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Merry Crimble to those who live five days ahead of time!

"Hang the star upon the tree, it's Christmas again. Candy canes for you and me, it's Christmas again."

Known in Britain as a "Christmas Special" (not to be confused with a Christmas Special, a series or franchise based on Christmas itself), the Christmas Episode is a one-off seasonal episode of an ongoing series, typically a comedy or comedy drama. Sometimes the Christmas Episode will be shown in two or three parts over consecutive nights, typically in the build-up to Christmas Day. Only the most popular shows get their Christmas episodes shown on Christmas Day itself.

Note that unlike other holiday episodes included in a series, the Christmas Episode is usually a special production or commission separate from the season it occurs alongside; as such, it generally just features the series' core cast (and sometimes, popular secondary characters) and is not necessarily in continuity to the rest of the season — though it can also be used to set up major changes in continuity through events such as a Christmas wedding or a Christmas birth (a popular one for obvious reasons), which can then be canonized in the next year's season. Alternatively, the Christmas Episode may be the last-ever episode of the series, as happened with the UK version of The Office, Doug (before getting Un-Cancelled), Invader Zim, Roary the Racing Car, and Only Fools and Horses (although the latter had more Christmas Episodes commissioned afterwards). It is not unusual for British sitcoms to continue producing new Christmas Episodes for several years after the show has finished as an ongoing series; the final series of The Royle Family was aired in 2000, but new Christmas specials continued to air sporadically until 2012, and more than half of Mrs. Brown's Boys ended up being specials in a similar manner.

In Britain, a more recent variation is a specially recorded Christmas day message on Channel 4 which is then run in competition with the monarch's televised Christmas message (recent years have seen announcements from Ali G and Marge Simpson). However, since this is breaking the Fourth Wall, it is not typically part of an actual story.

During the 1980s and 90s, British Christmas specials usually took place in some decidedly un-Christmassy part of the world such as Florida (Only Fools and Horses) or Majorca (Birds of a Feather). This has been less popular since those decades, although Death in Paradise continues the tradition with its Caribbean setting.

If a Christmas Episode is depressing in tone, this is a case of Twisted Christmas. British Soap Operas in particular tend to make the Christmas Episode the most depressing episode of the entire year. (Which is saying something; Brit soaps like EastEnders tend to be depressing anyway.) It is not uncommon for a long running character to die in Christmas Episodes of this kind, and another occurrence is a disastrous wedding where everything goes wrong and the wedding doesn't occur, or a disastrous birth where the baby, mother or both die in the process.

May overlap with Vacation Episode if travel is involved.

See also Christmas Special, which is based on Christmas itself instead of a pre-existing series. Also see You Mean "Xmas", where a world where Christmas doesn't exist gets a similar holiday for the purposes of having an episode for it. Compare Christmas in Japan. See April Fools' Plot or Very Special Episode for another themed episode found in shows. If the plot is taken by a certain Dickens' tale, you might be prompted to say Yet Another Christmas Carol. Action-adventure shows may have An Ass-Kicking Christmas if those elements don't take a holiday. Dramatic shows may lighten up the tone for a Merry Christmas in Gotham. Saving Christmas, of course, is not unheard of. Expect an "Everybody Helps Out" Denouement.

Look out for the theme tune of the Christmas Special being customized for the season, perhaps with sleigh bells and snippets of things like Jingle Bells, and the opening credits being overlaid by lots of jolly things like tinsel and glittering snowflakes.

For other holidays see Hanukkah Episode, Halloween Episode, Thanksgiving Episode, Valentine's Day Episode, St. Patrick's Day Episode, and Easter Episode.

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  • "One More, Dave", "Christmas Pudding", and "Mark" from the Drinking and Driving Wrecks Lives campaign take place around Christmastime.
    • "One More, Dave" features a woman having to liquify and spoon-feed Christmas dinner to Dave, who became a quadreplagic after driving drunk.
    • "Christmas Pudding" has a woman getting a call during Christmas dinner that her boyfriend David, who had been drinking prior, was involved in an accident. The woman imagines the pudding on the table, which is on fire, as David's car, which is similarly ablaze. This ad has the special slogan of "Drinking and Driving Wrecks Christmas".
    • "Mark" mentions that the titular Mark gave some children "their most memorable Christmas ever" when he hit and killed their parents while drink-driving.
  • A few Energizer Bunny ads feature a more festive flair, from the Bunny having to save Christmas because of Santa oversleeping (thanks to a Supervolt powered alarm clock), to having to deal with his Obnoxious In-Laws.
  • One Meth Project ad called "Parents" took place around Christmas, as evidenced by the Christmas tree in the living room.
  • A special Wilkins Coffee ad featured Wilkins and Wontkins dressed as Santa and a reindeer, respectively.
    Wilkins: Merry Christmas! It's a joy to serve Wilkins Coffee to so many people at Christmas!
    Wontkins: It's a joy to you! You're not pulling the sled!

