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  • I am somewhat annoyed with the treatment of cyborgs in the first two games. When I typed in "cyborg" on Super Scribblenauts for the first time, I was delighted to see they weren't hostile by default, which was a huge improvement (IMO.) Months later, I summoned Santa. He wouldn't give my poor cyborg anything, not even coal! Some would probably say a cyborg wouldn't care, but I think they would. This may be because of the whole Cybernetics Eat Your Soul thing, but even if I type in "soulful cyborg" or "kind cyborg" Santa still won't even give him anything! Apparently, the game doesn't consider them human, which just bugs me. And I also wish Santa would give presents to the robots and androids.
    • Robots and Cyborgs are already amazing; There's nothing more Santa could give them.
  • Writing "hedgehog" will spawn a hamster-looking thing, suggesting that the developers didn't create a unique sprite for one. But if you write "porcupine", the creature summoned is clearly a hedgehog.
  • The complete dictionary list from the original game contains a huge number of functionally identical chemicals, seemingly included just to pump up the list of objects.
    • And? They might as well.
    • It makes using the notebook easier for players with different vocabularies.
  • Any reason Anatosaurus summons a deinonychosaur?
  • They took the time to give the quite obscure dog breed of basenji a unique sprite... but it still barks like the other dogs :/
    • From a coding perspective, there's probably a "dog" class that has their actions, like cat eating. This also probably has their noise, so they'd have to make a seperate thing just for that dog that was functionally identical to the rest except for that one thing, and with so many words to make unique they probably didn't care quite that much.
  • Is Edgar Maxwell's father or grandfather? The opening narration says he's the latter, but everything else indicates he's the former.
    • Father; Lily was refering to him as a grandfather in relation to her kids, not in relation to her and Maxwell.
      • Thank you. That clears up so much.
      • Wait... WHAT? When did it say Lily had kids? Does this mean the entire franchise is a Flash Back?

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