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Awesome Music / Friday Night Funkin'

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Week 1
  • "Fresh": the sampling, beatboxing and relaxed rhythm make it perfect for what is supposed to be a rest between the easy-to-follow "Bopeebo" and the grueling "Dadbattle". An official remix called Fresh (Boyfriend Remix) gives the song actual lyrics sung by none other than the Boyfriend, and it slaps.
  • "Dad Battle", the final song of Week 1. Not only does the pace become breathtakingly hectic, but Daddy Dearest and The Boyfriend begin to put aside the notion of singing in rounds and start harmonizing with one another to try and one-up the other.

Week 2

  • "South": Who knew that Skid and Pump could sing a track that slaps as hard as their creator slaps tables? The dubstep influences in this song make it even better.

Week 3

  • "Pico", Week 3's first song sung by and named after one of Newgrounds' most famous mascots, Pico. Look, if you have a song named after yourself, chances are it slaps. Even more so, Kawai Sprite's description confirms a motif hidden in the song itself; that of Endless Handbag, a song typically used and remixed as the theme of Newgrounds.
  • The Week climaxes with "Blammed", a tune that starts off slow and heavy, until it hits its breakdown, which is one of the most intense in the game, serving as a taste of what Week 4 has in store as Pico and That Boyfriend square off in a back and forth complex speed rap of sorts, that builds up more and more until The Boyfriend finishes it with a flourish.

Week 4

  • "Satin Panties" and "High": The synth leads in both songs are very reminiscent of early '90s pop ballads, befitting Mommy Mearest's status as a pop singer.
  • "M.I.L.F": The week's final song starts off heart pumping and stays heart pumping through the whole thing. Both Mommy Mearest and The Boyfriend sing lightning-fast and practically harmonize with each other throughout the entire song. It's basically Mommy Mearest's version of "Dad Battle" — and just like "Dad Battle", it will kick your ass on hard if you're not ready.

Week 5

  • "Eggnog", takes the elements set up by "Cocoa" and cranks them, making a fast-paced bop seamlessly blended with Daddy Dearest's and Mommy Mearest's musical styles as they take turns with each other and The Boyfriend on the mic.
  • Monster finally makes his official debut into the game with "Winter Horrorland", a haunting yet surprisingly upbeat song about how the Monster wants to butcher and cook you and your girlfriend up for his holiday dinner. It's a bit slower-paced than "Eggnog", but it's no less beautiful to listen to, no doubt thanks to Monster's creepily beautiful singing voice — with actual English lyrics to boot!

Week 6

  • "Senpai" is a light-hearted, upbeat melody that The Senpai and The Boyfriend sing in tandem to try and wow The Girlfriend, and the harmonizing is flawless.
  • "Roses" has a complex composition and colder-feeling instruments to show just how two-faced The Senpai truly is as he tries to throw you curveballs with his notes.
  • "Thorns" is a near-constant, haunting onslaught that fits the bombshell that broke the school, sounding right out of an Super Nintendo Entertainment System-era boss battle.

Week 7

  • "Ugh". Yes, that's the actual name of the song. It's a hardcore metalic dubstep jam with clanging metal sounds and boosted bass. It also gets its name from a disgusted sounding "Ugh!" peppered at the end of certain verses (a voice sample provided by JohnnyUtah). KawaiSprite somehow made audible disgust into a catchy as hell song.
  • "Stress". This quick-paced and tense song fits the tone of the week's climax. The percussion is also perfectly in sync with Pico firing his dual UZIs.


  • "Test" has a simple chill melody as Boyfriend sings with his pixel counterpart from Week 6, flawlessly going through various chord structures and key changes to combine into a wonderful duet. Yes, a song meant for testing purposes is an actual bop.


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