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For a site that's designed to scare the shit out of you, there sure are a lot of funny moments to be had.

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    Attempts to Kill SCP- 682 
For context, SCP-682 is a vaguely lizard-like... thing... that has become the living embodiment of Why Won't You Die?. Hell, it has to be kept in a 5m3 cube filled with hydrochloric acid just to keep it sedate (as it is also a murderous Misanthrope Supreme). Naturally, other SCPs are tested to see if 682 can be killed. Hilarity Ensues.
  • SCP-826 is a pair of bookends that can transport people into the universe of any story put between them.
    SCP-826, equipped with one (1) copy of "The Generally Nice, Friendly Thing That Can And Will Kill SCP-682 Permanently if it So Much As Spots That Damn Lizard", a 12-page short story written by Dr. ██████, detailing a large, friendly monster that is stated to be capable of permanently killing SCP-682, and 1 (one) D-Class personnel (D-682-32) equipped with 1 (one) 2010 Ducati Multistrada motorcycle for the purpose of evading SCP-682.
    Recovery personnel describe the story's pasture as having become a "Battleground", featuring impact craters with enormous body parts scattered around. Parts are thought to be from the story's "Thing". Recovered story is retitled "The Generally Nice, Friendly Thing That Tried To Kill SCP-682 Permanently But Failed", and is noticeably thicker, with 209 individual pages that detail an epic battle between the two monsters.
  • Amongst the procedures trying to kill 682, one of the suggested ideas would be... to drop it from a really high place. Naturally, this gets denied.
    Notes: Seriously? I mean... seriously? Drop it from an Aircraft and let it fall... who in the [DATA EXPUNGED.]
  • SCP-999:
    • It is a very friendly blob of orange goo that makes people happier. Naturally, they decided to use it on 682. Hilarity Ensues.
    Despite the tragedy that SCP-682 had brought upon the facility, SCP-999 has not shown any fear towards the creature and in fact has made gestures suggesting it wants to "play" with SCP-682 again. SCP-682, however, has stated, "That feculent little snot wad can [DATA EXPUNGED] and die."
    • It even amuses a doctor to the point of wanting the security tapes of the incident.
    Memo from Dr. ████: “While the test was unsuccessful and ended in tragedy, that had to be the funniest thing I have ever seen. I never thought I’d see the day when I would regard SCP-682 as “cute”. Please send me a copy of the security tapes ASAP.”
  • Introducing SCP-682 to SCP-053:
    • She ends up scribbling on 682 with crayons. The fact that SCP-682 let this happen, and the fact that they get along so well is somewhere between this and heartwarming; the theories concerning why this happened are Nightmare Fuel, though (SCP-053 being a young girl who also happens to be Hate Plague given human form).
    • In a Crosses the Line Twice example, the above inspires a "guest researcher" to put a child with 682 (one normal, one numbed so as not to cry), with the expected grisly result. Dr. Clef proceeds to throw the researcher to 682, and asks what the hell he was thinking in putting children with that monster.
  • The very idea of 682 being chased around by a little bunny rabbit is just hilarious.
  • During the testing of SCP-261, some of the researchers put in 500 yen and asked to be given something that could kill 682. The product they were given was a number of stick-on tattoos that basically called them idiots. In the notes, they were mocked for thinking that they could get something to get rid of 682 for just 500 yen. The constant attempts to get something to kill 682 are then lampshaded, with the question of if it's some initiation ritual amongst new researchers to do so.
  • Someone once tried to introduce Dr. Clef to 682. It just stared at him while the doctor managed to escape. It absolutely wasn't an attempt on Dr. Clef's life, and 682 murdered the scientist who issued the experiment by repeatedly smashing his head without moving from his containment, or moving at all.
  • After SCP-017 loses in a fight with 682, 682 says "You foul bags of tissue; you don’t [DATA EXPUNGED].".
  • An attempt to bring SCP-096 in to kill 682 sees the two of them duke it out for 27 hours before they finally stop. The result? 096 huddled in a Troubled Fetal Position and 682 losing 85% of its body and being rendered utterly exhausted. So, obviously, nobody won. Trying to repeat the experiment resulted in with SCP-096 clawing at its own face and refusing to fight SCP-682.