    Anime & Manga 
Note that in Japan, Christmas has roughly the same cultural significance as Valentine's Day does in the West — so Anime Christmas Episodes can have an additional romance theme to them. See Christmas in Japan for details.
  • A Certain Magical Index: The Genesis Testament series is set in the leadup to the Christmas holidays, with Touma stuck in makeup schoolwork, while Mikoto being taken in by the atmosphere of the season.
  • Aggretsuko: A Very Metal Christmas is heavily invested in the holiday's significance in Japan, with a lot of weight put on finding a date for Christmas Retsuko working on her Instagram game.
  • Ai Yori Aoshi: Enishi's Christmas Episode doubled as a Shout-Out to Ah! My Goddess.
  • In episode 8 / Chapter 26 of Asteroid in Love, the Earth Sciences Club enjoys a hot pot and stargazes. The girls of the Newspaper club get in on this, too, dressing up in seasonal costumes.
  • Azumanga Daioh had one of these. Complete with Chiyo-Dad as Santa; courtesy of Sakaki's imagination. The manga had two instances.
  • The Big O episode "Daemonseed" takes place on "Heaven's Day", a day of gift-giving whose origins have been lost to the amnesiac residents of Paradigm City. At the end, Alex Rosewater says, "Tell me, Chief, do you know the real meaning behind Heaven's Day? It's the day God's son was born." Also, a Humongous Mecha fights a mutant Christmas tree. This could be a subtle subversion, as later revelations about Rosewater indicate he was probably talking about himself.
  • The Chrono Crusade anime has an episode where Chrono, Rosette, and Azmaria celebrate Christmas with the rest of the Magdalene Order before they begin their journey to California to save Joshua. The manga follows a slightly different timeline and mentions Christmas, but doesn't have a traditional "episode" per se—the final battle actually takes place over Christmas Eve and ends at sunrise on Christmas Day.
  • Crayon Shin-chan had an episode with 3 Christmas themed parts, the first being about a troupe of performers coming to Shin's kindergarten class to put on a play, the second about Shin helping his mother (and her firends) give away some gifts and the third about Shin's parents fretting over how they're going to get their son a Christmas present.
  • Dai-Guard has one where the cast attempted to have a Christmas party, but threat of attack forced everyone to wait on standby. They simply move the party to Dai-Guard's hanger and invite the repair and ground crew to join them.
  • The Death Note manga had a couple of four-panel cartoons with Light and Ryuk. "Since when do shinigami celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ?"
  • Digimon Adventure 02 used the Christmas episode for a Relationship Upgrade.
  • Doraemon has plenty of these.
  • Doctor Slump has three of them, each with a Bad Santa of its own.
  • While Eyeshield 21 is not essentially Christmas themed, the Deimon Devil Bats aspire to and eventually do go to the Christmas Bowl, the biggest game of the year played on Christmas.
  • Dr. STONE: Senku uses their newly created lights to decorate a tree as snow starts to fall, Gen then realizes Senku figured it was Christmas, just as Santa flies over the sky.
  • The first half of Episode 9 in Gabriel Dropout has the cast celebrate Christmas indoors.
  • In later volumes of Happy Happy Clover, the main characters Clover and Mallow discover the story of Santa Claus. But their school teacher, named "Professor Hoot" takes the book away from them and doesn't allow them to read the rest of it. Since he told them that the whole Santa story was for "Grown-Ups". But Clover tells about Santa Clause to Kale's baby brothers, which he would later find out and start ripping the letters to shreds. Clover and her friends then decided to deliver their Christmas gifts to Kale's brothers much to their amusement on Christmas morning. Near the end of the story, Clover and her friends wake up and see presents laying around them home wondering if Santa actually did visit them on Christmas Eve.
  • Hamtaro has several of them, the first involving the Ham-hams making sure that Boss has a good Christmas since "Santa never comes to field hamsters" and the second involving Hamtaro playing the part of Santa Claus and delivering presents to his friends, with a little help from Bijou. And it had (at least) three more that were never dubbed in English
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers had a special with Finland dressing up as Santa and answering fan mail with his puppy Blood-Smeared Flower Egg. France then hijacks the special and runs around molesting other countries and forcing them to strip.
    • There was also one where the Allies and Axis are visited by Finland as Santa, who gives them gifts, and one where Italy, Germany and Japan interview the other countries about their Christmas traditions. In the Webcomic, there's a strip where Britain and Germany call a truce on Christmas and play a game of soccer/football, based on a real-life event. There is an episode in the anime where America holds a Christmas party.
    • And then came Hetalia Bloodbath 2010...
  • Episode 12 of I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying takes place on Christmas, but Kaoru and Hajime can't spend the day together due to Kaoru having to work late. So Hajime goes to a party with Kaoru's friends and their husbands. And since she has to work the next day, they can't spend any time together that night either, so it ends with Hajime reaching for a box of tissues.
  • Ichigo Mashimaro concludes with one of these. Nobue tries to preserve Matsuri's belief in Santa Claus by shutting down Miu's attempts to tell her the truth, and by dressing up as Santa Claus herself.
  • Episode 11 of Is the Order a Rabbit? starts with a Christmas Marketnote , and the main bulk of the plot has the girls and the side characters working at Rabbit House to serve customers during this time of year. Cocoa also secretly gives Chino a present while she's sleeping, but then falls asleep next to her, though Chino appreciates the thoughts behind the gift.
  • The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA episode "White Christmas" has Tylor trying to make a Christmas Eve date with Yuriko, only to get sidetracked by a kid whose mother is stuck working late.
  • Itsudatte My Santa!: the whole thing is a friggin' Christmas Episode!
  • Jewelpet:
    • Jewelpet (2009): Episode 38, in which Big Bad Dian decides to ruin Christmas for everyone using a brainwashed Io. At the end it turns out that Santa Claus is way cool.
    • Jewelpet Twinkle☆: Episode 39 features Akari taking her love interest Yuuma on a tour of Jewel Land on Christmas Day.
    • Jewelpet Sunshine: Episode 38. The first half is about the Jewelpets helping Sakuran do her job as Santa's helper. The second half is a messed up midnight mass, only with a Jerkass Crystal Dragon Jesus instead of plain ol' Jesus.
    • Jewelpet Kira Deco!: Episode 38, in which Peridot is Santa's helper and instead of reindeer, Santa uses an ice turkey-phoenix thing to get around.
    • Jewelpet Happiness: Episode 38, about the gang setting up their Cafe for Christmas, only to have an overeager Jewelpet screw things up. Nene and Mouri develop their romance as a bonus.
    • Lady Jewelpet: Episode 38 shows Christmas as celebrated by Petit Ladies in the Royal Palace. Much romantic drama ensues between Momona, Cayenne and Elena.
  • K-On! and its manga has one of these.
  • The Christmas arc of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War had multiple shake-ups to the status quo. Most notably, Kaguya and Shirogane finally confess their feelings to each other and start dating.
  • Kaitou Saint Tail. Interestingly, in the manga, the corresponding chapter had nothing to do with Christmas at all.
    • Particularly baffling since the manga does have one or two Christmas chapters.
  • Kamichu! has a Christmas episode. Pretty interesting, considering the show follows the daily life of a Shinto Goddess. Although keep in mind that episode had the show's resident Hot-Blooded Miko get offended about the foreign holiday and invent "Yurie's Year-End Thanksgiving Day" as a Shintoist alternative.
  • A bonus chapter in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days is set on a rather cold day, in which most members of Organization XIII decided to take a day off against Saïx's wishes.
  • Kitsune no Yomeiri:
    • Chapter 9 has Kyouka experience her first Christmas when she and Ousuke visit the Yamato household for a Christmas party where they dress up in Christmas costumes, eat a Christmas feast and take part in an obstacle course race. The episode also serves to introduce Aria Yamato, Tarou's younger sister.
    • Chapter 21 sees Kyouka, Hinata, Kumi & Aria make a Christmas Cake so that Hinata can use it as bait in a trap for Santa.
  • In Kimagure Orange Road the Christmas episode involved Kasuga time traveling three times in order to create a Christmas Eve meeting that didn't leave either Hikaru or Madoka furious at him, due to the Serious implications of a Christmas Eve Date.
  • The Love Hina Christmas special focuses on Keitaro and Naru trying to meet up with each other while it is still Christmas Eve.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's:
    • Episode 9 is called "Christmas Eve". It starts out like a Christmas episode up until Nanoha and Fate visit the hospital where Hayate's staying so she won't be alone on Christmas. Little do they know that Hayate's the Morality Pet of their enemies and the Mana battery for their Artifact of Doom. What follows is An Ass-Kicking Christmas that lasts for 3 episodes.
    • Episode 11 is called "A Present For Christmas", although more than one present is given. Fate gets to meet Alicia, and The Book of Darkness gets a name (Reinforce).
    • The first Megami Sound Stage takes place on Christmas Eve in A's, although strangely enough, it suggests that after Nanoha and Fate visited Hayate, they went to training without any further problems. In the sound stage, Nanoha and Fate discuss topics like believing in Santa and what they do to celebrate Christmas, in addition to their thoughts on the current situation.
  • Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, twice. There were actually three episodes that took place on Christmas, but one was plot-important and didn't focus on the holiday itself... although it did have a Christmas birth.
  • Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid:
    • Chapter 8 had Tohru decide to throw a Christmas party. Due to the anime rearranging the timeline, the party was changed into an excuse for Kobayashi to get out of the company cherry blossom viewing festival. The anime had its own Christmas episode later on when all the dragons performed a very loose adaptation of The Little Match Girl at a retirement home.
    • Kanna's Daily Life had it's own Christmas chapter, where Kanna and Saikawa spend the day handing out cookies to people as good deeds so Santa will bring them presents. It ends with the cast having another Christmas party, though neither Kanna or Saikawa take part due to them having fallen asleep.
  • My Hero Academia: The anime's fifth season has one appropriately titled "Have a Merry Christmas!" taking place on Christmas. Oddly though, the episode aired in June.
  • There is also one in Ninja Nonsense, in which Kaede shows the Ninjas the true meaning of Christmas. Hilarity Ensues. (Honestly, that episode is one of the funniest of that series, hands down).
  • Nisekoi had a story arc in the manga that ran from late 2012 to early 2013 that dealt with Raku attempting to get Chitoge's extremely busy mother to spend time with her daughter on Christmas.
  • One Piece: The anime had a filler (which went on to become regular filler) of the cast in Feudal Japan with Luffy as a detective. The first episode had a Christmas ending with Chopper, who was vaguely busy all day, being one of Santa's reindeer. Chopper, the blue-nosed reindeer.
  • The 28th episode of the PaRappa the Rapper anime has PaRappa work up the courage to ask Sunny Funny to dance with him at the Christmas party, then having to retrieve Sunny's heart when it gets stolen by a witch who hates Christmas due to never being invited to Christmas parties.
  • Ping Pong: An unorthodox one, at best. The manga never added any scenes implying Christmas had passed. However, Yuasa and his team made sure Episode 6 changed that. The episode covers material that was in Chapters 5, 6, and 7 of the second volume. In addition, it plays out how the five prodigies spent Christmas following the first tournament.
  • Pokémon: The Series has several episodes that are Christmas- or winter-themed, and the true Christmas one ended up being banned from TV for containing Jynx, perceived by one woman to be an offensive caricature (but not before it got released to video).
  • Pretty Cure series tend to have a Christmas episode every year. Starting with HeartCatch Pretty Cure!, they began to be plot-heavy stories that go directly into the finale, whereas earlier ones tend to be something of a Breather Episode before that (such as the girls having to fight a giant snowman or Santa's sleigh).
  • Ranma ˝ has one with nearly all of the characters appearing in it, at least for a little bit.
  • Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth: In Episode 39, the Hidden Leaf Village throws a big Christmas party with many shinobi competing for affections, then the Secret Santa turns into a survival battle.
  • The Three Sisters Agency was started on Christmas in R.O.D the TV. The episode shows them sharing birthday cake with Nenene. Another features a particularly heartwarming episode that doubles as a Christmas episode and an Origin Story for the Paper Sisters.
  • Sailor Moon did not have a literal Christmas Episode, but the second movie is implied to take place during Christmas. Say what you will, but it gave us this scene. Added to that, the girls form a Christmas tree to fight the villain.
    • This is more explicit in the manga story the film was based on, where Luna's transformation is treated as a Christmas gift.
  • School Rumble: Harima uses Tenma's present for Karasuma as transportation.
  • Sgt. Frog had an episode where Keroro plots to take over the world at Christmas while everyone's guard is down, but everyone drops out one by one. Eventually he goes to help Kogoro by dressing up as Santa and giving away Christmas presents (so as to get onto Santa's good list and to get a present for Christmas).
  • Sing "Yesterday" for Me: Episode 9 and part of 10 of the anime takes place on Christmas. This being Japan, the event is an opportunity to advance the romantic plot. Haru spends the evening at work in a special Christmas cosplay outfit. Rikuo spends the evening third-wheeling at a "party" with his college friend and his wife, and invited Shinako, though she declines to spend it with Rou. Shinako couches her Christmas gathering as continuing the tradition of spending the day with family (Rou), but he clearly understands the romantic subtext and passes over a party with his friends to try to make a move on Shinako. Shinako leaves early after rejecting Rou yet again and patronizingly telling him to study, and shows up unexpectedly at Rikuo's party. Rikuo uses this opportunity to give her a necklace, a romantic gesture that pushes them closer towards being a couple.
  • Shugo Chara!: The show tends to move with the date upon the episode's creation and further release, and, therefore has several ones taking placed within winter: however only a portion (One where Su loses her way home, and upon being found via Amu and her other Chara, Amulet Clover is created for the first time, and one involving Amu strengthen her path with Lulu at her house within christmas, and some more, slightly less christmas focused ones around them.) are more than slight Christmas-related tryings.
  • Shugo Chara Party also had a Shugo Chara Pucchi Pucchi 2-parter. The first was Yoru getting snow from Santa, the other is about a Christmas Cake.
  • Chapter 28 of Skip and Loafer is set around Christmas. The characters go Christmas shopping, and some members of Class 1-3 go bowling to celebrate the end of term.
  • Strawberry Marshmallow's episode revolves around the discovery that Matsuri still believes in Santa, and efforts to keep her from finding out otherwise, to the point of climbing a ladder to her bedroom to leave the latest Harry Potter book by her bed. In the anime, Nobue wonders afterwards what the point was of delaying the inevitable. (Also in the anime, Miu invents a story in which she asked for such far-out gifts when she was little that "Santa" gave up and wrote her a letter telling her that her parents would be taking over that duty, and to please go easy on them.)
  • Super Dimension Fortress Macross both upholds and subverts the trope, as the protagonist and his ladylove use the holiday as an excuse to kiss over a Christmas cake, while there are scenes of the religious aspect — a priest and a (very obviously Christian) church are highlighted in one sequence, implying that people in the city were taking in Midnight Mass just before the Humongous Mecha attack launched by Kamujin.
  • The Tamagotchi TV show had at least one Christmas episode every year during its run.
  • Tokyo Godfathers, of course, for a unique Japanese Christmas story. It even opens with two of the main characters attending Mass and watching a Nativity scene, and there is a surprising number of allegories to the birth of Christ in itself —the most obvious being the Three Magi.
  • Tokyo Mew Mew had a two-parter with a Mew Aqua time bomb on top of the giant city Christmas tree. It also inserted foreshadowing for an event in the Grand Finale that also happened in the manga, but there, went unexplained.
  • Toradora! gets a lovely one where all the main school age characters end up alone and probably in tears because they've all been ignored, rejected or rejected someone they did like. Except for Yuusaku. Nobody who's willing to be in that costume could possibly be feeling down.
  • Vandread has an entire episode, with the Captain trying to entice young maids with her Santa Suit, a Yule Log, Snow-making Machines, and, oh yeah, machines trying to destroy them hiding in a comet's tail that looks like a Christmas Tree.
  • Wandering Son had one where Nitori and Takatsuki hang out with Yuki and her boyfriend.
  • Yo-Kai Watch: Subverted in one episode. It starts with Nate getting ready to see the Christmas lights with his crush Katie (and their two other friends), but a freak blackout quickly ruins Nate's plans. When he does go to see the lights with his friends, he misses it when he needs to chase off a yokai.
  • The third episode of Yuki Yuna is a Hero: Hero Chapter takes place around Christmas. It ends with Fu's friends visiting her on Christmas Eve at the hospital after she got hit by a car a few days prior.
  • In an early YuYu Hakusho manga chapter, Yusuke meets the spirit of a girl who fell ill and died while waiting for her boyfriend, Kenji to show up to meet her on Christmas Eve of the previous year, not knowing that she'd been stood up. When Kenji shows up to meet another girl on this Christmas Eve, she realizes that he never cared for her, and Yusuke takes her out for some fun, enabling her to happily pass on. Yusuke then takes revenge on Kenji by pretending to be one of his other girlfriends; when he tries guessing which one, his current girlfriend gets angry after realizing how unfaithful he is.
  • How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?: In episode 10, the cast attends a Christmas party at the Silverman gym dressed in festive attire, such as Santa and Reindeer costumes.

    Asian Animation 
  • In the PangPond episode "Santa Pond", PangPond gets the chance to deliver presents like Santa.
  • In one episode of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, the characters celebrate Christmas and dress up as Santa Claus.
  • Pleasant Goat Fun Class: Travel Around the World: The first episode is about the goats' gang going to Finland, meeting Santa Claus there, and getting to ride on his sleigh.

