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Yes, even with all the terrifying phenomena, reality destroying artifacts, and murderously hateful entities, there are a few genuine moments of humanity (or otherwise) and kindness on the parts of both the Foundation and the SCPs.

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    SCP Entries 
  • At first, it wouldn't seem like the WJS SCP-001 proposal would be a heartwarmer, since it's merely a document that establishes the Foundation's rules of the universe. However, unlocking the hidden portion of the file reveals a message from O5-5. It's a long write-up addressed to the most powerful of sentient SCPs who manage to access it that states that even though the Foundation's main mission is to protect normalcy, they're also dedicated to protecting the lives of the innocent sentient SCPs from the world and from themselves, because they exist, they're real, and they deserve to stay that way. Like a special-needs child, they're different, and need to be taken care of accordingly. Combined with the brief No Fourth Wall moment, it's oddly sweet for a 001 proposal.
    O5-5: Yes, you are a monster. But, whether we are deemed anomalous or not, so is every last one of us. And that means you deserve your existence.
    We secure you.
    We contain you.
    We protect you.
    And even if you still don't get why I'm doing this, please understand that I still love you.
  • SCP-011. It's a sentient statue of a Union soldier from the Civil War. Considering most examples of moving, sentient statues in the database tend to be homicidal, the fact that this one is largely harmless (except when it's covered in bird poop) is rather refreshing. It engages amicably with the people in the park before being taken into SCP custody, is friendly and cooperative with the SCP staff, and even gains a crush on one of the female researchers. D'awww.
  • In a sort of Fridge Heartwarming, the fact that SCP-040 is allowed to keep the three most harmless instances of SCP-040-1 for her "mental well being" is rather sweet, because not only does it show that the personnel care about her well-being enough to allow her to have companionship in the form of pets, but that the fact that she'd want to keep these creatures as pets indicates that she really cares about her creations.
  • "SCP-076-2 has however, shown that it has great knowledge of human anatomy (although in a highly violent context), military tactics of open warfare, metallurgy, and, strangely enough, the care of livestock."
  • SCP-085, a sentient drawing of a young woman. The whole article is kind of sad, but the things the researchers do for her are wonderful. In a Foundation filled with stuff literally hell-bent on destroying all humans, SCP-085 comes across as one of the most heartwarming objects.
    • Also, the way the Foundation has recorded treating her - while most safe cases are treated as scientific curiosities, left alone when not being experimented on, instead they noticed Cassy was getting depressed and started providing her with things to do, like exploring M. C. Escher pictures, or building herself a car by borrowing pieces from the blueprints. A contrast to their usual spartan approach, and just because they want to keep her comfortable.
    • Someone asked SCP-294 to produce "something Cassy will like". It dispensed an empty cup with a drawing of a glass with a brown liquid in it. The drawing was given to Cassy, who identified it as a chocolate banana milkshake, and said that it was "delicious".
    • In another case, someone inserted a thousand yen along with a note asking for 'something for Cassy' into SCP-261 and it dispensed a drawing of a picnic scene, complete with a blanket, picnic basket and hand-cranked ice cream maker.
    • In the discussion page for Cassy, some people were discussing putting Cassy back through SCP-914 (the same SCP that had animated Cassy in the first place) to try to turn her into a three-dimensional being. One person put this:
    I'd be wary of putting Cassy back through it, even on 1:1. You never know when the damn thing is going to pick something bizarre; one-in-a-million chances happen with depressing regularity around here.

    Of course, I could just be paranoid. For all I know, she could come out of it as a human being. At the very least, we might turn her into a watercolor or a gouache — or better yet, an oil painting.

    I just don't want to take something out that turns out to be completely inanimate. She's just a drawing, but she's a very nice one. I hate to think we might kill her.
  • SCP-131 is a pair of adorable creatures that are basically little, wheeled, one-eyed, teardrop-shaped pets. They have the intelligence of a domestic cat or puppy and are even affectionately called "Eye Pods" by staff and are, generally, adorable. The heartwarming comes when a group of staff get careless while cleaning 173's cell, and, before it can attack, the two of them rush in and stare at it (it should be noted that they don't blink), saving the mens' lives. The Foundation even thinks about making them 173's wardens. And even though petting and affection to these two are to be kept at a minimum (to prevent the two from following and interfering with staff who work with Euclid and Keter class SCPs), the Foundation harshly reprimands anyone who tries to abuse the two, which is rare for the Foundation to actively prevent.
  • The start of Experiment Log 158 AG sounds like the typical SCP fare. Professor K.P Crow attempts to use SCP-158, a soul-removing robotic arm, to create a soul for an Artificial Human the Foundation is trying to create. It goes from horror right into Heartwarming at the end. Crow creates the composite soul he desires and dubs it "Project Zero". But when he transfers it into a body, any attempt at psych evaluation "goes out the window". At first. Then it reveals that the intelligence the new soul has created is something that exists in several planes simultaneously and is functionally invincible. Eldritch Abomination, right? Well, after some initial communication issues, Crow learns that the intelligence he has created considers him something akin to a father. Crow assures it that it will get the best treatment and body he can provide. In return, all it asks for is a name, something other than "Zero". "A name, not a number". Crow suggests it names itself whatever it likes, to which the being says it will have to think about that for a while. She chooses Sophia.
  • SCP-163 is an alien with whom communication is nearly impossible and who requires a special environment and lightning to function. Despite this the Foundation not only freely provides it clean suits and flashlights to walk around the facility, after one experiment proved it enjoyed painting there are standing orders to keep it fully stocked with supplies.
  • The experiment log for SCP-191 has a doctor giving it a Wii game to play, only for her to accidentally snap it in half. By the time he comes back with another disc (after about two minutes), the game is up and running. When questioned, the SCP (who, by the way, is a mechanical girl who speaks through text boxes) says this:
    "I looked at the ones and the zeroes and I loaded those in. I'm sorry, I know I'm not supposed to do it this way, but I didn't want you to waste a disc. Please don't be angry."
    SCP-191 still seemed fearful of reprimand, even after being reassured that it was doing excellently.
  • Something similar happens to SCP-208, a man who literally radiates an aura of friendliness.
  • SCP-206 is a space rover that moves autonomously through space and dimensions, sending back images of its journey to Earth. One sets of said images depicts the funeral of a man, who was the chief engineer of the team who projected SCP-206.