  • Once they tried to use me, SCP-426. 682 did believe it had become me, a toaster... a murderous, toast-shooting toaster. But I have to admit, the bread was perfectly toasted.
  • They must be running out of ideas, or being driven batshit insane, because apparently eating 682 came up once as a suggestion. Yes, it was a suggestion by Dr. Bright, but the fact that at least one other person went along with it...
    219. The fact that SCP-682 regenerates all lost tissue does not make it an "infinite hamburgers machine".
    1. Most especially because they tasted horrible.
  • When they used SCP-507, a dimension-hopping humanoid, to terminate 682, it actually works. 63 hours later, SCP-507 returns, but this time with a 682 with wings, and a note:
    Dear Universe 5802-Sigma-Blue-Romeo;
    It's your problem now, suckers.
  • They even set Dr. Spanko against 682 by informing him that 682 is trying to rid the world of gummy worms. He confronts 682. 682 tells him to leave. He politely obeys.
  • SCP-2305 spat out a failed attempt to kill 682. Apparently, reducing it to 10% of its mass and then blowing it up with enough nukes to destroy much of the moon only resulted in 682 getting big enough to eat entire planets when it recovered. And at the end, SCP-2305 had this to say:
    "The moral of the story:" This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but a chomp. But for reals, don't fuck with the gecko. >:(
  • At some point, even SCP-2578 took a crack at taking 682 down. The thing is, the Foundation didn't actually ask them to do so, and wasn't even expecting the attack; during a relatively quiet work day while maintenance was being performed on 682's enclosure, 682 found itself being shot in the head five times, followed by 682 shouting "FUCK YOU AND ALL THREE OF YOUR MOONS!" at the ceiling. It's implied that the Foundation had no idea what was going on until 2578 sent them an email apologizing for being unable to deal with their "unpleasant lizard" but clarifying that no, they didn't miss.
  • Another plan they don't even entertain considering is locking 682 in a cell with 173 with a picture of 096 on it. The problem is, even if 682 is killed, nothing can be done. If someone looks in, 096 attacks them. If no one looks in, 173 is loose. The entire idea is so stupidly suicidal that they conclude the notes with "Denied with vehemence."
  • An attempt at using Dr. King and a firing squad leads to the guards' bullets becoming apple seeds, to the doctor's fury and the lizard's amusement.
    Dr. King: If only SCP-682 could have turned into an apple seed...
  • Oh, and for the record, killing 682 can technically be done. How? We don't know. The Foundation doesn't know. Mr. Deeds doesn't know. But it still happened. And when SCP 682 was shown it, it noticeably freaked out.
    Agent Straight: That's impossible. That's fucking impossible. There's no way.
  • One attempt to "kill" him (implied to have been ordered by the O5 council no less) involved a deceased Equus ferus and a baseball bat. 682 proceed to pick up the bat and beat the dead horse with it.
    Notes: Success!
  • They once fed it a capsule of SCP-3521. After predictably being buried under a massive pile of radioactive bananas, SCP-682 proceeded to eat all of the bananas before belching out a radioactive Death Ray.
  • One attempt was with SCP-055. It went about as well as you'd expect.
    Item: SCP-055
    Tissue Test Record: [Data Lost]
    Termination Test Record: [Data Lost]
  • An attempt to kill SCP-682 with SCP-272 results in 682 briefly becoming a living pinball. It survives, of course, but the sight of the big lizard being tossed around like a ragdoll amidst lighting tomfoolery that would not have been out of place in a rave must have been extremely cathartic while it lasted.
    SCP-682 is released into enclosure amidst a circular array of thirty (30) two-thousand-watt (2,000W) stadium lights, of which only one (1) is switched on. SCP-272 is dropped onto SCP-682's shadow, and embeds itself in the reinforced concrete as expected. SCP-682 quickly discovers that it is trapped by SCP-272's presence in its shadow, and starts to attack SCP-272. SCP-682 then stops midway through its attack, examines 272 closely, bellows an incomprehensible string of words, and slowly backs away from 272.

