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"Gettin' freaky on a Friday night, yeah!"
"It's cute you think you stand a chance but hey, you know what they say: girls dig confidence."

Friday Night Funkin' is an HTML5 Rhythm Game created by Newgrounds users ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade, evilsk8r, and KawaiSprite. The game was made by the group as part of a game jam, Ludum Dare 47, and has since gained a following for its unique Newgrounds-animation-esque artstyle and funky music.

The plot is easy to follow; you play as The Boyfriend (yes, that's his name), a blue haired rapper who's hooked up with the smokin' hot babe you see pictured above, The Girlfriend (yes, that's her name). Her dad, Daddy Dearest (yes, that's his name), isn't all too keen on you and her... *ahem*... gettin' funky, so he challenges you to a rapping contest for your right to keep dating her. It won't be easy beating him, especially since he's an ex-rockstar who may or may not be trying to kill you. Even if you do win, who's to say some other schmuck won't try to steal your girl? Looks like you got a long career ahead of you...


The game can be found on both Newgrounds and for free. The developers plan to expand the game via updates with new tracks, levels, and characters.

A paid version was announced via Kickstarter on April 18th, 2021, which plans to include local multiplayer, fully animated cutscenes for each week, online integration, multiple player characters, proper modding support, collaborations with artists, and countless other refinements across the board. It is slated to contain at least 60 songs, including those of the base game, and is scheduled for an April 2022 release.

You can support the game by donation on its page.


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  • Added Alliterative Appeal: Week 1 is titled Daddy Dearest, while Week 4 is titled Mommy Must Murder.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Exploited during Week 6: the Dating Sim not knowing how to handle the Boyfriend winning against the Senpai allows Spirit to break free from the code and fight the Boyfriend for his body.
  • All There in the Manual: Much of the game's story is currently untold within the game itself, but a story does exist, and is occasionally explained by the devs on Twitter and during Twitch streams, like why Pico and the Spooky Kids are fighting the Boyfriend during their respective Weeks.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population:
    • The Girlfriend's parents both have light purple skin.
    • The background dancers and limo driver in Week 4 are a light shade of pink.
  • Ambiguous Situation: There's some uncertainty about what exactly happened in the lead-up to the third song of Week 7, due to how quickly the transition occurs: was The Girlfriend about to use her demon powers on the Tankmen before Pico dropped in and pushed her into The Boyfriends arm, or did The Girlfriend teleport into The Boyfriends arm and warp Pico in her place as the display of her powers?
  • Anachronic Order: While Week 2 was developed and added to the game as, well, the second week, chronologically it actually happens some time after The Boyfriend beats Mommy Mearest.
  • Art Shift: Week 6, made to celebrate Pixel Day on Newgrounds, is a Game Within a Game, giving everything a pixel art aesthetic.
  • Artifact Title: While "Friday Night Funkin'" was certainly an appropriate title for the original Ludum Dare build which only had "Bopeebo" and "Fresh", the builds following the game jam begin moving away from funk music and expanding into other genres before Week 1 even ends.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Week 5's final song, Winter Horrorland, begins with a Jump Scare of a christmas tree with what appears to be Girlfriend's severed head before the screen pans into Boyfriend. Cue Girlfriend sitting on the speakers like usual, completely oblivious to the entire thing.
  • Battle Rapping: The game is set up as a rapping contest between The Boyfriend and Daddy Dearest, and later other characters, over whether or not you get to date The Girlfriend. Thing is, the lyrics to all the songs sound like Animal Crossing speak. The Girlfriend, Monster and Tankman are the only characters in the game who speak clear English. In the Girlfriend's case, this is because she explains the tutorial to the player.
  • Big Damn Heroes: During Week 7's last song, Pico swoops in to save the Girlfriend from the Tankmen holding her hostage, and shoots more that try to attack BF during the song.
