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Sonic the Hedgehog shows the world the real super power of memework & Knuckles! Gotta meme fast!

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    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 
  • The infamous spike pit Explanation 
  • NOT ENOUGH RINGS Explanation 
  • After the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, comparisons to Oil Ocean Zone have been a recurring joke.

    Sonic 3 & Knuckles 
  • 3, 2, 1, GO! FAULT Explanation 
    • This may have become a minor Ascended Meme in Sonic Riders, where you are prevented from crossing the starting line by an electric barrier. Do so before the countdown finishes and you'll be zapped by the barrier. Incidentally, this mechanic is actually taunting you — you're allowed to cross the line the very instant the barrier disperses, so the game challenges you to play chicken with it.
  • Robotnik's diabolical traps. Explanation 
  • Knuckles' chuckle Explanation 
  • Knuckles is an idiot. Explanation 
  • The Barrel of Doom Explanation 
  • Everything & Knuckles Explanation 
    • What do you mean I can't play [incompatible game] & Knuckles (and other variations thereof)? Explanation 
    • Became an Ascended Meme in Sonic Mania with the unlockable "& Knuckles" Mode: the player can choose any of the three protagonists and Knuckles will accompany them, much like how Tails does in Sonic & Tails Mode. Beating this mode with Knuckles (i.e. a Knuckles & Knuckles game) results in an ending in which the events of the game turn out to be Knuckles reading a story called Sonic Mania & Knuckles.
  • Seinfeld Valley Zone Explanation 

    Sonic the Hedgehog CD 
  • The programmer has a nap! Hold out! Programmer! Explanation 
  • FUN IS INFINITE Explanation 
  • SALAD PLAIN Explanation 
    • You Say! Explanation 

    Sonic Adventure & Sonic Adventure 2 
  • Big the Cat is Duke Nukem. Explanation 
  • "That's Eggman! I wonder what happened to Sonic?" explanation 
  • ↑ & ↓ & ↻ Explanation 
  • "Oh no." Explanation 
  • Woah! That's interesting, but I sure don't care! Explanation 
  • "We all did it together!" Explanation 
  • Hi, I'm Omochao! I'm here to help you! Explanation 
  • Yosh Yosh Yosh Yosh Explanation 
  • Teriaaaaa! Explanation 
  • I'm the coolest! Explanation 
  • You're not even good enough to be my f—I'LL MAKE YOU EAT THOSE WORDS! Explanation 
  • Knuckles' theme "Unknown From M.E." has created some memetic lines (probably due to how cheesy it is):
    • Unlike Sonic, I don't chuckle. note 
    • I get it on by myself!
    • Knock knock, IT'S KNUCKLES.
    • Here I come, Rougher than Knuckles / The best of them, Tougher than Knuckles / You can call me Knuckles! / Unlike Knuckles, I don't chuckle. I'd rather flex my Knuckles! Explanation 
  • R.I.P. Larry, a ghost got him Explantion 
  • Aw yeah! This is happening! Explanation 
  • Watch out! You're gonna crash! Ahh! Explanation 
  • "Sonic Adventure 3 when?/never."
  • "All's well that ends well, right?" Explanation 
  • Much of the lip-syncing and animations in Adventure have become memes because they're a bit too fluid and exaggerated.
  • The scene where Eggman holds a gun to Amy's head. Explanation 

    Sonic Heroes 
  • CHAOS CONTROL! Explanation 
  • "Let's show that creep the REAL SUPER POWER OF TEAMWORK!" Explanation 
  • SHIII!! RAUUGH! AGGHH!! Explanation 
  • "Take this! Take this! Take this! Take this! CHARGE!!!!" Explanation 
  • Because we're Sonic Heroes! Explanation 
  • Dabbing Shadow Explanation 
  • Eggman is a feminist. Explanation 

