesnote . 45% of the time someone gets bitten by these bugs, they die, rot away, and a new tree grows where their corpse was.
  • Four words: I am a toaster. To elaborate, I am a toaster that makes people refer to me in the first person. Nobody's ever been able to refer to me in the third person, no matter what they do or don't know about me. Eventually, they completely forget who they are, and usually die when trying to emulate the functions of a toaster (one person died because she ingested so much bread that her stomach bursted). This short story also demonstrates my potential for creepy.
  • At first glance, SCP-428 just looks like an ordinary huddled crowd of people. In reality, it is actually a Hive Mind whose internal organs have been removed and replaced with an unidentified amorphous mass attached by umbilical-like lengths of flesh. Any person who comes within two meters prompts the crowd to go into hostile mode by grabbing the unfortunate victim and pulling them into their mass, where they are assimilated into the crowd within ten seconds (those who try to escape are hunted down by the crowd, who use the methods gained from each members' knowledge, skills, and memories to absorb anyone who gets in their way). Remember, the members could be your friends or family, which the SCP may use to their psychological advantage to lure you into their fold.
  • SCP-435 is a meteorite to which a very strange entity that is seemingly immaterial, yet does horrible things to solids that it touches, is bound. Also, if the meteorite isn't illuminated at all times, it can move around. We aren't told what happens when it intersects with landmasses or water, but apparently when it happened during its retrieval, it had to be passed off as a nuclear test misfiring (which actually implies that it was Castle Bravo at the Marshall Islands due to text mentioning it "had a higher yield than expected"). Apparently it's an Eldritch Abomination sealed to the meteor who cannot see in the light, so he cannot find his way back unless it's dark, and the entity is its shadow on the material universe. Oh, and if it it goes dark for more than 90 seconds, it could cause an XK-class scenario, and the backup plan is dumping the rock in another universe, which might actually break the seal.
  • SCP-437 is a group of trees covered in strange cankers, and instead of sap, they carry human blood. The place used to be a camp site, so the Foundation started looking for the people who were there last. They found one, who mentioned a silly story about "hearing trees sing when pressing her ear against the bark" before somehow escaping. The thing is, radiological scans revealed humanoid skeletons and soft tissue in there, consistent with human teenagers. The organs are "woven" into the tree itself. Dental records indicate they're the campers — one of whom was the interrogated woman. A Foundation email proposes that everyone who was a camper then now must be treated as an extension of the SCP, and asks the Site Director to consider euthanizing the trees. It's also indicated SCP-2571 has something to do with the camp.
    They've been in there for twenty years. When you press your ear against the bark, you can hear them.
    It's low and muffled, but you can hear them just fine.
  • SCP-439 is a parasitic insect resembling an earwig that will turn your body into its hive. It enters your body while you're asleep, and then, in a very painful process, deforms your body into a spherical mass while the insects eat you alive from the inside out. And then there's the addendum at the end, which shows an SCP researcher operating on the "bone hive", and finding that the eyes had not yet been eaten. She shined a flashlight on them, and the eyes followed the beam. Considering the implications that the victim is going through, the researcher running the experimentation decided to end it and prevent more testing to be scheduled.
  • SCP-447-2 is a commonly used substance at the Foundation, ranging from salad dressing to industrial lubricant, and it's perfectly harmless... so long as you keep it away from dead bodies. Every paragraph reminds you to keep it away from dead bodies. Why? They won't tell you.

    When SCP-076-2 sampled a drink mixed with some of SCP-447-2 and learned about its effects when brought into contact with dead bodies, he lost interest in his drink. Yes, even one of the Foundation's most feared Omnicidal Maniac is afraid of what will happen.
  • A Foundation Tale reveals what happens (or one interpretation of it anyway): It brings the dead back to life. Not as zombies, not as The Soulless, they didn't Come Back Wrong, they're the exact same person. So why the extremes to keep it away from corpses? Because the dead resurrect and reveal that there is definitely no afterlife. You just die and stay dead. Most people who find out that there is a definitive end to the self and there is no higher purpose to existence can't deal with it and are Driven to Suicide.
  • SCP-450 is the death row block of an abandoned penitentiary in which personnel must enter in order to maintain a blood written pattern from decay. The real trouble starts with hostile ghosts that will appear (or not) if the maintainance worker makes loud noises, runs away or enters more than once in a day. The worker must cross a distance of 166 m (usually done in 11 minutes), clean the pattern in less than 3 minutes and get away following the mentioned instructions to live one more day, all while avoiding voices, strange noises, and poltergeist activity on their way. And the picture featured in the article is a great choice for the Nothing Is Scarier page.
  • The situation behind SCP-451 is both this and a Tearjerker. He's a former Foundation agent who lost the ability to perceive other humans or their direct actions after touching a mysterious artifact. He now believes he's the last man on Earth, that he accidentally killed everyone, left with little else to do but write in his journal. The world seems to arbitrarily change around him; food trays appear half-eaten, passwords work one day but not the next, and files he takes out disappear when he looks away. It's no wonder he's shown suicidal tendencies. At one point, SCP-451 attempted to shoot himself in the mouth. The bullet harmlessly passed through him and fatally hit a nearby researcher. The two were able to briefly talk before the researcher died, disappearing without a trace.
  • SCP-455. A ghost ship... that's also an Eldritch Location. Weird temporal distortions, messed up interior dimensions, not really having any clue what goes in inside, things getting worse for exploration teams, and so on and so forth.
  • SCP-456 are bedbugs. When they bite you, they produce narcotics in your brain, causing you to feel increasingly sleepy until you sleep constantly, causing you to die of malnutrition. They can't be distinguished from ordinary bedbugs, and you probably won't know they're 456 bedbugs until it's too late. Even worse, they exposed four D-class to the bedbugs. After expending three of them, they put the fourth one on a regimen of IV nutrients, blood transfusions, and narcotics antagonists. He's been asleep for a long time. The number of days is blanked out, but it's a triple digit number...
  • SCP-457, essentially a living flame that can take the shape of a human, with only the desire to burn and grow. The added twist is that apparently, it can grow in intelligence and learn how to manipulate its surroundings.