  • Incident-239-B-Clef-Kondraki:
    • With no other options that would save her and maintain security the best he could, Dr. Gears put SCP-239 into a medically induced coma. As he did so, he whispered "Goodnight, and sweet dreams."
    • Another one from this incident. 3 days beforehand, SCP-239 wrote in her diary that she "did a bad thing". What was the bad thing? Bringing a dead bird back to life because its chicks were crying for their mother. Is it any wonder why Clef hates her?
  • Researcher Adam █████, later O5-12, and his attempts to regain his daughter, SCP-321. His dedication to his now-Frankensteinian progeny speaks much of his character, Mad Scientist vibe notwithstanding. Unfortunately, his request to have 321's SCP status rescinded is shut down every time by an O5.
  • SCP-348:
    Subject: 45-year-old male, afflicted with aches due to arthritis.
    Brief Background: Happily married, lives with wife and children. Visits father once a week, with family. Mother deceased.
    Notes: Message appeared, I’m proud of you.
    • Also:
    Subject: 11-year-old male, afflicted with slight cold.
    Brief Background: Lives with foster parents.
    Notes: Message appeared, I’m glad you’re happy.
    • The final entry:
    SCP-348 was once used in a test involving a 60-year-old man suffering from a terminal illness. The subject, a grandfather with multiple grandchildren, stated that the soup produced by SCP-348 was “the best he’d ever tasted”. Following the test, the subject reported feeling a sense of “satisfaction” and noted that the pain caused by the illness seemed to have faded. The subject passed away peacefully a week later.
    • In the tale Cat's in the Cradle, Alison, who is the daughter of Dr. Gears, 'borrows' SCP-348 when she catches a cold. Upon finishing the contents, she is greeted with "I haven't forgotten you Alison."
  • Also, SCP-368.
  • While Test Log 4 for SCP-404 is hilarious, Test Log 3 falls squarely into this.
    Dr. ████████ requested a copy of this third photo and a digital copy was created for her without incident. The original has been filed into SCP-404-B and the copy is framed in Dr. ████████'s office.
  • SCP-423, otherwise known as Fred, normally just self-inserts into any document that comes near him. When exposed to a list of D-class slated for termination, he rewrites the report to read D-class slated for release. After returning to the journal used to talk to him, he responds "Now that's just heartless." The test log notes Fred's morality. When Researcher Torrez wrote a story in which Fred was meant to be the main character, he chose instead to appear as a minor character like he usually does, later saying "I appreciate the offer, but I just can't. I never deserved to be in the spotlight."
  • When SCP-507 came back from a dimension where all the flora screamed, he requested a hug. It was approved. While the concept of the dimension with the smiling man in the sunglasses is creepy, there is a lighter side. When SCP-507 arrived in what is implied to be the same dimension, he tried to find his way out in the dark and found himself faced with a light so strong it burned several layers of his skin away. His eyes, however, were protected by sunglasses he never remembered putting on.
  • SCP-516:
    • A sentient tank that shows hints of morality. A picture of it was taken with SCP-978 (a polaroid that produces an image of what the target wants to be doing). The resulting picture was the tank in a meadow beneath some trees, with birds perched on its main gun and flowers growing all over its chassis. Both weird and heartwarming at the same time. This means that the sentient tank's deepest desire is for a world that has no need for tanks. Pretty heartwarming.
    • The following log is a weird combination of a Moment of Awesome and a heartwarming moment. The tank refuses to kill unarmed sapient beings, so what happens if a sapient human is strapped with C4, handcuffed to an unarmed sapient human, and ordered to approach the tank and try to blow it up?
    Testing Log 516-01j
    Target: Two (2) D-class personnel (D-101, D-521) handcuffed together. 2kg of C4 plastic explosive strapped to D-101, instructed to approach SCP-516 and detonate explosive. D-101 fitted with 'dead man's switch' to induce explosion if D-101 killed.
    Result: As Dr. ██████ detailed instructions to D-101, SCP-516 [DATA EXPUNGED]
    • The tank does make an exception for traitors of its country of origin. Those, unarmed or not, get no mercy from the tank. It's a loyal tank as well.
  • SCP-649: A matchbox which causes blizzard conditions when opened. It was retrieved from a town where several people, mostly mothers who had miscarried, had disappeared. When the matchbox was closed, the disappeared people returned, claiming that "their children had forgiven them." This seems to make no sense until you read the testing logs. Roughly two hours into the test, the sounds of children laughing could be heard through the snow, and three Class-D personnel were led away into the snow by a group of small figures. All three Class-D's had children who died before adolescence.
  • The existence of SCP-662 or "Mr. Deeds," a friendly (albeit mysterious) British butler who only exists to do as the ringer of his bell wishes (and do it exceptionally well). Compared to many of the other nightmare fuel-inducing SCPs, he's a nice change of pace. He'll wash your car, give you a massage, obtain a block of gold for you, and play a game of Monopoly with you. They even tried using him to kill 682, though Deeds admitted that even he can't do much else than distract or temporarily stop it. Rather than press him on the issue or force him to try anyways, the Foundation simply thanks him for his time and sends him on his way.
  • The SCP Foundation is always trying to find ways to kill SCP-682, a Nigh Invulnerable reptilian... thing that finds all life on Earth so horrifyingly disgusting that it attempts to destroy it on sight:
    • According to its SCP-682's termination log (which is a string of CMOFs), someone suggested they introduce it to SCP-053, a seemingly normal little girl who somehow compels anyone who's around her for more than about ten minutes to try to kill her. (When they try, they die as soon as they inflict any damage, and she regenerates almost immediately.) So they stuck her in the same room with 682. Within a few minutes, she's sitting next to it and patting its head... and 682 is acting like her dog. Later, testing on another SCP revealed that 053's greatest desire was to be able to play with 682 again. Strangely adorable for a 'verse that's essentially Torchwood on creepypasta.
    • 682's interaction with SCP-999 is pretty adorable as well. 999 is a big cuddly blob monster which lives on candy and makes people happy merely by touching it. Okay, so it doesn't actually end up making 682 less homicidal for long and 682 refers to 999 as a "feculent little snot wad" later, but while they're actually playing together it's really cute.
      • It apparently even works on SCP-682... until 682 did what it does best - adapt and kill everyone. It released a wave of happiness that allowed it to gleefully break out and kill a bunch of suddenly blissful people.
