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  • Ascended Fanon:
    • In the tale The Young Man, which is SCP-106's backstory, the protagonist's name is Lawrence (which can be long-hand for Larry).note 
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    • An SCP-811 fan had the fanon that 811 likes turtles. A few weeks later, SCP-811's article had an update on the requests section in which she requested a turtle in a hazmat suit for non-dietary purposes.
    • "L O N G C O R G" is a common Fan Nickname for SCP-2952, a very long Corgi used as an international subway system for tiny anomalous creatures. In SCP-3301, a Dr. Wondertainment board game (very loosely speaking) based around the Foundation's universe as a whole, SCP-2952 is referred to by the "L O N G C O R G" moniker as part of the naming scheme for cards that reference SCPs to avoid disclosing the actual existence of said SCPs to non-authorized personnel.
    • Youtuber and noted SCP Foundation Fan TheVolgun has done voice work as SCP-049, including voicing them in SCP – Containment Breach. When SCP-049 got rewritten, TheVolgun was brought in to record audio logs of 049, making him the canonical voice of the SCP.
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    • Also originating from SCP – Containment Breach, Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 ("Nine Tailed Fox") has been made canon in the Foundation as an internal security force.
  • Based on a Dream: According to the author's comments, SCP-5045 is based a mix of dream-related topics; they're based on the sort of skips that the author would occasionally read in their dreams, they're based on a nightmare they had as a child where they got lost in a chain-link maze, and the core idea of SCP-5045 in particular came to them when they were half-asleep.
  • Colbert Bump: Two moments are noted as this for an increase in the community; the creation of a TV Tropes page and the one-two punch of the SCP-087 game and Containment Breach.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Dr. Bright, the author, has tried to distance himself from Dr. Bright, the character, by changing his username to TheDuckman, apparently in part due to the infamous list detailed below in the Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things entry. Later, Bright the Author changed their username to AdminBright.
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    • When writing SCP-2317, the author DrClef created the object class Apollyon, to designate an SCP that was completely uncontainable, and the most we could do was delay it. A case of Follow the Leader ensued, and several other articles adopted the class, causing it to lose impact. In response, Clef changed the class.
    • Similarly, the Archon class, created for I.H. Pickman's 001 Proposal, was meant to denote an anomaly which is such a fundamental part of the universe or society that containing it would cause more harm than good. Ihp, the author, stated that if it weren't for the formatting of the proposal (which is more tale-like than an SCP), they probably would change it to Thaumiel.
  • Creator's Pest: MTF Omega-7 aka "Pandora's Box", is not well liked among several writers on the wiki. This is partially to do with the fact that some divisive SCPs (namely 105 and 076-2) are on the team, partly because it's contributed to some rather questionable fan interpretations of said SCPs, and partially because it's a reminder of a bygone era that is not well liked anymore for those authors.
  • Defictionalization: SCP-2939 originates from a Tumblr post. As the (then-long inactive) author foreshadowed on the staff chat:
    i really want to try and write a successful big narf
    "hi i was gone for 600 days here’s big narf"
    "i made everything else work somehow"
  • Fan Nickname:
    • SCP-106 is sometimes called "Radical Larry", based on this image, and the fact that it can go through walls.
    • Thanks to Markiplier, SCP-173 has gained the moniker of "Billy".
    • SCP: Secret Laboratory has lead to several new nicknames for various SCPs and foundation personnel. 173 is often referred to as "The Killer Peanut" or just "Peanut", 106 has "T-Pose Boy" due to his model's at the time incomplete rigging causing his upper body to T-Pose, and the D-Class personnel are referred to as "D-Bois" even by the creators of the game.
    • The SCP article pages themselves are sometimes referred to as "skips", due to similar pronounciation.
  • He Also Did:
    • qntm is the same qntm from Things of Interest.
    • S. Andrew Swann is better known for his Moreau Series, but he also wrote an SCP-001 proposal.
    • Several authors of the Wiki (namely Rumetzen, A Random Day, Captain Kirby & Nat Voltaic) have created, along with non-SCP writers, the writing platform YONQ, where they post experimental pieces of writing.
  • Meaningful Release Date: SCP-2111 was first released on November 1st, All Saint's Day.
  • Milestone Celebration: The start of both Series 2 (1000s) and Series 3 (2000s) had contests to choose which would be the 1000 and 2000 entries, themed Mythical Creatures (winner: Bigfoot) and Science Fiction (winner: a Reset Button bunker). The contest theme, appropriately enough for the fourth series (3000s), is Horror (winner: a giant Moray Eel that eats people to generate the main ingredient in Foundation amnestics, but has heavy tolls on the memories and personal identities of those involved with it). The 4000 contest's theme was history, and also officially began about a month after the site's 10th anniversary (winner: a refugee ground for The Fair Folk that survived the Foundation's massacre against them). The theme of the 5000 contest was mystery (winner: the O5 Council declares their intent to exterminate mankind, and nobody knows why).
