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Let's Get Dangerous!

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Our Trope Namer doing what he does best, Ladies and Germs.

Launchpad McQuack: I don't know, DW, that sounds dangerous!
Darkwing Duck: Yeah? Well then, let's get dangerous!

Things are looking bleak. The protagonist and their allies are in a corner; the villain's kung fu is stronger than theirs. Outnumbered, outgunned, the situation calls for heroism, and unfortunately for our heroes, the only people around are all comic relief, sidekicks or mentor figures who've never really stepped up to the plate, when they aren't mere Boisterous Weaklings.

Hey, what are they doing? Don't they know that they're outside the Competence Zone? They're prime C-List Fodder! They're... punching the villain through a wall?

A moment in the story when all the quirky, eccentric supporting cast members, or Super Zeroes, stop being quirky and eccentric and start demonstrating their real skill. In effect, it can often be similar to taking a level in badass, except that really, when you think about it, it makes more sense. It's not so much that they pull the power from nowhere. Rather, these characters have always had that power, and it's simply that now they get to show it in a way that doesn't steal the hero's screen time. In some cases, they may even have been actively failing to demonstrate this much-hyped power before.

The Trope Namer is the catchphrase of Darkwing Duck, a bumbling hero whose utterance of the phrase marked the point in every episode where he would set aside his enormous ego and start taking things seriously, demonstrating his true competence as a crimefighter.

Sometimes preceded by Lock-and-Load Montage or a "Hell, Yes!" Moment, depending on the circumstances.

Any Retired Badass can pull off this trope if sufficiently provoked. Hobbits are also particularly likely to have it occur every so often. Can overlap with a Heroic Second Wind, "No More Holding Back" Speech, The Coats Are Off, The Glasses Come Off, Alternate Catchphrase Inflection, and/or a Pre-Asskicking One-Liner.

See also Giving the Sword to a Noob, The So-Called Coward, Good Is Not Dumb, Scrap Heap Hero, Not-So-Harmless Villain (the Evil Counterpart), Lethal Joke Character, I Am Not Left-Handed, This Means War!, Misfit Mobilization Moment, and Badass/Heroic Bystander. When a whole civilization decides to get dangerous, this is a Superweapon Surprise. If your enemy in a Boss Battle does this in mid-fight, that's Turns Red.

Contrast Miles Gloriosus, when a character acts like a badass, but in a fight he's a Dirty Coward.

Please do not confuse this with Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, which is when a genuinely ditzy and harmless character demonstrates bouts of superior skill — and these moments are accompanied by a change in personality or powers.

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  • Find Us Alive:
    • Gloriously applied in Episode 13, with the entire site descending into chaotic, joyful violence after Harley's request to "instigate large-scale property damage" and his subsequent Rousing Speech. Personnel incinerate Dash Ones left and right and break victims of the vine monster Dash Two out of the walls, and Harley narrates the chaos like a sports commentator over the site comms.
      Harley: Site-107, I have been advised by our fearless leader to impart the following message to all unoccupied staff:
    • And again in Episode 18, when the Night Game is interrupted by an entire colony of Dash Two ant monsters.
      Harley: I'm out in the field, it's chaos the likes of which I've never seen! This is Foundation personnel on a completely new level! The madness! The violence! The pure, unhinged EUPHORIA!

    Professional Wrestling 
  • WWE example: The Stooges (Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson) were retired ex-champions reduced to corporate yes-men for the McMahons. WWF World Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) arranged to meet them in a 'hardcore' (anything goes) match, and proceeded to find themselves on the end of 'old school hardcore' (i.e. blinding handfuls of talcum and concealed fist-loads instead of blatant weapons).
  • Black Rose has as much to say about herself, but also of pro wrestlers in general. Just because they look happy or friendly when you see them out and about or in photo shoots doesn't mean you should expect that to last when they get in the ring. She said this about a picture taken with Jessicka Havok and Leilani Kai at SHINE, that latter of whom would help crush Rose's throat not long afterwards.
  • Orange Cassidy from All Elite Wrestling aka. "the King of Sloth Style" is a character defined by his extreme laziness, apathy and unflappability, moseying around with his hands in his pockets, dark sunglasses covering his eyes and a blank expression on his face. While he occasionally displays unexpected agility and skill, once he sees off anyone who's bothering him (usually delivering a dropkick and kip-up without even taking his hands out of his pockets), he's generally considered a Joke Character who hadn't wrestled even one singles match in over half a year in the company, only taking part in a few tag matches with his buddies the Best Friends. But when PAC finally challenged him to a singles match, Cassidy finally revealed that he is actually an extremely skilled wrestler once he stops clowning around and actually starts to try. He completely blindsided PAC with the sudden transformation.

    Puppet Shows 

  • In Archipelago Exodus, this is Emily Schwartzwald's M.O. She spends the majority of most topics as a whimsical Cloudcuckoolander handing out snacks to the real adventurers, but when the chips are down and her friends are in danger, she cuts loose with a frenzy of pinpoint projectiles that'll give any non-God-tier Power pause.
    • Garth Firbolg is also worth noting; due to his powers slowly killing him and his retiring personality, he's usually the Butt-Monkey for whatever plot he's in. But when he cuts loose, he's performed such feats as summoning a forty foot long python made of flames, launching a giant bull spirit into outer space, and gating in a comet the size of Kentucky.
  • In the first game of Destroy the Godmodder, players were just trying mostly in vain to damage said Godmodder. Then the Terror Zombie and Terror Skeleton joined the battle, and the number of poster-summoned entities went from zero to 5 in just a couple of pages. It never stopped there.
  • Ruby spends most of Ruby Quest as an Action Survivor. Then she confronts the Hound Zombie ( Daisy) and finishes the fight in one move by throwing the Hound Zombie through a container of acid and into an exposed electrical panel.


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