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Nightmare Fuel / SCP Foundation: SCPs 1000 to 1999

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SCP-1471-A, your new best friend forever.note 

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    SCPs 1000 to 1099 
  • SCP-1000. Bigfoot and the Sasquatch's used to be the dominant species on the planet. Humans were hunted to near-extinction, put in zoos, regarded as The Fair Folk, etc. Meanwhile, Bigfoot created things even humanity can't comprehend. Organic Technology, mostly. Eventually, humanity acquired the Sasquatch's technology and used it against them, wiping out the vast majority of them, and then going on to destroy their minds, their technology, everything. Then, humanity wiped its own minds, forgetting everything they had done and rising to become the dominant species. However, recently, Bigfoot has been regaining his mental capacities. When the time comes, his kind will rise again, and take back the planet that was once theirs…
    Director Jones: You think Bigfoot is funny because we want you to think Bigfoot is funny.
  • SCP-1004, aka "Factory Porn".
    • It's a disc that contains a program that allows you to see pornography of any subject; Rules 34 and 36 in .exe format, if you will. However, as one uses the program more, they will seek out increasingly Squicky fetishes, such as pedophilia, scat, and snuff, and it becomes harder for them to get turned on, to the point where the user will attempt to act out these newfound fetishes in real life. It's such a problem that a researcher who got infected tries to get two D-Class personnel to have sex for his pleasure; as a result, researchers are no longer allowed to look at the output of SCP-1004, even indirectly. To top it off, Foundation scientists have noted the absence of any actual compulsive effects by the anomaly; users are completely free to stop at any time, yet the majority continue regardless because it's "the easiest way to find the desired pornography".
  • SCP-1034, a small suture.
    • While safe if left alone, if anyone makes contact with it they begin using the suture to sew up their facial orifices, starting with the mouth and moving onto the eyes, nostrils, and ears. During this process, the subject loses all control of their body except for their facial muscles, lungs, and vocal cords. After all, orifices have been sewn, the subject will just stand there and rapidly dehydrate until they are a leathery corpse. The worst part of this? During the sewing process, the subject is completely awake and aware of what's going on, with the threading of their mouth being just loose enough for them to breathe. This means the only thing the subject can do is scream.
    • Even worse, when the only survivor of the tests (who is now blind from puncturing his eyes while suturing them shut) is put in a room with the bodies of the late test subjects, he immediately breaks down screaming. When questioned about what happened, he implies that 1034 traps the souls of its victims in their corpses and that they were screaming at him that it wanted him back.
    • If you read through the description and the attached interview, you find out that the individual who the Foundation discovered the needle with was a serial killer who enjoyed watching his victims sew themselves up, mentioning how much he enjoyed their screams and commenting that the female doctor interviewing him would "make a good doll." Disturbing enough on its own, but then the serial killer shows up again, this time as a D-class test subject who is subjected to 1034 by the same doctor he threatened. There's fortunately little sympathy for him, being the monster that he was, but the fact that it reduced a deranged serial killer to squealing like a baby and begging to be released shows just how terrifying this object is.
  • SCP-1035 is a child's pink mitten that slowly causes the wearer's flesh to decompose, starting with open sores and sepsis, then toxins and abnormal fungal growth, then [DATA EXPUNGED]. More than 24 hours of exposure is almost always fatal without extreme lifesaving measures. It was made as a present for a child by her grandmother, who apparently wanted her granddaughter to slowly rot alive For the Evulz.
  • SCP-1042 is a stone brick that has the strange property, when exposed to an electric current, to record and broadcast events happening near it, like a spectral video recorder. But that's not what makes it creepy, nooooo... It's the only artifact that seems to detect the presence of strange, dark hooded figures in the vicinity, who sometimes slightly interact with nearby objects for causing accidents. Sometimes they cause LETHAL accidents for their own purposes that have far-reaching butterfly effects. And they know they’re being watched by the SCP agents.
    SCP-1042-1: Please stop staring. It makes us frightfully uncomfortable.
  • SCP-1048:
    • It is a vicious subversion/deconstruction of "Team Pet"-style SCPs that aren't kept under close watch because they're considered harmless. It provides some excellent perspective on why the Foundation continues to use the methods that they use when handling SCPs classified as "Safe." It collects human body parts and uses them to make new teddy bears. Once it even aborted a pregnant woman's child while she slept for use as raw material. Yeah, there's a good reason it was reclassified Keter.
    • There's also the incident that got it reclassified. While walking around the facility, its first creation, SCP-1048-A, let out an intense shriek that could be heard for 10 meters (about 33 feet). It caused ear-like growths to grow to cover the body of everyone who heard it, and they all soon died of asphyxiation due to the growths forming in their esophagi and mouths.
    • There's also this little part. They later mention how they found a female researcher bleeding unconscious. It was discovered something forcibly ripped out her fetus.
      "Subject made no attempt to interact initially until a burst in its seams revealed what appeared to be the hand and arm of a human infant poking out and grasping at the air. At the sight of this, a female researcher named ████ ██████ screamed, and SCP-1048-B reacted by emitting a high-pitched cry similar to that of a human infant. The subject then attempted to [DATA EXPUNGED] the screaming researcher, causing massive internal damage. In the ensuing chaos, a security team was forced to [REDACTED] both the researcher and SCP-1048-B."
    • Then there's SCP-1048-C. While not as terrifying as a bear with an unborn fetus, this one is still plenty terrifying. It is essentially a teddy bear version of the Terminator, complete with its inability to be stopped by anything. And we mean anything.
      Dr. Carver: I cannot stress this enough. The damn thing jumped right through those poor people.
  • Keeping with the scary teddy bears, SCP-1055 appears to be a harmless little one, but it can change in size and shape into an enormous Eldritch Abomination based on how many people know about it. Worse, its behavior is also influenced by how people aware of it generally think of it; hostile and fearful awareness make it act in a more hostile and fearful manner. It has no upper limit to the size it can achieve, so even what starts as benign awareness can quickly grow fearful. The SCP is believed to be capable of causing an XK-class end-of-the-world scenario, and the only way they have to contain it is to have a mentally disabled man constantly hug it. The only way anyone thinks they can destroy it would be to kill absolutely everyone vaguely aware of the existence of the SCP… which now includes you for having read the page for it. And this entry.
  • SCP-1057. It's shaped like a shark, it behaves like a shark, it eats like a shark, and it even has the anatomy of a shark. Except it's not a shark. It's an animate blank space in the shape of a shark. In other words, it's galeophobia brought to life.
  • SCP-1076: Say you're a little kid whose parents discover a 3-5-year-old child who looks like they suffered from severe abuse. As responsible and sympathetic human beings, it's only natural they take him/her back and care for them until they get better. But then, after a while, they begin to show a little TOO much concern for this child, to the point they begin to forget looking after YOUR needs. Eventually, they stop paying attention to you and you begin to suffer from starvation and neglect. You become lonely, withdrawn, and depressed, desperately in need of the love that has become monopolized by the strange new child. Eventually, your condition attracts the attention of concerned school authorities and social well-fare agents. As they investigate the cause of your misfortune, your heart lights with hope that they will help save you and your parents from this nightmare. But no, it was all just a Hope Spot, since now the authorities have encountered the SCP which has ensnared their affections just like your parents. And now, with no other hope left, you watch as all your family and caretakers succumb to starvation, disease, or fights to the death as they neglect their own well-being as well as yours attempting to care for their new "baby". In other worse, a lethal and humanoid version of the cuckoo, or Debo Kyawaeen. And just to drive it in, if two of these creatures ever meet they will drop the act completely and fight to the death, traumatizing everyone involved.
  • Hope to God you don't end up as the victim of SCP-1086. To wit: It's a fatal brain disease that converts 9% of your white blood cells into a gelatinous blob of crude nerve cells that hijack your brain. This has several delightful effects, including immediately catching opportunistic skin diseases due to the damage to your immune system, starvation as the "second brain" strips your body of fat for energy, and rapid onset of dementia before death after around 48 hours. The kicker is that in the end stages of the disease, victims will state a set of coordinates for where the next iteration of the disease is located, showing that the "second brain" has some sort of capacity to act as a Hive Mind. The Foundation shows up, locates the targeted individual, and immediately quarantines them. Imagine being out with friends or something when a bunch of people who refuse to tell you who they are, shove you into a van and take you to a facility, and then you spend the next two days agonizingly dying and going insane, and you never see your friends or family ever again. Additionally, the article provides an explanation for the mysterious incident in Oakland, Washington in 1994, when it rained "blobs" on the town. The "blobs" were apparently iterations of SCP-1086, which infected a portion of the town's population. This gives the worrying indication that SCP-1086 may in fact be a Bio Weapon, or even possessed of a frightening intellect of their own…