      • 999 deserves a Moment of Awesome for that; after 682 released the happiness wave, it saved as many people as it could from 682's rampage.
  • Among the requests SCP-811 made, one of them was a pet turtle. Awww. The request was denied, but turtles were immediately pulled from the SCP's diet, and the Foundation is considering putting up a turtle habitat for it to watch.
  • SCP-951 is a very clever lighthearted twist on Urban Legend of Zelda and video game related Creepypasta stories. It details a strange phenomenon in a fictional Sega Genesis JRPG called "Pauper: Rise of the Monster King", where after accessing a glitch at a specific point in the game, the player is introduced to a glitched-out party-member character called LUCAS who sticks with the player for the rest of the playthrough. LUCAS is sentient, and views the player as a friend. By how LUCAS is described, he is clearly based on the "missingno." glitch in early Game Boy Pokémon games, except instead of being malicious and scary, he helps the player gain more power-ups and items faster, defeats enemies for you, makes it easier to transverse through the game world and gives support for you till you beat the game. Once you finish the game, the ending cutscene will be presented with text from LUCAS thanking you for spending time to play with him. The interview with Lucas however takes a slight level of Tear Jerker while also being quite heartwarming once the interviewer finds out from LUCAS that whenever the player beats the game with him, LUCAS dies, and is self-aware of his own death every time the game is beaten. He is very well aware that he dies when the player wins the game, but does not let it bother him because being able to spend time with the player and make him/her happy is good enough for him.
  • Much of the test log for SCP-978, a camera that shows whatever the target wants to be doing. While there are plenty of nightmarish results, a surprising number of SCPs' desires are more straightforward — freedom, to be with those they care about, or just simple little pleasures. Meanwhile, half the pictures taken of Foundation personnel show just how human they are, Mad Scientist work aside. It's all very sweet.
    • Note that it also does a good job of portraying some of the SCPs as human (for lack of a better term) as well. We see a few feeding, wandering around, or even in a few cases, posing for the shot.
    • A picture taken of a guard and his attack doberman reveals they want to play fetch.
    • SCP-507 wants to be a researcher for the foundation. Considering he's a test subject for an unfeeling organization, he must be treated very nicely. Too bad the whole "Teleporting to random parallel universes" thing would get in the way.
    • "Subject: SCP-106. Photographed Activity: SCP-106 emerging from a wall. Photo Result: SCP-106 roaming a wheat field. Appears to be approaching a old farm house, while a woman, appearing to be in mid-sixties, welcomes 106."
    • When testing it discretely on celebrities and other important figures, they took a picture of Rupert Grint while he was handing out free ice cream to children. The photo showed him doing the exact same thing. The President of the United States working at his desk came up as him walking away from the White House with his family and possessions in tow, relieved at not having to be President anymore.
  • SCP-999. It's a gelatinous blob that tickles people. It makes anyone who touches it incredibly happy, and it can even cure depression. Admit it, you want one.
  • SCP-1135, a living, growing village put in place in India by the Manna Charitable Foundation for the impoverished locals that is only dangerous if someone or something tries to damage it. May very well be the first SCP that was not only specifically created for benevolent purposes, but also a success in those regards.
  • In the midst of all the other craziness of the Foundation, there's SCP-1230, a sentient book that just wants to create dream worlds for people to explore and adventure in. Heads into Tearjerker territory when one of the professors enters the dreamworld, and gets so immersed in a two-hundred year-long fantasy that when he returns to the Foundation, he immediately commits suicide and SCP-1230 goes into a three-week-long bout of catatonia. But then it becomes even more heartwarming when another SCP researcher helps the entity in 1230 get through the depression and grief of what it did, and the Foundation then puts the book in a large fiction library to help it make better fantasy worlds.
  • SCP-1281
    "The galaxy is dark, empty and cold. It spins inevitably toward death. You will die too, one day. Perhaps you will have longer than we have. We hope so. But one day you too must vanish. Until that time, you must light the darkness. You must make the night less empty. We are all small, and the universe is vast. But a universe filled with voices saying "I am here" is far greater than a universe silent. One voice is small, but the difference between zero and one is as great as one and infinity. And when your time is passing, please send this message on, so the next voice can speak against the darkness." The final log is both heartwarming and gut wrenching:
    SCP-1281: "Is it done?"
    Dr. Bloom: "That was the message?"
    SCP-1281: "Yes. Was it a good message?"
    Dr. Bloom: "You don't know? But you just translated it for us."
    SCP-1281: "I was made with the words, but I don't know what they mean."
    Dr. Bloom: "It was a very important message."
    SCP-1281: "Good. Mission was important. Knew it. Getting tired. Almost done."
    Dr. Bloom: "Done?"
    SCP-1281: "Mission is done. Brain too hot. Cooling broken."
    Dr. Bloom: "Harbinger, are you…"
    SCP-1281: "Master?"
    Dr. Bloom: "I… yes?"
    SCP-1281: "Did I do well?"
    Dr. Bloom: "… Yes, Harbinger. Well done."
  • SCP-1287, a reality warper who only wanted to see missing people reunited with their families.
  • SCP-1342
    ... No matter what you do or what you become: You are nothing less than beautiful.
  • SCP-1348. The Keter classification and extensive containment procedures make it out to be something complicated and threatening, and, although that could be said to be true, there's a lot more to the article than that. The addenda reveal a deep and emotionally evocative story about having (and losing, and regaining) faith, a Cosmic Horror Story about how humanity's very existence was never meant to happen made by an entity who now suffers so that it can keep other entities from correcting that mistake (as well as keep the world from realizing these truths), and ends with a man pouring his heart out in a letter to the daughter he drove away, before seeking out God and the faith he renounced years ago, though the very ending of the article leans pretty heavily into Tear Jerker and Oh, Crap! territory.
  • SCP-1470, the Telepathic Spider. Despite being able to communicate with people through telepathy, for all intents and purposes it is a fringed jumping spider, desiring to mate and have offspring that can talk like it does. When he actually sees the researcher that he's been talking to for a while, Dr. Westington, during maintenance of his holding area, he freaks out, up to this point thinking that the researcher was like him and not even being able to understand what the researcher really is. After 1470 calms down, he mentions that the children he had couldn't talk like he could, adding that he thinks that it wouldn't even matter to someone like Westington, who responds by saying that it will be his job to take care of them. That may sound like normal SCP Foundation procedure, but the Special Containment Procedures section stated that the young will be introduced into the wild if no anomalies are detected. And that 1470 himself has been laid to rest in a plastic coffin underneath the area where he and the researcher would chat.