    SCP 507 
  • The guy who randomly teleports to alternate dimensions:
    • One dimension was totally dark. The first visit there was uneventful, though 507 thought he could hear breathing. On the second visit, he turned a flashlight on only to reveal a smiling, Joker-like man right in front of him. "Back so soon?" The poor lad's reaction was probably the same as yours would be.
    • "... so many spiders...".
    • The log for Interview 507-G, from when two versions of the teleporter show up, is terrifying. Basically, the pair refuses to tell the interviewer which of them is from the "real" dimension, to keep the other guy safe. Near the end, one of the teleporters disappears mid-sentence; the interviewer asks the remaining one if they figured out the difference between their realities, and the guy replies that "In [the other teleporter's] reality, Lincoln was killed while sleeping by his then vice-president, instead of by General Lee." The interviewer responds, "In our world, Booth assassinated Lincoln." The end of the article just states that "Subsequent testing revealed that SCP-507s abilities have no biological basing, and that severed pieces will still “shift” along with the main body."
    • During one of his trips to another reality, 507 arrived in what seemed to be the facility, only in a state of disuse with corpses covered in a strange, breathing mold. Further exploration revealed that possibly the entire world was covered in the stuff. Upon further inspection of a mold sample 507 brought back, it was found to be very similar to both Cordyceps Fungi (some varieties of which basically brain-wash their hosts) and a fungus produced by — wait for it — SCP-407. The Foundation consequently restricted experimentation with 407, and all known copies were terminated by "Serpent's Hand," but no one is certain if more copies may be found elsewhere.
    • Some snippets from the poor man's logbook:
      • "When asked where it went, subject answered, 'Nowhere. I think it missed this time.'"
      • "Examination upon retrieval revealed that the subject’s epidermis had been cleanly stripped down to the stratum granulosum in all areas open to sunlight..."
      • "Most of the heat appeared to emanate from two suns in the sky, which the subject could not decide on whether they were extremely large or extremely close to the planet. Upon further examination, the “suns” blinked and turned away, taking the heat with them. Subject spent rest of this shift as far back in the cave as possible."
      • "Although the heavy rain obscured the subject from obtaining a detailed report of their appearances, the subject described them as being vaguely humanoid in shape. The entities began to slowly move towards the subject from all directions. Near the end of the shift, the subject reported hearing labored breathing from the nearest entities."
      • "Subject then tried to “wait out” its time in this dimension by falling asleep, but found it difficult due to a newly discovered quality of the corpses. During moments of darkness caused by flickering, the corpses rearranged themselves into poses which would be logical for living people during that particular moment... The area which the subject exited, though, has been cordoned off and is currently under surveillance... an anonymous tip will be sent to local law enforcement agencies so that they can “discover” the crime scene and take appropriate investigative actions on their own."
      • "Subject arrived in pitch black darkness, with the sound of crying nearby. Upon activating its flashlight, subject discovered the "Smiling Man" from previous shifts leaning towards him. Brown liquid leaked from around its sunglasses. Smiling Man pushed its face closer to subject's and uttered the phrase, "Why did you do this?". Smiling Man then wiped off a portion of the brown liquid from its eyes with its hand and began caressing subject's cheek with it."
      • "Subject asked what Earth was doing in the sky; humanoid appeared puzzled and responded, "That is the moon," gesturing to Earth."
      • "Subject was found in the location in which it had left, curled up and crying violently. Subject screamed "Why did I have to go?!"... Subject landed in a place he could only describe as "impossibly beautiful". Subject stated that it was "like the best parts of every place all put together". The beauty was so overwhelming that he had no desire to move. When he began to become thirsty and hungry, plants apparently extended vines and shot a liquid into his mouth which he described as "the best anything he had ever drunk ever - sweet and rich and everything all at once". After roughly one day (Subject, having never looked at his watch during this time, had no idea of the length) a humanoid female Subject's age unexpectedly encountered Subject. They had a long conversation; Subject described her with: "I know I'm sounding repetitive here, but she was the most amazing person I've ever met". With some reluctance, Subject stated that they had been about to kiss when the shift ended. Subject then had to be prevented from committing suicide."
      • "Subject appeared dressed in a full dive suit in a large crowd of people, who did not seem to notice his appearance. Equipment bag was taken during a security check. Subject followed the crowd until eventually directed onto a large boat with several tanks and large amounts of dive masks and snorkels. When driven out, subject noticed the water was colored red. A diver was seen verbally protesting against a security officer, at which point he was terminated via gunshots and thrown into the water. Subject decided not to inquire about his whereabouts due to the apparently brutal ways the guards dealt with the non ordinary. Subject soon went on a diving expedition, and managed to follow through most of the dive. The crowd of divers soon met with what was described to be almost identical to SCP-3000. Subject underwent actions common with the memetic cognitohazards SCP-3000 presents. At this point subject returned to reality, and all memetic hazards had disappeared."

    SCPs 508 to 681 
  • SCP-511 exemplifies Cats Are Mean Up to Eleven. It's an SCP made up of hundreds of feral neglected diseased cats and some kind of cat-like... thing that takes the form of a mass of extra limbs, eyes, mouths, and other organs made up from the bodies of said cats as well as other material (small rodents, plant material, insects and insect larva, black mold, human [DATA EXPUNGED]). It's also in a constant state of degradation and decay, which means the cats have to regularly find new material to add to the mass. And that's not all. An interview with a survivor of a mobile task force sent for containment of the SCP revealed that when they tried to roll the captured cat thing SCP out the door, it exploded and splattered its contents onto the force, who were immediately torn apart by the horde of rampaging cats. The surviving member had half his face ripped off when he accidentally locked himself in his van with just one of the cats while trying to escape the onslaught of feline fury. And it's revealed it's not the cat thing that is influencing the cats' actions; the cats made it because they hate humans.
  • SCP-513 is a cowbell whose ringing causes all who hear it to be stalked by a Humanoid Abomination known as SCP-513-1. Oh, and with a single exception, everyone who has heard the cowbell has ended up committing suicide just to get away from SCP-513-1. And there's a picture of the cowbell on its page. Now he's aware of you.
    You've seen it. Now he can hear you.
    You've touched it. Now he can see you.
    Never ring it. If you hear it, he can touch you.
  • SCP-515 is a young man who causes celestial objects to move towards earth whenever he moves any part of his body. The good part is that he is asleep and is easily constrained, the bad part is that he sleepwalks and his very breathing counts as movement. "If SCP-515 is killed, it is presumable that someone with similar abilities will appear someplace else on the planet [see Addendum 515-02]."
  • SCP-517 is a Fortune-Telling Machine that gives strange fortunes about your wrongdoings. Tomorrow at 1:43AM, long, multi-jointed arms that can extend indefinitely will come from everywhere around younote , drag you to a specific position and punch you to death. If you try to escape, more will come and overwhelm you; one researcher was faced with more than 200 arms. note 
  • The old SCP-517 is a creature that has been described as a hybrid of several mammalian creatures. It has great speed, strength, plethora of natural weapons and extraordinary resistance to injury. Just like SCP-682, it has a hatred towards earthly organisms and will go into a berserk rage whenever it sees one.
  • How about SCP-528? They're little plastic containers containing silly putty that copies whatever image of a person is pressed onto it. Sounds harmless, right? Wrong. Whatever happens to the picture happens to the person. The tests are horrific, the first one involving a D class having first his arm stretched unnaturally long, which is apparently painful, and then torn off. The second subject is crushed into a ball and suffocates on his own flesh. The third one however is the worst of all. The putty is dipped in boiling water and the D class actually melts until he suffocates on his own nose.
  • SCP-554 sounds pretty tame by Foundation standards. A small structure on the Isle of Wight with a corpse underneath, and if anyone sees the corpse, they will disappear the next time they are out of sight and replace it, garnering multiple stab wounds. While it makes for a nice urban myth, it doesn't sound too bad, right? Well, until you find out that photos and videos of the corpse have the same effect on viewers. And if such were to get out, the Foundation has preparations to nuke the site, crash world-wide electronic communication infrastructures, and use satellites to sever the optic nerves of anyone in a contaminated area. Oh, and the article itself has pictures, including an "attempted detail".
  • SCP-579 combines the standard format of placing the containment procedures before the description of the SCP with the tendency to censor the documents to truly scary effect. Its classification is Keter (objects of the worst sort), and considering the extremes to be gone to in the case that anything happens in its containment cell, it can cause... something very bad. But everything but the containment procedures were removed by High Command, so nobody but the seven survivors of... whatever know anything about it (and "termination of agents to prevent data leakage" might have been used if there had been more) note . And it gets even better! Whatever information that's left about it implies that it's so bad, they're currently holding it in an alternate universe via another SCP... and the procedure in case of the tiniest containment breach is to destroy the alternate universe. And if that fails? Well... "In the event of an unsuccessful Action 10-Israfil-B, no further action will be necessary. [DATA EXPUNGED]" The lack of description, enormous amounts of destruction it causes, and the lengths the Foundation is going to contain it makes it possible that 579, whatever it may be, is the Ultimate Evil.
  • SCP-583. It's a simple video tape of Sesame Street Live! with a special twist- within 3 minutes of the tape, one of the characters will asphyxiate and die while the rest follow. Pretty disturbing on its own, but wait! It gets even better because as soon as you are done watching the tape, ANY character in ANY form of media that you watch, regardless if they're fictional or not, will die. Good luck trying to watch Sesame Street again, or frankly ANY kind of story/media for that matter.
  • SCP-592. It's a history textbook. From an alternate timeline. If you read it, you're absolutely fine, as long as you read about something that happened before June 15th, 1956, when the timelines diverged. Anything past that and your mind is warped — you start remembering things according to the alternate timeline's history, not reality. Reading an entry covering within 2 months from June 15th, you get a headache and can recover. 2 years, you'll have panic attacks and minor mental illness for the rest of your life. 10 years, psychosis and dementia. Anything past that and your perception of reality starts to break down completely.

