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In a world not too different from our own, humans share the planet with a mysterious servant species known as Beings. Shapeshifting, flying battle monsters, they have spent countless ages dueling each other in a contest with no end, known as the Game...

...which most of humanity has spent just as long ignoring. It's not really that interesting if you're not involved.

Into this contest stumble two Ordinary College Graduates, cheerful Bianca and skeptical Sparrow, when a Being on the run drops into their life. He's called Patrick in human form (or Spot, when he's a dog), and at Sparrow's insistence he makes a contract to serve Bianca in return for a place in their home. But mysterious figures are keeping an eye on Patrick, and the Game has a way of not letting you go.


(None of this would have happened if they'd gotten a kitten instead.)

But I'm A Cat Person is an original webcomic from And Shine Heaven Now creator Erin Ptah. The official description from the website is "what happens when you take a heap of shounen-power-up and mahou-shoujo tropes, dump them all in a blender, and then throw the blender away and make a sandwich instead."

Not to be confused with But I'm a Cheerleader. Also has nothing to do with actual Cat People.


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