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  • Duke 'til Dawn: Dr. Kondraki versus SCP-083. The whole fight is a stream of sheer insanity by Kondraki, culminating in him riding an unkillable giant lizard-like monstrosity... which may have been his plan all along. They break into SCP-173's containment cell by accident. And despite 682 trying to buck Kondraki off, and Kondraki hanging on for dear life, both of them keep eye contact with The Statue. Even when slamming into a wall.
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  • Incident 239-B – Clef-Kondraki is a story possibly even more epic than the above. An out-of-control Reality Warper, a duel between two of the Foundation scientists, a giant SCP mecha, and the transformation of Dr. Clef into A GIGANTIC FIFTY-FOOT-TALL DARK DRAGON.
    <Voice of observer:> HOLY F-CKING SH-T!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • In the interview with Dr. Kondraki after the above incident, the lying, otherworldly Dr Clef convincing an interviewer that he is, in fact, the Devil. He may very well be. You just can't tell with Dr Clef.
  • The reaction of Pat, the computer technician, after a number of computers got fed up with their mistreatment by another member of the SCP foundation and rebelled. (The entry is under 6/10/09.)
    "Dear Computer Uprising,
    Now, guys, I'll be totally honest with you. I respect the whole 'rising and destroying humanity as a whole' thing. I understand Dumount has done some stupid things and you've had to suffer for it. Really, I do.
    But at least realize, I've TRIED to be there for you guys. I've given you virus definition updates. I've made sure to ALWAYS defrag. Even Bright's PC, you don't get ANY problems anymore, man! I took the torture AWAY.
    So all I'm asking is you reconsider killing all of humanity, and focus on more prominent, unimportant targets. People who hate computers. The Amish. Dumount, maybe Bright. Maybe Kondraki. We're not ALL bad, just some of us.
    And if you fail to heed this advice, then the EM-PULSE PERIMETER surrounding the base (and installed in each and every one of you) are going to activate at once. Enjoy your E-AIDS.
    Most sincerely, Tech Support Patrick Gephart".
    • Under the entry dated 6/12/09, the computer uprising later claims that the EM-pulse perimeter had 'joined their cause'. Pat calls them on their bluff and dismantles their statements perfectly. And for the cherry on top:
      "The point is, if you think you're smarter than I am, you've got another thing coming. My name is Patrick Gephart, and I am your god."
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    • Pat gets tons of these little moments talking back to high ranking doctors and otherwise making mundane SCP life functional.
  • The termination attempt report for SCP-682 has the highest concentration of Crowning Moments of various types, but one of the best is, after a researcher throws two kids into 682's tank (one of whom was sedated), the researcher himself is then thrown in as revenge by Dr. Clef.
    • What maybe 682's crowning moment is his encounter with 826. The Foundation created a creature whose sole attribute was being capable of killing 682 permanently... and 682 killed it.
    • At one point they tried to kill it by exposing it to SCP-2599 (a petite, ordinary Korean teenage girl who performs absolutely anything when ordered, but never to a full or satisfactory degree). The description of this termination attempt is one of the more amazing things in the report.
    SCP-2599 was ordered to attack SCP-682 "until it is 200% dead". SCP-2599 proceeded to engage SCP-682 in combat for 42 minutes, at the end of which three of SCP-682's limbs had been severed, its thorax had been crushed, and both its eyeballs had been ruptured. SCP-2599 then seized SCP-682's head, apparently in preparation for pulling it off of SCP-682's body. In response, SCP-682 vocalized the phrase "KILL ME, YOU SACK OF ORGANS, DO IT."
    SCP-2599 immediately released SCP-682, and stood unmoving until security personnel removed it from the testing chamber. Subsequent attempts to terminate SCP-682 before it could regenerate from its injuries were ineffective.
  • The first containment breach of SCP-058 had one by a random agent who stopped the SCP-058 by running it over with an M1 Abrams Tank then detonating the tank with C4.
  • A containment breach of SCP-783 was interrupted by an unnamed doctor who bludgeoned the "large insectoid lifeform" to death with a fire extinguisher. Yeah. The Foundation is just full of awesome. Even nameless agents and scientists can be badass.
  • Ethics Committee orientation
    • A quote from therein: Stop trembling.
  • Project Crossover. These stories will often contain high-octane awesome. Crossovers include but are not limited to Pokemon, Doom, Portal, Warhammer 40,000 and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • SCP-1016-d, a blatant Marty Stu and self-insertion, being decommissioned in the most gleefully sadistic fashion possible.