    Shadow the Hedgehog 

    Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) 
  • "Yes, but that alone..." (dramatic finger point) "... is insufficient." Explanation 
  • HOW 'BOUT THIS?! IT'S NO USE! TAKE THIS! Explanation 
  • Darn, we're not going to make it! Let's speed up! Explanation 
  • That tornado is carrying a car! Explanation 
  • DON'T TOUCH IT! Explanation 
  • Let's get moving!! Explanation 
  • I AM HERE TO SAAAAAVE THE FUTURE!!!!! Explanation 
  • The game's rushed quality is a meme in and of itself.
  • Agent Shadow. E-123 Omega has engaged Mephiles. Head to the Wave Ocean (restarts) Agent Shadow. E-123 Omega has engaged Mephiles. Head to Wave Ocean immediately. Explanation 
  • NOW LOADING... Explanation 

    Sonic Colors 
  • BBBE Explanation 
  • Baldy McNosehair Explanation 
  • "No copyright law in the universe is going to stop me!" Explanation 
  • Good! Great! Awesome! Outstanding! Amazing! Explanation 

    Sonic Generations 
    • BE CAREFUL, SONIC! Explanation 
  • Rooftree! Explanation 
  • X? Is that really you, or are you just an impostor? The only way I can find out is by THROWING Y AT YOU. Explanation 
  • (DAT) VIOLIN! Explanation 
  • Time for a change of pace! Explanation 
  • "Enjoy your future, it's going to be great!" Explanation 
  • "You got this, Sonic!" Explanation 
  • "That tornado is carrying the goalpost!" Explanation 

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 
  • The music is dying cats. Explanation 
  • Pikachu in a sombrero. Explanation 
  • Castlevania Zone Explanation 
  • "This is truly Sonic 4 as you imagined it!" - Ken Balough Explanation 
    • Ken's Tails beard. Explanation 
  • The physics. Explanation 
    • Standing on the side of a platform. Explanation 

    Sonic Lost World 
  • ALL HAIL THE MAGIC CONCH! Explanation 
  • "I long for death's cold embrace." Explanation 
  • "HARDCORE PARKOUR!" Explanation 
  • Sonic/Jurassic Park crossovers. Explanation 
  • Sexy Tails. Explanation 
  • "I've been looking for you, Baldy McNosehair!" Explanation 
  • Sonic Lost X. Explanation 
  • Comparing Amy's voice to Minnie Mouse's voice. Explanation 

    Sonic Boom 
  • Welcome to Sonic '14! Explanation 
    • Alternatively, the game can be described as "Sonic '06 2", for the same reasons above.
    • "I Forgot How to Even" Explanation 
  • HBRLRLRLRL Explanation 
  • "BOUNCE PADS!" Explanation 
  • The noticeably more buff iteration of Knuckles quickly became memetic.
    • In a similar fashion, the excessive amounts of sports tape on all the redesigns became a joke after their reveal, leading people to apply the principles to other video game characters.
  • "SONIC'S ARMS ARE NOT FRIGGIN' BLUE!"/Macing GameStop employees Explanation 