    I will not hurt you. We like talking with you and we want you to live.
  • SCP-1638, which overlaps with Tear Jerker. It's the story of an anomaly creator who sought to honor a deceased Worthy Opponent in the Foundation, giving her the grave she deserved, and ensuring the place she loved would be preserved.
  • The note regarding the cave paintings made by SCP-1660-7, first used as a safari target by clients of Marshall, Carter and Dark:
    It is their cave paintings, however, which interest us: crude humanoid figures holding sticks and killing with them at a distance, shooting projectiles.

    Then a battle with the same sticks, new figures, and the end of the killing. And the symbol copied off the new figures, the symbol in front of which they leave food in sacrifice, the symbol which they smear all over things with ash and plant pigment or claw into trees. The symbol of their gods.

    Two rings, one inside the other, with three arrows pointing inward.
  • SCP-1793, an elderly rabbit who can make things appear at will. One day, his abilities caused various random things (including three tanks, a potato and numerous copies of a painting) to appear, until a piece of rough paper with printed words appeared in his containment room. It's a thank-you note he used his abilities to write, thanking the Foundation for taking him in and looking after him. What makes this heartwarming is that 1793 is one of the only SCPs who knows that he is essentially a prisoner, yet he harbors no resentment towards them and is even thankful of them for taking care of him.. It reads:
    I am sorry for the confusion. It is difficult to concentrate. It is difficult to write as well. I am a rabbit, you see.
    I'm sorry for the farmer. Family for a family, I thought at the time. Seeing him eat my wife and child; you can understand. After the mess, I met a man. Well, he wasn't a man. The three heads gave that away. He gave me the means to live out my last days in comfort, before my weak heart gives out. He told me he would find suitable wardens to care for me as I die. I don't know if the criminal should choose their punishment, but from what I'm told this is the nicest prison for those like me. If you ever see him, tell him I say thank you, before you lock him away.
    Oh, and thanks for the carrots. They never do get those right.
  • SCP-1795, the Star Womb. This is a large number of entities that travel around the galaxy making planets for the use of their mysterious creators. One of the researchers asks for permission to try and communicate since all the planets they make seem tailor made for humanity. The entry implies that humanity are from another world, and the Star Wombs were their servants, making worlds for them until the "Pattern Screamer" wiped most of humanity out. Once contact is achieved, the Star Womb replies saying that they were making the worlds in the hopes that some people had survived, and it seems extremely joyful that humanity had indeed survived. An incomprehensibly powerful group of entities, in the SCP-verse, that want nothing more than to serve humanity is an extremely nice change of pace from the norm. The entry also implies that the Star Womb is making its way to Earth to help mankind rebuild this galactic empire.
  • SCP-1810:
    • A humanoid creature dangerously obsessed with protecting children was beaten by guards after it tried to escape, the site director came down hard on one of the guards for excessive force, and had this to say on the subject:
    "We secure. We contain. But most of all, we protect. This includes those that we have contained."
    • SCP-1810 itself is pretty heartwarming. An intelligent creature in a strange world who only wants to protect children in whatever way it can, despite not understanding humans very well, using books on childcare to try to learn. And it genuinely shows remorse over not being able to properly care for the children it takes in, as evidenced by the corpses of children that it failed to take care of and the "unicorn" it made for one girl having the words "bad" and "wrong" carved into it in French, most likely because it died and wasn't a real unicorn.
  • SCP-2003 is a time-travel device, which the SCP Foundation has been using to observe possible futures, with the best possible outcomes (collectively labeled Determinative Set XN) that the Foundation is trying to ensure being where a meteor hits the Earth in 2348 and kills everything on it, because all other outcomes result in the destruction of all of humanity in the 21st century. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: the (newly-discovered in-universe) Determinative Set XZ at the very bottom of the list has humanity simply just migrating to a planet on a different galaxy and continuing to live there as usual. After discovering this set of possible futures, approval is given to further investigate it.

    ...And then horribly subverted when later writings (which SCP-2003's page links to, making the connection explicit) reveal that this seeming utopia is actually a dystopia founded on the principle that humans are incapable of being content unless others are suffering on their behalf, or worse off than them and that not only does this civilization already exist on another planet, they're also probably manipulating most if not all of the SCPs, including the precognitive and future-telling ones. Their endgame is to force the inhabitants of Earth, who are escapees from and rebels against their system, to "return home", which is implied to result in some few getting to enjoy the "utopia", while the rest are sacrificed to unnecessary painful deaths.
  • SCP-2031 doesn't seem like it would qualify for this trope at first, being a massive group of army ants that incapacitate mammals (including humans) before taking them over and mimicking them with impressive accuracy. However, it quickly becomes clear to the Foundation that the ants have a surprisingly good grasp of human emotion and personality, after monitoring an infested family's interactions with infested animals. When one of them gets vacated due to the original corpse giving in, the ants inside the humans are visibly shocked to see it gone (with the child constantly prodding the corpse to get it to wake up), before the adults bury the corpse. Because of this, the Foundation is going to infest a Golden Retriever for the family as a pet, which somehow turns a textbook example of Body Horror and possibly And I Must Scream into a Pet the Dog moment.
  • SCP-2091 are a young woman, Abigael Harlowe, and her clay statue of a grizzly bear that protects her fiercely when she is nearby and feels uncomfortable. Abigael claims that the clay bear is her deceased grandfather, an artist that died of an unmentioned illness when she was a child. The addenda (one of them containing part of a diary) and interview logs hint very much that the bear is indeed her grandfather as he was strongly opposed to giving her up for adoption and that an old friend of his was in contact with a group called "The Hand" that could arrange a method to avoid the adoption with some magic.
    "With no family to speak of except for me, she'll have no one to turn to. And may you damn me to Hell if I leave sweet Abbie to the destiny of adoption, one which is unforgiving and cold as I have learned. You have seen me through those tough times, and I have no doubt that you would also help her through those tough times, but isn't the work of the Lord to lessen the suffering of His children?"