  • Big Red Devil: Week 4 introduces five men working for the Girlfriend's parents, one driving the limo Mommy Mearest and the Boyfriend are standing on and the other four dancing on top of another limo in the background — they have pink skin, large toothy grins, and black horns coming out of their flat tops, evoking the standard demon appearance. Interestingly, unused sprites for the backup dancers show that their horns are legitimate, and not hair horns like Daddy Dearest has.
  • *Bleep*-dammit!: Happens almost word-by-word in one of the Week 7 cinematics:
    "God... F'ing... dammit. (Smacks lips) Well played, you little shit!"
  • Blue with Shock:
    • The Boyfriend goes blue whenever you miss a note or press buttons when you're not supposed to, complete with a dumbfounded expression and black vertical lines over his head. Pico, being a planned playable character among a few others, also has similarly-styled miss sprites Dummied Out in the game's files.
    • During "Roses", The Senpai's Blush Sticker is replaced with blue over the top of his face, showing his slipping façade and general frustration over The Boyfriend's ability to keep up.
    • The girls behind Senpai gain two small blue lines under their left eyes and dismayed facial expressions to emphasize their shock over Senpai's behavior.
  • Bridal Carry: Unexpectedly happens in Week 7... in the middle of a battlefield.
  • The Cameo: Week 5 has a whole treasure trove of famous Newgrounds characters, alongside several other internet icons, that cameo in the background. In total, there's Darnell and Pico himself from the Pico series, ZONE-tan, the Nightmare Cops, Kenstar from Egoraptor's Girlchan in Paradise!!, evilsk8r's mascot Buggy, @cooldudetm's mascot, Blockhead, Meat Boy, OneyNG, Psychicpebbles, characters from the GENTLES Newgrounds short, Sublo and Tangy Mustard, Henry Stickmin, xXsquidwardXx's parody rapper from their FNF parody, the Lemon Monster, and Hatsune Miku.
  • Captain Obvious: In the final song of Week 7, Boyfriend's enemy says this gem of a quote while furious:
    "This is WAR! And in war, people die!"
  • Christmas Episode: Week 5 takes place in a shopping mall with a big Christmas tree in the background, holiday-themed songs, and festive outfits for all the characters. Daddy Dearest is even holding a Mall Santa at gunpoint.
  • Couch Gag: There are multiple phrases that show up at random in between the title screen and "in association with Newgrounds" screen. Said phrases can be found on the Quotes page.
  • Cutscene: Notably absent for the first four weeks of the game.
    • Week 5 has a short cutscene for its final song where Lemon Monster has painted the entire mall red and is looking to have a rematch against the Boyfriend.
    • Week 6 begins every song with a cutscene, complete with dialogue — granted, the Boyfriend doesn't say anything the player hasn't already heard from him.
    • Week 7 begins every song with cutscenes in a similar fashion to old-school Flash animations.
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: One click of the screen after failing a song is all you need to try again from the top. The game over screen doesn't even have a visible quit option, just a retry button. It even has music that's just as groovy as the other tracks.
  • Dating What Daddy Hates: Daddy Dearest hates that the Boyfriend and the Girlfriend are dating and challenges Boyfriend to a rap contest for his right to continue dating her — though even after the Boyfriend beats him fair and square, Daddy Dearest still disapproves of the relationship, and frequently attempts to either sabotage it or screw with the Boyfriend.
  • Difficulty Levels: Each Week has an Easy, Normal, and Hard mode to select from, with each successive mode having faster and more abundant notes, culminating in Hard's note chart matching note-for-note the melody of the song. Interestingly, the tutorial has difficulty settings. Each version of it is almost exactly the same except for a nasty surprise on hard: a big-ass chart of arrows that floods you well after the tutorial ends.
  • Difficulty by Acceleration: Naturally for a rhythm game, faster songs mean faster notes to hit with quicker reflexes. Week 1's final song, "Dad Battle", has a fast-paced tempo appropriate for what is essentially a boss fight against Daddy Dearest, after which rapid fire notes appear in just about every song at one point or another.
  • Dramatic Wind:
    • During Week 3, a train occasionally passes by that blows The Girlfriend's hair sideways.