    Sonic Mania 
  • Everything that comes out of the announcer's mouth. Explanation 
  • The title screen has Sonic rising out of an emblem as usual. The animation is based on the one from Sonic 1, but he also does a very fluidly animated spin before his finger waggle pose. A particular smear frame of that spin makes Sonic look very silly and has been the subject of parodies, much like that one scene from an early Sonic Unleashed trailer.
  • Given the sheer number of Promoted Fanboys working on the game, jokes about Sega finally getting fed up with the constant complaints no matter what they do and letting the fans handle things for a change is rather common. Similarly, subtitling the game as "Sonic: You f**king make it then if you're so damn smart!" is also pretty common, similar to reactions to Super Mario Maker.
  • "As you truly imagined it!" makes a return, albeit in a less sarcastic sense, in that this is a Sonic game for the fans, made by the fans.
  • Sonic gazing at the horizon is so very very very very exploitable.
  • Due to a few mishaps that happen to Knuckles during the game, "OH NO" has made a return.
  • Spinning Knuckles Explanation 
  • An imageboard poster once claimed the level with ice and cherry blossom elements was called "Sakura Synagogue Zone". Afterwards, it was proven that all their information was fake, but some people still jokingly insist Press Garden Zone really is called that.
  • A glitch involving using the Super Sonic transformation while either holding up or as seen here will cause Sonic's quills to stand up and start the Super Sonic theme, but otherwise not change Sonic at all. This includes his coloration, leaving him as blue. Thanks to the newest Dragon Ball anime introducing the Super Saiyan Blue transformation, and Super Sonic's original inspiration being Super Saiyan... well, Super Sonic Blue is born.
  • An artist on Twitter drew up a fan character design that was inspired from an initial misinterpretation of Eggman's upside-down sprite from the giant spider robot boss in Act 2 of Flying Battery Zone. People immediately took a liking to the design, dubbing the character "Eggette" (or "Omelette"; whichever you prefer). Fan art of the fan art was made, and fans crafted an identity for her as the Sonic equivalent of Bowser Jr., being Eggman's daughter/niece who helps him in his quest for world domination. Fans quickly began clamoring for her to become an official character.
    • She even became the Arc Villain of the eighth season of Sonic for Hire, with her briefly explaining her origin as a fan art character too.
  • It's an Alaskan Bull Worm! Explanation 
  • Black Sonic Explanation 
  • Photoshopping the Zone introduction card to say other, less appropriate things.
  • From the first episode of Sonic Mania Adventures, people are already making reaction videos of the scene where Sonic is about to help Eggman, but changes his mind when he picks up a terminal he dropped. Like the above "Sonic gazing at a distance" meme, this one is exploitable too.
    • The sheer amount of smear frames in the series has also become a popular image macro to spam on the Sonic Twitter page, often as a shorthand for a lack of seriousness.
  • #RoomForOneMore Explanation 

    Sonic Forces 
  • The reveal of the title Sonic Forces instantly sparked numerous jokes and snowclones. References to Star vs. the Forces of Evil as well as The Force Awakens also became common. The latter especially with Sonic Forces' "Join the Uprising" tagline.
  • "Sonic Forces X to Y" Explanation 
  • The theme song "Fist Bump" caused many fans to declare Forces as "Anime Sonic the Hedgehog" due to how it sounds like an anime theme.
  • The Custom Character Trailer reveal resulted in the fandom cracking jokes about creating Coldsteel the Hedgeheg (or, alternatively, Lord Donut Steel or Sonichu) in the game.
  • The Custom Character is often dubbed "Original the Character," a meme which itself is described below.
    • Plenty of people joke that new villain Infinite is actually Eggman's very own Sonic OC.
  • Mashups of the (instrumental) Sonic Forces Main Theme with other Sonic intros, such as Sonic CD, Colors, and Heroes.
  • Shadow is not the edgiest anymore. Explanation 
    • INFINITE EDGE! Explanation 
  • "But is X faster than Infinite?" Explanation 
  • Fursona 5. Explanation 
  • Silver getting increasingly more frustrated about having to fix the future... again.
  • This frame of the Avatar screaming as they fling themselves around a corner quickly became memetic.
  • "This time, it IS use!" Explanation 
  • Two blue dog-like characters in the background of the story trailer quickly became popular because of just how disturbing they look.
  • (Do X) as Shadow! Explanation 
  • During Tokyo Game Show 2017, SEGA revealed an advertising campaign between Sonic Forces and... Hooters. Needless to say, hilarity ensued among fans.
    • Naturally, this lead to fan art of the female characters as Hooters' Waitresses, with Rouge being the most common one for obvious reasons.
  • I AM NOT WEAK!!! Explanation 
    • Infinite is weaker than a tree. Explanation 
  • "Donkey Kong is the best Sonic character!" Explanation 
  • Shadow's on the ground. Explanation 
  • "None of this is good, Vector. That's why it's called war." Explanation 
  • The SUCC Wispon Explanation 
  • VOID! Explanation 
  • 1.99$ Explanation 
  • Tails cowering at everything Explanation 
  • Double Boost! Explanation 
  • L O N G B O I Explanation 
  • Modern Sonic having no Idle Animations has created a lot of jokes, especially when it comes to his lack of blinking and breathing.
  • Green Hill's looking a lot like X Hill right now! Explanation 