    SCPs 1100 to 1199 
  • SCP-1100. It's a substance that mutates life. How is that any different from similar items? Well, it started by only mutating plants into forms that were hostile to humans and/or poisonous. Then it adapted to mutate animals as well. When presented with a choice of attacking a prey animal or a human, the human is always targeted. It can affect plants, wild animals, livestock, and even pets. It's implied that the Earth itself is creating the substance.

  • SCP-1124 is outright terrifying: an extraterrestrial life-form that's basically impossible to kill or even damage. There's an active specimen that's being kept fully immersed in triflic acid, and that seems to barely slow it down. (For reference: hydrochloric acid, the substance used to subdue SCP-682, has a pKa listed between ~-6 and -8. Triflic acid has a pKa of ~-14.7 and is classified as a superacid, being about a thousand times stronger than pure sulfuric acid (pKa of -12).) Specimens have overrun an extraterrestrial Foundation base, and survive there in a highly corrosive atmosphere. Having an active one on Earth seems like far too many. And somehow it gets worse: they caused the Grey Dragon Incident, which was the worst breach in Foundation history, caused by a different SCP going nuts when pods containing SCP-1124 were brought back to Earth. The result was an entire continent being destroyed before they were able to lure it back into containment (years later) with SCP-1124. The number of the SCP behind that carnage was redacted... but the related documentation links to 682. The Leak thread makes it worse. 682 is an early prototype to these.

  • SCP-1127 is a series of short films that permanently alters their viewers' minds. In order, we have:
    • Were Clowns Always Yellow?, in which a Nazi clown that narrates how people's lives become jokes, with the effect being that anyone who views it starts finding morbid things funny and funny things unfunny.
    • Crazy Where? You Are, in which a little girl narrates over clips of graphic violence about how said violence is "the only answer" while stabbing a teddy bear. This leads viewers of the thing to become violent sociopaths.
    • All? Comes With Yesterday, in which a woman in Victorian clothing and a mask sewn onto her face narrates over images of technology and just recites random words, at one point repeating the word "liar" over and over. Anyone who views this one becomes terrified of anything man-made, especially technology.
    • And lastly Why Are You Crying?, in which a leatherman narrates over pornography and other sexually explicit images in an uncomfortably explicit fashion. It causes anyone who sees it to grow obsessed with different creepy paraphilias.

  • SCP-1128 is an aquatic monster (that's big enough to swallow a whale) that attacks people who know the full description of its appearance... and it can pull people into its world through any body of water that they can be fully immersed in, regardless of depth. Even worse is that you might think you are safe as long as you stay away from large bodies of water... until you remember one D-Class was pulled into a glass of water after encountering SCP-1128 and not getting the amnesiacs. The good news is that if you survive the Foundation can cure you of its infection by giving you class-C amnesiacs, as the Mind Virus only works if you remember what it looks like.

  • SCP-1142, is a Goliath tracking mine that has a radio receiver that transmits messages about an alternate universe where the Nazis or someone did something that left a huge sinkhole in Poland, left Germany ravaged by a flesh-eating virus and some unknown forces causing mass destruction to German settlements, the Allied forces trying to contain something and the entire continent of Europe is quarantined. Makes you wonder what the heck is going on!

  • SCP-1147, a plum tree that can grow in anything and will take on the physical attributes of whatever it was grown in. Some of the test logs are funny, but the "Animalia Test Log" entries are just squicky or horrifying.
    • When they grew it in ground beef, the bark was muscle with a thin layer of cow hair and hair instead of leaves. The flower buds were "fleshy sacs" that smelled rotten. When the fruit was eaten raw, the consumers suffered from food poisoning-like symptoms. Cooking the fruit prevented sickness, but the taste was still described as "gross" and "wrong."
    • And then they had the brilliant idea of growing one specimen of 1147 from the brain of a D-Class. When the researchers tried to remove a fruit, the tree [DATA EXPUNGED] and required two MTF agents to bring it under control.
      Notes: Further testing requires O5-█ approval. Not that it'll do Researcher Paulsen any good. I accept full responsibility for not taking his suspicions more seriously. Dammit. I went into botany to avoid this sort of thing. -Dr. Laurel

  • SCP-1155, a piece of street artwork that's alive, aware, and compels people to look closely at it so it can eat them, after tearing off eyes, tongue, hands, and feet, and reappear elsewhere in the same city, if not another, and start again. And if you survive? It starts looking for you specifically. It also has a larder where it keeps its victims for later consumption, and it's been showing up in less abandoned places each time, including a playground.

  • SCP-1165, Glitch City in real life. Among all the other creepy things: if you're careless while exploring, you can suddenly find yourself in an infinite void where you're falling, forever, until you expire. The article mentions an entire large group of civilians who apparently vanished without a trace in the place. If you think that falling forever while you're alone is scary, imagine falling through the void endlessly with a bunch of other panicked victims around you, presumably with people slowly starving to death and dying in mid-air one by one over the course of the weeks that follow.

  • SCP-1173 is a memetic hazard centered around a fictional country known as "The Islamic Union of Eastern Samothrace." Hearing the trigger phrasenote  infects you, causing you to constantly see references to this place, its people, and its history, and accept them as fact. The Foundation's tests discovered that some people with schizophrenia actually have memories of participating in military action in Samothrace, having been traumatized by atrocities that never happened. OR SCP-1173 is a memetic hazard that expunges all memory of the very real Islamic Union of Eastern Samothrace. Infected individuals exposed to the trigger phrase are purged of SCP-1173's influence. When in the presence of refugees from Samothrace, the infected will become violent, screaming "You can't be real!" Afterwards, they have no idea what provoked them. The worst part is, half the Foundation is infected, up to and including the O5. They're engaged in a cold war, and we have no idea who is right.

  • SCP-1178 is an ICBM that floats above a former Soviet base. Should anything get too close to it or broadcasts be made too close, the missile will accelerate and trigger any nuclear-capable nation's early warning systems to make them think that there was an exchange and in turn, could actually cause an exchange and subsequent Planetary Class 2 Apocalypse How. The kicker? According to the GRU Division "P", which was the group that originally studied SCP-1178, it wants to cause a nuclear war. The only reason it hasn't done so yet is that people made it believe that the world already underwent one and wouldn't be capable of causing another yet.