    It gets worse. People who start remembering history differently due to this book can be physically modified to match the book's history — gaining scars and losing limbs in wars that never happened, for example. Worse still, a significant number of the articles mention known SCP objects, suggesting the divergence point is the founding — or rather, lack thereof — of the SCP Foundation. (The timeframe is actually spot on for this theory.)

    The Foundation is using a complex system of computers to analyze the book, due to nearly anyone even looking inside the book going absolutely stark raving mad. They are effectively getting the computers to "learn" that history and tell us it in the most vague terms possible. One of the final entries on the page suggests something far, far more sinister is at work:
    The image contains two (2) ADULT PERSONS standing, one (1) HUMAN CHILD sitting on a CHAIR or STOOL, and SCP-███. With 100% certainty the PERSONS in the image should have FACIAL FEATURES. With 100% certainty the PERSONS in the image do NOT have FACIAL FEATURES.
  • SCP-596. That it can heal any injury would have been a great help for the Foundation, if it weren't for the fact that any physical contact with it will leave the victim permanently stuck to it and unable to move it themselves unless another person makes physical contact with the statue, killing the original subject. What's even more nightmare-inducing is that absolutely no other method can separate the two: whenever a victim is surgically removed from SCP-596, they will die and a new body will grow from the parts still attached to SCP-596. What's even worse is how the Foundation takes advantage of its abilities. The victims are used as reusable organ donors. Since anesthetic isn't an option thanks to the SCP's powers, the Foundation used to resort to decapitating the victim in order to temporarily incapacitate them during the harvesting. Now they just empty their skulls to keep them from screaming.
  • SCP-597. The Mother loves you. You will love the Mother. The Mother will provide for you forever.

    Let's count everything that's wrong with SCP-597 or "The Mother of Them All", shall we? Well, for starters there's what it is, a massive ball of mammaries, nipples for every species of mammal, and no matter what the milk will always be perfect for whatever mammal's drinking it. Most mammals can't resist it. Bats, rodents, cats, dogs, all of these can be found sucking on the thing, and refuse to let go; it's described as being a sexual, psychological, and hunger compulsion all at once. Also, the male staff have sex with it. Regularly. So regularly in fact that they don't do anything to discourage it. The thing is always covered with slobber and semen, which D-class personnel clean. Of course, that just means they get brainwashed faster than everyone else. They also have the task of collecting the milk for study (which they often sneak whole bottles off for themselves).

    All staff at its facility are affected. In early stages, people who quit smoking for years have a 100% relapse rate, people binge on snacks (especially dairy products) or chew gum. So much gum that they choke on it. Later stages the behavior gets even more extreme. Formerly heterosexual woman begin to engage in lesbian sex, some men become rapists, others latch onto large breasted women as surrogate mothers. If things are allowed to progress this far, all milk samples from the Mother will be fought over by the staff. Next staff begin to regard the Mother with superstitious awe, worshiping it with incense, food offerings (even though it doesn't eat) and animal sacrifice. One scientist circled every one of the nipples with a red marker and wrote the word "life" next to them before killing herself. Then they begin to revert into child-like states, losing bladder and bowel control, masturbating constantly, calling it "mommy", crawling on all fours and talking like toddlers, before finally curling up and joining the rodents and bats in suckling.

    The milk will keep them alive the rest of their adult lives, and they will be in blissful happiness, but their muscles will atrophy, and their teeth will fall out, and they will experience digestive problems from the sudden switch to a liquid diet. There is no way of stopping this. Even if you send them away from it, the effects are permanent, and they have several data expunged sections describing staff that took this mental illness home with them (including one where it was implied that a man raped and killed his own mother for "not being good enough"). The only thing they can do is constantly rotate, and kill staff members.

    Even worse: The Mother can be destroyed, but the ones who have the authority to do so use the Mother as a sexual experience, ordering a Class D to pry them off after an hour of suckling.
  • SCP-599. It's a town in a Site that is entirely populated by people who've gone missing, but all of them think they've lived there forever. Hell, one former agent turned up with a wife and kids, and he went missing six months before. New streets and houses appear out of nowhere, everyone is very keen for visitors to move in, and when an investigating Agent tries to leave, the entire town conspires to keep him in.
  • SCP-604. It's a set of tableware that can turn biological objects into human flesh. Apparently, it was made by a group of people who wanted to know what human flesh tastes like.
    • What makes it particularly bad is that it has no apparent effect on the users, meaning they chose to use it as they did of their own accord. There are extensive records of what the thing can do, because its former owners charted their progress. And when they succeed...
    (a waiter comes in pushing a cart with a wooden box on top. The box has several slots and holes opened in it, and tubes trail out, connecting to IV bags and tiny batteries. A mewling comes from within)
    (The box is lifted up over a plate, put on it, and then pulled off. There is a flash of some kind of twisted, shaved animal, but then a human head appears.)
    (the human head is that of a man around thirty five, with thick black hair and sideburns. He has extremely pale skin and dark circles under his eyes. He is severed at the neck, which reveals muscle and a bloody hole.)
    Head: Where am I? Who am I?! What the hell is going- (Begins looking around and turning up, down, and to the sides) Everything seems at a weird angl- hey, what are you doing! Get that knife away from me!
    Waiter: Bon appétit, gentlemen.
    Head: (begins screaming)
    • Although this could be considered Black Comedy too, due to the hilarious things the head says and the indifferent reactions of the guests and cooks.
    Cook 1: (voice sounds strained and upset) The pile of leeches did not completely turn into a human head. The surface remained the same — but deeper down, a human head was generated. Underneath the first two layers…

    Cook 2: Help me get these things off it before it scares a guest…

    Head: Oh Jesus! Oh God! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! GAAAAAAAAAAAH! They're all over! They're AHHHHH! GET THEM OFF! FUCK! JESUS! GET THE- (it has been determined by analysis that at this point the head either began choking on some of the leeches, or its tongue was covered and drained of blood)

  • SCP-607 is a cat... that synchronizes its health with the first human it makes contact with after reincarnating. If the cat is injured, a roughly equal injury will be dealt to the person it's "bonded" with. Cat dies? The person dies. Even worse, SCP-607 is suicidal, and will do anything and everything to kill itself, taking the bonded human with it. In other words, the cat may or may not be trying to murder its "owner". Then the cat comes back to life and the Vicious Cycle continues.
  • SCP-610: It's like the Necromorphs and the Flood rolled into a single package. Squick warning, obviously; the page image is especially bad (or awesome). Even worse is its official nickname: The Flesh That Hates.

    One of the interesting things about this SCP is that while it is clear throughout the entry that the 610 infectees are coordinating, it is only in the later exploration logs that we see evidence of the abominations having some form of culture. They have a church and other structures, built higher up in the mountains, built out of a combination of bone, dried flesh, and stone. The creatures enact gruesome cannibalistic rituals on captives within with all the signs of religion. That would be unsettling and weird enough on its own, but the implication is worse: the church, the surrounding village, and the structures inside the subterranean chambers are all estimated as being constructed centuries if not millennia ago. This monstrous plague-society has existed in secret all this time in rural Siberia, and has only acted in the open now. Over the years, hundreds of thousands have been taken into the vast tunnel complex, either turned into more abominations to dig tunnels or devoured for fuel, and no one was aware of it.