    Audio Plays 

    Comic Books 
  • Bone: During the epilogue. The gang gets snowed in for the winter, so while they're waiting for the thaw an entire (albeit brief) issue is spent celebrating the Winter Solstice.
  • The Transformers UK featured several Christmas issues:
    • In "Christmas Breaker", Optimus Prime got dressed in a Santa suit and Circuit Breaker didn't kill Jazz due to Christmas. Yeah.
    • In "The Gift", Buster helps Jetfire to appreciate his Earth heritage as a Christmas gift.
    • In "Stargazing", a kid tries to have Starscream do good deeds due to the Christmas spirit. At the end, Starscream still doesn't care for others, but he wishes the kid Merry Christmas.
    • In "Cold Comfort and Joy", while Optimus blames himself for the war reaching Earth, a misunderstanding causes the Powermasters to fight the Wreckers.
    • In "The Greatest Gift of All", Optimus uses the last shard of the Creation Matrix to restore the environment of an area damaged by a battle, as a gift to Earth.
    • While issue 302 didn't include any UK-original comic story, it included a short No Fourth Wall text story of Dreadwind having Yet Another Christmas Carol which convinces him to leave the letters page..
  • The DCU and Marvel Universe Holiday Specials, featuring Christmas with various superheroes.
    • A particularly good one that takes place out of continuity has Superman attempting to visiting an upset child dressed up like a Santa Claus-verison of himself. Batman shows up and chides Superman for acting childish and making himself look silly, which tarnishes his reputation as an icon for good. Superman reluctantly agrees and ditches the costume, but still decides to leave all the gifts he was going to bring for the kid. But as he enters his house, the first thing he sees is Batman dressed up as Bat-Santa... he actually just wanted to hog all the glory for himself. Supes gets pretty pissed and proceeds to smash Batman's face in.
    • In 1988 story Christmas with the Super-Heroes #2: Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot, the Pre-Crisis Supergirl briefly appears right after having been erased from continuity:
      Kara: We don't do it for the glory. We don't do it for the recognition... We do it because it needs to be done. Because if we don't, no one else will. And we do it even if no one knows what we've done. Even if no one knows we exist. Even if no one remembers we ever existed.
    • In DCU Infinite Holiday Special issue #1, Supergirl gets to answer some of the Christmas letters that get sent to her cousin. One of those letters is from a girl who wants to see her father. However her father is an asshole who doesn't want his daughter to know he is a screw-up. Supergirl manages to talk him into clearing things up with his ex-wife and daughter through... unorthodox means. Several months later (in Supergirl #50), the little girl thanks Supergirl for bringing her dad back:
      Supergirl: You know the cliché, Fred. Everyone does. "When you're about to die, your life flashes in front of your eyes." But I've been there, and it's crap... isn't it? You see something, though. You see the holes... the missing bits. And all of the things that would have made your life complete, if you had one more year... a day... a second. I don't know what you saw, Fred, but considering you were in free fall for a solid minute, I bet it was an eyeful. Maybe you are a screw-up. A loser. A drunk. But maybe, the piece you're missing... can make you something better. But only if you go to her, and try. Merry Christmas, Fred. Hope it's a good one.
    • In the DC Universe Holiday Special 2008: A Day Without Sirens, a "Day Without Sirens" is proposed right before Christmas. Commissioner Gordon believes such an initiative is doomed to failure. The criminals of Gotham would never heed such a calling. However, the day proceeds without police sirens. It turns out that Kara Zor-El and Barbara Gordon handled covertly all emergency calls during that day.
      Oracle: Just rest easy knowing you did something special today.
      Supergirl: You really think so? Do you think this one day is going to make a difference?
      Oracle: I know so. Never discount the healing power of a little hope, Kara.
    • The Silent Night of the Batman. Read it and Arlen Schumer's perceptive essay here.
  • Sensation Comics had an issue where Wonder Woman modified her costume a little to look more Christmassy and added a red cape with white fluffy trim and then went to a tenement in a downtrodden neighborhood with a sack full of toys and gave cool quality toys to all the children there. She also fought a gangster who was abusing his niece and nephew she came across in the building.
  • Marvel had at least six featuring The Punisher. Frank Castle dressing as Santa to gun down mafiosi? Two years in a row? Awesome!
    • Marvel even did a story once where a little blind boy who was kidnapped by bad guys on Christmas Eve gets rescued by Ghost Rider and is convinced for the rest of his life that he was saved by Santa Claus.
    • And another time Doctor Doom took the mantle of Santa Claus.
    • Even Howard the Duck got in on the action in the third issue of the black-and-white 64-page version of his comic, where he had to save Christmas from being taken over by a villain named Greedy Killerwhatt.
  • The Hellraiser comics had a Christmas special. Seriously.
  • A Green Lantern storyline had Larfleeze (an Orange Lantern who represents avarice) discovering Christmas and attempting to celebrate it. Hilarity Ensues. It ends with a bit of a Tear Jerker, however...
  • The Hack/Slash bonus story Slashing Through the Snow, featuring a wannabee slasher named Rudolph. Despite the name, he was a Bad Santa. Also, it was done in chibi-style.
  • Against all odds, Sin City had a Christmas one-shot called Silent Night. Outside of the title and the funny pin-ups in the back, the comic simply looks as if it takes place on a snowy night.
  • Hitman #22: The Santa Contract. Tommy and Nat are hired to kill a radioactive murderer in a stolen Santa suit on Christmas eve. The best part is the rhyming narration In the Style of "Twas the Night Before Christmas".
    "Word!" Said his homie, "I got my nine! Now let's go bust a cap in that nuclear swine!" So they took their nine 'mils and a big forty four, and a hand grenade Tommy'd been keeping in store, and enough ammunition to fight a small war. And went off to inform vile Bob of the score.
  • For a few years, Superman would do a Christmas issue where the hero answers some letters that pile up in the Metropolis post office.
  • The Beano often has a bumper issue for Christmas usually being on sale for two or three weeks rather than the usual week. The Christmas issue would also often feature long stories involving all the current Beano characters. Which is unusual seeing as the Beano is an Anthology Comic.
  • The Smurfs had "Little Peter's Christmas" and "The Smurfs Christmas" as its comic book stories.
  • The Christmas issue of Jem and the Holograms (IDW) involves the titular band being paired up for Secret Santa with their rivals The Misfits.
  • JSA Classified: In one two part story Alan, Jay and Ted attend a parade, which is crashed by Solomon Grundy and Vandal Savage, and then attend the JSA's annual Christmas get together.
  • The Beetlejuice comic books had a "horror-day" issue in which the cover story, "Get Me to the Church on Slime," takes place at Christmas. The focus isn't really on Christmas, however, but rather on the fact that Lydia's celebration of the holiday gets hijacked by her ghostly best friend being forced into marriage. It Makes Sense in Context (kind of).
  • The Powerpuff Girls #29 (DC run) had "Helliday" which had Him creating a Christmas-like holiday in Townsville in which everyone (except Buttercup) is highly involved.
  • A Christmas story was the basis of The Muppet Show Comic Book in the last issue of the Four Seasons arc (which was ultimately published by Marvel in a miniseries titled just The Muppets due to Boom! Studios losing the comic book license to the Muppets), which involved Miss Piggy attempting to get Kermit to kiss her under the mistletoe and a burglar dressed as Santa Claus robbing Sam the Eagle while he was distracted reading a version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.
  • Invader Zim (Oni): The third Quarterly issue is an anthology containing three Christmas-related stories — the first shows what happened to Zim's sentient Santa suit after it was tossed into space, the second has Zim in Yet Another Christmas Carol, and the third chronicles Professor Membrane's life-long vendetta against Santa Claus.
  • Simone: The Best Monster Ever: The comic has a number of strips that revolve around Christmas, whether they be Simone and Morris celebrating it, and discovering how different it is for each of them, or strips starring the monster world's Santa Claus, who's a Spider Person with four arms and multiple legs.
  • Henchmen: The short story "Winter Blunderland" sees Gary taking a job on Christmas for Santa Claws, a villain whos plan is to corrupt all the toys at a Mega Mart into his personal "Terror Toys(tm)" to give out on Christmas. His plan is interrupted by a Superhero name Retailer, who engages Santa Claws in a fist fight. Gary decides to shrink both of them on the spot and give them to his daughter as a Christmas present.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW) has two. The first, in Issue 65, has Michelangelo having a Christmas Party at the lair. The second, in issue 89, has Splinter playing the part of Ebenezer Scrooge in Yet Another Christmas Carol.
  • Issue #55 of Cartoon Network Action Pack is one, with all the stories inside being Christmas-themed; it's also notable for being the last issue of the comic to adapt stories that weren't based on either Ben 10 or Generator Rex.