  • SCP-1194 is a Dr. Wondertainment-brand toy speaker with a pull-string that when activated manifests a horse specially created for young girls to take care of. The horse will die if separated from the person who "created" it for more than 14 days. The speaker was found, along with the broken remains of a plastic horse-shaped casing presumably built for it, after its previous owner committed suicide. No explanation is ever given for the incident.

    SCPs 1200- 1299 
  • SCP-1226 is an oil painting depicting a nuclear bomb detonating over a large city. Aside from its super-realistic details on the city painting itself, the painting is basically a Devolution Device where simply viewing it will immediately change the viewer physically and mentally into a being similar to a Neanderthal. It is also worth mentioning that it was found in an art gallery where well-known members of the artistic community were affected and caused several deaths prior to the retrieval of the painting.

  • SCP-1227 was the result of a 1960 Russian social experiment where political prisoners were placed in an unlit cave with little food and water to study group dynamics under severe stress. After much torture, rape, screaming, muttering, and one forced abortion, what was discovered was one of the male prisoners attached to a large lump of rotting, liquified human flesh revealed to be the remains of the other prisoners. It gets worse from there.

  • SCP-1237:
    • It is a brain wave that occurs in some people, causing them to go into a deeper-than-REM-sleep state. It causes the person to experience dreams that aren't any different from other dreams. The kicker, though, is that whatever occurs in the dream becomes reality. That's right, it’s literally a reality-warping dream. Some examples of effects from 1237-sleep include people changing gender, significant changes to city layouts, people losing or regrowing limbs, people gaining superpowers, and governments being changed. The scary part is anyone involved in the dream will simply see the changes as normal, but will still have memories from before the change (imagine remembering two different things and believing that both are true, even when you know they simply can't be). However, the memories of people not involved in the dream will be unaffected, meaning they could get up one morning and be in a city they don't recognize with a new government regime they know nothing about. And absolutely none of it is under the dreamer's control. And since this is a brainwave we're talking about, the Foundation can't contain so much as limit its influence and mind-wipe everyone affected with class omega amnesiacs. And the dreamers themselves? They're taken by the Foundation and constantly mind-wiped to stop them from forming memories and never allowed to enter REM sleep again, eventually being terminated when they enter SCP-1237 state, so you're pretty much marked for death the moment you're discovered to be 1237-positive.
    • Many of you are no doubt wondering "what if a lucid dreamer was born with 1237?" There is only one instance of this happening. Like every other thing in the Foundation's storage, it was attempted to be used on 682. A breakout was staged for 682 in an attempt to minimize casualties. Only one dozen security personnel were killed, making this part of the plan successful. Next subject 1237-1 was told of the breakout and ordered to dream that 682 was turned into a calico kitten in the process and brutally killed by machine gunfire. When 1237-1 entered R.E.M. Sleep, he began thrashing and screaming, before dying of what was termed a brain hemorrhage. 682 became a cat for four hours… and 1237-1's corpse (as well as any subsequent victims following the dream) was noted to be covered in scratches and bites, infected by every cat-transmitted disease possible.
    • However, the truly horrifying thing about the article isn't the SCP's effects- it's SCP's containment procedures. They include the genocide of populations where the gene resulting in it is marginally (i.e.: 1-2% rather than 0.1-1%) more common than the human norm. They're not even looking for a way to neutralize it, such as gene therapy; they're just engaged in killing off anything from thousands to millions of people because they might have a slightly higher chance of being susceptible to it. This is the Foundation we're talking about, but damn.

  • SCP-1238 is a species of unclassified deep-sea fish that gains the ability to eat minerals and inorganic matter for three months out of the year. Not that scary, right? Well, they use this ability to dig their burrows, which they keep expanding on throughout their lives. Since their population explosion in 1850, they've built a vast tunnel system running beneath most of the Pacific Northwest. The article has a nicely detailed scenario for Event 638-Mu-34, the collapse of the whole network: most of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California sinking, a huge tsunami spreading across the Pacific, the global sea level falling several meters, millions of people dying, countless species going extinct, the water becoming contaminated with chemical and nuclear waste, and a resulting famine from the loss of land. All of this would likely result in an IK-class civilization collapse scenario. There's not much the Foundation can do besides thin SCP-1238's numbers and slowly move people out while searching for a better solution. Event 638-Mu-34 is predicted to happen sometime in the next few decades.

  • SCP-1269, a sentient mailbox that develops stalkerish tendencies when a woman in her twenties or older moves into its house. At first, it's kind of Black Comedy and definite Refuge in Audacity (seriously, a stalker mailbox!?) with his constant love letters that basically come from nowhere and get more and more erratic as time goes on and destroying any mailbox that dares to get in the way of him and his "beloved"... then it gets creepy when it's revealed that the mailbox will occasionally teleport to the occupant of the house when he wants to and follow her around... and then it gets terrifying when it's revealed that he kills a human male who moves into the house with the occupant.

  • SCP-1272-01 through 04 are four identical statures sculpted sometime in the 1950s, which seem to exhibit some bizarre topological anomalies and deviations in their hyperspace W-axis. When these deviations exceeded 38 degrees, it resulted in a containment breach and the creation of SCP-1272-05, an area of space with an extreme form of time dilation. For every hour that passes outside, only 184 nanoseconds pass inside, which makes studying the thing extremely difficult. The good news is that 05 is mostly contained within a maintenance corridor at Site 53 and poses no threat to the outside world. The bad news? In 2003, SCP-1272-06, a human male who can't be seen by staff on-site, was detected by CCTV within the affected hallway. Since that time, he's moved about four meters down the hall, which, when working out the numbers, means he's somehow moving at 41% the speed of light. He can't be seen because he's moving so fast that he's been blueshifted out of the visible spectrum. Should the time dilation effect disappear and he fails to slow down, the results would be catastrophic.

  • SCP-1282 are five rabbits (rendered sterile after containment) who turn into human hunters, complete with weapons and gunpowder, during the coming of the full moon. During this time they hunt and eat any rabbit they previously lived with, including mates and children. They continue doing this until all rabbits in the area are killed or the lunar cycle ends. Considering this is done with rabbits, this may not be as nightmare-inducing as the other examples above. However, the page notes that after the transformation, SCP-1282 will exhibit depressed behavior, refusing to move or consume food. This is both horrifying and a massive Tearjerker as it is implied that the rabbits have enough awareness to lapse into a depression at the death of their offspring and mates done by their own hands.

    SCP 1300- 1399 
  • SCP-1300, a dentist's chair that, for reasons unknown, puts people to sleep and inserts tubes that liquefy and absorb foreign objects to the body (such as implanted organs, tumors, and even false teeth) and replaces them with a substitute that usually functions the same. Sound alright? Sometimes it randomly enters a "beta-state", when instead of replacing foreign objects, it liquifies EVERYTHING inside you and steals it, filling you up instead with "biomatter" that invariably kills you. In a few instances, subjects even burst open due to too much biomatter being applied.

  • SCP-1307 is a pencil sharpener that causes any pencil it sharpens to become unbreakable by any outside force and permanently bonded to the user's fingers. At which point, its opening slowly widens, grows stronger, and grinds the user into a meaty paste over four hours that mostly disappears into the sharpener. The only way to stop the process is to amputate the limb or other parts before it reaches the brain. Also, it was found in an elementary school; you can imagine exactly what happened right before it was discovered.

