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The Fanfic

No one cares about the fanfic of the same name
  • Well, it's probably not so much that no one cares as it is that it hasn't been updated for four years whereas the animation is extremely new.
  • The linked fanfic is completely irrelevant to the show is there any way to remove the tab from the main page?

The Fanimation

Conner still ages and will eventually reach the age where he can't stay alive anymore
Something to think about, if Conner comes back after dying, what will happen when he dies of old age? Will he just be in an endless loop of say 5 minutes of life and then dying again? What about the mass of old Conner corpses piling up?

Connor's powers were discovered on death row
Remember that Class Ds are usually harvested from death row inmates. Wouldn't it be interesting and hilarious if the Foundation found out about Connor when he was executed...and then suddenly flashed back into existence out of nowhere?
  • Jossed. Episode 4 reveals Connor's power was discovered when he was a baby after his mother left him in a locked car until someone discovered the car was filled with dead baby bodies of Connor.

Connor's dream is about SCP-231-7
A singing priest? A distressed sounding child? The sound of flesh being cleaved, presumably by said priest? Who does that remind you of?

Alternatively, Connor has a connection to SCP-231-7 and her predecessors
Remember when they said that putting 231-7 out of her misery "was not an option"? What if that's because they physically can't put her out of her misery? Perhaps Connor was subjected to something similar to the 231s, possibly by the same church that impregnated them.

Connor and Powers' relationship is/will be encouraged by the SCP foundation
Why? Because they're curious if Connor's SCP abilities are an inheritable trait. And, hey, if there's any SCP overall safe to test this with, Connor would be the best one since the worst his power seems to do is violate conservation of mass on a low level.

Place your bets on which SCP Connor will be killed b- I mean encounter next! (feel free to add more)
  • Starting with some obscure ones, since they've been on a roll with those:
    • SCP-053 (The Young Girl): Another immortal brown-haired child. Perhaps Connor will somehow bypass her Hate Plague and bond with her?
    • SCP-056 (A Beautiful Person): And upon meeting Connor, he'll transform into a hotter, stronger and more unkillable version of him. Bonus points if this "superior" version of Connor is exaggerated for Rule of Funny—I'm picturing a buff, Walking Shirtless Scene Long-Haired Pretty Boy. And instead of having Resurrective Immortality, he'll just be Nigh-Invulnerable.
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    • SCP-085 (Hand-Drawn Cassy): This I picture being a Breather Episode for Connor, wherein he just chats with Cassy over his many, many problems.
    • SCP-1128 (Aquatic Horror): Probably for an opening gag. Bonus points if we never see the monster itself, just bits and pieces of it.
    • SCP-735 (Insult Box): Because it would hilarious.
    • SCP-2416 (The Day The Clown Died): Connor's reaction to meeting Joe will probably be something like "This guy's just like me! Except he doesn't stay in the same place when he dies, and... he's really fucking stupid."
  • Now for the well-known ones:
    • SCP 079 (Old AI): If the end of this is any indication, then 079 might have a presence or cameo in the next episode.
    • SCP-049 (Plague Doctor): Because it'd be interesting to have him in. Probably voiced by TheVolgun.
      • I think the only one who anyone would accept as the voice of 049 would be TheVolgun.
      • Confirmed: trailer for episode 8 shows 049 will indeed appear.
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    • SCP-096 (The Shy Guy): Appears in the opening, so he'll probably show up in the show proper.
    • SCP-173 (The Sculpture): Because it just wouldn't be the SCP Foundation without their first-ever creation!
    • SCP-231-7 (Special Personnel Requirements): Could end up as the darkest episode in the series.
    • SCP-682 (Hard-To-Destroy Reptile): Appears in the opening (I think), so he'll probably show up in the show proper. Probably voiced by TheHauntedReader.
      • Confirmed. The April Fools Day video shows a rather uniquely designed 682 quickly eat Connor.
    • SCP-993 ("Bobble the Clown"): Seeing as Bobble doesn't usually go after adults, it's possible that this one will be involved in a flashback to when Connor was a kid. And it'll be terrifying.
    • SCP-999 (The Tickle Monster): Again, as a Breather Episode.
      • I'll take you up on that offer. SCP-811, SCP-352, SCP-105 and SCP-106 are some of my bets. Including the IKEA store.
      • Infinite IKEA confirmed, in a two-parter where Connor is trapped inside.

There will be a Battle in the Center of the Mind with Connor and Dr. Bright
  • After what happened in the end of Episode 5, it's not to far out to think that at some point Connor might put on SCP-963-1 so that Dr. Bright can meet with whatever is giving Connor his immortality.

Connor had a crush on SCP-040 when he was a kid
  • We catch a quick glimpse of SCP-040 in the Special — the girl with pink hair at 2:29 for the curious. Ten to one says she was Connor's first crush. He skimmed past it quickly, though, because he doesn't like remembering how it ended. Maybe she killed him a whole bunch of times and used his bodies to construct an escape vehicle — which she then used to leave him behind. Ah, youth.

The real point of the tests isn't to use his immortality, it's to find a way to permanently kill him.
  • Judging by episode 5, he's freaked out the SCP and his tests have an unusually high casualty rate, even by SCP testing standards. Is that really such a coincidence?

Conner is closely linked to the Scarlet King/SCP-231/SCP-2317
  • Very few SC Ps have documents as heavily redacted as those related to the Scarlet King, So Conner’s entry fits the theme there, and everyone seems to not know the full extent of Conners powers, even the Doctors who are testing him, so it’s possible that there is some kind of effect based on what Conner is perceived as, similar to the Scarlet King.
Conner's immortality kills people via Balancing Death's Books
  • It's been brought up how so many being die around him. It might be that someone had to die in order to make up for Conner's resurections. There is an SCP with a similar power: a D-class that siphons luck from others.

Dr. Powers will be "removed" / otherwise killed and Connor will go berserk
  • Connor has been shown to develop some sort of Living Emotional Crutch over Natalie Powers. Given she's been researching into Connor's past and her being called to the head office for a "medical exam" at the end of episode 7, she might either have her memories removed, get killed or otherwise betray Connor which gets him to "hatch" his true powers and finally retaliate against the Foundation. In short: Immortal demon-spawn Connor + army of SC Ps vs. the Foundation coming up?

Connor is an SCP-001 proposal
Most of his file is redacted, likely because it's extremely sensitive information, and there may be much more about the "demon" possessing him, that may connect Connor with other anomalies.
  • It's also possible his file is hidden under another number in the database in order to throw off suspicion (like it is with SCP-184).

When Connor died to SCP-2200 in Episode 5, he briefly experienced SCP-2718
Being killed by the sword places Connor's soul into a dark void, flecked with stars. A voice then speaks to him, claiming that after "toiling in the fields" he'll be given a new, eternal life. This makes it seem like the afterlife is worse than whatever SCP-2200 has to offer. And SCP-2718 is just about the worst thing imaginable.

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