    Fan Works 
  • n Absolute Power Sucks Absolutely: Maxime decides to use his Reality Warper powers to play Santa Claus at his surrogate younger brother's behest in the aptly named chapter, "The Christmas Episode". At the same time, Kite Man tracks Maxime down in hopes of getting him to revive his son Junior, who was killed during the gang war between the Riddler and the Joker. Maxime agrees without a second thought and freezes time so the younger boys could play video games together.
  • Alternate Tail Series has one aptly named "An Alternate Christmas Tail'' that focuses on Gajeel's first Christmas at Fairy Tail years before the start of the series, where Mira tricks Gajeel into thinking that Santa Claus is a powerful demon, and after he seemingly knocks him (really a disguised Makarov), she tries to save Christmas by rallying the Fairy Tail kids to make and deliver presents.
  • Avantasia Protag AU: Christmas gets its own four-chapter fic. There are fun times, dramatic times, and peaceful times.
  • Boy Scouts ˝: Part 13: Yes, Virginia, It's a Wonderful Life With 192, Though I Wouldn't Call It Christmas in Heaven. The Spin-Off series Perspectives has two in a row. The first interweaves with the events of Boy Scouts ½, part 13, but from the perspective of the spin-off's main characters. The second follows later that evening, and is Yet Another Christmas Carol.
  • Calvin & Hobbes: The Series has "A Calvin and Hobbes Christmas!" Christmas with Calvin and Hobbes is this for the Calvinverse at large.
  • Chaos Effect has Christmas Filler Arcs whenever the holiday season arrives in real life, which tend to pop up in the middle of ongoing arcs. This always gets lampshaded by Edwin, who is annoyed to find himself dropped into the filler without warning, but he's still happy to go along with the holiday spirit (and then right back to annoyed when hijinks ensue).
    • The first one, coming right before the Duelist Kingdom finals, sees Edwin being challenged to a duel by Santa Claus, who is possessed by the spirit of the Millennium Crown and enraged at Edwin not buying into the commercialist aspects of Christmas.
    • The second one, coming early on in the Battle City arc, sees Edwin's friends choosing to postpone Christmas celebrations to celebrate Edwin's birthday instead (as it falls on the 25th and is usually overlooked for Christmas), only for the party to be crashed by the Millennium Crown, which is now possessing Frosty the Snowman and is out for revenge.
    • The third one, interrupting the Battle City Finals, is a parody of Die Hard wherein the KaibaCorp office Christmas party is attacked by the adult Peanuts gang. Further complicating matters is that when Edwin manages to contact the Domino City Police, they decide that the best course of action is to follow "Die Hard Protocols", forcing Edwin to go through the motions of the movie no matter the lack of logic.
  • Christmas with a Corduroy: Dipper and Mabel invite Wendy over for Christmas. Having done Apocalypse training with her family as a holiday tradition, Wendy has to adapt to having a traditional Christmas, while dealing with the twins' overprotective mother.
  • The DysFUNctional Christmas is a Christmas spin-off for The DysFUNctional Pirates, complete with parodies of Christmas movies and specials, all of the randomness of The DysFUNctional Pirates, and at least one reference to Inception in every chapter.
  • Empath: The Luckiest Smurf has "Empath And The Red-Nosed Reindeer" as its first original Christmas Episode story, featuring a certain reindeer with a shiny nose. The second and third original stories, "A Wild Winter Solstice" and "A Boy Named Nicholas", has their Framing Story set on Christmas, but the story told within the stories take place around the time of the Winter Solstice. The three others that are based on existing Smurfs stories are "Wild's First Christmas" (which is "'Tis The Season To Be Smurfy"), "A Haunted Christmas" (which is "Haunted Smurfs"), and "The Enchanted Evergreen" (which is "The Smurfs And The Little Tree" from the comic books).
  • For the Glory of Irk: Chapter 42, which was actually published on Christmas Eve 2020, sees Dib and his alien boyfriend Lor spending Christmas with the former's family. Aside from the Membranes taking their family gaming way too seriously, things are pretty normal... until Membrane mistakes Tak's ship for Santa's sleigh and shoots it down as part of his canonical vendetta.
  • Hero: The Guardian Smurf adapts The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol into its series as its Christmas Episode, with Wonder Smurfette playing the Smurf of Christmas Past and Hero playing the Smurf of Christmas Future. A musical number is also included in which Smurfette sings to Grouchy about the joys of Christmas.
  • I'm a Marvel... And I'm a DC has "T'was the Dark Knight Before Christmas."
  • The House fanfic "It's Time You Got A Life" is a spoof of It's a Wonderful Life, of course.
  • Junior Officers
    • "The Christmas Island Red Crab", which is about Kwazii and Sarabi rescuing the titular crab from a whale shark.
    • "A Beary Merry Christmas", where Deborah is invited to spend Christmas with Captain Barnacles and his family.
  • Mare of Steel had a side story that acted as a Christmas Episode; Rainbow suits up and finds a ship caught in the middle of a storm. She destroys the storm, and then carries the ship into port, all so a father doesn't have to break his promise to his daughter that he'd be home for Hearth's Warming.
  • J-WITCH Series has "A Jolly J-WITCH Xmas", where Wong and Cedric capture Saint Nicholas and free Krampus so they can set him against the Guardians.
  • Rose of Pollux's A Lifetime Away, among others. It focuses on Jamie's first Christmas away from Scotland.
  • Lincoln's Memories: "'Tis the Season to Be Loud" is set the week before Christmas and focuses on the memory of Lincoln Loud on Santa's knee, plus the Santa visits of his sisters. It is also the twins' first Christmas.
  • My Choices: Twisted Tales Through Time: Chapter 6 covers Trixie's first Hearth's Warming with Twilight's family.
  • Naru-Hina Chronicles Mini-sodes: Between the 70th and the 71th strips, there is a Christmas strip (labeled a Christmas Special) that was published on December 24, 2015. It focuses on Hinata attending a Christmas party alongside many of her friends and waiting for Naruto to be back, presumably from a mission.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: Several of the many tie-in oneshots are "Holiday Specials", each one featuring several short stories written by different authors.
  • The Pokémon Squad:
  • The third installment of The Private Diary of Elizabeth Quatermain takes place over the course of the winter, and several chapters are devoted to the League celebrating the Christmas festivities.
  • Slayer and a Half: Chapter 10 centers on the Scoobies celebrating Christmas.
  • The Star Trek Online forums have a monthly literary challenge, and the December 2014 topic was "Winter Wonderland Celebrations" (in reference to the in-game winter event hosted by Q Junior). Worffan101 wrote a short with the crew of the USS Patagonia, showing off winter festival decorations for several species, and catrie had a short journal entry by her Orion captain talking about her experiences with traditional Christmas (she especially likes presents). Things got darker after that with grylak's USS Viper getting half-destroyed in another galaxy ("not everybody has a good Christmas"), and then starswordc went completely off-book and wrote "Solaere ssiun Hnaifv'daenn", which all but ignored Christmas in favor of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
  • The One Piece Self-Insert Fic This Bites! has one in between Chapters 14 and 15.
  • Time Fixers: Nicktoons of the Future has "A Christmas Captivity."
  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse): Chapter 16 has the cast celebrate Christmas.
  • One of the chapters of The Victors Project, a Fan Fic of The Hunger Games, the District 2 Victors celebrate Wintermas. Since religion is illegal, it’s not Christmas, but it includes garland, a large, decorated tree, exchanging presents, and a family dinner.
  • The Punch-Out!! fanfic Ma Fille has "Christmas Concert", in which Glass Joe takes on a tough match to get his daughter out of singing with her bully in the titular concert.
  • In Discworld Hogswatch-time fic Il se Passait au nuit de Pere Porcher, where a lot of Christmas conventions and clichés are gleefully sent up, the final chapter is called Do They know It's Hogswatchnight in Howondaland? The titular Band Aid song is spoofed in a Discworld context, through the agency of a character from "Rimwards Howondaland" who is asked this very question. She is from a farming family, and replies using the lyrics of the song... and in subsequent fic gap Year Adventures, visiting Wizard Ponder Stibbons is asked, indeed just before Hogswatch, if he can apply a little practical water-divining to an area of Bush scrubland where, hitherto, neither rain has fallen nor water has flowed.
  • Mortal Kombat Khronicles, believe it or not, actually has a chapter focusing on a Christmas with Briggs and Cage family when Cassie and Jackie were younger.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Love Finds Andy Hardy, the fourth film in the 16-film Andy Hardy series, finds Andy and his family at Christmas time. Andy is worried about getting a date for the big Christmas dance after his steady girlfriend Polly leaves town to spend the holidays with family elsewhere.
  • One of the Benjy films is called "Benjy's Christmas", in which Benjy meets Santa Claus, who dresses in a different outfit for each nation he visits.

  • The Agent Pendergast series has White Fire, where Pendergast and his sometimes assistant Corrie Swanson attempt to solve a murder mystery during Corrie's Christmas Break.
  • Andy Griffiths' Just Series has "A Terrible Christmas and a Crappy New Year", in which Andy vandalises some Christmas cards, but then tries to go back and replace them so he'll get presents from Santa.
  • One of Jean de Brunhoff's Babar books, Babar et le Père Noël (Babar and Santa Claus).
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses: A Court of Frost and Starlight is set during the Winter Solstice and is treated like Prythian's equivalent of Christmas, it being a winter holiday involving family get-togethers and the exchanging of presents.
  • H. P. Lovecraft managed to work his own unique version of a Christmas Episode into the Cthulhu Mythos with a short story called "The Festival", set in a picturesque New England town during the Yule season. This being Lovecraft, expect Eldritch Abominations and terrors aplenty.
  • Dark Angel (1996) is this for Night World. The novel is primarily set around Christmastime; Gillian feels especially lonely as she doesn't really have anyone to spend Christmas with (her father has moved out, her best friend is preoccupied with her new boyfriend and there's no guarantee her mother will be sober), later gets invited to Christmas parties and goes to buy a Christmas tree with David at one point. The time of year fits with the book's themes of forgiveness, hope and new beginnings. It was also originally published in December.
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon's The Dark Hunters series includes a short story based on a character named Gallagher experiencing his first Christmas as a Dark Hunter.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid has two books that focus on Christmastime: Cabin Fever (Book 6) and The Getaway (Book 12), the latter of which doubles as a Vacation Episode as the Heffleys take a Mexican resort vacation to avoid traditional Christmas weather and hassles — unfortunately, the resort turns out to be packed with other families and couples who have the same idea.
  • Dilly The Dinosaur had a story "Dilly and the Book of Bad Behaviour", in which Dilly, the naughty young dinosaur, worries that if he gets excited for Christmas, he'll be naughty and Santa won't come so he disallows his family to mention Christmas.

  • In The Famous Five book Five Go Adventuring Again, the Five are spending Christmas at Kirrin Cottage. George spends most of the book sulking because nobody will share her intense dislike for their tutor Mr Roland. She has never had a Christmas tree before, and looks forward to it, but it is spoilt for her because Mr Roland buys all the things that make it look beautiful. The others plead with her not to spoil Christmas; she compromises by being civil on the day itself, and stiffly thanks Mr Roland for his present to her, before reverting to her stubborn self the following day.

  • Discworld
    • The novel Hogfather spoofs the everloving hell out of this one. Most notably, when Death announces that, as the stand-in Hogfather he can teach people "the real meaning of Hogswatch", his assistant Albert helpfully lists the more unpleasant aspects of pagan solstice ceremonies. Death instead resolves to teach people "the unreal meaning of Hogswatch".
    • In the novel Sourcery, Small God's Eve, when the Archchancellor is elected, is the one day in the year when wizards are not actively trying to kill brother wizards.
  • One Dinosaur Vs book is called "Dinosaur vs. Santa".
  • The Dresden Files short story called "Christmas Eve" is set on Christmas Eve after the events of the (as-yet unpublished) book Peace Talks. It follows Harry Dresden as he builds a bike for his daughter Maggie at the Carpenter house. He receives visits from three supernatural allies with gifts for the holiday. One of the guests is Santa himself.
  • Fear Street had the Silent Night trilogy, while The Best Friend uses Christmas as a backdrop.
  • Goosebumps has More & More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps (the final entry in a series of short story collections), and The 12 Screams of Christmas.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya starts off the fourth volume, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, with a Christmas party, though it is very decidedly not the focus of the story.
  • Agatha Christie wrote Hercule Poirot's Christmas, later adapted into an episode of Poirot. She also wrote a short story called The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding, which was also adapted into an episode under the name The Theft of the Royal Ruby.
  • In the Im Not book "I'm Not Santa", Baby Owl is mistaken for Santa by a rabbit. He insists he isn't, but then decides to humour him. However, by then, he realises Baby Owl isn't Santa and cries because Baby Owl "lied", then Baby Owl starts crying, but luckily, Santa comes and cheers them up.
  • It's Kirby Time: The Gift of a Star, where Kirby is looking to decorate the top of Dreamland's Christmas tree with a star.
  • Jaine Austen Mysteries: Novellas "The Dangers of Candy Canes", "The Dangers of Gingerbread Cookies" and "Nightmare on Elf Street", as well as the full book Death of a Neighborhood Scrooge, which all revolve around the Christmas season.
  • The Laundry Files has the short story "Overtime", where Bob - due to being laid up after a mission gone wrong — has failed to fill out his request for holiday leave on time, and ends up doing security detail at the Laundry over break. Given the setting, he really doesn't want to deal with anything crawling down the chimney...
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House series have lots, marking Laura's changing perceptions as she grows up. The first, in Little House In The Big Woods celebrates simple excitements in the life of a very young child: Laura actually gets to interact with people other than her nuclear family (her visiting cousins), and all the children get a pair of mittens but Laura, as the youngest apart from the babies, gets an actual toy as well, a home-made rag-doll (prior to this, the nearest thing she owned to a doll was a dried corncob, though she was kind to the corncob and didn't let it see her holding her sister's doll).
    • There are three in On The Banks Of Plum Creek alone, marking the family's changing fortunes from year to year. In the first, Laura and her sisters wish they could have presents (they're not exactly asking for anything frivolous, just some warm winter clothes), but they know that Pa needs plough-horses to grow food for the family, and that there won't be any money left over for buying anything else, so Ma delivers An Aesop about the true meaning of Christmas. In the second, the church in town distributes presents to everybody, sent from sister churches in more settled parts of America to the frontier town. In the third, when Pa has set off into town to buy Christmas treats and has been caught out in a blizzard, Ma and the children are busy just trying to survive the blizzard themselves and hope that Pa has had the sense to stay in town and not try to walk home. When he finally does arrive home, they are so relieved to see him alive and unharmed that they aren't remotely disappointed that he had had to eat most of the Christmas food he had gone to buy, just to survive.
  • Mog had the story "Mog's Christmas Calamity" in which the titular cat accidentally sets her family's house on fire on Christmas. There's also "Mog's Christmas", which is about her first Christmas.
  • Nick Velvet has has tow Christmas-themed capers:
    • In "The Theft of Santa's Beard", Nick is hired to steal the fake beard from a Mall Santa.
    • In "The Theft of the Christmas Stocking", Nick is hired to steal a Christmas stocking containing a cheap toy.
  • No David has a book in the series called "It's Christmas, David!". David peeks at one of his presents, steals a cookie, plays with the ornaments, streaks outside, writes an overly Long List for Santa, pees his name in the snow, breaks a window during a snowball fight, asks to open a present early, and sneaks out of bed to look at the Christmas lights. That night, he feels guilty about his misdeeds and has a nightmare where Christmas is cancelled due to him being naughty, but thankfully, he gets to have Christmas the next day after all.
  • There was a sequel to the children's book Nuddy Ned called Nuddy Ned's Christmas. Other than the boy back to his usual antics of running around naked without a care, the story also involved Ned convincing Santa to give making his annual deliveries au naturel a try.
  • Many Rainbow Magic books are about holidays. Christmas itself is particularly popular, having at least seven fairies devoted to itnote .
  • Relativity has the story "Bajo el Muérdago", which takes place at Christmas and has the majority of the main characters visiting one of Sara's foster fathers in South America.
  • Charlotte MacLeod's Rest You Merry is set during the Christmas celebrations in Balaclava County.
  • Roys Bedoys:
    • In “It’s Christmas, Roys Bedoys!”, the Bedoys family celebrates Christmas together. Roys is disappointed that he didn’t get anything on his wishlist, but Mrs. Bedoys teaches him that it’s not the gift itself that matters, but rather the fact that someone was kind enough to give any gift at all.
    • In “Let’s Get Ready for Christmas, Roys Bedoys!”, the Bedoys family (except for Joys, since she’s too young) decorates for Christmas.
    • In “Christmas is the Season of Giving, Roys Bedoys!”, Wen’s friends give up some of their Christmas presents when she doesn’t receive any.
    • In “Look on the Bright Side, Roys Bedoys!”, Roys has to learn to be more optimistic on a Christmas Eve party.
  • Samurai Santa: The book is set on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
  • Tim Dorsey's series about Serge Storms has one novel set during Christmas, When Elves Attack. Serge is determined to win a Christmas decorating contest, using (among other things) a tree stuck halfway through his front door. He does win.
  • The Sherlock Holmes canon includes "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle", a story about a stolen gemstone, a man down on his luck, a Christmas goose, and forgiveness. The story is actually set two days after Christmas, but pretty much every adaptation is set on Christmas Eve so that the story can end on Christmas Day.
  • The Space Captain Smith universe includes two Christmas-themed short stories (When Slay Bells Ring and The Celery and the Ivy), written as free downloads for the fanbase.
  • Stick Dog: "Stick Dog Comes To Town" is about Stick Dog and his friends learning about Christmas and deciding to celebrate it.
  • Thomas & Friends: A few stories are Christmas-themed, including "Mrs Kyndley's Christmas" and "Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree". In a non-Christmas episode, James's nose turns red when he is stung by a bee, and somebody says "it's a pity it isn't Christmas; then we could have a James the Red-Nosed Engine".
  • War and Peace has a Christmas Episode in the Christmas festivities of the Rostov family, during which Nikolai Rostov takes a level in Badass during a hunting trip.