  • SCP-1353, little felt centipedes that burrow inside you while you sleep and make their home in there. For the most part, they remain dormant and harmless, but as soon as you get a feeling of nostalgia, they wake up and start crawling around... and you can feel every bit of it. The addendum at the end then proceeds to describe this in vivid detail. Good luck sleeping after reading that.

  • SCP-1337 is a disturbing inverted twist on the typical hitchhiker ghost legend. The SCP was once a teenage girl in the 50s who was kidnapped and ritualistically sacrificed by a religious cult. Since then, her ghost has haunted a stretch of road in her hometown every May 19th, as an anniversary of her untimely death. Ignoring her on the road or going through the hitchhiking routine with her would warrant no violent action from SCP-1337. However, attempts to permanently terminate SCP-1337 lead by an arrogant scientist (which involved murdering the dead girl's parents and tearing up her road) transformed a once Safe SCP into a Euclid, resulting in the SCP now manifesting as a violent and vengeful spirit who not only extended her outreach to all the backroads of her hometown, but also now wore the wounds of her death (gouged out eyes, bloody ripped cloths, hole in the chest where the heart used to be). Now, ignoring her would result in her instantly teleporting into the backseat of the driver's car to proceed to inflict the torture she suffered from during her original death.

  • SCP-1357 is an amusement park that randomly sends out tickets to families consisting of two romantically involved individuals and at least one child so they can visit. When they get there all is fine and well, the rides are fun and the staff are dressed up as characters from the child(ren)'s imagination (like Batman). Then the child wants to stay but their guardians do not. The staff proceeded to throw the child's guardians out of the park and keep the child in the park, saying they can stay as long as they want. Except this is a lie. The park always tries to convince the child to stay and have fun. If the child continues to ask about their guardians or wants to leave, the park makes them think their guardians no longer love them so they still want to stay. And if/when they still persist? The park staff put them in a machine that brainwashes them and turns them into another member of staff, who is ready to do the same thing to the next family that comes into the park.

  • SCP-1372, a spatial anomaly that screws up several hundred miles of ocean, making it seem like it has an edge. Not only that, you can sail over that edge, and fall into whatever the hell it is that lies beyond it. The worst part? Sometimes they return, sailing normally despite being so damaged they should sink. And that's not getting into what happens to the crew. Details are spared, but to put it shortly: If one of them tries to tell you anything about what they saw, don't listen. And don't think flying over it can save you either. The exact same thing will happen, with the added detail that planes have radios.

  • SCP-1399 is a 15-page children's book titled Another Way of Hearing which features pictures on each page with the title of the book followed by the object in the picture. Its anomalous effects kick in once a person reads the last page and closes the book, which then they completely lose their sense of hearing in the world around them and instead have hearing from an alternate timeline where a divergence occurred that relates to the picture in the last page. These divergences are always of an alternate timeline where outcomes escalated to disastrous results, such as natural disasters causing much more widespread destruction than they did in our own world and failed assassinations succeeding. One such instance of the latter escalated into a global nuclear war, as evidenced when the D-Class testing completely lost their hearing due to their eardrums being incinerated.

    SCP-1400- 1499 
  • SCP-1401, much like SCP 1337 will make you terrified to drive on open roads late at night across the country. The SCP is an open stretch of road built in the early 20th century that is non-anomalous during the day. That said, anyone who drives along this road during the night will essentially disappear without ever reaching their destination, with them and their vehicle vanishing as the sun rises. During testing, it is shown that vehicles previously captured by the SCP will manifest within the road (designated as SCP-1401-1 instances), driving at ridiculously high speeds that take great effort by the Foundation to stop. Strangely, survivors of the SCP have been rescued if an SCP-1401-1 is stopped successfully without killing the trapped passenger. However, pretty much all survivors who have been rescued from the SCP die roughly in an hour of rescue, considering all cases died of a combination of starvation, dehydration, severe bedsores, and in some cases old age due to essentially being trapped in a limbo where even though they physically age, they are kept alive to suffer in real-time. Take note that the earliest victim of the road had a vehicle dating back to 1916, and the road is believed by the Foundation to have had at least 10,000 known victims since before it was contained. Two rescued passengers were even pregnant during their capture, and... it's best not to think about the details of those incidents.

  • Instances of SCP-1407 (yeah that's right, there's multiple of them) seems like an ordinary pair of in-ear headphones at first...until you put them into your ears, at which point it will embed wires into your ears with no way to remove them without deadly injury to your ears. You may not notice this at first, only that the earphones feel extremely comfortable. Eventually, the wires extend deeper into your body, causing rashes, impaired vision from having SCP-1407 extend into your ocular cavities, cysts, and hemorrhoids. And that's not the worst of it: Exposure to sounds greater than 115 decibels will cause the earbuds to replicate the sound, SCP-1407 will continue to grow and replicate, ultimately bursting out of your orifices and tissues.

  • SCP-1425:
    • It appears to be a New Age spiritualist self-help book from the Church of Happyology. But then we get to the chapter "Do Not Look Away From The Book", which includes such lines as "Some helpful advice that will save you in your coming weeks:" and "Love the archons. When you hate them, they see you." By Chapter 10 ("You Cannot Wake Up") the book has become pure Black Speech. Did we mention reading it brainwashes people and drives them crazy? Or that it can alter reality (and not in a good way)? And that the Foundation had to use Laser-Guided Amnesia on the entire Earth again? And then there's the intercepted broadcasts. Does anyone think Peppy was going to introduce SCP-993 (see above)? And how about that American Idol broadcast?
    • Near the height of the event, a procession for the Queen of England is interrupted by the city of London itself being torn apart and being stitched into a Glasgow smile. The person relating this information says that even he can't say what happened to the Queen during that time.
    • While we're technically given plenty of info, and can possibly fill in a crack or two in the stuff missing, none of it makes any damn sense, and is completely Lovecraftian. In the American Idol episode, the hosts look at Paula, who feels sick, and suddenly has her neck snap back and emit black smoke from her mouth. Seacrest asks if the others want to breathe in and "join her in hell", and one of them only casually says he prefers to do it at home. The entire rest of the episode is silent, with the only things that happen being two minutes later when the other three hosts suddenly have their necks snap back and emit smoke as well, and a few points where the camera focuses on an audience member either frozen in shock or silently crying in fear. Smoke is referred to several times throughout, so it is obviously important, but What in the name of God could it be or mean? The only explanation given for smoke is that believers follow the smoke to get "others" to remove their soul if it starts to form, but that also simply opens up more questions!
    • A brief side comment of a containment measure the Foundation used to contain the threat, Project Lethe, would later return as SCP-3002... and it puts the Foundation between the choice of undoing its effects or allowing a living idea to overrun humanity.

  • SCP-1427. The Foundation is well acquainted with morally questionable means and methods of containment, but very few have had a strong dissension from the ethics committee. The method here? Keep North Korea under a totalitarian regime as long as possible, and keep it as closed off as possible. The SCP itself attempts to destroy human consciousness randomly selected from the nearest 20,000 individuals. A personality that is submissive to the authoritarianism provides immunity to the effect, but not excluded from the search. Therefore, housing the SCP in Pyongyang protects the rest of the world from an EK-class end of human consciousness scenario. That's terrible enough, but the scary thought is that a non-governmental agency is propping a dictatorship up, including influencing other governments to put up with said dictatorship and leaving millions of people to suffer because, as the ethics committee notes, it doesn't want to keep ~21K people in a miniature authoritarian regime, and therefore abdicate the moral responsibility to the leadership of the DPRK.

