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Beings and Humans can interbreed.
  • C'mon, Sparrow? Father an unknown sperm donor? Methinks the girly has more to her family line than just homo sapiens.

Patrick was owned by Bennett.
  • Jossed, Patrick was owned by Miranda's father.
Bennett owns Cybele

  • We know Bennett's a heavy conservative in a state like Massachusetts, and the bunny attacker's actions in the club doesn't seem very nice to the cross dressers, does it?
Lily is Reseda.
  • Look more closely at her, specifically her eyes. They're the /same/ color and have the same pupil. Her hair is even the same color.
    • Confirmed now.

Cohen is Miranda's last name

  • The two companies whose CEOs have experimented on beings are Walker International (and we've seen Ann Walker already) and Cohen Broadcasting. Cohen is a Jewish last name, and we know that Miranda's Dad is an expy of a certain silver-haired blue-eyed fake news pundit.
    • Jossed, Her name is Miranda Imani Lake. The spirit of this one could still be true if Lake is her mother's last name and Cohen is her father's.

Walker is just crazy

  • There has been no other sign that the apocalypse of any religion is on the way in the comic. If anything, her constant research into (What is most probably) Christian Apocrypha has so heavily colored her perceptions of beings makes her less maniacal supervillain and more disturbed individual with the supernatural equivalent of a loaded shotgun.