  • The first song released by Alvin and the Chipmunks was "The Chipmunk Song", aka "Christmas Don't Be Late".
  • The Bangles also made Christmas tapes for their fan club in the '80s, "inspired by - okay, a blatant ripoff of" (said The Bangles' Vicki Peterson) the Beatles recordings. They later released Holiday in Bangleonia, a limited-edition CD with both a re-release of their 1983 recording and a new one for 2004. The Bangles revived the tradition in 2009 with an annual holiday podcast.
  • The Beach Boys made an entire album of Christmas songs fittingly titled The Beach Boys' Christmas Album with Christmas-themed originals on Side A and traditional holiday standards on Side B.
  • The Beatles sent a flexi-disc Christmas record to members of their fan club every year from 1963 to 1969. The records included Christmas songs, jokes, messages to Beatles fans, and general goofiness. In 1970, a compilation album, The Beatles' Christmas Album was released.
  • Bobby "Boris" Pickett did a Christmas-oriented follow-up to his hit "The Monster Mash" called "Monsters' Holiday", where the monsters schemed to ruin Christmas by robbing Santa's sleigh, but end up having a change of heart after Santa gives them what they wanted for Christmas.
  • It may be unusual for a summer activity like drum corps to have Christmas-themed shows, but the Cavaliers (1991's "Cavalier Anthems Advent Collection") and the Cadets (2012's "12.25") pulled off such shows.
  • Kids Praise: This series actually has two of them: Psalty's Christmas Calamity and Psalty's Family Christmas Singalong.
  • Judy Pancoast wrote "Pickles", in which a goofy kid makes strange dishes for Santa that all involve pickles, such as pickle cookies.
  • Songdrops:
    • "When Santa was a Boy" talks about how Santa had many Early Personality Signs as a boy.
    • In "Three Pairs of Long Johns On", Mrs. Claus reminds Santa to wear three pairs of long johns.
    • In "Santa's Solar Sleigh", Santa's brother tries to give him a new, high-tech, solar-powered sleigh... only for it to be useless, since Santa delivers at night.
    • "Skunkles the Christmas Skunk" features a skunk Saving Christmas by spraying the stuck reindeer to get them unstuck.
    • In "Every Glowing Candle", the singer and some unknown person are celebrating Christmas on a dark night and talking about how candles always provide light.
    • "Snowflake Kisses" is a love song about a couple celebrating Christmas in the snow.
    • In "All I Want for Christmas is to Spend All Of My Christmases with You", the narrator wants very badly to spend Christmas with his crush, but unfortunately the crush hates him.
    • In "This Christmas", the singer wishes everybody joy, peace, and love on Christmas.
    • In "Don't Talk About Trump This Holiday", the singer warns the listener against talking about Trump during Christmas dinner and starting an argument.
  • One of the follow-ups to the Royal Guardsmen's song "Snoopy vs. the Red Baron" was "Snoopy's Christmas", which had Snoopy and the Red Baron set aside their antagonism towards each other for the sake of the holiday season.

  • The Cool Kids Table game All I Want for Christmas is set on Christmas Eve. That being said, it was also their first pair of episodes and they were actually released in July.
  • RiffTrax, a Spiritual Successor of Mystery Science Theater 3000, does at least one Christmas-related riffing every year, sometimes as a live movie theater simulcast.
    • 2006: Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey (animated television special; Mike Nelson solo effort)
    • 2007: The Star Wars Holiday Special (feature-length television special), "A Visit to Santa" (short; revived in the 2009 live show)
    • 2008: "Christmas Toyshop" (short)
    • 2009: RiffTrax Live! Christmas Shorts-stravaganza
    • 2010: Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (film), "Santa Claus' Punch and Judy" (short)
    • 2011: Christmas with RiffTrax: The Magic Christmas Tree plus the short "The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives"
    • 2012: Christmas with RiffTrax: Santa's Village of Madness (shorts compilation)
    • 2013: RiffTrax Live! Santa Claus Conquers the Martians plus the short "Santa and the Fairy Snow Queen"
    • 2014: RiffTrax Live! Santa Claus (1959); via the website, Fun in Balloon Land (film)
    • 2015: RiffTrax Live! Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (alternate cut repackaging a cheap adaptation of "Jack and the Beanstalk" instead of "Thumbelina") plus the shorts "Santa Claus' Story", "Custard the Dragon", and "Santa's Enchanted Village" (the last previously featured in the 2012 show); the website also offered up I Believe in Santa Claus (film) and "Have a Mary Jo [Pehl] Christmas and a Bridget [Nelson] New Year!" (half-hour special featuring a 16 mm condensed version of Scrooge (1951), short "The Little Lamb", and miscellaneous clips)
    • 2016: "RiffTrax Holiday Double Feature" reran the 2009 and 2013 live shows in theaters; online "The Second Annual Bridget and Mary Jo Christmas Special!" and "RiffTrax Christmas Circus with Whizzo the Clown!" each riffed upon a different pair of seasonally-themed shorts.
    • 2017: Beyond Christmas (film), Jack Frost (1997) (film), "Gifts from the Air" (short), "Santa Claus' Workshop" (short), "Spunky the Snowman" (short), "Christmas Customs Near and Far" (short)
    • 2018: The RiffTrax Yule Log (Clip Show drawn from previous Christmas episodes, the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone riffing, and the shorts listed below, plus exclusive riffed clips from A Charlie Brown Christmas, Die Hard, Love Actually, Goodfellas, It's a Wonderful Life, The Polar Express, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Reindeer Games, and five other Christmas Carol adaptations including the 1984 and 1999 ones), Santa's Summer House (film), "A Christmas Carol" (Coronet Films short), "A Song for Santa" (short), "Shoemaker and the Elves" (short), "Charlie's Christmas Secret" (short)
    • 2019: "Banks: The Money Movers" (Yet Another Christmas Carol short), "Festival of Fun Days" (short), "A Very Merry Riff-mas with Bridget Nelson and Mary Jo Pehl" (1974 Christmas Special Yes, Virginia There Is a Santa Claus plus other shorts and clips), Feeders 2: Slay Bells (film)
    • 2020: It's a Wonderful Life (a Recut without non-public domain material), Baby of the Bride (TV movie), "The Snowman" (short), "December Holidays" (short), "Alias St. Nick" (short)
    • 2021: "The Little King: Christmas Night" (short), He Sees You When You're Sleeping (TV movie), "Christmas Cracker" (short), Morozko (film), "Toyland" (short), Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa (TV special presented as an Scener / YouTube watch party). Also, the "cover" art for Dancin': It's On! depicts the movie's characters in the style of A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • Unwell Podcast has the episode Hark, which has Dot Harper sundowning at Christmas while listening to old recordings of a previous Christmas. Like the Halloween Episode and Thanksgiving Episode in the previous season, Hark wasn't actually released on the holiday it's set on.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • WWE:
    • As far back as the early 1970s, when Vince McMahon was play-by-play announcer, the WWF’s syndicated programs featured pre-taped Christmas messages from the promotion’s top wrestlers, or sometimes just simply a message of peace and goodwill for Christmas. Said shows would air the last weekend before December 25.
    • WWF Tuesday Night Titans: Both Christmases the show was on the air, the last shows prior to December 25 featured holiday-themed segments. Over two episodes in December 1985, viewers saw Captain Lou Albano dressed as Santa Claus and hearing wishes from studio audience members; Vince McMahon, Jesse Ventura and "Lord" Alfred Hayes talking about unusual Christmas gifts; and Roddy Piper as an Ebenezer Piper being visited by three ghosts on Christmas Day.
    • WWF Prime Time Wrestling always had the set decorated for Christmas in mid-to-late December, and Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan exchanging yuletide banter. The most famous PTW aired in 1989, when Bobby Heenan – dressed as Santa Claus – became openly hostile and declared that Santa wasn't real, all to get to Roddy Piper (who as part of a storyline was under strict orders to not physically attack Heenan for any reason or risk suspension); Piper finally had enough and beat the Santa-clad Heenan into bloody oblivion.
    • There was a Christmas edition of Monday Night Raw in 1997 with the logo wrapped inside of a wreath, and featured "Stone Cold" Steve Austin stunning a fake Santa Claus, as well as Shawn Michaels pretty much giving Triple H the European Title as a gift (disguised as a match where hbk laid down and pranked Sgt. Slaughter)
    • For many years, WWE Raw featured a military-themed episode – often titled "Holiday with the Troops" – to show support for the U.S. armed forces stationed in the Middle East. Matches frequently had holiday-themed gimmicks and the Divas/female wrestlers were often dressed in provocative "Santa's Helpers" outfits. These pre-taped programs aired either on Christmas Day or the Monday closest to December 25.
  • Starting in 2003, WWE has produced a Christmas episode of one of their main shows (either Raw or Smackdown), in the form of a Christmas-themed wrestling show for the troops in the Middle East.
  • The International Wrestling Association used to have a "Christmas in Puerto Rico" series of events in December.
  • NWA New York's X-Mas Chaos.
  • Pro Wrestling Guerilla's Astonishing Christmas.
  • An ongoing theme of SHINE end of year shows starting ar 23, where Mia Yim wore red and green, Leva Bates was red and green, Daffney was a reindeer.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Barney & Friends has had two one hour specials. The first was Barney's Night Before Christmas in 1999 and the second was 2002's Barney's Christmas Star.
  • The Chica Show: Dance of the Sugar Cluck Chica.
  • Glove and Boots has "The Glove and Boots Christmas Spectacular", in which Mario knocks Santa out (having mistaken him for a yeti), interrogates him on whether he's on the naughty list or not when he wakes up despite Fafa's protests, and they all get attacked by military elves.
    Fafa: Maybe I should sit on his lap and tell him what I want for Christmas is for him to not sue us.
  • Sesame Street has had a few Christmas specials during its run. The earliest was the prime time special Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. The commercially-broadcast special A Special Sesame Street Christmas debuted that same year. In 1996, Elmo Saves Christmas debuted. Elmo's World: Happy Holidays! was released in 2002. 2007 had the commercial special Elmo's Christmas Countdown. And in 2016, there came Once Upon A Sesame Street Christmas, a story set in the 19th century with lots of identical ancestors.