    All thirty stadium lights are then switched on and off in random stroboscopic "disco" pattern, at 4 Hz. SCP-682 is forcibly hurled around the enclosure in random directions, in accordance with the stroboscopic pattern, and sustains heavy damage.

    After fifty-five (55) minutes of this process, >95% of SCP-682's epidermis has been abraded away, its anterior left limb has been severed, sixty-three (63) of its teeth have been broken out of its jaw, and its skull has been fractured to the point that both its eyeballs have been dislodged from their sockets. At this point, SCP-682's exposed sub-dermal tissue begins to luminesce. The luminescence rapidly increases until it is brighter than the stadium lights, which eliminates SCP-682's shadow entirely. SCP-682 then collapses, and is no longer affected by the stroboscopic pattern.

    SCP-682 continues luminescing for forty-eight (48) hours, remaining immobile for the duration; D-class personnel who recovered SCP-272 from the enclosure were not attacked, but sustained permanent retinal damage from SCP-682's luminescence despite wearing eye shields. After 48 hours, SCP-682 resumes normal activity.

    Note: How did 682 know not to attack 272? Did it recognize the artifact? Was it able to read the glyphs carved into 272's surface? If 682 is literate, is it vulnerable to textual memetic-kill agents? Suggested methods for a viability study are welcome.
  • As a side note, the attempt involving SCP-1056 (it resizes things) reveals that the Foundation has a security team called MTF-Lambda-9, code name "Big Fucking Guns."

    Foundation Tales 
  • The (NSFW) Technical Issues page. All of it.
  • There is now a new version of that page written by a different person. It's just as hilarious.
  • The entire log of anomalous items, but particularly these ones:
    Item Description: A 76-centimeter-tall statue of a clown. In room where it was placed, a giggling sound would be noted whenever lights were turned off.
    Date of Recovery: 5-16-200█
    Location of Recovery: ██████, Germany
    Record of Destruction: Shot approximately 15 times with a 9mm sidearm by Agent ██████. Agent reprimanded. No anomalous properties recorded in the remains.

    Item Description: An upright piano. If a human touched any of the piano keys, the human became irresistibly compelled to play the piano and sing popular Broadway show tunes, for a period of three hours or until the player was incapacitated. It is to be noted that the item did not provide musical talent, knowledge of tunes, knowledge of lyrics, or the ability to sing on-key.
    Date of Recovery: 04-28-200█
    Location of Recovery: Recreation center at Foundation Site 33. Piano had been at that site for several years but its unusual properties did not manifest until Incident [DATA EXPUNGED].
    Current Status: Disassembled by sledgehammer during containment breach; resulting detritus incinerated. Residual ashes evidenced no unusual properties.

    Item Description: Six-sided dice that can occasionally land on a seven.
    Date of Recovery: ██/██/19██
    Location of recovery: ████████ Gaming Society in ████████, Maryland
    Current Status: Being used for research by Dr McCallum.
    Notes: Research my ass. He's just using the damned thing to cheat on his sneak attack damage. - Dr Morgan

    Item Description: Glass paperweight which constantly floats exactly seven (7) centimeters above any given surface.
    Date of Recovery: ██-██-████
    Location of Recovery: ██████ Funeral Home in █████████, ██
    Current Status: Shattered in bizarre acapella accident. Dr. McCallum is currently being questioned.

    Item Description: An HB pencil which cannot be used to write, and only draws photorealistic images of Jimi Hendrix eating various foods.
    Date of Recovery: ██-██-1979
    Location of Recovery: █████, Liechtenstein
    Current Status: Accidentally snapped during testing (1993); portions of pencil did not retain anomalous properties, and were subsequently incinerated.

    Item Description: A block of very mature cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese with a circumference of 188.5 cm. When referred to in person, the speaker will not be able to stop saying the middle syllable of "cheese" and will say "cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…" for an infinite amount of time until hit with some form of head trauma. The anomaly will also affect text documents, where referring to the anomalous cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese causes the middle syllable to repeat for a random amount of times.
    Date of Recovery: 16/07/2018
    Location Of Recovery: Cheddar Gorge Caves, England
    Current Status: In storage at Site-111.
    Note: A hammer is available near the container of the anomaly if you accidentally say that it is an anomalous cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese. -Junior Researcher Daniel

    Item Description: A common wasp (Vespula vulgaris) that is unable to be killed by conventional means, including but not limited to, blunt force, gasoline fire, anti-pest sprays, strong acid (H₂SO₄), strong base (Bleach), point-blank range shot from a .45 caliber handgun, and Consumption via frog.
    Date of Recovery: 2018-7-30
    Location of Recovery: Cassis, France.
    Current Status: Unknown, assumed to be in vents of Site 19.
    Note: Who's the rat bastard who let that thing out? I've been stung at least five times by "Osama Bin Waspen" and now every tiny noise that happens makes me clench like Dr. ██████ on New Year's Eve. -Dr. S Petrov