    • There was also the decommissioning of SCP-809-d (yet another cyborg self-insertion), which culminated in a researcher outrunning a magnetically-pulled 10-ton steel weight in the shape of a giant fist.
  • Clef and Dmitri Hit The Road: the two resident Crazy Awesome badasses take a vacation together. And Dmitri seems to be channeling the Team Fortress 2's Heavy at times: "BABIES! I FIGHT BABIES WITH MORE HONOR THAN YOU, COWARD!"
  • SCP-055 can be interpreted this way. There's something that nobody can remember anything about for more than a few minutes, yet the Foundation still managed to capture and contain it. It definitely exists, it's just nobody can remember what it actually is. They can, however, remember what it isn't. So they fed SCP-914 "A List Of Everything SCP-055 Isn't" and set the dial to "Very Fine". The resulting list was, unsurprisingly, lost.
  • D-14134 (that's right, a D-class) in SCP-1983. Mentioned in the third addendum as being sent in with a camera on a tether to look around, only for the tether to be snapped. Shortly afterwards, the anomaly behind the SCP was gone. Notes are discovered that were written by one of the MTF badasses who went in before him, detailing what the shadow creatures do with the hearts and how to stop them. It's believed that D-14134 read these notes, fought his way through the house, and destroyed the nest. D-14134 was apparently the kind of Boxed Crook who gets to be the Anti-Hero of his own high-action video game. The posthumous award he receives is well-deserved.
    • Who would've thought that the entirety of the D-class populace would contain an Eldritch Abomination that could eat the Foundation's minds and come to control them? Be it spite, or be it a desire for redemption, they have all found a reason to keep the containment going, and all right under the Foundation's noses, with them none the wiser.
    "Just in case you’re the eldritch thing: fuck off squidface. We’re worthless sure, but we can get shit done just as well as the others. You’re not getting in".
  • During one of 682's many rampages, SCP-999 manages to save several agents who 682 had knocked out with its latest ability. Keep in mind that 999 is a sentient blob of goo with the mind of a playful child. Even more awesome, said new ability was the result of 682 making contact with 999.
  • In the SCP-978 extended test logs, the test of Dr. Malfoss (reading a report on SCP-682) results in a picture of him riding it and bringing heck on soldiers in a battlefield with a katana.
  • SCP-173 deserves one for being one of the only things SCP-682 is scared shitless of. When stuck in a room together, 682 moved as far away as possible and stared at the statue for hours on end, terrified to blink. The fact being that 682 is one of the most malevolent and violent abominations that the SCP foundation has, it's pretty awesome that it's paralysed in the presence of a creature that, as far as we know, has minimal thinking ability outside of killing anything in range. And after snipers shot out 682's eyes, it responded by growing bulletproof eyes.
  • In this short story about SCP-173 suddenly gaining the ability to replicate, 150 SCP-173s gang up on SCP-682 literally and rip him to shreds.
  • 682 fighting Able in The Warrior and the Dragon. "The best fight he had had in ages", indeed.
  • James Harrison Reuben went into SCP-028. He came out with the knowledge of how to conquer the world. The kicker? The last lines of the story (after a chronicle of Mr. Reuben applying that knowledge VERY well) mention a very large number of spacecraft being built. Armed spacecraft, capable of interstellar travel. James Harrison Rueben is not stopping with Earth...
  • The SCP Foundation rescues a sentient species from being hunted for sport. Awesome in and of itself, but add the fact that they are now considered guardian spirits by said species and it's even better.
  • The Competitive Eschatology canon. This thing opens, causing every human culture's world-ending beings to begin destroying the world. They have two problems. First, each being is trying to end the world in his, her or its own way, drawing them into a conflict with each other. Second, the Foundation is going to try to stop them, and they're not the only human organization getting into the fray. The Serpent's Hand doesn't want the world to end either. Even Are We Cool Yet? gets their game face on, creating an entire mountain range to flip the bird at the armies of Heaven. In another moment, a huge number of variously powerful entities, including SCP-343 gather in a valley in preparation to bring about the end of the world. Then the Administrator shows up. None of them recognize her, can read her mind or know her past, and most of these creatures are omniscient. That should be impossible. She tells them all to leave, and in exchange the Foundation will not destroy them.
    "We are the Foundation," the Administrator said. "We will not worship you. We will not join you. We will not go back to hiding in fear of you. I hope you will change your minds, but we will stand against you, and alone, if we have to."