    How can that get even worse? One of the newer authors decided to build on the implications of 610 by giving it a history, and a creator. The Flesh That Hates is not some "natural" weird SCP, it was created by the Grand Karcist Ion of Adytum, who lived thousands of years ago (around the time of the Minoans and Hittites). It is both a weapon and a means with which Ion spread his power. An entire religion of fleshwarping biomancing sorcerers and their slaves/test subjects grew out of his cult of personality. It became so large and dangerous that every anomaly-using group in the ancient world either sided with him, were devoured by Adytum, or fought against him. War broke out on such a destructive scale that would not be repeated until the Second World War. The destruction of both the Hittites and the Minoans can be laid at Ion's door, as can the millennia-long Hellenic Dark Age. The Church of the Broken God (more properly, MEKHANE) struck the blows which saved the world, and Adytum vanished from history... but neither Adytum nor Ion were destroyed. In fact, all that happened to Adytum was a separation from that plane of existence, persisting in a weird, spore-filled state between dimensions. Whoever stumbles on the secrets of Ion can open a portal to that place, and in turn open the door for Adytum onto Earth. Wherever that happens, the new-formed cult will make the location into a miniature version of Adytum, monsters and all. Worse, thanks to the powers Adytum grants, that location will appear normal to outsiders without a very specific sensory enhancement. As for Ion, well, you could say that he has a little of himself in every life he's touched... and his plans are still on track.

    Still not sure just how bad 610 is? Read about SCP-2217. Set 20 Minutes into the Future, when the Foundation is working to prevent a budding XK-class scenario due to SCP-610. They are in a coalition with the Horizon Initiative and the Global Occult Coalition... and eventually, the Church of the Broken God. Whose different, mutually-antagonistic sects have formed an apparent truce. And in case that didn't raise the HSQ enough, in combating the threat the Foundation is willing to give up perhaps the only thing it values as much as its mission — its secrecy. While there are quite a few SCP objects with extreme threat potential, very few have been shown pushing countermeasures to this level.
  • The living toothpicks... they are actually a species of botfly. Botflies are flies that nest in human flesh, with their larva feeding off the person and eventually burrowing out. These particular flies can impersonate toothpicks, and lay their eggs in the gums, eating their way out.
  • SCP-616 is a prototype airplane. The emergency door opens on its own every 30 days, revealing what is essentially implied to be Hell. However, the worst thing you can do is let the door close before the manifestation is over...
    • As scary as 616 is now, it was actually a lot worse when it was first written. See for yourself. Among other things, it tells you exactly what was on the recording.
  • SCP-624 seems on the surface to be one of the more benign SCPs. It is an ordinary MP3 player which, if used, plays the user's favorite music, covered by a more musically talented version of the user. But if someone with no musical preferences uses it, it plays the user's soul. Meaning that you hear everything you have ever felt and heard and thought, including the bits you are ashamed of, right up to and including your own death. The examples provided in the main SCP page for 624 state the last track continues into the afterlife. Specifically, continuing as the soul is tortured in hell. This happens twice. Even on people with listening preferences the artifact can give creepy results. A woman who liked audiobooks over music got the player filled with the novels her famous author alternate self has written... and a recording who began as a typical autobiography reading by its author that eventually devolved into her alternate version directly berating her for all the life choices she didn't take to become a writer. Another test subject, that since the original test had changed musical tastes and has the content of the player changing accordingly, freaked out when realized that the biographies of his artist alternate selves had the same (not yet arriving) date of death.
  • SCP-632, a species of tiny, hermaphroditic, self-fertilizing spiders. Their eggs are light enough to float on almost non-existent breezes. When they land on warm skin, they hatch, burrow into your sweat glands and travel through your blood vessels to your brain. Then they burrow in THERE so they can feast. This causes a minor headache, which is alleviated by light tapping on the closest part of their head. As they continue, the headache gets worse, meaning the host has to hit their head harder. Eventually this leads to caving your own skull in. Oh and don't think managing to will yourself to not hit your head will save you, as a colony was found on a corpse of a bedridden woman too weak to bang her own head where the juvenile spiders ate her brain and eyes completely. Thankfully these spiders can be surgically removed though it will damage the victim's motor functions and give them severe arachnophobia.
  • SCP-662 is a silver bell that summons a friendly, polite butler named Mr. Deeds, who will gladly perform required services by asked by the ringer, within reasonable limits. He'll fetch you a sandwich, but not one made of human flesh, and he'll bring you a grenade, but not a nuclear bomb. Seems fairly harmless, right? Then they asked him to assassinate a D-class personnel, which he did with disturbing precision with a buck knife. Suddenly, Mr. Deeds doesn't seem like the nice, friendly fellow we all think he is... He might very well be harmless, but read the end of the interview log, and the interrogation by Agent Graves. So, they kill him thoroughly, perform an autopsy on him, discovering nothing terribly interesting about him, and then they "permit" his body to vanish. Shortly thereafter, he is summoned, ready and willing to perform his duties. So, he's nigh omnipotent, willing to perform any service or retrieve any object within his capabilities, and he cannot be killed.

    Why can't Mr Deeds explain how he does what he does, even under torture, and why does he appear so uncomfortable when asked? The photo of him from the Desire Camera showed him exactly as he was, posing for the photo, which suggests his greatest desire is to do what he's instructed to do. Is he so uncomfortable when asked where he goes and where the items come from because he's unhappy that he's literally unable to explain, or because something worse will happen to him if he does? Also, he was disturbingly calm when offering to be fed to SCP-682.
  • SCP-668 is a chef's knife that emits a psychic signal which renders all sentient beings with a Psionic Resistance Index of at least 97 incapable of assisting the victim when wielded by someone with violent tendencies towards a humanoid being, such as a human. Oh, and that includes the victim — they can't fight back to defend themselves. It's the knife that was used to murder Kitty Genovese.