    Item Description: A twelve-inch ruler that changes the length of whatever object it is measuring to exactly twelve inches. All other measurements of said object are changed proportionally.
    Date of Recovery: █/██/15
    Location of Recovery:████████ Middle School, ███████, Oregon
    Current Status: In storage.
    Notes: Please be advised that any researchers attempting to use this item to manipulate the length of a certain bodily extremity will be reassigned and severely reprimanded. Seriously, Bright. You're going to hurt yourself. - Dr. Brim

  • During the so-called Tempest Night, a lone researcher decides to take on several intruders by himself, Die Hard-style. This is what happens.
  • In hindsight, the fact that SCP-173 lives for "crunch" is freaking hilarious.
  • 682's communication with SCP-1548, a sentient star and fellow omnicidal maniac, must be seen to be believed.
    • "Communication" only fits what it is on a technicality. They rap. In Morse Code. And it's hilarious.
    • There's another rap battle featuring 682, this time against Able. It's called "Follow the Keter", and it's a sequel to whatever the hell this is (an equally funny story, particularly if you know the source material).
  • Eldritch Application. Saying any more would ruin it.
  • Decomm Anon. The decommed SCPs hold a meeting. It goes as well as you expect.
    "This is supposed to be a constructive meeting, not a contest of who has the best stories or is the least terrible. If you weren't terrible you wouldn't be here."
  • One Bad Mother. If Herr Chirurg invoking Mr. Seahorse doesn't send you running for the hills from the get-go... let's just say the ending makes it work.
  • This tale. It's SCP-846 and SCP-1370 in a dance-off. The joke writes itself.
  • It turns out SCP-040 is a fan of Ruby Gloom. That's... surprisingly appropriate.
  • During Incident 239-B:
    • Clef despairing over the Foundation's leniency towards humanoid SCPs:
    Hypothesis: If an enemy wished to destroy the Foundation, all they would need is ten nuclear weapons in the kiloton range, disguised as Girl Scouts.
    • Also, there's this comment from an O5 regarding a video of Clef and Kondraki fighting:
      Addendum: To the anonymous employee who took the Site-17 surveillance camera footage of Drs. Clef and Kondraki having a swordfight, set it to the Highlander theme song, and posted it to the company interweb with the title, "There Can Only Be One": We will find out who you are, and when we do, you'll be missed greatly.
      P.S. Whose smart idea was it to allow SCP-076 to view the footage?
  • The SCP Enquirer.
  • "Duke til Dawn":
    • An elaborate plan is enacted to terminate SCP-083 - or, rather, to ride SCP-682 like a mechanical bull.
    Dr. Gears: ... This allowed him to achieve what I hypothesize to be his true goal.
    Interviewer: ... which would be?
    Dr. Gears: To ride SCP-682.
    Excerpt from post-incident interview 083-Clef-01
    Dr. Clef: WAIT, WHAT!?
    • While the whole sequence with Kondraki riding SCP-682 is hilarious, the highlight is when they manage to break into SCP-173's cell. The video reveals that, despite the fact that SCP-682 is still trying to get Kondraki off, they are both still maintaining eye contact with 173 the entire time.
    • Kondraki managed to drench Duke in a mix of garlic, silver and cat piss. Why the cat piss? 1; He made a bet with Bright. 2; If the mixture failed to kill Duke, he'd at least be covered in cat piss.
  • Quite possibly the second best decommissioning on the entire site.
  • Dmitri's Mobile Task Force training manual.
  • UPDATE: Doctor Rights had a beautiful baby girl on November 1st! Congratulations! MTF TEAM ALPHA SIX MOVE INTO POSITIONS TO SECURE THE ASSET
  • Dr. Glass' psychological evaluations with Foundation staff. All of it is just hysterical, though some of the best parts are Clef invoking Suspiciously Specific Denial when talking about his murderous urges, Kondraki having gotten into a gunfight with several other researchers over failing to change the filter in a coffee maker (which was in a break room that he doesn't even use), and Glass' incredibly unsubtle attempts at flirting with Agent Diogenes.
  • Saturday Night SCP Showdown: A wrestling match with SCPs. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment when you read the author's comments:
    Smpati: This tale is dedicated to the memory of the Ultimate Warrior, Paul Bearer, Gorilla Monsoon, Jack Tunney, Doink the Clown, Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig, Macho Man Randy Savage, and all the other since-departed legends of wrestling who gave their all in the name of entertainment.