  • This trope is Older Than Television, even discounting Literature above and only dealing with episodes of a audio or visual series, with the earliest traceable example dating back to an episode of a 1930 episode of a radio drama featuring a young Betty White, though evidence suggests there might have been a Christmas episode the prior year, when an episode of this series is believed to have aired 23 December 1929.
  • American Top 40: Casey Kasem hosted several over the course of his 39-year career helming AT40 (and various spinoffs and successor shows). The first such episode aired in 1971.
    • American Country Countdown followed AT40's lead, starting in 1989 with a six-hour special featuring interviews and songs from the top country artists of the day. The special was known as "Christmas In America" (featuring a song by that name, sung by Kenny Rogers). After longtime ACC host Bob Kingsley left ABC Radio Networks (the distributor of the show), two things happened: 1. Kingsley continued the show, under the same "Christmas In America" name, under his new show, Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40 which aired until 2018 (a special retrospective show aired in 2019, shortly after Kingsley's death); and 2. ACC successor host Kix Brooks continued the Christmas tradition as American Country Christmas.
  • The Burkiss Way had three episodes over its run that were broadcast around Christmas and could be considered Christmas episodes:
    • The second episode of series two, entitled "Lesson 8: Plan Christmas Schedules The Burkiss Way", which mocked the space-filling rubbish that gets shown on TV at Christmas;
    • The sixth episode of series three, entitled "Special Christmas Show", which starts with an announcement that it cannot be opened before Christmas;
    • And the final episode of series five, broadcast on the 26th of December but entitled "Eric Pode of Croydon's Easter Special". It contains nothing about Christmas, but does have a man being diagnosed with Terminal Hogmany.
  • Cabin Pressure had one on a plane, obviously, in the 2010 episode "Molokai". Featuring an impromptu seven-minute celebration on the flight deck, with turkey made from bits of a chicken sandwich and a green umbrella in lieu of a tree.
  • The First Nighter, which ran on NBC radio from 1929 to 1953, first broadcast a Christmas episode titled "Little Town of Bethlehem" in 1937. By popular demand, they performed the episode every year until their last Christmas episode in 1952. The 1945 installment can be heard here.
  • Fit the Seventh of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1978) was commissioned by the BBC as one of these, but ended up having absolutely nothing to do with Christmas as Douglas Adams simply couldn't think of an idea. (Seeing as it was still advertised as a Christmas special, this may well be a subversion.) It was, instead, used as a way of tying the first two phases together — and, as a result, which one it's actually attached to is rather vague. The LP and CD of the Secondary Phase opens with Fit the Seventh, clearing up the confusion.
  • I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue had two Christmas Formula-Breaking Parody Episodes; I'm Sorry I Haven't A Christmas Carol and Humph in Wonderland, which somehow managed to work all the usual silly games into an almost coherent storyline. (Replacing the Caucus Race with Mornington Crescent was inspired.) There have also been several Christmas-themed editions of the regular show, including several editions where chairman Humphrey Lyttelton brought his own band to provide music, and an extended 45-minute special on Christmas Eve 2012 with Stephen Fry as the guest.
  • This was a continuation of the annual I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again panto, which ran slightly longer than ISIRTA itself.
  • It is also possible to count The second in a series of shorts that would become a series known as Main Street Sketches. The first episode was a Thanksgiving Special
  • The Men from the Ministry had three, Series 1's "The Magic Carpet" (lost but fortunately re-recorded in Series 14 as "The Christmas Spirit"), a special episode "A Present For Norman" (that is completely lost) aired beetween the first two series and Series 3's "The Post Office Pantomine".
  • 2011 had The News Quiz Panto, in which Sandi Toksvig went on a magical quest to Radio 4 Land to find the missing pips. Representatives of nearly every show on R4 contributed, from the Gardener's Question Time panel as the magic beans, to the villain of the piece being Graham Seed, supposedly bitter about the death of his The Archers character, Nigel.
  • The episode od The Now Show closest to Christmas has a jingle-bells theme tune and a Christmas theme. In 2010, they did a topical-news pantomime.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space suggests the GM runs a scenario outside the normal campaign during the holiday season, wink wink. The game is obviously based of the adventures of a certain Time Lord...
  • Spirit of the Season is a Christmas and Hanukkah-themed supplement for Spirit of the Century, featuring pulp-adventure versions of Santa Claus, his reindeer (actually humans in this case), and a handful of Jewish allies as ready-made Player Characters.

  • Tsukiuta Stage Act 7: Cyber-Dive Connection is An Ass-Kicking Christmas in sexy Cyber Goth costumes. The main characters, 12 world-hopping boy band members based on the months of the year, are asked to enter a digital world to save Santa - it's heavy on video game references, light on plot, and more of a playground for the series to experiment with combining technology and live theatre. They do sing Christmas songs, though.

    Theme Parks 
  • During the holidays, Disney Theme Parks are famous for going all-out with special seasonal entertainment, but year-round attractions getting Christmas-specific overlays include:
    • Both Disneyland in California and Tokyo Disneyland turn "The Haunted Mansion" into "Haunted Mansion Holiday", themed to The Nightmare Before Christmas. Since Nightmare also encompasses the Halloween holiday, this overlay opens in late September!
    • "It's a Small World" gets a Christmas makeover that, among other things, adds carols to the usual catchy soundtrack at the California, Paris, and Tokyo parks (and briefly in Hong Kong).
    • Starting in The '80s and lasting until the Turn of the Millennium at the U.S. parks, the Country Bear Jamboree became the Country Bears Christmas Special for the holiday season. This version still turns up at Tokyo Disneyland as Jingle Bell Jamboree.
    • The Jungle Cruise at both American parks becomes the Jingle Cruise starting in November, with a thin storyline involving a shipment of holiday decorations being lost in the jungle on the way to the base of operations added to the usual script — along with plenty of seasonal puns.
    • At Walt Disney World in Florida, after Halloween has passed the Magic Kingdom's central icon Cinderella Castle gets an overlay of lights that make it appear iced over at night. The stage show A Frozen Holiday Wish presents this as Queen Elsa of Arendelle's work.