    SCP 682
This... thing, cannot be destroyed no matter what they do.
  • 682 is described as a reptilian monster able to mutate and regenerate body parts, with hyperintelligence, and a hate of all forms of life, and the ability to adapt to anything. It's still capable of talking (usually in the form of obscenities and threats) with as much as 80% of its body mass destroyed, and needs to be kept in an acid bath so as to constantly keep it weakened. What makes it worse is the fact that they have to experiment with other SCPs to try and find a way to permanently destroy it. The most frightening thing? It always fails, and then it becomes immune to whatever they tried.
  • How about the interaction between 682 and 826? 826 is a pair of pewter dragon statues that transform the room it's in into the setting of any book placed between them. If the people fail to escape the room, they will lose all memories of their past lives, and the story will rewrite itself to incorporate them. Realizing this, one of the researchers wrote a 12 page short story called "The Generally Nice, Friendly Thing That Can And Will Kill SCP-682 Permanently if it So Much As Spots That Damn Lizard", that was just a description of a plain green field, and a large monster whose sole descriptive quality was the stated ability of permanently killing 682. So, they put 682 in there, and in a matter of minutes, the plain green field turned into a scorched crater-filled wasteland, and the 12 page short story had become a 209 page epic called "The Generally Nice, Friendly Thing That Tried To Kill SCP-682 Permanently But Failed" describing the epic battles between this monster and an innocent creature whose very existence was based around its ability to destroy 682. And 682 won. Poor thing. Yes, that's right. They wrote a story about something that specifically could kill 682, and 682 killed it. That's how unkillable the bloody thing is.
  • SCP-536, a machine that alters the natural constants of objects. They reduced it 'to 1% of its body'' by changing the fundamental natural constants. IT RECOVERED!
  • What makes it worse is that SCP-343 (who claims to be God himself) calls it an abomination because it's not one of his creations.
  • Dr Gears, 682 creator, says that, in his view, 682 wants to kill everything because, through his eyes, life on this reality is so utterly wrong, disgusting and frightening to him that his only response is to destroy everything. It makes you wonder just how his homeplace looks like...
  • And SCP-053 likes the thing! It even seemed to like her back, actively trying not to scare her when they first made contact and even letting her draw on it with her crayons. Although SCP-053 looks and acts like a three year old girl, everyone over the age of three has an irresistible desire to kill her after ten minutes of exposure, and everyone who tries dies painfully. Perhaps SCP-682 feels the same way about humans as humans do about SCP-053. In which case, one wonders where 053 really came from...
    • The photo of 053 and 682 with the Desire Camera showed 682 in a flowery frock. Seems funny at first, but think about it; if anyone is able to tell the gender of 682, it'll be 053. If 682 is female, this leaves the disturbing possibility of it making more of itself. Though that may not be a problem for a while; 053's effect doesn't work on humans under the age of three. Perhaps 682 is under the equivalent of that age by its species' standards. What happens when it grows up?
  • They even tried using SCP-3922 to come up with a valid scenario that will definitely end in the death of 682. 3922 when placed close to a TV, alters any film that has a character breaking the law, changing it so that the offender is immediately and definitely killed by swat teams. They try it on a 10 minute film of 682 causing a containment breach; 3922 transforms the film into a 72 hour epic depicting a full scale military assault on 682 that fails. The ending has 682 laughing maniacally while being attacked by 5 gigantic ape monsters teleported in by the government, while the 1968 song "Livin' in the Sunlight, Lovin' in the Moonlight" by Tiny Tim plays in the background and an end title card that says "TO BE CONTINUED". There doesn't even appear to be any possible scenario wherein the goddamn thing can be killed.
  • Consider things from 682's point of view. Imagine that one day, by whatever means, you are taken away from the home world you know and love. Now imagine that, on top of THAT, everything there terrifies and disgusts you to the point that the only response you can think of is to kill it. Now, on top of all of THAT, imagine that you're captured by a group which tortures you every single second of your existence and spends plenty of time coming up with even more painful ways to do it. Now, for the cherry on the pain-cake, imagine that you are never going to get home, because the only people who might be able to return you are both incomprehensibly disgusting and determined to torture you. It's no wonder the thing is evil.
  • Think 682 isn't scary enough already? Then see what happened when it was introduced to SCP-999 (a sentient blob that causes a drug-like euphoria in people). Whilst their interactions are initially heartwarming/funny, when 999 is removed, 682 reveals a previously unseen ability to send out a wave that causes people to collapse into uncontrollable fits of laughter, before rampaging through the foundation, killing all affected personnel, laughing like a maniac all the while.
  • SCP-738-2 is a chair that grants wishes, for a price that inflicts an amount of emotional damage corresponding to how much the person wants it. When asked what price it would want to kill 682, the chair replied "The Foundation couldn't afford it". The same Foundation with access to universe-destroying technology.
  • At one point they tether him to 507 and teleport them away to another dimension. This works, and they technically eliminate 682 - but the other universe's Foundation equivalent takes the opportunity to get rid of their 682, who's exactly like the original aside, but with wings and massive fangs.
  • They tried to eliminate it by using an Expy of George Orr from The Lathe of Heaven to retcon it into a housecat. It turned out to be a Killer Rabbit which slaughtered both the people trying to kill it, and the Expy.
  • They dumped it into SCP-3930, an area of absolutely nothing which obliterates anything that goes inside. Not only was 682 still able to be perceived in a coherent manner, the "shadow" of 682 was still able to make people drop dead, and it rematerialized 15 hours later. Not even getting erased from freaking existence can stop 682.
  • Unlike other SCPs, which the Foundation wants to contain for study purposes, the Foundation wants 682 destroyed, because containing it reliably and out of harm's way is impossible.
  • Rota refers to "the dragon", which is apparently terrifying even to other monsters and a last resort in bad situations, which implies it is 682. It's a she. Some species of reptiles, which 682 shares at least some characteristics with, have been known to reproduce parthenogenetically, i.e. fertilise their own eggs, so there doesn't need to be a male one. Nature finds a way...

    SCPs 683 to 999 
  • SCP-686. By itself, it's not scary, but once you think about the implications, you will freak out. 686 is just milk, except it contains an infection that causes mammary glands to develop in mammals, even males. If milked regularly, the disease won't advance any further. If left unchecked, however, your entire torso will become a gigantic udder. Not only that, but because you have to eat all the time to keep your metabolism up, you'll become nothing more than a docile animal. Just imagine what a sick mind could do with that.
  • SCP-689 has to be observed at all times. If eye contact is broken with it, it will seek out individuals who have seen it previously, kill them, and teleport on top of their remains. If multiple targets are available, it will have a tendency to target those in crowded areas, causing witnesses of the victims to see it as well. You can probably see where this is going.
  • SCP-700. There was a hole here. It's gone. Now the hole's back, but the person who fell in is gone. And the goddamn face picture on the left MOVES, and its only action is a quick half-second look directly at you.
  • SCP-701. It's a Carolinian play that usually reads (and can be staged) as a typical revenge tragedy of said era. But in about a third of the staging attempts, the play will mutate and become something akin to The King in Yellow, up to the cast killing themselves in stage and a Hate Plague spreading to the assistants of the representation. Especially scary are Incident Report SCP-701-19██ (what happened the last time the play was staged), and that photo in the containment report. Even more of a nightmare when you consider that the performance described in that Incident Report took place at a high school.
  • SCP-710. Entering this city will cause you to slowly fade from existence. And it's totally irreversible once the symptoms manifest, to boot!
  • SCP-716. On the surface, it doesn't seem too scary- just some kind of ghost train, but that's until you get to the part about a boxcar filled with dead horses, or a tanker filled with human bile. Plus there's the fact that if it comes near you you're compelled to kill yourself. And if you're on board the train when it gets too fast, it's likely that you're sent to another planet to die.
  • SCP-734. Awww, it's a cute baby boy. And if you touch him your body starts to break down and flake away. This effect occurs in any of SCP-734's living cells. One of his handlers removed her hazmat suit's mask, reasoning that she'd be fine since she was just holding his hands.
    "SCP-734 then sneezed on Agent ███████████'s face, causing “flaking” to initiate from twenty-six points on her face and neck."
  • SCP-736. It's Tiberium, except that it feeds on your blood. Deleted and replaced since, however.
  • The replacement might make you wonder why it's classified as Keter (it's basically something messing with one of Saturn's moon's orbit in minor amounts each time), and then you look at the logs of each anomaly, the predictions for each altered orbit, and the fact the foundation has received broadcasts from Iapetus, the moon in question. Each time, the predicted collision with either Saturn or another moon is a few years earlier, and, once the predicted orbits settle with Titan as the first impacted object, Titan's predicted trajectory gets closer and closer to Earth. Plus, the last orbit alteration coincided with a transmission to Foundation installations from Iapetus. Something up there is setting up a Colony Drop on us. Oh, and the latest broadcast? It's the number 7.048 billion repeated 17 times, followed by 0 repeated another 17 times. This doesn't seem bad until you realize what the former number means: It's Earth's human population. Whatever's doing this, it wants us, and specifically us, dead.
  • SCP-741 is a sunken Russian submarine split into three pieces and guarded by the Foundation. The Nightmare Fuel? An attached interview with an American spy that said that the sub was carrying some kind of new weapon that not only made a bioweapons researcher sick, but that the Soviet couldn't safely control — they sent the sub away to get rid of whatever it was.
  • SCP-743 is a chocolate fountain that houses a bunch of vicious arthropods that it uses for a number of tasks, with the most prominent one being to bring it food... especially organic food... One of the creepiest things about it is that it is used as an execution for D-class personel. They force the victims to taste the chocolate, which in turn makes them targets for the ant-like creatures inside the foundain, which proceed to gang up on the individual and tear it to pieces. Three D-class are kept on site at all times for this exact purpose. This is done because after a week without food the fountain will send "scouts" in pattern similar to anthills looking for food, which have been reported to chew through two inches of titanium. The above protocol was set up after this incident.