    • As of the January 2021 update, everyone's hair constantly billows about during Week 4, which takes place on top of a moving limo.
  • Easter Egg: When getting a Game Over, there is a 1/1000 chance that the normal Game Over sequence is replaced by a rather cutesy screen that is also a Shout-Out to Gitaroo Man and their own Game Over screen.
  • Excuse Plot: The basic story is that you got a hot new girlfriend, but her ex-rockstar dad doesn't approve of you, so you have to beat him in a rap battle to earn the right to date her. This plot only really applies to the first and fourth weeks of the game, and exists more to set up the basic gameplay for the rest of the game to build off of than it does to be a narrative in its own right, though the devs have stated there is a plot, it just hasn't been implemented in the game yet outside of Week 6.
  • Expressive Health Bar: The faces of the Boyfriend and his current opponent are shown on the life bar at the bottom of the screen. If the Boyfriend is close to failing, his life bar icon gets X's in his eyes. The same will happen to most of his opponents if he's doing exceptionally well.
  • Foreshadowing: For new players, the last set of notes in the tutorial section is the earliest sign that this isn't just a game of copying notes. This becomes much more apparent when the player plays "Dad Battle" in Week 1, where The Boyfriend will have to harmonise with Daddy Dearest instead of copying his notes.
  • Funny Background Event:
    • Week 5 features a cameo cavalcade bopping along to the beat of the music, and also a Mall Santa, who is nervously sweating as Daddy Dearest holds him at gunpoint.
    • The various store names in the background of Week 5 are "LMAO", "CRAP!", "JUNK + SHIT", and "SALADS AND SEX".
    • Week 6 has a swarm of girls watching the Senpai and the Boyfriend sing, who even go from lovestruck to disgusted in between "Senpai" and "Roses".
    • "Stress" from Week 7 Has Pico burst in out of nowhere to save Boyfriend and Girlfriend from being shot to death by Tankman's army and will continue to open fire against the tankmen for the entirety of the song.
  • Genre Throwback: Its simple addictive gameplay, fun yet abrasive tone, art style, and cameos come together to make a love letter to classic Flash content, particularly what one may find on Newgrounds, especially Newgrounds works from the Turn of the Millennium.
  • Groin Attack: Fail a song and The Boyfriend gets blue-balled so bad that his skeleton cracks.
  • Guest Fighter: The game features several special guest rappers, most of them being famous Newgrounds mascots from the site's history:
    • Week 2, introduced as part of a Halloween update, has you squaring up against Skid and Pump from Sr.Pelo's Spooky Month shorts. They even do their little spooky dance!
    • Week 3 pits you against the titular protagonist from Tom Fulp's web-game series, Pico.
    • Week 7 sets you on a bare wasteland surrounded by none other than Newgrounds mascot Tankman and his army of tankmen.
  • Halloween Episode: Week 2 was made for Halloween; the opponents are Skid and Pump from Sr.Pelo's Spooky Month videos, fought within a haunted mansion.
  • Hostile Show Takeover:
    • Mommy Mearest and Daddy Dearest kicked Santa out of his chair in a local mall to set the stage for Week 5, and Daddy Dearest makes sure he stays put by holding him at gunpoint. While singing. Mommy Mearest's even wearing a Santa-esque outfit.
    • Following Week 5's "Eggnog", instead of the usual Fade to Black to the next song, it instead smashes to black and cuts back to reveal the Christmas tree decorated with entrails and a severed head, the mall turned vaguely more eldritch as the Monster takes the place of The Girlfriend's parents, ready to sing its own little ditty.
  • Hostage Situation:
  • Hyperactive Sprite: Every character bounces to the beat of the music when they're not singing; special mention goes to Skid and Pump, who outright dance, and Monster, whose body squashes and stretches to the beat.
