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    Anime and Manga 

Greed: Let's start.
Ed: Let's finish.

I'm not going to let you guys play hero all by yourselves! I want some glory, of my own, dammit! Do you hear me?! How about that?! I landed a shot, and it was on the strongest Homunculus of them all!


I am Miyazaki Nodoka, Treasure Hunter and member of Ala Alba. My counterattack starts here.

Now, I'm sorry to do this right after you've woken up, but it's time for you to die again.
Lord Death, Soul Eater, "The Battle of the Gods - Death City on the Verge of Collapse?"

    Comic Books 

Let's show these jerks what this crew is capable of.
Lisa Snart/Golden Glider, Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion


    Fan Works 

Applejack closed her eyes and let out a breath. When she opened them again, the others saw a new mare. A leader.

Luthor saw a new expression on Superman's face, now. Grimmer, more resolute, more vengeful. The Big Blue Bumpkin was finally getting down to business. In that, Luthor felt a bit of pride.

    Film - Animated 

Aladar: They'll never make it over that [the wall the the Nesting Grounds]!
Eema: Aladar! Kron'll eat. You. Alive!
Aladar: Let him try.

Rolf has had enough of your blunt-doodle, elder one. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A MERCILESS THRASHING!!

    Film - Live-Action 

This Colonel guy? He's wacko, man! He's worse than crazy. He's evil. It's fuckin' pagan idolatry. Look around you. Shit! He's loco. I ain't afraid of all them fuckin' skulls and altars and shit. I used to think if I died in an evil place, then my soul wouldn't be able to make it to Heaven. But now? Fuck! I mean, I don't care where it goes, as long as it ain't here. So whaddya wanna do? I'll kill the fuck.
Chef, Apocalypse Now

Oh, SCREW YOU, you big, green asshole! I'll do it myself!
Bruce Banner, as the Hulk refuses to come out again, Avengers: Infinity War

Mr. Furious: Rage... taking... over...
Casanova Frankenstein: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We've heard all that before.
Mr. Furious: No, no, no... RAGE... REALLY TAKING OVER!!

Kage: Dude, we've been through so much shit...
JB: Deactivated lasers with my dick!
Both: Now it's time to blow this fucker down!

Let's do this Pokémon battle thing right!
Pikachu while battling Mewtwo, Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Good. Just as long as we're all in agreement...
Thor summons Stormbreaker and Mjolnir.
Let's kill him properly this time.
Thor finally showing He's Back, Avengers: Endgame


When you wanna make a lasting impression on a bull, you don't bluff and you don't bark. You take a death grip on his nose and hang on!

I am Vaurien Scapegrace and I'm here to save the world.
Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying of the Light

    Live-Action TV 

Rory Pond, Doctor Who, "A Good Man Goes To War"

Look, you hold a knife like this, it cuts through an onion. Hold a knife like this [backhand grip], it cuts through, like, eight Yakuza in four seconds. Screams, carnage... People are like knives. Everything is in context.
Eliot Spencer, Leverage, "The Wedding Job"

Let's rock.
Al Bundy, occasionally followed by "Bad to the Bone," Married... with Children


    Video Games 

Alright, no more bullshit!

Tonight, Gehrman joins the hunt.
Gehrman, the First Hunter, Bloodborne

Exdeath: You'll never defeat me playing around like this! Mwhaha!
Bartz: This is the first time... I'm serious! Now, showtime!

Within each of these people dozes a certain power which, if discovered, would allow them to break the routines of human existence and become something more than human.
Maria, Pathologic

Bring back the enemy general's head, huh? Now we're sounding like soldiers!

welp. sorry, old lady. this is why i never make promises.
Sans, Undertale

it's a beautiful day outside.
birds are singing, flowers are blooming
on days like these, kids like you...
Should be burning in hell.
Sans, Undertale

all I know is, seeing what comes next, i can't afford not to care anymore.
Sans, Undertale


    Web Original 

It's a brand new day, and the sun is high,
all the birds are singing that you're gonna die,
how I hesitated, now I wonder why,
It's a brand new day!

Oh, we're fighting now? Serious faces on!

I thought I'd kill them all... make them all pay,
I'd murder all the Titans and save the day
Instead I've just been losing fights and singing songs
Guess I really was useless all along.
I watch people die and I can't do shit,
Always end up on my ass and I'm sick of it!
Annie's killed my friends, time to settle the score.
I gotta grow some balls and get up off the floor!
* Transforms into the Rogue Titan*
Abridged on Titan Eren Jaegar, "F**k It"

    Western Animation 
Webby: Split up!
Huey: Then what?!
Dewey: Do what we do best. Make trouble!
DuckTales (2017), "The Shadow War!"

Launchpad McQuack: I don't know, DW, that sounds dangerous!
Darkwing Duck: Yeah? Well then, let's get dangerous!

Let's waste this dick.
Joe Swanson, Family Guy

(Fluttershy is trying to catch Corrupted!Rainbow Dash)
Rarity: Oh, Fluttershy, would you be a dear and fly faster, please?
Fluttershy: I... I can't!
Twilight Sparkle: If you can't catch her, Discord wins!
Fluttershy: That big... dumb... MEANIE!! (puts on a burst of speed and catches up with Corrupted!Rainbow Dash)

No more mister nice girl!
Guy Hamdon, as SheZow

Time to get SheZow-y with it!
Guy Hamdon, as SheZow

And that's when I got mad.
Reverend Lovejoy, describing how he won a fight against a troop of baboons, The Simpsons

Charlie, I'm gonna do what you should've done a long time ago: stand up for myself!
Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic Boom, "Counter-Productive"


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