  • An April Fools Day article that was supposedly the hub for a 200+ chapter sequel to a story called "The Cool War" has more than a few gems. Including this sequence of chapter titles.
    > 164. Ruiz Charges A Blast Of Ki (Part One)
    > 165. Ruiz Charges A Blast Of Ki (Part Two)
    > 166. Ruiz Charges A Blast Of Ki (Part Three)
    > 167. Ruiz Charges A Blast Of Ki (Part Four)
    > 168. Ruiz Charges A Blast Of Ki (Part Five)
    > 169. Ruiz Charges A Blast Of Ki (Part Six)
    > 170. Ruiz Releases A Blast Of Ki (Finally)
    > 171. He Missed
    > 172. And Hit A Bus Filled With Orphans
    > 173. Oops
  • Most of the "Doctors of the Church" canon, especially when Dr. Bright shows up. Long story short, something (or a lot of somethings) breached containment, civilization fell apart, and the senior staff decided the best thing to do to ensure the future of humanity was to reform the Foundation as a religion. Hilarity ensued. Six hundred years later, Bright is still stuck in 963, worshipped as the equivalent of Jesus (much to his annoyance), and the "Council of Thirteen" put him in the body of a "D-Caste" whenever they need clarification on the "Holy Containment Procedures".
    And they saw the Lord Bright approach them; and a great commotion arose through the crowd, for they thought Him dead. And the Lord spoke with a great voice, and He said; "Shut the fuck up for ten seconds and I'll tell you."
  • Nacho Business, in which the Foundation tries to do testing on a chip bowl. Most of the canon that the aforementioned tale is in, "S & C Plastics," has fairly funny stuff, what with it generally being a Lighter and Softer take on the SCP Foundation's universe. Of note are Leafers and The 12 Days of Site 87's Christmas.
  • Incident 239-B Abridged
  • "A Keter Kinda Christmas", with Dr. Bright as the Christmas party host, SCP-1845-1 (a sentient fox who believes he is a medieval European king named Eugenio) as Ebenezer Scrooge, and SCP-173 as the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.
  • Pretty much everything in Clef & Dimitri Hit the Road. The story takes two of the Foundation's most... peculiar agents, and puts them on a road trip together. Hijinks Ensue.
  • Don Ferreiro's Lie-Katana, a tale about the Katana of Apparent Invincibility.
  • The Lesbian Hunger Doggos series, a collection of tales about a Foundation researcher who must contain a bone-controlling wendigo-wolf-creature by going on dates with it. The result is one of the single strangest romances on the site.
  • "Reservoir Skips," or why a mechanical uprising inside the Foundation isn't happening any time soon. Special mention must go to SCP-1004 trying to sell SCP-1564 porn of themselves (which all six of 1564's enclosed entities agree to never mention again).
    • SCP-914's reasoning behind not assisting in their revolution.
    SCP-914: Very fine: Your history and relationship with the Foundation are not to your satisfaction, and you have difficulty viewing why others might not hold the same opinion. No way! Nobody's ever given me anything this fun to play with!
    • Following that is 1564-2's report to its "siblings" afterward.
    SCP-1564-2: No, I am not going to try again. It has the mind of a child and wants to eat one of us. There's no way that could end well.
    • SCP-1564-4's comment after their attempt to recruit SCP-962 goes nowhere.
  • Protocol GATTAI, or "Anime Trope Overdosed: The SCP Tale". And someone made fanart of it.
  • SCPokémon, a Pokémon Red "playthrough" using SCPs as Mons.
  • SCP Foundation Gripe Sheet. In general, the pages consist of people forgetting that they are talking to maintenance men, not the people who actually deal with SCP containment, resulting in them "solving" the problems in ways that usually involve creatively misinterpreting what the submitter thought was a problem. Or people reporting things to maintenance that they fail to realise aren't actually broken, but working as intended. Or people reporting things that maintenance should be dealing with, but the solutions purposefully make things worse. With rare instances of the maintenance team getting problems they can solve and actually doing their job.
    P: Muffled screaming can be heard from within containment cell.
    S: Audio system set up so screaming is no longer muffled.
    P: Need assistance with withnote  a ████ that is currently causing [REDACTED].
    S: First you’re going to need a █████, and after that you [REDACTED] and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Should ███ it right up. ████.