  • Interspecies Romance: While there was initially some ambiguity about it due to the lack of attention brought to it, with it relegated to subtle implications and Word of God posts, Week 7 fully confirms that The Girlfriend is indeed a demon just like her parents, and also that The Boyfriend is definitely human, fully verifying that their happily loving relationship is between such massively different species. invoked
  • Jump Scare: After the second song of Week 5, the lights suddenly go out. When they come back on, you're treated to the sight of the Christmas tree in the background, now adorned with a severed head and entrails, accompanied by a scream. Worst of all, the Monster has stopped being Dummied Out and has actually appeared in person.
  • Like Parent, Like Spouse: In the final song of Week 7, The Boyfriend is carrying The Girlfriend in his left arm, with their poses being near-identical to when Daddy Dearest had Mommy Mearest on his lap during Week 5, making a good parallel between The Girlfriend's parents and her relationship with The Boyfriend.
  • Marilyn Maneuver: In the background of the main menu, the Girlfriend can be seen holding her dress down while standing in front of a large speaker that's causing it to billow.
  • Meaningful Background Event: Among the numerous cameos in the background of Week 5's stage, one particularly notable character, placed between the xXsquidwardXx rapper and Miku in the far back right, is the Lemon Monster, who turns out to be much more than just a fun background element come the week's final level.
  • Mickey Mousing: Everything that moves bounces to the beat, from the characters to the life bar; the bobbing pace is even adjusted for songs with a quicker tempo. In particular, "Bopeebo" has musical stings and sound effects after each of The Boyfriend's verses, which are all timed to him doing a V-Sign.
  • Mic Drop: Inverted and played for drama. The Boyfriend drops the mic when he fails a song.
  • Mood Whiplash: Monster's existence, along with its songs "Monster" and "Winter Horrorland", are a massive thematic departure from everything else in the game. Week 5 provides an even starker level of whiplash, especially during the story mode. The parents' two songs before it set up a bit of Black Comedy where they hold Santa at gunpoint while various cameo characters (including itself) hang around in the background, only for the second song to suddenly transition to showing a bloodied, mutilated head looking suspiciously like The Girlfriend's on top of an entrail-coated Christmas tree, before it makes its grand appearance and starts singing "Winter Horrorland".
  • Musical Gameplay: The Boyfriend's singing is tied to if the notes are hit in time: miss a note, and the corresponding voice clip won't play.
  • My Rules Are Not Your Rules: The life bar does not move when your opponent sings, but on the flipside, you also can't make your opponent fail a song.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Week 7 is set in the tankmen battleground and has the sniper from the second episode staring down at the brawl between Boyfriend and Tankman, the damage on one of the pillars caused by said sniper is even preserved. Additionally, the Week's climax has Pico killing a barrage of Tankman's army one by one using dual UZIs in a similar style to Pico's Unloaded, Flash animation where Pico's dual UZIs originated from.
  • Nameless Narrative: All of the original characters are only referred to by their role in the narrative: the player character is The Boyfriend, his girlfriend is The Girlfriend, her parents are Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest, Monster is a monster (both literally and metaphorically), The Senpai is a video game character whose role is to act as a senior classman that younger girls pine after, and Spirit is the spirit of a person that faced Daddy Dearest and got trapped in the game.
  • Pastiche: Ninjamuffin has stated the game took inspiration from various things, mainly rhythm games, such as Dance Dance Revolution, Parappa The Rapper, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA and Gitaroo Man.
  • Player Death Is Dramatic: If you fail a song, the soundtrack is killed instantly, and the background along with all other characters vanish while The Boyfriend's skeleton visibly cracks. He then drops the microphone out of shock.
  • Precision F-Strike: The game grades each note you press depending on how close you are to being on the mark, with "Sick!", "Good", and "Bad". Whenever you just barely hit a note, the game ranks it as "Shit!".
  • Record Needle Scratch: Whenever you miss a note or hit the button when there's no notes to hit, a record scratch plays.
  • Redshirt Army: In Week 7, Tankman's army becomes this after Pico busts in and begins to murder them one by one.