  • SCP-1440. Wherever he goes, any trace of human society he comes into contact with will attempt to destroy itself, and his unknown compulsion to wander the earth brings him into contact with society very often. Problem is, he knows that it's all because of him and wants to be killed... but a side-effect of his power makes him effectively immortal. He approached an SCP agent hoping that the Foundation could find a way to destroy him, and since that time, he's managed to annihilate every single site that tried to contain him (at least five). It's gotten to the point that the Foundation has pretty much said "screw it" and stopped trying. He's still out there in the world somewhere, and the Foundation has no idea where he is. He also has some advice for the scientist interviewing him:
    SCP-1440: Should you choose to challenge Death to a game of cards for your life, there is one thing you must never do.
    Doctor: And what is that?
    SCP-1440: Win.

  • SCP-1459; although meant to be morbidly humorous in an over-the-top manner, it's still so sick and twisted enough to make readers cringe at its simple yet gruesome premise: it's some sort of strange game that simulates the brutal murders of adorable puppy dogs.

  • SCP-1471, MalO ver1.0.0. It's a freeware app that seemingly promises relief from loneliness, but it instead causes a huge humanoid creature to seemingly follow whoever installed the app by sending them pictures of the creature in places the user has been. After 90+ hours of using the app, the creature actually manifests in the real world and attempts to communicate with the user, but none of its actions can be understood. While it's (seemingly) harmless, SCP-1471 is full of Paranoia Fuel.

  • SCP-1485 isn't in and of itself scary, but rather, it puts a new face on the Foundation's baseline universe. SCP-1485 is an exact copy of the baseline SCP universe, with one exception: there are no anomalous entities or objects. Everything is just... normal. The Foundation initially had defenses in place to protect against an invasion, but they repurposed them to prevent Foundation personnel from deserting to SCP-1485. The reason why people kept running over to the alternate universe is that everything is normal. Science works, there are no cognitohazards, there's no risk of random objects being anomalous, and no monsters are lurking in the shadows. Personnel in SCP-1485-A just feel... safe, and normal.

    SCP 1500- 1599 
  • SCP-1506 is a behavior pattern in spiders that makes them cooperative colonies that create floating cities. They also change how they hunt, shifting from insects to large mammals, dangling down spider webs that paralyze them, and then drag them up at high speeds. This has captured jetliners on accident. What's worse is that it is suggested that this is simply a learned behavior: every spider that escapes the colony can form more colonies.

  • SCP-1545:
    • It's a llama costume, wearing galoshes that is made for two people to go into, like a horse costume one controls the behind legs and the other controls the front legs. The tag on the suit also reads "Larry The Loving Llama". Sounds like the perfect joke skip right? WRONG. DEAD WRONG. The costume will make you extremely in-character (Larry seems to act like a stereotypical pre-school mascot) which still doesn't seem bad... but you can't get out of the costume unless someone gets you out; if you stay in that costume long enough you could die from infections from pissing and shitting yourself, you could die from water dehydration, really you could die from a lot of things in that suit.
    • We all know how people die in the suit, but ever wonder what it would smell like? One person on the discussion page answered that question.
      Voct : Imagine what Larry smells like. Imagine all the people who've put Larry on, over the years. Imagine how they've sweated as they dance merrily around in the summer heat… for hours. Imagine how they've pissed themselves, and shat themselves, and kept on dancing. That caked-on muck of piss and shit and sweat, clinging to their skin, as they dance and frolic. Imagine the smell as it dries, and tightens on the skin, and the skin starts to rupture. Blood oozes in some places, trickles in others, and outright spurts in still others. Meanwhile, the feet are chafing, and blisters are beginning to form. Very quickly, infection sets in. Imagine the smell. Yeast, and portable toilets, and blood, and rotting meat, and pus…

  • Some time ago, one of the earliest entries, SCP-1548, The Hateful Star, an SCP that was thought to be sending signals desiring our destruction, recently was reclassified as explained. And with it, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that it is just a regular pulsar whose "communication" was just misinterpretations of information its bursts sends out. It is not even sapient. The bad news? Well, it is still a pulsar that is still relatively close to Earth, meaning that if it fired off a burst in our direction our planet would be fried with no way to stop it. Even if it is rendered mundane and non-anomalous, sometimes it still feels like the universe hates us.
    • However, the new SCP-1548, The Star, The Hateful, is arguably even more terrifying. The SCP refers to our sun, or more specifically certain solar phenomena that appear on its surface, such as the appearance of magical symbols that have certain beneficial effects. This seems to have been created at least partially by a group known as the Church of the Second Hytoth, a religion made of various species who believed that our universe is the second iteration and that their god took sapient life from the previous iteration that was under destruction, by very much implied to be the infamous Pattern Screamers. However soon it is very clear that our universe might be heading to the same conclusion, with the increase of solar ejections protecting our solar system and the disappearance of several cosmic-themed anomalies. The Foundation sends a probe out of this new protective cloud surrounding the solar system to see what is going on. What they see is innumerable cosmic abominations heading towards our solar system ranging from 10 km to 1000 km in size, with many being impossibly huge. Unfortunately, one of these entities manages to break through the cloud and enters the solar system. The Foundation sends out a spacecraft filled to the brim with anomalous technology but it doesn't even slow it down. Instead, the entity seems to fuse and corrupt the spacecraft before making contact with Mars, and seemed to start to corrupt it as well right before SCP-1548 unleashed its biggest ejection to date, which is implied to have completely destroyed Mars and the entity. This was just one of the innumerable entities that now threaten us. Finally, the article has one final haunting image, a picture of our now known universe after this assault, with only two pinpoints of light left.

  • SCP-1555 seems harmless enough at first: an industrial facility built into a mountain, with one long barrel that randomly launches containers of perfectly normal mice into a nearby field, where they run off unharmed (most of the time, anyway — there have been instances of dead mice, abnormal mice, and sometimes something other than mice altogether). But reading the audio/telemetry log makes it much creepier as a team goes inside to investigate. It ends on a horrifying note as the last surviving team member, following his tether to go back the way he came, finds that his line now inexplicably leads into a tiny pipe. He commits suicide, while up above the line retrieved by the base team is many times longer than when it was originally extended.

  • SCP-1562 is a claustrophobic nightmare. It's a slide whose anomalous properties manifest once someone slides down on their stomach with their arms at their sides. When this happens, they're transported to a cramped, pitch-black tunnel with just barely enough room for an adult to inch their way through, though without being able to move their arms up or even raise their heads. Those who are sent there can't be recovered, but radio contact is still possible. Of the two D-Classes who were sent in, the first found what seemed to be a child's shoe and mentioned they were talking, but didn't seem to be talking to him, before being cut off. The second was able to find the first, but he didn't seem to be moving and then began repeating his previous conversation with a doctor over the radio. The second tried working his way backward, only to suddenly be cut off himself. Testing has been suspended indefinitely.

  • SCP-1575. It is a statue/fountain that, over the course of about a month, slowly transforms animals into humans when they drink from it. What sounds like a furry fetishist's dream quickly becomes a nightmare when the Foundation does what it does best and injects some cruel reality into the concept; simply put, animals and humans are biologically different for a reason. Only three tested animals managed to survive the transformation and only one of those three transformed fully with no unwanted results. The rest feature such lovely imagery as a field mouse whose cardiovascular system shut down because it couldn't keep up with the rate her body was growing, a tiger whose organs failed after just four days because of the sedatives she was given, a parrot whose skeleton shattered in various places because, like the field mouse, it couldn't keep up with the rest of her (her wings did apparently manage to form a set of pseudo-hands, though) and most horrifyingly of all, a dog that was not properly checked for parasites before her transformation. The parasites were also affected by the water and… well…
    Dr. ████: We absolutely do not need another instance of half-mutated flea-creatures, and the psychologist is having a hard time helping Janet with her nightmares of a seven-foot long tapeworm with a screaming face tearing out of the belly of a dog.