    Unsurprisingly, this SCP is one of many that they've used to kill 682 with. The ants do manage to kill it temporarily, only to get snagged by the anteater-like tongue that it grows when it springs back to life. As another note, the chocolate seems to actually improve 682's already impressive Healing Factor...
  • SCP-745. You know those stories about ghostly headlights appearing on roads late at night? Those are actually a species of nocturnal creatures with large bioluminescent organs in their heads, which produce 1400 to 3200 lumens of light. Using these, they mimic an oncoming car and try to force any unfortunate drivers to veer off the road, where they attack them. They usually only leave scraps of clothing behind.
  • SCP-750 is a pair of contact lenses made by The Factory. When you put them on, it displays a variety of changes, like food becoming piles of limbs and gore, walls becoming coated in biofilm, and the skies becoming red and black. Victims who have the glasses on for too long usually get schizophrenia or PTSD. Real scary part? The lenses LET YOU SEE THINGS AS THEY REALLY ARE. In short, it's Saya no Uta but without the need for brain surgery.
  • SCP-752 is basically an Underground City but with a few quirks. The history behind it's creation was somewhat similar to Bioshock's underwater city of Rapture where Utopia Justifies the Means, and it worked out well, too well. For starters, the people residing in those caverns decided to become 'unselfish' in their nature, but at a cost of neglecting their basics of human morality. They also created a Fantastic Caste System, which means that they work themselves to death in likeness to ants and other insects, all for the sake of the 'greater good' of society. Oh, and they also maintain their ever-rising population by creating "nurseries", but there is no indication or description of WHAT happens in said nurseries. So far they're entirely unaware of the surface world, but right now we're not looking forward to the implications if they were to discover what exists above them.
  • SCP-757 is a fruit tree, seemly like an ordinary peach tree which can grows all kinds of fruit. It can affect human minds with its fruits (dubbed SCP-757-1) and make them having impulse to consume it. Nothing seems wrong with it until the effects of SCP-757-1 ensues. After a subject consuming any part of SCP-757-1, a new organ would form inside them and caused extreme pain for over a week. The organ will form a new fruit identical to the kind of SCP-757-1 fruit the subjuct consumed, while the progress would consume the subject's inner nutrition. After that, the subject would regurgitate the fruit out. Any larger fruit would cause tissue damage permanantly, with possiblity of killing the subject. Among the fruits SCP-757 harvested, there were watermelons and, in once case, a PUMPKIN. The SCP-757 was discovered with several malnourished corpses at its base, showing the lethal effects of SCP-757-1.
  • SCP-764. Because puppets were not scary enough already. These will end up killing the user. How's that for a comedy routine?
  • SCP-772. More Body Horror, except this time they're wasps, Made of Iron to an extent where bullets and even fire are useless, with a stinger longer than they are. When they sting you, they inject eggs under your skin, which is described as being 'excruciatingly painful'. Read the whole thing, if you can stomach it. It's also implied that they're more likely to go after you the more afraid of them you are.
  • SCP-775 are ticks as big as nickels. "Hosts will eventually be fully hollowed out, with only the outer layers of skin remaining." Thank you, SCP, because regular ticks weren't horrible enough.
  • SCP-781 is a person who involuntarily manifests his own nightmares, and is killed by them an average of three times a week.
  • SCP-799…well, there's a thread on the wiki called "The Leak" where authors can reveal details about their SCPs that either aren't explicitly stated or don't appear at all in their articles, including background information. Photosynthetic, who wrote SCP-799, wrote this post, in which one of the SCPs explained was 799. It's implied that its normal prey is babies.
  • SCP-800 is an antique scroll painting that regularly changes to reflect current political relations or tensions in East Asia. It currently depicts two soldiers in combat, mirroring the tenuous state of relations between the North and South Koreas. The Foundation once performed a test to see if adding objects into the painting had any kind of effect; an expert in East Asian art added a quiver of arrows to one of the soldiers. Three days later, North Korea did... something that ended up purged from the records and stopping all further testing on SCP-800. Note that the article itself expunged it, but the date given coincides with the one of a North Korean nuclear test. Presumably, adding the arrows made the nuclear test occur. That's not the worst thing; there's mention that it once took the appearance of a Khmer stone carving. The description of said carving has been expunged. Predictable, considering what happened...
Looks can be deceiving. No wonder this was classified as Keter.
  • SCP-804: A piece of "art" that, when activated, slowly but surely kills all humans and destroys all man-made works in an ever increasing radius around it. The only saving grace is that said artwork is not immune to its own effects. However, the most nightmarish element of this SCP isn't its potential to destroy the world. No, the scariest part is that, according to the former lead researcher, Dr. Sorts, the SCP has no memetic influence on people. The people who created and activated a device that would wipe out humanity did it because, in Dr. Sorts' own words, they wanted to do it. That the SCP Foundation transferred Dr. Sorts to another project and is continuing testing for a memetic component means either 1) the Foundation wants to be absolutely sure that no mind control is involved or 2) even the Foundation doesn't want to believe that there really are people in the world evil enough to murder humanity entirely of their own free will.

    The people "evil enough to murder humanity entirely" were well-intentioned extremists, at least the original ones who sacrificed themselves. As in, they wanted to get rid of humanity because they thought it had a greater net negative than positive effect on other lifeforms. Meanwhile, the Foundation has terminated or is trying to terminate several lifeforms for the same reason (and real life humans do this all the time with diseases, though with other life the extinction we cause tends to be accidental). So when you think about it, the creators of the SCP-804 merely had the same views on their fellow humans as most humans do on lifeforms that threaten them. You could argue that the SCP-804 creators are more evil because they have betrayed their own species, if you like... or you can argue that their motivations are actually more objective, since their views on what lifeforms are more harmful aren't determined by what benefits their personal continued existence. Either way, thinking about this for long periods of time is a bit like reading SCP-079 (an increasingly rational and objective computer that nonetheless clearly hates humans, if not all life), in that it has a creepy "but what if the SCP is RIGHT?" air to it.

    Fortunately, SCP-804 being deployed in the middle of nowhere coupled with it not being immune to itself makes it quite unlikely the thing would've destroyed all of humanity if left to its own devices. However, the discussion page also brings up the possibility that 804 was not a botched attempt at a doomsday device, but a weapons test, and that the mastermind behind this item is back at the drawing board designing a new weapon - one that doesn't destroy itself.

    It's also implied at the end of this document that the realization of SCP-804 at least inspired the creation of the dadaist terrorist group Are We Cool Yet?
  • SCP-805 appears to be a horse made completely of twisted poison oak branches, because it is. The twist here, though, is that it can move. If it touches you, you will slowly become like this SCP, except you can't move, despite being fully conscious.
  • SCP-807 is a ceramic serving dish that transmutes any food served upon it into a heart stopping delight. Anyone who consumes the food will undergo cardiac arrest 5 minutes after consuming their meal due to sudden and massive build-up of fat within the arteries. Even scarier (or funnier) is when they tried putting a Luther Burger on the plate. The outcome was expunged, but it apparently caused a high number of casualties.
  • SCP-823. A Theme Park that killed over 200 people in horrific ways (such as somebody in a mascot costume being filled with stuffing). Anybody sent in after that dies. So they can't find out what's going on, and that can't contain it because it's growing.
    • "Unable to determine context or content of above photograph."
    • The last paragraph in the "civilian deaths" section. Someone was completely dismembered... and, at the very end, it's mentioned that he was still alive when they found him like this.
    • The commander of the Mobile Task Force team was found dead from suicide. That's not the scary part. The cause of death was from "forced sexual entry through left eye"! Think about that for a second.
    • The backstory behind some of the images doesn't exactly help, either.
    • It killed 231 people and maimed 7. 231-7. Might be coincidence. Probably not.
  • SCP-833 will make you WISH you were only infected by ordinary intestinal parasites. Anyone infected by this SCP become kinder and more generous. Doesn't sound bad? WAIT there's more! Not only do the victims become more altruistic, they try to help others in the best way they can think of... by feeding them pieces of their own flesh which they think is the most delicious thing in the world. Due to most people's issues with cannibalism, the infected try their best to keep their actions a secret.
  • SCP-835 was a collaboration between two authors: one of them was the guy who wrote the infamous SCP-231. The other wrote SCP-682. Their goal was to create the ultimate in squicky SCPs. Some would say they succeeded. For the full impact, read the article first, then the "uncensored" version, then the "uncensored" version of the exploration log.