  • Missing Episode:
    • What essentially amounts to an entire canon's worth of tales and SCPs, collectively referred to as "Wanderlust", were deleted after the author, called Fishmonger, was banned from the site. They weren't deleted because they were banned, mind you — they were deleted after they threatened legal action. You can read more about it here.
    • Following the June 2018 Pride Month controversy, the author Von Pincier left the website and deleted everything he wrote for it, including the old SCP-1548: The Hateful Star. Video Killed the Radio Star was written to explain its disappearance: it tried to turn back, only for its anomalous speed to cause it to collapse into a black hole in a strange case of Explosive Overclocking.
  • Newbie Boom: A few noted by Colbert Bump above - and the community has learned to dread whenever Containment Breach gets a new update or Let's Play, as it often brings in some terrible prospect writers.
  • Parody Retcon: Occasionally an SCP that isn't doing well in the main list will be converted into a -J article. SCP-1622-J is one example.
  • Real-Time Timeskip: The 2-year Time Skip between The Revolution Will Be Televised and BobbleCon 2020 (24 February 2018-15 June 2020) is represented in-universe with Bobble the Clown having a complete blank in his memory in-between tales.
  • Referenced by...:
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor:
    • The author Metaphysician was permanently banned from the wiki after staff found out that he extensively plagiarized from Sethian literature amongst other things.
    • Similarly, the author Communism_will_win (formerly known as Scantron) was permanently banned from the wiki after they made an insulting comment regarding the September 11th terrorist attacks in the discussion section for SCP-4911.
    • In May 2020, two authors were disgraced after it had been discovered that in mid-2018, they sexually and emotionally abused a then-underage user, who left the community due to their actions.
  • Rule 34 – Creator Reactions: Yes, they know that people make porn of the things they write, and are somewhat amused by it, especially considering a large part of the fanart in this category is itself based off of images borrowed under the Creative Commons License.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers:
    • SCP-1926 was identified as infringing intellectual property two years after the article was posted and gained over 200 upvotes. The article had to be temporarily removed, its author banned, and was re-uploaded after edits to remove all licensing problems. Although in early 2020, the article was officially removed due to said infringement.
    • SCP-173's original picture was not released under Creative Commons license, and was nearly removed. Thankfully, the sculpture's creator, Izumi Kato, granted the SCP Foundation community permission to use the picture for noncommercial purposes.
    • As a whole, due to operating under a Creative Commons license, they have to be very careful with images and image sources; several articles have gotten images nuked from them due to improper attribution/lack of permission from the original creator. SCP-111 was almost a victim of this, but it was thankfully resolved, and the usual policy now is to credit the person who created the image in the caption.
    • As noted above under Lost Episode, the creator of the "Wanderlust" canon had their work pulled from the site after threatening legal action demanding its removal following their banning.
    • In a variant that actually precedes legal action, the Russian branch was screwed over by a man who ignored the Creative Commons and registered a trademark for SCP. SCP-RU are going to take it to court.
  • Shrug of God: When asked about what exactly the [DATA EXPUNGED] and Noodle Incidents are, most authors decline to give a straight answer and encourage the reader to fill in the gaps for themselves.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • SCP-1465 was originally intended as a rewrite of SCP-105, which had dipped severely in the ratings at the time the former was written, to the point where it was in danger of deletion. It was rejected for being 'too different' from the original article.
    • There was an attempt to create a Global Occult Coalition Spin-Off, but lack of interest and strict canon lead to the little content created just being folded into the main site.
    • Staff had plans to create a new site called Project: Foundation that would have been separate from the Wikidot hosting site, which is notorious for problematic web code. However, plans fell through and they are still stuck on Wikidot... until March 2018, when the project was revived again.
    • The Office for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts was originally the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, full-stop. Due to the site not wanting to have a real-life organization affiliated with anomalies, it was changed to its current form.
    • The SCP-3000 entry "I Am at the Center of Everything That Happens to Me," now SCP-3999, was originally not a 3000 entry at all. The author intended to create many other different SCPs with Talloran at the center of them, but always went back on them because of the inanity of said ideas. When Talloran murders the author in a dream, he instead combined his struggle with his focus on Talloran to create the current Mind Screw we see now.note 
    • S.D. Locke's proposal for SCP-001 was originally an entry for the SCP-3000 contest. Despite being well-received, the author removed it from the contest because he wanted to touch it up a bit more.
    • SCP-309-J was supposed to be a joke SCP cataloguing Peter Griffin. But people found the author's mistake funny, and now it has over 800 upvotes!
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things:
  • Word of God: An entire thread on the forums, called The Leak, is dedicated to authors revealing details about their works.


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