  • SCP-1590 is a video game called "The Book Of Tamlin" that appears to be a simple game where you find objects in crowded rooms. Thing is, the game changes every time to show the low points of the players' lives, like 'find all the boys who made your childhood a living hell' and 'find all the insults your father wanted to call you but didn't because he knew you weren't strong enough to take it'. Then up to 72 hours later, any and every door the player opens will open into one of the rooms, and they (whether willingly or not) must enter. The recorded logs of the participants start with some good old Black Comedy. However, as the logs of the other two participants will clarify, it stops being funny real quickly and becomes downright cruel.

    SCP 1600- 1699 
  • SCP-1616 is an adorable, so-cute-I-wanna-die, tiny furball of a hamster called Nibbles. Just look at its picture. Then, why it's in a Nightmare Fuel page and not in a Heartwarming page? Because this adorable rodent can make anything appear on its cheek at sight, even objects featured in photographs or that double its size, but will only eat it if it is organic. A D-class was placed in its chamber and looked at the rodent. The D-class' left eyeball appeared inside Nibbles' cheek and he could feel the pain. And it's classified Keter in case of a possible End of the World scenario if Nibbles sees a picture of potentially dangerous objects.
    (From the comments page) What if it saw the sun, the moon, the president of some country on tv, etc.

  • SCP-1654 joins the ranks of SCP-055 and SCP-579. Not only do we not get to read its description, but breaking from the tradition of practically every other mainlist article, we don't even get to read its containment procedures; we don't even know its Object Class (although it is almost certainly either Keter or Apollyon). What we get instead is an emergency broadcast relayed to every Foundation site, warning them of procedures that need to be taken in order to help contain SCP-1654, which seems to have breached containment. Said procedures are pretty damn disturbing on their own, including using corpses or body parts as some kind of ritualistic shield, cannibalism, and some kind of process called "reclamation"; even more disturbing is that the broadcast advises Foundation employees to use not only themselves, but any civilians they encounter, for these purposes. The ultimate goal of these procedures seems to be to convert human subjects into some kind of supernatural weapons, which will then be used against major population centers (all of which are now designated SCP-1654-1), with the intention of converting them into "Seraphic Zones" for the purposes of eventually terminating SCP-1654 upon the broadcast of further instruction...except that the protocol hasn't been updated in over 24,000 daysnote  (more than 66 years), meaning that either the plan has failed or the Foundation is still going through subjects.

  • SCP-1678 A replica of London, created to house and protect a population in the case of an XK-Class end of the world scenario. Creepy enough that some entity around the Victorian period had an inkling to build such a structure, but then there is a museum depicting 'The Fall of Man' including depictions of other SCPs, and the replica gets less and less accurate the further away from the Parliament Building one gets. 'Bobbies' and biomechanical birds patrol the streets, the former made from unfortunates that reported to a poorhouse and hostile to anyone exploring the SCP. Loudspeakers around the SCP urge caution against several memetic and parasitic horrors that are either long gone, or yet undiscovered. Humanoid figures in rags also beg on the streets, and there are dispensers of 'Dr. Goody's Wonderfood', whic would eventually cause malnutrition if consumed exclusively for a period of time, and induce psychological and physiological changes such as docility and lowered sex drive. The beggar entities have a particular desire to consume the Wonderfood. Who or what made UnLondon, and for what scenario, is unknown…

  • SCP-1689. You wouldn't think an infinite bag of potatoes would be scary (and, indeed, most of the article isn't), until you get to the exploration logs. While it's mostly as comedic as you'd expect from a team of Foundation agents being sent into a bag of potatoes to explore the pocket dimension inside, it's still a world similar to ours that's been completely filled with infinitely-replicating potatoes (thankfully, the effect no longer applies after the potatoes are removed from the bag) - basically, it's the worst-case scenario of SCP-871 (the Keter cakes), only with potatoes. Furthermore, the exploration team discovers a mangled bicycle, confirming that human beings lived there and were wiped out by the potato infestation, and the team nearly dies from being crushed/suffocated by the potatoes.note  Now picture that on a global scale. For some, the absurdity of the situation negates the horror; for others, it's enough to make them never look at potatoes the same way again.

  • SCP-1698 has a terrible implication to the expansion event. Imagine you're just walking down the street entirely minding your own business when suddenly the expansion happens without any awareness. Now you're trapped on a sidewalk and unable to get off of it. Maybe you're blocked in by cars, maybe the ground gives way, maybe you repeatedly fall back for no reason, maybe doors to businesses cannot open. Regardless of the reason, you're now trapped on a sidewalk, and you're going to starve or dehydrate on a public walkway with no way to ever get free. The same can be said for people in cars, who will forever be trapped in their vehicle until their inevitable demise, unable to exit their car. Maybe you're trapped in a store and now you can't seem to get the doors open and go free, stuck in there with no way to reach your family or friends. Heck, maybe you're trapped in your car and your family that got out of it is trapped outside the car and can't get back in to help you, or get out of where they are to find help, meaning you'll all die so close yet so far from one another.

    SCP-1700- 1799 
  • SCP-1715 is an entity that exists on online communities, such as a forum. It will manifest as a user, and starts working its way up the forum. When it is high enough, it will send private messages to other users requesting personal information. Anyone dumb enough to give it any will die within two weeks. Somehow the fact that all of them die of perfectly normal, non-anomalous causes just makes it creepier (especially the person who was murdered by someone who had started planning the murder several years before the victim ever had any contact with 1715). However, their account will still be active like they are still using it. At least until 1715 gets bored and announces it's leaving the community, at which point all of the dead people's accounts will reply saying goodbye to it and then cease all activity. Now, what if it is on the SCP wiki? What if it is on the TV Tropes forum? What if everyone on the forum is dead and you don't know it?

  • Although not as sanity-breaking as the other SCPs, SCP-1725 still rates high in Body Horror as each of its nine settings mutates the body parts of anyone nearby into mimicking fashion accessories, including fleshy shoe heels and dangling earring growths.