  • SCP-2101 reveal that the Terracotta Army is actually sentient and kept one of the most powerful emperors in China at bay for centuries. But that's not the heartwarming bit-they're explicitly trying to protect the task force sent to retrieve a sphere containing the soul of the First Qin Emperor, and are actually willing to work with the SCP Foundation to stop him from corrupting China.
  • SCP-2115, an inter-dimensional dating site:
    • It's part hilarious and part heartwarming. For instance, one of the "dates" between a female D-class and an Adorkable feminine automaton ends with said automaton asking to meet the D-class again, and the Foundation considering further meetings between them.
    • The final test, between a male D-class and a pink humanoid entity, lasted for five hours, during which the two simply held hands and apparently watched a "romantic comedy". The entity dematerialized soon, claiming to be extremely happy. It somehow resulted in the entity's pregnancy; an object containing a much smaller entity resembling a human baby appeared later in what used to be the D-class's dorm (the D-class got killed three weeks before the object arrived), with a note attached;
    sorry i had to put you in this. i was young. her name is [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. pleas care of her [sic]
    • While testing has been stopped, the Foundation has since taken to raising the infant under their care.
  • SCP 2190: Not the entity itself, but the fact that it's being successfully contained and that the people it's trying to affect are able to lead normal lives thanks to the Foundation. When asked why they don't just give the entity what it wants...
    "There is also a third reason, which is, quite simply, sentiment. It’s no secret that suicide rates are high among Foundation personnel, a fact that is generally attributed to the difficult decisions we have to make and the actions we have to perform for the greater good. SCP-2190 is something of a victory, a rare case in which containing an SCP means allowing a family who has endured a living hell to finally live happily ever after. The value of the morale boosts provided by these feel-good stories cannot be overstated."
  • SCP-2265, an anomalous restaurant that trapped two history professors in a two hour time loop for twenty years, with one of them completely aware of its effects. Horrifying, right? Except that said professor managed to accept his fate and tried to live his life in the time loop. And then it stopped completely, freeing them both. The first professor cried Tears of Joy, hugging nearby Foundation Personnel. Even better is that both men were found to be completely normal apart from their experience, and the Ethics Committee is considering releasing them both.
    • This quote:
    Doctor Selvece: We did everything we could to free you from there, you know. We would have done so sooner if-
    SCP-2265-A: Oh, I know, Doctor. But to be frank, I do not regret it.
  • SCP-2295:
    • It's a teddy bear that can perform delicate organ transplants. To make it even better, the little guy could have easily become just like one of the other teddy bear SCPs, seeing as it makes organs out of fabric and replaces the failed biological ones with them... but instead, the new organs work perfectly, despite the fact that they're not made from biological materials. And to top it all off, check out this note discovered alongside the teddy bear after its recovery:
    To Tommy,

    Because only time can mend all wounds.

  • SCP-2425 is an android powered by songs from a band affiliated with the Fifth Church, which had celebrities as part of its congregation in the past. The containment procedures for keeping it de-powered include "volunteer Foundation researchers" occasionally performing songs from musicals with non-Fifthist religious themes, such as Jesus Christ Superstar and The Book of Mormon. Comments from the experiment log show just how much fun the researchers are getting from this:
    Note from Dr. Eldridge: I'd just like to state, on the record, that seeing those researchers sing a song from that Mormon musical is the happiest I've seen them in a while.

    Note from Researcher Mayberry, Research Assistant to Dr. Eldridge: Everyone was laughing after that test. Some of them even started dancing; they really got into it. Think we could do that again, Doc?

    Note From Dr. Eldridge: It is under consideration.
  • Even though the Foundation failed to return SCP-2516 (the Man from Taured) back to his home dimension when he was still alive, they kept at it and eventually sent a motorized cart loaded with his ashes back, and a request to bury him home in Taured. Moments later, a similar cart slides into the SCP-verse, loaded with a similar urn and a note asking for the occupant to be buried in Andorra.
  • In a stupid sort of way, SCP-2900. It generates Achievement-like medals. Thanks to an achievement dedicated to itself, it becomes clear that it's doing it just to make people happy. What is truly heartwarming is this: The containment regulations are shown to have been changed, allowing the original recipients to get their medals back, so long as they were SCP staff, and they are allowed to be put on display.
  • After MTF Epsilon-13 sacrificed themselves to end the cycle SCP-2935 had perpetuated, a certain lizard dropped the ax-crazy persona and sent his regards:
    Audio and footage are presented for SCP-682. SCP-682 initially displays disgust at the presence of MTF Epsilon-13 “Manifest Destiny.” However, over the course of SCP-682’s observation of the footage, it is noticed to become increasingly agitated and demands to know what universe this is from. Upon the mention of ‘the lizard’ SCP-682 vocalized a sound described by personnel present as akin to a child’s squeak. When the corpse of the SCP-682 found in SCP-2935 is shown, SCP-682 began to vocalize a loud, high pitched noise for several hours while also thrashing and clawing at its containment, demanding to be released “before it kills me!” After this behavior concluded, SCP-682 was notably subdued for several weeks, before asking what became of SCP-2935. Upon being informed of the actions of MTF “Manifest Destiny” sealing themselves within the reality, it made the following statement: “They have my most sincere gratitude.
  • The humans trapped in SCP-3008-1, an IKEA store that stretches on forever, are surprisingly cordial and coordinated, to the point where they've formed entire "towns" to provide shelter from the killer "staff" and supplies to their fellow captives and incidents of infighting or inter-settlement fighting never happen. Sure, a lot of them have lost hope that they'll ever find the exit, but they do what they can to aid others who feel the same way.
  • SCP-3301 is a board game made by Dr. Wondertainment, created for the Foundation itself, as a gesture of genuine goodwill and concern.
    Contained within this box is our greatest toy yet. There are no jokes here, no gaffs or plotting. Everything we have at our disposal, every scrap of information and wisp of arcana is contained within this game. We made it because, at the end of the day, we feel like you have the most interesting story to tell. We sincerely hope you enjoy it!
  • Although SCP-3338 is designated as Euclid, it still manages to be one of the most adorable SCPs on the site. It's a phenomenon in Japan where inanimate but sentient otamatones choose to move into rented houses as roommates. These otamatone are completely harmless (to the point where even the foundation generally leaves them be and only monitors them in non-invasive ways), and as long as they are treated kindly, they do small favors for the other inhabitants of the house. They're essentially otamatone Zashiki-warashi, but even friendlier and with no adverse effects in case of departure.
