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  • His rebuttal of Angry Joe's "Top 5 Reasons Resident Evil 5 Pissed Me Off", which earned him an appearance on Transmission Awesome.
  • Dressing up as Yugo Ogami from Bloody Roar at A&G Ohio and engaging in a wrestling match against a Balrog cosplayer. Painful, but oh so awesome.
  • What other person do you know who does music video-style game reviews?
  • At the end of his Urban Chaos review, he goes out to kick the Dreamcast game in the snow. He'd later wear it as a necklace.
  • Five Dollar Gaming on Apocalypse for the PS1. That alone is literally made of awesome.
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  • Detective Blonde's appearance in the Urban Chaos video.
  • After SCR had finished part one of his Bloody Roar Retrospective, it was shared on Hudson Soft's facebook page, placed by the Hudson Soft people themselves.
  • Finding Mega Man X at a thrift store for 90 cents!


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