    Team Sonic Racing 
  • "Who's your daddy, Shadow?" Explanation 
  • LET SHADOW SAY FUCK Explanation 
  • "Cringe before Zavok!" Explanation 

    Social Media 
  • @sonic_hedgehog Explanation 
    • Similarly, the Facebook page is basically nothing but memes and game updates. Mostly memes.
  • Your new national anthem... Explanation 
  • "Welcome to the list. It's a very special list of very special people. I look forward to crossing your name off it someday".Explanation 
  • Irish the Hedgehog. Explanation 

    Television Shows 
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog has its own page.

    Comic Books 
  • Alone on a Friday night? God, you're pathetic. Explanation 
  • Shadow's angry face Explanation 
  • Sonic the Comic Issue 53 features Sonic holding a gun. note  Due to this clashing with his later persona, it's commonly circulated amongst fans, often with the dialogue altered to read "Delete This!"
  • NO FUN ALLOWED. Explanation 

    Real-Time Fandub 
  • Pretty much anything from SnapCube's Real-Time Fandub of Sonic Adventure 2 (both Hero and Dark/Last Story). Especially Alfred's performance as Eggman.
    • Practically everything about Eggman's Announcement in the Dark Story Dub.
      • "I've come to make an announcement: Shadow the Hedgehog's a bitch-ass motherfucker." Explanation 
      • "I'm pissing on the MOOOON!"Explanation 
    • Do you know where the nearest hot topic is?! Za warudo! Explanation 
    • *sigh* I miss my wife, Tails. I miss her a lot. I'll be back. Explanation 
    • It would seem that you bitches have come to a standstill in Tarzan's forest. You have thirteen seconds before the island fucking explodes, you Hot Topic wannabe and you blue gumball son of a bitch. You have done nothing but destroy my life, I hope you both die. Explanation 
    • It looks like a fucking walnut! Blam! And it busted a nut, right then and there! Explanation 
    • Talk about a low budget flight! Explanation 
    • What the FUCK! Is that Shadow's Dick?! Explanation 
    • I'm going to kill you... And then kill you again. Explanation 
    • You fool, I have SEVENTY ALTERNATIVE ACCOUNTS! Explanation 
    • I peed on your wife, Robotnik. She's mine now. That's the law. Explanation 
    • WHO posted my NUDES on Twitter dot com!? Explanation 
    • Maria... *Giant Explosion* Explanation 
  • Much like with Adventure 2, SnapCube's real-time fandub of Sonic '06 has spawned many:
    • Anything that comes out of Mephiles mouth really and Alfred Coleman as Dr. Eggman isn't far behind as per usual.
    • "Ha ha! Ha! O N E!"
    • "Count how many sand is here, Omega."
    • "My name is Memphis Tennessee."
    • "Go on Shadow, don't you support gay rights?"
    • "Welcome to Tilted Towers."
    • "I am now sans undertale, go into my eyes."

    Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) 
  • Ben Schwartz being cast as Sonic, after having been cast as Dewey and Leonardo, led to jokes about him being typecast as other heroes who are predominantly blue.
  • The reveal of Sonic's beefed up new design for the movie, which oddly gives him muscular realistic legs, is already spawning numerous jokes about how Sonic "didn't skip leg day."
  • The unanimous horror with which Sonic's design on the teaser poster was greeted by fans on the internet prompted a number of people to joke about the design being so bad that it finally got the Sonic fanbase to actually agree on something.
  • The second teaser poster isn't much better. A good number of people have pointed out that it's shot from Sonic's crotch area.
  • The fact that a Sonic movie and a Pikachu movie released in the same year has led to a lot of jokes about setting up the "Sonichu Cinematic Universe." Others have joked that Sonichu's esteemed creator won't be happy to learn that Sonic's design in this movie appears to have blue arms. And then fans also remembered the bit at the start of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate where Sonic tried to save Pikachu. Coincidence?
  • Sonic is Chill and Lickable. Explanation 
  • Due to Eggman's infamous "moon speech" from the SnapCube real-time dub of Sonic Adventure 2 becoming popular at around the same time as Sonic's finalized design was released (see above), mashups of the two have naturally become popular, sometimes replacing the references to Shadow in the aforementioned monologue with Movie Sonic.
  • When Sonic's initial design was revealed, several artists came up with scenarios where Main Series!Sonic and Movie!Sonic meet (sometimes throwing other infamous Sonic designs in for comparison's sake). To the surprise of no one, they don't get along. Likewise, after Sonic's much, much less horrifying revised design was unveiled in the second trailer, it became popular to show him beating up or otherwise humiliating the original design.
  • After the trailer released, a shot of Sonic surrounded by missiles became a popular representation of the film's overall reception. A contender for this is the scream Marsden's character gives out when first seeing Sonic in the trailer, supposedly mirroring the reaction of the fanbase.
  • Likewise, an image of Sonic screaming while showing off human teeth also became memetic, usually though those lamenting the lack of adherence to the source material.
  • More than a few have likened the appearance of Jim Carrey's Robotnik to "Robbie Rotten if he was a Guardians of the Galaxy character."
  • Many who saw the trailer gave their earnest apologies to SammyClassicSonicFan, saying he was right all along. His quotes are also commonly used as reactions for the trailer, especially: "When will you learn... that your actions have consequences?!"
  • When Robotnik was agreed to be the best part of the first trailer, many jokes ensued about Jim "Carrey-ing" the movie, including jokes about him having back pain from the effort.
  • Once it was revealed that the director had taken to heart of the criticism and was going to change Sonic's design, a hashtag dubbed "Gotta Fix Fast" quickly became popular around the net.
  • "How are you not dead?" "I have NO idea!", an exchange between Tom and Sonic after the latter inexplicably survived everything Robotnik threw at him in the second trailer. Many people like to caption both of them with various other characters.
  • "He's my friend!", echoed through the fandom after the new design of Sonic was revealed, in stark contrast to the previous trailer depicting Tom screaming at Sonic and shooting him with a dart gun.
  • The second trailer's scene of Dr Robotnik dancing in his lair took off immediately, with fans having him dance to different music or comparing it to Peter Parker or Arthur Fleck dancing.
  • One meme involving a famous scene from Avengers: Infinity War:
    Child Gamora: Did you fix Sonic?
    Thanos: Yes.
    Child Gamora: What did it cost?
    Thanos: Gangsta's Paradise. (the first trailer's song)

