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PangPond is an animated series from Thailand, based on the comics series of the same name. It stars the eponymous character, PangPond, a young, imaginative boy who lives in Mahasanook Village and has a hyperactive personality. The character was created by Pakdee Saentaweesuk, and the TV show is animated by Vithita Animation.

Has an official YouTube channel here. The episodes are all subtitled in English.


PangPond contains the following tropes:

  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: In "Krai-Pond", Cha-Manow the crocodile has nephews who are light blue and red in color.
  • Animated Adaptation: Of the original comics.
  • Art Shift: The second season has a different art style than the first season. For that matter, the show has several subseries that all have distinct art styles compared to the main series.
  • Birthday Episode: Season 2 Episode 26, "PangPond Birthday", takes place during you-know-who's birthday.
  • Brick Joke: In "Super Mama", PangPond's mother throws his dog Big into the washing machine to clean some dirt off of him and then hangs him up to dry (apparently she didn't think giving him a bath would work just as well?). By the end of the episode, he's still hanging on the clothesline.
  • Charlie Brown Baldness: PangPond has three little strands of hair on his head.
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  • Christmas Episode: In "Santa Pond", PangPond gets the chance to deliver presents like Santa.
  • Engrish: The subtitles for the YouTube uploads of the episodes are in broken English.
  • The Face of the Sun: The sun is often depicted with a face.
  • Identical Twin ID Tag: The twins Leng and Hong wear clothes with the same design on them and have the same hair color, but they are of different genders, so the difference is in the way their clothes are shaped and their hair styles.
  • Kid Hero: The main character, PangPond, is a little boy.
  • Love at First Sight:
    • In "PangPond in Love", PangPond falls in love with a green-haired girl upon seeing her for the first time.
    • The same thing happens to Mei, the Chinese girl who appears in the episode "PangPond in Love 2". She falls in love with PangPond himself upon seeing him for the first time.
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  • Never Smile at a Crocodile: In "Krai-Pond", Cha-Manow the crocodile tries to get his dignity back from the humans due to a man harming one of his ancestors. Predictably, the citizens of a flooded Mahasanook Village panic when they see him swimming in the flood waters.
  • Never Trust a Title: "PangPond in Love" does indeed have PangPond fall in love. "PangPond in Love 2", on the other hand, has the roles reversed - this time, PangPond is the one who's being admired.
  • Reality Ensues: At the beginning of the episode "Fairy Tales Deceive Kids", PangPond fantasizes that he's actually a prince and he's been cursed by a witch into his normal kid form. To revert himself to his Prince Charming form, he has to be kissed by a princess... but then the realization is broken in that doing that could get the princess arrested for potential child abuse. Whoops.
  • Shout-Out: In "Babysitter", PangPond plays a pretend lightsaber duel with LhinPing, his younger sister.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Leng and Hong's Chinese cousin Mei from the episode "PangPond in Love 2" goes as far as to try to kidnap PangPond and take him back to China with her, all because she has a massive crush on him.
  • Stock Foreign Name: "PangPond in Love 2" introduces Leng and Hong's Chinese cousin, who is named Mei.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: In "PangPond in Love", PangPond falls in love with a girl with green hair.


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