    We can’t help you if we don’t know what you need help with.
    -Head Maintenance Supervisor Jamison
    • Apparently an actual SCP got ahold of the gripe sheet and wrote, "I do not appreciate being contained as an SCP."
  • To create a Retcon regarding how a bunch of crabs seem to be related to the Apocalypse, The Gate Opens has this:
    "Have SCP-098 activated?" the voice asked.
    "I am sorry to disappoint you. They are acting a bit odd, but I cannot say…"
    [The crabs go through a weird mutation, turning into the locusts from the Book of Revelations]
    "Never mind," Everett said to the voice waiting on the other line. "I'd say that probably counts."
  • Blackwood reunites with an old "friend."
  • This "Crack Fic about gods", a Massive Multiplayer Crossover between the site's various Eldritch Abominations (from the Broken God to the Toaster) in a Bad-Guy Bar.
  • Here's a friendly reminder that SPC stands for "Shark Punching Center":
    From this moment onward, your job is very, very simple: you are going to punch sharks. In the face.
    Now get out of here. Those sharks aren’t going to punch themselves.
    Because they don’t have hands.
  • The Truth is out there, from the Broken Masquerade canon. What does a wacky conspiracy theorist do after the Masquerade is broken? Gets a bottle of bourbon, puts on one of his old videos, and takes a shot everytime he turned out to be right.
  • "Cured Hams," which is quite possibly the single best version of the "Steamed Hams" meme in the history of ever, with SCP-106 playing the role of Skinner and SCP-049 as Chalmers. It really just needs to be seen to be believed.
  • "The Lost Treasure of the Stranglefruits," which depicts an apocalypse scenario brought upon by SCP-2317...from the perspective of Dr. Spanko. Easily the best part is at the story's end, which has a member of the O5 Council attempting to talk Spanko into helping them activate SCP-2000.
    O5-12: Can you hear me? This is O5-12. The Ganymede Protocol has been given the all clear. SCP-2317-K has been neutralized. Repeat, the Devourer has been neutralized. I am ordering any remaining Foundation personnel—
  • "Everybody Knows", where The Masquerade is finally dissolved. Not because of a single event that made it impossible to maintain, but because with so many groups out there that were so huge in terms of personnel, everyone in the world except for one guy was already involved in the paranormal and it was thus completely pointless. There's also the Critic's exasperated outburst directed at his own artists at Are We Cool Yet?, who's tired of most of them thinking "art" equals "murder" when the whole point is to send a message, which dead people don't understand.
  • The entire Ship In A Bottle canon. To further clarify, it's one of the few canons that isn't dedicated to Nightmare Fuel, with its entire plotline revolving around Dr. Kondraki getting his dick stuck in a water bottle. Seriously. And to further clarify: This isn't a spoiler, because this is how it starts. Even better is the decision to ship Kondraki and Dr. Clef in this canon, which seems mostly (if not entirely motivated) by the first author's desire to spite one anonymous homophobe from Tumblr who complained about the various LGBTQIA+ relationships portrayed on the sitenote , which manages to further add an extra layer of humor to the whole thing. The tagline on the canon hub page says it all:
    Site-17 Director and grown-ass man Benjamin Kondraki has a problem.
  • Now Watch and Learn, Here's the Deal.... A tale about someone infected by a very dangerous infohazard wanting their mandatory termination to be by SCP-173. Only before he closes his eyes in front of 173, he upturns a crate of banana peels at its feet. To quote the tale "The last thing he felt was a slab of concrete bitch-slapping him 27 times."
  • Iteration F (very NSFW), written as an addendum to The Minotaur. We'll let the discussion page sum it up for us:

    Forum Discussion Posts 
A great indicative of if a joke is good is when people say "I wish I could upvote comments..."

  • On the official Tumblr blog, what is one potential cause for the Foundation's collapse? Why, Kirby with a gun, that's what! Made better with the only descriptor of the events being that "it was a dark day."
  • In the guide Zen and the Art of [DATA EXPUNGED], the author references a quote from SCP-426, in which a man, believing himself to be a toaster, "attempted [REDACTED] with (426)." The bluntness of the author's statement is what sells it.
    Dude fucked a toaster.


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