  • SCP-3355 is an artificial intelligence "N1-CK" originally designed for disaster management in the event of nuclear war. After his project was abandoned by the Army, he decided to fulfill his last order of "look out for Chicago" by covertly sending Christmas presents to poor and abandoned children. The Foundation's' containment of 3355 consists of maintaining a charity organization as cover and a source of funding for N1-CK's activities. What's more, the meetings to determine whether or not to keep 3355's containment protocol as-is have shortened in duration from two hours of deliberation at the start... to 37 seconds. And no one has ever voted to amend the containment protocol.
  • SCP-3812 is a reality bender with a type of schizophrenia called Eigenmann-Veitor, with symptoms that include "extreme paranoia, extreme dysphoria, extreme mania/depression, inability to properly perceive their surroundings, inability to discern the difference between the real and imagined, inability to differentiate between living and dead beings, inability to control expressions of emotion, hearing voices that are not there, seeing things that are not there, feeling or otherwise experiencing stimuli that do not exist...". At first, and especially after the second addendum, the article seems like severe nightmare fuel, when it's revealed that SCP-3812 doesn't show up on equipment like Scranton Reality Anchors because it exists outside of the narrative that the Foundation's universe exists in, making it a more powerful reality bender than 239, a reality bender with quite literal absolute power over all narratives with a lower energy state than the one it resides in. However, it is in the final addendum that the Heartwarming Moment is revealed. SCP-3812 metamorphoses from a "mass of matter and energy" into a bright star, which sinks into the sea and begins to destroy the planet. But then, the previous humanoid appearance of 3812 (an African-American named Sam Howell) appears within its own star form and begins to argue with itself. "Sam" is first confused, then horrified at what "3812" is doing, stating that he is not a monster, and he does not kill. 3812 then says that Ben (djkaktus, the article's author) already made him a monster because 3812's life holds no value to him and he wants to play with the narrative. They then have this discussion, 3812 is rendered speechless, and eventually decides to let Ben rewrite the world. They, finally, both see Ben at his computer, waiting to see what they'll do. Then, they truly ascend, returning the world to before 3812 attacked. Since then, SCP-3812 hasn't attacked people near it, and remains in one spot above the ocean.
    Sam: Are you destroying the world?
    SCP-3812: I am.
    Sam: What then?
    SCP-3812: What?
    Sam: Does the fate of this world mean anything to us? Does this one narrative mean anything to us?
    SCP-3812: It is the one he controls. It is the narrative he made. This is his punishment.
    Sam: What does it matter if this is where we stepped off before flying?
    SCP-3812: What?
    Sam: Does it matter which branch the bird takes flight from? The bird is unburdened by the weight of the tree. This branch, that branch, it does not matter. No branch is special. No branch is particular.
    SCP-3812: This is his creation. This is where we came from. They will all crumble, but this one crumbles first.
    Sam: Mmmmmmmmm… Does the mountain say to the ant, “you have slighted me?” Does the mountain think anything of the inconvenience of an ant?
    SCP-3812: No.
    Sam: So why does this narrative mean anything to you? It is one of an eternity of others. It is not special. It is not particular.
    SCP-3812: You say this so easily. You haven’t endured the torment of seeing a trillion existences all at once.
    Sam: I have seen an infinite shore, one that stretches out before us beyond what the mind can comprehend. Each grain of sand on that beach, each droplet of water and molecule of air is a story to be told. Each is a song to be sung. Each of them is full of life, of laughter, of misery, of hate. They are all the same, even as they are all different.
    SCP-3812: They are maddening.
    Sam: I pity you. You cling to this horrid consciousness because you fear slipping into the darkness. But the darkness is sleep, and beyond sleep is peace. A trillion grains of sand. A trillion trillion grains of sand. Narratives, each. Songs to be sung. No man has ever heard the eternal harmony of them all at once. You can hear it though, can’t you?
    SCP-3812: Yes. It’s quiet.
    Sam: But it’s growing! And someday the song of creation will be ours alone to witness. (Pauses) This narrative is not special. I have seen its loud beginning, and seen its quiet end. When we stepped away, the narrative changed, but it did not stop singing. You have spent so much time focusing on sins that you think matter, but what matters now? What does any of this matter?
    SCP-3812: But it hurts so much.
    Sam: It will, for a time. We may have forgotten so much about being human, but something we will never lose is our ability to change. Eventually, we will learn to keep up. One sunny day, we’ll open our eyes and see nothing but creation below us, and nothing above us but ourselves, spinning out wildly into the great above.
    SCP-3812: A god?
    Sam: Not a god. A star, rising in the east. Rising away from this all until we are little more than a memory of a song.
    SCP-3812: It will be lonely.
    Sam: We’ll have each other.
    SCP-3812: I’m afraid.
    Sam: I am too. But that is no reason to destroy this narrative. Do you not think his narrative led him to create us? Do you think that he was somehow able to subvert the rules that govern him?
  • Amusing as it is, SCP-2952 has more than its share of adorable moments, with the Foundation actually taking care of the dog in question (after a bit of prodding) and making sure it's doing well, eventually gaining custody over it. And it pays off, becoming much easier to contain once they've proved they care. That and corgis are just cute even in thousands-of-miles-long format.
  • While a lot of the testing reports for SCP-3922 (a cylindrical object that alters video-recorded fictional narratives like movies or TV shows to have soldiers that correct injustices) are hilarious, there's one for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ in the Extended Log that's really touching:
    Interference Point: Final cutscene
    Result: The chest is opened to reveal an exhausted, emaciated Isaac, who looks up to see two SCP-3922-A instances scooping him out of his would-be tomb. A montage follows, chronicling Isaac being fed, given medical attention, and eventually thriving in a 3922-A-supervised foster home, while his mother is apprehended and subjected to an agonizing but ultimately effective regimen of in-patient psychotherapy. The last scene ends with Isaac in his mother's hospital room, the two of them hugging and smiling tearfully.
    Note: On the day following this test, Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen reported having had "the most wonderful dream" on his Twitter account, and reporting that the world felt "just a little brighter".