  • Rhyming with Itself: In the bonus vocal track "Fresh (Boyfriend Remix)" on the soundtrack album, The Boyfriend rhymes both "yeah" with "yeah" and "worth it" with "worth it".
    I just want to hold her tight, yeah
    Her hair, her eyes, her thighs, yeah
    If I die, it'll all be worth it
    Just to get a chance to show she's worth it
  • Rooftop Confrontation: The battle in Week 3 against Pico takes place on a rooftop next to a train track. The location itself is based on the rooftop of the Newgrounds' office according to the developers.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts: Lampshaded in the bonus track on the soundtrack album, which has one lyric comparing the Boyfriend and the Girlfriend's social media messages to a game of Candy Land.
  • "Simon Says" Mini-Game: The game zigzags this trope — while its tutorial and first few songs are based on copying the singer's notes and timing, eventually the game will slip in additional notes as the Boyfriend begins harmonizing with his opponent.
  • Smug Smiler: Damn near every participant of the rap battles is putting on their Game Face that never lets up. In the case of Daddy Dearest and the Monster, it verges into a Slasher Smile.
  • Speaking Simlish: Almost every character's "singing" is unintelligible noises with some actual words thrown in here and there (the exceptions being The Girlfriend and Monster, who both sing in full English):
    • The Boyfriend has high-pitched scat-singing that mimics the lines of other characters.
    • Daddy Dearest has Tom Jones-style crooning.
    • Skid and Pump have autotuned laughter.
    • Pico has robotic-sounding radio chatter.
    • Mommy Mearest has a popstar-esque voice that sounds a little like The Boyfriend, only at a slightly higher pitch.
    • The Senpai has bit-crushed voice samples one would hear in some DOS games.
    • Tankman zigzags this trope. Tankman speaks proper english in his cutscenes yet sings his bars in a wavy robotic voice. He even rapidly switches from speaking simlish to proper english mid-song on a single occassion.
  • Suddenly Voiced:
    • After winning against the Spooky Kids in Week 2 you'll be greeted with the final song, sung a mysterious creature known as the Lemon Monster who sings about very dark topics such as murdering you, your girlfriend, then turning both of you into food. He comes in back in Week 5 to sing about the same topics with christmas-themed lyrics.
    • Week 7 opens up each song with Tankman speaking to the Boyfriend in clear english to insult him and his girlfriend.
    Tankman: "Well, well, well, what do we got here?"
    Boyfriend: beep
    Tankman: We should just KILL you, but what the hell — it's been a boring day. Let's see what you've got!"
  • Surprise Creepy: The game certainly is comedic, cartoony and fun, but it doesn't have that T rating for nothing.
    • Week 5, "Red Snow", has you fight against your girlfriend's parents in a mall, with plenty of cameos from various Newgrounds media. The final one, "Winter Horrorland", starts out with the Christmas Tree decked out with intestines and a severed head in Girlfriend's likeness as a startopper. The mall is abandoned, and the Girlfriend's parents have been replaced with a monster with a lemon for a head, singing about eating the Boyfriend and the Girlfriend.
    • Week 6, "Hating Simulator", is about the Boyfriend and the Girlfriend getting trapped in a dating sim, the protagonist of said sim cheerfully challenging Boyfriend to a sing off for Girlfriend's hand. By the second song, the "Senpai"'s polite personality is revealed to be a facade, and by the third, his body bursts open to reveal a murky pink spirit, the colorful schoolyard becoming a dark, wavy location. The spirit reveals that Girlfriend's Father put him into the game, implied to be because he wanted to date the Girlfriend, and that he wants to steal Boyfriend's body so he can escape the game and get revenge for himself and all the other unfortunate suitors.
  • Teens Are Short:
    • The Boyfriend is nineteen years old, with The Girlfriend and Pico implied to be the same; the three are much shorter compared to adult characters like The Girlfriend's parents, and The Boyfriend is only a bit taller than Skid and Pump, two children.
    • Averted with Senpai and the schoolgirls in Week 6, who have normal heights for teenagers.