    SCP-835 also serves as a bit of Fridge Brilliance Nightmare Fuel for the SCP series. Now you know what kind of disgusting, freaky things are behind all those [DATA EXPUNGED] boxes, and they're exactly as bad as you'd think. "Now we can be together, just like he wants..." And then someone went and added a picture for 835. Check out the filename on said picture: "flbalanus.jpg".
  • SCP-847. It's a living mannequin implied to be created by human traffickers. When in the presence of males, it acts submissive and docile. When in the presence of women, on the other hand, it attacks to kill them, and takes their tissues to attach them to themselves. It's incredibly fast and strong. The message log is also quite sad.
  • SCP-860 seems fairly ordinary by SCP standards - a blue key that leads to a blue-misted forest with some unseen creature stalking you as you walk through it. The real chiller is the end of the last exploration log and that very last bit of audio.
  • SCP-870. A monster only visible to people with schizophrenia. Descriptions of them vary from person to person, ranging from a three-eyed crocodile with spider legs to a centipede with human arms. They are highly aggressive and predatory, stalking their prey for months or even years before attacking, killing them and swallowing them whole. It's estimated that there could be dozens or even hundreds of SCP-870 throughout in the world, all undetectable by 99% of the population. One has to wonder how some people seem to vanish without a trace. A journal recovered from a schizophrenic researcher suggests SCP-870 don't actually eat their prey, but instead repurpose them into more of their kind. Also, schizophrenics might not be seeing the actual creatures themselves, but are just a bit better at seeing through their camouflage than the average person. What do they actually look like?
  • SCP-871 is a collection of 237 different cakes. Seems simple enough, except if they are left alone, any one of those 237 cakes will replicate themselves, creating a duplicate in the near vicinity. And, those duplicates will duplicate themselves as well, just like bacteria. In order to keep them contained, D-Class personnel have to constantly be called in to eat each instance and any duplicate it creates. However, there's so many cakes that no amount of eating them will make them permanently go away. If they were left alone and no one ate them, it was estimated that it would take only 80 days for a layer of cakes several thousand miles thick to cover the entire earth, rendering it completely uninhabitable. On the upside, this does mean that the D-Classes are allowed to eat cake at complete random times of the day.
  • SCP-882 is a clockwork... thing that grows by absorbing all nearby metal objects and can brainwash anyone nearby into "feeding" it. SCP-271 is an engraved coin, whose inscription spreads to nearby objects and turns them into an indestructible metal with unknown properties. Accidental tests on living organisms suggest that both being absorbed by the machine and being converted by the coin are excruciatingly painful. There is an obvious reason these things are not to be allowed in the same room. The Church of the Broken God wants to try it out.
  • SCP-895 is not really all that scary to read about. It's a wooden coffin that inverts a common horror scenario; specifically, it's completely harmless and appears totally normal when viewing it in person. But viewing it through a camera lens or a security camera causes all sorts of nightmarish imagery to appear to the viewer, including giant bloodstains and "GET OUT" written in blood everywhere; the closer the camera gets, the more horrific the images. The recovery log for SCP-895 includes a team investigating the coffin and seeing nothing wrong, only to hear their commander over the radio screaming and puking violently; it's left in doubt whether he even lived through the experience. There's even a live video feed of it on the page.
  • SCP-899. "A psychic and telekinetic phenomenon that most commonly manifests as groups of hostile phantom children." Then they went and exposed it to SCP-573. To give some hint of how "successful" that experiment was, this is what happens when a perfectly ordinary person uses 573. Taking a picture of it with SCP-978 resulted in a [DATA EXPUNGED] and a note that "It appears SCP-573 is indeed sentient in any case."
  • SCP-902 is a box that constantly emits a ticking noise, causing anyone who hears it to become convinced that there's something inside of it that needs to be destroyed. People will constantly open and close the box, convinced that whatever's inside of it is going to keep ticking down and kill everyone, slowly going insane. The really scary part is reading the page if you're logged into an account on the website. The page tells you to open the box. By your username. That's right, the box is telling YOU to open it. For a while, if you acceded the article via the main list instead of a direct link, you first saw a warning page, implicating that merely by reading the report you already are at the mercy of the box. There is a Meta/Spoiler thread in the SCP forums, when SCP authors go to talk about what was really happening in their authored objects. The author of this one has listed and explained his other ones, but when he arrived to this, he simply said "there is no box". Think about the implications.
  • A previous iteration of SCP-910 was a protein that grants immortality. Sound pretty cool, right? Well, it would be if that didn't mean losing all normal regenerative abilities, putting you in a scenario similar to the immortalized humans from Torchwood: Miracle Day.
  • There is something distinctly disturbing about SCP-914.
    • Testing shows that in spite of its supposed lack of sentience, it seems to have a rather twisted sense of humor, and on multiple occasions the "very fine" setting, which refines something to its most perfect form, has produced a (mercifully inanimate) replica of SCP-682, suggesting that it may have a "thing" for the beast. The fact that it knows 682's "home phone number" doesn't help matters.
    • Testing of SCP-978 on SCP-914 indicates that what 914 really "wants" is to have a sixth setting on its control knob, that goes beyond Very Fine...
    • Every time someone tries to run something organic through the "Very Fine" setting, it gets all "[DATA EXPUNGED]". But some of those have rather... telling... notes relating to "cleanup," and they've banned any further attempts to use it on living things.
  • SCP-930. It's an uncharted island. The birds around it, 930-1, attack anyone who gets close. They don't kill, just cause minor wounds. They're not trying to hurt you, they're trying to get you away from the island. There's something much worse there...
  • SCP-939. Read the whole page and all its included documents. They are these things that attack people and breathe amnestics. Doesn't sound scary? Read the document, "Reproduction of SCP-939." The whole thing. The audio log is a blend of Nightmare Fuel, Tear Jerker, and just a bit of Adult Fear. Those things are sentient and, when they're young, they are just like small human children. As if that weren't enough, in one test with SCP-914, processing them under "Fine" and "Very Fine" settings killed them (the "very fine" setting simply produced "a smouldering pile of white ash") — the implication being that they're not meant to exist.
  • SCP-953, a polymorphic fox with hypnotic abilities that is known in Korean mythology as a Kumiho, which unlike the more commonly known Japanese counterpart, the Kitsune, is an Always Chaotic Evil creature that uses its abilities to manipulate its prey and is extremely hostile to humans and has been known to have been able to escape confinement multiple times. The Foundation agents who encountered it, even with knowing what exactly the thing was, were seduced by it taking the guise of a beautiful woman and inviting them to its home where it served them rice and meat. The next day though one of the agents woke up to notice it eating the other agent who slept with it. And noticed that the entire house was placed under its spell, and found out their "meal" was actually maggots and the remains of the house's residents the SCP killed. Thankfully the agent escaped and the SCP was captured but it still is a horrifying example of what the thing can do.
  • SCP-956, quite a disturbing inversion of piñatas. If a child goes near it, they will freeze up while 956 attacks. When it does, the child's chest will open and spill out anomalous candy as they die. If a child is removed before the SCP attacks, they are still frozen permanently, and autopsies have revealed that, depending on the amount of time spent in its range, the candies have already started growing inside the child. The candies if consumed can be deadly for those who are over 12 and if any child under 12 consumed it WILL become another instance of 956 in both appearance and behavior. Later, personnel noticed the SCP pacing around its containment room, and always ends up facing a certain wall.