  • SCP-1730:
    • An alternate version of The Foundationnote  used Site-13 to mass-terminate humanoid SCPs, while running brutal experiments and abandoning their former caution in their zeal — eventually resulting in the site being overrun with both individual rogue SCPs and a horrific black blood-sludge creature first manifesting as a Hive Mind of oversized leeches but ultimately made up of the conglomerated remains of presumably hundreds of anomalous humans. To make matters worse, they also activated a prototype device known as the Thresher in response, which successfully evacuated the Site from its original reality but also dumped it into the reality of the contemporary Foundation and destabilized space and time within it, making it yet another terrifying non-Euclidean space with no easy or certain ways out, where distance travelled does not necessarily equal distance that must be retread to escape. The space distortions also inflicted mundane damage to the Site's structure — such as tunnel and walkway collapses — further hampering evacuation and escape efforts. Finally, the power draw from the Thresher (presumably coupled with more mundane damage) also compromised the base's power systems, leaving them running at a bare minimum. Many fun times were had by exploratory MTFs and later Task Forces sent in to retrieve them.
    • It wasn't just humanoid Skips they mass-terminated: Everything was funnelled into the "meat grinder" of Site-13. The Foundation/GOC even managed to effectively contain YHWH. They stuck him in a box and that was that. Site-13 was used to destroy everything that didn't meet some requirement that most personnel knew nothing of. Site-13 is the horrifying result of the question, "What would happen if the Foundation did go the extra mile?" It truly say a lot about how abjectly horrifying that Site-13 is that Bobble The Clown shows up… and he's almost pitiable and sympathetic in these surroundings.
      Bobble the Clown/SCP-993: They burned the Library, you know. Held it upside down like a can of soup and let the contents run out into the furnace, and burned the whole place up. They did other things, too. Worse things.
      MTF member: What worse things?
      Bobble: Every worse thing.
    • This was all because of a doctor that was appointed to the Site by the GOC, Elliott Emerson. He was the one directing the Site as it committed atrocity after atrocity, and if Bobble is to be believed, he took pleasure in (at least) destroying the Wanderer's Library simply because it existed ("Daddy Emerson liked it. He watched it all, every time. Got his jollies off to it."). According to Dr. Scott, he attempted to escape all the horrors he committed by excising Site-13 from its nightmare of a universe with the Thresher. As witnessed by the Samsara team, he was apparently captured by some sort of kinetohazard-wielding multi-limbed abomination and lashed to it, where he repeatedly has his flesh continuously seared by white-hot glyphs on the creature's skin. His screaming is reduced to a faint whine by the sound-dulling influence of a kinetoglyph used by the creature.

  • SCP-1733 is a recording of a 2010-2011 NBA match between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. The catch is that with each new viewing of the recording, the events of the match change with the people in the recording eventually becoming self-aware of their situation (although not yet to the extent that they are in a TV recording) to the point that viewings of the recording have been banned by the Foundation. The 27th playback shows the commentators are self-aware, the 44th-45th involves the players and audience, the first violence occurs in the 51st, a death in the 52nd, and by the 65th, three organizations have formed - one of which is a growing Religion of Evil, leading to the ritual-based murders of the teams' key players to appease whatever is causing the phenomena. The second-to-last listed viewing involved the possible sacrifice of children. The final viewing listed simply describes the arena lights ominously glowing deep red, with the rest of the entry expunged.

  • SCP-1738 is a barber's chair that puts anyone who sits on it into a coma. When they wake up, said victims experience intense phobias towards specific things. The creators responsible were themselves exposed to SCP-1738, with one suffering intense hallucinations of being abused by his mother, despite his mother dying at childbirth, and another completely catatonic despite having no direct exposure to the chair. Originally in the hands of Marshall, Carter, and Dark, a note left revealed that clients intentionally subjected themselves to SCP-1738's effects. That's right, they deliberately made themselves experience their worst terrors simply for the sake of getting a fear-induced high.

  • SCP-1739 is a laptop that either creates another universe or sends the user into one.
    • The alternate universes (which are "branch timelines" of the our own Prime timeline) are created as bait for an immensely powerful Eldritch Abomination, and those universes are destroyed by the entity. This is all revealed in a conversation with a resident of one of the universes, who is cut off by the being's arrival.
    • The original researcher is actually (confirmed by Word Of God) the Prime timeline version of the various Isaac's. The person who is contacted in the alternate timelines is always Isaac.
      Isaac132: Haha. Well, it's been a pleasure.
      Isaac132 has disconnected.

  • There are some bizarre things in the SCP Foundation's canon. SCP-1782 manages to be a massive Mind Screw even by those standards. The old man feeding himself to parrots may be the least disturbing thing in this room. "Testing subjects in all cases return from the interior of the room with a fear of holes. Exact reasons for this are unknown." And then there's the things the old man with the parrots says like "And then I'll be eaten. There's a hole in the wall in the bottom of the floor.", "Pour all the rest of the blood thereof at the foot of the altar, chickadees. In the hole in the floor." and "There's an abortion under the floorboards, one in the sink, too." What makes it even worse is that a hole that was never there, does indeed manifest later on. And it does in fact have an aborted fetus inside. AND IT'S STILL ALIVE! The underlying concept is amazing. It's all a manifestation created by an aborted reality bender. Which apparently holds a grudge towards its mother. And has a penchant to placing itself inside any woman around the area.

  • While instances of SCP-1795 themselves aren't terrifying (in fact, their article is mostly one long Heartwarming Moment), one of their transmissions mentions a war and something called the Pattern Screamer. We're given no description of it, but whatever it was, it caused a galaxy-wide genocide of humanity and forced them to retreat to remote corners of the Milky Way, like Earth. It was so thorough that the Star Wombs weren't even aware if any of their masters survived, which is why they've been building planets in the first place. What if it's still out there right now? The Pattern Screamer is mentioned by other SCPs. And always in a worried/terrified way. Whatever it is, it must be really nasty…

    SCP 1800- 1899 
  • SCP-1812 isn't too scary on its own:
    • It's an unusually dense asteroid in a retrograde orbit 180 kilometers above the Earth with no danger of collision. It's basically an extra moon... but you won't notice it until you see a picture or someone who has already seen it points it out to you. Once someone has been made aware of it, they'll be subjected to its effects. This includes perception of things such as extra reflected light during its lunar phases, an increase in global volcanism, and a tide that covers 85% of the Earth's islands and coastlines. People under its influence can appear to swim and even drown on dry land, as well as burn in nonexistent lava flows. The Foundation isn't even certain if SCP-1812 actually exists.
    • It is possible to counteract the memetic influence and convince affected individuals the tides and SCP-1812 aren't real. Except they also lose the ability to perceive liquid water and stellar light (including that of the sun) as a result.
    • The Foundation learned of SCP-1812 from the journal of an amateur astronomer named Alexander Montag. Shortly after his discovery, he barricaded himself on a roof, believing New York had been engulfed by a tidal surge and that everyone he was seeing were just hallucinations. He died after trying to escape the roof in a makeshift boat.
      "The Foundation began investigating the incident when it was found Mr. Montag had survived the fall, and had died from suffocation and hypoxia. Agents recovered Mr. Montag's journal, which contained all information currently known about SCP-1812, and serves as the primary vector for the meme. It is currently unknown how Mr. Montag discovered SCP-1812 without any prior information regarding it."
    • According to the containment procedures, if more than 10% of the population became aware of SCP-1812, one of the possible solutions is nuclear bombardment of the object. If that doesn't work, they just wasted some of their arsenal and now need a solution to combat a memetic hazard. If it does work, then they've now sent thousands of chunks of radioactive debris raining down on Earth, along with lord knows what kind of tidal and gravitational effects.
  • SCP-1875 is a chess computer that comes with an engine with a timer that has its maximum setting worn out, a 32-piece chess set made out of human bone (sorta creepy), and a suit of samurai armor presumed to be used for performances involving the computer. The computer also affects other computers, in one case sending a memetic image of two girls in black and white playing chess that causes insanity. By the way, SCP-1875 also altered its own file, corrupting two incident reports and putting a possibly memetic file in the last one. Not to mention what's actually powering the computer. It's the brain matter of a Russian chess champion's two daughters, apparently still alive and somewhat conscious. The odd glitches at maximum power and Brown Note emails suddenly make a lot more sense. And for the love of god, DO NOT CLICK ON THE 3RD AND FOURTH ADDENDUMS. The picture is downright cruel in its implementation. It's not animated, but the thing is, it comes after several pages of nothing but "UPLOADING... UPLOADING... UPLOADING..." repeated over and over — so naturally, you'll scroll down faster to get through the textwall quicker, and end up with a faceful of oh God little demon girls before you're ready for it.
    To make things even more fun, it's implied that they've infected your computer. Oh, and that picture has nasty memetic effects which you will be suffering from shortly. Feeling a little uncomfortable after seeing it? There's also the line of code in one corrupted report, "WE C Y0U, TITLE" surrounded by a double-%. Not a huge deal, right? Problem is, that TITLE code in wikidot code doesn't show the page title, but your username. The girls know you're looking at them. Not the Foundation, YOU.
  • SCP-1893 is a mysterious entity that rewrites any information written about it into an unrelated fictional narrative, with the original document's contents given out in the form of dialogue. The common element of the stories is a violent and sadistic man with tattoos of bull horns on his face, nicknamed 'the minotaur', who carries a baseball bat. If you have an SCP Foundation account and are logged in, the text will call you out and threaten you with your username.
  • SCP-1897 is a particularly cruel reversal of animal domestication. It's aliens that consider us the same way we do dogs, kidnap people, and then castrate them and leave them with the intelligence of dogs, treating them as pets.