  • Traintop Battle: During Week 4, you battle Mommy Mearest on top of a limo, driven by a demon who presumably works for either her or Daddy Dearest.
  • Trapped in TV Land: Week 6 sees The Boyfriend and The Girlfriend getting stuck in a 16-bit dating simulator. Their opponent for that week is The Senpai, the protagonist of the game. "Thorns" reveals they are not the first people to get stuck in the game.
  • The Unintelligible:
    • The characters "speak" in noises when they sing, which are mostly completely gibberish save for a few stray words here and there. The Girlfriend speaks during the tutorial, while Monster, to add to its overall creep factor, sings in English.
    • Played for Laughs in Week 6, which has actual textboxes and dialogue; Senpai speaks in English and sings in noises, while Boyfriend says the same beeps and boops he does while singing.
  • Up to Eleven: The first 3 Weeks took place in relatively normal locations, such as a theater, a haunted house, and beside a railroad. Week 4 has you and your girlfriend's mother rapping on top of moving limousines driving down a highway. Mommy Mearest even has backup dancers riding their own limo!
  • Visual Innuendo: Screw up a song and you're treated to an x-ray of the Boyfriend's cracked skeleton, which also includes two pulsating little spheres... located on his crotch. Which are also colored blue. Or, blueballs.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: "Dad Battle", the final song of Week 1. Up until now, you had songs with relatively easy-to-hit note charts, with Fresh having a couple tricky beat-boxing sections. This song is where Daddy Dearest, and by extension the game, takes off the gloves and puts on the anvils. It's fast paced, has a very tough chart, and introduces concepts of both rapid firing up to 3 different notes in succession and harmonizing with your opponent while they hit notes. Better get used to these quirks because starting with Week 2, each song will have at least two of them in play, if not all four.
  • Wham Episode: Due to a combination of the entire story being pretty much a rhythm-based Boss Game, every character Speaking Simlish, and there not being any real descriptions for anything, the game is mostly an Excuse Plot-driven series of event about Battle Rapping. Even the introduction of the Lemon Monster, the first character that sings proper lyrics, is overall just as randomly placed as every other fight. All of this changes with the Week 6 battle against The Senpai, as the text-based nature of the dating simulator it takes place in means it has actual dialogue. Said dialogue winds up providing actual lore for the game, in the form of Spirit explaining how he was trapped in the game by Daddy Dearest, potentially for dating The Girlfriend, along with how The Boyfriend is not the first person to go against Daddy Dearest, just the first to survive.
  • Wham Line: After bursting out of the Senpai, Spirit's monologue includes the fact that he knows about The Girlfriend and The Father, the latter of who not only trapped him in the game, but did things to many others like him.
    "I'll make her father pay for what he's done to me and all the others....."
  • Wham Shot: The third song of Week 6, "Thorns", opens on a blood-red void, with Senpai's health meter icon replaced with a red, skull-like will-o-wisp. It's followed by The Senpai's silhouette twisting and contorting until his face bursts open, revealing Spirit: a bloody spirit with a disturbingly realistic human face.
  • Wingding Eyes:
    • The little icons on the UI bar gain Xs for eyes when their side of the bar nears the edge - the exceptions to this are The Girlfriend, Daddy Dearest, and The Senpai, who don't have lose icons, and Monster, who instead has an X for one pupil and a circle around the other.
    • The girls in the background of Week 6 have hearts for eyes to indicate how head over heels they are for The Senpai.
  • X-Ray Vision: You get it during the Game Over screen focused on The Boyfriend's cracked skeleton. You can also see that his balls are now firmly blue and that his brain is in the shape of the word "Retry". In Week 7 however, since Boyfriend is holding Girlfriend on his arms, the X-Ray vision will make Girlfriend's skeleton visible, and it's not a normal human's.
  • Zerg Rush: Played for comedy. The hard mode for the tutorial of all things has one in the form of a whole mess of arrows that come right out of nowhere well after the song ends. Hitting some of the notes is enough to get past it, but it does have the potential to make you fail if you're not ready for it.



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