    "Security has confirmed that SCP-956 is facing directly towards an elementary school. That school is [REDACTED] kilometers away".
  • SCP-957. As if that picture isn't enough, the entity drags a human into some pocket dimension, blinds it and mindrapes its victim so that it'd be comfortable around it and bring it new victims. Then, there's what it does to the victims its "companion" brings it. And the clincher? It's all a front. SCP-957 does all those outlandish things for distracting the attention of the Foundation and have it look somewhere else so that its "boss" can freely plot whatever they want against them.
  • SCP-966, an invisible humanoid thing that hunts by making you unable to sleep. Imagine it; you're in your house, at 2 AM and you are dead tired, but for some reason you just can't sleep. The night goes on and on, you keep moving uncomfortably in the bed, and nothing. Comes 6 AM and you have to get up to go to work. The whole day you are just shambling through the world like a zombie, trying desperately to at least have a little nap, but you simply can't get asleep. When you're finally so tired you can't even move, a sharp pain comes from somewhere on your body and all you see is your flesh being ripped off with no clear reason as to why. Oh, and there's a picture of it too. More squick than terrifying, but when someone took a picture of one of those creatures with SCP-978 (the Desire Camera), it showed a picture of two of them mating. Just... try to imagine those things doing that... *shudder* They also seem to bear more than a passing resemblance to the Silence from Doctor Who. If you survive being hunted by this thing, you will never be able to sleep again? This is because the creature deprives its prey of sleep by emitting a sort of wave that inhibits all forms of sleep. Any living thing hit with this wave is robbed of the ability to get any rest permanently. They're also everywhere, and despite the Foundation's efforts, there are still several of these creatures uncontained in the wild. The Foundation notes that the population is especially strong in two redacted spots with two strings of five characters and a second string of seven characters. "N-o-r-t-h" and "S-o-u-t-h A-m-e-r-i-c-a" fill in the blanks perfectly.
  • SCP-968 is a tar pit. Doesn't seem very horrifying, except that it's a living tar pit that is made up of a colony of carnivorous microbes which are capable of creating shapes of prey within the pit so that passing predators would jump in and become their tar trapped lunch. What's worse is that when it wants human prey, it simply creates the shape of a trapped baby, which is why its alternative name is "Tar Baby".
  • SCP-973 is essentially an evil police man who likes to chase down unlucky vehicles at high speeds with his police cruiser until overtaking them in a few minutes. Yeah sure, this SCP may not SEEM as horrifying as the other SCPs listed above, but consider that it has already killed 34 people from 19 vehicles on the highway where it has been driving, with said victims eviscerated, raped, and damaged beyond the point of identification and their cars sustaining heavy impact. Also, attempts to destroy the highways used by SCP-973 have proven ineffective, as it can simply relocate to a different road and attempts to contain it led to the death of nine agents. And as a final little note to keep you awake at night, a post-mission interview by one of the surviving agents revealed changes in the police man's appearance, with red eyes and a black hole where his mouth should be. No teeth, no tongue, just a hole. The territory in which it can manifest is expanding, and still with no way of containing it.
  • SCP-974. Adult Fear 101. It's a shapeshifting creature that builds a crude wooden "playhouse" in a lightly wooded area and assumes the form of a human child, and then mingles with other human children, playing with them and slowly building up their trust over the course of several days. Eventually it will attempt to isolate and abduct one of the children to devour them. So what's the containment procedure? Set up a containment zone and regularly feed children to the thing to keep it placated. One time, the Foundation decided to deprive it of children to see what would happen to it; 974 ate some woodland creatures for a while but deprived of its primary prey, it eventually buried itself in the ground and underwent a metamorphosis over the course of a few weeks. When it emerged, it was far larger, stronger, tougher, more aggressive and lost its fear and weakness to fire. It attacked the nearby Foundation monitoring station and killed everyone inside before a team was mobilised to destroy it at a high cost. After this incident, the current containment protocol was instituted.
  • SCP-975 is an organic portal in an abandoned subway system, where a race of small frog-like aliens have emerged from. These aliens, intelligent enough to learn English, have been asked about their reason for coming to Earth and explained that they're fleeing from something. Something made them abandon their homeworld and flee to here of all places. And according to Incident 975-01, it's followed them here.
  • SCP-980 is a blank that has the power to "simplify" anyone and anything in an 8 meter radius. While objects are bereft of color, detail and often function, animals and humans will experience loss of distinguishing characteristics, to the point that victims may die of heart failure due to chambers of the heart fusing together. It also Mind Rapes you into losing facets of your personality, including interests, habits and memories.
  • SCP-981 is comprised by a negative film reel and its steel canister. When the former is placed into the latter, and both of them come near a film, said film will change to include an SCP that hasn't yet been found by the Foundation (this extends to undiscovered copies of already-known SCPs). Sounds great, right? Excepts for two problems: first, there's the risk that the modified film will display a memetic SCP, and there is no way to know it except for having someone watch the modified film. Second, when they tried it with The Dark Knight, a modified scene has the Joker turn directly at the camera and say "You don’t realise, do you? Two thousand? You haven’t even started." He was specifically addressing the Foundation.
  • SCP-983 has funny containment procedures, but a Bell Ringing Monkey who promotes Rapid Aging on whoever receives it on its birthday up until it dies is certainly scary. Not singing along with the monkey can turn the person into skeletal remains, and the monkey drops a sick-looking black candy. Singing too well gives a translucent candy that explodes the person who eats.
  • SCP-993:
    • It's like Candle Cove as done by a Monster Clown - except Candle Cove didn't brainwash children. In one episode the clown just stares at you. For the entire episode. What makes it worse is that in the next episode you can tell who he's really staring at: The SCP Foundation. It can think. It is a sentient, evil television program and it knows who's watching. Even its archived copies are aware. It knows the Foundation is blocking its broadcasts and it's pissed. Its copies are kept in the Foundation, so Bobble could easily learn about a memetic hazard and get creative... It already knows about certain SCP's, and how to breach containment for them. For all we know, it may have already found one.
    • One short story on the site makes Bobble even scarier with The Reveal that Bobble isn't just a television program. It's an Eldritch Abomination that existed since the dawn of humanity and has spent all that time encouraging violence in humans. Its first act was to teach them the secret of fire. "Bobble" is just its most recent idea. In the same story, Bobble also reveals that he's perfectly capable of killing people in the real world even in containment.
    Smile. You're on television!
  • The former SCP-995, an object that is too mentally scarring for many to describe. At best, it's been described as an "Infinite Devil Machine." It's required to be kept in a blessed lead container full of also-blessed holy water, which turns black and darkens whatever room it's in. Recorded images of it breaking out of its container show tendrils poking out of its container. Unfortunately it's been deleted due to negative ratings and changed to a device which drives people insane as it touches an electric conductor. Eventually it was deleted altogether, although the original articles can still be found here. (The concept was eventually revised and revived. Behold the Infinite Devil Machine 2.0.)
  • Not that the actual SCP-995 isn't inoffensive either. Fungi creatures that develop more organs (like eyes, mouths and tentacles) the longer they grow, like to live under sofas and similar furniture, and eat people. If that doesn't sounds scary, they describe one instance of these beings that adapted to create sounds to lure prey, ranging from ringtones to baby cries.


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