    Video Games 
  • Amateur Surgeon The first game had one in the form of a level pack titled Christmas Edition. When Alan Probe accidentally crashes against Santa Claus on a private jet, he has to treat him and several others in the North Pole to save Christmas.
  • The final episode of Season 2 of American McGee's Grimm featured Grimm doing his thing to A Christmas Carol.
  • Angry Birds has one in each season. There's "Season's Greedings" (2010), "Wreck the Halls" (2011), "Winter Wonderham" (2012), "Arctic Eggspedition" (2013), "On Finn Ice" (2014), "Ski or Squeal" (2015), and "Ragnahog" (2016).
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures has the level "Blizzard of Balls", a disturbing level with parts including battling with a snowman and a reindeer and then the Nerd exacting his revenge on Santa for the years of crappy games every Christmas by killing him and going on a downhill ski with his body.
  • Freezeezy Peak in Banjo-Kazooie where the bear and bird get to play Santa and decorate and "be the star" on the Christmas tree.
  • BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm: In the epilogue, the area surrounding the eBuy Superstore gets a snowy makeover, coinciding with its annual holiday sale. The shops all sell unique Christmas-themed items, the locals spread festive cheer, and the sale is attacked by a Christmassy Cthulhu expy, which you have to fend off.
  • Chapter 3 of Bully is set around Christmas (with one mission actually being titled 'Christmas is Here'). The Updated Re-release includes a number of extra Christmas missions at the beginning of the chapter.
  • The "Pawliday Den" bonus level in Catlateral Damage is set in a room with a big Christmas tree, presents everywhere, and lots of Christmas decorations. Of course, you can knock down and destroy said decorations.
  • The game Clustertruck has a level named "Holiday World" but takes more influences from Christmas.
  • The DLC for Costume Quest took place in winter and during the monsters' "yeti festival". Yes, the kids were still dressed up for Halloween, why do you ask?
    • As an added bonus, if you play the game on Christmas Day, (or you know, just change the clock) you unlock an achievement.
  • In Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, the Ultimate Talent Development Plan mode has a mini-segment where the player participates in the academy's Christmas party.
  • The Darkside Detective: In December 2017, an update added a new chapter, "Buy Hard", in which McQueen and Dooley go last-minute Christmas shopping and end up having to save Santa Claus from The Krampus (and having his reindeer clamped by an unsympathetic traffic cop).
  • Devilish Christmas, an installment in the Devilish Hairdresser series, in which the Devilish Hairdresser becomes a Bad Santa to mess with the Angelic Hairdresser.
  • Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! has a unique code that made all the bonus levels Christmas-themed. After finding the Cheat menu, type in MERRY and suddenly the bonus levels will have Christmas music replacing the normal music, Christmas ornaments instead of stars, and presents instead of green bananas.
  • Mission twelve of Elite Beat Agents is set at Christmas. After eleven levels of rescuing cartoon caricatures from wacky, off-the-wall scenarios, "You're the Inspiration" gives us a little girl still waiting for her beloved, recently deceased father to come home for Christmas. Upon completion, the victory text reads "Merry Christmas" in festive red and green.
  • In Ensemble Stars!, Christmas or Starlight Festival is an annual event all idol groups are expected to participate in. However, the theming tends to be more around stars and snow than typical red and green festive flair or even Japanese-style Christmas is for couples styling, perhaps because the former would be kinda jarring for some units (such as the ultra Japanese Akatsuki) and the latter overlaps too much with Chocolate Festival (Valentine's Day) two months later.
  • Fall Guys Season 3 (Winter Knockout). This season appropriately enough is winter and Christmas themed with presents.
  • A minor example in Fallout 4: if the Sole Survivor happens to be in Diamond City on December 25th, then there will be a Christmas tree and Christmas lights set up. It's about as close to a Christmas Episode you can get in an open-world RPG.
  • Folklore had a downloadable Christmas add-on with a seasonal side quest and costumes.
  • Friday Night Funkin': Week 5 takes place in a shopping mall with a big Christmas tree in the background, holiday-themed songs, and festive outfits for all the characters. The Father is even holding a Mall Santa at gunpoint.
  • Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko had a Christmas-based level.
  • Granblue Fantasy: Every year, new Christmas-themed characters are added to the gacha dressed in Santa clothes. The season is set to Winter and enemies are based on characters or concepts from several Christmas-related stories or tales.
  • Grow Ornament is this to the Grow games series as the goal is to decorate a Christmas tree.
  • In the "Holiday Hoarders" mission of Hitman (2016), 47 has to assassinate two targets in Paris, France during a Christmas festival.
  • Jazz Jackrabbit has a special Christmas "demo", as well as a full Christmas-themed episode.
  • Lemmings had a Christmas-themed Mission-Pack Sequel named Xmas Lemmings.
  • Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story:
    • The 2017 Christmas event, "Christmas at Mikazuki Villa", showed the main characters getting ready for Christmas while also introducing Holy Mami. There was also a special cutscene shown on Christmas Day itself.
    • 2018's event, "Alina is Comin' to Town", introduced Holy Alina and her escapades around town as Christmas Death Caribou.
    • 2019's event, "The Page I Write on this Holy Night" introduced a holiday-themed Duo Unit of Rika and Ren as they go around Kamihama restoring the city's Christmas spirit.
    • 2020's event, "Angels on the Road", introduced a delivery-themed Duo Unit of Tsuruno and Felicia as they ride on a moped powered by smiles across a land where it's Christmas Every Day, searching for the "End of the World."
  • Moshi Monsters: Every Christmas, the background would change and Christmas-related prizes would be given to the players.
  • My Child Lebensborn: The playable part of the winter includes Norwegian Christmas.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas level of Kingdom Hearts II.
  • Christmas Nights is a special "demo" of NiGHTS into Dreams… with unlockable material not found in the main game proper.
  • The third bonus level of the second Ouendan game has a guy sending a text message to his girlfriend on Christmas excusing his lateness, and the Anthropomorphic Personification of said text message has to reach its destination.
  • Both Overcooked! and its sequel, Overcooked! 2, have these via DLC. The first game has the "Festive Seasoning" DLC, which is set around Christmas and has you prepare Christmasy dishes like roast turkey and winter stew. The second game has the free "Seasonal Updates," which contains several new Christmas-themed levels, and has a wide variety of seasonal recipes, like hot cocoa and mince pie.
  • Since 2013, PAYDAY 2 has released a Christmas-themed heist for the holidays.
    • 2013's Christmas heist was GO Bank, a port of Counter-Strike: GO's Bank map. The only Christmasy elements are a Christmas tree in the lobby, a stereo playing Hoxton's Christmas album, and a light snow falling outside.
    • 2014's heist was White Xmas. Vlad's brother crashed a plane carrying a cocaine shipment - hidden inside wrapped Christmas presents - in the woods. The crew has to rescue him, then recover as much cocaine as they can.
    • 2015's heist was Santa's Workshop. Vlad has the crew hit a Christmas-themed cocaine distribution warehouse to muscle in on the operation. The goal is to protect the "elves" (cocaine packers) while they pack the "presents" (cocaine), then deliver them through a "chimney" (storm drain with a boat waiting below).
    • 2016's heist was Stealing Xmas, once again contracted by Vlad. Vlad's brother messed up again, first by sneaking a shipment of drugs into a pallet of goods that was shipped to a downtown mall, then by dressing up as Santa and getting drunk on-scene. The crew needs to find the right goods, gather them at the giant Christmas tree in the center, destroy the skylight, and airlift the tree off the scene.
    • 2017's heist was Brooklyn Bank, this time contracted by Locke. Because at this point the story began to take a serious turn, the crew now has to rob a bank for a particular item, with the only Christmas flairs being decorations and snow.
    • 2019 had a previous heist, Hoxton Breakout, receive a Christmas themed makeover, with snow covering the streets on Day 1, and the FBI headquarters decorated for the festive season.
  • Persona 3, Persona 4 and Persona 5 have this. In 3, the cultural differences are even explained nicely to the International audiences. So yes, in Japan, Christmas Eve is usually spent with your Love Interest.
  • Pikmin:
    • Pikmin 2: One of the caves in the game is the Frontier Cavern, in which most of the treasures are composed of various Christmas decorations. Fittingly, the cave is located in the winter-themed Valley of Repose.
    • Pikmin 3: One of the "Gather Treasure" DLC levels includes a level themed after a Christmas party taking place in someone's house, with terrain composed of stacked present boxes.
  • Putt-Putt has a Tie-In Novel/Audio Adaptation known as Putt-Putt's Night Before Christmas.
  • Resonance of Fate had a Christmas-themed chapter in which the trio deliver presents to children at the square. Leanne wore a Santa dress, while Zephyr and Vashyron dressed as anthropomorphic reindeer. The two guys would later repeat this in Chapter 25 of Project X Zone 2, when they wore the same reindeer outfits that they had in Resonance of Fate and scattered 10 gifts around the map before the map starts. In that map, the primary objective was to collect them in a certain amount of turns.
  • The Saints Row IV DLC "How the Saints Saved Christmas" is an Affectionate Parody of Christmas tropes, in which the Boss must save Santa Claus and learn the true meaning of the Holiday Spirit by going through various pastiches of various Christmas films/specials.
  • A more literal example would be the Sam & Max: Freelance Police: Season Two premiere Ice Station Santa.
  • Saturday Morning RPG: Episode 4, "Ho Ho Hood", is set at Christmastime. The main plot involves Marty having to retrieve everyone's Christmas present after they were all stolen by Commander Hood.
  • Sonic Adventure received a free DLC on the Dreamcast that added snow and a Christmas tree to Station Square.
  • Star Trek Online has an annual winter event with various minigames and prizes, hosted by Q Junior. The event takes place in a pocket dimension populated with gingerbread people, evil snowmen, and a few Breen.
  • Super Sized Family has a Christmas version called "Holiday House", where some of the chores are replaced with Christmas-related tasks like wrapping gifts.
  • To the Moon has a bonus episode called "SigCorp - Holiday special", which takes place at the main characters' office during a Christmas party.
  • This Touhou Project Fan Vid gives Flandre a chance to celebrate Christmas.
  • Level 20 of Viking Saga involves collecting scattered presents, taking care of Santa's reindeer and decorating a large tree, while the bonus level for earning three stars on levels 11-20 has you building snowmen.
  • Many games also offer seasonal downloads, or have bonus content if you play near to Christmas time.

    Web Animation 
  • Algicosathlon Camp had Episode 12 of Season 1, where the final 10 contestants were required to do a Christmas-related art. Despite it being a "celebration" episode, normal procedures still happen, including elimination.
  • Camp Camp has one titled “A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever”. The episode takes place in the summer like the rest of the series, but it suddenly starts snowing due to climate change, and the cast pretend that it's the holiday season at Nikki's behest.
  • Dorkly Originals:
  • Eddsworld: Edd, Matt, Tom and Tord (until 2008) had almost an Eddsworld Christmas Special or a Zanta Claws every year. Also the short "Xmas Day" and "Snowgre".
  • Father Tucker had a Christmas episode titled "Come Let Us Adore Him", where he takes the magical hat of a Frosty the Snowman Expy who unsuccessfully tried to beat him as punishment for all the children he molested and uses it to bring a sculpture of Baby Jesus to life. After molesting Baby Jesus, Father Tucker goes straight to Hell, but sniffs his thumb and still considers his eternal torment Worth It.
  • Happy Tree Friends had two, in which the characters sing Christmas songs.
  • Homestar Runner has plenty, although for some odd reason Free Country, USA celebrates Decemberween instead of Christmas.
    • HSR's first Christmas cartoon, the 2000 short "A Holiday Greeting", had Homestar interrupting Strong Bad's fractured rendition of "O Holy Night" before it got too sacrilegious and wishing the viewers "Happy Holidays".
    • 2001 saw the release of "The Best Decemberween Ever". Homestar goes around looking for advice on finding the perfect gift for Strong Bad, and ends up giving him a DVD of Deep Impact... for the third year in a row, because Strong Bad liked it so much the first time Homestar got it for him.
    • 2002's "A Decemberween Pageant" has Homestar and friends starring in a play about the First Decemberween. It's a convoluted and poorly-acted tale involving two Kobe Bryants, a sailor named Archibald, a Santa-like character known as "Doctor Christmas", an angel, and the King of Town (though it's a bit ambiguous as to whether it's the KOT we know or a predecessor).
    • 2004's Decemberween In July featured a collection of Decemberween-themed shorts, including a Teen Girl Squad cartoon where the girls draw names for a gift exchange... out of the belly of a lion, a kids' book called "That Time Of Year" defaced by Strong Bad, a short in which Puppet Homestar fools around with a battery-operated "Santaman" toy, and the nonsensical Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Decemberween special "Cactus Coffee and the No Tell Motel".
    • Also from 2004 was "Homestar Presents: Presents", where Homestar forgets to do his holiday shopping until 10 PM on Decemberween night. He ends up digging through a box of Bubs old "Aught-Four" crap for his shopping..
    • The Strong Bad Email "what I want" has Strong Bad and Marzipan going over a list of terrible gift ideas.
    • "Decemberween Short Shorts", released in 2006, was a series of extra-short cartoons themed around Decemberween, including Strong Bad having a secret love of tube socks, a scene between ornament versions of the main characters, The Homestar Runner's unsanitary old-timey traditions, and Homestar singing a song to inspire Coach Z to be less creepy so people will want him around on Decemberween.
    • According to Strong Bad in 2007's "Happy Dethemberween", Bubs serves Santa duties as the enigmatic Dethemberween Thnikkaman.
      Strong Bad: He's the Dethemberween Thnikkaman
      And he'll make your dreams come true
      No, there ain't no beatin' that holiday feelin'
      When he says "shut up" to you!
      Bubs/Dethemberween Thnikkaman: Yeah, shut up, kid!
    • In 2008's A Death-Defying Decemberween, Homestar announces he's going to sled down the Steep Deep, not so much a hill as a straight drop, and Strong Bad catches him trying to bury a mattress at the base of the hill. Being Strong Bad, he removes the mattress, only for Homestar to make a perfect landing anyway: turns out the mattress was full of hammers, broken glass and candy canes sucked into points, and Homestar was trying to maim himself to keep from having to visit Marzipan's parents.
    • After a long hiatus, 2010 saw the release of "A Decemberween Mackerel", in which Marzipan and Homestar conspire to save an apparently-sickly Señor Cardgage by cramming him with holiday cheer.
    • 2017 saw the release of the first Christmas episode in seven years, "Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Hot Jones Hijack". It's a crossover between Dangeresque and Cheat Commandos in which puppet versions of Dangeresque (played by Strong Bad) and Firebert (played by The Cheat) try to stop Stingy Relenque (played by Homestar), a "French-Canadian smuggler and Decemberween-themed bad guy" who's stolen all the Hot Jones in Brainblow City just before the Cheat Commandos' big Decemberween party.
    • For 2022, the site posted up an advent calender, with each day having a new piece of piano sheet music for the many songs made for the series over the years. The final day (December 24th) features Homestar doing a new cover of "Todaybor Day is Labour Day" focused on Decemberween, and gives Strong Bad a weird-looking frog from the sheet music as a Decemberween present.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School: "Mall Santa".
  • My Jungle Book, Your Year has "A Very Furi Christmas".
  • TheOdd1sOut has a video "Christmas Carols", where James discusses various Christmas songs, and talks about whether it hurt when Mary went into labour among other things.
  • Overly Sarcastic Productions, an Edutainment Show that specializes in history, folklore, and classic literature, has a few. First was the history of Hanukkah, reflecting the host's interfaith background, then later that year an overview of the classic Christmas iconography — evergreens, Santa Claus, caroling, et cetera. Most recently was a recap of A Christmas Carol for December 2018.
  • "Pimp Lando's Non-Denominational Holiday Special" in the Pimp Lando series, which is also a Hanukkah Episode, a Kwanzaa episode, and a Ramadan episode, though the episode really has little to do with any of these holidays.
  • The fifth Prostitute Mickey short revolves around this. The short had Mickey being mistaken for Ebenezer (the series' version of Scrooge McDuck) by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. The events turn out to only be a dream and Ebenezer returns to demand that Mickey let him piss on him again, but Goofy inadvertently saves Mickey and ends Ebenezer's vile ways by shooting and killing him for his wallet.
  • RWBY Chibi has a "Nondescript Holiday Spectacular", a clearly Christmas-themed holiday episode that features Roman Torchwick and Neopolitan spoofing How the Grinch Stole Christmas!.
  • Balena Productions's Christmas With Sonic videos does a Christmas special each year, featuring characters from the Sonic series, while throwing in some from Sonic Underground and original characters for the holidays.
  • Subverted in Satina, whose Christmas episode (airing in February) revolved around Flat-Earth Atheist Dave explaining to his Anti-Anti-Christ daughter that he's Jewish, despite the fact that he's literally been to Hell. When she challenges him on this, he doubles down and forces her to watch Eight Crazy Nights with him, Horrifying the Horror.
  • Sonic Mania Adventures: The sixth episode, which featured Amy Rose returning a barely-functioning Metal Sonic as a holiday gift for Eggman.
  • SPARKLE ON RAVEN has episode 3, "DrillGirl Saves Santa Claus!", where the girls all go to the beach for summer fun on Christmas Eve Eve, before learning that their favorite beach bar, Cooters, is due to close. Not wanting to lose out on their Christmas Crab Legs, they raise money and attempt to save the restaurant, to no avail. They eventually receive a Christmas miracle in the form of Chupachups the Christmas alien, but the owner wastes his wish on Internet security. Eventually, everyone comes together for one last round of Christmas Crab Legs, which saves the restaurant for another month, before it closes anyway. At the end of the episode, DrillGirl reveals that she saved Santa Claus off-screen.
  • Stupid Kids: Boldogat és még boldogabbat (Merry and even more) is a Twisted Christmas episode where people who sold their souls to Facebook turn into zombies because it crashed.
  • TOME has a mini-Christmas video with Kirbopher wearing a holiday, Nylocke respecting Hanukkah, and Rockoon claiming to be Kwanza.
  • Queer Duck:
    • "Homo for the Holidays", where Queer Duck and Openly Gator visit Queer Duck's family for the holidays.
    • "Santa Claus is Coming Out", where Queer Duck speculates that Santa Claus is gay before Santa reveals that he's actually bi.
  • The (two-minute) Christmas episode of Senpai Club has Kurokawa blackmailing Teacher-sensei into going on a Christmas date with her. It ends with Teacher-sensei running away after punching Kurokawa due to her kissing her.
  • Many members in the YouTube Poop community often make Christmas-themed YTPs in December. The most noteworthy of them would be "Skellington's Revenge".

