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This index lists tropes for all sorts of characters (and other things) which can be considered "badass" in one way or another.

Badass Tropes:

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    Badass Indexes 
  • Action Girl: She kicks ass and makes sure all the guys around her know it.
  • Bravery Tropes: Any real badass is either literally and totally fearless, or at least so courageous that they'll never let their fears stop them from taking dangerous risks whenever necessary.
  • Did You Just Index Cthulhu?: There's several different badass ways in which a mere mortal can gain an advantage over beings who are far more powerful than them.
  • Harbinger of Asskicking: These tropes serve as a signal for when a very badass Fight Scene is about to begin.
  • Hidden Badass: They may not look too impressive at first, but they are more than capable of kicking ass.
  • Rule of Cool: An index for anything and everything that screams "awesome".
  • Submissive Badass: Just because they follow someone else and take their orders doesn't mean they can't wipe the floor with their enemies.
  • This Index Is Unstoppable: When a badass is just so damn powerful, for all intents and purposes they're (almost) invincible and undefeatable.

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    Plural Badasses 

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Alternative Title(s): List Of Badass Tropes