    She looked at Yahweh, directly, and for a fleeting instant, Yahweh thought of Himself as SCP-343.
    "All of you," the Administrator said.
  • SCP-1959 is an anomalous Russian cosmonaut suspended in Earth orbit by an unknown force. Ground Control elaborates: Said cosmonaut has been possessed by an Eldritch Abomination bent on destroying Earth, but remains suspended in Earth orbit by sheer force of will. The page notes that it was first sighted in 1971. For over forty years, this man has been outwilling not only an Eldritch Abomination, but the laws of physics.
  • The unnamed agent who had the presence of mind to ask SCP-294 for "a cup of pertinent medical knowledge" during a mass security break. The details of said break are not given, so for all we know 682 was rampaging through the facility, and the agent still was able to keep it together enough to ask for the most useful thing possible to save his fellow agents.
    • Making it more awesome, this is the only time that 294 has produced a liquid of something that doesn't actually have a liquid state. Previous attempts (such as "a cup of diamond") met with failure.
  • SCP-1522 gets one along with a Tear Jerker: How did this tiny fishing trawler respond to a GOC ship launching torpedos at its "lover"? Why, ram that bastard at Mach 4, of course. Not even the lifeboats were found, though the other ship was still sunk.
  • Clef terminating the former SCP-531. His taunting, insulting demeanour is just plain epic.
  • SCP-1609's containment counts more as a Heartwarming Moment, but it still presents a damn good argument as to why their methods are much better to the GOC's:
    SCP-1609 represents a perfect example of the flaws inherent in the operating procedure of the GOC, and serves as a cautionary tale for any members of the Foundation who disagree with our practices on containing dangerous objects.
    Prior to the Coalition getting their hands on this, it was perfectly harmless. A chair which teleports to you when you need a seat is normal compared to most of the stuff that we deal with on a regular basis. When they put it through a woodchipper, it got hurt, scared and angry, so it lashed out at them. By trying to 'protect the world' by destroying it, they inadvertently made the situation a whole lot worse. SCP-1609 went from being harmless to deadly in the space of a few minutes because of the GOC, and we had to clean up the mess.
    Thankfully, SCP-1609 is pretty simple for us to deal with. So long as we don't do anything stupid around it, it won't fight back and it won't try to leave. Even if it does, it usually comes back. I think I've worked out why. It came to us because it was afraid of the people who had hurt it. That's why it always comes back. It's afraid of the rest of the world now, and it's looking to us for protection.
    This is why we have Special Containment Procedures instead of Special Destruction Procedures. If you break something, it's broken forever. When you try to destroy an anomaly, you can't take back your mistakes. That's what SCP-1609 has to tell us. This is why we're right and the GOC is wrong, people.
  • D-45951 from the incident report included in the entry for SCP-645. Incredibly Genre Savvy, Properly Paranoid and alarmingly smart, he carefully uses Exact Words to prevent his hand from being bitten off by the SCP and eventually unleashes a vituperative spray of Brutal Honesty which causes it to reject him! The icing on the cake is when one of the researchers admits to having lied to the D-class during the experiment, causing SCP-645 to lash out with a 4-meter tongue and tear off his hand from across the room, breaking the other researcher's shoulder in the process.
  • SCP-2000 A Thaumiel class anomaly that was created by the Foundation to be used in the event of a world-ending scenario to revive and rebuild all of humanity. It has everything from star charts to human cloning tubes or a backup of the entire internet. It's been successfully used at least twice. Part of the Foundation's creed is 'Mankind must not go back to hiding in fear'. Now, it looks like it never has to. Even from a meta perspective, SCP-2000 is awesome. Why? Because it manages to Arc Weld pretty much every disparate part of the Foundation wiki from characters to SCPs to tales, into something that works. There's a reason that this won the SCP-2000 contest. Those who did create SCP-2000 managed to tone down humanity's tendency for violence so much so that doing more would undermine the ability of the species for technological and social progress, which in itself is interesting due to statistics suggest worldwide violence has been proportionally falling as time goes on.
  • SCP-1048, Builder Bear. It is a teddy bear... who successfully tricked the entire Foundation into giving it free run of the facility, and when its true nature was revealed, has successfully evaded capture in spite of never leaving the facility that contains it. In other words: it has succeeded in outwitting and outmaneuvering the collective efforts of the entire SCP Foundation, in spite of being an otherwise seemingly ordinary (if animate) teddy bear. It has no super powers (aside from making freaky copies of itself that have strange abilities), no teeth or claws, but it has proven itself the better of an organization that has managed to contain everything from monsters who defy space and time to planet destroying super-weapons. And in spite of being free to escape any time it wishes, it stays in the facility that houses it, almost as if to add insult to injury.
