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Nightmare Fuel / Friday Night Funkin'

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Ho ho holy shit!

Don't let the charming art style and simple gameplay lull you into a false sense of security. This game can get surprisingly dark surprisingly quick.

Beware of unmarked spoilers!

  • The Monster, in general:
    • He's a lemon-headed shadow demon with a design that looks horrifically out of place with the rest of the game's style, having blood-red eyes and Scary Teeth with a grin so wide it practically looks carved open. For good measure, his teeth reside outside of his lips. He also can sing in crystal clear English, instead of Speaking Simlish like nearly every other character. The creepy thing just doesn't belong, plain and simple.
      • The Monster's "up" and "down" animations in particular delve right into Facial Horror territory; the "up" animation shows his skull, or whatever he has inside that lemon head, pressing against his face from within, straining the skin grotesquely and making his already huge eyes bulge out even more. Meanwhile, the "down" animation has those charming bloody eyes visibly bulge outwards during the motion, looking ready to drop out of their sockets or burst outright, if not both.
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    • His first song, "Monster" from Week 2, puts his knowledge of the English language to very horrific use. The lyrics are about wanting to gouge The Boyfriend's eyes out, drain his blood and give it to werewolves, skin him alive, and leave him in a burning dungeon while making a broth out of The Girlfriend. Making matters even freakier is how goofy the music sounds in comparison to the grim lyrics.
    • After beating Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest in the Christmas-themed Week 5's second song "Eggnog", the screen abruptly smashes to black with a startlingly loud sound. When the background fades back in, you're treated to the Christmas tree covered in guts and adorned with a severed head in The Girlfriend's likeness as a star topper (pictured above). Then we zoom back to find the snow and most of the walls painted red, heavily implying a massacre took place, the culprit being none other than this lemon-headed thing.
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    • His second song, "Winter Horrorland", is a wonderfully creepy ditty where he sings about serving up The Boyfriend in his own messed up version of a Christmas dinner. Instructions include slicing in a thousand pieces, baking till golden brown, boiling The Boyfriend to reduce his blood but not before taking out his eyes, soaking his hands in freezing water to soften up the skin (to make it easier to peel off, of course! He just loves singing about skinning things in particular.), and finally pairing him with brandy and plums. The Girlfriend isn't safe from this thing's threats either, with intentions of turning her inside out and burning her fingernails. The Monster is very adept at the art of getting To the Pain with his intentions.
    • One of the older designs for Monster manages to be just as disturbing as the final product; a black mass in a vaguely humanoid shape coming out of a bloodied jack o' lantern, with teeth circling around it like a spiraling staircase.
  • Week 6's third song, "Thorns", opens on a red void before fading in The Senpai's silhouette. We see and hear his bones twisting and cracking as he grunts in pain until light erupts from his mouth and eyes as his face bursts open, revealing a crimson will-o-wisp with a startlingly human-looking face. The school's courtyard warps into a much more dark and foreboding background: the schoolgirls are gone, the sakura trees are void of leaves, and everything is a dark bluish-purple. "Spirit" then reveals he was trapped into the game by Daddy Dearest, that he is not the only one to suffer this fate, and he's going to take revenge... by taking Boyfriend's body, who, keep in mind, is completely innocent in all this.


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