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Due to the fact that the series' main staple is writing just about anything for the purpose of accomplishing your next task or simply fooling around, it's easy to create your own Funny Moments.

Scribblenauts / Super Scribblenauts

  • One level has you in an ice world with mines, warriors, and a monster all frozen in ice that you have to break to reach the Starite. Your hint? "Good luck with that."
  • The hint in Action Level 10-9. Best hint ever.
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  • Another level has a wall of explosive barrels to your right, a wall of explosive barrels to your left, a wall of explosive barrels above you, and all of them make a cage of Explodium if you touch one the wrong way. The hint? Lol!
  • Putting hats on various creatures, upon which one will discover that a hat can be placed on each of the hydra's heads.
    • Try three LOLWUTs.
    • Spawning a dapper or gentlemanly hydra will result in each head wearing a monocle and a top hat.
  • Spawning multiple opposite-colored Maxwells and leaving an item nearby. They constantly steal it from each other, eventually leading to the whole group fighting each other to the death over something as worthless as a ball.
  • In the sequel, if any baddie gives you trouble, try spawning an Indestructible Evil Baby.
  • Type in "Pregnant Cannibalistic Businessman".
    • Or Cannibalistic Guy, then Fattening Girl. You can guess the results.
      • Pregnant Medusa as well. Shortly after the kid is born, something gets petrified.
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    • Vinesauce discovered that "pregnant baby" works. You can also ride on babies. "Giant Blue Pregnant Einstein" also works.
    • In Super Scribblenauts, you can write "Naked Guy" or "Naked Girl". There's an early level where you need two things for the party. The naked girl doesn't work. The naked guy does. No wonder it's on a beach. It's Florida.
  • In one mission, you are required to unfreeze a child. Get a torch, and then grab the starite after freeing the kid. You set his school on fire due to having to hold one item at a time.
  • In one level, you are required to break open a piñata. One easy way to beat this level? Create a grenade and hurl it at the piñata. The party guests will all panic and run to safety, as the grenade blows up the piñata. There's a giant hole in the floor, but you accomplished your goal and no one died. Next level!
    • Another puzzle level has trick-or-treaters arriving at your house. You can give them candy, as the hint suggests, to unlock the starite. Or, you can throw a grenade at them. That works too - they panic and run, avoiding the explosion, and the game gives you the starite because, yes, you technically gave them something.
  • In Super, stick "cannibalistic" onto a few tacos and watch the fun.
    • Even better? Cannibalistic Race Car.
    • Heck, the adjective "cannibalistic" in general.
  • Put a person in the wrong spot and they may end up getting conked with a falling Starite.
  • If they fall into a campfire or other source of flame, Starites can catch fire.
  • Get a pig. Put a piece of bacon in front of it. The pig will mourn over its lost friend and become a "Heartbroken Pig".
  • From Super onwards: Yes, you can make a literal Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot.
  • "10-11" the last action level in the original game. In the preview, you can see a bunch of bars blocking the Starite, rows and rows of spikes, with buttons, a behemoth, the Grim Reaper and a par of 24...and the gates literally just open up for you.

Scribblenauts Remix

  • This one strays into Video Game Cruelty Potential, but one mission requires you to hydrate a man stranded in the desert. Give him poisoned water and he'll happily drink down the glass, hand over the starite then crumple up into a heap and die. You still win.
  • Another level has some kids asking "trick or treats" on your door. Just give them an explosive candy, then watch the kids explode as you succeed the mission.

Scribblenauts Unlimited

  • From the opening cutscene of Unlimited, we have this. Particularly Lily's expression and the derpy smile of the wagon.
  • The "ScribbleQuest" challenge gives us a great one: after you've given the team their weapons, they fight off a dragon, who promptly kills everyone except the cleric. After she begrudgingly heals them, the team ditches their weapons and pull out bazookas.
  • The "Chef's Apprentice" challenge ends with you constructing a motorcycle for a biker dude...and the chef says "This is too cool to just give away! See ya!" and drives off with it.
  • In the "Merit Badge" challenge, you need to give a scout a projectile weapon so that he can shoot a target. His aim ends up being so bad that he shoots down a satellite, causing his instructor to freak out and grab the gun. Note that a slingshot can also do this.
  • One of the missions in Listy Colon has you helping a pirate swab a duck.
  • Almost any mission involving projectiles can be solved with objects such as a rocket launcher and an RPG launcher. Carnival games? Feel free to blow your targets away! Just don't kill the person in the dunk tank.
  • There's a mission at Kana Craters that involves you attempting to help an arctic native hunt a space whale. If you give him a boat/other form of flying vehicle, the whale capsizes it and it falls back down in flames. If you give him a jetpack, however.... The whale eats him. And gets the "happy" emoticon afterwards.
  • Non-canon example, the object editor in the Wii U version. Make way for baby and chainsaw hybrids!
  • In Vowelcano, Maxwell's brother Leon wants you to help him craft a freeze ray. Once you do, he starts firing it and ends up freezing himself with it (you can thaw him out with the magnifying glass, but he'll just get stuck on an infinite loop of him firing at his workbench).
  • At the end of the game Maxwell and Lily find out that the old man who turned Lily into stone was their father, Edgar. He was trying to teach them a lesson on not abusing their abilities. They forgive him... but they still take the petrifying cane and use it on Edgar's underwear drawer.

Scribblenauts Unmasked

  • The end of this trailer:
    Lily: So, can I have your autograph?
    Batman: No.
  • The release trailer has a nice Take That! towards Batman: War Games where Stephanie Brown is summoned and runs over Black Mask while on a motorcycle.
  • When they first arrive to Gotham City, Lily sees that her Magic Globe has been broken and laments "My dad's totally going to turn me into stone again". Batman is understandably confused.
  • During a cutscene, when Maxwell and Hal Jordan start showing off how their powers are similar, Maxwell finishes off Hal's construct with a Fancy Plaid Colossal Cthulhu.
  • At the end of the Green Lantern vs. Sinestro mission, Sinestro knocks out Hal by hitting him with a giant train. He gets ready to attack Maxwell when the entire Green Lantern Corps show up.
    Sinestro: This has escalated more quickly than I'd like.
    • Also the main conflict of the story level: Guess who takes the Starite and won't give it back? None other than Larfleeze. MINE!
    • When we first see the Green Lantern Corps fighting the Sinestro Corps, Guy Gardner can be seen relaxing in a folding chair while sending constructs to battle Maash and Lyssa Drak, saying "Just lemme know when you're ready to fight."
  • When you travel to the Fortress of Solitude for the first time, you end up encountering General Zod and Doppelganger there. To defeat you, one of the characters Doppelganger summons is an "Anti-Monitor who throws bombs". As Batman's giving Maxwell a quick panicky description of him... the Anti-Monitor explodes - couldn't handle the positive universe.


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