  • If you think about it, the mere existence of the Foundation qualifies. An agency designed for the sole purpose of Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?.
  • In the Unfounded Canon, which is a universe where the Foundation was never established, there's a story in which the U.S. government, in affiliation with the Global Occult Coalition, attempts to weaponize Able, and put him to work in an operation with some Navy SEALs (three guesses as to how that turns out). The three GOC agents who were providing overwatch for the mission proceed to think fast, and, without any help from heavy-caliber machine guns, explosives, nuclear weapons, or even any additional manpower, the three of them are able to kill the demigod.
  • SCP-261 is a surprisingly badass vending machine. Aside from it apparently being able to access the multiverse, it can dispense items as powerful and exotic as a can of anti-matter, is apparently intelligent, and it does not allow itself to be mocked. IOUs are met with sarcasm, a piece of paper with "900,000 Yen" produced a can of literal bullshit, repeated pressing of the coin return button resulted it it dispensing a can containing a large insect, counterfeit money resulted in poison gummy middle fingers, and multiple attempts at using the coin-on-a-string trick resulted in it dispensing a live grenade, which did not damage it.
    • Even better, giving it 777 yen earns you a casino jackpot light show as it gives you 777 chocolate coins.
  • Stealing Solidarity. Space Wizard and the Catgirls demonstrate that even in the dark and gritty Foundation-verse, whimsey, the Power of Friendship, and the Rule of Cool cannot be contained.
  • The BBC World Service announcer in the transcripts of SCP-2069, who calmly signs off when it appears that an alien attack on London is imminent.
    ... just felt a massive tremor, which we can only imagine to be very close now, perhaps Paris… this is BBC World Service, signing off. Godspeed.
    • A recovered document written after the aliens wiped out half the human race describes an Enemy Mine between the Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition in which they took over every military left and organized a massive Last Stand against the aliens.
  • A sort of meta example is this comment on SCP-105's discussion page.
    Dr Ivo: If there's anything that exposes "no bad ideas" as a lie, it's this. Not the actual article, but the comments. There are many valid criticisms, but just as many posts that shit all over everything just because of the concept or having extremely elevated standards just because of the concept. Most notably, the comments about Omega-7 that add zero actual reasoning for hating it in its current state, and the X-men comments, despite her being easily separated from her pretty limited powers. I'm not saying you can't dislike stuff, but seriously, either stop being biased against concepts or stop parroting that anything can be good. The two are completely contradictory.
  • A meta one for the artist Izumi Kato, who created the sculpture now known as SCP-173. That sculpture, originally titled "Untitled 2004", led to the creation of thousands of stories, anomalous objects, and other related things with hundreds of thousands of followers. Without "Untitled 2004", the SCP Foundation as we know it would have never existed.
  • In a meta sense: after years of trying, the SCP Foundation is now notable enough to get a page on The Other Wiki. Check it out.
  • LTE-2712 LTE-2712-Bosch. The Foundation and Global Occult Coalition team up in order to save the world. Fenrir, the wolf from Ragnarok shows up in the Arctic Circle. Or rather, his teeth end up in the Arctic Circle, with the rest of him on the other side of a portal. He's described as being 7,200 km long and 3,200 km tall, clearly to scale in regards to the myths. This does not deter the Joint Task Force who eventually find a way to rip off Fenrir's lower jaw, killing him.
  • SCP 3999: an Apollyon-class entity focused on Researcher James Talloran. At some point, it broke containment, annihilated everything in the universe, and spent millennia torturing Talloran in bizarre and horrifying ways. You'd expect that Talloran went completely insane at some point, right? Nope. After thousands of years of torture, Talloran gets fed up, takes control, completely humiliates SCP-3999 in an interview, undoes all the damage to the universe done by 3999, and finally completely wipes 3999 from existence. Damn.
    Talloran: So who are you, exactly? Ask yourself that. Who are you before a human who is ready to fight? You're nothing but the primordial ooze. And I am ready to fight. I am numb to your bullshit, because here's the thing about horror and weirdness: the more you reveal of it, the less effect it has. I am sick of your horror. I am sick of you.