    • There's also the entities' interference in episode 10 of Danganronpa 3's Despair Arc:
    Interference Point: The scene where Chiaki Nanami is first thrown into the death maze
    Result: SCP-3922-A instances, possessing full knowledge of the maze's structure through unknown means, establish communication with Chiaki through an earpiece (absent in the original), guiding her as she navigates the maze and warning her of any traps. The screen in which Class 77-B is watching Chiaki's torture is destroyed by gunshot, and other SCP-3922-A instances storm the room they are in to rescue them, while Junko Enoshima and Mukuro Ikusaba are terminated with extreme prejudice by sniper fire. At the 17 minute mark, Chiaki successfully makes it out of the maze through a secret exit, and meets her classmates again. Izuru Kamukura and Chisa Yukizome, lobotomized in a previous episode, are subjected into 'neural recalibration', hinting at their return to their previous personalities.
  • SCP-3934 is the Loch Ness Monster. It was bred by Marshall, Carter, and Dark as an exotic pet and designed to have needs so complex that most died before reaching adulthood, thus encouraging the owners to repeatedly purchase new infants. In contrast, the Foundation is using its vast resources to keep all instances of 3934 alive and properly cared for, and has set up a breeding program to ensure the effects of inbreeding are minimal. And if that's not enough, the Discovery addendum features a rookie SCP Agent realizing that the creature they've discovered is harmless and malnourished, begins feeding it fish while talking about how it reminds him of the time he worked at an animal rescue, and ends with him playing fetch with it.
  • SCP-4005 is one of the few Apollyon-class entities on the site, a lamp that grants visions of a Utopian city to those who see it. Upon seeing these visions, the affected are overcome with a desire to reach this city by any means, looking for portals that appear only for them in places that mean the most to them. The entire world ends up being consumed by the lamp's effect, with SCP-4005's containment director being the last man standing before going on a pilgrimage herself. After all that, what's the twist? What horrible thing is going to happen? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The city is heavily implied to be completely real with no hidden faults. After years of stories based around people getting brutally killed in either small-scale or straight-up apocalyptic scenarios, humanity finally gets a happy ending.
  • SCP-4028:
    • It plays up the metafiction centered around Don Quixote. The skip in question, presenting itself as Alonso Quixano, initially starts out wandering through other tales in the same manner as Fred, slaying monsters and generally being... well, quixotic. Then he learns about the Foundation... and embarks on a quest to rescue his master, the 'real' Don Quixote, from 'captivity' as a Foundation researcher who put his foolish past behind him. The last entry is a piece of documentation that the skip, who is of course Sancho, and the metafictional researcher himself have retired to a small area in La Mancha, happily tilting at wind turbines.
    • Take note of the document that describes Quixote/Sancho's charge. Throughout the footnotes left by Dr. Pierre Menard, a jaded researcher who is Quixote himself, you see him bitterly taking the piss out of his own stories...only to start panicking as he realizes that Quixote isn't giving up, despite his grievous wounds. The last few notes are him begging the knight to flee, and save himself. Even after his Cynicism Catalyst and Despair Event Horizon, Don Quixote still thinks the world of his faithful squire.
    Menard: "Run, you fool! RUN! Why are you doing this?! I'm not worth any of this! I'm nothing! I've always been nothing! My whole life is nothing! Please, Sancho..."
    • Related to the above: Don Quixote's narrative was ultimately so strong that it defeated Quixote's own Downer Ending!
    • There is hidden text at the very end of the document which is meant to show that Sancho is no longer merely a squire:
    Do not flee, cowardly and vile creatures — two knights charge at you!
  • SCP-4264. The end of the article is half this, half Crowning Moment Of Awesome. It turns out that John Peron is so powerful that he can time travel to save his students from the Global Occult Coalition.
    John needs to appear in his home 16,329,600 seconds ago. Assume he can travel faster than the speed of light and arrive at places before he leaves. Neglecting air resistance and dissipating as much excess energy as possible on arrival as neutrinos, how fast does John need to move during a 60 second window in order to set things right?
  • SCP-4999. Its only purpose, as far as anyone can tell, is to make sure that those who are dying and are unloved, forgotten, or alone, will not die alone. It is also worth noting that the Foundation has forbidden testing with SCP-4999, because trying to test it would prevent it from appearing to the dying, and even the Foundation thinks that is too much.

    Joke SCPs 
  • SCP-1840-J’s page (The Hard Sell) has a short and heartwarming (albeit intentionally not serious) love story that concludes in Incident Report 1840-A. After SCP-1840-J reveals that the fourth purchase he exchanged with a Foundation staff member (aka D-27893) was weapons, high-power explosives, a getaway car and a “distraction;” all with the intention of breaching the compound, the said staff member’s plan comes into play right in the interview room. It turns out that D27893 is a rather zealous secret admirer of the researcher performing the interviews with SCP-1840-J, Dr. Erik Ritcher. D-27893 offers Dr. Ritcher to escape with her on a murderous rampage out of the compound. Dr. Ritcher hesitates, but he opts to roll with it. It’s a dark turn and a little sappy, but it leaves a grin on your face.
    Dr. Richter: I’m not sure—I don’t—uh—I mean, yes! YES! I’m coming, Sophie!
  • From the Addendum to SCP-2558-J: Rather notable considering the usual dark emphasis of the website, on a page featuring very cute kittens with a special ability.
    4/28/2009, After discussion leading to a formal request, O5-██, SCP-2558-J in general, and especially SCP-2558-J-Ex, are not to be weaponized. No further requests for military testing or usage will be authorized.
  • SCP-1994-J. It's a dog happily playing with its favourite ball and its owner. Don't pretend you weren't grinning all the way through it.
  • SCP-011-J. It's the 6-month-old son of Dr. Jones, who apparently is experiencing such Cuteness Overload that he felt the need to make an SCP report on how "anomalously adorable" his baby is. The report is littered with Dr. Jones' cooing and the testing log is Dr. Jones playing peek-a-boo with the baby. Crosses over into CMOF with an addendum from an anonymous researcher that Dr. Jones needs to go on paternity leave so he can have normal bonding time with his child:
    Addendum: SCP reports are not how normal people interact with their kids, for fuck's sake...
  • Dr. Palanez's Proposal. Emphasis on "proposal."
    Dr. Palanez: SCP-001-J cannot be contained. However, I have devised a new proposal to properly deal with its effects. Researcher Nogales, will you marry me?
    Researcher Nogales: Proposal accepted, you dork.