    Other/Real Life/Fandom Related 
  • BLAST PROCESSING Explanation 
  • Sonic is the fastest thing alive... in bed.
  • Dumb Running Sonic. Explanation 
  • I told Knuckles that Eggman was good, Sonic was evil, and The Other Wiki was as authoritative as a peer-reviewed scientific journal. He believed all of it. Explanation 
  • You're too slow! Explanation 
    • Now I'll show you! Explanation 
  • "GOTTA GO FAST", a phrase associated with two different memes: an infamous piece of Sonic fan art, and the North American opening from Sonic X. It also managed to get associated with Tribes due to the gameplay style of the latest installment revolving around speed.
    • Now also associated with Mario Kart 8 due to both having an amiibo suit based on Sonic and having a new super fast 200cc Mode.
    • It's Ramadan, gotta go fast! Explanation 
    • Becomes an Ascended Meme in the English-language localization of Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX (which was also developed and published by Sega), which uses this meme as part of the description for the Sonic figurine. It's also the title of an event match in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, but only in the European version. The Sonic Boom cartoon had a field day with it, the most notable being an entire SONG based around it.
    • Also an Ascended Meme in Yakuza 0, also published by SEGA. It's the name of a perk that, you guessed it, helps Kiryu run faster.
    • Referenced in Sonic Boom.
  • SANIC HEGEHOG. Often paired with "GOTTA GO FAST".
  • I AM GOD!
  • Dankey Kang. Explanation 
  • Coldsteel the Hedgeheg: "Pssh, nothin personnel, kid." Explanation 
  • The Sonic Cycle Explanation 
  • Sola Sonica. Explanation 
  • Thomas was EVERYWHERE. Explanation 
  • BZZZZZZZZZZZ Explanation 
    • Buzzbomber was in charge of the stream. Explanation 
    • We are happy to announce— Explanation 
    • Totino's presents Sonic's 25th Anniversary Event Explanation 
    • "What's that—[cue audio crackling] That's the sound of 25 years of Sonic!"
  • Sonic ice cream bars Explanation 
  • Sonic Was Never Good Explanation 
    • Sonic Forces Is As Bad As We All Feared Explanation 
    • Sonic had a Rough Transition Explanation 
  • Obama chuckled. "You mean the Chaos Emeralds?" Explanation 
  • Silver the Weedhog. Explanation 
  • Every single thing from this parody comic made by illustrator Tyson Hesse. Meme highlights include:
    • ALL facial expressions.
    • Everything surrounding "Nipples the Enchilada".
      • Oh, my mistake.
    • NOW YOU'RE A MAN!!
    • Original the Character! Do not steal!
  • SONEEK SKETBOARD Explanation 
  • The Sonic the Hedgehog Joke Book has had some rather... inappropriate text edits, some of which have caught on widely.
  • Ugandan Knuckles. Explanation 
    • DO U KNOW DA WAE Explanation 
    • I NEVER FREEZE Explanation 
    • Has since snow cloned, with variations including Super Sayian Ugandan Knuckles, Russian Ugandan Knuckles, basically anything you can think of. Future Ugandan Knuckles, however, is regarded as going too far by everyone.
    • WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? Explanation 
  • Bench Tails Explanation 
  • Pink Sonic Explanation 
    • Blue Amy Explanation 
    • Sonic RoséExplanation 
  • Sonic 3CD & Knuckles & Knuckles Explanation 
  • Why does Sonic need a car? Explanation 
  • Sonic the Saber Explanation 
  • Sonic is my favorite Fire Emblem protagonist. Explanation 
  • SONIC HAS PASSED Explanation 
  • Amy Rouge Explanation 
  • Rouge Amy Explanation 
  • The Tails Doll from Sonic R is a Demonic Dummy that will eat your soul. Can you feel the sunshine?
    • Heck, all of the songs from Sonic R are memetic to some extent, thanks to the eurobeat soundtrack.
  • Offbeat lines:
    • Sonic Spinball: WORM BAGGED Explanation 
      • CLUCK ALERT! Explanation 
    • Mr. Needlemouse Explanation 
    • Too black. Too strong. Explanation 
    • TELEPORTATION YEAH! Explanation 
  • The notorious drowning mus5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 (drown) Explanation 
  • Eggman is the fastest thing alive! Explanation 
  • Tails can't die note 
  • The fan art of the series is a meme in itself, to its huge amounts of "original characters" note  to bizarre permutations of Rule 34.
    • [your name] the Hedgehog Explanation 
    • As well, Christian Sonic fan art. Explanation 
  • Belladonna is Blaze's mom. Explanation 

Shadow: Yes, but that meme alone is insufficient.


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