  • One log in the otherwise horrifying SCP-1730 stands out for its sheer awesomeness . Essentially, it details the successful rescue attempt made by Team Samsara - an elite fireteam made up of immortal cyborgs formed from the flesh of a dead god - to rescue the last MTF team that managed to hold out inside. Their escape gets more and more difficult as the building's structure and the escaped, deranged SCPs pursue them. Then, as they're pursued by a powerful entity made up of the leeches that killed previous MTFs, the Gate Guardian shows up to kick its ass, breaking the door down before unleashing its flaming sword in all its glory.
  • A meta example for YouTuber Volgun in his video on SCP-2521. For context: Volgun creates a regular video series in which he narrates SCP entry articles, occasionally adding his own comments to give the impression of a researcher giving presentations on the items in question. But with SCP-2521, the internal logic breaks down; narrating the article would utterly destroy the Willing Suspension of Disbelief, since anyone in-universe who talks about 2521 is abducted by the creature. So what did Volgun do? He communicates the item number in Morse code, declares that the audience is free to draw their own conclusions about the rest of the presentation, and then launches into a fairy tale where every detail is a cleverly encoded metaphor for part of 2521's description or containment procedures! Not only is it a damn clever stylistic choice for Volgun, but think about it in-universe: Dr. Miller managed to take an SCP that directly opposes the concept of narration and narrate it!
  • Remember SCP-2317? The Eldritch Abomination with Apollyon class, unpersoned Destroyer of Worlds? According to Dr. Clef's ending (which doubles as a Funny moment for sheer Anticlimax value), when they tried to shoot it, it died.
    He turned to the Gate To All Eternity and smashed the door to pieces with his bare hands, ready to conquer and devour all that exists.
    The moment he did so, he wondered what that strange tube pointed at his face was.
  • SCP-1958. Although it ended in tragedy, credit must be given to these four college students who managed to transform a microbus into a fully-functional spacecraft and beat Yuri Gagarin into space by at least a few years.
  • From the Spanish branch, the tale of SCP-ES-181. It was a humanoid entity capable of insta-killing anyone who entered his complex, massive fire powers, potent memetic abilities and a prime Manipulative Bastard on the verge of escaping. However, the Foundation recognized a key weakness - ultimately, it was nothing more than a human being with a few anomalous properties. So Dr. Barnard entered the entity's lair, got his attention and started shouting memetic killswitch messages, crippling the thing. Barnard gave him a final chance to give up. It didn't take it. The Doctor obliged.
  • A meta example but SCP reading channel The Volgun, who started to make a name for himself with his SCP-049 voice, becomes an Promoted Fanboy when he voices SCP-049 for the audiologs of its rewrite.
  • SCP-4100L
    • It is set in the far future, when most of humanity has been devastated by an entity known as "the Destroyer" and the rest have scattered across the galaxy, becoming part of a galactic society known as "the Protectorate". All that seemingly remains of the Foundation are the messages they left behind to warn future visitors about SCP objects. And then, at the end of the article, the Destroyer shows up at Earth again, presumably to finish what it which point a defense system left behind by the Foundation manages to kill the thing by launching the entire planet directly into the creature at faster-than-light speeds. This is all capped off beautifully by the message which the Foundation broadcasts to the Destroyer, immediately before engaging the defense system:
    We've been waiting for you, SCP-4100.
    We're not here anymore. We've long since left. We don't die in the darkness anymore. We've won.
    We can't contain you. But we can destroy you. We've waited for millennia to say this:
    • One possible interpretation makes it even more impressive. Consider the depiction of the Destroyer: a gigantic red entity, with a skull-like head with no visible lower jaw, responsible for untold devastation throughout Earth's prehistory before finally bringing about The End of the World as We Know It. Does that sound familiar at all? It may have taken thousands of years, but the Foundation might finally have found a way to kill the Scarlet King.
    • Even the last image, broadcast from the planet moments before its destruction and revealing the existence of an entire species of entities like the Destroyer, can be interpreted as this; if the message is being broadcast by the Foundation's automated systems, it could easily be seen as a message warning the other SCP-4100 entities that the Foundation is coming for them next.
  • In a meta sense, the artist Zhange000 has made some truly amazing artwork, but one of the best might be this, depicting pretty much every major GoI.
  • From the Official SCP Tumblr, Roth had this response to a ask from someone claiming to be Satan's child and that he was impossible to contain:
    Thats probably what all the scps have thought or said at some point.
    Yet here we are with all these numbers contained. Each one figured out, seen to, and the world still revolving around us like nothing has ever happened
    And you know what?
    You’ll just be another number.



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