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A drinking game for SCP Foundation:

For the SCP entries:

  • Start with one sip if the object is classified Safe, two sips if it's Euclid, three sips if it's Keter. Finish the glass and pour a fresh one if it's anything else.
  • Take a sip for each picture an article has:
    • take another if the picture is startling in some way (such as being Nightmare Fuel or just plain bizarre)
    • take a shot if the picture is of a gif or a "live video feed"
      • finish your drink if there is nothing in the article that mentions that the aforementioned picture should move. You probably could use it.
  • A sip for every "[DATA EXPUNGED]", "[REDACTED]" or blacked out word.
    • An additional sip if it's obvious what's under the censoring.
      • WARNING: Have 911 on speed-dial if you DO attempt this.
        Treating things like "█████ ██ fruitbats ███ ██████ in ██-██" as one redaction is recommended.
  • A shot for a cube-shaped containment chamber.
  • If an experiment log is included, a sip for each time a D-class gets killed or maimed by the item.
    • Substitute a single shot for body counts above 10.
      • DO NOT TRY THIS WITH 682!
  • A sip for each mention of amnestics being administered.
  • A shot for each mention of the word "memetic".
  • Sip for each mention of a GOI.
  • Drink each time the GOC destroys something.
    • Finish your glass if it actually helps.
  • A shot (or a "depth charge", if available) if the containment measures include a nuclear bomb.
  • A sip for each use of the word "extreme(ly)".
  • A shot for each use of the phrase "rage state".
  • A sip whenever the word "approximately" is followed by a number that is either too precise for an approximation ("approximately 431,352 grains of sand") or so small that it being just an approximation is absurd ("approximately five buttons").
  • A shot for each breach of containment.
    • An extra shot if SCP-682 is responsible.
  • A shot if the anomaly only affects/goes after humans for no clear reason.
    • An extra shot if it's a predator that would starve on a human-only diet.
  • A shot if SCP-447-A's "minty freshness" or warnings not to let it get in contact with dead bodies is mentioned.
  • For those looking to get fancy, when a GOI appears in an article:
    • A shot of a nice liquor or wine for MC&D.
    • A shot of water for the UIU.
    • A shot of a fruity cocktail of some sort for AWCY.
    • A Screwdriver for the CotBG and Anderson Robotics.
    • A Bloody Mary for the Sarkists or Daevites.
    • A Shirley Temple for Dr Wondertainment.
    • A Depth Charge for the GOC.
    • Invent something for Prometheus Laboratories.
    • Jagermeister or a jello shot for Alexandria University.
    • Whiskey for an appearance of The Fair Folk
    • A shot of Mountain Dew mixed with alcohol (Doritos optional) for The Gamers Against Weed.
    • A shot of last word for the Serpent's Hand
    • A shot of black velvet for The Black Queen
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    • A Shark Bite for the Shark Punching Center
    • Ancient Roman Style Wine for Alexylva University
    • Amar Al Din for ORIA
(Feel free to add listings for other Go I's)

Bonus rules for Series I, brand new articles, the entries found under Archived SCPs or Decommissioned SCPs, and the deleted/rewritten SCPs found at SCP Classic:

(Optional rule: if you see any of these in positively rated series II or III articles, chug instead.)

  • A shot if the item is a sphere.
    • Spit out your drink if it's definitely not a sphere.
  • A sip if the item is said to be made of unknown material or to emit an unknown kind of energy.
  • A sip for each mention of titanium, Telekill alloy (SCP-148), or alternate dimensions.
  • A sip for every time the description uses "appears to be" instead of "is".
  • A sip for each gratuitous crosslink to a different SCP item.
    • An extra sip if the linked item is SCP-106, SCP-076-2, SCP-173, or SCP-682.
      • Take another if it was used in attempt to terminate 682.
  • A sip for each humorous addendum signed by a researcher or O5.
  • A shot if a sapient SCP is allowed to roam freely around the facility.
    • A double shot if it's a non-sapient creature that is treated like a pet.
    • One more shot if someone in the comments brings up SCP-1048.
  • A sip if the word "energy" is used without specifying what kind of energy (e.g. "sensors detected an energy buildup", etc.)
  • A sip for each time the article engages in completely baseless speculation about the object's purpose or origin; make it a whole shot if the latter involves the word "extra-dimensional".
  • A shot if the item was obtained by an agent or researcher just randomly stumbling onto it while off duty.
  • A sip of apple cider every time Dr. King and his tendency to get apple seeds get involved.
  • A shot for every SCP that affects the entry itself, and another shot if you recognize the bodies in the water.

For the commentary section:

  • A sip for every time someone argues the item has the wrong Object Class.
    • A shot if the class actually gets changed.
    • Another whenever someone has to be reminded that the Safe classification doesn't mean it's not dangerous.
  • A sip for each use of the phrase "neutral vote".
  • A sip for each use of the word "shoehorn(ed/ing)".
  • A sip for each post questioning scientific accuracy.
    • Sip for each subsequent post discussing said scientific (in)accuracy.
      • Finish your glass if it is determined that the original science is in fact plausible after more than three posts.
  • A sip each time someone argues an obscure word is being used incorrectly.
    • A shot if it is actually being used incorrectly.
    • An additional shot if the word is not obscure.
  • A sip of something Commonwealth-produced whenever someone thinks a word in the article written using British spelling is misspelled.
  • A shot for every time someone asks why the Foundation doesn't just destroy the object.
    • Make that three shots if someone replies that the Foundation's motto is "Secure, Contain, Protect" not "Destroy, Destroy, Destroy".
  • A shot for every complaint about "coddling."
  • A sip for every "lolfoundation" accusation.
  • A shot for every "AWCY" mention, two if it's an accusation or otherwise derogatory.
  • A shot for every time someone has to be reminded that the Foundation contains everything anomalous, no matter how harmless.
  • A shot when an article is compared to Series I in a good way.
  • A shot for each claim that a mainlist article should be a -J, or vice versa. Followup sip for the inevitable "just being funny doesn't make it a -J" admonishment.
  • A shot whenever somebody wishes they could upvote comments.
  • A shot for every complaint about "tone"...actually don't, you'll be dead in an hour.
  • A shot if an entry-affecting SCP is popular enough to affect the comments section as well.

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