  • One Boy and Dog strip consists of Rowan and Murphy in front of a Christmas tree and the words "Merry Christmas".
  • Brawl in the Family often had a Christmas-themed storyline or comics accompanied by music during December:
    • 2008: A How the Character Stole Christmas parody, with King Dedede as the 'character' in this case.
    • 2009: Yet Another Christmas Carol starring a now elderly Mario as Scrooge.
    • 2010: Three comics parodying Christmas carols about how Dedede is a jerk (set to Frosty the Snowman), how Waluigi wants presents (set to Carol of the Bells) and how Ganondorf wants the Triforce (set to All I Want for Christmas is You).
    • 2011: "Ice World", a parody of "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" centered around the various Slippy Slidey Ice Worlds in Nintendo games.
    • 2012: Dedede, a Bug Catcher, Ganondorf, and Luigi travel for the holidays, culminating in the musical comic "Home" (a parody of "Home for the Holidays") where they come home after their travels.
    • 2013: It's a Wonderful Plot, again, featuring Dedede and Waluigi.
      Pit: If you never existed, the world would be bliss! Well, whatddya think?
      Waluigi: WAA! Waluigi hates this.
  • The first interlude of But I'm a Cat Person, between chapters 4 and 5, consists of holiday-themed flashbacks for several of the characters.
  • Despite being about subterranean dragons, Dragon City does this annually. Though it is explained that Christianity spread to dragons when American dragons started trading with certain Americans.
  • Dustpit Follies took a break from the main story to present a version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.
  • El Goonish Shive, has had several Christmas filler strips usually involving Ellen and Nanase but occasionally other main characters. Also, the "End Of An Era" storyline takes place around Christmas.
  • Erika and the Princes in Distress: A special strip posted in Christmas 2021 features Erika and Pita coming to the rescue of a Santa-themed Prince, who was frozen alive by a Grinch-like creature.
  • Far Out There takes Christmas very, very seriously. Come December, the comic shifts from updating twice a week to updating daily to squeeze in as many Christmas comics as possible.
  • Game Destroyers has had two Christmas strips, one in 2008 and one in 2009.
  • Girl Genius:
    • While Agatha is trying to restore the Castle there was a one page Christmas story where Maxim tries to tell everyone how he got Santa's hat, but everyone present was either there when he got it or busy.
    • In December 2020 the story took a little break for a Christmas side story focusing on the Professors and Oggie's family.
  • Harry Potter Comics has had two, How the Voldemort Stole Christmas and White Christmas, both officially part of continuity. The comic had double updates during these specials, though both overran Christmas before the arcs were finished.
  • Homestuck absolutely loves playing this in combination with Webcomic Time. After over two years of the comic's run it's still April 13 2009, John's 13th birthday, but the two Christmas periods which have passed since Homestuck started featured John and Jade alchemising new items en masse, with lampshades abounding. Jade, having never seen a white Christmas and now being on a Slippy-Slidey Ice World, was determined to make it as Christmassy as possible, and so on Dave's advice alchemised and decked the halls with a kringlefucker and a conksuck boot.
    So much sweet loot. You'd almost think it was simultaneously your birthday, AND Christmas or something.
    Of course you know that is ridiculous and could never conceivably happen.
  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! has played it very straight, first with a group shot of the family celebrating the holiday, and then with a winter landscape under a starry sky.
  • Irregular Webcomic! regularly has Cthulhu-related Christmas comics (frequently parodies of Christmas carols).
  • Done annually in Jix and often involve the Ambis (aliens) getting confused by human traditions.
  • Life of Maid has three Christmas specials as well, in 2009, in 2010, and in 2011.
  • Every issue of Li'l Gotham is tied to a holiday, with two Christmas issues:
    • Issue #3, which featured Mr. Freeze kidnapping a choir of orphans because he thought they were being exploited for being made to sing Christmas carols.
    • Issue #24, in which Alfred and Damian go through the Wayne family photo archive while Batman does charitable work.
  • My Milk Toof had an arc about Ickle and Lardee finding their Christmas presents, Ickle tried to take a look at his but decides to tape it back shut and Lardee unwraps his altogether.
  • Nerf NOW!! had two Team Fortress 2 Christmas episodes — the first with BLU team Engie-tan making a little mistake , and another with her next Christmas gift.
  • The Packrat celebrates Christmas 2005 his own way: with a shining, blinking Buchla modular synth as a Christmas tree.
  • Penny Blackfeather had a rather elaborate Twelve Days of Christmas reinterpretation for Christmas 2012, replacing the gifts traditionally mentioned in the song with items/animals/Eldritch abominations related to the comic's themes.
  • The Petri Dish has one strip where Gordon throws an office Christmas party, but pretends it's for no reason. This is because various employees of different religions complained at not getting parties for their celebrations, but he couldn't afford to throw a party for all of them.
  • Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi: A few mini-stories occurring on Christmas occasionally happens. As with other holiday specials, they tend to get thrown in the midst of a major plot event.
  • Rhapsodies has a story arc each year with Kevin dreaming he's been shanghaied into helping with Santa's Christmas rush.
  • Thornsaddle ran a twelve-part Christmas story in December 2011 called "A Thornsaddle Christmas Mystery" in which a mysterious figure manipulates one of the students. The creators intend "Christmas Mystery" to become an annual tradition.
  • Vatican Assassins takes a break from the story every December to do an "Advent Calendar"—a short story told a panel a day for every day of the religious season of Advent. These short stories usually take place on Christmas and are much more lighthearted than the rest of the series.
    • 2013's story had Viola chasing a demon around St. Peter's during Midnight Mass.
    • 2014's story is about Fife getting a football/soccer ball as a Christmas gift and the kids all playing football/soccer.
  • VG Cats once depicted Santa reviewing his "naughty" list, in the manner of Light Yagami.
  • Virtual Shackles: A three-part Christmas comic was made that involved Santa, videogames, light cycles, and Farmville.
  • The secret life of Santa is revealed in The Word Weary Christmas comic.
  • xkcd had a very funny Christmas special which only showed prime numbered panels, making it sort of a Noodle Incident.

    Web Original 
  • The CBeebies and CBBC official websites change their backgrounds to look more festive every Christmas.
  • The Flying Cloud: "Episode 51: The Flying Cloud Christmas Special"
  • Neopets: Every year during December, an advent calendar is made available in the winter-themed land of Terror Mountain. The advent calendar gives out assorted prizes and plays a new animation each day; users who collect prizes from it every day of the month unlock an exclusive avatar for use on the boards.
  • Plonqmas: All these stories are set at Christmas time. Tales featuring Plonq also exist on non-holiday subjects.
  • Renegade Rhetoric had a post made in December 2015 where Cy-Kill described the events of "And to All a Good Knight", a Christmas Episode from the fictional second season to Challenge of the GoBots. The episode involved Cy-Kill disguising himself as a Mall Santa as part of a scheme to use trace amounts of sorium to manipulate humanity into constructing an anti-Guardian force field. In the end, the force field is rewired to repel Renegades instead, forcing the villains to retreat and find that their Thruster was paid a visit by St. Nick. Cop-Tur is happy to recieve a present by earning a spot on Santa's nice list by letting the Guardians Scooter and Good Knight go free, while Cy-Kill grumbles at getting a lump of coal.
  • Tlf Travel Alerts: In a spoof of the early broadcast of Christmas themed commercials, they gave us an early release heartwarming advert of a boy befriending an escalator. Which then devolved into a Twisted Christmas tale of ruination and delays.
  • A side story of Trinton Chronicles featured Christmas themes (although it is called Yule) and took place both in the past and present of the story. The current story takes place during the actual month of December and features decorations and the similar themes of Christmas.
  • The Whateley Universe did a whole series of Christmas stories, all for Christmas 2006 (when the stories take place). A couple of them even came out at Christmas time, one year or another.

    Web Videos 

    Real Life 
  • The Christmas Truces of World Wars I and II: proof that this sort of thing actually happens real life. For many units the war literally went on pause so troops from both sides could venture out into No Man's Land. Some simply called a truce to bury their fallen comrades, while some units actually mingled, exchanged gifts, and sang carols together. There are even accounts of friendly games of football between opposing units. Unsurprisingly, just like many Christmas Specials, the fight was right back on the next day as if nothing had happened.

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