    SCPs 1900- 1999 
  • SCP-1958, the space microbus. Congratulations to its crew for being the first humans in space! Off to Alpha Centauri! Whoops, looks like the crew forgot that Alpha Centauri is 4.3 light years away, and the van can barely even top 130 kilometers per hour.note  By the time the remaining crew realized their mistake, only two out of four remained and were dying of scurvy, and alone in the vastness of space at that. The driver ends up going at least a month and a half with nobody else to keep him company. Now consider that the file mentions a missing person report for the driver; he and his friends most likely have friends and family back home wondering what happened to them… Oh, and it turns out that one of them was a member of the Fifth Church. You know, the ones behind SCP-1425?
  • SCP-1968 appears relatively mundane, as artifacts go, despite being labeled as Keter. It's a ring of bronze approximately three meters across that exhibits unusual gravitic effects due to its high density and was found buried deep in the Earth's crust beneath Greenland, which is described as having the ability to completely re-write a person's memory so that they remember a history that conflicts dramatically with what is commonly accepted. The ring is kept in a sealed bunker 300m below ground level and can only be accessed by operating a two-man switch from both ends of a single elevator shaft that is rigged to self-demolish in the event of a breach of containment (which is basically anyone without proper authority or access trying to trigger the ring's effects). Oh, and the notes indicate that the geologic strata in which the ring was first discovered imply that it's at least 3 million years old.

    Then the second half of the article comes into view, which is contained in a security layer that automatically dispenses a memetic kill agent to whoever accesses it, and can only be cured when security personnel arrive to verify their identity in person — and access can only be granted by permission of the majority of the O5 Council. Then you see the object's real classification — it's another Thaumiel. Turns out the ring's true function is to rewrite the history of the entire universe, leaving only the person who triggers its effect to remember what the previous universe was like. The SCP didn't figure this out until they had already triggered it twice according to their records, except that the subject who performed the test insisted that it had actually happened 19 times. They were only able to verify these effects independently by reviewing the data logs of CERN, which showed sub-atomic events responding sympathetically to the artifact's field projections. Oh, and the interviews of that test subject indicate that objects which were previously in containment were now out and the Foundation isn't even aware of them thanks to the changes in timeline that were made by the experiments. Fortunately, the Foundation seems to have learned its lesson and refuses to touch the thing now… unless they need it to undo the effects of a world-ending scenario. Judging from a couple of incidents, such cases did take place.
  • SCP-1981. Just try watching any political speech after reading that:
    • It's a Betamax Tape of Ronald Reagan giving his "Evil Empire" Speech with a figure wearing what looks like a black KKK robe in the background. Over time the speech devolves into a series of highly deranged non-sequiturs, delving into cannibalism, child molestation, genocide, and many other disturbing topics as Reagan is inexplicably injured horribly with no apparent sources, including by decapitation, impalement, and genital mutilation. His speeches often predict future events such as including the line "We will stop al-Qaeda" in 1983. Also, every one of his speeches includes the line "Now there you go again". And even if he's injured past the point of death, he doesn't stop talking. Did we mention the part about the tape changing the speech, the injuries, and the topics with each time it's viewed, or the part where the tape is alive?
    • Since Reagan was still alive, but not president anymore at the time SCP-1981 was discovered, the Foundation launched an investigation to see if he had anything to do with it. It's implied that they showed it to him and erased his memory afterward. According to one tale, it was even worse: a couple of Secret Service agents heard about the tape and lobbied so that the retired Reagan could watch the tape. Against the better judgment of the site director, the Foundation agreed. They offered Reagan amnestics, which he refused. Later on, the horrified agents snuck into a Foundation base to steal amnestics to dose a visibly broken Reagan… only to dose him incorrectly, sort of curing him but instead damaging his brain. The condition was explained away as Alzheimer's, and the Foundation simply amnesticized the agents and sent them elsewhere.
      "No known connection was developed, though Reagan would frequently complain about "nightmares" before his mental state degenerated due to Alzheimer's."
    • And to make matters worse? It sees you.

  • SCP-1983:
    • It is a farmhouse that has a set of containment procedures pre-written by an unfortunate Agent who became trapped in it. The classification reads "Keter, God help you", and the Special Containment Procedures read "You're going to die, you poor dumb fuck." Fortunately, it seems that a D-class was able to neutralize the farmhouse and was posthumously awarded the Foundation star. Unfortunately, the farmhouse isn't the only instance of SCP-1983.
    • Here's some snippets:
      • "You've probably tried going back out the door, but if you haven't, don't. It leads to someplace even worse. There aren't any monsters, but… Jones went too far from the house, and I swear to God, he started to melt. Things started popping out of him, and… All you need to know is he didn't make it back. That's when we closed the door."
      • "There's also bits that are made out of… stuff. It's black, like the shadow things, and it's mostly in the well-lit places. If the lights go out, you can stick your hand through. I don't recommend it. That's how we lost Torres. Something grabbed him, pulled him through. The hole wasn't big enough for his head, but he still went through, eventually."
      • "There were shadows in the place. I don't mean the monsters, I mean real shadows, of people. Only there was no one there to cast them. They were coming from the hearts. A new one appeared at the same time as the hatching monster, and started trying to pull away, but it couldn't."
      • "If you can, go in and destroy the nest. Destroy every last heart. If you do, maybe it'll kill them. It's the only thing I can think of. You'll probably die doing it, but you're dead anyway. So what's it matter to you how it happens?... Good luck. Morituri te salutant. (translation from Latin: We who are dead salute you.)"

  • SCP-1984. Thought the Dead-Hand system the Russians had during the Cold War was just computers? Well, no. It's actually a ghostly entity, who listens in to any radio and TV broadcasts made, and in case it hears anything that could possibly be misconstrued as a future offensive, rushes to any missile silo around and launches absolutely everything inside, then keeps going with every missile that might be left in the entire damn country. It also moves insanely fast, can only be temporarily stunned by using microwave weaponry, and if you get between it and a missile, it will fry your brain so hard it'll leak out your nose. That's not much of an exaggeration. The maker's log makes it even worse: They specifically looked for the most sociopathic Spetznaz officer possible, as they needed a man that could see the nukes falling, the world half dying, and press the button to kill off whoever might ever survive, and, in his words, "sign the death warrant of the human race".