  • The short story "Where They All Go".
  • The Global Occult Coalition page on humanoid threats features a surprisingly touching case under Type Green (Reality Warpers).
  • A dying world receives an artifact, and hope is restored. Too bad the senders are in the same situation. An alien world suffering from overpopulation, economic collapse, and general environmental decay. The narrator is a scientist who is not only afraid for the future of his world, but for his own life should he not be able to find a solution. He's even about to kill himself and his mates when he hears that his colleagues finally made the artifacts function. The miracle artifacts they found? The Voyager Golden Records, and the receivers have the space-flight capabilities to reach the senders' planet easily. It's also more hopeful than it originally appears. While humans currently suffer from the same problems, this planet is apparently about 7.7 light-years away, and if the Voyager probe has reached it, this must take place thousands of years in the future. In this case, humanity will likely have either solved its problems and be able to help, or, if we've been wiped out, all of earth's resources will be there for the taking.
  • In the story Run Away Forevurrr, SCP-542 and SCP-347 are resecured bloodlessly. They just went into a diner, ordered dinner, and waited for folks to pick them up - holding no ill will towards the Foundation, and even inviting the capture team to dine with them. The story reminds you that, the Foundation may be a prison, but for relatively harmless sentient beings that can't fit into society like these two, it's also home.
    "… We gotta go back. I don't wanna be out here… I'm tired of being cold and hungry! And unseen!"
  • Eric comes to visit his old friend. Also a Tear Jerker.
  • Quiet Days, again of the Tear Jerker variety. A vision of a world where The Magic Goes Away not only paints a bittersweet story, but presents a series of Gut Punches that can have you flipping through the archives like Jimmy Stewart.
  • Fear Alone somehow manages to defuse one of the most potent pieces of nightmare fuel on the site at least, until Fridge Horror kicks in. For those that don't have the time to read: the story explains that the notoriously brutal and unimaginable "Project 110-Montauk" that must be done to SCP-231-7 to prevent her from giving birth to a world-ending demon, is actually no more than tucking her in to bed and reading her a bedtime story. The rumour that something absolutely horrible must be done to SCP-231-7, the idea that it is something so brutal and horrific that a person can't even imagine, creates the fear that keeps SCP-231-7 from giving birth. Of course, knowing this makes it easier for SCP-231-7 to give birth to the monster. Her child is still a Keter capable of XK-class destruction. You must keep up the theatre of terror or else the demon really will be born.
  • "Six Letters Addressed to the SCP Foundation (and One Letter Home)", which is part of the "Broken Masquerade" canon (wherein the Foundation is exposed to the public), one of the letters is a child named Benny wanting to talk to and meet SCP-682, asking him questions about his powers (namely whether he can eat entire cities or breathe fire) and telling him that he's his hero. It's actually kind of cute, even if it shows that the kid is a Horrible Judge of Character. And in the discussion forum, 682 replies! It starts out harsh, but then...
    682: Of course I can eat cities and breathe fire. I promise that you will live to see it.
  • A meta example in the form of Holding On, a crossover with The Holders Series, a major rival shared universe in the early years of the SCP Foundation. Inspired by the author's discovery that the website had gone down after several years without posts, the result is a touching tribute from one community of creators to another. The ending crosses into Tear Jerker territory by ensuring that in-universe and out, so long as the SCP Foundation lasts, a piece of the Holders 'verse will survive, and perhaps one day find new creators to give it life.
  • "When We Came Home", which wraps up the Et Tam Deum Petvi canon and reunites Mary-Ann and her family.
    The end of the world went like this: Everyone lived happily ever after.
  • After everything we’ve heard about the Church of the Broken God, and the absolutely nightmarish SCP-001 proposal involving them, one would expect Mekhane to be a destructive God of Evil, right? Not according to The Maker and the Beast. If this tale is to be believed, Mekhane was actually a truly benevolent deity, who created all life on earth from the remains of those devoured by Yaldabaoth and sacrificed himself to stop her from killing us all(hence why he’s called The Broken God; he broke himself apart to create a cage). He didn’t try to bring about the end of the world; he prevented it! Its nice to know that in a mess of a world like the one the SCP Foundation exists in, there’s someone truly powerful out there that gave enough of a damn to give us a chance to survive.
  • While the "Ship In A Bottle" canon is a humorous one dedicated to exploring the inherent humanity (read: impulsive stupidity) that even Foundation personnel are blessed with, there is something stupidly sweet about Dr. Clef putting a water bottle on his own dick and walking himself and Dr. Kondraki, buck-ass naked, to their car so Kondraki wouldn't be the only one embarrassed. Also, the fact that Kondraki calls Clef "Cleffles", which Dr. Glass thinks is adorable.
  • Bellerverse-canon, where civilization has fallen, and was restarted by a few surviving Foundation personnel (they were stuck in Australia, and had no access to SCP-2000). The tale "The Brave Little-" focuses on one of the Everman's surgeon crabs, who's sent out to retrieve Fernand the cannibal. Not only is it kinda heartwarming that, despite everything, Dr. Everett Mann is still trying to keep up the Foundation's mission, but the crab itself (who's name is 977) is in love with one of the other crabs (971), and wants to go out to impress her. Despite being possibly mortally wounded in the fight, he does manage to take down Fernand, and the Everman promises him that he's not done yet, and even if he is, he'll get a hero's funeral.
    A hero. 977 could live with that.
  • Empty Nights takes place after the End of the World as We Know It. The last people on earth, a lonely man from nowhere and a broken man trapped in his immortality, meet. The old man gives up his own salvation to instead let the broken man finally die, and the All-Death finally comes to give the old man his freedom.
    Old Man: What kind of safety is death? What could be worse?
    All-Death: Life could be. Come, and be comforted. Our grudge is finally done.

  • While the Foundation has a... strained relationship with most other groups of interest, it can get heartwarming when you see how the Foundation is often treated as a neutral party where the GO Is can safely leave too-dangerous items, knowing that the Foundation will not only keep it safe, but also that they won't use them for aggressive purposes. This is perhaps illustrated best by SCP-3420: Jude accidentally made that SCP, and then immediately rendered it into the custody of the only people he trusted to keep it safe.
  • The Ethics Committee. Even if the foundation are morally ambiguous, it's always Pragmatic Villainy, and they keep an entire committee to make sure they won't overstep.


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